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    Hi all, here some photos of my latest model: Edurad`s P-39 "Bella" wich was released some weeks ago. It is a nice "Profipack", so I built it OOB
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    I have always liked the Defiant and had started this Airfix 1/72 Defiant Mk I and then put it back in the box. Well, now its finished! I added Eduard Zoom to the interior, Quickboost gun barrels, exhaust and pitot/antenna masts. Aires resin for ventral ID light. Clear sprue for wingtip lights and last but not least the excellent Barracuda wheelset. Antenna was rigged with Uschi Superfine thread and model was painted with MRP paints. Weathering was kept to a bare minimum as these were not in the fight for long and my photos suggested little weathering. Markings are from Extradecal and depict a aircraft from 264 Squadron. Great kit with excellent fit!
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    When choosing a subject for the Classic Airfix Group Build, I wanted something a little unusual and outside my normal fighter/bomber related build themes. Looking over Airfix's extensive back catalogue of kits a couple of 'different' aircraft sprang to mind - the Short Skyvan of 1974 and the DHC Beaver first kitted way back in 1971. The Skyvan proved to be an elusive kit to find (since addressed), however the Beaver happened to fall into my hands at a local swap meet I attended about two weeks before this GB started. So finally, here is my completed and slightly modified Beaver kit. It took me longer than planned and there are some bits that I'm not exactly happy with, however it's another finished kit thanks to BM's fantastic Group Build programme and the many supporting members that take part. Now for those of you that have not participated in a BM GB as yet, I cannot encourage you all enough to just have a go and get involved. I'm one of those procrastinating modellers that really struggled to get any kit finished, however can now boast six completed kits this year and hopefully another two to go before this year is out. Anyway, here is a link to the full WIP thread and a few progress and final photos added for your viewing below. Cheers and thanks.. Dave (p.s - aren't we glad that this ugly 'Standing Roo' roundel was soon replaced with the more familiar hopping Roo!!). .... and the real A95-201.
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    Hi folks, this is my recent build of the Airfix kit updated to a 404.sq (RCAF) machine as operated in the summer 1944 using Aviaeology gorgeous decal sheet. We have a new book on this hard-hitting twin coming soon, see HERE. Cheers Libor
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    Dear fellow Britmodellers, may I present my latest work, AZ Model's Bf-109 K4, built with addition of Brengun photo etch and Master Model pitot tube. Decals from the box, representing an aircraft of 9./JG53, based in Reichenbach/Saxony, in May 1945. I painted according to kit instructions, using Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel (of IGM Cars & Bikes). The AZ Model Bf-109s have received some criticism regarding the shape of the nose. In case you are interested, please have a look here: I built without modifications, and in my humble opinion, the kit does look like a Bf-109. Here's the only orginal photograph of "White 16" that I found: Wing colors are speculative as they are missing on the original picture. I followed AZ Model's instructions and painted the upper sides RLM 75/83 and the lower sides natural metal. This is a scheme common to JG53 aircraft of that period. The cockpit section was painted RLM66. Fuel lines from stretched sprue added to the starboard console. All photo-etch pieces from brengun. The spinner spiral is not included on the kit's decal sheet. I bough an aftermarket add-on from AZ Model, containing various styles of spirals. It's a challenge to get them to conform to the curvature of the spinner. Brengun photo-etch flaps add a little realism to small scale, as does the photo-etch DF loop and morane mast. For weathering, I used Winsor & Newton artist oils. Thanks for your interest, best greetings from Vienna!
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    Finally I can post this build. The Eduard Ltd Edition Harrier GR 7 using the Hasegawa moulds and a spot of Eduard magic makes this kit one of my all time favourites: and I am honoured the build made it into November's issue of Airfix Model World. Here are a few more pics that didn't make it into the publication..
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    This was a fabulous kit to make, all the parts fitted really well and with good instructions, as well as a nice array of stores. My first 1/48 kit. I think I left the wing strakes a bit too long, and I haven't got the skill to fashion the three tiny canopy mirrors, plus she's a bit too satin not matt, but I hope she captures the essence of a Jag from the days when it was so much fun to hang out at the end of Coltishall's runway, or see them screaming low over Norfolk! All comments welcome ...
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    In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue....! These little ditties were drummed into us at school and it worked! I decided to take on the Santa Maria to make sure we had a kit in the GB from 1954. The kit went together very well and I added in standing and running rigging to hopefully enhance the model. If I had more time, I would have a go at creating a small 'seascape' for the hull to sit in, like the very first tooling of this kit. The rudder is an omission from the kit so I added one in but the hull is very well detailed and the masts a solid fit. I enjoyed building it and the build thread is here. Thanks again to all you BM Modellers who checked in and provided tips and encouragement during the build - made it an absolute pleasure.
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    This is my Spitfire Vb built from the Hobbyboss kit, I know many complain about it for a few reasons, but to me it looks like a Spitfire...…...and that's good enough for me lol! Its was built out of the box and MRP paints were used. Hope you like it, but here is a bit about the man in the machine first. Squadron Leader 'Buck' Casson, who has died aged 88, escaped from France in May 1940 to fly Spitfires over south-eastern England during the Battle of Britain; later he was a flight commander in Wing Commander Douglas Bader's "Tangmere Wing" before being shot down over northern France in August 1941. Casson was one of the original three trainee pilots to join the newly formed 616 (South Yorkshire) Auxiliary Air Force Squadron at Doncaster in early 1939. Training at weekends and during the annual summer camps, he qualified as a pilot in early 1940 before being sent to France as a reinforcement to 501 Squadron. But, before he could join them, the train on which he was travelling was bombed outside Amiens and he lost all his belongings. Casson managed to escape by boat back to England from Cherbourg. After a brief spell flying Hurricanes with 79 Squadron at Biggin Hill, he rejoined 616 at Leconfield, Yorkshire, just as the Battle of Britain gathered momentum. At lunchtime on August 15, the fighter squadrons based in north-east England were scrambled to face the Luftwaffe's most concentrated attack against industrial targets in Scotland and the north of England. Casson flew one of the 12 Spitfires which met the enemy as they crossed the Yorkshire coast. Within minutes, 616 Squadron had accounted for six of the unescorted bombers, with similar results achieved by other northern-based squadrons. A few days later, 616 flew south to Kenley where the squadron was involved in some of the fiercest fighting of the battle as part of Air Vice-Marshal Keith Park's No 11 Group. Once 616 became fully operational again in early 1941, it was transferred and came under the command of the new Wing Leader, the legless pilot Douglas Bader, at Tangmere. The squadron boasted a glittering array of outstanding pilots, including "Johnnie" Johnson and "Cocky" Dundas. With his steadying and mature influence, allied to the experience gained during the hectic summer days of 1940, Casson became a section leader. On May 5, he shared in the destruction of a Junkers 88, but was hit by return fire, and was forced to bale out over Chichester harbour. On August 9, the "Bader" Wing took off for another sweep over France. During a hectic fight in which German fighters surprised them from above, Bader was shot down, and the Wing was forced to scatter. Casson had accounted for an Me 109 when he went to the aid of a lone Spitfire, but before he could join up he was engaged by a German fighter. Cannon shells damaged his aircraft's engine, forcing him to crash near St Omer, where he was captured. Shortly after his arrival at Stalag Luft III at Sagan, it was announced that Casson had been awarded the DFC. (The Telegraph)
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    This is my Spitfire Vb built from the Hobbyboss kit, I know many complain about it for a few reasons, but to me it looks like a Spitfire...…...and that's good enough for me lol! Its was built out of the box and MRP paints were used. Hope you like it, but here is a bit about the man in the machine first. The son of Polish-born Swiss parents, Zumbach was registered as a Swiss citizen and hid his nationality in order to join the Polish army in 1934. He served as an infantryman until 1936 when he transferred to the Polish Air Force. After graduating from flying training in 1938 he was posted to 111 Eskadra Mysliwska. Zumbach did not fly during the German invasion of Poland due to a broken leg as a result of a flying accident during the summer of 1939. He returned to his unit only to be evacuated to France via Romania. While in France, Zumbach flew the Morane 406 and Curtiss Hawk 75 with GCII/55. On 10 June, he was one of several pilots shot down by Bf 109s, but escaped unscathed. On 18 June 1940, he traveled to England by boat and on 2 August was posted as one of the founding members of the newly formed No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron. During the Battle of Britain, Zumbach scored eight confirmed kills and one probable, mostly against Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters. Zumbach was shot down by a JG 3 Bf 109 over Dover on 9 May 1941 when returning from a mission, but he was able to bail out unharmed. Zumbach became one of the first Allied pilots to engage in combat with the German Focke-Wulf Fw 190 when he damaged, and in return, his aircraft was damaged by a "single radial-engined fighter" on 13 October 1941. In December 1941, Zumbach was posted to 58 OTU, and in March 1942 returned to 303 Sqn as a flight commander. In May, he was promoted to Squadron Leader and took command of the squadron, a post Zumbach held from 19 May 1942 until 30 November 1943 During this period, Zumbach flew three Supermarine Spitfire VBs, carrying the serial numbers BM144, EP594 and EN951. All these aircraft carried the same code, RF-D, ("RF" being the squadron code for 303 Sqn) and "D" being the individual aircraft code. All three aircraft carried a cartoon of Donald Duck on the port side of the fuselage, slightly forward of the cockpit. Zumbach's victory tally was marked with German crosses under the cockpit on the port side; confirmed kills were outlined in white, probable kills in red, and damaged aircraft with no outline. After handing over command of 303 Sqn to Sqn Ldr Bieńkowski, Zumbach spent a year in staff appointments, including the Polish Air Force Staff College. He returned to flying duties as the commander of the 2nd Polish Air Wing, No 133 Wing. On 25 September 1944, he scored his final victory of the war, a probable kill over a JG 26 Fw 190 over Arnhem. On 30 January 1945, Zumbach was posted to HQ, No. 84 Group. While flying an Auster that was used to visit units under the Group's command, he made a navigational error and ran out of fuel. He force-landed in enemy territory and spent the final month of the war as a prisoner of war. Zumbach's final victory tally was 12 (and 2 shared) confirmed kills, five probables and one damaged.
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    Well, I can tick the Savoia Marchetti SM79off the build list now. A build out of nowhere really. I started it, more in hope than expectation, a week or so before I thought the GB was due to end. A weeks extension to the Group Build suddenly made this one a possibility for inclusion. An almost out the box build, it got a Falcon canopy added and I'm very happy with the fit and finish of it. The clear part lined up against the Airfix fuselage perfectly. All brush painted, necessary once I had wimped out of trying out my airbrush on it. I'm happy enough with the fictitious result, it looks the part to me. As usual, I've added a few period bits and bobs for some of the Gallery shots along with the plane taking centre stage as well. All in all, a highly enjoyable build. I'll have a go at another at some point for sure. Over to the pictures...
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    Here are some shots of my recent Hurricane conversion. The base kit was a clear-moulded 1/144 Mk I from Sweet with lengthened nose, and scratchbuilt prop, spinner, canopy, cannons and later style exhausts etc etc. Painting is with Mr Color lacquers and weathered with oils and Pergamino .5mm pale grey pencil. Hope you like it!
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    Handlebars and exhausts on the Honda CB450 together with all the foot operated levers - I tried to angle these as per the instructions but probably went astray on a few of them. Front mudguard is on and I'm sure the Instructions say to mount the struts inside the mudguard but images of the real thing, plus the boxart, show them outside. I found part 18, actuator mounted on the rear wheel, loose in the box and drilled a hole in my scratch hub to mount that. The headlight and rear light lenses were missing so a piece of Lego was modified for the rear and a suitable button was filed down for the headlight lens. I also found a couple of pieces of thick thread in the box so used these as cables to the brake levers on the handlebars. A couple of bits of thinner elastic thread to the actuators on the wheelhubs. Decals are actually cut outs from the Instructions so number plates on and it is finished. I'll put more pics in the Gallery tomorrow - it's getting late! Good to see this one finished - very finely moulded and delicate kit.
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    Hi everyone, Just finished this kit after a very slow build. It was Revell's GR4 boxing but I decided to back date it to a GR1 in my favourite grey/ green camo rather than the rather bland grey of a modern machine. Generally it went together reasonably well although it was a bit fiddly in places, particularly the flap assemblies. this was mainly due to the very unclear instructions... lots of dry fitting recommended! I went a bit mad on the extras on this kit, I used Xtradecal decals, the Eduard photo-etch cockpit set and seat belts, resin seats from CMK, jet pipes and wheels from Aires, wing seals from Shaun (available on this site) and my own turned pitot tube. Xtracolor enamel paints were used along with Alclads metallics and finished with Alclad semi matt clear cote. Hope you like it, gazza l
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    The clues are all there as always, if you look closely enough. Telford is on the M54. 5 and 4 make nine, so it's a Mk IX. Telford is 308 miles from Le Fresne Camilly airfield via Ouistreham and country lanes. 308 was the Polish Squadron that flew Type IX Spits from there. Telford is a new town like Milton Keynes (MK). Nearby roads are the A442, A464. Added together, that's 906. Take the nearby B4373, minus 43 from 73 giving you 30. Add the A5, making 941. Take off the 1 in respect to this being a 'big one' and you get... MK940, Type IX Spit of 308 Sqn. See.....it's so obvious really.
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    The JS-7 was a 68-tonne monster with a 130mm main gun, no less than eight machine guns (most probably superfluous) and phenomenal armour thickness from all sides. Obviously impractical due to its weight, it was nevertheless well powered for its time (just after WW2). See link for more details: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/USSR/is-7-object-260 This is the Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit. I scratch-built the cage-like headlight guards, and added after-market two-ropes and made their tensioners. I also drilled out the 40 holes in th3 muzzle-brake, as well those in the tow rope shackles and mg muzzles. Solidly moulded handles were replaced with wire. My build-log is over on Missin Lynx: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/home-front-gb-js-7-t316760.html I decided this being a prototype was a good excuse to finish it "factory-fresh". I've put it on a quickly-made tank biscuit as I may yet give the same treatment to a JS-4 and possibly a JS-3 and have the three parked and lined up, as if ready to take part in a comparative evaluation. Here are images of the finished model, except it has just dawned on me that I forgot to paint the exhaust outlets (doh!). Something I'll obviously fix.
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    I was asked by the local air museum to built a radar equipped fighter as part of their Radar exhibition. An all black Beaufighter festooned with radar aerials seemed like a good fit. Pretty much out of the box with Ultracast seats and exhausts. I'm not convinced that the codes should b red but I was on a tight deadline so went with the it supplied ones. It'll get battered Once its there so I'm not worrying too much The overall finish is Tamiya black with patches of NATO Black and Panzer Grey but the flash has evened out the tones. The kit was a pleasure to built, it is a bit simplified but That worked in my favour. Thanks for looking
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    Hi all..... Please, let me introduce this old beauty wich, much to my lack of interest, have been lurking in the shelf of doom for a long time. It's been built OOB, except for some scratch built cockpit detail, and rigging made from steel guitar string...The decals were a little bit difficult to handle, but finally managed to set them. These old kit have something special around the, call it nostalgia, call it fond memories...but can't remember enjoying it half as much while building the Roden kit. I hope you'll like it. Best regards from Tenerife....!!! IMGP0049 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0047 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0048 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0046 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0045 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr
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    A fun project from beginning to end, only watered down because the weights in the nose got lose. It was brush painted in RLM 79/70/65. I still have to come up with an interesting Luft 46 story.
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    I've seen wet paper bags with sharper outlines. -d-
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    This is Trumpeter's 1/72 scale Type 61 tank on the live-firing range. It was built for a "Home Front" group build on the Braille Scale discussion group over on Missing Lynx. I scratch-built the mantlet's canvas dust-cover, headlight-guards, tow-rope and smoke-grenade launchers. The kit is quite well detailed but suffers from very thin and flexible hull and turret, plus the vinyl tracks are thick, poorly detailed and crammed in under the track-guards. My build log is linked to here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/home-front-gb-japanese-type-61-t316653.html
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    Stuart at 1mm for each link I think my sanity would have gone out the window before I had finished doing every single one Small update added the floats /rafts and used some painted masking tape to act as the holding straps to achieve the width of the strap I wanted i used 2 blades taped together to get an even strip of tape And started making up the 20 mm and the quad Vickers not happy with how flat they look so added some plastic rod to the base will have a think about the Vickers don't like any of the kit or PE options so might go for the Tetra models version beefy
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    This Group Build continues to surpass anyone's expectations Ladies and Gents, you are genuinely part of history in the making ! Cheers Pat
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    Only the wheels, propeller and aerial mast to put on, the canopy to paint and, a matt coat to do. Oh, and I need to come up with a way of fixing the bombs on. All suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks for looking.