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    Hi there. The build is over and can be followed here: Comments are wellcomed Ran
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    If you like the Spitfire and have not read Jeffrey Quill's book "Spitfire", do so. This is my Spitfire Griffon Prototype in the form it was when "raced" against the FW190 and Hawker Typhoon July 22, 1942 at Farnborough. It's not in Quills book, but I read somewhere that Supermarine had put a pair of A-wings on DP845 for the occasion, so this is how I made it. Its the 1/72 Tamiya Spitfire I with a XII nose grafted on. I rather like the look of it with the pointed spinner. Hasegawa IX canopy, Xtracolour enamels, decals from the spares box and DP845 done on inkjet printer paper. /Finn Bonus: Here's the FW190. Tamiya 1/72 FW190A3.
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    Build report can be found here: Comments are welcomed as always Ran
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    F-15As from the 9TFS at Red Flag 83-2, Nellis AFB, January 1983. 77-0062 77-0069 77-0077 77-0102 Thanks for looking, Sven
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    C. Generous to a fault Rob. Dear Lord. I'll have to get the Navy in if this dribbling continues Giorgio! (I'm assuming that this clip isn't factually accurate regarding naval routine?) Gracious of you Tomo. Not sure about consuming the bally stuff but the Elegoo resin itself is surprisingly odour free - which I gather is not always the case with some of the 3D printers. Free associate or die! You are most dearly welcome Bill and a pleasure to share with such knowledgable companions. Humble thanks friends. Will do Mr. B. The bench will seem most bare without that slender frame in attendance. Such a pleasing aircraft for not adequately explainable reasons! Most kind Terry and yes, it'll be a binary build next time so hours of fun watching me get the parts from two kits confused! Two Sea Vixens Benedikt! That is frankly awesome. 'Game of Felines'! * Crisp receives lawyer's bill for over-provision of credit, charged at hourly rate and including fee for drafting forum response.... Frightfully decent of you to say so Roger. It's heartening to have given some longevity to this charming period kit and keep it in circulation for a bit longer. I wonder how many unmade copies of it still remain? Tiny step completed tonight getting the modification done to the front 'bell' of the port Cheetah: Spun in a deWalt hand drill and shaped with a Stanley blade held 'twixt finger and thumb. Despite the seductions of freedee printing it will never imho replace the sheer animal satisfaction of turning something to shape by hand in this manner. Fixed into place now in order to provide the required extension: Final shaping and blending to proceed in the next session and then lash some paint on. Shifting spectral lights in the hall here in the mornings at the moment, pale winter sun through the leaves. Creating a fluctuating camera obscura on the wall by the kitchen door, changing moment-by-moment as the earth rotates: Every house a Stonehenge to the sun. Tony
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    #28/2019 And another one finshed. Hasegawa kit with Authentic Decals, AK Real Color AMT-7 and AMT-11, EZ Line for antenna wires and brake lines, Eduard seatbelts Build thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061405-lend-lease148-curtiss-p-40k-warhawk-soviet-airforcevvs/ The model shows an aircraft of the 760th fighter regiment, 261st composite division in Karelia winter 1943-44. DSC_0002 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0005 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0009 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0012 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0013 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0014 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0015 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0016 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0017 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0018 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0019 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0020 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
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    Evening all, Many thanks gentlemen for the very kind and encouraging comments: I really appreciate them all. I have done some more construction work and painted the bulk of the model and it is beginning to look like what you see in the photos. I completed the horizontal tail unit by cutting and inserting between the rear fuselages a piece of 30 thou card with Evergreen strip (10 x 20 thou) ribs. I also added the small units on the outer sides of the fuselage plus the tail bracing, and then the two rods which were set between the forward parts of the fuselages: I assume that these were for the engine controls on the starboard side (the pilot sat on the port side). Painting followed - mainly acrylics for the upper and lower surfaces but Humbrol enamel white for the floats because I have some left from the past and I find that it gives a better coverage than the acrylic paint. The struts were Revell SM 382 which is another enamel - I just like the soft brown to represent the pine of the struts. The cockades were home printed and the serial came form an old set of RNAS/RFC numerals from Pegasus. The rudder stripes were painted: The white dots on the upper surfaces are holes for the struts. To put the top wing in place I used a procedure which I have found from experience is most suitable for multi-bay biplanes. I put some of the cabane struts into the lower wing - in this case the pair on the inner side of each fuselage, and the outer pairs of main wing struts. I used ordinary styrene cement and placed the inner struts against the fuselage sides first, then quickly added the two outer pairs and lowered the top wing. I had put drops of cement into the respective holes in the top wing. I was lucky because three of the fuselage struts fitted exactly and the fourth only need a minor adjustment. The outer struts were a little more fiddly but still went into place quickly. The whole assembly was jigged with paint pots to keep it square while it dried out overnight. The result was what I desired: This structure was quite robust when dry and allowed me to put in the remaining struts, one at a time, without problems. After these had been put into place I again left the assembly for a couple of hours to set properly before I added the kingposts on the outer parts of the top wing: The model is now ready to add the floats and that will be the next stage. Thanks for looking. P
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    As per Adrian’s advice I applied a wash and gave it a coat of Alclad matt varnish. It perhaps looks a tad grubbier than I would prefer, but given the moulding quality and the fact that much of it will be hidden, yet glimpsed I’m okay with it. It certainly gives it more definition. The forward bulkhead received the same treatment. Here is a better view of the cockpit floor after having a dry wash and some black gloss and blobs of klear in the compass. gave the IPs a dry brush then picked out a few details. I glued small pieces of clear acetate to the backs of the IPs and applied a coat of black. The macro close-up is pretty unforgiving and they look a bit grubby. Okay they’re not Eduard jobs but they do look better than the close-up suggests – but I would say that wouldn’t I Anyroad better than the original kit offerings. Finally I can start assembling the pit and get the fuselage joined up. More next time.
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    Thanks Stuart. My name is John. Am I missing something? How about this...masks off! I think the aluminum is looking very fine and there is only a small bit to touch up (circled)
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    Edward, This has to be one of the most humorous post I have seen..you and your boys, have topped yourselves....I even had to show the wife this one...thank you for sharing this one... and the quote "COME SEE WHAT YOUR CHILDREN HAVE DONE!"...absolutely one of the most spine chilling quotes one is to ever hear fro their spouse. Take care! Don
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    Painting is still some way off, so I shall leave further discussion on that for now. I shall be digging around for information, in case something turns up beyond my current resources. I will say I will mostly be cobbling together markings, so one profile I have that has some lovely badges adorning various parts of the cowlings and nose may not get a showing! The lurgy has struck HK Towers, although I am not completely under its thrall quite yet. The good news as far as the car is concerned is it now has some new "all-weather" tyres on the front, and the alignment has been sorted out. Apparently, the odd wear on the offside tyre had been caused by that wheel being several degrees off where it ought to be. Oh, and the ABS is still functioning, as I discovered after braking a bit sharpish on some wet leaves. Just that pesky brake sensor to fix, then. Onwards! With fairly satisfactory progress on the nacelle front - or rear, at least - I spent an hour or two pondering the fuselage. With the Extra Tech PE detail pack, it might be some while before the cockpit is detailed up, but that shouldn’t stop me working out other changes. The bomb bay doors on the Airfix moulding seemed wrong. Measured from the drawing, I marked out new lines to be scribed. The old lines will need to be filled. I haven’t found any images online that show any details of the camera bay installed on the 17P. I plan, therefore, to open the camera windows, and glaze them. I think I’ll just blank the windows with black material. Just a final note on the nacelles. It seems, on the Revell moulding, the nacelle sides are angled where the real thing was square to the wing surface. The angle leads to the nacelles being a bit wider in places than ideal, meaning the tapering rear end is fatter than it should be. Short of rebuilding the nacelles completely, I shall live with the error.
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    I've been able to get by with airbrushing them in 1/48. Decals would probably be a good idea for 1/72 though.
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    Well, they're coming back today for a second showing, so hopefully... Also, who sent me a RAF side cap? It arrived at my office today. Was it one of you? Fess up!
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    RF-4Cs of the 16th Tac Recce Squadron, 363rd Tac Fighter Wing out of Shaw AFB, at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 83-2, January 1983. 66-0470 66-0473 66-0476, still wearing the old "JO" tail code 66-0465 EDIT: Had some additional input on these jets. The 363rd was in transition for a couple of years before this event, slowly transitioning from a recce wing to a fighter wing: - The wing was redesignated as a Tac Fighter Wing in 1981 - The 62TRS was transferred to the 67TRW at Bergstrom AFB in 1982. The 33TRS was inactivated in 1982 and her RF-4Cs were either consolidated in the 16TRS or sent to the 67TRW at Bergstrom AFB. - The 16TRS gave up their red and black/white checks tail band for the red tail band previously used by the 62nd in late 1982. F-16 squadrons began being assigned to the 363rd, the RF-4Cs were retired in 1989, and the 363rd assumed the identity of the 20th Fighter Wing 1993. Thanks for looking, Sven
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    Though I'd dip my toes into a resin kit build, haven't done that in a very long time. I recently purchased a number of Caudron racers from Dujin and thought I'd start off by looking into the 714R. First of all... ...the box, looks innocent enough. Open the box, open the box! A PE fret, a vac canopy and some nicely printed decals...looking good. Aaahhhhh!!! I dare not look too closely at the moment but it looks like I've got my work cut here with lots of cleaning. And three pages of stuff that only a Google translator will be able to decipher. Am I put off, nah, just a flesh wound, modellers are made from this stuff. You can all have a laugh now. Stuart
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    My daughter is a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and last year I found a baby Groot figure in the bargain bin at Asda and gave that a bit of a tart up and gave it to her as a stocking filler for Christmas and she loved it here's before Untitled by Brundle Donk, on Flickr and after a lick of paint Untitled by Brundle Donk, on Flickrand I wanted to do something similar this year and I found a cheap bust of Groot with a figure of Rocky for cheap on ebay, the sculpting isn't bad but the paint job is shocking but I'm reasonably handy with paint and a brush/airbrush so thought I could do something with them and pressed the buy it now button I wanted to get this done last week but she's been off school with a bug so I had to wait until she went back today before I could crack on and I've only got one more day to try and finish it as after tomorrow I have commitments that will keep my me away from the bench until possibly the new year so need to get my skates on here's Groot at the start of play and whoever painted it at the factory must have done it after a liquid lunch ( look at his eyes ) he's got one at home and one away lol but aside from that he's a bit dark and a bit bland Groot and rocket repaint before by Brundle Donk, on Flickr and the back Groot and rocket repaint before by Brundle Donk, on Flickr
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    next was to add Tamiya buff to the mix and I sprayed this on some edges and high spots, then army painter strong tone wash was applied to the recesses ( still wet in the pic and face not done at this point ) Untitled by Brundle Donk, on Flickr Untitled by Brundle Donk, on Flickr
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    I was travelling from Spain with my family about 7 or 8 years ago, I saw a guy in the departure lounge with a plexi glass canopy by his feet, I just went up to him and said Hurricane? he said yes, I can't remember the conversation but he was restoring a Hurricane and had just picked it up to take back to the UK. Strange interesting but true! My daughter asked how I new, considering my aviation interest and all the air shows we had been to how could I miss it. Made my day.
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    A build from 9 years ago, a beautiful very limited production run kit cast by master modeler Matías Hagen from Argentina: The detail of the parts of this resin kit is outstanding and the instructions are very clear. The dedication on the making of the parts becomes evident when you see that the cushion, a separate part from the seat, has a teeny tiny arrow in the back pointing the right direction for its position, since the cushions also have some relief depicted. Although some components (fus sides, wheel pants) are keyed (they do have pins and correspondent tiny holes) I opted for sanding the fuselage mating surfaces carefully flat. The guiding pins are very useful though regarding the tail surfaces, wings and other pieces that need alignment. You get about 60 parts. No decals for this hot rod, since the original had no marks, which comes as a relief. Exquisite kit of a delightful plane, a true pleasure. Matias' blog: http://72topia.blogspot.com/ Matías painstakingly produces limited runs of unbelievably detailed kits in resin. He is working now on future releases, check it out.
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    Hi Wojtek the 87 Sq planes were overall night, and the painted into the Night Intruder scheme, please note that the Ducimus guide states that the uppers were Dark Green and Medium Sea Grey , which was the intruder scheme, see last paragraph and images from the that below, and and below we have a larger shot of LK-R, as well as LK-A and LK-? The light nature of the paler upper surface colour is clear, as it the crude, brushed on nature of the finish, even cutting into the yellow ring on the roundel the demarcation of the camouflages line at the rear is also of not the wing demarcation is of note, as is the chipped back to brass on the leading edge sheathing on the prop blades. HTH T
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    Was thinking if my newsagent sold kits then realised my me262 Bristol fighter and the typhoon were all pressure purchased by my dad along with a 2p bassets liquorice stick and some Jurassic park cards! Enjoying this thread and tempted to get some nostalgia kits to build such as the airfix spit mk 1
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    We're lately getting lovely dancing reflections on the kitchen wall off the birdbath on the patio as the low winter sun dips ever lower - been trying to get a photo but my camera isn't good enough (or more likely the idiot driving it isn't...!!) K
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    Hellcat!!! Can't go wrong with a Hellcat!
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    Now that’s a good idea and a great way to upset SWMBO with much use of the table. Now what was on the list?
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    I've been working away on the wings today, a bit of topping up to do on the filler, but they are almost done. I'll set then aside and start thinking about the bomb bay next, this will be the most involved part of the build. I've still no clear idea about what weapons configuration to go for? John
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    We modellers are a fickle lot! There have been some cracking “new” ideas for GBs this year, @Rabbit Leader‘s “In the year you were born” for example, which if you look at the gallery has produced a great variety of different models.
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    I didn't strip or prime him and just gave him a wipe down with IPA after which I sprayed him with Tamiya flat earth and then in some spots with a bit of red brown added to the cup Untitled by Brundle Donk, on Flickr and of course did the same deal on t'other side Untitled by Brundle Donk, on Flickr
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    Looking forward to see that one. The build style and ethos is totally up to you John. Yes, I suspect some people might go kid-like and raw, and others take it to the other ‘grown-up’ super-detailing exhibition standard AM laden extreme. I think both ways are fun, just opening that old kit box might spark a flurry of warm nostalgic feelings and memories (that hopefully everyone will share) irrespective of build type.
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    Awesome work looks fantastic well worth the effort
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    Might i add that Corsairs had blue noses and someone said there is a stgb for them somewhere on these pages ?
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    It's a model, display it as you wish. If it were to form part part of a flight line diorama then to show the flaps would be wrong. Flaps are closed as soon as possible when taxying because they can pick up damage from wheel debris. When parked everything is closed so no foreign objects as such as birds or wind blown rubbish can get in. Ground staff may pump down the flaps as part of a check or after fight inspection, and then close them again. I seem to remember that on engine shut down on PR.9's the flaps were dropped for the A/F inspection and then pumped up by the riggers. I have a couple of photos which show this to be the case. John
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    I know what you mean about grubbier but hey doesn't it POP! Looking another Tomoshwinner mate
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    I would brighten up those colours if I were you. What's OK on 100 meter ship doesn't always work 12 cm model. The scale effect it's called it think...
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    What is this heresy? I thought I was being remarkably restrained. I would happily have bought another seven from the list, if I thought I could get away with it. However its a bit cold to sleep outside in my car at this time of year. They currently have about 70 kits listed, one of the recent releases being a Jaguar Mk VII which looks very nice in the photos but my 1:1 automotive tastes for this era are more to the Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire and Riley RM & Pathfinder so that wasn't one of the seven.
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    You say the top was a bit flat and the bottom glossy. i wonder if the paint faded fast. These were tested in California or someplace southern U.S. right? If so that would explain that. Navy grey/white planes are the same way.
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    Very nice Hawk. What did you use for the antennae wire?
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    I used plastic strips for the flying wires, spars, whatever. I was going to mask it but I built the whole plane first then painted it. I didn't mask it because of the corrugation under the fuselage. I'd be touching up spots anyway. I to had to make pins for the float struts. I don't think you can sanely build a float plane with out them.
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    Unfortunately that is reality, aviation is by far the majority of builds in any forum or show. However some of us are trying to rebalance the situation. Since January of 2018 we’ve had the M3/M4 Sherman-Lee-Grant build, Mk.IV Panzer, Mk.VI Tiger, Patton-Pershing, and currently T-54/55 builds. Ive hosted the Patton-Pershing build and just missed my chance for all things British AFV’s. I will also be hosting the Mk.V Panther group build next fall. There is a T-34 STGB coming in the spring. So there have been a number of builds related to armor recently. Im currently running the Movie-TV/Sci-fi/Whif group build in which pretty much anything under the sun real or imagined can be built. So that is another option ? Dennis
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    Here are a few of the things that explain it. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234996098-the-future-of-stgbs/ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235007884-guidelines-for-gb-hosts/ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235007886-wants-trades-buying-and-selling-in-gbs/ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235007889-eligibility-of-entries-in-groupbuilds/ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235007890-group-build-and-single-type-group-build-thresholds/ Yes it seems to be a lot of reading but most of those are only a few paragraphs long. Keep asking questions we are always happy to help. Dennis
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    After a short break while I was bashing the Heinkel together I will be clear coating this one today and do the decals tomorrow.
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    Hmm. I have that lying around somewhere... needs some nose weight, sounds like a plan.
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    This is looking good. I take it, it will join the other plane on the ceiling.
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    I'm going to take the easy way out though... Just need to fix the wheel bulges. Saw her coming in for landing yesterday afternoon, just too late (traffic jam!) for pictures. She did a short hop around the block today, and the team just announced they plan to arrive back at Goodwood Thursday 5th, around 11.30 AM. Track log & flight track: https://www.silverspitfire.com/about/flight-tracker/
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    It’s a common (local) myth that you are allowed to shoot at Welsh people within the walls of Chester during the hours of darkness. Whether or not it was ever true, it isn’t now! Talking of Wales and Chester, Chester City F.C.’s stadium is about ten yards inside Wales. Trevor
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    I managed a little more work on this build last night by adding a floor. Once I have sorted out the seat positions, and a few other small details I should be able to get some paint on the internal bits and close up the fuselage, things should move along a bit quicker after that. by John L, on Flickr
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    I had the same problem, but some here helped me out. I am planning to build a one in 72 scales someday, I have the decals for it tho not the kit lol
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    Dennis and bar side, thank you for your kind welcome. Lurking on Britmodeller before taking the plunge and signing up, I was most impressed, not by the awesome array of modelling skill and knowledge on display, but by the generous and supportive nature of the site, very different to some internet forums I have taken a look at. It seems like something special and something I would like to be a part of, hence the decision to poke my head above the parapet! Craig. P.S. Have you actually finished your layout bar side? I started mine about three years ago and I reckon I'm still only a third of the way along.
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