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    Hello all This is the Airfix kit with the Eduard etch set, plus some sprue for the wing fold piping and a 90 degree pipe that protects toward the front face of the port rad. I really enjoyed this build and now fancy having a crack at some of their other 1/48th Spits, so if any of you have any in your stash you want to sell, let me know. Quite fancy the PRXIX next. My intention on this build was to make this with a factory fresh look, really taking my time on the paint job. The result is probably my neatest build yet. I have to say I thought the PE set really was essential. The improvement to the cockpit was really something, and did make it look wonderfully busy, typical of a British aircraft of the period. I don't know why it didn't open the cockpit door In addition, if you wanted to fold the wings, it provides proper ribs for the wingtips. If I made this one again (I probably will by cross kitting it with the Spitfire XII to make a Seafire XV) I would attach the catapult spools after the roundals are applied and use black newspaper print instead of the decal to make the walkway. I have done this before and it makes a much more realistic appearance.
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    Good evening everyone! I present to you my last finished (honestly not fully finished: I bought and waiting for а US Navy P-6 catapult ...) model: Thank's for your attention, Sergiy (48).
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    Revell(ESCI) 1/72 CASA SF-5B, ALA 21, Spanish air force, early 1970s. 2016-08-29_09-48-00 by mudkiper, on Flickr Build thread Thanks for a fun but intense group build.
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    Hobby Boss Me163 Komet (x2) 23 hours 45 minutes...... Thanks all.
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    Good Evening one and all, Just thought I'd share a few pics of this build hot off the bench this afternoon. Airfix new 1/72 Defiant built straight out of the box, my only deviation being a set of Eduard Masks for that pesky greenhouse turret and canopy (there was no way I was doing that myself!). This was an on/off build for me but could easily be done in a couple of days. I chose the night fighter scheme as I like black aircraft and the shark mouth was a bonus. Painted Tamiya NATO black and certain panels picked out in slightly different shades to break up the plain finish. Panel wash was a mix of light and dark grey Flory washes, panel edges and chips done with a graphite pencil, and some pastels for exhaust streaksand underside dirt/grime. Anyway I hope you like her, need to get back to some jets next, enjoy the pic's and feel free to comment/critique as you wish. Thanks for looking, Eng
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    thank you chaps and good evening managed to spend the Bank Holiday at the bench, so a little more done... I noticed from the pics that the 3D print layers can be seen on some of the recesses of the wheel hub so these were dressed with thick mr surfacer... while they dried I made a start on the gear doors... again the fabulous monforton plan helps me cheat really easily by scaling and copying...here the door gets transferred from printout to metal.. ..soon had both outer skins done... ..the bottom of the doors are actually curved so after lining the lower inner areas with another part with raised rivets I made a curved former for each side from thick card.. ..the gear leg sits in a curved recess so I pondered and practiced how to make it - the top pic shows a test where the litho is bent in a folding tool to give neat edges to the curve and then it is impressed with a rod onto a foam pad.. ..the lower pic is the real part having been pre-detailed with raised and recessed rivets ready to have the curved recess formed... ..the part was then backed with plastic and the depth skinned with litho... ..the bottom edge needs finishing, but you get the idea... ..the leg sits in channels on the upper half so that is a job for tomorrow... ..the curve of the door may be seen here along with the door relative to the leg & wheel... ..and a dry fit to give me some encouragement it all fits... ..hopefully soon I will get the airframe sat on it's wheels TTFN Peter
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    Old tool Airfix 1/72 Airfix Hawker Typhoon Built for the Blitzbuild Group Build. Following the end of the Second World War and the expiration of lend lease the Fleet Air Arm found itself short of effective fighters when Hawker announced a lengthy delay to the delivery of the Sea Fury. The Seafire was more than capable as a fighter/interceptor but a dedicated ground attack aircraft was required. However, along with the delay of the Sea Fury, Hawker offered a navlised version of the Typhoon to help fill the gap. Similar to the Sea Hurricane it featured a strengthened rear fuselage and a arrestor hook was added. It's long nose was initially thought to be a problem but for a generation of pilots raised on Corsairs and Seafires the actual issues were minimal. It was not a particularly suitable carrier aircraft and many pilots missed their dedicated naval aircraft. Its greatest failing was a lack of folding wings, a feature Hawker was not able to institute and the Navy decided it could live without in what was essentially a stop gap. Because of this, it was difficult to get the aircraft into carrier hangers and they often were left on deck for extended periods with a tarpaulin cover for the cockpit. Decals from the spares box and scratch built arrestor hook. Tarpaulin and rope are stolen and painted felt and wool from the good lady wife. Thanks for looking.
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    That was too close for comfort
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    I used to work for a company called Mettoy (Playcraft, Wembley Sportsmaster - Corgi were part of our company) and have done work for Airfix. Dale Luckhurst gave me a personal tour of the Margate site some years back, including the Tool Room where the old moulds are kept. Darrell Burge helped organise a visit for the Airfix Tribute Forum. I was discussing the Victor / Vulcan topic with the guys on the Airfix stand at Telford (SMW 2015). They didn't confirm that a Vulcan is in the pipeline, but that it had been considered when the Victor was proposed, so we know its on their radar.
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    I remember that Duck Jaime, beautiful Alclad work - thanks for posting some pics and welcome aboard. Thanks for the kind words David, I just found your Lightning, pretty dang convincing NMF there my friend. I hope you don't mind me linking to it. Speaking of Lightnings, Hockeyboy may have built one of those.
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    Hello,Friends - Today has seen the completion of all data and detail work on 'Dagger'.The photos show her after receiving her final coat of 'Klear' in readiness for her finishing coat of 'Xtracolor Enamel Satin Varnish'.The work on the Ejector Seat will be concluded this week. This is the final photo update on 'Dagger's WIP. I'll apply the Satin Varnish as soon as my commitments allow.This may be up to a couple of weeks but I'll put her on RFI as soon as I can.My sincerest thanks and appreciation to each and everyone for your very kind and loyal following,it's very much appreciated and respected."Happy Modelling!" All the very best,Paul.
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    Congratulations indeed. I agree that it does look great in those colours, a job well done too. Scotch pie? I feel disappointed with myself for not representing the North East of Scotland properly by failing to have a buttery for breakfast and a battered mars bar for my pudding. Next time
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    I stayed up until 4 AM playing it on Friday, if you need any advice on how to manage the time. I'm more of a Hearts of Iron 2 man.
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    Leave it with me. I shall consult the PTBs.
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    Absolutely, I am very lucky in that respect as she is very supportive of my hobby and is always on the lookout for kits in unusual places and bargain prices. Karl
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    I'm in! I'm fascinated by NMF aircraft and a great fan of Alclad paints, primers and varnishes. My only NMF build until now is Airfix's 1/72 Grumman Duck, which was also the first build in which I used Alclad paints (RFI here): Cheers Jaime
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    done with 15 to go! : 2016-08-29_09-44-15 by mudkiper, on Flickr more pics the gallery.
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    Should we pencil in a date yet?
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    And now, the engine has been mounted on the frame, using MMC cast bronze engine mounts I had to adjust them because they did'nt perfectly fit on the frame: There's a particular issue with the inferior arm of the posterior mount - too long, and I had to amputate it a little, otherwise it would have been impossible to force the engine into the frame Furthermore, I hav'nt followed the kit's instructions to fix the mounting supports on the frame, and I've placed the four screws on the inner side of it, and the bolts on the outer side. So, we cannot see screws that do not exist in reality
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    Welcome aboard Hockeyboy, Avereda and David! I kind of thought interest had dwindled on this one, but you've given it new life. I'll add you folks to the list. I'm looking forward to what each of you will build if this goes through, and what you'll name your pilot Hockeyboy.
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    P.s. The shoes are from the assumed crash site of his PR P 38 lightning that crashed on the way back from Berlin, through the to have been taken down by FW 190. It was found a long time after his disappearance so very little was left of the inhabitant however it was and American P-38 with RAF Uniform found amongst the remains and the area ties in to his area of operations. It was also thought that he went missing during an attempt to fly back to Malta, after the Berlin op, to see his love on the island. This fits with his MO however is probably speculation.... Great story though There are literally SO many great stories about this guy... From saving downed beaufighter crews by flying his unarmed spitfire over the Italian fleet to pretending to crash land in Greece for a booze run! He was once shot at by an aa gun in an unarmed spitfire, got back to Malta jumped straight into an armed spitfire flew back and destroyed the position so it wouldn't be a problem for others.... I need to stop going one really Rob
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    Demasked and cleaned up with - well a former girlfriend's make up brush. And here they both are together.
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    Great group build! Would definitely take part in another. I found it quite remarkable that I struggle to complete a 3 month GB but in just under 24 hours I completed one (almost two) kits!? Well done to everyone who took part, it was quite a tough one and have to say the support and the atmosphere in the GB has been great. To me, almost felt we where all in a room together building these. Roll on blitzbuild II
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    Hi folks! The WWII is my favourite theme, so I decided to participate in this GB with the KV-1 from Trumpeter at 1/35 scale. I started with the lower hull and suspensions: It seems to be a quick build, since the fitting, the castings and the instructions are great.
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    The best way to get all Japanese decals ( Fujimi, Hasegawa, Tamiya etc)to work as they're supposed to is use hot water and the correct setting solutions. You'll need a bottle each of Gunze Mr Setter and Mr Softer. Micro sol and others won't work as they're formulated differently. Do not use Gunze on Microscale or Cartograf decals as it will chew right through them. Dip the decal in hot water, it doesn't need to be boiling but it does need to be fairly hot. The temperature of a drinkable tea will do. The glue is heat activated and is what makes up most of the thickness. If you dip it in cold water you'll spend the rest of the day waiting and cursing. Lay down some Mr Setter, this is in the blue bottle. It acts as an additional glue. Slide the decal onto it and into postion and leave it alone. The decal should wrinkle a little. Give it 10 mins or so and go over the decal with a brush with a little Mr Softer (green bottle) on it. Use sparingly as it is extremely hot. Too much and it will damage the paint, especially the weaker acrylics. The decal will now wrinkle a lot. Do not touch it as it is almost liquified at this point. Once it is dry it will have smoothed out and will lay down beautifully over just about any raised or recessed detail you care to think of. Used properly it is probably the best conforming decal process in the industry. Used incorrectly and you'll be just another guy complaining about crap Japanese decals.
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    As I can't think of anything else to do I am going to call her finished. After doing a little bit of research I decided upon the current Airfix scheme used in their big scale 109 kit, namely Humbrol 117 US Light Green. The original Matchbox instructions were for a standard two tone scheme, but after seeing a number of colour pictures I decided the single shade of green looked more interesting and was more likely to be the scheme used on the actual aircraft. Once the paint had cured I give it a quick rub down with wet and dry paper followed by a Halfords fine finishing pad. No varnish etc was needed as the surface was completely smooth, the decals went straight on with the help of Humbrol decal fix. A little light weathering was then added to the panel lines and around the engine area. The rubbing down and priming of the bare plastic paid of quite nicely, the panel lines are now very subtle and the finish given by buffing rather than varnishing the paint is what I was looking for. ]
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    well some progress is better then no progress [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url]
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    You didn't need Facebook just the email addy photo@italeri.com to send suggestions/pictures....however the closing date was the 27th Aug 2016 Edit: Didn't know Italeri had short list options on Facebook....still rooting for a HH-3E/F!!!
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    Cheers guys. I ended up binning the model but have already started on the next one which will hopefully workout better. Practice makes perfect and all that.
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    We all get this kind of model I'm afraid (well I certainly do!) that tests your patience! Keep at them and you'll only improve. That's all I'm doing mate, look forward to seeing another wip from you one day, don't think your wasting time, it's up to the forum members if they want to read it or not
  34. 1 point
    She's a beauty! The F-102 was my favorite airplane when I was a kid, and that Monogram kit never looked better. Great job.
  35. 1 point
    HB didn't supply roundels for the top of the wings and the only ones I could find had yellow outer rings, doesn't look too out of place...
  36. 1 point
    They are great dude. Seeing all these posts with food in I have some serious food envy going on.
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    Could it become a regular August Bank Holiday build?
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    Thanks Colin and David, much appreciated. David I think your idea for hiding the nasty seam sounds good and I am torn between trying it and fitting the cover, I would also add the blanks for the intakes as I think the red blanks would make a nice contrast with the winter scheme. I don't have to decide yet as there is still plenty to do before I get that far, I have fitted the skid section this evening and the fit is not the best so there will be some filling and sanding to come in that area. Craig.
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    Add me in please, no idea what I would build though i have a Sabre I could do or a 1/144 Stratocruiser Wayne One of my NMF builds, using Alclad
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    Hi James Camouflage looks really good. These schemes make for a very interesting looking ship. Well done. Also used your tip on bending and worked a treat. Thanks Cheers Guy
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    Hello,Jaime - Many thanks to you as always.If I get a chance to get her on RFI any earlier than I mentioned,I will do so and announce her 'arrival on the ramp'! All the very best,Paul.
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    I bought a bunch of cheap revel and Airfix 1:72 kits so that I can practice on something that I don't mind ruining. At a fiver a pop I'm not going to loose any sleep if a clear coat goes awry. So far I've had good success with Gunze "Mr Super Clear" from an aerosol and Tamiya clears XF-86 and X-22 airbrushed. I've yet to try the X-35 satin but that's next in line.
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    A T-18 in 1/72.....Don't think so mate, we've only just got a T-60. No worries about the BA build.....You've clearly been a busy man, and this model more than makes up for it. PS - Actually I was mistaken, there are not one, but two 1/72 T-18s: Sometimes these little chats can get very expensive can't they!
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    No problems here. I put them thinned in my airbrush, gloss, satin and matt. All are flawless. I must have one of the few good batches by the sounds of it. EDIT: I've tried using their khaki paint recently and it's more like a gloopy green colour akin to a Citadel colour.
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    Mmmm. I have some rollmops in the fridge. Good luck, it's looking great!
  46. 1 point
    Those decals certainly have the mummy's curse Adrian. Late to see this but enjoying your work. Ditto John's comments - never printed decals but edging closer to trying so very interested to see you results. Good luck! Tony
  47. 1 point
    Aargle..reading that review you linked PC I felt a surge of O'Brian/Reeman/Montsarrat - esque enthusiasm. And then looked at what free time I had that it might occupy... 'Oh tempus, thou cruel despot!', as John Dryden wrote in his brusque and little-known 'Revelries of the Eye, or: In Memory of Those Lost to Nautical Simulation.'
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    Excellent work Craig, I love the building of the snow skids, really adds some nice extra interest and they also look bang on! For the exhaust, if you didn't want to fit the cover (which would be nice too imho, a plus if it hides something undesirable) if it were me, I would try to thin out the rear first then roll a very thin bit of plasticard inside with the join seam on the (unseen) upper part, hopefully then it will be a nice smooth cylinder, though when it is painted a dark exhaust colour not much will be seen I guess. Just some of my thoughts to your question , look forward to it progressing and the snow scheme!
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    No need to worry, If you let it dry for a couple of days. You can paint and seal it over after sanding it again. If you are working with rattle cans on old diecast, this happens more than you would have liked to have. And on and on and on! And the second time or the next it works. Murphy is a motherf***er for his kind of law!. Cheers Edit : Ehh Is that right with my grammatics? Something sounds wrong I will have to use my old grammar books (1982....) to check it out. I should have read them steadily till then. hhhaaahhhaaaaa
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    Demasked and cleaned up a bit And here they both are together.
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