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    Good Afternoon folks! Here is my first ever Luftwaffe subject! Always had a spot for the long-nosed Dora so decided to have a crack at the Hobbyboss kit that I picked up in Seoul for £12! Its a beauty and even comes with photoetched parts. I added some seatbelts and the old-style canopy from the Eduard kit. Paints by Mr Hobby and Xtracrylix, decals by SkyModels. The colour scheme may be inaccurate, I used an old article in a Luftwaffe modelling guide which I later found out contradicts Jerry Crandall's research. There is a good chance that it should be 'Black 11' and the RV band should be black and white too. Oh well! I like the JG2 markings Apologies for the depth of field issues with the photos, I took these outside and its nearly 50 degrees. It was a race to see if the model or I would melt first and as the flat coat started to get tacky after about 30 seconds there was no way I was going back out there to take more!!! Thanks for looking, Chris
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    Airbus A330-200 Gulf Air Reg A9C-KA - New Livery Concept! Kit - Revell Thai A330-300 1/144 scale Engines - Braz 2 x RR Trent 700 Decals - F-DCAL 787 Dreamliner Gulf Air This model started life a rather shabby Air Mauritius and this was the original conversion from the -300 to the -200. Engines were different again from the original kit. thanks for looking!
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    New models of AMG. Bf.109B & Bf.109D
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    Hi all! Here is my recently completed Flitzer. A nice quick build, especially since I only added seatbelts! I used the kit decals and painted with Tamiya paints. This is my first attempt at black basing and spraying the mottled camo. I sprayed through my Badger Renegade airbrush and really like the results. Tried to get nice, scale-sized splotches. Thanks for looking!
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    Dear all, A build I have been undertaking between other projects just completed last night. This is Eduard's 'Weekend Edition' of this particular kit - and what a great little kit. All fits together nicely and was something a little bit different in terms of aircraft genre. As a mainly OOB builder, I really like these Eduard weekend editions as I'm not a great fan of PE parts, and are cheaper to boot. I'm no longer using PB to upload images, so this my first use of another photo hosting site 'Imgur'. Regards Dave
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    Convered using Hamilton Hobbies fuselage plug. I just couldn't find the love for this one I cut a lot of corners finishing it. I know it's a Viscount but there is just something about this model that either does not seem right or just doesn't "do" it for me. The only thing I am happy with is the decal design..I found this a really attractive scheme.. I enjoyed that. (thinking of doing a B707 in this scheme now) anyhoos, I am calling it done
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    I really enjoyed the small Airfix kit. No issues during assembly. The decals are from the portuguese maker BlackCat decals.
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    This is the Tamiya Pz III L kit. I built this as sort of a test bed for my Tamiya paint mixes, track link armor ideas and additional camouflage in the form of trees and such. I used a lot from my spares box and scratchbuilt the jerry can rack. I used Bronco jerry cans for the first time. Not impressed.... Model railroad scenery was used for the tree limbs. Very fragile, it took all morning to accomplish what you see here. Pz III L, 7th Company, 1st Battalion, Panzer Regiment 8, 15th Panzer Division, Tunisia, 1943. G
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    Hey Tony just out of interest, as I've had a few people enquire, what is the exact type of carpet you have in the lounge and wallpaper in the hall way, plus the exact colour match for the paint. Nothing to worry about honest... just that quite a few of us have expressed interest and wondered where we could purchase copies for replacements for use in our homes cos they look so good after some prisoners on day release local community volunteers popped by and urm...nothing to worry about...oi Bill is that the neighbours at the door again...oh it's the police this time..oh..er..yeh Tony they're on a neighbourhood watch visit...got a go...nothing to worry about honest...tell Mrs Baron everything is okay...
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    6th Update. Weathering and Tracks. Before proceeding to the weathering stage, I added a camouflage net and a tarpaulin made from tissue soaked in PVA glue to the left hand side of the hull rear, and some crew kit wrapped in tarpaulin to the rear stowage bin. I also added straps to the latter before painting both lots with acrylics. The handles on the pioneer tools were painted cream and then wiped with burnt umber oil paint. The same treatment was given to the gun cleaning rods. The dust cover around the mantlet was painted with a canvas coloured acrylic and then given a dark wash. I kept the weathering fairly simple because most photos that I have of these tanks show them with just a dust covering. A dark pin wash didn't really show up on this dark green, so I applied a thin line of raw umber oil paint around ventilators, hatches etc, and then blended it in with a brush dampened with thinners. Various MIG pigments, Europe Dust, Africa Earth and Gulf War Sand, were applied all over, paying particular attention to the lower hull. Final couple of jobs were the aerials (Accurate Armour), and the tracks. I used the T54E1 tracks from Panda who supply sufficient number of links to cover the A4 lengthened hull, and still have some left over. They can be assembled without using glue so that they remain semi workable, because the end links are a snug fit. Once assembled, I sprayed them with a mixture of Tamiya black and brown and then coated them with a slurry made from MIG's Gulf War Sand. When it had dried, I removed most of it with an old tooth brush, then assembled them around the sprockets, idlers and suspension. The metal chevrons were rubbed with an HB pencil as were the parts of the wheels that would rub against the links. One last item. The headlamp lenses are 3.5mm ones from Little Cars. And that's just about it. I used up a lot of spare parts, but I also used some parts from complete kits, so there will be a few more Frankenshermans in the future. Now all that remained to do was to put it on a suitable base and add a figure for scale effect. Thanks to all for following along with the build and I'll be posting it in RFI soon. John.
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    TRUMPETER WESTLAND WYVERN 1/48 I have previously posted a couple of completed FAA models on BM but this is my first WIP - I only decided to do a WIP when I was part way through this build - there have been quite a few nice builds of the Wyvern on BM since its release and my main interest was in improving the wing fold detail to make it more realistic plus a couple of other refinements. I think this is a nice kit of the Wyvern that captures the feel of this heavy turboprop aircraft. REFERENCES I used the 4 PLUS book and the From the Cockpit publication on the Wyvern as well as some photos I took of the TF1 prototype at the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton in 2006 – also found some clear walk around photos of the TF1 on the Prime Portal website. After a lot of searching in books and on the internet I found it almost impossible to find "in service" Wyvern close up photos showing wing fold details – there are Pilots Notes available but I could not find any maintenance manuals that are available for some aircraft like the Sea Fury and Spitfire. I scaled up the 1/72 plans 150% to 1/48 scale on my scanner THE BUILD SO FAR I used the Wolfpack WW48014 resin cockpit & Eduard air brake etches - still deciding on how much detail to add to the wheel bays as the inner u/c doors will be closed - brake lines were added to the undercarriage legs. The exhausts for the engine were replaced by K&S aluminium tubing I also reshaped the end of the inner flap fairings by adding plastic to the bottom of the fairing as they looked too pointed to me WINGFOLD BREAK The wing fold details are therefore based on the TF1 which I assume is basically the same on production aircraft but there are some detail variations particularly on the outer wing flap – the main aim was to get rid of the over scale parts (E21 B25 & B29) representing the hinges. I used the kits aerofoil sections for the wing break (parts D14, D15 & D16 &D17) as I think they give a quite accurate cross section of the aerofoil – I also missed out seeing parts E12 & E13 that provide detail at the wing break which could have saved me a job making them. To give the wing fold strength I used brass strip and wire incorporated into the wing hinges which were fabricated from plastic card and strip – jury struts were made from K&S brass wire and tube so the plastic hinges only needed to be cosmetic and don’t carry any load. Once this basic structure was sorted it was just a matter of bit by bit of scratch building the detail at the wing break with plastic strip & rod, solder wire, copper wire from electrical cable etc until it looked busy enough from a viewing distance of about 18 inches (450mm approx.) SOME EXTRA PHOTOS OF HINGE DETAILS Brass wire and strip reinforcing the hinges holes drilled for the brass pins and cut away area around hinges to accommodate the fold sketches of estimated shapes hinges and wire reinforcing Photos I took of hinges on the TF1 Wyvern at Yeovilton 2006 Hydraulic lines are made from lengths of copper wire twisted and soldered each end to make it easier to handle - the photo below shows prepared copper wire to represent hydraulic lines to go into three different holes in the outer wing The thicker cable is from solder wire Photo below shows some hydraulic lines installed in an outer wing panel - the brass etched pieces are from an old Airwaves wingfold etch for the Wyvern - I have no idea what the flap looks like at the wing break at the so used this piece from the etch - the flap on the out wing panel differs between the prototype and production Wyverns. I think the wing fold is just about done except for tidying up & final fitting out once the angles are checked and the wings go on permanently. thanks for looking CJP
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    While the forum was flooded with beautiful Tamiya Tomcats I was finishing the Hobby Boss F-14A. Goal was to make a accurate Persian Tomcat, so the choice was the Hobby Boss one. Added with Eduard Sidewinder Niner Juliets to represent the Iranian operated Pappa's variant the job was done. Besides the Sidewinders some other Eduard add-ons were used, Aires exhausts, Wheelliant weighed wheels, and Hi-Decal, well, decals. Hope you like!
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    Hi all! My latest two completions, a pair of RAF highback Mustangs. First up is the Accurate Miniatures Kit converted to a Mk.1 using the Ultracast conversion. Wing panel lines filled to simulate the putty used by NAA. Eduard Seatbelts, prop and exhaust stolen from an Eduard P-39 kit. Tamiya paints including a home-made 'Mixed Grey' from Tamiya MSG and Black. Decals from the Spares box to represent and aircraft of 26 Squadron. AM148 later became a test aircraft for Rolls-Royce. I'm sure this is a lovely kit however my butchery to fit the Ultracast conversion didn't help!!! Second is the Tamiya P-51B built as Mk.III. Wing panel lines filled again, Eduard seatbelts, Rob Taurus vac canopy. Tamiya paints and Techmod decals to represent the aircraft of Sqn Ldr Bohdan Arct of 316 (Polish) Squadron. He bailed out of this aircraft and was captured in September 1944 after an engine failure. Not much else to say about the Tamiya kit, it's an absolute beauty! As with the Fw190 thread, apologies for the out of focus pictures. It's 50 degrees outside and I don't want to go back outside to take new ones! Thanks for looking, Chris
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    Hi all, tis is my last model. The plane has been riveted and AK product used for chipping. The plane is the mount of Major Saito commander of the 85th Sentaï. Cheers. DSC_0005 by jean Barby, sur Flickr DSC_0003 by jean Barby, sur Flickr DSC_0004 by jean Barby, sur Flickr DSC_0002 by jean Barby, sur Flickr DSC_0001 by jean Barby, sur Flickr
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    I only just found out, doing a flickr test now, see if this works ok whitley finish top by Jon Howes, on Flickr So with this I can see flickr works really well better images too. Go flickr guys
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    Thanks to everyone for the kind support over the past few weeks, it's been greatly appreciated. I've re instated some of my threads but this will be an ongoing process for a while. Anyway enough of that! We has some bench time. not a lot but some. I figured the internal cloth would be kind of dirty white as all pics are BW but look that way do I pre shaded in a lighter brown. then using a Tamiya mix of deck tan and white we arrived here. looks wonderful to me not because it's particularly good but because it's a model, and I'm painting it. feels like it's been an age. Any road the wooden parts got a coat with a hairy friend. im going to add some grain to the front and back black up the ammo in the pouches then gloss coat ready for the first dark wash. before that I dry fitted the fuel tanks. all looking good. As I said not much but it's great to be back at it. Thank you so much for sticking with me and popping in to have a little look. Going through all my old pics and popping them on Flickr has really lit my Modelling fire again. Looking forward to more of this beauty. Take care guys and as always, happy modelling. Johnny's back!
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    Hi folk's,put a wash in the detail just to add a little depth to the finish.
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    Spotted this kit for sale on BM, and thought it would be something different for me to build. Owned by A.L.E in Stafford, so a local connection. I saw one of these a few years ago, real heavy haulage! DSC_0001 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0003 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0008 by richellis1978, on Flickr Thats 2 models so far this year! Shall be in Truck Model World Magazine in due course
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    Well this really is my first RFI for ages, I've been battling with this mixed media kit for months and finally given in, definitely going to stick with injection kits now I've removed this from the loft lol! Ive had this kit for ages and finally decided to build it last Christmas to go with my Airfix F6 - to be fair the kit goes together ok, just my cack handed modelling that made it more difficult. The base kit was actually an F3 but I wanted to do an F1a as I had a spare Airfix F1 fin. So with that in mind its probably not 100% accurate, I shortened the ducting on the lower fuselage but theres probably more I should have done. The Eagle Eyes among you will probably notice the markings on the fin are not quite right for an F1 either, they are modified F3 decals kindly supplied by fellow Britmodeller Rob G (Cheers mate!). All OOB apart from the pitot tube. Paint used was Revell Aquacolour Aluminium & Silver and yellow and black for the spine and fin. Anyway, here is it, only managed to get a few passable photos :-)
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    No problem at all guys. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed playing around with Photoshop, so the pleasure's mine!
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    A Heliotrope is a metaphorical balloon attached by string to a small child... and can someone please identify what I just trod in?
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    I just had to add this.....
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    Mrs B says thanks guys for the Birthday wishes - very kind of you Thanks Bill and Nigel - pleased to have you watching Thanks Ian - is it that they're legless or because of the all over tans? Hmmm. the crew have now been finished and are ready for seating: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr TT asked if the moulded bomb aimer had a face: Uh, yes, if you squint. This damned heat is slowing me down and my task today has been sorting out my 1:1 DIY tools. Load of junk but some good and treasured old tools. In danger of actually doing something with them if I don't put them away again quickly!
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    I was walking past and heard a noise and came in to investigate. I think you need a few bin bags to clear up the mess. And who painted the bath heliotrope? Trevor
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    First coat of blue paint. Elected to go with Humbrol Oxford Blue enamel. Might not be strictly correct but was good enough for my dad when he built the same kit 45 years ago....
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