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    Happy new year to the modelling world and builders!! This is my 1/32 Trumpeter P-47D Razorback with the Kits-world War Birds decals used. This kit went together well, even though there a few minor instruction issues, but nothing major to overcome. Painted with MRP paints...……….which are highly recommended! Built out of the box other than the decals. A bit about the man:- 2Lt Paul Ellison who was shot down by flak on 17th July 1944 while flying "Tipsy". After taking off from Picauville he was hit by flak just after bombing the bridge at Conde-sur-Vire. Bits of the wing started to fall away and Ellison bailed out at about 1000ft. He evaded capture and returned to military control on 2nd August. Now the machine......well, my version of it Hope you like it, id like some feedback on the prop as I tried for the first time, the salt weathering technique it simulate some weathering on the prop. Thanks for looking, all comment are welcome
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    My first for 2019 Farman F.70 ”Aero” Komunikacja Powietrzna S.A. (Polish Airlines) 1925-28. Sorry for the quality but I used my smartphone.
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    And let's kick off the new year with some masking for my two tone hotrod, laid down a very iridescent Tamiya light metallic blue first, And then the Mica blue, ooh fifties baby! (Silver rectangle is for the Rolls Royce logo). Finally, primed the prop with a 50/50 mix of Mr Surfacer black and GX112 super gloss, I'm going for a see-your-own-reflection vibe when I hit it with the Alclad chrome, Some last minute touch ups done, gloss coating and wacky WHIF fifties race decals tomorrow, it looks like the first finish of 2019 is imminent! Happy New Year to All Anil
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    I'll start by wishing all Britmodellers a very happy 2019 So... a new year means a new project. I've had this ID Models' 1/32nd Sunderland MkI/II vacuform in the stash for a few years now, and decided that it was time to give it a go. The inspiration is in fact a multi-engine group-build that's going on over at Large Scale Planes for the duration of this year, and I thought this fitted the bill perfectly. I'm hoping to get this completed by the end 2019 - the fact that there's no landing gear/undercarriage bays or bomb bays to worry about having to scratch-build should mean this is doable providing the motivation remains. I'm planning on a fully-detailed flightdeck as well as opening up the bomb hatches on the sides of the fuselage. This thing is massive - the plans below are laid out on our kitchen table. The cutting mat is in fact A3 sized! IMG_0639 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr I'm busily rubbing down fuselage halves and opening various portholes etc. at the moment, so a pictorial update will be coming in the next couple of days. Until then, happy modelling! Tom
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    Just ate 20 Kinder eggs. Not what you would expect someone my age to do...... I am full of surprises.
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    Thanks to these glorious photos, WE know also, to our great satisfaction. Documenting work such as this is vital as an extension of the accomplishment. I see my Rolls daily in its case but frequently go into my photo records to enjoy what is now unseen and inaccessible. Brings back the joy immediately. I often think, ' I did that???"
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    As in "Strewth, that's effin bloody fast mate, I'm going for a drink or three, wake me up next Tuesday..."
  8. 3 points
    Very nice indeed,..... and isn`t it great story too! Seeing as I have been called out above,...as I wasn`t going to say anything,........ all I will say is that the spoked wheel hub section should be outboard on each wheel,..... an easy 1 minute fix,..... and you might want to double check the air intakes above the engine with photos of the real aircraft,........ but they are just teeny snags on what is a very,..very nice model indeed,...... well done. Cheers Tony
  9. 3 points
    Not too much to get wild about yet. Just a lot of filling and sanding at the moment. Looks a mess. And it's being more of a bear than I'd thought to get the wing roots clean, but I'm not giving up on it. Beginning to wonder if I took the right approach with the wings - I haven't read about anyone else having this level of filling. Still, this is where it is, and a I'll get through it.
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    "Approximately seven minutes after the attack had begun, I noticed a single Spitfire arriving over the base at 2000 feet height in a port turn. Three Fw 190s were just coming in to strafe. The Spitfire, marked ZF-P [and] piloted by F/Lt. Chojnacki [of 308 (Polish) Squadron] noticed these enemy aircraft and while still in the turn fired at the rearmost from about 800 yards range, [shooting the Fw 190 down almost instantly]..." --Sgt Strobel, 308 (Polish) Squadron, recounting events of January 1 1945. Flight Lieutenant Waclaw Chojnacki proceeded to engage four more Fw 190s at once, drawing them away from the airfield, but lost his life doing so. Shortly after Chojnacki was shot down, 308 (City of Krakow), and 317 (City of Wilno) squadrons returned to the airfield from their fighter sweep and shot down twenty-six more Fw190s, effectively annihilating II/JG1. Chojnacki is buried in Grave IC1 in the Polish War Cemetery in Lommel, Belgium, a thousand kilometers from home. http://www.polishwargraves.nl/lom/0575.htm
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    This is the first batch from this years output, you'd never guess I was mainly a maritime modeller, all the ships I started seem to stall at one point or another. Still not a bad number of builds, none of which are actually finished as I have plans for dioramas for most of them, except the big guns which need crew, which, I have been told, may appear in 2019. Takom 30.5cm WW1 mortar, on a ground base of AMMO dark earth acrylic paste Trumpeter Grille30-30.5cm (Grw) L/16 Morser 'BAR' (Bear) SPG Takom 420mm howitzer, "Big Bertha" once again using the AMMO dark earth acrylic paste. Trumpeter StugE100, out of the box, and I've just seen needing some attention on the left track join. This was a mojo lifter when I had a slipped disc back in November. Takom General Lee late, Straight out of the box, really enjoyed this one. Dragon Maus super heavy tank, with ET models etch set and Metal barrel set from Aber. The camera seems to have picked up some strange patterning on the hull which isn't visible in real life. Trumpeter TOS-1 Heavy Flamethrower for something a bit more modern.
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    Out of box, old-school nostalgia style , with only few details painted , NPF (Natural Plastic Finish) , built in just four hours. WIP HERE;
  14. 2 points
    I'm back on the build after the Christmas break, and looking back at my posts I can see quite a lot has happened since. With the engines built, I secured them to the wings of the aircraft. This went smoothly, and I then placed the undercarriage doors on (in closed position as she will be flying), and filled around any gaps. I then secured all the glass sections in place (excluding the turrets, these I will add once the aircraft is painted). The glass sections (although they had their fair share of flash), seemed to fit together nicely, and after adding a little filler to ensure all gaps were eliminated. Then I attempted a dry fit with the wings, if they fitted cleanly with no gaps, I may have airbrushed the build and added the wings later. However, there were a few tiny gaps, so I secured the wings in place and filled any gaps. After a coat of primer, I masked the black sections up and set to work on preshading. I find preshading exhausting, and the concentration, precision, but I know it will be worth it in the end. I plan to preshade the black underside using white as a highlight. So far I'm fairly happy.
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    Thanks, AW. She's up on her feet now; getting closer. IMG_6965 by Barry Numerick, on Flickr IMG_6969 by Barry Numerick, on Flickr IMG_6967 by Barry Numerick, on Flickr I'm also starting to add the final fiddly bits, including the inboard lower flaps and rudder trim tab control arm. Working on the canopy now, and the final items in the cockpit. Word came last night via The Rumor Monger in Britmodeler that Tamiya will scale down their 109 G-6 to 1/72 scale this year. Certainly it will be an excellent model; their 1/48 scale kit is. But I have a shelf-full of Fine Molds kits and really like the looks of their 109 series. Hmm, we'll have to see. One can never have too many 109 options.
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    Seeing as her bears live on the foot of the bed, I think I would have noticed if she had. Martian
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    Thanks to Anil the Gentleman, the 'hawk has main wheels: Wheels by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr Unfortunately thanks to 06/24 the disorganised and stupid and clumsy it no longer has a tail wheel. I don't care lalala... I've got a bit bogged down with too many things in the bench, so am tidying up and will aim to start 2019 tomorrow with something fresh. Happy New Year all!
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    I have followed what I have seen online...I made an unfortunate error with the scribing tool and scratched the top of the wing near the leading edge...twice. I guess I'll have to fill it in, sand it down, and re-scribe. John
  20. 2 points
    They'll be calling him Barnacle Bill after this!
  21. 2 points
    Much better Edward, I feel for your travails re the parents , however my mother loves me like a son, granted not like one of hers, but close enough...
  22. 2 points
    I do not know what Hobbycraft decals look like but blue of Chinese H.81 national markings, at least those on top surfaces, did pale rather quickly. Cheers Jure
  23. 2 points
    Nah, Continue as you are and I suspect you'll be finishing 1st or 2nd in this one. My Nashorn just can't compete with your shlepper. Personally, I like OTT weathering on occasion. Rearguards, Badder
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    As soon as I got home, I ran off a test of the updated pattern. The Cricut machine doesn't currently have enough control to actually get the panel lines engraved along with the cuts, so instead I use one of the pens to have the machine draw them, and then I scribe them by hand with a ruler laid over the lines drawn by the machine. Wiping the ink off results in impromptu panel lining. The pile of tiny parts: Some of the smallest slots and tabs aren't working - they'll need some tweaking so the tabs fit into the slots - cutting them exactly the same size doesn't work when you're talking about 1/2mm styrene, as it's just not strong enough to force in for a tight friction fit. The most critical part works, however - the slots for angling the wings. Now the biggest challenge is patience while I wait two weeks for Shapeways - there probably won't be an update until the greeble prints arrive. In the meantime, I'm starting to model some other parts I've wanted for a while for additional concept-drawing inspired models.
  25. 2 points
    Nope 12 points is correct sir. looks like its a mess up at the decal design stage ?
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    Started this back in June and finally got around to more or less finishing.
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    the decals of the Chinese national insignia on the P-40 B of Airfix for the AVG have 11 points. in the diagrams of the assembly instructions they appear with 12 points. It's a mistake ?. In all my references appear 12. Thanks Eduardo
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    Nice unusual types and good builds Martin
  29. 1 point
    Woohoo, so thats wot those roundy things do...
  30. 1 point
    Its about to get "Reno-ed" now that I've found some suitable fifties racer decals...Last time I clear coated a tamiya paint, I got crazy paving, I think I'll err on the side of caution and use Alclad aqua gloss, its the most benign of the gloss coats I have and there's no way I'm masking those lightning bolts again
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    That is exceptional. When I see work like that I feel like chucking all my tools away & flogging my stash of kits. I hate you. (not really)
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    Excellent progress Steve despite the instructions not being particularly clear. Kind regards, Stix
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    Good to see more progress on these Steve. They look good in their primer coat. Kind regards, Stix
  35. 1 point
    Hi Steve. Good to see this underway and good idea with the side skirts. Kind regards, Stix
  36. 1 point
    Hello, Very nice model and great story. Too bad for the time change that would certainly have enlighted the parisians' day .
  37. 1 point
    Lovely job. I wonder how long the take off run was with a full load considering the size of the aircraft with a single engine. Pete
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    Well damp me down, roll me in breadcrumbs and call me Brenda.... After the very real struggle to get these kits at sensible money, I have a sabbatical only to return to find Revell go and do a rotten thing like this! £22? Somewhere around what we paid for each of that initial batch isnt it? @At Sea Leaves me trying to think of an excuse/markings to buy another one if for no other reason than to give two fingers up to the ridiculous prices these and, more so, the Hasegawa boxings have been getting stuck on them.
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    So, I got around to doing some testing with my paint mule. Ignore, if you can, some of the shoddy paintwork on this thing, but it's just a test bed. The sequence for all this was: 1. Black undercoat 2. Metallic layer 3. Hairspray 4. black base layer 5. Camo colours Then the chipping. I found the best results and easiest to control chipping were on areas where the hairspray was relatively thin. I tried using masking tape to randomly pull off some paint, and that worked to an extent - probably OK for areas like the walkway where larger chipped areas are OK. For small chips, carefully picking at the paint with a toothpick seems best. So my pics above are over the top, and have major chipping. That's a lot to do with really going at the paintwork to get a feel for robustness. I don't want to be quite that excessive on the real thing. Neverthelss - I'm fairly happy. I did try a stiff bristle brush and water, but didn't have a lot of luck with that approach. This paint is all lacquer based MRP - which I find sprays really well, and it may be too tough for the water approach. I also left plenty of time between paint layers and before chipping - deliberately as it tends to take me a while to get back to the becnh sometimes. So I decided to go for it on the real subject. Here I have applied Alclad aluminum finish over a matt black layer. I didn't feel that a highly polished metal effect was necessary for this. And after that cured, I sprayed the hairspray on. To do that, I dulted the hairspray in a small glass jar with Mr. Levelling Thinner - very roughly 70% hairspray to 30% thinner. I tested the mix out on the paint mule first, and found that it sprays really well, and dries smoothly without orange peeling, so I had at it on the Typhoon. No pics of that, but the hairspray went on well - nice and smooth, no orange peeling, just as on the mule. Now letting that cure. At the weekend - black basing and camouflage! We're moving again - but I'm glad I took the time to experiment first - I have some high hopes that I can make this technique work for me. Looking forward to trying.
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    It does look rather sweet in an odd sort of way. Stuart
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    A Fortress with roundels, definitely seeing the old year out on a high. Pete
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    Great to see you in with another build Enzo. It'll be interesting seeing your's and Fatfingers' builds of the same kit going together at the same time. Looking very good so far! Kind regards, Stix
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    OK so Whitley loses rudder and flight control due to lost rudder authority Rings base and says "I say base, bit of a problem re: lorst port fin. Any chance of borrowing somebody stooging around, all aimless like who could land on top and give me the use of a rudder and fin? Oh I say, letting us borrow Carstairs for half an hour, thanks awfully. Toodle pip. call you on finals huh" Or dozy Anson driver lands on top of said Whitley as he staggers back from Wilhelmshaven, totally cream crackered Anyway carry on dear chap, we're watching, learning and.. Deciding that is a furrow you can plough for yourself Oh ah along with a few other metallurgists
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    Hi Craig. What a great way to finish 2018! Superb result all round. That really is a fantastic Fortress! Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
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    Hi Jerzy, Woah! A beautifully built biplane, and made by Broplan,no less! As if a vacform kit was not tricky enough, you choose one of these big machines Broplan seems very fond of!!! Congrats for your bravery!!!! And congrats for a fantastic biplane nightmare! JR
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    Like it! Is that guy going to make it?
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    Superb finish, well done.
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    That is now on the sharp end of the flying Blenheim I https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2015-05-20/only-flying-ww2-bristol-blenheim-aircraft-soars-over-duxford/ Trevor
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