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    #28/2019 And another one finshed. Hasegawa kit with Authentic Decals, AK Real Color AMT-7 and AMT-11, EZ Line for antenna wires and brake lines, Eduard seatbelts Build thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061405-lend-lease148-curtiss-p-40k-warhawk-soviet-airforcevvs/ The model shows an aircraft of the 760th fighter regiment, 261st composite division in Karelia winter 1943-44. DSC_0002 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0005 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0009 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0012 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0013 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0014 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0015 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0016 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0017 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0018 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0019 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0020 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
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    ALM_4630 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4631 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4633 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4634 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4635 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4637 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4639 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr
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    Hi all, build out of the box the new SEM by Kinetic in 1:48. So far, the best Kinetic Kit I ever had in may hands. Hope you like it!
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    Hiya Folks,.... another update,....... I`ve expended copious amounts of elbow grease while sanding the fuselage!!! The wings are now fitted too but need the seams along the roots filling and sanding yet. The resin engine nacelles have been dry fitted and slot superbly into place,...... the inboard left engine nacelle section of the wing has been sanded back to make the engines level,... while the right hand nacelle has been left untouched for now just to show how the engine incorrectly sits forward; Cheers for now, Tony
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    I have been fiddling away at this between various other things going on in the workshop over the last week or so. The kits main parts are now assembled and filled / sanded in. This would have been quite difficult had I not had some good strong clamps as the wings don't naturally want to sit in place when mated with the fuselage, and the engines were not a great fit either. Looking at the wing mounted engines, part of me now wishes I had opted and bought the resin nacelles but it is too late now and I had not intended to spend out on 3rd party extras from the onset. I may well need to invest in the white metal undercarriage set later on as the kit is intended to be posed rotating and I have a bad feeling about the strength of the plastic used for the rear undercarriage pillars. Anyway, after fiddling around, here is the progress so far through to the lower white primer coating Having noted from other forum builds that have used the photo etch sets, there is a step/ledge at the front of the engine intakes where it meets the lower side of the wing. I chose to sand this area down to ensure a snug fit without having the use of a photoetch set The centre line joint and rear end of the centre wing roots now blended into the fuselage Another part of the kit which has previously raised concerns with other modellers, the forward wing root join which was very flimsy and likely to fall in on itself. I used super glue here mixed up with talc and then filler when dry Now that I am aware of what the inside of the nose cone looks like looking forward from the flight deck forward windows, I had to raise the shelf up so that it was flush with the joint that the clear part sits level to. Stacking this up with some scrap and then adding filler did the trick And now, sanded flat ready for the interior colour, and with its first base white primer, here it is I decanted Humbrol White Primer and used an airbrush to apply to the main airframe - the base white primer and as it now stands, put aside for a few more days Thanks for looking in John
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    The Amber Bliss. The port side AG unit is playing up again and we are leaking photons all over the place so we have had to stop at the Great Oak waypoint to make some minor repairs. I’m going to have to replace that cheap Margrathean AG unit as soon as we get to Wistow port market. I should have bought that Honda unit when I had the chance 3 cycles ago; you know the old girl is costing me in reapers than I’m taking in profit lately. A few passengers and crew were happy to take the jolly boat down to the way point to have a look at the Great Oak tree, apparently it’s a real tree, not synthetic. It must be one of the last real trees that you can see outside a high society collection. The Amber Bliss is a 1/100 scale model from a world were ships have been converted to fly in the air not on the water, the idea comes from the artist Ian Macque and his fantastic flying ships art work. This kits started out as a Revell 1/108 Harbour tug boat and with a bit of sticking and gluing I ended up with the Amber Bliss, it’s not perfect some of the lights don’t work, some of the weathering is a bit hit and miss and I still don’t get on with Vallejo chipping solution but other than that I really enjoyed the build and I’m really happy with what I have ended up with. Some reference for you https://www.facebook.com/ianmcque/ https://industriamechanika.com/shop/ Please add any comment good or bad etc. Cheers Brian.
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    Recently completed is my interpretation of an RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch of 1944 using the Airfix kit. Built mainly from the box with a few changes. MG mounts replaced with scratch items. Kit Mg's replaced with Coastal Craft offerings. Retained the kit Oerlikon mount but the Oerlikon itself was replaced with a Coastal Craft item. Aerials and rigging made from Uschi line. Hull painted with Halford's black. Deck upwards was Colourcoats enamels. Kit decals. Most of the model was weathered with a wash and then 'knocked-back' to make it more subtle. Sea base is insulation board, painted a dark blue/ grey from Halford's. Coated with layer of Liquitex Acrylic Pouring Medium and stippled with Valejo Acrylic Gel. The launch wash is made from 'teddy bear' filling. Work in Progress here: See it in the flesh at SMW at the weekend. Stuart
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    Eduardo in a “chip bag”! Epic. Fingers crossed for the viewing.
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    shades of FW Murnau creeping in there Tony
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    I decided to push the boat out and made a somewhat extravagant purchase for this model, picking up some 3D printed parts for the bridge structure, along with the associated bits and a couple of torpedo tubes. Airfix should be commended for their efforts in representing all of these details back in the day, but the 3D printed parts are a great improvement, as can be seen in the following photos. After a clean up I gave the parts a coat of primer and brushed on the top colour, then added the completed assembly to the deck structure. Airfix kit parts. by John L, on Flickr 3D printed replacements by John L, on Flickr I have also had a look at a solution for fixing the 6in brass barrels to the turrets and think that I have a come up with a workable idea. I removed the small web from behind the forward centre portion. I then filled the gap with a piece of plastic and drilled this out to accept the barrels, here is the result of my first attempt. by John L, on Flickr
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    C. Generous to a fault Rob. Dear Lord. I'll have to get the Navy in if this dribbling continues Giorgio! (I'm assuming that this clip isn't factually accurate regarding naval routine?) Gracious of you Tomo. Not sure about consuming the bally stuff but the Elegoo resin itself is surprisingly odour free - which I gather is not always the case with some of the 3D printers. Free associate or die! You are most dearly welcome Bill and a pleasure to share with such knowledgable companions. Humble thanks friends. Will do Mr. B. The bench will seem most bare without that slender frame in attendance. Such a pleasing aircraft for not adequately explainable reasons! Most kind Terry and yes, it'll be a binary build next time so hours of fun watching me get the parts from two kits confused! Two Sea Vixens Benedikt! That is frankly awesome. 'Game of Felines'! * Crisp receives lawyer's bill for over-provision of credit, charged at hourly rate and including fee for drafting forum response.... Frightfully decent of you to say so Roger. It's heartening to have given some longevity to this charming period kit and keep it in circulation for a bit longer. I wonder how many unmade copies of it still remain? Tiny step completed tonight getting the modification done to the front 'bell' of the port Cheetah: Spun in a deWalt hand drill and shaped with a Stanley blade held 'twixt finger and thumb. Despite the seductions of freedee printing it will never imho replace the sheer animal satisfaction of turning something to shape by hand in this manner. Fixed into place now in order to provide the required extension: Final shaping and blending to proceed in the next session and then lash some paint on. Shifting spectral lights in the hall here in the mornings at the moment, pale winter sun through the leaves. Creating a fluctuating camera obscura on the wall by the kitchen door, changing moment-by-moment as the earth rotates: Every house a Stonehenge to the sun. Tony
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    Well, it's on, Pipes fitted and the whole wing assembly fixed to the fuselage. The pipes protruding into the engine bay are bent up against the fire wall in the general direction of what I guess is a collecter ring that Revell have modelled for the exhaust system. It's not right, but the only view is through the cooling flaps so I'm not going to make an ordeal of the pipe system. As long as the engine fits, I'm leaving it! The BIG join up went well and I'm glad I did a bit of ground work first to expedite the process. I'm getting some ppp filler in the fuselage gaps where the flaps have been removed, and a couple of dabs elsewhere, but the main wing root joints are looking great!
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    Sorry, but I have to laugh at “typically BBC”... what’s that? Strictly? His Dark Materials? Blue Planet? Dickensian? Sherlock? Killing Eve? Gavin and Stacey? We’re extraordinarily lucky to have a broadcaster producing and showing as wide a range of TV... there literally isn’t anything like it anywhere else in the world. Sure, there’s the odd dud, but is every model you or I make worthy of the competition tables? best, M.
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    Apart from the name plate I think this is done. I
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    After viewing tonyot's pictures of his Loft and Cellar, we could judge and compare the sizes of some of them. A few members were amazed by the size of some airplanes. Here are some shots of milestones with their contemporaries : Jaguar International (Hasegawa) / SK 37 Viggen (Heller) Kfir Prototype (Hasegawa) / MiG-21 (KP) F-14A (Hasegawa - early mold) / F-11 Tiger (Hasegawa) FIAT G-91Y (Matchbox) / RF-84F (Italeri) Kfir Prototype (Hasegawa) / Mirage IIIB (Matchbox) MiG-21 (KP) MiG-25 & Tomcat (Hasegawa) MiG-29UB (Italeri) / F-14A A7-E Corsair II (Fujimi) / F-3 Demon F-11 Tiger / F-3 Demon (Emhar) F-4D (Monogram) / Buccaneer (Airfix) Kfir (Hasegawa) / Buccaneer (Airfix) F-106 Delta Dart (Hasegawa) / Mirage IV (Heller) F-11 Tiger / Mirage F-1C (Hasegawa) F-15E (Hasegawa - early mold) / YF-22 (Italeri) YF-23 / F-15E / YF-22 YF-23 / F-117 / YF-22 (Italeri) B-58 Hustler (Testors-Italeri) / SK 37 Viggen B-58 Hustler / MiG-21 B-58 Hustler / F-106 Delta Dart GOBC
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    Started this quick build off, not that many parts and straightfoward to put together. Plan is to airbrush freehand to see how that goes, if not that well will use blue-tac.
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    Awwww I too have a bit of a distraction from modelling, although she won't quite come and sit on me when I'm trying to build something
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    Have just finished this as I wanted to take something to Telford.... also, shamelessly (considering the time I've been on BM), my first RFI on the forum too. Now, I just need more time to finish my other projects..... Finished He-111 1/72 Hasegawa by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Finished He-111 1/72 Hasegawa by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Finished He-111 1/72 Hasegawa by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Thanks for looking, any comments good or bad welcome
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    I was travelling from Spain with my family about 7 or 8 years ago, I saw a guy in the departure lounge with a plexi glass canopy by his feet, I just went up to him and said Hurricane? he said yes, I can't remember the conversation but he was restoring a Hurricane and had just picked it up to take back to the UK. Strange interesting but true! My daughter asked how I new, considering my aviation interest and all the air shows we had been to how could I miss it. Made my day.
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    Funnily enough I find that being a lawyer has a tendency to send me to sleep, tired or not...... Soupçon of solidarity acknowledged Will endeavour to to reciprocate where appropriate (lawyer’s promise, suitably caveated.....) Not sure how much modelling has happened in these 131 pages tbh. Keep expecting the Mods to shut it down....... 3D modelling skills? I’ll have you know I downloaded an app to this very iPad (not that you can see or know that I’m typing this on an iPad Pro in a coffee shop after having been to the gym - except that I’ve just told you of course [wish I’d not started that]) - gonna start very slowly learning. After all you can email designs to your mates to 3D print with this clever internetty/emailee thingy can’t you....You know, extra special mates Thread drift? Oh well. With all due apologies for drift..... Finished the gun sights (with the same tacky bit of (unmentionable egg) foil [sorry Crisp]) and stuck em to the coamings. Tried Gators Grip (not sure) so ended up using it as a positioning tack for some thin cyano: I’ll add the glass at the need of the build. Don’t hold your breath...... Probably too purply now - especially as Kirk, in a post somewhere above, backtracked somewhat and suggested it was actually on the green side of purple But if anyone wants to stick their heads close enough to the Hawk to see the gun sight lens then there be plenty of horrors to distract their attention....... Next task. Not finished with the wing fences yet. At 1:1 they have a flange that (presumably) is used to attach them to the wings. It’s not recreated in the kit moulding or any of the etch sheets - so I thought I’d have a punt with some 0.2mm Tamiya plastic paper cut into 0.5mm wide strips: I then used a scrap wing to stretch the strips a little to encourage it to conform to the shape of the wing: One end rounded and glued in place with some Tamiya green-cap: Once dry, then stretched/pulled around the wing: And trimmed and shaped and stuck underneath: Now waiting to fully dry/cure. With a drop more green-cap, the front has softened and conformed to the wing angle better than in this piccie: 0.2mm is a little on the thick/clunky side. I would have preferred to use 0.1mm but I’ve found that the 0.1mm plastic paper softens/distorts too easily when in contact with a liquid cement like the green-cap so 0.2mm it was. Anyway - the plan, once the flanges are dry, is to gently thin them to a less overscale appearance with a sanding stick. I’m hoping that they’ll be a little but eye-catching addition once painted. A bit of a dark wash should show em up nicely.
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    Little activity due to the bandaids. The control wheel in the kit can't be seen in any of the photos I have, so replacement parts are made. The kit's attempt at an instrument panel is substituted by a piece of styrene, later to be detailed. Rudder pedals, absent in the kit are also made: I am dabbling at making a simplified resemblance of the Franklin engine, to see if it can be included:
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    Well, they're coming back today for a second showing, so hopefully... Also, who sent me a RAF side cap? It arrived at my office today. Was it one of you? Fess up!
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    Evening all, Many thanks gentlemen for the very kind and encouraging comments: I really appreciate them all. I have done some more construction work and painted the bulk of the model and it is beginning to look like what you see in the photos. I completed the horizontal tail unit by cutting and inserting between the rear fuselages a piece of 30 thou card with Evergreen strip (10 x 20 thou) ribs. I also added the small units on the outer sides of the fuselage plus the tail bracing, and then the two rods which were set between the forward parts of the fuselages: I assume that these were for the engine controls on the starboard side (the pilot sat on the port side). Painting followed - mainly acrylics for the upper and lower surfaces but Humbrol enamel white for the floats because I have some left from the past and I find that it gives a better coverage than the acrylic paint. The struts were Revell SM 382 which is another enamel - I just like the soft brown to represent the pine of the struts. The cockades were home printed and the serial came form an old set of RNAS/RFC numerals from Pegasus. The rudder stripes were painted: The white dots on the upper surfaces are holes for the struts. To put the top wing in place I used a procedure which I have found from experience is most suitable for multi-bay biplanes. I put some of the cabane struts into the lower wing - in this case the pair on the inner side of each fuselage, and the outer pairs of main wing struts. I used ordinary styrene cement and placed the inner struts against the fuselage sides first, then quickly added the two outer pairs and lowered the top wing. I had put drops of cement into the respective holes in the top wing. I was lucky because three of the fuselage struts fitted exactly and the fourth only need a minor adjustment. The outer struts were a little more fiddly but still went into place quickly. The whole assembly was jigged with paint pots to keep it square while it dried out overnight. The result was what I desired: This structure was quite robust when dry and allowed me to put in the remaining struts, one at a time, without problems. After these had been put into place I again left the assembly for a couple of hours to set properly before I added the kingposts on the outer parts of the top wing: The model is now ready to add the floats and that will be the next stage. Thanks for looking. P
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    I’ve been following this and I really hope that someone has filmed it for the tellybox. G-IRTY is now a legit historic artefact in her own right and I hope she stays in her current scheme permanently. Trevor
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    I've been working away on the wings today, a bit of topping up to do on the filler, but they are almost done. I'll set then aside and start thinking about the bomb bay next, this will be the most involved part of the build. I've still no clear idea about what weapons configuration to go for? John
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    Some pictures from the build - the rest can be found at RFI
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    Ditto ...I thought Le Mans 66 so good that I too went and saw it twice, once in Imax and the following day the same again, Like the actors in the film, they never knew about Ferrari and Ford battle and none knew who Ken Miles was!!! Best film for years
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    Know what? I decided to just go see it, alone, like it was a blue-movie. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, although that wasn't a high bar to shuffle over - I expected it to be absolutely dreadful. The action scenes were terrible, but the ability of some of the experienced actors made the bits in between more watchable. That said, I went to see Le Man '66 later in the week and loved that so much I went back again with my wife and daughters who loved it too. If you have enough money for one cinema ticket this month, spend the money seeing Matt Damon and Christian Bale's renditions of Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles respectively in Le Mans '66. I've seen one or two weirdos single themselves out as the sort not to invite over for Christmas dinner, but by and large Le Mans '66 has been very well received by petrolheads and non-petrolheads alike and rightly so. It's beautiful.
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    Just to throw my 2p into the ring..................... what on earth happened in episode 3? This deflated faster than the Hindenburg. Thankfully Dark Materials as others have said seems to have far more gumption and quality behind it. I still feel like i must have 'skipped' some scenes as flicking through the final episode, because there were some key scenes from the book and film incarnations that i never saw. No tripods opening up with dying martians, no dreams of underground civilizations etc. The ending was obvious to me from pretty much episode 1, but.... To sum up, ill use a quip i found when trying to find out the plot decisions in this latest WOTW incarnation -
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    Edward, This has to be one of the most humorous post I have seen..you and your boys, have topped yourselves....I even had to show the wife this one...thank you for sharing this one... and the quote "COME SEE WHAT YOUR CHILDREN HAVE DONE!"...absolutely one of the most spine chilling quotes one is to ever hear fro their spouse. Take care! Don
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    The last gunfighter - this model was completed in 2008. Cocpit Aires, photo etched parts Eduard, aftermarket decals.
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    Pics sprues - CRJ-700 1/72nd Sources: http://bigplaneskits.com/several-new-photos-crj-700-1-72-bpk/ https://www.facebook.com/BigPlanesKits/photos/a.1510613519216386/2400840690193660/ V.P.
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    I thought I could show a little progress. First, the first 4 bombs ringed using the old 'trap the detonator in the Dremel' trick, as discussed above: Seems to work well, even if the Dremel's slowest speed seems to be about 2000rpm! Next, some views of the mid-upper (unglazed) and tail (nearly finished) turrets: Scale freaks take note ( ) - the grid things are sitting on is 1cm. Mike
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    Feel free to follow! It's a long drawn out war of attrition, I have just completed assembly (not painting) of the fuselage, one side solid and one side transparent with the framing highlighted. If I ever did it again I'd consider drilling and filing out the skin to leave the framework. Probably stop at considering, though! I painted the bomb load IJN green (its a great substitute for British Bronze Green) and then hand painted on the arming stripes (red and grey). But I think they look too bad even to represent swiftly applied markings from an armourer. Does anyone know a good trick for applying reasonably even rings onto the nose of bombs? I have lettering masks in production at the moment to do PO-S as she is in Hendon, with paddle-blade props. I think patching the windows on the solid plastic side will need very careful filling and polishing, to avoid losing the exquisite surface detail. Letters should be a highly attractive red-with-a-yellow-surround. Mike
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    Progress on getting the air intakes to fit..........not the best fit but they came up alright in the end. Just need re-scribing and riveting.
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    Hi! Here's my latest model. It's Trumpeters Wellington in 72nd scale. The model depicts a machine used by 37. Sqn during the Norwegian campaign in April 1940. A lot of aftermarket was used. Eduard photoetch and several Quickboost resin items. The model is finished in Gunze and Tamiya paints. Hope you enjoy. Any comments apppreciated Best regards Rune Norway
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    Blast from the past. Back in 2010, I modified one of the original kits to carry a pair of projected Bristol Grand Slam II standoff missiles, (Tony Buttler: Hypersonics, Ramjets and Missiles) from a concept drawing by Arthur Gibson, (though Arthur had his carrying four Blue Steel Mk 1's...which would have been a bit of a tight fit, to put it mildly!). I built it for our Project Cancelled SIG, (Standoff Missile Carrier Aircraft) as a bit of fun which seemed to go down rather well at shows. The original issue was ideal as source material. Be great to see it reissued!
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    Hello Ben, I'm glad that you like my work. The NMF areas were coverered by soft self-adhesive aluminium foil originally intended for flying models ("Flite-metal" may be you hear somewhere). Very useful stuff! The painted areas was airbrushed by decanted Tamiya AS-12 Bare Metal Silver which actually gives very nice smooth finish. Later I'll share more detailed photos and "how to" tips. Alexey
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    Hiya Folks, Well I`ve added the antenna on the side of the nose and the large whip antenna on the top of the fuselage,....... stick the last bits on,.... and it is finished!!!! It has been a bit of a trial at times but it looks every inch a Beaufighter and dare I say,.... more accurate than the Tamiya kit, especially around the cockpit; I`ll stick a RFI on later,.... cheers for the encouragement along the way everybody, Cheers Tony
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    Operation Market Garden ISBN : 9781612005867 Casemate UK WWII Historic Battlefields I think I like a lot of people know about the Battle of the Bulge, but only generally from watching a few films and the excellent Band Of Brothers min series. However like a lot of things there is much more to it once start to get under the surface. By late 1944 the front was all but stationary as the allies came up against the defences of the German Westwall. Mongomery was to propose an audacious plan to circumvent these defences and make a direct thrust to Berlin. Using the newly created 1st Allied Airborne Army to capture key bridges which the British XXX Corps would use to make an advance into Germany. Unfortunately the plan was flawed, its execution imperfect; and the German Army was far from being beaten at this time. While the film "A Bridge Too Far" was indeed was a cinematic triumph, from a historical point of it provided an unbalanced view that historians have struggled to correct ever since. This book from Casemate looks at the complete battlefield. It is A4 hardback with 192 pages. It is lavishly printed through out with Black and white contemporary photos, complemented by colour photos of the areas today; and many colour maps of the battles which took place. The authors have looked at all aspect of the battles. The photos also look at the many memorials which litter the towns in the area, and which are still kept in excellent condition to this day. Conclusion This is very much a complete look at Operation Market Garden, the photos and maps show how the battle panned out, and the modern photos show in some cases how little things have changed. If you are interested in WWII history then this book is a must. For the military modeller the wealth of contemporary photos give a very good idea of how the vehicles and troops looked at this time. As with companion books on the Normandy & Ardennes Battles the Authors provided a balanced and up to date look at this important if ultimately unsuccessful battle of WWII. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
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    Hi, here's my Heinkel 162. A fun and easy kit to build. Hope you like it Best regards Rune Norway
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    Hi All, I got round to taking some photos of my Acaoncagua 1/48 Pucara. Great fun to build. The aircraft is that flown by Major Carlos Tomba, and shot down by Commander Nigel 'Sharkey' Ward's Sea Harrier on 21st May 1982. This famous incident is one of my favourite stories from the war. The Pucara soaked up enormous damage, Ward proclaiming that he couldn't believe it was still flying and that Tomba hadn't ejected. Tomba did eject, at the last moment, and Ward later paid tribute to his bravery, airmanship and determination to save his aircraft. Tomba made it to the airfield at Goose Green on foot, where he was taken prisoner when the airfield was captured by 2 Para a few days later. He spent the rest of the war at the hospital at Ajax Bay, volunteering as an interpreter to ehlp the injured. Ward was informed by the CO (Rick Jolley) that Tomba was there, he passed on a message to Tomba saying that he was relieved he was "alive, well and useful." I've always wanted a Pucara in my collection, and was very happy to purchase a copy of Aconcagua's all resin kit. It's an intimidating kit in the box, and it sat unbuilt for a good few years. On starting it, I found it wasn't anywhere near as difficult as I'd thought, and it went together really well.
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    good bit of drilling to do with the trusty dremel These are for the seats which will go in here Its a single seat that goes on the end though 6 of these to do for the seats that are lowered. I decided to raise the seats in the loading bay These are the supports that sit under the seats One side complete. Needs to nail the other side them I can spray, paint and assemble Should give you the idea The straps in front of the windows need bending behind the seats as the windows act as emergency exits
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    Another Update; First coat of Matt Varnish on; I`ll get on with the weathering tonight, Cheers Tony O
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