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    Hi everyone, Just finished this beast and as many others have said it's a stunning kit, superbly engineered... in fact the fit is so good you probably could assemble it without glue! This is my first Russian aircraft build ever, I've never had any interest in building one until I saw Mikes excellent WIP on his Foxhound and just had to buy and build one... thanks Mike!!! Painted with a mixture of Tamiya, Alclads and Akan paints, although I couldn't find the Akan grey anywhere for the main colour so I used Tamiya XF-83 RAF medium sea grey which I think looks a pretty good match. Weathered with pastel chalks and an oil wash for the panel lines, the only additions I made were decal dials on the instrument panels and Tamiya tape seat belts. Thanks for looking, as always comments and criticism welcomed. gazza l
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    Hello everyone. I've been sorting out old kits to record them for my website before they fall apart. I unearthed these two, built about ten years ago for a series of Silver Wing models I completed. They're in pretty good shape, the TM two seater a simple conversion by tilting back the wings, cutting and detailing a second cockpit, adding new panels from thin sheets of plasticard and a new tail. I can't remember what paints I used, probably a combination of Halfords BMW Silver spray and Alclad. The decals for the TM came from the kit and spares box, whilst the 29 Sqn markings for the single seater were off a very nice RAFDec sheet. Rigged with fishing line darkened with a sharpie. Probably one of my favourite Airfix kits of all time, it still makes into a great model. Haris
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    This is my OOB build on a Trumpeter kit one and a half years ago. Plese follow the link for more pictures: https://www.facebook.com/liu.andy.3701/media_set?set=a.622234411258761.1073741829.100004166226490&type=3 I hope you like it. Cheers
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    This is my recent OOB build, a Trumpeter kit in average quality. Please follow the link for more pictures: https://www.facebook.com/liu.andy.3701 Hope you all enjoy it. Cheers
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    Hi! Just finished this Myrsky (finnish for Storm). It was the only finnish-built fighter to serve during WWII. I painted the kit using Gunze colors. Any comments appreciated
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    Tomorrow at Newark Air Museum there is a V Bomber tribute event. As part of a display in have built the three bombers, in flight. As I'm waiting on glue to dry, this is the only one in a fit state to be photographed. It's the ubiquitous Revell/Matchbox kit, converted to B2 with a Freightdog conversion kit. Flightpath Resin intakes replaced the kit's ones, which are painfully inaccurate. Airdecal decals for 139 Sqn have been used. Overall, a horrible experience, which I never intend to repeat.... On to the pictures.
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    A little progress: - fuel cans - tools - fire extinguisher base - wheels - more weathering
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    Hi Pals, I finally finished the kit, to my taste. Not exactly as would have imagined that over, but I like the end result. I tried some new methods for me as the most severe pigmented and do some snow. I also decided to add at the end some leaves and dried herbs, to see what they looked like, and ... there they stayed. The kit is OOB except for the slogan in Cyrillic As a final point, I have taken pictures with a SLR camera, which is, I think, the perfect complement to a finished work, for good or ill. Thanks for commenting and watch, and the support and good wishes in the thread. Included link to WIP, and vice versa the RIP To WIP: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001060-white-hunter-red-heart-isu-152-zvezda-135/ Some shots on detail.... Cheers to all
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    This turns out to be as much a tour of my reworked patio as the Aeroflot airliner. Not only is the photo lab patio changed around, so I lost where I used to take pics, but my brother bestowed a new camera on me recently. I need to break down and read the instructions - the thing has so many buttons on it, one can't even pick it up without pushing two or three of them and setting off all sorts events. ( I'm a bit of a Luddite I'm afraid ). So besides some rebuilt fencing and iffy masonry, may I also present the Aeroflot Il-62, 1980 Moscow Olympics official carrier. The Zvezda kit is just a delight to work with, and the decals were one of the new Liveries Unlimited sheets. Great detail on the sheet, but something odd with the glue used, The decals would form an immediate and immovable bond with the first thing they touched, so a lot of floating off the backing and, rinsing for want of a better word, saw things right. Cockpit windows from Authentic Airliner Decals. Really love this new 3D look for realism. . . . . . and the 'with something else' shot - her stablemate, my other Zvezda Il-62. The Il-62s operated by Air India did not look exactly like this - but they should have. Thanks for taking a look, Cheers, Mike
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    Here is my latest build... and sadly the first finished build of 2016, but the year isn't over yet. No complaints with the kit, it's just Tamiya's Jug. I used Eduard placards, TD wheels, Aeromaster decals, and a quick boost seat. Colors are OD over Neutral gray with medium sea gray camo on top. It's a scheme that's been done before, but I like how much color it has. Brewer took the pictures for me, thanks!! Thanks!
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    Cheers guys, this may be a bit of a challenge for me, both to achieve results that I can live with and to remain motivated.....Fortunately there are a couple of new or imminent releases that will help on both fronts: A pair of these should be with me fairly soon. Next month I shall mostly be ordering (four of) these: So I think you can confidently expect to see a Pz.II Ausf L Luchs here before terribly long.....However in the mean time, this: Off now to sweep a layer of dust (and brutally hacked up IJA autogyro pilot figures) off my desk and get some fresh plastic out.
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    Hello,Friends - Having enjoyed the build experience of 'Voodoo',I'm making this subject my second WIP..She will be finished in ADC Grey in ANG Markings.(Unit to be decided) I'll fit home-made intake blanks and a needle will replace the plastic pitot but the rest is OOB.I look forward to this build and hope you and I will enjoy.The 'dry-fit' gives me an insight of the task ahead and I'm looking forward to it. All the very best,Paul.
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    Hi all, the next project on the bench is a commission build, it is for the new release Airfix Mosquito. I have the original release in the stash so while I had a chance I compared them to see if there was any difference. From what I can see they are the same with just different decals options, the new release includes decals for the IP gauges which is a really nice touch. The first release allows you to do a specific night fighter but those parts are included in the new one as well. I have worked out it should take around ten weeks to build, it will be a strictly OOB build with just one after market addition and that is the RB Productions Sutton Q Harness. I could of used the figures in the kit but they never look right to me. I downloaded the new Tamiya Mosquito Manual as I use Tamiya Acrylics and it made it easier to get the right colours. The only exception to this thus far is the cockpit green, Tamiya recommend XF-71 but this looks to dark. I did a bit of research and found that the older 1/48 kits had a mixture of the following to make up the green, XF-5:1, XF-65:1 and XF-21:3. I mixed up a test batch and it looks spot on and a fair bit lighter than XF-71. As normal I have started with the cockpit, I have applied a coule of washes and the seat is dry brushed a little. The same for the seat. Taking shape. The IP was quite simple and made better by the new decals. Cockpit complete for the most part, there are other parts to add but these cant be done until the wing is on as that provides the rear bulkhead for the cockpit. It has surprised me just how long it took to get this far, the Airfix kits have seriously thick sprue joins so each part once clipped needed a little bit more effort to clean up than usual. With that done I mounted the various parts to the side walls, I managed to find a suitable decal for the compass in the spares box. Test fit. Tail and fuselage bulkheads. Lastly for this week was the Sutton Q harnesses. Very fiddly and time consuming but I think they will finish of the cockpit nicely, I just need to join all the parts together. That is it for now. Regards Danny Attree www.modelmasteruk.com
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    While I wait for the local hobby shop to get in my preferred Gunze Sangyo paints so that I can continue with my F-16s for the Cold War GB, I thought I'd do a tanky thing. I had planned to do the 1/72th Tamiya Sturmovik for this GB, but I'm a bit aeroplaned out right at the moment. I have here the CyberHobby JSU-152 '3 in 1' box, with a bonus set of Red Army figures. This one was in my stash cull box, but not as a serious contender - if someone had bought it at the last swap meet, no worries, but it didn't have to go. Therefore, seeing as I's still got it, it'll be built. All reviews tell me that this is a nice kit, the only significant flaw (according to Cookie Sewell, whose opinion I respect) being the too-small road wheels, which can be mostly fixed by the addition of plastic strip to bulk them up a bit. That will be the first order of business, then we'll proceed from there. There's a choice of 3 variants here, the Big Mother JSU-152 with the 152mm howitzer, the leaner (but not much lighter) JSU-122 with the 122 mm AT gun, or the JSU-122S (the sports model ) with a different version of the 122mm gun. I'm going to do the 152mm version because, why not! Kit comes with Magic Tracks, which are apparently not too painful to assemble, and it looks pretty nice - Dragon do good work as a rule. Blah blah history, I won't bore you with it, those who already know most likely know it better than I do (not difficult), those who don't but want to can look it up (lots of stuffs out there, including videos on YouTube), the ones who don't care either way... don't care. It was a WW2 AFV, with a big gun, and it played a major part in the Russians' successes against the Germans during the war in the East and on into Berlin. The 152mm version was especially useful in the house to house fighting that was engaged in during the final days, where its short barrel was better than the much longer barrels of the 122mm variants, which often had problems getting around city corners. The tentative plan is to do it as a vehicle mid-way through having its winter whitewash applied, stuck to a base with a couple of figures in the process of attempting to hide 47t of stronk Russian tenk with old brooms and a thin coat of watery paint... The box art option gives me the whitewash over green that I want, and Mr Dragon tells me that it's a vehicle from the 384th Heavy Artillery SP Gun Regiment, Czenstochova, Poland, 1945. On with the pix. Box. Instructions and decals. Plastic bits. No detail closeups, it's a plastic tank and I'm sure we're all familiar with what that looks like. And just for interest, the 122S gun (left) vs the 152mm howitzer, showing the length difference. Well, that's me away again, building photos as they happen!
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    This is my attempt at Mark1s excellent Wessex. I built this for the helicopter GB. I added Brengun's PE etch set for some extra detail, although one night the PE fairies stole one of the wipers. In the end they were so small I remove the other. Chin whiskers are from a paintbrush & the rigging is Lycra thread. Painted in Humbrol 69 from a rattle can. Any mistakes are all mine. Please enjoy the following, it was a pleasure to build & all in amazing 1/144. C&C's welcomed
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    Gentlemen, Frankly spoken, Sabres are my favourite jet aircraft with a particularly soft spot for the Sabre Dog variant. Accordingly, it was more than a happy event when both Monogram/ProModeler and Revell of Germany released a new-tool F-86D in 2001. Monogram released the earlier "round tail" version and Revell the later version featuring a distinctive parabrake housing introduced with the F-86D-45. 53-1001 in its 1956 livery when being deployed to Yuma AB for live fire training. "Texas Terror" was the personal mount of Col. Grover Wilcox. Later in 1956 53-1001 was converted to an F-86L. The kit offers a wealth of finely recessed surface details and overall fit is outstanding, safeguarding an enjoyable build right out of the box. Nevertheless, I replaced the kit's cockpit with a Black Box office. IP and IP coaming came from an Eduard PE set. The decals came from an Eagle Strike sheet. Item #48069. In order to replicate the natural metal finish, I used three different shades of Alclad II: Duraluminium, Airframe Aluminium and Semi Matte Aluminium. In order to highlight individual panels and joints I used Gunze Smoke. The model was finished with a final coat of satin varnish "à la maison" consisting of Polly Scale flat varnish, TAMIYA X-20A thinner plus a whiff of Future floor finish at a (by approximation) 60:35:5 ratio. Having another dozen of these kits in my stash, definitely not the last Sabre Dog taking off from my workbench. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Erik
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    ICM Model plus some goods and scratch to Cavalier. Aztec decals. Camo - 100-hour war between Salvador and Honduras on the border areas, also known thanks to Ryszard Kapuściński as the Football War. Aircraft on both sides remember IWW. Often the conflict is referred to the last battle of piston aircraft. El Salvador gained Cavaliers to quickly and from what I read it flew them American mercenaries. On delivery all had wingtip tanks , in the operation have been removed to improve maneuverability. I invite you.
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    Another Lightning!!!!! This one I built fairly recently, About three weeks ago. Its the Sword 1/72nd kit and decals. I am abit disappointed with the decals mainly due to the oversized bars flanking the roundels! I only noticed the error after they went on. Hopefully I'll find proper sized ones and replace them on the model. Also I reckon the blue of the roundels a bit too bright. I opted for XS452 as it was one of the Lightnings I had fun clambering over it in 1968 at RAF Coltishall while on ATC camp that year. We were also allowed to sit in one of the first four Saudi two seaters! At the time I was acqauinted with '452, it did not carry the Firestreak tally on the fin but I used the kit decals regardless.
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    evening folks Many thanks for dropping in ... I just do my thing, and I am really glad you like it.. I have been doing a little bit on the Spit - I want to get some of the sidewall laid out so I can start working out how to build it up into a module to slot into the cockpit section I cut out of the airframe.. ..I needed to finish the U/C control so used maskol (a rubber like masking fluid - very useful) to cover various bits as I sprayed a couple of black shades.. taking off the first mask.. ..and then things like the handle and connectors.. ..I added some of our airscale placards - I do have one on the 1/24 set that says 'Chassis' but I think it is too small so might look at other options as I also need an 'Up' and 'Down' in fairly large letters too.. ..because much of the base construction was in nickel silver etch rather than brass, it weathers really well - I am toying with changing all my new 1/24 brass panels to nickel silver too as I think it is a much better medium? ..I had already fitted the mounting lugs to the sidewall so started to dry fit what goes where.. ..and this little section of cockpit is starting to take shape... ..need to think about the many layers & plumbing of all the parts as a whole so I don't tie myself in a knot as there is a lot of detail to go... TTFN Peter
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    Hi fellow modellers! Iwould like to introduce you my recently completed Cessna A-37B Dragonfly. This is a simple and straightforward kit to build. It has some fitting problems, but that´s fine. I added some Eduard PE to add a nice touch on the details. The only problem with this kit are the decals.... the worst i have ever used. i tried to improve them by painting over the silvering they left. I hope you like it and every comment is welcomed! Best regards form Uruguay. Ignacio
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    Star Destroyer Kuat Imperial Class Bandai Box Scale (1/14,500) Here's the SD, after a rather speedy 4 day build. Lovely kit, albeit rather on the small side (11cm long). It's sitting on the supplied stand for now, but I'll make something more presentable for it in the future. You can find the brief wip here Thanks for looking Andy
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    Thanks for the very kind words gents. Glad to hear about the airbrush R0ver. They are worth every penny. Enjoy! I thought I had posted a small update last night before going to bed. But I must have shut the laptop without actually hitting the "post" button. Previously I was about to try and mix a light orange to match what I had painted before. It was a mix of four different colours but I hadn't anticipated much of a problem. After all, I managed to mix a new batch of dark orange easily enough. Why should this be any more challenging? Well, I was wrong. I spent four days trying to get something close enough to the light orange colour I had used previously. Four days of mixing, spraying, tweaking. More mixing, spraying and tweaking. After four days all I had done was build up the thickness of paint on the one wing with no end in sight. After a day of contemplation I knew there was only one decision. Start again. While initially bummed out I quickly got excited again. I knew exactly what to do. I love airbrushing. I could incorporate a few improvements I had thought of over those four days. And I'd no longer have to worry about matching the previously used orange. So the troublesome wing was stripped a second time. Then it along with the fuselage and second wing were given some primer. 20160521-MJS_4341 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr As you can see I picked up some of that lovely Vallejo metallic paint Andy reviewed in his x-wing blog. Over these base colours I added fairly small splotches of liquid mask. Next was a thin layer of light grey. I figure most x-wings come painted in light grey so it would be neat to have a little of that as well show through the final black and orange. More liquid mask chips were dabbed on with a small sponge. 20160522-MJS_4342 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Following the light grey, about four or five shades of black have been sprayed on. 20160522-MJS_4345 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr As before, I will be tweaking and playing with the black quite a bit more. I had planned this update to go up a couple hours ago but Flickr wouldn't let me upload any new pictures. But that problem seems to have finally sorted itself out. So despite my short absence I've actually been rather busy at the bench. Despite the setback... ok, despite another setback I think ultimately I'll be happier with the final result. Stay tuned for more! -matt
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    Thanks Matt. Me too, or at least eager to get it wrapped up. Too many other things ready to be started I've weathered up the generator thingy and the steps. I added the aforementioned Imperial logo, which was chipped then faded a little. I think it adds a bit to the story of the scene. There are still some areas that need extra work. The silver cap on the tanks had only just been painted when I took the shots, so still needs a wash added, and some of the instruments on the end panel (not seen on this shot) need picking out This is a rough layout of how it will all sit on the base. I might still twist the orientation of the base plate a little, but I don't want the X-Wing to be turned so far that it's corner on to the frame. I'll make up the revetment wall next, and see how it looks with that in place Andy
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    Oohhhh! What a fool am I !! Today - just TODAY I discover the superb use of Dymo strips in the field of scribing! If only a good friend had put his hand on my shoulder and said:" Hans - we've been friends a long time now, and there's something I need to tell you! There's a thing called Dymo and it's great for scribing models" And I would've stood there with awe and admiration in my eyes over the wealth of wisdom coming from him. But it'd didn't happen so I had to find out the hard way! I was wondering if I couldn't use tape to hold my ruler as I scribed, when it suddendly dawned upon me - DYMO!! Anyway - that's what I've been up to - anything new in the world? Cheers Hans J
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    Hey hey, we have a result! This was after the first two coats of Alclad - I used Airframe Aluminium (darker shade) and Polished Aluminium. You can see how the uneven primer coat comes out in the finish. The even parts of the airframe have come out lovely. A lot of the spoiled paint is now hidden under this coat of Mr Metal Color Stainless, used for the darker, dull aluminium of the main spar area. The underside came out very well indeed. So here are the main parts completely painted - the panels aft of the main spar are still showing the uneven cover, but I am going to paint them with Mr Metal Color, or possibly foil, or a combination of both. I LOVE THIS SHINE! Engine masks off - I've left the de-icing boots masked until I've finished all the metallic painting. So - my verdict is this was a save of biblical proportions. I'm very happy continuing with it in this state. Thank you all so much for the positive reinforcements, advice and support. This is up there with my highest modelling achievements, going from disaster to near-triumph rather than the other way round! Al