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    Postwar Fieseler Fi 156 Storch, who served in the Moscow Aviation Department of the Polar Aviation Administration.
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    It's nearly there! Yet more paint touch ups required, plus the addition of the nose gun barrels and I'll be calling this one done. The chances of this model staying in one bit for long are pretty slim. The plastic is like glass. The undercarriage looked terrific all built up, but fitting it was a nightmare. Despite warnings here about the fit problems and me taking steps to minimise them it turned into the fitting job from hell. Here's the plane as of about five minutes ago... Tony.
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    Thanks Johnny Progress has been made... eventually! That's the end of the mojo killing walkway masking so, hopefully, paint on the wings tomorrow!
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    Can't win with you lot So I bain't a trying Red lines easy if fiddly, Microscale parallel lines in black, yellow, white and red at 1/64th of a ninch no more than a tedious exercise I feel Miss Otis regrets, no I mean I regrets that there is ONLY going to be the mod'dery already proclaimed as I would like this one on the club table at Telford which of course precludes extrabuggeryaboutery from now on Mayhaps, Christer will grace us with a fully disclosed engine bay in 1/48 scale on his Vixenlady I have been adding more than perhaps is wise anyway New looker's vision aid, vis: one new larger window, in discarded CD case plastic Awaiting shaping to size When it is flush to the fuselage I intend masking the two clear bits then painting the rest in the clear state I realise the real window is slightly inset on the fuselage but I intend a sleight of eye and hand later when it is painted The intake face plates and their the boundary layer ports will be filled, filed and enhanced later (this week I think) Apologies to all you lucky geezers that can blithely drop a dash of black into a cup and spray willynilly inside these places with your airbrushes Some of us have to use misused, abused painty brushes to darken up the insides And non-smelly Vallejo paint to do it with Here is the inside of the clear piece before I took off the anti-cyano tape coating And here with the first clean up under way + As you read this (Tuesday evening-ish) this is being polished in the way of guru Martian and has already had a rendered smooth shine that has been recut back to get the profile better aligned and I used cyano as filler where necessary and have been repolishing that in with the clear poly Other little stuff has included fitting out the MB seat for the pilot with strappings I am not happy with the ride height, stuff to do there And the tape straps just refuse to let go when they get embarrassing Still, that ainta gonna take rocket science to solve is it? There WAS a separate seat in the hole for the looker but frankly it was a waste of resin so I extracted it (for a rainyer day) As you can see SIHRSC and her slimmer cousin are very prominently involved in this build
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    Ladies and Gentlemen,Damen und Herren for your amusement and edification I present HpH's 1/48 XB-70A. Like I didn't have enough on my plate constructing Sangers B_52B (more on that later). But as they say" faint heart ne're won a faire maiden". Besides I got it early in the Spring and kept calling to me "Build me!" and so I shall.With out further ado Forward into the Fog!
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    Right the matt varnish is on and I have inserted windscreens into the ambulances - so I think I'm done on this one... ...I just need to figure out how to photograph 4 vehicles - with a limit of 5 shots in the gallery. Thanks for all the support everyone - this one has been a lot of fun - and thanks for looking in - Steve
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    Wow, how did I miss this! I love this kit and it's still one of my favourites to build. I used Kitkat wrappers for the bright natural aluminium, and Humbrol 56 for the dull magnesium areas which were painted/lacquered on the real thing. You can get four different shades from the Kitkat foil, using both sides and turning adjoining panels 90 degrees to each other, as the foil has a grain. The walkways were painted with 'watered' down Humbrol 85 and a small brush, the paint remained nicely withing the molded lines I found that by carefull working of the wing roots and joining areas on the fuselage that you can make it so that the wings can easily be removed with barely a join line, also made it so that the undercarriage unit can be removed. It hung in a model shop for year like that. Anyhow, enough waffle, superb work and really looking forward to seeing this beast go through the finishing process.
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    Hi folks, sorry for the delay but life just keeps getting in the way. Update. Those wings, right, to clear things up, I only applied glued to the area coloured red. This was to allow for more flexibility in the wing area for trying to set the dihedral . Shim added and glued in position. And the other wing too. Oh dear , a hole/gap!!!! A shim I say. Fill it.... Allow to set before sanding/carving etc. The gap by the flaps will be filled one side and blended withe the fuselage root. That is all for now. Hope to get a bit more done before the weekend as I have a friend visiting. All comments welcome. Simon.
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    Please be patient with me chaps... I really need to get the B-36 off the bench so I have some room... Hendie thanks again for the offer of the PE - I was a fool, a FOOL I tell you! Pete the 613 Sqdn scheme looks interesting
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    The Ju88 as painted by Elmer the elephant. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=elmer+the+elephant&rlz=1C1GGRV_enGB757GB758&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=eN7DsJvrWRh4nM%3A%2CDg60wY26k4el8M%2C_&usg=AFrqEzd2iXMkFaCTqjD0baWAQ_heeKsuwg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi2h5ayg6LdAhVJIMAKHUe5B_EQ_h0wFXoECAoQDQ#imgrc=eN7DsJvrWRh4nM:
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    Back to the frozen north! Hope you like something... Keith.
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    ...and a few more - I love playing war...
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    Have only just noticed the delicious irony that's today's misadventures mark the start of page 13. The good news is that the cockpit paint will, I think, be serviceable, Mr Duff's miracle brew having dried nicely. Sensible suggestion that ∆
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    Now that is exactly what I wanted for Christmas for as many years as I can remember. That big Spit was all I wanted (except the one I was lusting after was in the late 70s type 5 box) I begged, nagged, pleaded every year to my folks and even Santa a couple of times. Nothing, year after year. I really wanted the Bf-109E as well, the ultimate dogfight double, but I didn't ask for that as I didn't want to push my luck. I had to wait until I was sixteen, got my first full time job, and with my first pay packet, I finally bought it for myself. Unfortunately, by then the kit was in that crumby Humbrol era photo box. At least the kit inside the box was the same (and still white plastic). Probably explains why I have about 15 of these kits in the stash now. Yeah! Thanks Mum and Dad for the childhood deprivation!
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    Well dang.....at least you know where to go when you want to upgrade that Spit Mk.I
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    Ta stix, this will take a few seaaions to do, the decals are behaving impeccably, you have to cut them out from the sheet yourself as they're all attached to the one decal film, so its taking a lot longer, and there's lots of tiny stencils, cheers craig Glynn
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    Glad you like the seat James, I keep thinking it can't be too difficult for someone better at it than me to retro fit a FAW2 into a FAW1, mostly little things like the type of hatches and the overboom tank areas, it seems to be the same pylon on both versions but with the saddle tank adaptors on Maybe a thought for next year but before then will be whizzywhoosh Lightnings and at least one Wokka Itches are sent to be scratched at...
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    Tuesday....(need I say more?) This build is actually going quiet fast - it's not a Tamigawa kit, but then again there's not that many parts to begin with. It's kinda fun! The gaps at the wingroots will be filled with a mixture of filler and glue - that makes it more fluid and I can brush it on. I mask off the surrounding areas first as one would do if one was painting. Saves a lot of sanding afterwards. The ejectorhandle at the top of the seat was missing from my kit, so I'll replace is with a brasswire I have laying around somewhere. Cheers Hans J
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    They are, Hunter GA.11 XE685 861 VL 18 April 2012 by James Thomas, on Flickr This is a GA.11 but certainly the same on F.6, T.7, F.58
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    I pondered whether to leave the headlights as if they had been blanked off - but I couldn't resist adding some 'headlights'... BEFORE... AFTER... Boy they are bright - I did the lorries too... These guys won't get lost in the dark
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    Very nice work ,got this same kit only with the Too Big Too Heavy decals ,also got a Academy kit .Might get to start them in the new year . Only got 14 + 1/48 planes to do first .
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    Starting to take shape now. As stated previously, the tail parts had no slots which called for a jig made from blue tack. The wing slots were a lot smaller than the tabs so they needed to be opened up (which is what I also did to my finger when the scalpel slipped! )
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    Get that lorry washed down you 'orrible little man! An' get yer 'air cut! They're looking very nice indeed.
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    Well as promised here is a proper update, with pictures! As I have said I have found the filling,sanding (well you know by now) tedious and have left it alone for a week or so but have decided to get stuck in and see what I can do, so lets start with a picture of how the aircraft looks now; As you can see she is starting to take shape now that the wings and tailplanes are fitted, there is still a fair amount of work to do but she is at least beginning to look like an aircraft. The spine on the top of the fuselage has been altered and now looks like this; Hopefully it will look a bit better with some paint on, we shall see. The other area which has received a lot of attention is the nose. The nose cone was not a good fit and required filling and a fair amount of sanding (I know you're as surprised as I was by this) to get a decent fit but this is how it looks now; The area under the nose where the strike camera was removed was particularly troublesome and took a fair amount of cleaning up to look like this; It is smoother than it looks, which is good. As I said the wings have also been added and they fit quite well, yes you heard me right they fit quite well!!! There is some filling required on the joint but its nothing compared to what I've come to expect. the tailpplanes have also gone on and after some adjustment they give a good fit and look like this; No problems there, a nice snug joint. I will get started on the wing joint this evening so hopefully that part will be sorted soon, then I need to find the inspiration to get started on the seats. That's it for today so thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
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    It's not a plan but you may find it of interest? John
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    Just a suggestion about the sharp corners. I have quite a lot of experience plunge moulding and can never get a sharp corner without sanding a filing, which leaves very thin plastic. A trick that I picked up was to glue some stretched sprue/10thou rod along the ridge and add filler to each side. Then sand the filler/rod so that it makes a sharp edge. I know that we scratch builders are not keen on fillers(?!?) but with a coat of paint nobody can tell. Just a suggestion. P
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    Just trying these as a restoration project of some of my very old builds from the 1970's!(See my other thread on Aurora...) And as a mojo restoration too.... hopefully! Some of parts in the group towards centre left are u/c doors for the Aztec of which I ma missing a couple for both my models. Anyone got those lying around any where??? The Cessna 337 in progress. Stripped of old paint and the last pic with white primer on. These pics are before my camera went feet up! (Darned nuisance really). The Piper Aztec E Note the modded nose. For the nose job I used that old Humbrol plastic wood filler I recall.. hence the tan shade. The Jet Commander and its loose bits.
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    Hello everyone ... I successfully sprayed the Tamiya XF-86 clear flat. I compared the photos to earlier ones and there is a definite toning down of the glossiness. Questions, comments, or jokes ? Dennis
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    Hello my second build for this group build. I present a Mig-21 Fishbed “D” of the Polish Air Force 1967. Heres a link if you care to question, comment, or joke ? A link to my RFI. Dennis
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    After printing out the instructions from the CD, I though Hmm.. I don't need no stinkin Instructions. Wrong you do. Didn't follow their recommended order though. I started with the Swan Neck forward fuselage. Cleaning up the mould seam. It had a slight ridge on the top and bottom. I I tried sanding but that was not efficient nor fast, and since you have to cut out the opening for the canopy, I broke out my trusty dremel and proceeded to cut and grind everything down. And THATS a Big mess! Dust and fibreglass everywhere.
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    Matt, Great photo of Mini Matt and the 504. Must get back to Hendon one day - was last there in 1991. I believe it’s come a long way in the meantime. Steve
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    Outstanding, Thanks very much for being number 30, we now qualify for the 2019 poll cheers Pat
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    Certainly looks like a Lightning now and not a spot of blood in sight
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    Bet you wish you'd kept some them polystyrene ceiling tiles as filler instead of laying waste to them with chemistry experiments!
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    Hi Dennis, Here we go, firstly the Regult. PICT0001 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr PICT0006 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr PICT0009 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr And here is the Valkyrie, still needs one ore two items to round it off. IMG-20170808-WA0004 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr IMG-20170808-WA0008 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr IMG-20170808-WA0010 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr IMG-20170808-WA0013 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr I have a 30th Anniversary 1/72 Minmea battleroid and a 1/48 Super Valkyrie still awaiting my attention. Still want to get a 1/72 Gerwalker and another battleroid or two - check HobbylinkJapan Gavin
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    Hi Keith I tried to insert an Emoji but it wouldn't let me . That's my bloomin phone, it is always giving me problems. Thanks for pointing it out. It was supposed to say some cracking Spitery honest. All the best Chris
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    Good observation gents. I'm starting to think that although quite a few of these kits lack the fine detail that we are now used to, the overall shape accuracy is probably better then some later toolings. Now I know that we've been blessed with some absolute howlers (read 1968 Fairey Battle) however if the story of this mould is true then Airfix were handed the wrong plans up front and proceeded from there. This Hurricane is looking really good @Beard and I just might dig out my later edition of this kit that I bought my daughter a few years back to see how she'd go with modelling. The little one is now 12 and has certainly acquired the artistic talents of her father, unlike my poor 17 year old son who unfortunately inherited Mums two left hands!! Cheers.. Dave
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    Lovely work there Bill, that seat looks superb! The lookers window is pretty well flush with the fuselage so you have done the right thing. Note that on early FAW.1s before a certain mod state that the window was one piece. It became a two piece openable afair to help with crew survivability in ditching in the sea. The upper hatch window is also flush as.
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    Motorbike and sidecar no less! Is it 1/72 scale or smaller?
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    When the pilot fired that gun,did the aircraft go backwards.Well tidy mun.
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    Started putting a gloss coat on, prior to the transfers, and masked off the exhausts ready for an undercoat of Humbrol 33. I'll get most of the transfers on tomorrow, finish the exhajust and get the canopy (which has had a dip in Future) installed. Thanks for looking.
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    Interesting choice,have you seen a doctor recenctly
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