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    I like this kit, it fits together really well, particularly after that Airfix Tornado. I like the softer style plastic too, nicer to work with. Despite the engine intake contraption inside, the wings fit pretty well, as long as you squeeze them in and press the fuselage down on top you don't really see much of a gap. Nice detail in the wheel bays too. I certainly don't need to spend £35 on the Airfix one. I'm sure it's better but this was only about £14 on ebay! It's just a shame they made the tailcone and bullet fairing too long and I had to cut them up. I'm hoping once painted they'll look better.
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    Fuselage Camo Painted Fortunately is not a tail sitter
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    I decided the Depredussin as my only 1/32 model is looking awfully lonely and needs a companion, another racer, again one that was largely ahead of it's time (but had many aerodynamic issues so never raced) the Bristol Type 72 racer . Should be pretty straightforward (construction is very similar to later WWI types but there's no rigging or visible cylinder heads), all except the undercarriage and the ducting around the nose, which will require a bit of figuring. Strange to think that only 9 years separates it from the Depredussin. Keel and formers for the Fuselage.
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    Hi Guys Here are some progress pictures on the T.7 set. The set is taking longer than anticipated, but I am trying to get it as good as possible. I am hoping to release it end of June, but there are still quite a few things still to get done. NO PRICE confirmed as yet. Proposed two box offerings to be released initially a RAF and a RN set, see decal options, the decals will be going to the printers in the next week or so. Note seats are only basic at present so I can get an idea for fit etc. Also other details still to be added or changed. Note it is a SMALL bore exhaust with the required brake housing. I will be developing other versions in the next few months.
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    Started the second 1/16 Panther G. Haven't finished the Rye Field Jagdpanther G2 or the cut away Panther G or even the Takom Jagdpanther G1 but I needed a break from 1/35 scale, especially the crazy detail Rye Field kits. This one will be in a white wash scheme I think and I'm debating on whether to try cutting the hull and turret open like the Rye Field Panther G or cutting the upper deck of the hull open or just leaving it alone and making the entire upper hull removable. So far I have made some cooling ducts for the steering brakes out of tubing and blocked off the right rear shock absorber as this will be a hybrid with the later chin mantlet. I don't have the heater assembly for the rear deck or any steel wheels so I can replace a pair of those so it will have to be a later Early Panther G. Here it is so far.
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    Next up is this: I did a wee comparison with the Frog/Novo Mk III and they seem to agree, broadly speaking: Frog rear fuselage doesn’t taper enough, which I have confirmed from photos, and the tailplanes and rudder seem a bit anaemic. One of the bottom outer wing panels took industrial quantities of sanding to get down to thickness, but once there the detailing is nice and restrained (with sink marks, unsurprisingly given the thickness): And a comparison to the plans in the Harborough Book of Miles Aircraft: Pretty much bang on, except that the undercarriage is three or four mm further out on the plan (no fix planned) and the plan shows the later cockpit (I’ll go with photos on that one). I hear the garden task list calling but I hope to get going on some more research and the cockpit soon. Thanks for looking, Adrian
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    RMS Carpathia - 1/500 Scale - Scratchbuilt I present for your viewing pleasure my recently completed model of RMS Carpathia. She is depicted as she may have appeared on the night of the 15 April 1912, the night that she sped to the rescue of the beleaguered survivors of the Titanic disaster. The model is constructed from wood, brass, plastic-sheet and various other bits and pieces. It is completely scratchbuilt except for the lifeboats that are 3D printed. The WIP thread that tracks the process of the construction of the model and the sea-scape can be found here: I am quite pleased with the result - especially as the project took less than 4 months from start to finish. The model will be on display at next weekend's WASMEx scale model exhibition at Cannington community hall in Perth Western Australia. Thanks to everyone in the Britmodeller community for showing interest in this project. All comments, criticisms and queries most welcome. Best Regards, Bandsaw Steve
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    The new undercarriage looks super. If I were in your shoes, I'd be leaving the canopy firmly on! It looks very clear. Save all that swearing for the turret Regards, Adrian Oi! There's one on my bench! Regards, Adrian
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    Bit more progression. Hull, Turrets done. Wheels, tools etc prep'd. Decided to use Surface Primer in Red Brown (dont ak me why, just did ). Ready for the Russian Green 4B0 One problem, need to rethink final version of what tank this will represent, as the pic above of Tank 102 is a T28B (I think) circa 1938, whilst this model is a T28A (I think) circa 1934. Anyway, plenty of time to decide. Please feel free to comment\critique as I am quite thick-skinned Thanks for looking
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    I guess we weren't so bothered when the Frog kit was around, eh? The wheel sets got painted last night. Nothing fancy, just matt black and white mixed to give me a dark grey for the tyres and Metalcote polished aluminium for the strut work. I took the opportunity of having the paint about to do a spot of retouching on the main airframe. I noticed, when the masking came off, that some canopy glue got on the inside of the main glasshouse. I guess I'm going to have to carefully remove it and clean it all up. Once I've fitted the undercarriage, repaired the paint and given the plane another coat of matt varnish, I'll have to tackle that perishing turret. There must have been a reason for leaving it until last. Now, why didn't I decide to build a MkII which doesn't have a turret? *sigh*
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    Three hours have gone quickly! I have started the cockpit for the Master Mk I using the kit seats and some plastic: It is removable at this stage because I still have to make the cockpit cover mould, and it’s easier to paint that way: And the Mk III has been tapered in profile at the back: I managed to sand down some of the width at the back too. Thanks for looking, Adrian
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    Well I have made some progress: On the left is the Master MkI. I have glued the fuselage together, added the fin, made some pins and holes for tailplane mounting and cut away the larger trainer cockpit opening (with a bit added back where my cut went astray). I have sorted out the wing alignment with some fairly brutal bending and trimming. The Pegasus kit has some more “issues” too. I started the tailplane pin hole in the middle of the port stub but it wouldn’t come out to the middle of the stub marked on the far side of the fuselage - it is a mm or so lower on the starboard side. So I started measuring some more. The port wing fairing joins the wing 1-2mm lower than on he other side. The fine engraved lines along the fuselage sides are not on the same slope either, so I will be filling one or both - I’m not sure I need to re-scribe them. The sides do align well and there wasn’t much of a seam. The rounded plastic card is the start of the instrument panel - I’m going to build the interior separately to slide into the cockpit from below. On the right is a sneaky debut from the Frog/Novo Master MkIII, for which I haven’t yet started a topic. It’s a lovely little kit in terms of fit but sadly has some shape issues all of its own. It is far too wide, which I won’t be fixing. The differing widths mean that I can’t clone my MkI cockpit as I had hoped. It also doesn’t taper enough down to the fin. I will be fixing that, and I’ve cut out the rear upper fuselage as a prelude to re-shaping. The Novo plastic is extremely brittle. The fuselage is 1mm or so too tall by the canopy too but I want to have some fun in the build! Thanks for looking, Adrian
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    Okey-Dokey gang, got a midweek update for you, or a bit of midweek comedy depending on your point of view! Since the last time, there's been work and painting on the smaller bits and pieces ready to go on the airframe. The main focus however has been on decalling, and as of tonight, the big bit looks like this: It was a best guess situation as regards the underwing roundels as I couldn't find a decent image showing their whereabouts. I was going to detail the undercart and airbrake bays, but changed my mind when I realised there's not much open to see. The pylons, outriggers, and airbrake are all ready to attach later. Here we have a top view showing the most ill-behaved decal I have ever placed - that red engine bay marking was - it made on in three pieces despite starting out as one! I seperated the flaps from the wings and have only just put them back on. They will need a couple more coats of paint and the same for the Quickshine. There's also more paint detail to add. Finally, a bit of colour has started to appear and these decals were much better behaved than the red one. I thought it would be better to leave the 'pit until last, that's why it looks a bit bare. Last one for tonight showing the staarboard side. I'm really well pleased with my progress, even though at times it's been a little slow. As ever, plodding on to the finish line! Hope that keeps you entertained for tonight and as ever - thanks for popping in. Cheers.....
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    Hello guys, just finished Phase I painting works: an internal surfaces, an overall tan color and some metallic bits. This time it was a pleasure to use an airbrush, with a moderately thin paint and not so low pressure I achieved some very satisfactory results: Thanks for looking!
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    Ah but that's just the mold form This is what I was thinking of, before it became Still mostly green though
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    I bought two of these kits , and both have cracked forward canopies . Due to it being moulded with no support frame no doubt . I have tried to get replacements and Academy aren't interested sadly . My retailer is now out of stock so it doenst look like I'll be starting mine anytime soon I just hope I can source the replacements . I love the rest of the it though . I just wish the canopy sprue wasn't a Friday night afair. If you buy this kit I urge you to check the long forward canopy moulding very carefully .
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    Plum plum !! I showed my future colours !! I had a great laugh when I received it ... See you soon !! CC
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    Work on the Pilatus has been sluggish of late, but in the past 24hrs I have moved things on a bit. The single piece canopy has been fitted and masked up, then I painted the frames black and primed the model using Tamiya's Fine Surface Primer. I have also ordered a set of Matterhorn Circle's decals for the PC-21, not that there is anything wrong with the kit decals,, but there are a few more details on the Matterhorn sheet. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
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    After the successes of yesterday, I felt I was on a sufficiently good roll to give myself another day to get things further along. First, though, a test fit of the oleos to see how they look. I think I'm happy with that. Provided I can fix them in place at the right angles and the model doesn't end up knock-kneed, I think I can get on with the next bit. There's a thing the military say about plans not surviving first contact with the enemy. Well, my lovingly crafted retraction struts didn't survive contact with the real world very long. Let's just say if you have one of these kits in your stash and you're contemplating building it, give serious consideration to making it in flight with the wheels up! I actually believe even the kit parts won't really fit the holes they're meant for - assuming they aren't snapped before they're fitted. Now, I made the struts parallel, following the pattern of the kit parts. Of course, that's fine if you fit them at the wrong angle. They need to be fitted at a shallow angle as the real ones are apparently rooted at the rear of the nacelle. The wheel wells, obviously, narrow towards the rear of the nacelle. After some careful carving away of the plastic with sharp instruments, I was nearly there but not quite. I tried to tweak my constructions to narrow the bit where it went into the wheel wells, but inevitably the solder joints just gave out. I tried one repair, but gave up. Mark One didn't work. Time to regroup and come up with Mark Two. As with most problems, I find being occupied doing something else reveals a hidden answer. This one came at me while brewing a pot of tea for lunch. The answer was to make the new Mark Two struts out a single bit of wire, with the narrowed part built in from the start. Back on track? Yes, I think so. Amazingly, my ninja soldering skills held up and was able to spot solder the struts and rams with everything in place on the model. Nothing is glued in yet, but it made a heck of difference having everything in the right place while I worked. I guess there will be some consequential damage to the paintwork in various places, but that can be repaired. The undercarriage units can be unplugged and will allow me to prime and paint them before installation. With the front legs sorted out, time to think about the tail wheel. The kit parts are in this view. The resin forks look completely wrong compared to the real thing, so I had a bash at making a new set from brass wire, obviously! The injected tail wheel looks very undernourished, so I while the idea worked, I rather felt a new wheel would be better. Casting about through the Bits Box and various kits, I eventually found a moulded wheel from an Italeri Bf110 that is doomed to be unfinished (don't ask). If anything the wheel's a little too large, but it doesn't look completely ridiculous fitted to the plane. It's way better than the tiddler Pavla supplied and, besides, by this stage I was getting a bit fed up and really just wanted to be able to finish the bloomin' model before the end of the group build! At that point I decided I had had enough of the bench. I will get some primer on the metalwork and wheels ready for painting and subsequent fitting. Thoughts, sadly, must turn to the turret. I may be a while.
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    Funny weekend, didn't feel too well (in fact neither were SWMBO or the Cat for that matter, now that I think of it the dog wan't great either) and not much like modelling but I did (for some reason) feel like progressing the Bristol With the wings and control surfaces just about finished I started on the fuselage balsa infill, roughly cut to size and shape. I was thinking of using the Basswood as it carves way better, but I didn't want to use up my entire stock on one project and besides I have lots of Balsa. Sanded, just needs a bit of polyfiller to allow for the semi random nature of the cut infill pieces Once it's cut in three (nose and two sides) I'll figure out how I'm going to tackle the Fuselage. On the Bench:-
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    I'm in with this. I know, not even close to being an F-4K - I think she's B-model (?) but with RN/RAF decals. "Avoid like the plague" was one review. Well I think she deserves to get a moment in the sun. Frog F-4K M Phantom by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Cheers, Dermot
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    Still some notable sanding marks so more sand and spray cycles to come
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    Hi Folk's,Airfix T11 Vampire in Swedish colour's straight OOB build and great fun.
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    Today's focus has mostly been on detail painting and finishing the RM-30. Nearly at the decal stage - I think that'll happen tomorrow.
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    I had thought about Tyre Black but I think it's a bit too off-black, to me it's a very dark grey/green and for a model this size that tint becomes a bit overpowering. Plus I think if I do any weathering/fading it may become quite grey. I've used NATO black before on a Tigercat (same scale) and it's great to play with and to me the black fades nicely into what I've seen in photos (and on the real thing, F-111 undersides). Plus the paint jobs needs to be quite faded and worn, it didn't cope up very well particularly in that climate. So I'll be doing quite a bit or weathering to her as well. VMF(N)-513 "The Flying Nightmares" operated both of these aircraft in Korea, with the Skyknight replacing the Tigercat.
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    Wow two weeks since my last update, sorry about that. I finally got to a point where i could do some more work on this. I gave it a little bit of weathering in the form of dust and gas spills. I then hit it up with a satin coat. I will do more when i add the mud to the lower hull, and some other strategic spots. Questions, comments, or stories ? Dennis
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    Fantastic job! What a varied finish and realistic result, excellent model. Between yours and Jonners' Kingcobra, I'm worried* realistic model weathering might be making a comeback! Alan *ecstatic
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    This is top notch modelling, for sure! The painting and weathering is SUPERB!
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    Ok, so when is this all going to get interesting? How about now? I managed to wrestle the centre section together for a whole wing dry fit. From the front the angles look a little off, too much anhedral on the centre section: From above it’s clear that filler will be harmed in this build: And I can’t even show you the front or side views in case persons of sensitive disposition are watching! Now, where did I put that file...? Thanks for looking, Adrian
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    I think that is the most stunningly realistic weathering I've seen. Superb work, on a wonderful model.
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    Cracking build, looks great
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    Wings and control surfaces in progress.
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    it went together really nicely as all tamiya do. painted with Acrylics and weathered with AK and Mig products. Thanks for looking.
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    Thanks Keith Thanks Simon Happy Easter to you and Rose too (if a little late) Welcome Ian and thanks hendie - with the puppy staying with us I'm not getting as much bench time as I'd like. Mrs B says she can be left with Molly but I don't trust her not to eat anything she can reach! Thanks Strickers - I'll see if I can't sharpen it a little bit more Metal nose rings? Hate 'em. Not quite as much as pierced navels though. Thanks Giorgio Thanks CC - British aircraft weird? How very dare you Xtradecals on the fuselage: As usual they settled really well with MicroSet. The only problem is the red tail flash that's not quite the right shape for this kit: You can see I've lined up the top right hand corner and the top panel line which means that the front isn't quite parallel. Ho hum. I'll chop off the extra when it's dry.
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    Here is my build, the Hobbyboss 1/48 TA-7C in Greek colours. I used the Wolfpack ejection seats and Icarus Decal sheet. Link to the build; Pictures; 20190421_162130 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190421_162155 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190421_162208 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190421_162217 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190421_162250 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr
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    Strange, the fuselages were a very good match, you could almost swap the wings. Here’s a top shot: The fuselage+rudder+spinner measure out at around 5 3/32”, which is 30’6.75”, compared to the quoted length of 30’5”. So that’s good. Plus this: I know it’s not scientific and lalalala but it looks like a Master to me! So I think the only difference with the Frog one is the lack of taper down to the rear and, of course, the front end. [disclaimer] this is all based on references from “Aircraft of the Fighting Powers” era, which are responsible for a lot of errors in Airfix and Frog kits. Although in all fairness every aeroplane they drew was either top secret or arrived on the back of a scrap metal van! Regards, Adrian
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    Adrian’s Frog/Novo Magister with scratched extra details, Extradecal and home-printed decals, brush painted with Humbrol and Revell acrylics. Build thread here. Thanks for looking, Adrian
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    Well hello again chaps, looks like I actually got some stuff done a bit more quickly this time. Engine: Half a dozen parts, two bits of PE. I think it'd look good with the inspection panels open, but there's no provision for that in the kit and you'd have to take a saw to it which I'm not going to do. As it is, it's a bit of a shame that all you can see is Ah well. Also finished up my auxiliary fuel tank: ... and here's where we are at the moment with the fuselage closed up: Next bit might be a while as I'm completely baffled as to how the instrument panel/coaming/canopy all fit together at the front of the cockpit; my dry runs so far have a huge gap whichever way I try to fit them together. I'll try again tomorrow, hopefully something will click.
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    Sit rep as of today. Lot of painting down and the fuselage almost complete. The wings needed a bit of tidying up and there is still a coat of paint on the leading edges needed. Will need to mask the yellow and get the black stripes on before the wings are assembled and fixed to the fuselage. I might fabricate some spars to fix the wings on as they are intended for a butt join. The only problem is there's is a massive resin block as part of the cockpit interior in the way. As well as the cockpit interior. Some small parts cleaned up and bagged.
  41. 1 point
    Done! Will get some proper pics in a couple weeks. Need to do these, the eggcat and some of the updates to my earlier builds.
  42. 1 point
    After some vigorous sanding, all the various resin bumps have been flattened and the wing-fuselage joint is finally acceptable. It's now time to start adding more parts, like the tailplanes. Here's a couple of in-progress pictures The view from the bottom shows that there's some gap... really by now it's clear that this is one of those kits where parts fit where they touch, fortunately though it's nothing that can prevent the model from being completed.
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    Hello Dears, Air intake is now fixed Methink !! And let's have one last look at the desk... No, no Dears, The ICM original cockpit is almost not here Here are the prop blades… I will use the BrenGun ones, they are far better, however, I started to correct the ICM ones.. Let's say that Pinkie is on her way to the painting booth !! Hope that you have a great modelling time !! Sincerely. CC
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    Still plugging away on this beast. The inset for the external torpedo racks fits well enough, just need a little sanding and some more super glue to make it acceptable. Engine nacelles on the other had, are going to be a bit of a hand full. Now my previous work on lining up the wings properly has decreased the gap, especially on the upper surfaces which just need a little sand paper to make it all look good. As you can see the under surface fit is where the problem is. It will require some thicker super glue and some caving to make fit. So it looks like I'm off to the hardware store today. It's pretty much the same on both sides, just this one is the worst.
  45. 1 point
    Cheers @Silenoz. Back in my almost good books again this day. Bit more time & some repainting. The wings were primed with grey and the red came out dull, so repainted them with white & then red again. The bleed under seems to have improved after a couple of touch up sprays. The bonnet black has gone on & needs some touch upend the canopy spray has bled onto the clear & needs some tidying. Loads of fiddly jobs. Need to get the black walkways on the wing roots redone & put some steps behind the wings - not in the kit but can be seen on the real thing. Anyway, today’s update
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    Well tried to rush the paint job today. Bad move. Tried new paint - Revell rattle cans - not a fan. So with bleed under, overspray and more I need to go back & do a major tidy up & redo She actually looks ok in this shot. Believe me it’s flattering.
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    Update. Various washes were applied depending on background colour. Cleaned up and sealed. Ready for final assembly. Just nameplates need doing now.
  48. 1 point
    I gave the body a quick coat of white. Looks ok so I marked up panel lines & lightly scribed them. So looks about ready for paint. The plan is to do the body, wings & tail separately. Easier to mask up the lower body red section The temperature in the garage is a bit too low for night time spraying, I’ll get on to it next week.. also need to finalise the nose weight. She is a major tail sitter
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    Did I tell anyone I don't get along with vacform canopies? Well now you know, I managed to take too much off when removing the excess, I will be able to recover the over removal. The other issue is that it is not a straight slot in affair. I need to rework the area under the windscreen to make it look like it is supposed to be there. I made up a new instrument panel that is closer to what is in the actual aircraft. I hope it will look OK under a lick of paint. The seats have also been replaced as the supplied ones were a little undersized.
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    Made some progress the last two days as i had stand-by duty and was not called upon.. I have foliled the horizontal stabilisers and then went on to the engines.. Those engines were difficult enough as you have too press or roll the aluminium into submission and it looks easy but i had several try’s at almost the most panels ..so i have to thank my boss for not calling me The tools i used are a wooden pencil, a wooden sateh/shaslick stick and the rubber backside of my diamond file and of course my lens cloth... I always start on curved panels from the inside out and exactly in the middle of that panel to avoid creases! Most of the time there wil be some creases and when the are big i wil use the rubber backside to smoothen them out but if they are minuscule i wil use the shaslick stick and the most important this to do is that you don’t use force or else you will damage the foil. You’ve got to feel the foil wel may the foil be with you.. The foil i am using is ten myron thick and one of the thinnes’t foils around in the kitchen.. One drawback is that the foil is almost polished by this process and the rest isn’t, still am thinking about that one .. I hope that a bit of semi gloss will solve this! Cheers, Jan
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