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    Hi Folks it's cooked. mainly OOB with gunze paints......airscale many thanks to Peter and the seat belts....set... kit fitting is quite good.....decals were great......instruction was poor at best......overall ....enjoyed the painting process....the best as always.....will put the tanks on soon.....just wanted the base to look a bit full....anyone got relevant 1/24 figures pls let me know....can't seem to locate any..... pics sorry for poor quality....weather not very good in my part of the world today thanks a lot folks and a special thanks to Peter from airscale for the panel....it does a lot for the look of the cockpit ..I hope it's presentable enough best regards Brian
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    Hi all, Here is my recently finished Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-21F-13. The decals are Begemot and the wheels are Eduard Brassin. The finish is Mr Color Silver/Steel/Gun Chrome. A full write up can be found at https://jonbryon.com/trumpeter-148-mikoyan-gurevich-mig-21f-13-fishbed-c/. Comments welcome Cheers Jon
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    Hi All This is my fourth build since returning to kits after many years and I'm really enjoying it, very relaxing and therapeutic! Well this one is the Hobby Boss M4 High speed Tractor which I just fancied the look of to be honest. It was a great kit, excellent value with the included PE, chains, paint masks, colour chart etc. great value. This is my first play with PE, god it's fiddly isn't it! I still have a lot to learn with regards to weathering especially rust effects which I tried, binned and gave up un but practice makes perfect? Overall I'm reasonably happy for a fourth attempt. It was painted with a Tamiya rattle can and brushed Vallejo acrylics but have just invested in my first ever airbrush for future builds! Mainly OOB except for some spares box weapons and accessories. I scratch built the tarpaulins and weapon slings using thin lead sheet and bought a set of Verlinden 1/35 WW2 US maps and documents. Anyway I hope it's ok and thanks for looking!
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    Dear Fellow Modellers Stimulated once more by the wartime film of Lancasters based at RAF Hemswell being prepared for a raid, I decided to try and bring the Airfix Matador Refueller up to scratch. Cue much time sanding down over thick mudguards and returning tread to the tyres. Steering wheel from Hauler and driver, wing mirrors and bridge weight marker from Dan Taylor modelworks. Am pleased to say that the Matador is still a nice kit given a bit of love and care, hope you agree? Hope you are enjoying your bank holiday? I spent part of mine working on the Airfix C-47 which strangely seems to need lots of filler, at least in my case Regards Andrew
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    Hello everyone I'd like to present my latest model Kit Tamiya PE Eduard Zoom Gun barrel Master painted with enamel MM and Humbrol and Mr Hobby decal Tamiya and old MSAP a few photos of the finished model: enjoy the photos.
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    Hi All I have been doing this for a while now after seeing the excellent Dual Meatbox build diaries by the Baron and Spadgent. I picked this up fairly cheap on Ebay and have enjoyed putting it together, it has been built mainly OOB with some seatbelts, boxed in undercarriage bays, U/C front door modification to include the landing light cover and two lights added to the front U/C leg. Some filler was necessary although it was not too bad. I sanded off the subtle raised panel lines,I was going to pencil them in once the Matt varnish had dried but it was slightly tacky still after a number of days and would not stand the handling so did not bother in the end. The decals settled really well. Painted using Humbrol enamels and a hairy stick as usual. Thanks for looking All the best Chris
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    As I walked past the bench I thought I have some patience... so I used the 'Steve scraper' to sort out the airbrake problem mentioned by Chris in post #101. Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr That (and the seat problem) probably confirms this is the same design as the 1/48. The problem with the airbrake is that it's a tight fit laterally and the vertical 'hole' has flash around it and possibly isn't deep enough? The ninja scraper is great - just stroke it up the join and you can see the plastic shaving off. Press too hard and you'll dig in. You also need to be careful that the other 'arms' aren't scraping another part of the model. Ahem. Nothing a quick sanding won't cure. I then thought I'd tackle the intake flap thingies. Now then, of course a perfect modeller would have made sure that the intake separator was exactly in the middle and a perfect kit would have parts that were the same size. Unfortunately neither applies here. Those little pins on the flap fit in little holes inside the intake. Luckily the lower one, which is slightly wider, fits in the right hand intake which is also slightly wider. The left hand one isn't / doesn't: (All relative directions are as per the instructions with the model upside down). You might notice that the sidewall on the left is slightly inboard. Aha! If I push the part in then the sidewall will be pushed out flush - result! Future modellers note - this requires a force of 1.234 Newtons*; any more force and the part will ping into the fuselage and need to be rattled out again (ask me how I know). After some cursing and dry fitting I decided to replace the parts with scratch built flaps using plasticard and some spare PE. Nah, just kidding (of course), I glued 'em in: No patience left. * I have no idea. Just don't push too hard.
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    This is my contribution to the recent 80's NATO Europe vs Warsaw Pact GB. It’s the Italeri 1/72 Harrier GR.3 No. 1 Squadron, Norway, Winter 1986. The build thread is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001709-arctic-harrier-putting-the-cold-into-cold-war-italeri-172-harrier-gr3-no-1-squadron-norway-winter-1986 There’s some great builds in the GB across all scales and subjects, something for everyone. As for the kit. Well it’s a kit of two halves really: nice details and fine panel lines in parts, flaws and imperfections, and noticeable details lacking in other areas such as cockpit and wheel wells. Plus it’s covered in sink marks like it was infected by some strange virus. Good fit for the most part. Decals went on well. Overall nice kit and build. Added minor details such as a few bits and bobs in the cockpit. Modified and scratched a woeful seat; few lights from clear sprue, added SNEB pods as the kit doesn’t supply any (the one is wonky so I’ll have to correct that). A few spikey aerials from beer can foil, pitot from sewing needle and opened up a few vents and ducts. Humbrol enamels throught with the exception of some Tamiya NATO black and Alclad. Weathered using pastels and varnished with Alclad semi-matt. Thanks for looking.
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    Hi Folks This is my recently finished Swiss AF F-18C made from the new 1/48 Kinetic kit. This was a tester build for me to gauge the new kits strengths and weaknesses so it was primarily OOB. The only thing I added was the Pilot from the spares box and the sensor for the JHMCS helmet, an MV lense behind the clear part for the spotlight and a couple of minor missing lumps and bumps. The decals are from the kit and worked pretty well. The mount was something that came to me while researching pics of the Swiss hornets in action. The twin ALE dispensers under the intakes were done with spare decals rather than the etch items supplied in the kit. Sorry for the dodgy pics but this thing is too big for my light tent so please ignore my bench in the background. Hope you like it. Cheers Andrew.
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    As a 17 year old, you would be surprised to hear how many youngsters are picking up the hobby Kind regards, Sam
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    thanks guys for all the lovely comments. The food festival was wonderful, lots of nice real ale, cheese and pickle was scoffed. As for the prowler we are nearly done, a quick Update tonight and I think she will be finished tomorrow. Any hoo, we has wheels! Front, with flaps and the like. And side. And all together. Excuse the dark shots but it's getting darker earlier. I have been thinking about adding those "remove before flight" tags. I knocked some up in Photoshop dinner time, printed em out onto some paper, cut em out at the bench tonight, painted the rear and sides with a bit of Tamiya red and glued a bit of EZ-line on the back. Small but perfectly formed. It looked pretty so I made some more. I tried to zoom in on the words but they are pretty small. I'm letting the wheels dry before I do seat belts, fit the canopy and hang the Christmas tags tomorrow. Thankyou for joining me on this here epic build. I have a few ideas where I'm going next, trust me it'll be smaller and less CrAzY. See you all tomorrow hopefully for the final ish update. Happy modelling guys. Johnny boy
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    This is the new Tamiya AMX-13 French Light Tank. The model was built straight out of the box, the only additions were the aerials. Painted with Tamiya paints, weathered with a Flory wash and a Tamiya weathering set. Thanks for looking. Here is the link for the WIP
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    Hi There! My name is Pete Mortlock,I come from the town of Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire England,and this is My first WIP on Britmodeller! As to the topic title, those in the know will see where I'm coming from, for those who don't it's -- --- .-. ... . , which spells out M-O-R-S-E....... Yes, I'm doing a Tamiya Mk.2 Jaguar in what must be the best known one around, in memory off the Late,Great John Thaw, who left Us (Unbelievably) 12 Years ago, and sadly missed. Modifications to the kit will include:- Vinyl roof ,created with semi-gloss black paint Steel wheels, modified from Fujimi 14" wheels up to 15" diameter Chrome hubcaps, My first go at plunge moulding - Scratch-built Wing mirrors And printed number plates. The Kit:- The wire wheels are stunning,but unfortunately not being used on this build :- Using these instead with modification:- Decals (including woodgrain), metal Decals and carpet included:- I will be cracking on with this from Today! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
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    I had this old airfix kit of the hunter hanging around and decied that as the decals were out of register I would cobble togeather the markings for the Raspberry ripple aircraft XE601. This is not a faithfull reproduction of the aircraft there large gun casing mouldings are still there and I have not modified the kit in any way except to put in a white metal mk4 martin baker seat that I found in the kit. this is the first time I have used acrylics and enamals on the same kit and it seems to have worked ok. Normal 5ft viewing distance please Many thanks for looking Rodders
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    Finished this morning. Massive fun too build and greatly recommended as a kit. For the full build see here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234994592-vought-xf5u-1-flying-flapjack/
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    This is my Olifant Mk1A constructed using the AFV club Centurion and a conversion set put together by a good friend of mine in South Africa. was a lengthy build but I'm pretty happy with the end result.
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    Hobbyboss 1/48 plus resin wheelwells, MER, bombs, zoom in cockpit. Camo - Cpt Vic Vizcarria - Thailand 1966 - Takhli AFB
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    Hello, My last model : Special Hobby 1/72 Mirage F-1CZ Decals : Xtradecals and some stencils from Albatross Paint : Gunze (Mix) and Alclad Accessories, Pitot tub from master, and Resin ejection Seat. Great kit, I simply applied Mr Surfacer on the panel line to decrease engraving. Hope you enjoy this kit too Ivan
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    Thanks Rob (PM me if you really need the cubes!) Thanks Tony It is growing on me... quite pretty really, and the wing shape... Thanks Chris It is going together quickly... or perhaps I'm not bothering too much? I hope it's the former! Hi John Missed the nap for an air display? Fair enough... Thanks Giorgio Thanks John Thanks Leon Thanks Benedikt I don't know if it's downscaled... Biggles seems to think it is? Thanks Jaime, very kind Very little progress today as I'm faced with lots of fiddly little bits and need to fill my patience tank. I did fit the pilot and test the canopy fit: The pilot's a bit small and even shorter as I had to cut his legs off below the knee to get him in. Don't worry though - there aren't any rudder pedals in this kit anyway...
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    No.230873, Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor, No.1 Beaufort Company, Auxiliary Territorial Service, March 1945. Tamiya 1/35 Tilly, SKP Models Princess Elizabeth.
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    I managed to finish off this vignette yesterday so here are a few pics of the finished article, more in the completed builds thread. I had a bit of a nightmare trying to fit the side windows so eventually I used some very thin plastic sheet to make my own and put them in the lowest position - much easier!
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    Things are finally getting back to normal - family gone back over the pond, work piling up and more trips on the horizon, but sneaky old me managed to find some time for muddling, sorry modeling. Not a great deal, but some... I had been plodding about with the tail planes and the issue I had was that the resin parts were designed for the Eduard/Gavia kit and I had the good old Hawk version. The locating tabs for the tail planes were different. The Hawk kit had great big thick locators and the resin parts had two thin locators offset from each other - I guess they fitted one on top of the other in the Eduard kit.... but not here. In the end I drilled the resin parts, added a small piece of wire rod, filed to a sharp point, and pressed that onto the kit (after marking where the Hawk kit parts lined up. - small sharpy pointy thing here.... With the kit suitably marked, I then drilled out a hole for a larger piece of brass rod as you can see here. There will still be a little bit of phnargling around when the time comes to (eventually) fit the tail planes but at least they will be secure. I also fitted the sliding shelf and a small radio looking thing at the rear of the observers position (of course never to be seen again once the ledge gets fitted) I think I'm almost at the point of being able to throw on a coat of primer to see what's what and all that. However, I noticed that there were a few greeblies hanging off the underside which were not (unsurprisingly) represented on the kit. First up was this small panel just aft of the cowling - I scribed the panel then followed that up by adding a small section of bent wire as there appears to be a small fairing or summat around the front edge on the BM walkrounds. A few more panel lines were scribed - I'm getting better but still not anywhere near as good as some of my esteemed colleagues on here. That panel line just behind the undercarriage looks awful in the photo. I used some stretched runner to fill in the original gap then rescribed - you'll just have to take my word for it that what you see is the stretched runner that looks bad, the actual panel line isn't that bad - I'm putting it down to a badly fitting panel hammered in place by some grumpy rigger. Also added at this stage are the four small rectangular parts - I'm assuming they are some form of panel fastener. I did actually try and make them line up a lot better than they are, but again, looking at the photo's o the walkround, they don't look too neat on the 1:1 so I'm going to live with it. The camera port was added by drilling then lining with styrene tube - there is a small etch panel to go over this later. I think it should have been more offset but I had a wandering drill. Now, the big white panel and the two "runners" may be a point of contention... the drawings I have show a sliding panel, they also show a panel which supposedly folds out with a small ladder - and I have seen reference to both of these in a few threads and other material. That said, there seems to be no definitive photo's showing this arrangement, and the best photo's I have seen (so far) merely hint at the hardware. So I'm taking a bit of a liberty and decided to show these - mainly just to add some visual interest on the bottom half, which will likely never be seen anyway. What is absolutely concrete though is a number of holes and cutouts on the 1:1 - now they may, or may not be present on the Mk II, but again, visual interest wins the argument for the day. This one caused me a bit of consternation and a fair bit of mind work trying to figure out just how to do it.... There are two slots, one on each side of the fuselage. Well, they are more ovals than slots, but at this scale..... My initial plan was to shape a small piece of brass, heat it up then push the brass through the fuselage. Luckily I had a few trials on some scrap kit plastic - the plastic is so thick and so hard, that I had to heat the brass up to quite a high temperature before I could get it to start melting plastic. With the brass that hot, any slight movement on my part deformed the slot - so I put that idea to bed. Next, I tried another option.... drill two holes, one at each end of the slot, then cut out the plastic in between. Much easier to write than to do... but I got there with a mixture of drilling, scraping and filing. Whilst enjoying the photography in the walkrounds, I also noticed that the kit rail for the sliding canopy was a bit iffy, being about half the length it needed to be - and also didn't look very good. I searched around for suitable materials, hoping to find some tiny plastic strips somewhere - but to no avail. The best I could find was this small diameter wire... which means superglue! AAaaarghhhhhh Now, knowing my history with that 'orrible ca stuff, I decided I needed a more robust attachment method, and came up with this crazy idea... Masking tape marked out the extents of the sliding rail - I then drilled a tiny hole at the rearmost point of the rail. The wire was then bent at 90°, and another 90° at the forward end where it met the observers bay. I tried to make the forward bend just slightly short of the length needed, then I used a three square file to make a notch on the rear frame of the observers bay. (and you can see here that I've also been drilling holes all over the fuselage to represent fasteners, and other such greeblies). While we're here - I also removed the very nicely engineered rivets from the vertical stabilizer and did some more scribing around the tail. The notch allowed the "rail" to sort of click into place, and the tension, small though it was, helped keep the rail straight. More masking tape was applied around the rail so I couldn't see any plastic, then I ran ca glue up and down the rail in the desperate hope that some of it would seep into the gap between the rail and the fuselage. The masking tape was then removed and a small stop added to the end of the rail. Now, just how long that will all stay in place is anybody's guess.
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    Hi folks,well I went through a host of possible contenders for build number two all would have to have been online sales and incur extra postage costs so I decided to stick with my local shop and the 20% discount he gives on Revell kit's so for a very reasonable £18 this beast was sat on the shelf and caught my eye,first impressions on opening the box were very favourable. Crisply molded on a very matt white plastic there is no flash to be seen and some beautiful detail on the smaller parts especially the fan blades,all this topped of with a great decal sheet. Is it small or was the TU-144 large? Box and contents. Hopefully the TU-144 will be done in about a week then I'll post the start.
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    A destroyed T-72 during Desert Storm. Revell 1/72 kit with lots of scratchbuilt details (built by a friend of mine).
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    At home, Tolkein's Silmarillion (my handwriting in the front dates it to 1984); Leslie Alcock's "Cadbury Camelot" (report and interpretation of the excavations of post-Roman fortifications at South Cadbury) and a collection of medieval poetry. At work, the GLP Regulations, the SANCO guidelines (825 and 3029), revised SANTAE 11925 document and OECD 202 and 211. Don't go there. Just don't...