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  1. 9 points
    For part of our display at Telford 2018, my IPMS Branch went mad and bought a bunch of the new Airfix Mustangs. I said I'd build one or two and this is the result. Like all of the new Airfix kits I've built the fit is tight but by making sure the mating surfaces are clean and a bit of dry fitting it went together really well and needed hardly any filler. I used the Kits World decals for a 334th Fighter Squadron machine and they and the Airfix decals performed faultlessly. I thoroughly enjoyed the build and am already planning my next one.
  2. 7 points
    My Orange Spitfire finished and ready. It belong to the Schreiner Airways Texel and used as a target tug. LF IXc. PT986. 16-09-1948. 01-10-1948. H-27 & 3W-16. PH-NFP. 13-07-1954 from KLu to Schreiner. 08-08-1957 officially written off and scrapped. I think my next Spitfire has got to be LF IXc PT986 before it became a target tug.Now to find out more about her.
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    Finished this over on the KUTA X GB, was started over 25 years ago, a little bit of the story can be read in the GB. Only addition to kit parts were Eduard fabric belts. Finished in Vallejo ModelAir colours, Alclad II gloss varnish with Vallejo Matt top varnish. Techmod decals were not the best I've used, very thin but brittle.
  4. 6 points
    Spitfire MkI finished mostly OOB from the simple but excellent Tamiya kit in 1/48 scale. Tamiya acrylics as called for in the box instructions, with a little bit of hairspray technique on the wing & tailplane leading edges, and wing root where the pilot walks - XF16 Flat Aluminium undercoat. Little bit of brown & black mix for the exhaust & machine gun stains, hope I didn’t overdo it on the latter! EZ-line for the aerial wires
  5. 5 points
    Hey. This is my last model stuck in 2017. The model is a Tamiya product. I made a few changes, how I moved the steering wheel to the left, I made some more elenents and changed a few things in the silik chamber. Model painted with Mr.Color GX inks. Nice watch.
  6. 5 points
    Don’t dismiss all old transfers (I’m old fashioned and hate saying decal!). If yellowed, Tape then to a window and they will bleach back. Never tried it myself but others say it works. I have a transfers box with with stuff getting on for 40 odd years old in some cases. The ‘seed’ was a bag of surplus FROG sheets I bought in the early 80’s for about £1.00. Best bargain ever and still work perfectly! Here’s a set from a P-47 that I put on the new Airfix Typhoon for a laugh. Trevor
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    Corrected version! Phantom FG.1 & FGR.2 Squadrons Chart by James Thomas, on Flickr
  8. 4 points
    Saves me the effort of scratch-building giraffes to be able to read the numbers on the IP dials too! Feng shui or die! An earlier version of the Pacer system on Apaches perhaps? https://books.google.ie/books?id=B3-WN4wcf6YC&pg=PA238&lpg=PA238&dq=pitot+tube+on+helicopter+rotor&source=bl&ots=jsg_uvMlxD&sig=M11TXjQxBH6JZX7WEnayM5_pfCw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjh69zUpuzYAhUoJsAKHUlADlsQ6AEwDnoECAYQAQ#v=onepage&q=pitot tube on helicopter rotor&f=false They really are! Nice sharp mouldings and a splendid range of subjects. Not the last time that my shekels will be heading their way... The Boxcar Cabriolet - for when you absolutely positively must catch that satellite payload in style... They live near a flour mill? Briefly, ever so briefly considered soldering a framework, but ohhhh the plethora of angles just invited so many mistakes... The barometer in our hall just shattered with that sudden increase in pressure! Truly you have the soul of an artist James. At this rate it could be some time before we get back out of it again... Will yours have an umbrella?
  9. 4 points
    Hey. I'm sorry that I did not speak for so long. To make the glazing of lights on the wings, I used glue, light curing "Bondic". Something, however, I managed to work on the model. Today I've polished the lights on the second wing. I've stuck several details under the wing. I cleared the CA from the joints that flooded it. Antennas, I will sharpen and I will make my polystyrene. I do not like them. I did with engines. Winglet on the spot. In total, the wings are already finished, you can mask and paint. I made the glazing with Bondic and came out sensational. From a different angle. Inward light penetrates. All windows are already glazed. Please, that's how it looks. Time for grinding. The effect after the first grinding can be seen immediately. I removed the tape and sanded it all with 600, 800 and 1000 gradations. Micro scratches disappeared.
  10. 3 points
    Hello all. I want to show my recently finished project. Model:T-60 Scale: 1/35 Kit: MiniArt 35215 Aftermarkets: Eureka XXL tow cable Paints and weathering: Ammo of Mig Kit review avaliable here: Final photos:
  11. 3 points
    I must be crazy but I've just ordered one from Ebay, which should be doable in the period between finishing my current 2 builds and the end of the GB. It has be be easier than the He70 and the Mystere! Based on the photos in the ad it's the original mould without the later rocket tubes - did that one get a new number? More info when it arrives. John
  12. 3 points
    After a mind boggling session on the tracks, ( i was warned) I've yet to be beaten, another 3 or 4 days, i may have the best of them, one thing i will say about them, they are very flexible, i know they're advertised as working tracks, but the movement really is easy, loose, and gives quite a bit of side to side flexibility, ( you do have to be very careful with the glue) and very very fiddly to build , so in between the one side of the tracks, to stave off madness, I've primed the tank, and even i don't know how this is going to turn out, but I've tried out a different take on the basic pre shade and used some colours, buff, black, cockpit green, yellow green, white, hull red, the plan is to give it a very diluted coat of od and take it from there , if it goes belly up I'll just blast it with unthinned od and job done cheers The tracks, this is whats needed to get just 5 links together, the instructions say you need a run of 83, the start of the next run there underneath the bits The under coat of many colours Cheers, etch isn't my favourite part, though i do think a model with a lot on looks great unpainted, im still going to build that "50 cal" just to keep me sane in between the tracks Glynn
  13. 3 points
    Thanks @Jo NZ, @Gorby, @Corsairfoxfouruncle, @S5 modeller, and @stevehnz for your likes. Prepared road base. Installed the necessary span and traffic lights wiring along bridge girders. Assembled road, towers and traffic lights in one go.
  14. 3 points
    There was indeed a resin transkit for the Aoshima BTF available in the late 90's. It was made by a guy in US trading as "AAM", All American Models. I'm not sure he's active today; I think it's been gone for some time now. It might very well be knock-offs of that kit that Stuart has seen recently? The transkit included a new bodyshell and all parts to correct the exterior and interior. The casting quality was actually quite good, if not perfect. To deal with the guy was somewhat more problematic, it wasn't easy to get him to atutally send the stuff once he was paid if I say it like that... but eventually, after much time and hazzle, I got my kit. It built up pretty nicely though. Here are two old pics from 15+ years ago of my build using the AAM transkit. I should perhaps take some new with today's camera. I built it in -98 or -99 using SNJ paint and polishing powder, with a tint to make it look stainless. That's what we had available to work with back then when it came to metal paint. It looks better IRL, still does actually. As I side note I do have the VF 1/43 white metal kit as well, still unbuilt. It's a bit clumsy looking and somewhat oversized I'm afraid.
  15. 2 points
    Hello Dears ! Here I'm again ! A drama Dogge is de rigueur ! Not sure to finish this one in 2018, but whatever I dedicate this thread to a great gentleman @Ex-FAAWAFU I try the big game and bet my Bucc kit on this one ! 3 days of brainstorming about the air intake beside engine nacelle... For nuthin' It's included in the heritage kit ! Here's the start No need of these.. Will be used later, may be That will be fun I think !! I already have the Bang seats ! Sorry a mould for the bang seats ! And up we'll go ! Have a good modelling time And yes I know, I'm absolutely crazy, that point has been debated in Telford with our green alien and the stickless general ! So don't you worry I'm done ! Sincerely. CC
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    Great job getting the sods to fit. It looks as though changing your mind and going wheels down is not an option! Ian
  17. 2 points
    Might just be because there is a bloody big spar holding the sponson onto the fuselage, right next to the window that the cargo can use to pull themselves out of the window opening if required but only during a crash or emergency ditching And not forgetting a big door
  18. 2 points
    Ced mate, I got a bit behind over the weekend but have caught up now; I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your freehand camo - I know it's not as easy as you made it look Cheers, Stew
  19. 2 points
    First step : Dry fit of the fuselage and engines The Quickboost's resin fan fits well despite being studied for the Hobby Boss kit Second step : fitting the Aires cockpit. it is not perfect yet but it will be .. the gaps will be covered by a p.e. Also the i.p. lid will be replaced by a resin part that include the hud
  20. 2 points
    The cutter has arrived, and it works beautifully - managed to cut out roundels and numbers for the Hellcats, and managed to engrave a BPF roundel on the cutting matt on the first try! Right of passage I guess, and everything went fine after that. Off for some lunch, then give the new masks a whirl.
  21. 2 points
    Had some visitors for the weekend, so a quiet one modelling-wise (though weekends tend to get devoted more to airbrushing as it's the only time I can really get both good light and not disturb people with the compressor, anyway). Here's a good picture of what I'm looking at replicating around the nose turret: You can see that the fairing is very smooth and there is no perceptible gap between it and the turret. As it happens, the Trumpeter turret splits at that point, which makes my job rather easier. Trumpy would have us install the turrets before closing up the fuselage, as a ring at the turret base fits into a groove in the fuselage. With a little bit of sanding, it's possible to click the turret base into place in the sealed up fuselage, so that's not a problem. Since I'm planning to add a load of putty, I then painted the rear part of the turret black so that the grey putty wouldn't be visible (also prevents accidental glimpses of the undetailed back of the IP), and glued that into place. Then Humbrol filler to fill that gap, though I think it will take two goes to deal with potential shrinkage (and I'm cautious about the warning on the filler not to use too much at once lest it damage the plastic). I was intrigued by the blade antenna present just behind the bomb aimer's window in that picture. Then I realised what it was...
  22. 2 points
    Thanks Craig - your wish is my command... There's a little bit of touching up required between the two blues, but nothing to worry about. As I mentioned before, the blues are disappointingly subdued (being the kit's recommended Tamiya colours), but are an excellent match for washed out, faded period photos! I'm sure the decals will brighten things up though
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    Nearly missed this until I spotted the "airliners" tag. Lovely work as always John. Apart from a few minor irritations mainly around the engines the Roden Brit really is a smashing kit and you've certainly done it justice. I must get on with the -100 conversion I've been threatening for over a year! It's possibly you've already seen this article but if not you might find it helpful when you come to do your VC-10. Best regards Dave G
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    I've never built a tank, H, and I think this thread should be a great introduction. Great work so far, on the uh, um....parts that definitely aren't wings!
  25. 2 points
    Good job on getting them to fit Ced, another win for wheels up!
  26. 1 point
    It's always a treat to see anything from your stable Andy. Your Slave is an inspiration and simply confirms you again as my favourite sci-fi kit basher. What's next Andy?
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    been off the forum for ages and thought to myself "I wonder what that Andy bloke has been up to on britmodeller" so popped in here for a looksee. Well what a lovely treat ! Nailed it looks amazing
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    Didnt this come with a wheels up option? Memory gets worsererer Anyway, so what it gets nicer by the subtle touches Ced
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    Cheers Stix. Fancy painting it for me?? Er, I think not!! I envy anyone's scratch-building skills and your build is looking superb!!
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    Now all the basic internals have been done, the fuselage halves have been glued together. The doors are on the turquoise sprue, so in order to get a uniform finish, they got a "primer" coat of Humbrol Matt 104. In fact, the whole airframe has got a "primer" coat of 104, so that the gloss finish has a nice base. Here are all the parts laid out. The plastic container contains the smaller painted parts (undercarriage, rotor head etc.). The glass is going in last which is why the nose is not glued on yet, as the windows by the pilots feet would be extremely hard to install with it in place. The pilots orange immersion suits are too glossy so they will be matted down before being installed. Their heads have been re-positioned so that they are both looking out of the side window. There is also more detail to be picked out on their helmets and suits. I'm in two minds as to whether to install the torpedoes as the carriers are just plain wrong, but I can cross that bridge at the end. Next step: assemble the airframe parts and add a top coat of Midnight Blue.
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    Hello all ... This should be a quick build im about 1/2 done with the fuselage/wings. Heres todays progress report. First is where i am with sanding and polishing. Next is what i finished yesterday, the stub wings and fuselage connection. Port & Starboard views Finally the lower fusalage, this shows the major weakspot of this kit. You have to add weight to the nose but its visible throught the nose gear doors. The final work on the pit minus control column and painted seatbelts. This includes the painted wire looms and hoses on the rt. sides of the seats. Last couple of photo’s is current work from today. I glued the wing on to the fuselage and you can see where i added the plastic strip to fill the gap. I havent been bored though ... Ive been catching up on an F6F Hellcat & Mosquito Mk.VI that i started last fall. Heres a couple teasers for the Hellcat. Its based on this photo which Eduard used for a recent release in 1/72nd scale. I didn't have the exact markings but i had something close enough in the spares. Enough for today, please have a great modelling day. Dennis * not sure if this is public record so i will state the ownership rights belong to others. I only use them for informational purposes. If i have to i will remove them.
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    A couple of hours at the bench has seen me progress the tub and instrument panel. The HUD is also complete but forgot to take a photo of that. The seat has been assembled, leaving just the harness and helmet to finished,
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    They sink to the bottom of the tank don't move and generally look miserable.
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    Rocket rails (from an Airfix Typhoon) and undercarriage attached. Edit: I know there are only seven rails, one was removed from the sprue to test-fit and I forgot to paint it. Meanwhile, the tires have have been painted with Humbrol 67. Next up: the rather dodgy-looking Matchbox canopy and a Matt coat. I might have time to do another, possibly a Lysander (as I've just had one delivered), before the end of the GB. Thanks for looking.
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    That last couple of updates read like a cross between Kenneth Clark's Civilization, Raymond Baxter commentating on Farnborough, and a 'You and Yours' episode on the vicissitudes of train travel Ced. Came home shattered from work and this made me smile. Thank-you!
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    Great Nimrod, gave me flashbacks of being chased around the Portland areas by these buggers, nice work
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    Simply lovely M'Lud! As others have said that original white/grey scheme really suits the Nimrod. Well done and thanks for sharing. mark
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    Little more done to to the victor. Filled and sanded some gaps, touched up some of the paint, and started some stickering. Thinking once the decals are done, a light dusting of clear satin, and re-muck over the decals and clean bits to blend it in a bit. Oh, and maybe do something with the huge white bit where the flaps are!
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    Why not emulate the real thing - black distemper over the factory colors?: https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/paint/mig/paint_mig_0104.shtml Cheers, Andre
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    Good looking subject, will follow
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    Hi Badder and thank you. You never know I may want to play with my Sherman in the garden at some point! With PE I often check to see if what it's replacing is actually better and sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. I don't just use regardless. If you don't think it's going to really improve on the plastic and it's going to take a lot of effort then don't use it. Thank you very much beefy. Kind regards, Stix
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    Afternoon all, Thank you Max H for the link above, interesting details contained therein. On the subject of details, I have been trawling through the internet, posts on BM and other sites and now my Beaufighter modeller's datafile has turned up I'm proper confused innit! I know there has been exhaustive discussion on the subject of 236 squadron TF.X NT950 'T' Tommy paint scheme around the time the Tamiya kit supposedly represents but I get a different take on it everywhere I turn so what's the consensus from the BM10thGB massive in respect of the colour scheme or in other words which would be the biggest faux pas in your books? EDSG or DSG + Dark Slate Grey or solid DSG upper surfaces. Something else will have to be changed as I seem to have made a representation of the wrong type of Fuel tank selector according to the Datafile, glad it did turn up today. Be interested in your thoughts chaps, Cheers, M.
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    This is only my second tank in 1/35 dude. Very much a things with wings type of guy, although as a retired truckie & fair weather biker my stash is expanding to include these too. Have you got your notebook?
  47. 1 point
    An absolutely stonking build. You'd never guess its origins. Pete
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    Would it have been the F-80C? It had a dragon decal for the fuselage. I'm checking cos those decals on one of my Airfix F-80 kits broke up as well. As did the replacements, and the next replacements. I think it was about the fifth set sent by Airfix did not break up. I recommend 'Liquid Decal Film' on old decals
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    you could, as Nick shows, but it ends up being an expensive proposition. For some reason the SH kits have had a chorus of bad internet press, mostly about shape issues and fit issues. There are a few posted who trot out the same 'facts' regardless of any contrary solutions, like mine above. I spent quite some time doing some comparisons, and working out a fix, which I have posted up details and images of, but it seems too hard, and then you get advice to do a load of cross kitting and modifications etc , which IMO is more work. And the SH Seafire kits actually have all the right bits in the box (hooks, props, decals) and are one of the 3 1/48th kits to get the lower cockpit sidewalls (the others are the new tool Airfix I/Vb and Eduard Merlin 60 family) There are plenty of worse Spitfire kits out there shapewise, for example, the Airfix Spit XII and Seafire XVII actually share most of the outline errors that the always maligned Academy XIV kit is dammed for, except for the oversize nose ring. I'd be very surprised if you could easily spot the SH shortness when built, and if it really bugs you, try the above fix, and if that fails, then uses a replacement fuselage method. Hows that for a pragmatic solution. It's useful to have an Airfix fuselage as guide for the SHY kit though. if you can cut straight, and use some precut ever green strip to fill the front fuselage gap, it's really not a hard modification. The tail is even easier. the bit I have not as yet done is the adjusted wing, which moves forward, but that will be trim and shim. And this is more work than.... If you oodles of Spitfire bits the maybe...if not. I avoided buying a HAse Vb for a while as the internet said it "closer to 1/50th" but I eventually picked one up cheap out of curiosity, and IIRC the fuselage is very similar to the SH kit, I think it has the same shortness in the cockpit/fuel tank join. Kits not to hand so won't be later until I check if you wish, and yes, I am very guilty of not building the damn things and sitting there taping various different kits together and going slightly barmy, but I have done this with every 1/48th Spitfire and Seafire that's not totally obsolete. The UC leg rake Nick mentions is interesting, bear in mind that the A/B wing have a different rake to C wing I posted info on this in the linked thread on Vc conversions HTH T
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