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    I actually go to work to get away from the stress of modelling.
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    Hi all, I'm a long time admirer of the work displayed here & have taken ALOT of inspiration from the astonishing work posted. I've only ever built 1:20 F1 Cars & "thought" that an Aircraft would be pretty similar........I was wrong! Pre-shading, Post-shading, Weathering all things I'd never had to deal with before, so I'm very grateful to have had your work to refer to. I'd wanted to build a Spitfire for a while & thought that G-ILDA would make a good subject. I started by using the 1:48 Brigade TR-9 Resin kit but felt that the Hasegawa Kit it was designed for seemed a little, basic. So I complicated things by using the beautiful Eduard 1:48 Spitfire & having to file, Sand & fill just about every joint & mating surface in order to make it all fit. As if that Wasn't enough I was determined to add the stunning Eduard Merlin too. This caused Headache after Headache & although the Bodywork/Cowl still need work it's vastly better than it was! The Forward Cockpit is the Brassin upgrade set & the Rear is the "original" standard Cockpit chopped around. Eduard three spoke Wheels were also added. Nothing about this is standard & although it still needs work, it's pretty much completed. Weathering has been kept to an absolute minimum simply because SM520 is so beautifully maintained, if anything the Exhaust Soot I've added is a little on the heavy side. I used Windsor & Acrylic Varnish mixed to my own taste (the Matt was TOO Matt, the Satin TOO Glossy, so it was a suck it & see approach). Anyway it's taken about 18 Months (on & off) hope that you enjoy. Thanks for looking.
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    Well hi everyone! my builds are mainly focused on little planes with roundels on and mostly from the ETO/MTO, however I got sent some Transfers in an exchange from a lovely chap in Chicago... you may know him? Procopius is his name and he kindly offered to send some mozzie transfers in exchange for a set of Hampden ones i had. i was surprised to find a number of other sets it the envelope for B-24's that flew in the SEA theatre, what a nice guy! so Mr P consider this for you and your growing family... since getting them I have really wanted to build the below Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr I mean who wouldnt?! its got a massive sharks mouth! I have been hunting for an affordable lib kit ever since.... so while taking a jaunt round Telford with CedB i noticed a bargain, as Ced said they are bargains for a reason, and this ones reason appears to be its bomb aiming window is short shot... Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Not an issue as the front turret is also the wrong type and the astro dome needs moving forward to the nose, so I bought the squadron vac form set which should sort all my issues!? Its winging its way to from hannats as we speak and should be here tomorrow! Anyway, I have 'Balls out' to finish, the revell P-47 and a wild cat that's nearly there, so once they have been sorted i will start this.... wish me luck as its a bit of beast, and its my first four engined bomber in some time! I will get shots up of the kit and extras once I start this.... if anyone has any watch outs about the kit then please let me know! Rob. P.s. I think i may have a SEA phase coming up.... Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr
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    Inspirational work Tony. Reckon a light sand with micromesh, future coat and matt varnish, you won't notice any rough edges or imperfections. Don' forget you are magnifying them several fold, and those damn macro shots never cut you any slack. Think I'll have a go at masking and painting roundels myself sometime. Seems I'm not the only one who's noticed your black gloves. Maybe you'll get some kind of cult following. Though I recommend you get yourself a proper haircut:
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    Spitfire builds really are a powerful force for good in this world.
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    Decided to attempt scanning my slides in date sequence where poss. The ones below were taken around the June time of summer of 1975 on one fine Sunday with a couple mates. We did this sort of thing frequently all year round but this particular day was fun and I hope you all enjoy a trip back..... First, Upper Heyford..... A couple 17 Squadron Phantoms made it worthwhile. One was XV467. Then on to Brize..... Among the Brits I logged this day were XL638,657, XM496, 516. Among the Belfast and VC s were XR808 and XV103( not those in the above pic!) for the 10s and XR365 Belfast. A few miles drive took us to Lyneham.... Comet C.4 XR398,399,396 and another. All ending up with Dan Air!!! Meteor T.7 WF825 Above and below, around the other side of the airfield... Other herks logged were,XV183,188,203,207,215,291,294,296,301, 302, 304, 307. Note the slight variations in the way the camo was applied! With one of two Iranian Herk visitors. The other was 5-129 ..and this USAF one passing overhead. This Varsity(WJ889) with a flat looking nose too. I think this was at Brize. The nasty flare in the pic was due to the camera back opening I think. It was a nuisance as it happened several times while I had the Zenit E!!! Which got replaced by a Nikon FM in 1978/79. On our way home we stopped by Farnborough to get this Hastings WD480 parked out on the North side if I recall right. Cheers for now many more goodies to come...
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    This is from Paul Bellamy who is something of an authority on this kind of thing. Can't reply as not a member, but have answered the same question with the same photo before. Pyrotechnic candle rack for mickey lead ship. Tail guns not removed, just lost in the shade of the plane behind.
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    A nice photo of XH135 with the LOROP and data-link antenna John
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    Never a truer word was spoken. Those roundels and tail flashes look great, I haven't got around to trying this yet but you have done a sterling job on the colour and shape of these Tony. I might have to give it a shot. I see PC seems to have noticed those high end cat burglar gloves too. It looks like the Barra is being shown off by David Niven in the pink panther. Brilliant, very European. Really looking forward to this coming together. Bravo. Johnny
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    Now I've done it. Just got home, got an Ikea chest of drawers to build, but I've opened up BM and am now transfixed by this education on the Canberra. Worse still, there's no beer in the house... Justin
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    1/35 AFV Club M35a1 Vietnam Gun Truck with Bravo 6 and Verlinden figures along with an awful lot of paint brush bristles. Thanks for looking Si
  12. 2 points
    Hello All, Time for a new cockpit, using card, leftover bits from the new Blenheim and other scraps. Compared with the cockpit supplied with the kit: It's going to be wheels up so I need a pilot and bomb aimer. I ended up using a pilot from a Lindbergh Me410 with arms from the Revell RAF set: Thanks for looking, Adrian
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    I've not been keeping up with your prodigious build-rate Rob. This one looks really smart. I feel the need to point out that the hot water decal method is not my idea, I think I pinched it off some-one else.
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    pretty much finished transfers now, they were a bugger and if you can spot the one I got back to front well done you win a prize! Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr there are touch ups needed and a good matt coat to get rid of what has become a less than desirable gloss coat from the decalfix.... nearly there chaps, also see if you can find my new project in the WIP section!? its a bit different for me Rob
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    Can't be that as I never bothered getting the Airfix kit and consequently not reading any reviews on it, having gone straight for their 1/48 kit instead. Martian
  17. 2 points
    @canberra kid all of the drawings you post are useful! Keep them coming, we'll make the definitive PR.9 reference thread. OK, getting close to closing up the fuselage. Any gotchas (significant modifications) with the Airfix kit before I do this? Not asking about panel lines or the tailplane root attachment debacle... From photos, XH134 in her retirement scheme doesn't have the antennae by the nose gear doors (the long rod on three stand-offs, I assume it's an antenna of some kind) so I'm not going to drill out those mounting holes. XH134 looks to have two rather large-ish intake scoops, one on the lower starboard front fuselage ahead of a hinged access panel, and another on the port side just below and towards the rear of the canopy. A similar intake scoop appears in photos of other aircraft in the mirror position of the one on the starboard side, but XH134 in her scheme doesn't seem to have that one. Blade antennae get added much later... Cheers, Bill PS. @Martian Hale Remember the question early on about the fit of the canopy on the Xtrakit model? I just test fit the windscreen on the Airfix kit, and I was greeted with a rather large gap. The cross sectional curve of the bottom of the windscreen doesn't match the fuselage very well. I wonder if that is what you were recalling?
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    Not easy, but here you go...
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    Cool - Thanks MM. Phantom it is then. Markings are as follows I'll see if there's another GB where the Tomcat fits in
  20. 2 points
    Wow! A bis looking bis! What a difference! Would you care to show all 3 "modern" MiG-21s in one photo to really appreciate the subtle-to the non expert- differences? Thanks!
  21. 2 points
    Work on the fuselage has progressed. Just a bit of rescribing before undercoat. I've also boxed in the main wheel bays. I will do the front wheel bay too when I get around to it. The wings and engines are also complete, well glued together anyway. There is quite a bit of tidying up to do. The grey lower halves seem slightly larger than the green upper halves, so some trimming and sanding to be done there. On the whole I'm quite impressed with this kit. I know there's a bit of manipulation (sanding and filling) to get the result, but, the plastic is quite soft and to be honest the kit is a pleasure to work with. So far
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    You do yourself a disservice! I have now lined the open bits roughly with plasticard, which will be trimmed, thinned and blended in in the next stage
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    You're an evil, evil man.
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    I don't know if it's any use to you, but the Tangmere museum website has a virtual tour of the Canberra cockpit: http://www.haraldjoergens.com/panoramas/canberra/files/
  25. 1 point
    You're lucky Bill in that you have picked a fairly precise (and well photographed) timeframe in XH134s life, ie summer 2006, so ascertaining the precise fit is relatively straightforward, some nice pics here http://www.on-target-aviation.com/Marham_06.html I think the lower port towel rail antenna had been removed by the early 2000s, you can see where it has been removed and the supports plated over in one of the shots of '169 above.
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    Found you! Good luck Rob, I'm sure you'll do a great job
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    I built this last year...the Tamiya F-16 is a magnificent kit. I love what you are doing here. The paint scheme is excellent. Look forward to seeing her complete.
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    Must have something to do with evolution... that's life I suppose Rob
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    Yes, the F-13 would be great. Not for me, as I've already built the Trumpeter one (for all its faults), but a Mongol would be tempting! If I wasn't sick of masking MiG-21s and I didn't already have lots of other kits to make, I'd be really tempted to get an SMT. Eduard did a fantastic job with these kits. Jon
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    I thought the windows would be too small to bother with an interior but now I'm not so sure. If I can get good clear windows in then it might be worth putting something in - build a base & slide it in pre built. I am going to model it with the door open, so could leave the cabin door open inside so you can see a bit. Its the windows - too big to feed some clear rod through & cut & sand, very tricky to cut out plastic sheet & stick it in. Plus need some advice on glue to stick it in. I have heard pva as it dries clear, but not sure if you will be able to see through plastic sheet & pva. I guess the interior should look like this
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    Good luck! You're brush painting this, aren't you? Once more, good luck! Ciao
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    Liking that a lot! Lots of little details crammed into there!
  34. 1 point
    Those wings look sharp, still can't get over how big it is! Enjoying this one coming together
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    wow! thanks a lot! you are working flawlessly! I really appreciate if manufacturers care for differences, even though in this case some Am from CWS was necessary to achieve he desired result! of course the nose and spine are the most prominent ones, there aer also different wing tips, pitot tubes, correct load out etc! ! I only did the SMT yet, but plan to do the hole familiy in the end.... hopefully Eduard will eventually do the F13 and U/UM models as well!
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    I will keep posting Bill, the best thing with the aerial fit is look at as many potos of her at the time as you can, but you know that. The other but unles James beats me too it I'll post some photos tomorrow. John
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    Now where have I seen something like that before? Hang on...
  38. 1 point
    I think I will make sure it's all warm from now on lol its funny really as I didn't have any problems through December and isn't any colder now than it was then. Shaun
  39. 1 point
    Those tanks look absolutely fantastic, so good in fact that if I could, I would "like" them twice! Martian
  40. 1 point
    Ah! Did I neglect to tell you? The struts were a good 1/4 inch short on my kit and had to be replaced with scratch built ones. Maybe they were short shot but they didn't look like it.................. Martian
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    nice! waiting for photos patiently! looking at your album I see ┬┤very interesting stuff coming! just need to change one number - hint!
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    It's a nice kit. The good thing about Tamiya ships is that the parts fit, which isn't something I'd stick my neck very far out to say about some alternatives. Plastic surgery is well and good on aeroplane models, but ships are more complicated builds and ill-fitting parts are an absolute pain in the backside on a ship. The Tamiya Bismarck and Tirpitz kits are pleasant builds. There are some known inaccuracies on the Tirpitz kit in particular (i.e. it's too similar to Bismarck whereas the real Tirpitz had more differences) but if it's a return to hobby build and you want to have a straight forward build without headaches, I think it is probably suitable for what you want.
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    Hey man, Sorry to read about the paint problems. We all learn it the hard way This is basicly why I don't build models during wintertime. the car looked really nice. Mike
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    wow! Brill, weird spaceship. Is this Boba Fet's ship? Like the weathering....
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words especially, after such a long absence. I'm a little surprised at the number of views to my little thread since it was relegated to obscurity due to inactivity. Hopefully, my future planned builds will be more timely updated. Poul, The Ferrari is still sitting on top of the display case so, I see it every day. In the past, my normal way of doing things was to have multiple builds going on at the same time and really never finishing anything. These Pochers are so big that, there really isn't room for more than one at a time on the bench so, it became a matter of work space room that, put it aside. I also have the Aventador paint project that is open, I sort of started detailing a Bugatti engine in one of my Bugatti kits, the Alfa Monza and another Mercedes possibly converting it to the Special Roadster. I have a lot of plans and semi started projects that are vying for my attention. The 935 that, I'm working on, was started before I started the Mercedes and I learned so much about detailing and scratch building. As I look at it now, I realize that, I would build it completely different if I were to start it today. It was a basket case kit that I bought from eBay and resurrected it into the Paul Newman Hawaiian Tropic Le Mans car. It's OK but, not up to the level I feel that I could do now. But, it's just another kt that I want to finish before I move on to another project. I have a question for you now, what's the status of your Alfa Coupe build? Chas, Love your Rolls and thanks for the tip on the MMC wiper blades. It looks like you are rounding into the home stretch on it after a long run here. It will be a great finish but, a sad day to see it go. Rich, I can't wait for you to finish the Volvo so, we can see you get back on the Bugatti! Thierry, Speaking of Bugatti's, you are spoiling us with your great work on adding details that, some of us never thought of i.e. a working hand brake! Who does that? I can't wait to see what you do with your new toy. Schwarz, Thanks for you comments. I know there are a lot more of you guys out there that, have commented over the last couple of years and, I'd like to thank all of you for your encouragement. The one thing that, I discovered building this car is it is a huge time commitment and a big learning curve. I made a lot of changes that, complicated the build that, most wouldn't have done but, the end product was worth the effort for me. Thanks all
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    Phew, glad you had the wrong canopy. The first one looked like a real stinker. Great work. Jont.
  47. 1 point
    I did once patch a cracked exhaust weld with a blob of milliput, stopped the racket until I could get it rewelded
  48. 1 point
    The picture before the comparison is very bat like!
  49. 1 point
    As they are prone to do...!! More excellent detail work happening here Crisp. It's a real pleasure watching all these bits & pieces getting added - & actually learning what they are. While I can add all the details I want from looking at piccies, oftentimes I have no clue what they are, so it's nice to know for a change! Keith
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    Hi John, I have a Viscount on the go currently but wasn't aware of the nose and wings issues. I'll follow along with you and hope to learn more on this kit. As to Chris' builds, at least mine have their wings attached! Here is my 1:144 air park, all waiting in the wings (pun intended) for me get my act together or build the courage to try airbrushing. With regards to decals, I don't worry about those, I don't seem to ever reach that phase! Mike
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