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    "To Remember The many" The Tamiya Lancaster 1/48 RFI Good evening fellow Britmodellers, let me present my longest build to date, it’s been Seven long months and a lot of blood sweat and Tears to get this iconic bird over the finish line. If you followed the WIP you’ll be aware of the back story so I won’t re tread old ground. If you’re interested in the WIP you can find it here. I’ll keep this short and sweet and get on with the pictures. I hope you enjoy the shots. I wished I had a brighter day to take them but as autumn looms so does the light. c'est la vie. That’s all folks. I know there’s a lot but I figured I could endulge in this centenary year. I’ll run through what was used. Tamiya Lancaster 1975 1/48 (revised version) BIG ED (Photo etch) interior exterior bomb bay. masks belts etc. Tamiya Acrylic paints. Windsor and Newton oils. Flory washes. Tamiya weathering pigments. jewellers wire. Plasticard and various plastic rod sizes. Haynes manual. The BM hive mind. @isaneng‘s invaluable insight and research pictures of PA474. @corsaircorp‘s Lancaster engine and wing parts that reside in the nacelles. I do hope I have done justice to this wonderful part of our history. The many will never be forgotten. Thank you all for taking time to view this dedication to PA474 and all the brave souls. “The Many” John.
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    I loved building this as part of my model clubs group build: T101 (101 years of Tangmere Airfield). XV408 is currently resident at Tangmere Military Aircraft Museum, which is home to my club: Tangmere Sector Modellers IPMS. It is being lovingly restored to its most famous 'blue' scheme that 92Sqn had done in homage to the blue Hunters that the Squadron used for their display team. This is the Hasegawa 'blue special' kit with Aires resin cockpit, Radar, electronics bay, allycat seamless intakes, scratch built parachute compartment (and other bits). Painted with Vallejo Model Air insignia blue. 101 will be at Scale Model World, so please come and see us.
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    Little Patches B-17G 91st Bomb Group. The name "Little Patches" was acquired after the aircraft's first combat mission with Lt William Major's crew when Frankfurt flak put many splinters through the ship. The damage was primarily cosmetic but the skin required numerous small aluminium patches prompting Lt Major to name the ship. Building the Revell 1/72 B-17G isn't difficult in itself, difficulties start begin when you are trying to use Eduard Biged. I only can say, that the main technology during the build of this model was soldering, not gluing. In addition, the following extras are also was used; - vacform canopies (Pavla models); - decals for "Little Patches" (Microscale); - resin wheels (Eduard). Well and some scratchbuilt parts of course. Some photos during the process. Thank you for looking, any comments are welcome.
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    my first attemp at posting a picture, Been a member for quite awhile, but because i am a ham fisted tecno phob (favorate tool, large hammer) hav'nt been able to work out how to post a picture, so fingers crossed. Like many I suspect I model in isolation, mainly due to workload, I would feel a fraud if I joined a club as I would not be able to commit to contribute much in the way of time to help with shows etc. This forum has provided much inspiration, and I have learnt a great deal from all the contributors, so here go's!! tamiya mustang by peter crossman, on Flickr
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    Built from the amazing Tamiya kit with decals from Fightertown Decals "Tomcats at War part 1 " sheet paints for the main colours were Mr Paint , the exhaust nozzles were from KA Models.
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    Hello All It has been a while since i post here something, so here it is..my recently finished F-84G Thunderjet of the Portuguese Air Force 1953 of the first 25 received via MDAP These Thunderjets formed the 20 squadron ,the first equipped with Jets..and many of them ended their lives fighting in Africa....but thats another story. It´s the Academy 1/72 kit painted with AK´s extreme metal ,used eduard´s photoetch and decals from various sources. Enjoy, regards from Portugal FBorges
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    Morning All, With the release of the new Revell Beaufighter there seems to have been a steady stream of them lately, so as I've not done a RFI in this section I thought I'd join in! This is the classic Tamiya 1/48 kit. No real fit issues apart from ones I created myself, like having the wheel bays closed. Paints are a mix of Vallejo and Tamiya, I scratched up some extra aerials here and there and got some plain while markings for MB T, I don't think it's right but I prefer the look to the yellow or red options. All comments, criticism and advice welcome. I should have said at the beginning that this is my first attempt at a 1/48 model, working on the Tamiya Spitfire mk vb and the Special Hobby Seafire at the moment so it won't be my last. And a couple of edited pics just for fun. Hope you like em. Geoff
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    Here is the Airfix 1/24 Scale Spitfire V, Built OOB, Humbrol Paints. Big of a pig of a kit but got there in the end. Pity the Airfix Roundels were not up to Scratch 586_8698 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8699 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8697 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8696 by Georgeconna, on Flickr
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    Hi Folks, OOB nothing added except filler!! Here is an Italeri F-14 with Iranian Decals, Humbrol Paints and Alclad Mat Varnish. 587_8701 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8700 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8692 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8691 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8689 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 586_8688 by Georgeconna, on Flickr
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    Hiya Folks, Here is my attempt at the new 1/48th scale Revell Beaufighter kit,.... not exactly a shake and bake like the Tamiya kit,.... but to my eye it looks a bit more accurate, especially around the cockpit. For anybody interested, here is my WIP; The model was brush painted using mostly Polly Scale acrylic paints and the decals came from Aviaeology and were excellent to use, as were the highly detailed instructions. The rockets and the box in front of the windscreen which directed air to keep this clear came from Tamiya kit spares, while the strike camera protrusion on the nose was made from drilled out sprue and the antennae on the nose and top of the fuselage are piano wire. For those wondering about the brick red coloured areas, strips of fabric were doped along the wing leading edge fairings to stop screws from shaking loose when the cannons were fired while others were used to cover the cannon ports and the dinghy release hatch too. Here is the model; And,....... Here is the same aircraft depicted later in its service life built in 1/72nd scale using the Airfix kit; Cheers, Tony
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    This very nice model coming from dual combo box (G-2&G-6) from EDUARD... Gustavs in Finland. I'm really enjoy in work. Painting, with pleasure, with Mission Models, used classic technics ...
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    Hi Everyone, Hope you don`t mind me sharing some photo`s of my latest effort My second attempt at Hasegawa`s 1/48 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate kit Finished to represent a `Frank` of the 58th Shimbu-Tai, Kyushu, Japan 1945 Built mostly OOB, with just some brake pipes, seat belts and aerial wires added the decals are a mix of the kits and the tail makings came from the old Tamiya kit I know they didn`t usually have the flaps deployed on the ground......... so imagine that this ones undergoing maintenance Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
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    Hello mates, here a real oldie of mine. The "Erdnagel", Luftwaffe nickname "tent nail" (of Bundeswehr official spares part list for tents) because of its favourite "flight" attitude. I built this kit in 1979 together with the twoseater. German TL Decal lettering aged quite a lot. Microscale decals are perfect as new.... Cheers, Tom
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    What's this? No posts since Saturday? I blame the leaves… damn things keep falling off the trees. I did do some sanding and painting over the past two days but, sadly, only on the house. Bad modeller Thanks Keith, Simon, Martian, Roger, Giorgio and Stuart This is why things are delayed: Flickr Masking mojo is low, but I'll force myself to continue… soon
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    Boom! Thanks @hairystick for the polythene bag advice!
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    Hello, guys Grande Boutique is my second work from the WWI theme. This time I decided to make a background story. The action is located somewhere in France in 1918 ..... Diorama is made on a 20 x 20 cm base, dominated by a weapon store. In this story I played with my imagination, so I made up for a section of the narrow-track railroad with horse racks that were massively used at that time. The truck is RPM's "Mack AC Bulldog", which I've been upgrading with styrene in some places. In the end, the model is of satisfactory quality. The figures I used on the diorama are from the British manufacturer WD models. These figures are of excellent quality and if someone decides to create a WWI theme, I can warmly recommend this company. Prisoners like the horse are from Revell and Airfix. There is also a smaller wooden cottage on the diorama which I have completely made of a veneer thickness of 0.3 mm, subsequently painted with acrylic colors. The wagon and chassis that are in the center of the story are made of self-construction from various remnants of the model, styrene, copper wire, etc. I hope you like work and of course all comments are welcome.
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    It's been a few months since I last posted in this forum. To be honest, I felt a need to "switch it up" and instead work on some non-aircraft subjects: Now it's time to get back to my main love, 1/72 aircraft. I've been inspired by Thorfinn's rendition of Airfix's Ford Trimotor, done up as the aircraft used in Miskatonic University's ill-fated Antarctic expedition, which is described by horror author H.P. Lovecraft in "At The Mountains of Madness". I've been a fan of Lovecraft's fiction since my teen's, so when I saw Greg's Trimotor I knew I had to have one of my own (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). I contacted Greg, and he graciously sent me files for his homemade decals. If you haven't already done so, check out Greg's RFI here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235043782-charter-flight-to-the-mountains-of-madness-airfix-172-ford-trimotor/&tab=comments#comment-3140418 Unfortunately, Greg did not do a WIP, but I found a great one by Chris "bigbadbadge" that I will use as reference: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235040494-ford-trimotor-now-finished/&tab=comments#comment-3079475 Let's get started! The kit I'm using is the venerable Airfix offering in 1/72 scale (boxed here by MPC): I originally planned to use this old Monogram kit: but it isn't as detailed as the Airfix kit and is slightly smaller than 1/72 (closer to 1/77), which wouldn't be a show-stopper but I also managed to find the Airfix kit at a good price on eBay. Even so, I'll probably steal a few items from the Monogram kit, namely the landing gear skis and maybe the dogsled and figures. I'm a sucker for aftermarket, and since the Ford's three engines are its most memorable characteristic, I picked up these to scratch my detail itch: I also hope to build an appropriately Lovecraftian vignette for my display base, based loosely on this painting: And, I'll need plenty of snow & ice... fortunately I found this book and appropriate diorama materials from AK Interactive: To be frank, I've barely opened up the box so far. Instead, I've been experimenting with snow & ice techniques and learning how to build rocky mountain walls. Here are some examples: Finally, a couple more pics for you: I anticipate progress will be slow on this build. There are challenges with this old Airfix kit, my aspirations for the diorama base will stretch my abilities, and I have a couple of business trips coming up. But with a little luck, I should have something tangible to show in the near future. Stay tuned!
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    Well. Finished one of my Aurora kit restorations. This one is the 1/72nd Cessna 337 as a Canadian Coast Guard operated example. Decals by JBOT. The boom stripes, de icer boots and flap, aileron elevator 'hinge lines' are all from my stock of decal stripes. The red paint is Humbrol Crimson with a dash of red t match the deep red of the stripe decals. Not a lot of wrok involved in doing this rebuild, just Mr Muscle oven cleaner for paint stripping a little repair and rebuild. First a couple images of the rebuild in progress... And the finished article.... The fine black lines to the control surfaces are to depict the hinge points as the kit recessed lines were very feint and lost under the pain. With the help of my Airfix O-2 and 1/72nd scale planes direct from Cessna many years ago that I found in my acive of 'stuff' I was able to place te decals reasonably accurately. Could do a bit more though. Also, some detail refinements could or should have been added like the exhausts and vents around the lower engine areas etc. But As I often say, less is more ! PLus a little teaser for another Cessna dusted down to be finished.... Monogram 1/41st scale Cessna Model 180, Done the pilot chappie but more on this to come when completed........
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    Hi, This is the 1:35 model, the Panzer VI Tiger ausf E early version. This is an Academy kit no. 1348. I based on the real one S13 unit which photo I added as first. Traditionally I made it as movable model (the film how can it ride is at the bottom). Additional parts are the Friulmodel tracks and small accessories. added bearings to the wheels
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    I wish I can take credit for this but I can't. This exceptional piece of fully scratch built replica of Donald Campbell test run Blue Bird at RAF Tangmere is done by master modeller Phil Cowley. Phil is a member of our model club: Tangmere Sector Modellers IPMS. He built this as part of our group build T101 (101 years of Tangmere Airfield). And what a subject to choose. He uses plans and research to create a balsa wood replica and then with the dark art of vacu-forming creates the model. Everything is moulded and scratch built. (Phil doesn't do social media or forums, but this is worthy of posting here). My only claim to this is reconfiguring a die cast Mk1 Land rover, adding some scratch and repainting it to depict the support vehicle used during the test. T 101 will be at SMW this year so please come and see it.
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    Well, I've beaten another one into submission, this time Italeri's 1/72 Warthog, Kit No. 1376. I've been fancying a Hog for a while, it's the baddest looking thing in the air, so nasty it makes a Lancaster look like VIckers Viscount. As usual, my dedication to scale, accuracy and detail is spot-on completely absent but what I lack in skill, I make up for in incompetence. The camo was brushed on freehand, attempting to follow the pattern (Pattern? You mean it's not just random splotches?) but inevitably it's slightly inaccurate quite a bit off not even close but it looks like camo so that's as far as I go. I don't bother with the add-on photo-etch detail stuff in the theory that you don't try to gold plate a Timex but I do try to get it as neat as I can with what the box provides. I think this is my best office so far. Colours are all wrong but to the untrained eye... Well, the missus has no problem with it! Yes, I know the canopy frame is supposed to be camo but I think the gloss black looks badder... Here at the Shepherds Bush Air force we're a bit casual about such things. I even got brave enough to paint a couple of little boxes inside that mysterious door under the cockpit. This may all seem simple stuff to you pros but bear in mind I still dislocate my arm patting myself on the back when I can pull off making a set of safety belts out of tape. I love a shark mouth on an American jet... ...but the next Hog has to have a Hog mouth! But this particular plane.... This specific Warthog... Is the aircraft that won... .... The Battle of Chiswick! Things were not looking good in West London. The Yuppie Barbarians from Richmond were marching on Shepherds Bush in an attempt to take Westfield Mall. The terrifying charge of the Yuppie Cavalry They'd been softening us up with wave after wave of Range Rover heavy bombers launched out of their base in Twickenham, raining rugby balls down on us and burying Goldhawk Road under a sea of leather and rubber. The QPR Anti-Aircraft unit in South Africa Stadium countered with their Gatling Frankfurter Guns, capable of firing 4300 hot dogs a minute (or 5600 of the smaller New York System Hot Weiners) but the Rovers were fitted with highly efficient stealth technology and the Rear-Mounted Jones-Gascoigne Countermeasures Package so hardly any were hit. A formation of 21 Stealth Range Rovers swoops low over Goldhawk Road station The Jones-Gascoigne Countermeasures Package in action After the Range Rover attack, the Yuppies' allies in Acton sent supersonic BMW Minicabs to strafe us with Pete Townshend's guitar picks. Squadron Leader A.C. Plonk, C/O of 6 7/8 Squadron based on Shepherds Bush Green, sent our Black Cab Interceptors to engage but, despite their superior navigational systems, tighter turn radius and advanced sarcasm, they were unable to bring down the swifter Beemers till the damage had already been done. After the guitar pick attack, the burnt out wreckage of a Shepherds Bush F35 smoulders next to a collapsed hangar. Our market stalls were in ruins, our Reliant Robins were destroyed and 6 7/8 Squadron was down to its last two Chipmunks and a Tiger Moth but the Yuppies in their Prius tanks kept rolling inexorably East up the A316. If they took the Premier Inn at the Chiswick Roundabout all would be lost. We had asked for help from our northern allies in Enfield but ever since the Great Football War of North London when Enfield sided with Highbury, Tottenham has denied them use of airspace and their Royal Enfield Fast Attack Jets, even with BSA drop tanks, lacked the range to make the detour round the M25. There was only one thing left to do... Call in the Americans. Fortunately there was an American air base on Wormwood Scrubs under the command of Lt. Col. C. Harrison Yeager, grandson of the famous............. Chester H. Yeager of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, managing editor of the Providence Journal from 1956 till 1971. Lt. Col. C. Harrison Yeager at the controls of his A10 As soon as Squadron Leader Plonk called him, Colonel Yeager, in typically generous American fashion, leapt at the opportunity to help a friend in need. He ordered his A10 loaded with maximum firepower. He ignored subtlety, bypassed overkill and went straight to "When-I'm-done-wiv-you-I'm-comin'-after-yer-family". He led the attack himself, the subwoofer thunder of his two Harley-Davidson V-Twins rattling the windows of the BBC building and aimed his trusty Warthog westward. On his first pass he dropped four 300lb Strip Club Doorman MkIV H.E. Bombs (with acoustic guidance) and on the second he released four GTGs (cluster bomb canisters of giggling teenage girls... dumb bombs, of course) but to no avail, the tanks kept silently (Prius, remember?) rolling. Acoustically-Guided 300lb SCD MkIV GTG Cluster Bomb (With iPhone Guidance System) It was then he decided to deploy his most feared weapon, the Armitage-Shanks Kitchen Sink MkII (Series 3). It had never before been used in battle, the designers were still unsure of its full capabilities and the UN didn't even know if it was legal. An A-S KS MkII (Series 3) hangs on Harry Yeager's wing next to a pair of Sidewinders But the effect was immediate. The specially modified taps created an EMP that knocked out the tanks' engines, the contents of the U-bend dissolved the Yuppies' Rolexes and the porcelain shrapnel ripped their Yves St. Laurent uniforms to shreds. The Yuppies immediately panicked and fled back to the desolate badlands south of the river. They haven't been seen east of Twickenham since but have made a couple of forays to their north, at one point briefly occupying the Airport Bowl in Hounslow but their morale was still in such tatters from their humiliation in Chiswick they were driven out by a boy scout (second class) wielding a pen-knife with two blades, a corkscrew and a thing for taking stones out of horses' hooves. Eric Drimble (13) of Hounslow flashes a victory sign after liberating the Airport Bowl For his bravery and leadership, Colonel Yeager was awarded the MG and bar (a 1973 Spridget and the Conningham Arms on Uxbridge Road, to be precise) and The Queen, in an unprecedented act, made him the Earl of Hammersmith and awarded him an OBE, making him the first American Earlobe in Britain. Harry Yeager Receives Honours From Queen And a final picture of Harry's plane with the soft filter... If it can make William Shatner handsome.... The above nonsense was born when the missus looked at the box art. "What's all that stuff under the wings?" she said. "Weapons," I said, "Those are air-to-air missiles, the brown ones are gravity bombs, the green ones are smart bombs and the big white things are air-to-ground missiles. And the black thing sticking out of the nose is a gun that will shred a forest." "Oh." she said, "Everything but the kitchen sink, eh?"
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    I'd like to say I'm back....but I have the feeling I'm just making a guest appearance..... Zvezda 737-800 kit finished with 8aDecs decals : Standard 4 x4 walkaround : ...and here it is with the original : I think AA have done a pretty good job with the new markings Thanks for looking - Mike
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    Hi everyone, thought I'd post my latest build. I really enjoy Wingnut Wings kits. Love to take my time and be methodical. There's a few mistakes, as normal. I was thinking for ages how to do the 'bullet' rigging, ended up doing it too low. It wasn't easy. I am quite happy overall but think next year I really have to think about getting an airbrush. The whole aircraft is slightly lopsided as well, which I've put down to a rough landing. My favourite part was the whicker chair, it's great to experiment with various colours. Also I think the propeller was my best wood effect so far, the wood inside the cockpit looked ok too but it's nearly invisible. Apologies for the photos, I can't seem to take a good one, never really tried before and didn't realise there was a knack to it. All the best, Martin
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    autumn I love having autumn Leaves, mist, hiding the barbecue in the garage Trying out one's new winter jacket Nipping home from the pub and smelling the decaying scent of autumn bonfires Nipping back to the pub next day then nipping home agai... Ah heck, I like autumn So There's a model? Oops...
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    I managed to squeeze in a little more Sunday evening and a bit more tonight so a quick update. That's the idea Simon. For sharpness at this scale I couldn't contemplate getting the same results from plastic... I feel like I've just tuned into a late night heavy-metal station powering out of Belgium CC! Do you have a husky voice by any chance...? Most gracious hendacious one. Bill & Keith: please gents - no unwarranted immersion of noggins into said steaming vats! You are both correct of course in terms of the visual; however, from tests I found that playing about with thinner than 0.4mm starts to play into the hands of the gods regarding a) sagginess of the cage-like structure involved, and more importantly perhaps b) having enough bond strength on the various soldered junctions, due to the very small surface area at the tips of 0.3mm tube. (The alternative is to have unpleasingly large blobs of solder there which brings us back full circle to visual disruption...) I've worked-out a compromise structure using 0.4mm for strength on the main load-bearing runs top and bottom, with 0.3mm for the internal triangular bracing and cross sections on the engine bearers. In this way it should yield maximum strength with a minimum of visual incongruity. Thanks Roger. Now that I've got my teeth into it so-to-speak, it seems less daunting than considered in the abstract.... Sounds like a macabre version of 'It's a Knockout!' Ian..... We are but men Giorgio, and subject to the winds of fancy..... Sincere aplologies esteemed xenomorph. Well am I chastized for such unwarranted vandalism of the Martian chariot... Great stuff isn't it Chris? I'm still getting used to using so much less solder than previously and being able to poke it right into the join with a fine tip. Marvellous! A source of chagrin, dismay and dolour Bill but I shall definitely be absent from the throng, for the aforementioned reasons. Now if I can just get the eldest through his driving test by this time next year then it occurs to me I may get chauffered over next time! I'm tempted to lie outrageously Ced and say that it's a lump of amerbgris that I found whilst walking on the shore outside my beachfront house in the Maldives with Helena Bonham Carter in the dusk. Sadly however, it's just a lump of old stained White-Tak that I use to bung things onto for painting or soldering.... Here we are then: Using the etch bender to get the tubing to conform to the plan-silhouette for the top run of the engine-bearer. Held in the vice for soldering and the tubing secured at the right angle with ambergris White-tak: A dab with the hot pointy thing and that's the top tun in place: Side view: The final precise bend to all these parts will get done at the end when the mounting collar goes on last: Same deal with the bottom runs added now this evening: This time around I worked out that it was easier to bend the tubing to the approximate angle after soldering them on, rather than struggling to hold oddly-angled parts together beforehand: The lower runs will probably need trimming after a final bend inwards but again, easier to do it in situ than guess beforehand and hope. I am, it seems, learning. I do hope your respective weeks are going ok for you. Hard to believe that this is the middle of October already! Tony
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    Hi all thought I would post another of my do 217 family. This time it's a j-2 formally of njg. 4 which was transferred to the Regia Aeronautica in Feb 1943. Model details Italeri kit Aims engine fronts & spinners True details wheels Stretched sprue radar & radio aireals Scratch build cockpit, top turret & modified vertical tails Aries mgs Paints xtracolor rlm 74,75,76 Thanks for looking, comments are welcomed. Nick
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    BE CAREFUL IF SHOPPING IN ASDA OR TESCO'S Over the last month I have become a victim of a clever Eastern European scam while out shopping. Simply dropping into Asda for a bit of shopping turned out to be quite an experience. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you or your friends.... Here's how the scam works: ...Two seriously good-looking voluptuous 20-21 year-old girls come over to your car as you are packing your shopping into the boot. They both start cleaning your windscreen, their breasts almost falling out of their skimpy T-shirts. When you thank them and offer them a tip, they'll say 'No' and instead ask you for a lift to the town centre. You agree and they both get in the back seat. On the way, they start undressing, until both are completely naked. Then, when you pull over to remonstrate, one of them climbs over into the front seat and starts crawling all over your lap, kissing you, touching you, and thrusting herself against you, while the other one steals your wallet! I had my wallet stolen September 4th, 9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, 17th, 20th, 24th and 29th. On October 1st, 4th, 6th, 10th, and twice yesterday. So please warn all the men you know to be on the lookout for this scam. The best times seem to be just before lunch, and about 4:30 in the afternoon. P.S. Sainsburys have cheap wallets on sale for £1.45 each but Asda wallets are £2.25 and look better
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    Another piece of deck furniture sorted. Hatches when open latch back against stanchions Next up down the lobby to PO and seamans mess plus magazine. A bit of a problem installing this one as it's 80mm back from the nearest opening so ... Socket so push stick can be removed after fixing and just to prove its there inclined ladder yet to be added On to the aft fuel tanks Ladder just visible Next up the engine room Thanks for stopping by Kev
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    Thanks again! It has been a very long road to get this far. Tweener, I don't recommend Zvezda 1/144 kits unless you have a special interest in the particular subject. They are among he very worst in the scale. I would suggest Sweet or Platz kits for a much better experience. Or the huge F-toys range of aircraft and armour. Those guys have done all the heavy lifting in 1/144 over the last ten years. Here's some more on the Battle, which almost brings things up to speed. The next part was the glazing. These were first given temporary frames with strips of tape that I cut using my calipers as a straight edge, setting them at .28mm for each strip. The actual framework was laid out, then the remaining glass areas masked with squares and rectangles of tape. Again using the calipers to ensure accuracy. I think in all I probably spent three hours on it but it was time well spent. You can see a shot of the completed mask below. And a shot of the temporary reverse-masked frames being removed this morning prior to painting: Like the windscreen, I gave the glazing a light coat of RAF interior green followed by a similarly light coat of black. After that it was the top coat of Dark Earth and Dark Green. In future I might do another middle layer of silver. We'll see.. Decals for 1/144 are very hard to come by, so I had to mask and spray the fin flashes too. After that I remasked the cockpit and glazing to give the airframe a coat of clear matt. I used Mr Color lacquer for this with two drops of off-white. Results are below. While taking the photos I couldn't help but notice that when at rest, the Fairey Battle looks just as much at home lying on its belly as it does when sitting on its undercarriage!
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    Matchbox and Italeri - 1\72, models built a few years ago.
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    Afternoon Chaps First time I saw a H2R i thought, that is the evilest looking bike I have ever seen... As soon as Tamiya announced they were releasing one, It was over the moon and I had to have one... (ok, its now three, but who's counting ) I've actually been building this over the last couple of months, so this is sort of a catch up post This is a monster of a kit! It is extremely well detailed, goes together like a dream. The original comes in a polished chrome black finish, which to be honest I don't like and more than likely, a finish like that I would stuff up and it would go back in the box. Okay then, first off while you are sitting having a coffee, drill out the disc brakes. (you will notice all the parts are primed on the runners, just the way I do it) Once that was out of the way time to start building. Frame and engine together I know it doesn't look like it from my photos, but I have used 5 types of black on the engine & frame for a bit of variety, Gloss, Matt, Semi Gloss, Rubber and Nato Black. Frame has been done in Tamiya TS 94 Metallic Grey, covered with Semi Gloss Clear. Next up, rear wheel on and exhaust getting test fitted I also added a couple of tensioners to the exhaust for giggles And that is basically where things came to a heaching scralt in the works because I was waiting for this to arrive... So things were quiet for about two months until the decals arrived.... Now, decals are not my strong point, and I didn't really quite realise what I was getting into here... The whole cowling, air intake and intake pipe to the super charger are CF decals, with 48 decals going on the cowling alone... Once that was done I took a bit of a breather. I wasn't 100% sure on the colour I wanted to do, because i didn't think it would suit the bike, but in reality it could really be only one colour... And all together... The day finally arrived where I had to put my big boy pants on, and start on the cowling. I took it slow and steady, no rush at all and it eventually took 3 weeks of decalling... I made a boob on the right wing, but managed to fix it and everything has been coated in 2 coats of Tamiya Clear. And this is where I am at the moment. I fitted the cowling just to see what it looks like, and noticed that you don't need to do the CF decals inside the cowling because you cant see them, just the ones underneath the windscreen surround. Be very careful when decaling the wings on the side fairing, they are extremely fragile. The little metal Yamaha badge on the front didn't want to stick either so I just used a dab of clear to stick it down and hope the clear varnish holds it Still a bit to go, but on we plod
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    Time to post some images of my first ever Tamiya kit, as my usual diet consists of Czech short run kits or conversions of bombers into something more civil. I used an Eduard Zoom set for the interior and a CMK set for the dropped flaps. The kit decals are nice, but as I wanted to depict a late war F4U-1D from the USS Cape Gloucester, I used a sheet from Barracudacals. I hope you like it. Peter
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    Hi all, Thought I'd share my recently completed model. First time trying out mottling and boy its a challenge. I used a variety of Gunze and Tamiya paints. I chose to paint the blue band instead of using the decal so I could have a bit of a fade effect on it. I really love the simplicity of Tamyia kits and the detail. I think their new pilot figures look really neat too. I can't wait for more BF109 variants. Hope you like the pics!
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    I seem to be having trouble getting further photos in to the post but I'll keep trying. Chris IMG_0484 by shipbuilder2012, on Flickr IMG_0485 by shipbuilder2012, on Flickr IMG_0477 by shipbuilder2012, on Flickr IMG_0478 by shipbuilder2012, on Flickr IMG_0493 by shipbuilder2012, on Flickr IMG_0495 by shipbuilder2012, on Flickr
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    Thanks @giemme, and @CedB, full speed, well nearly, and seamless, nearly. A couple of bits to address there. Update. Engine done and fitted. Cowling on. And there she is. Just the exhausts, canopy and other small bits to fit. Next up, a little remedial work on the underside, then ready for priming, I think. All comments welcome. Simon.
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    Primed, polished and ready for a coat of paint:
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    A small update - but big step forward. The Hawk is now in it's basic colours of Orange over White. I've done the 'on screen' version and gone with white anti-glare panels on the beak/cockpit. The White is Halfords white primer buffed up and the Orange is Humbrol 46. Next I need to do the detail painting and picking out some of the grey panels and the gun pod nose cones and panel lines, etc. I also need to install and paint the RCS thrusters. Karl
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    Are you talking to me? Here's my latest off the workbench - it took a little more than 9 months in the making, mostly because I'm slow. A short summary of the project first KIT: Italeri 1:72 A-10A/C Thunderbolt II N.1376 AIRFRAME: Fairchild Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II 79-0196, 23rd TFW, 74th TFS Flying Tigers, while stationed at King Fahd Air Base in 1991, during Operation Desert Storm MARKINGS: kit decals, except for the blue fin edges. These were airbrushed, while the white lightnings with the squadron number were cut off the original decals. The Italeri proposed marking scheme isn’t entirely accurate, as it’s a mix up of two different airplanes. I had to adapt some of the kit decals to reproduce the correct serial numbers, use kill marks and crew names plate from a different scheme of the same sheet and just skip some of the decals/stencils which didn’t look to be there on the real AC PAINTS: mainly Lifecolor acrylics, airbrushed, with the addition of Model Master Metallizer Titanium and AK Interactive Extreme Metal Steel for the air refuelling receptacle and other metallic bits, such as the exhaust nozzles. WEATHERING: mostly with tempera washes, various hues. Some dot filtering with oil in selected areas Aftermarkets: - Aires resin/PE cockpit set - Quickboost air intakes (designed for the HASEGAWA kit, but they fit just good on this one too) - Master Gatling GAU-8 cannon and Pitot tube Scratchbuilding: - Nose and tail bulged antennae, using plunge moulded styrene - PAVE PENNY POD clear head and internal details, using clear PET, brass pipe and thin styrene bits - brake lines and cables on all the gear struts and inside the wheel wells, using various copper and solder wires - Ailerons/airbrakes inner details, using alu tape and copper wires Here's the WIP thread, in case you're interested in: Many thanks to everybody who followed the build, with lots of useful tips, insights and pointers; this aircraft is a type my friend and fellow BMer @Gene K flew in the second part of his career (he may have probably flown this specific airplane at some point), so this build is inspired by him - I hope I made it justice, despite of my inclination to weathering ... Enough blah-blah, here are the pics (I keep struggling in search of a decent setup for my RFI pics, so apologies for not being the best quality): This shot of the underside is an in-progress, RBF tags missing All comments welcome Ciao
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    My final submission to this very inspiring Group Build, at least for me. I now have Spitfires on the brain! Many thanks to Giorgio for all of his incredible knowledge and support and patience. I present the Sword 1/72nd Spitfire Mk.XVIe, 5503, Air Operations School, SAAF, Langebaanweg, 1951. All the paints are Vallejo or Vallejo Air and the kit right out of the box except for the blue and white roundels which were taken from the Pheon 'Pup's in France' sheet. You can read about my errors in the WiP thread. Actually, I think they look a little better than those supplied by Sword. In any case, those Springboks look awfully nice and they are leaping in the correct direction on all fronts! I will continue my 'Spitfire A-Go-Go' in other WiP threads, but alas, not here. I have really loved being here in this GB and will bow out of all the GB threads until December when the Maritime GB begins. I will, however, be building at my usual pace and try to give a good WiP for you all to see, criticize, scorn or otherwise enjoy! Here's my Little Shark, or as they say in Afrikaans, 'Klein Haai'... Thanks everyone! See you around the forum...meet most of you in December for the Maritime Patrol event! --John
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    Well ,that's me back with Ark Royal ,started to paint the aircraft.Couple of photo,s
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    Percival Vega Gull (civil registration), DW48015 Artwork by Elena Stanilevich. image host
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    G'day people, I was originally intending on building a Grumman Tracker but as I already have one of those underway, I have chosen to build this instead, Confession time, I had already started this kit before I realised that there was a Grumman GB organised, however I believe that I satisfy the <25% completed criteria as I have mainly been preparing the fuselage for the addition of resin and PE details, I have not decided on a scheme yet, or even a timeframe as the platform has undergone significant upgrades throughout its career. The Kinetic kit provides several options but OOB the instrument panel is for an ICAP III/Block 89, if I you want to do an early scheme and/or backdate to EXCAP/ICAP I or Block 82 you will need to do some research to determine which details to omit or add. The instructions do provide some help but I do not trust them to get it right. I believe that the Italeri kit is basically the same plastic re-boxed but I would be interested to hear if there are anydifferences Anyhoo, roll on the start of the build! cheers, Pappy
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    Mosquito PR.IV - 540 squadron, painting Xtracolor PRU Blue, finish - Tamiya LP23 plus some X21 matt base Added Eduard PE, resin wheelwells, vacu canopy from Taurus, some scratch with undercarriage, lenses, fuselage window, antenas etc. I invite you for photos Regards Jurek
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    obviously nobody really can.... yeah,, the color photo is a bit suspect, if it is really an original color and was not coloured later,.... still many variations possible... maybe the light one was more earth and less sand.... I will nor repaint as of now, as I have to apply decals tonight... with some panels opened as promised
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    This "Klein Haai" is finished...the rest are in the gallery... And this is next! Completely OOB. I am not sure of accuracy, but the detail looks good at first blush.
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    OK. I’ve tried 0.2mm, and I don’t think I’ll bother with 0.1mm for 1/350, because this looks pretty decent. This is how you do it. Get 4 equal lengths of wire and, as Bill says, anchor the 4 close together in your vise (or something similar). The divide them into 2 pairs (Swann Morton blade for scale); Then take one of the outer lines and pass it under the 2 inners, up between inner & outer, before passing back to inside on its original side. Then do the same on the other side... and keep going; after 4 goes, each wire will have been used once. Gradually, your sennit will emerge. Here it is alongside a length of PE cable from the kit: ...and here with the same PE, but after twisting to stop the PE looking [being!] completely flat: This illustrates the issue with PE; if you don’t twist it, it looks wrong because it’s flat... but there isn’t any overlap between links, so when twisted it looks “gappy”. The sennit is really hard to photograph at this size - though once painted and dry brushed etc., it’ll look good. But to help you get the idea, here it is alongside yesterday’s test run (which I think is probably 0.5mm rather than 0.4mm): Finally, here it is laid across Dido’s fo’c’s’le: As I say, it’s very hard to photograph; at these extreme close-ups, it looks OK, but clearly a sennit - but to the naked eye, even from a foot away, it looks amazing. Top marks to Mr. Griffith! More tomorrow Crisp
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    This is the Academy 1/72 Hawker Tempest with Master gun barrels, PE stiffener plates around the rear fuselage and after market decals painted with Mission Models acrylics. The V1 is from Modelcollect, painted with Mr Color lacquers and the base is from Coastal Kits. He's not really flying that low, it's foreshortening from the telephoto lens of the chase plane causing an optical illusion It's a bit of a difficult subject to photograph so my apologies for the photos. Duncan B
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    Hiya Folks, Well I`ve added the antenna on the side of the nose and the large whip antenna on the top of the fuselage,....... stick the last bits on,.... and it is finished!!!! It has been a bit of a trial at times but it looks every inch a Beaufighter and dare I say,.... more accurate than the Tamiya kit, especially around the cockpit; I`ll stick a RFI on later,.... cheers for the encouragement along the way everybody, Cheers Tony
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    More Battle bothering. I couldn't find a source of the 63 inch Type B roundels in 1/144, so I had to look at either painting them myself or putting the thing back in its box. A couple of hours online taught me a few things on the sizes and proportions of the markings, plus the recipe to mix the colours. I didn't have the required paints, however a chance errand at work took me past a local hobby shop and I was able to duck inside and grab what I needed. I began making the masks. The outer circle was OK, as I could use an Olfa cutter to do it. However the red circle was only 4.44mm in diameter and way beyond its capabilities. Instead I made a rough and ready circle cutter by superglueing my sharpened scribing tool to a broken piece of scalpel blade, with a .85mm spacer in between. A couple of practice shots and this seemed to work very well. Below is a picture of the masks. I did the outer circle first. Then located the improvised circle cutter into the same hole and spun the smaller disk. I also cut some plain disks and I used these first to get the location of the roundels. Then the body of the tape was placed around them to create the initial mask so the center bits could be safely removed. I prepared a very thin mix of Tamiya primer and misted this over the area to create a neutral background. Then thanks to various internet oracles (mostly here on Britmodeller), I was able to mix 75%/25% Tamiya XF-8 and XF-1 to make the blue. Taking time between passes, this was sprayed over each roundel mask. As always trying not to spray into the corners so as to avoid a visible lip of paint. All this was being done on the balcony while it was blowing a Hawker Tempest outside. Hot tip: To avoid having my plastic paint mixing pots blowing away, I blu tacked a 20c piece to the bottom of each and they remained upright and where I left them. Mrs P expressed some scepticism over my mental heath, but I pressed on regardless. The blue was pretty quick to dry, so I then got the donut bits of the mask and covered the blue with these and sealed the outer edges with some scraps of tape. The red is 75%/25% XF-7 and XF-64. Back inside again, I grabbed a scalpel and tweezers and nervously began to take the tape off... Phew! There's one pesky mote of dust that landed on the red, but I won't take that off until the paint has had a chance to harden. I have to say though, that was pretty encouraging. I also added the fuselage roundels from an MYK sheet, but ran into problems there. The removable backing sheet on the decal sticks like brown to a blanket on the acrylic paint and rips up some of the surface, actually delaminating the thickness of paint if it can't pull it off the primer. I'll have to do a little touching up later but hopefully it will be okay. This is the third time this has happened, so I'll be sure to add a protective coat of clear lacquer first before using acrylics and MYK again.
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