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    Here is my latest build - the fantastic Academy F-4J - Showtime 100. This particular aircraft needs no introduction. Parts and fitment is stunning - only required a very slight touch of filler in places. Kit decals were not the best and some required gallons of Microsol to help them bed down. The JR release of this kit has Cartograf decals..... Painted using Vallejo Model Air and sealed with Alclad Aqua Gloss. I have added some spare PE for the belts and used thin wire for the ejector seat handles. I also based the loadout on what was carried on the day of the mission. I really enjoyed this build and who doesn't like a Phantom....?? Thanks for looking guys. Phil
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    Here is my effort of producing an F86A in 1/72 scale. Life started from Academy's F86E kit and underwent some modifications; tail-plane activation fairings were removed, slatted 6-3 wing back dated to early slatted wing, front windscreen with one from Pavla and for good measure, a K-19 gun-sight fitted. I added a little more detil to the cockpit. The mods took a bit of an effort with filling and sanding but we got there. The overall NMF was achieved using Metalcote paints from Humbrol. Decals were a mixture of Matchbox for the serials and 'Miss Louise' and the rest from the Academy kit. The Matchbox black & white band decals were too small and so these were painted on instead. Not a bad effort for my first NMF aircraft, room for improvement. Comments are most welcome.
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    Hello This is my Wingnuts Fokker DVII. I decided to build it in American colors and install an American engine. I used parts from the Wingnuts Liberty V-12 accessory sprue and scratch built a new crankcase and manifolds to make a Liberty-six engine. I started this back in the fall of 2014 and have returned it to the box many times. Finally done. The national markings are Yellow Wings decals. The rudder stripes are painted and lettered with Microscale decals and Woodland Scenics dry transfers. Thanks to David Hansen for his advice on mixing insignia blue with Tamiya paints. ( I found an 8 to 1 mix of royal blue and black to match the Yellow Wings insignia blue although 9 to 1 looks better to my eye) I found this kit to be more difficult to build than other Wingnut kits. Wingnuts' faithful reproduction of the Fokker's steel tube construction makes the forward fuselage frame very fiddly and delicate. The fuselage did not want to close around the rear cockpit frame. This may be my fault but I don't know where I could have gone wrong. For those who plan on building one of these, don't spend a lot of time on the fuel tank, you will never see it again (but it is structurally necessary). Also, the landing gear is very wobbly, you will need to rig it with fishing line to give the structure some strength.
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    Hello,Friends - After completing this model on my first WIP,here she is parked on the ramp.Thank you for viewing.All the very best,Paul.
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    Star Destroyer Kuat Imperial Class Bandai Box Scale (1/14,500) Here's the SD, after a rather speedy 4 day build. Lovely kit, albeit rather on the small side (11cm long). It's sitting on the supplied stand for now, but I'll make something more presentable for it in the future. You can find the brief wip here Thanks for looking Andy
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    Sundowner.. Coral Sea... sounds to me kind of a vacation resort... but no! It is just one of the badasses soaring the Vietnam skies... Academy kit is great.
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    I've had the pleasure of building AMK's 1/48 Mig-31 kit, thoroughly enjoyed the build and it's completely out the box. Used Akan's Grey 73059 for the main colour and their Radio Transparent Grey for the radome. A big thanks to Martin from AMK for replacing parts that were sabotaged by my youngest during the build! Any comments or questions welcome.
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    Hi Guies, the next aunt is comming. This time a Sani-Version. This build is also a couple of years old. Oob, colours by Humbrol, done by brush. Hope you like her. Any comments are warmly appreciated. Best regards
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    Hello to All! There are my models and vignettes that i made in the last 5 months. Hope you liked! Hobbyboss US Army M-26 Pershing (WWII) Bronco German KFZ.13 Alder (WWII) Hobbyboss French St. Chamond (WWI) Zvezda Soviet GAZ M-1 (WWII) Mirror Models USMC M29C Weasel (WWII) Vulcan British Vickers MK.VIB (WWII) Italeri USMC LVT-2 (WWII) Italeri USMC LVT-4 (WWII) Meng British Whippet Mk.A (WWI) AMD Models German ADGZ (WWII) Hobbyboss French Schneider CA (WWI) Vignette "Don't shoot, Please!" Figures Masterbox, BMW R75 Italeri Vignette "Go to Moscow and back!" Figures Masterbox and Dragon Vignette "God's Blessing!" Figures Bronco, Willys Italeri Vignette "What are you doing in war, boys?" Figures Miniart, Kattenkrad Dragon Vignette "Do you like the phoney war?" Figures Dragon, Renault R35 Heller Vignette "Come home fast, boys!" Figures Masterbox, Willys Italeri, Harley Italeri with Tamiya Screenshild Vignette "Ivan Meets G.I.Joe" Figures Riich
  10. 9 points
    The Heavy Gang, from Accurate Armour And Mini Art.
  11. 8 points
    Loaded out as if on the day of the engagement, Gulf Of Sidra I. This is Fast Eagle 102, that slashed an Su-22 Fitter on that day. OOB, except for the decals, which came from the exquisite Furball sheet.
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    Well - I think I might have finished it. A few things to not on finals: Airfix's top fuselage aerial fit seems to be a later blade type. For 1950s service Meteors you need a pole type aerial where the blade one goes, plus a whip aerial further forward. Make sure you keep the recesses in the main inner UC doors clean of paint, and scrape down the retraction jack plugs that locate into them too. A full points list will follow, but for now...... Full RFI to follow tomorrow. Cheers for looking, hope it's helped a bit, and sorry it petered out at the end. I blame peter. Jonners
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    Hello,Friends - Here are the remaining photos.
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    Modelers, Grumman Tracker S-2A in Royal Netherlands Navy service, on board the deck of the light aircraft carrier "Karel Doorman" The crew of four is from designer Hugo Petiers. Two pilots and two operators. In these days, the crew in the cockpit consisted out of officers and SNCO's. One of the caps has some gold, this is the Commander Air group. Next time, the Lockheed Neptune with a seven man crew. Enjoy, Orion.
  15. 7 points
    Thank you all sincerely for the kind support you have all shown on other F-14 Tomcat threads. The one thing that will remain the greatest thing out of all of this is that the modeler (me too) will very soon get a great choice and “you pays your money” as they say. We have always been about the modeler in our company and this is great news for us all alike. We get to choose what we want for our budget, expectations and quest for quality. Competition just makes us all better right? I can’t go into all the details we are going to include with the AMK F-14 series just yet but you can be assured of some things: The AMK F-14 will contain new technologies just like the MiG-31’s. But we will go further than that for this kit. One piece missiles and weapons will be included (of course). Slide mold techniques will be used for weapons and some kit parts again. Flight surfaces will be posable (for take off or landing dioramas), great engineering which will make this kit a joy to build (our “Easy to Build” ethos). Decals will be of an extremely high standard and the finest quality materials used for both the tools and plastic. We are also working with a secret partner to ensure that this kit is as good as it warrants to be. More on that in due course. Now, Mr Sio and the team in Macao are working very hard to bring this to you but, as always, we intend only to bring this to market when we (and our specialist advisors) are happy that the kit is as good as it can possibly be. If this means we are later than others then so be it. If we are earlier this means nothing either, it just means we are happier sooner. Thanks again for your support and patience friends. Cheers.
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  17. 6 points
    Here is a quick update for today: The UHF antenna was added to the starboard boom (I used black decal stripes to match the photos of WZ895), tiny white decals were applied to the tyres/wheels for the anti-slip indicators (or whatever they're actually called), the small doors that open when the wings are folded were added to the top of the wings near the hinge (these will be next to invisible once the outer wings are added), and the fuselage received its egg-shell varnish. Masks have come off the windscreen and rear canopy. The v-frame of the arresting hook proved to be too fragile for my clumsy thumbs, so I made a new one out of styrene rod and painted it yellow. I think I'll do the black stripes with decals, rather than try to hand brush or mask/spray. It's still very fragile! Another part that fell victim to my ponderous digits was the pitot tube on top of the port vertical tail. The body is OK, but the tube itself disappeared into the cold dark night. I'll add a new one with wire or something. I painted the control column, but decided to do the shaft in a dark grey with a black grip. Otherwise it would have been black on black, adding little interest to the cockpit. I also added the small strakes or fins to the tip tanks (CMR give you a choice of resin or photoetch, and I chose resin). The fixed slats also went on the outer wings, and a panel line wash was applied. The wings still need their overall varnish, and that should happen today. The jury struts were painted red, and are ready to go. One thing that worries me is that there seems to be no solid way to attach the wings in the folded position. I need to study this more and figure out what to do. I also plan on starting work on the canopy proper today. It's been masked and is ready for some paint! I think it's starting to look OK. Cheers, Bill
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    Hi all! My new model. WIP: http://www.greenmats.club/topic/320-convair-b-58-hustler-148-monogram/
  19. 5 points
    Finally got the base and case together so project is complete. Lloyd
  20. 5 points
    Completed this one for the Corsair GB but missed the cut to post pics in the gallery. It made the date, but my laziness and poor weather for pics meant no such luck in getting it into the final gallery. Details: Wheels - True Details Belts - Eduard etch Cannons - Quickboost Paints - Gunze Decals - Mix of Aztec and Superscale
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    Really easy kit to build, years ago I tried to build the Academy one and the Hasegawa one, but the wing always looked wonky, the entire wings/fuselage/boom/tail comes in one piece, at the expense of detail, but I didn't mind. Thanks for lookin' Owen
  22. 5 points
    Here is another one I've made after Messerschmitt. It's Spitfire Mk IXc from Polish Fighting Team (also known as Skalski's Circus). I decided that brush painting does not give me satisfying results so I've purchased an airbrush / compressor set. Model has been preshaded with black dry pastel (I found this method better for me than airbrushing along panel lines). It was then airbrushed with Vallejo Air paints. It was my first airbrush job ever and I had to do it twice on the bottom because I've applied too many layers and preshading disappeared. I've preshaded it again and painted it once more. Finally it was weathered with pastels. Again, some Photoshop work on diorama blending with background applied. Hope you like it
  23. 5 points
    Today, before applying the primer I thought it prudent to apply the green around all the masked areas: Shortly after that on went the grey Alclad primer: I also got the rocket nozzles painted and unmasked: I am now busy sorting out all the defects the primer has highlighted, plenty on the pod but less than I was expecting on the main craft. Bye for now, Nigel
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    This is my first aircraft project after a long break for about 2 years. This is famous flying wing Horten Go 229 by Revell in 1/72 scale. Nothing was changed, except for some minor changes in details and opened technical hatches. Camouflage and markings are "what-if". There is no swastika on this plane, because on the original photos it hasn't got one.
  25. 5 points
    Hello all, A Zvesda wargaming 1/144 scale kit to play around with some techniques as part of a group build on another website specialising in 1/144 scale models. Comments welcome and questions answered.... Happy Modelling all Ian
  26. 5 points
    Not a lot to show for this morning's efforts - mostly spent the time waiting for the Pledge, which I applied over the fuselage decals, to dry. So most of the time I was working on my Hurricane build - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235002201-airfix-172-mki-hurricane-eduard-pe-cmk-wheels-update-140516/?p=2353250 Once the Pledge was suitably dry I masked the cockpit area and then gave it a light coat of Humbrol's matt varnish from a rattlecan: More tomorrow. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
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    Thanks Girvan - I don't have H168 either I'm afraid... but I'm happy with the H110 which is now on Thanks Keith, Tony and Phil... varying experiences then, and I think Tony's right that it depends on the kit (Jaime had BIG problems getting parts for his Do17). I'll just soldier on and see if they turn up before they're needed; if not I can always do some scratch and repairs. I was out with the boys last night and I now have 'a bit of a head'. Hopefully I'll get something done later, maybe.
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    Thanks Rob, and sorry for putting temptation in your way, again Thanks for the moral support Ced, it became a close-run thing as to whether it could more accurately be described as being an 'all-dayer' rather than a 'protracted lunch', but after all: "What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to drink a beer?*" As noted above I sent Nick Millman a PM regarding the exterior colour of the Ki-46-III and he was as usual a fount of knowledge - one of the items imparted was that I had used the wrong interior colour on the -III. I don't know why I assumed that the colour would remain constant while everything else changed, especially since the RAF, the Luftwaffe and the USAAF/USN all used different interior colours at different times, but that was the assumption I made and if I had asked earlier I could have saved myself a bit of time and effort... still, I managed to pry the canopy off and repaint the interior in a 50/50 mix of ACJ04 IJN Interior Buff Green and ACJ18 Mitsubishi Interior Green as per Nick's recommended 'recipe' : I managed to get the lid back on without any significant visible signs of disturbance: the perfect crime I'll have to mix another batch and do the wheelbays later on, but at least I can spray rather than brush-paint them. I do feel better for having done that and it would have bugged me forever (albeit only when I saw the model or thought about Ki-46s in general) had I not done it - thanks Nick! The better news was that the -II was fine, I've started fitting the various masts and lumps: Nick also advised that the 'green' uppersurface on the -III should indeed as intimated by Jamie above be the IJA #7 Ohryoku nana go shoku, and the undersurface colour a mix of this and white to make a pale greyish colour - fortunately I do have a tin of ACJ22 IJA Ohryoku nana go shoku which is an acceptable match for the browner of the two known types (the other a darker, greener colour similar to Olive Drab). Anyway once the chores are out of the way (trekking across town with the dog so he can get his haircut, which takes a surprisingly long time and means I have to wander around a retail estate for about an hour and a half with no real idea of what to do with myself) I can get the primer on these and see how things look after that... Cheers, Stew * With enormous apologies to W H Davies
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    At least you are not delusional, good to hear Mr Hood.
  30. 5 points
    No Mr Hood it's not ready for nicking and never will be. Please place your plans for world domination on permanent hold. Masking the red bits - I used punched out 7mm discs of masking round the rockets on the underside: Those were finished off with 3mm discs and some liquid masking: Next I masked up the rocket exhausts and decided that the tricky masking round the engine inlets was best aided with a card template: I started with a 2mm disc and then the custom piece: Here it is finished off with a blob of Blu Tack: Now it's all ready for primer and top coat in the morning. Bye for now, Nigel
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    Hi all, back to modelling after long time. I was inspired and motivated to do some motorcycle as I'm a big fan. This kit is unbelievable detailed and accurate, I recommend it highly! Next project is the Tamiya 1/12 Honda RC213V.
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    It is a very difficult resin kit. Some parts are better not to use, I used the wheels, propellor , Venturi and windshild from Hasagawa kit. This is a UTI-4 converted from a I-16 fighter. Warsow Mokotow airfield air show 1946.
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    Extremely short update. Some major decals on, and windows filled with Kristal Kleer. Those decals are just superb. Being designed by Danny of Daco, they fit like a glove. I am really impressed with them, it is a complex scheme in many parts, but damn near perfect fit. Thanks for looking, John
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    Thanks Rene, here's the reference picture I'm using. I don't see any circles, although the 'space' in the racing stripe for the "?" seems to be circular. Good advice Rob. I fully intended to start on the MK V's last night, but thought I'd add a few bits and bobs to the Mk 21 first and ended up finishing it. Neither the Airfix or SH kits seem to come with a rear view mirror, so I did my best to scratch one from plastic rod. PIC LOST TO PHOTOBUCKET Then cleaned up the canopy a little, and reluctantly added some grime to the wheel wells and wing roots as at least a nod to the dirty appearance in the reference pic. PIC LOST TO PHOTOBUCKET PIC LOST TO PHOTOBUCKET I'll try and get some gallery pics up soon, and try and refrain from starting three more Spitfires, but there is more room on the bench now...
  35. 4 points
    And that's it! The white is done, the black is done, I now need to drill a few holes to facilitate the fitting of some of the smaller parts post painting, but that should be quite straightforward. John
  36. 4 points
    Thanks John & Joseph Few more photos I hadn't uploaded. Ignore the bits, just a rough coat to check seams. All good bar a few pin holes. I have an update I just haven't had time to sort photos and get them up. These were already done just not online!
  37. 4 points
    Cheers Dan mate. Well its to the crew i have been working on, with most altered to handle this ship. Basic colours applied, now need to fine tune with magnifying. But you get the picture. First the marines. Then some of the motley crew. Some will go on the lower deck then the boats will be placed. The bases will be removed once mounted. Don't look to close as there's still some work to get them right. foxy
  38. 4 points
    Hood, Chocolate will make you fat. Then your strings will break. Just settle for the milky way.
  39. 4 points
    World domination? Me? I won't settle for anything less that the galaxy! And Zaphod Beeblebrox needn't think that that wheel clamp he put on the Star ship Heart of Gold is going to stop me either! The Hood
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    Thanks guys Right, the last few bits have been added, namely the bridge and the engine bells, and it's had a pin wash to bring out some of the detail. I was a little unsure about the wash, as it could have killed the scale look but, on the other hand, I felt it needed something to lessen the flat look on the hull. I think it's been partially successful. It's probably a bit too dark (a mid grey would probably have been better), but it has given a little more definition to the details I could continue to tweak it, but it would be overkill on something this small (come on Bandai, make a big one), so I'm going to call it done. Can't quite believe I've taken this from a parcel at the door, to a finished model in, what's it been... four days?. Of course, you can't really class this as a regular model. There's only a handful of parts, and you could easily put it together in 20 minutes, but Bandai have somehow still managed to make it a fantastic model. I'll probably be making another one before long, probably with one of Warren's lighting kits (hopefully he'll figure out a way to get it to fit in the limited internal space). I can't say I'm that interested in the micro X-Wing and the forthcoming Y-Wing, but I'm hoping Bandai will release more capital ships in this range. A Mon Cal cruiser, a medical frigate or a Republic Cruiser would all look great along side this I'll post some finished shots in RFI later. Thanks for following this (incredibly short) wip. Now, back to the X-Wing Andy
  41. 3 points
    Hi guys, Just sharing my latest WIP. Having tons of fun detailing this kit. Engine has been painted mainly with metallic paints, AK Interactive's waxes and some AK weathering washes. I'm trying to keep the weathering subtle just to give it a used look. The weathering looks much heavier than what is appearing in the pics, not sure why. The fan and some other parts were scratch built, and some pipes were replaced with ally tubes. Most nuts and bolts were replaced with MENG model's nut & bolts set. Any feedback is appreciated. Regards, Jeremy
  42. 3 points
    Finished after 5 weeks. I present the Airfix 1/48 Meteor F8, with markings from Xtradecal, etched undercarriage bays, flaps, cockpit details and engine bits care of Eduard, with more engine bits added from plastic rod and strip, fuse wire and copper. I won't go into details as it's all in the WIP section. Alclad metallic paint and Humbrol weathering powders used also. I put the wrong intakes on it, but was too far along with the build to correct this. I also managed to crack the windshield but it's not too noticeable here. The biggest problem I had was deciding which pics to put in here, as I shot it on 3 different bases, so here's a selection. Apologies if there are some similar 'poses' And when I finish this plaque, I'll display it on it as it is a better size Thanks for looking!
  43. 3 points
    Just a quick update today. The weather is sublime and my excuses for not tending the garden have run out so will be getting little bench time in later. I realized talking with John yesterday that I'd forgotten the need for a nose weight - you can tell I don't build too many tricycle undercarriages...Luckily I have a decent collection of weights from my (stalled) fishing activities: A bit sliced off a barrel weight and mashed into shape on the vice should do it. I'll have to put it in the front of this part of the nose as with sticking a radar in the main cone isn't going to leave sufficient room I don't think. Having PE airbrakes in the Airwaves set requires some further cosmetic Dremel work (actually it is a cheap Chinese clone, not a proper Dremel, but works faithfully). I'd dithered over whether to cut out the brake areas or to grind them down to fit the etch. To misquote the Kurgan from 'Highlander' - 'It's better to cut out than to grind away': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bOKsOveYD0 Crude at present but some file and razor saw attention later should sort this lot out. I'm going to put some plasticard under the respective holes to inset the etch onto. I managed to rub some Scotch Bonnet into my eyes whilst making chilli earlier so am off to give my reddened eyes another rinse under the tap. I currently look like a distraught hedge fund manager having to forgo a bonus Tony
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    Got a bit more done this morning - painted the teeth, decided to do them just plain white, had considered a green wash but felt it wouldn't be noticeable (my AMS is slipping!) I added more wash to emphasise them. Then I glued the head on. Apparently Tamyia kits are generally well made, but the head seems to have a real problem fitting - there are 2 pins, but they don't line up properly so she's going to need quite a lot of filling.
  45. 3 points
    Wings now on. Had my first major disagreement with the instructions - Revell would have the tailplanes positioned dihedrally (pointed up ) whilst every other real pic shows them anhedral (pointed down)
  46. 3 points
    Fiddly bits today!! First, while waiting for the Pledge coat to dry over the fuselage decals on my Spitfire build, I got a bit more done on this Hurricane build. I decided I'd get some of the cockpit related PE installed. Seatbelts: .......and on the cockpit sides: I managed to loose two of the smallest bits of PE to the kitchen flooring monster but once the fuselage is closed up it won't be noticeable that they're not in place. More tomorrow if I get chance while finishing off the Spitfire. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  47. 3 points
    Hmm gentlemen, the thought occurs: if we can get a scientific research grant to do a series of experiments over, say, the course of several years, to prove that over-imbibation is contagious... ... effectively free beer! The dog is groomed: ... and I sprayed the wheelbays on the -III - this has left me with the perfect excuse for a couple of hours' nap as I need to plug a bit of sponge into each wheelbay to mask against the primer and of course I can't do that until the paint in the wheelbays has dried... Cheers, Stew
  48. 3 points
    There seems to be a lot of this about, it might be infectious? Duncan B
  49. 3 points
    Well, I may be slow but I AM totally inefficient! Okay, more pix. First the front lift fan, Looks pretty good but I am kind of wondering how much air this thing will have to push to keep a car, (weighing probably at least a ton, even with the lightest of materials available in 2000), in the air? At the least, it should blow all of the squirrels and 'coons and 'possums off the road before you can hit 'em. Cleaning the birds out of the air intakes will be daily maintenance. It sticks out of the bottom of the car just a smidge. Intentional? or kit shortfall? No screen or anything to keep the cat out when you park either. Geez, the people of the year 2000 just don't care do they? The back end, where all the heavy lifting happens. All interior body shell parts will get shot of Tamiya Semi-gloss black right out of the spray bomb just to hide details I don't want anyone to see. The lower body insulation blanket is in place. I'm still not entirely convinced that you can run two jet engines in this enclosed space with out melting the upholstery. Oh right, and a fan. The ducting for beast would be a nightmare. Which is why I'm not going to try to suss it out. There is a slot intake on the roof, just behind the solar panel and some kind of grille on the back hatch but that's it for air ingestion. Okay, so, two jet turbine engines, hooked up to some kind of magic gearbox, which turns the wheels or alternately spins the fan. Computer controlled so there you go. Anyway, your robot will be able to fix it when something fails to mesh properly at 150000rpm. What about that computer? I hear you ask. Well, most of that 8 bit, 200 kilo, transistorized jewel of modern technology will be located right under your seat. There isn't any other place to put it really. Could be a metaphor or something there. I dunno really. ANYWAY The control panel for this little device. Enough dials sliders and breaker buttons to keep anyone happy. (Mom, you wanna drive?) I have considered (am considering, may continue to consider) lighting this model including this little panel (ooh, blinky lights!) I dunno, maybe if I recast it in clear resin... Do I want to finish this thing? Probably just some paint and something to highlight the hi-tech reel to reel tape drive memory. Maybe I need to make a trip punch card? That'll have to suffice for right now. I'll try to get more bits stuck to other bits and then take pictures of the aforementioned bits as soon as I am able. Toodle pip! Q well
  50. 3 points
    Isn't a major part of the difficulty here that "our friends from the east coming over the hill" in a "real shooting war against similar opposition" is one of the least likely threat scenarios for any European (or indeed US) force to face? Realistically, there's a vast range of scenarios of different sorts of engagement against different quality and quantity opposition who may or may not have airborne assets of their own but probably DO have access to pretty sophisticated (and pretty unsophisticated but equally lethal) anti-aircraft capability, in places as far away as half way round the world and as close as the other side of the Baltic. In a world where NO ONE has the "money's no object" defence spending "budget" of the US in the 1980s, you need to make your assets a great deal more flexible, so the ones you CAN afford are pretty good at most of the jobs you MIGHT need them to do, rather than having squadron after squadron of specialised aircraft ready to fight the last war. Which these days means flying computers that you can load with mission specific software, and more importantly smart, dedicated weapons for particular tasks. Oh, and throw in the ability to make the pilot the intelligent human at the centre of a cluster of autonomous, disposable weapon vehicles heading targetwards independently... bestest, M.
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