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    Hi guys This is my latest work A pair of Swedish SAAB Drakens in 1/72 from Hasegawa They were built OOB and painted with Tamiya acrylics XF-66 (with a touch of white) for the undersides XF-51 for the top green XF-17 and XF-8 (9:1) for the Blue Cokpit XF-58 All colors got coats of lighter shades hope you like it!
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    Hi Mates, today i will show you the second plane of my "Renewing of my Seaplanes" I did this plane several times in the past 40 years, This time, hopfully, it will be the last one for many years. It is oob, Paints are Agama above and Humbrol below, made as allways by brush. Hope you like it. If so i will show the Do 18 also later. Best regards
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    Afternoon chaps, Heres my take on Revell's excellent new tool Fw 190 F-8, built OOB with kit decals and painted with Xtracrylix, it goes together brilliantly, detail is nothing short of spectacular for a kit that cost me £20 and most importantly, it looks like an Fw 190 Might have to get another one of these and do a different scheme...
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    Hi Folks A few recent completions,I had been working on the CA kits when Airfix surprised me with the release of their Meteor. All are finished in High Speed Silver from Xtracolor with decals from the available Xtradecal sheet. Ian 616 Squadron when based at Finningley,CA kit 64 Squadron when based at Linton-on-Ouse,CA kit 74 Squadron when based at Horsham St Faith,Airfix kit
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    Hi guys, I finished this one for the corsair GB and thought I would share it here. Any comments welcome. Painted with vallejo. Build thread is here, http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234997190-tamiya-148-f4u-1a-nz5248/. First time using resin which was abit of a challenge but enjoyable. Anyway picture time; Thanks for looking Joss
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    Hi all, I'm glad to finally present you my first model for 2016, that I've just finished Many thanks for looking, Serg
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    Call this an experimental post to see if I can figure out how pix are supposed to work... The old Matchbox kit, built for a chap who learnt to fly on these things. The Man himself Brave fellow I must say.
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    Hello all, Well it's been a while since I posted my first RFI on the forum - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234994393-airfix-172-north-american-p-51-mustang-foiled-nmf/- and I was very pleased with all of the great comments that I received from you guys, so I thought I'd throw up my second RFI with a set of pictures of another of my completed models for your perusal? That model is the venerable old 1:72 Tamiya kit of the Bell X-1 'Mach Buster'. Built mostly OOB, the only mods I made to it were to the probes which were very flimsy in plastic form so I made some new ones out of dressmakers pins and tiny pieces of spare etch sprue and I also added the canopy framing from very thin strips of black decal instead of painting them. There is also a scratchbuilt seat harness from painted masking tape, but it's hard to see any of the cockpit details in this scale? The kit decals for the US national insignia were too thin and showed a hint of the orange paint beneath, so they were replaced with more opaque aftermarket items. I hope you like it!! (Picture Heavy) Thanks for looking, all comments and valid criticisms welcomed!! Kev
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    Hi all, Here is my latest creation, built for a friend who was a navigator with 12 Squadron during the mid 1990s. I've got a draft write up here which I'll change at some point, but as you can see, I was not enamoured with this kit. Additions are Aires seats, Eduard photo-etch interior, Xtraparts resin pylons and Xtradecals main markings and stencils (which have terrible instructions). Paint is Mr Color. The pitot tube was replaced with Albion Alloys tubing and the bombs are from the Airfix Buccaneer kit. Six months of hard work, but here is the end product: Comments welcome Jon
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    Hello, currently I am scratchbuilding/kitbashing a sci fi mining vehicle that is supposed to be used on foreign planets to harvest precious minerals and alike. This vehicle is supposed to be a drilling machine, similar to those already used today in mines. I had some tank tracks from some german tank (Pz.Kpfw.35t) left over I had bought as donor kit and decided to use them on the driving section of the vehicle. The tank itself was too narrow so I only used the sides with the tracks and built up the middle section inbetween from styrene sheet, some structured sheet and parts of the upper tank hull that had the hole for the rotating turret. I also used some mudguards from another tank donor kit and some containers from little truck models. For the upper rotating section that will house the driving compartment and the drill itself I used the upper part of another tank flipped over. The containers were the first thing I had built ( or rather detalied up ) and I tried out some color schemes on them to see how looked painted up. I do regret I didn't take more pics before it was at this stage. These are the containers: I continued by adding some protective side skirts to the tracks and building up the upper section a bit more. The rear part of the base was supposed to hold one of the containers or maybe several different ones, so I build a support structure that would ft them nicely. Since the containers are all from trucks at the same small scale, they are all equally broad, even if the length varies. So I would be able to accomodate different containers in the end. Also added a few smaller details like a shovels and a pickaxe. Once I had the lower portion of the vehicle finished however, I couldn't resist to start painting it up. So first I primed in light grey and did some preshading ( here it's only on one side ) Next up I sprayed the base color on it, I think I used Vallejo model color golden yellow. Then I added the first wash with smokey ink to have the details popping up a bit more. Also started to add a few decals I had leftover from the Jetbike at this point. Next up was some color modulation and zenital light wit a slightly lighter and desaturated yellow tone. Then it was time for some scratches, all painted by brush ,here only on one side. After I was done with the scratches all over the vehicle, I added a light wash of light grey in certain areas as dirt. The plow in the front also got some serious scratches and a bunch of dirt. I also added a little bit of rust, but I wanted to keep it decent and not like the green container shown above that had come out way too rusty for a machine that is supposed to be still in use. After that I added a filter from treu earth called Worn Patina 1 over the whole model for some drit and water streaks, then I put some pigments on the tracks and on the areas where the driver would walk on the vehicle the most and of course on the plow in the front. I liked the paint scheme so far and decided to keep it like that and paint the upper part the same way once I am finished building it. Currently I am at this stage: I plan to add a 3D printed tricone drillbit and close the cabin around the seat I have in there right now. The seat is a leftover from the Jetbike I built for wildhouse models, I had an extra seat to sculpt the pilot in and making sure he fits nicely. Since it has no other use like that I decided to incorporate it into the vehicle as it is quite a low seat and the vehicle itself is supposed not to be too tall as it has to fit the tunnels in the end. Cheers and thanks for taking a look. I'll post an update as soon as I have the drillbit.
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    Hi all, Following on from my Wellington I've had another go at one of Airfix's classic bombers, this time it was a new boxing of the old Halifax kit. Built OOB apart from a bit of scratch detail in the cockpit which of course you can see anyway lol Markings are of 78 Squadron based at RAF Breighton, Yorkshire 1944. Not a showstopper but an enjoyable build - next up will either be a Stirling or a new tool Lanc i've got in the stash! Cheers Simon
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    Hi! Here's my 1/72 scale Huey Gunship It is built OOB, and painted using Gunze colors. Best regards Rune Haugen Norway
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    Another build for the guy that flew the bird. This is the old Testors pushmipullyu. I did this as a pretty much straight OOB build a few years back and I recall doing a lot of filling and sanding to get things to fit properly. Still seeing a few seams i missed... Panel lines were done with a sharp pencil and the rivets were highlighted by a light sanding over the paint. One good thing about all those raised lines I suppose.. The base is a chunk of insulating foam cut with a hotwire. The concrete pad is sheet styrene scribed into panels, painted a tasteful cement grey, scrubbed with pastels and caulked with a syringe filled with thick black paint. Grass is railroad static grass applied over a nice muddy brown base colour. I cheated the extra windows using the kit decals at least partly because I didn't have time to do a full blown interior for the model and I am lazy. 3 inch cables were used to tie the plane down because, well it's windy around here. This is an ANG bird so it shouldn't have weapons onboard but the customer wanted them so there you go. Quick and dirty, cheap and cheerful, customer was happy, I got paid, and as they say, Robert is your fathers brother!. Right, go ahead and start the poo flinging! Q
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    The following order was issued by Air HQ India on 27 October 1943 and is rather extraordinary. It is not a draft but an actual order. 226 Group was a maintenance group. So far I can find no correction or countermanding of this order until the Air Force Orders (India) 69-76 of 4 April 1944 promulgating 'temperate land' scheme (TLS) for all fighter aircraft. The ICI Report on SEAC finishes, dated 29 June 1945 but containing the results of an inspection conducted from September to December 1944 refers to an Air HQ India order of March 1944 promulgating Dark Green and Dark Earth in place of Dark Green and Ocean Grey but then goes on to discuss grey colours in a somewhat ambiguous way. The relevant part of the ICI report is included here. Nick
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    Hi, Posted the model before but now decided to give the Mig a bit of context. Just for fun.
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    Gentlemen, Frankly spoken, Sabres are my favourite jet aircraft with a particularly soft spot for the Sabre Dog variant. Accordingly, it was more than a happy event when both Monogram/ProModeler and Revell of Germany released a new-tool F-86D in 2001. Monogram released the earlier "round tail" version and Revell the later version featuring a distinctive parabrake housing introduced with the F-86D-45. 53-1001 in its 1956 livery when being deployed to Yuma AB for live fire training. "Texas Terror" was the personal mount of Col. Grover Wilcox. Later in 1956 53-1001 was converted to an F-86L. The kit offers a wealth of finely recessed surface details and overall fit is outstanding, safeguarding an enjoyable build right out of the box. Nevertheless, I replaced the kit's cockpit with a Black Box office. IP and IP coaming came from an Eduard PE set. The decals came from an Eagle Strike sheet. Item #48069. In order to replicate the natural metal finish, I used three different shades of Alclad II: Duraluminium, Airframe Aluminium and Semi Matte Aluminium. In order to highlight individual panels and joints I used Gunze Smoke. The model was finished with a final coat of satin varnish "à la maison" consisting of Polly Scale flat varnish, TAMIYA X-20A thinner plus a whiff of Future floor finish at a (by approximation) 60:35:5 ratio. Having another dozen of these kits in my stash, definitely not the last Sabre Dog taking off from my workbench. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Erik
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    Hiya chaps. Hope you all like this one. I finished this one a couple of weeks ago and only just getting round to plucking up the spuds to post it for inspection. This offering from Revell is overall a real cracker, and imho better than what's available elsewhere. The fit is good and the engineering ensures a pretty easy build in most places. My only real criticism is though Revell absolutely nailed it in 90% of places, unfortunately where they slip up they slip up bad! The nose wheels are terrible, off scale and look nothing like the real thing (I had a set floating around from a hasegawa 18E that failed before it was finished). The only bit of bad fit on the whole fuselage is at the back, just behind the wings, this is a tricky area though and no one else really nails it here either. The one area that imho they really dropped the ball, is the panel lines, they are all over the places. Beautifully molded in some places, completely missing in others and bears no resemblance to what's on the decal guide! All this aside though, the one thing that really stands this kit out is the stunning decals, designed by Daco and printed in Italy. You'd pay close to the price of the kit for them alone from any of the major decal suppliers, which makes the plastic a bargain. Haha, think of it as more of a decal sheet that comes with matching plastic instead of kit that comes with decals and you won't be disappointed! Anyway, enough of my ramblings, on to the pictures. Hope you like them. Cheers Dan
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    Hi all, Based on the 1/32 nd Italeri F-117. Brushpainted with Humbrol enamels.The underside is black. A full buildreport can be seen here... http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=60381
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    I'd always wanted to complete a kit in this way and this kit gave me the perfect reason to do it. I've since also completed a Swordfish and Dauntless in the same style. Hope you like.
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    Thunderbolt Mk.II, KL849, FJ-G of 271 Sqn, SEAC in 1945,.....built using the Revell 1/72nd scale kit. Here is the WIP thread;http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234999338-172nd-revell-thunderbolt-mkii-was-also-to-be-73-otu-but-nowseackl849-fj-g-of-271-sqn-in-1945finished/ And here is the model; Hope you like it,....all the best, Tony
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    Thanks Ced - it is actually all the little bumps and bends that put me off masking it although it would of course be quicker with a vinyl camouflage mask but I do find brush-painting quite therapeutic (particularly once you accept that you will never exactly replicate the pattern) - I used the drawings in the Ducimus Camouflage and Markings book as my guide and in two easy sessions completed the first coat of the disruptive dark green pattern: I'll give the green another thin coat just to be sure, and it will need a touch-up here and there, but overall I'm quite happy with it. It's been so long since I painted a Spitfire in the Day Fighter camouflage scheme* rather than the Temperate Land Scheme that it looks a little odd to me, but pleasingly so Cheers, Stew * So long in fact that it was probably in the old Airfix paints M2 Slate Grey, M3 Dark Green and M13 Light Aircraft Grey if my memory of the numbers and names serves me correctly
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    G'day people, Well, today was a a two steps forward one day back affair. I have settled on a paint scheme and noticed to may dismay that my example needs the earlier APU 'ribbed' bulge (ooh ahh!), and unfortunately i had already glued in the later smooth type. I did a lovely job of it and there was no way this part was coming unstuck without a fight, so I decided to cut it off and sand down the area I made a casting of the earlier type as well as the LIPA IR jammer. My version is 'fitted for but not with' meaning the base of the unit remains but the actual jammer has been removed and plated over. I did not want to destroy the kit part when it can be used in other builds so I decided to make a casting and modify that instead. The APU blister in place And in the company of the modified jammer base [/url] cheers, Pappy
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    All done: Trumpeter's 1/35 Hind Mi-24v Gunship painted in Czech AF colours using Gunze, Tamiya and Alclad Decals from Hadmodels Mostly OOB but with a few details added thanks all for looking Build thread HERE MH
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    Hi everyone. My Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire Mk XVIe built as TD240, 302 Sqn (Polish) Germany 1945. I used the rather brilliant after market sets from Barracuda, with additional detail added using Airscale decal sets. I did a little scratch building in the cockpit by adding wires and valves as well as adding some more detail to the engine. Those eagle eyed amongst you will see that I added Rolls Royce rocker cover logos, I know that these are wrong as the motor was built under licence by Packard,but it was too late to try and remove them. The kit was painted with Tamiya acrylics with all the roundels, fin flashes and codes being painted using Montex masks and she was weathered using Tamiya weathering sets, pastels and oil washes. Sorry about the rubbish photos,I'll try and take some better ones out side if the weather ever improves! The WIP can be found here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234981952-tamiya-132-spitfire-mk-xvie-finished-4-april/ Thanks for all of the encouragement and here's til next time. Iain
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    `219` in a low level high speed pass on one of her last test flights looking a little worse for wear.....,
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    Thanks Jan & Simmerit, try to correct the decal disaster but at the moment i think it´s better for my to build a new F15 (i have another Revell Kit here in stash) because the surface now is so damaged i cannot look at her...... But hey, almost all arming, the cockpit and some other parts can be used! And the build of the eagle from the Revell Kit is really a fun! Also good news arrived yesterday, after 2 weeks waiting mr. postman brings me this beauty Oliver
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    I kinda figured the pennant dressing didn’t say anything and was just for show. Here the base is painted and sanded. Next will be the construction of the wave. Also, I’m working on the Gato. I removed the deck and after some hard to find and difficult to interpret photos and drawings I added some items to the outer hull including escape hatches and the forward torpedo loading hatch. I still need to scratch the bow plane retract mechanism and install the aft torpedo hatch. Once these are completed I will add the deck cross members and welded steel walkways. This is all totally best guess.
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    Just finishing an academy marine Sherman. I used some small metal rod for the spikes on the hatches,but I think it's to large for the scale. Be warned, glueing them on is a real test of patience!! I'll be interested to see how you get on.
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    Hello you lovely lot. I managed to get some time today to get my struts painted and the wheels on. Yup you heard right we got wheels people. I chipped away the leading edge and top coated last night. The eagle eyed of you will notice the Mahoosive torpedo in the background. Decision made then. Any way. Brown trousers added and all is looking dandy. wheels and struts on. Woot! And now the right way up, with the exhaust on too. Yup you guessed it. A moment on the roof yet another little aerial busted off the tail. Honestly if I have to fashion another one of these little buggers I'm going to go BoNkErS. What with all the wing and wheel excitement I'd forgotten to remove the wind screen and window masks. They were a real pig to get at but I managed it. Not a great shot but you can just about see where the masks aren't. ;D Nearly there now. Just the prop, some aerial parts and line rigging. Oh and that TORPEDO. Thanks for looking. John.
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    Calling this one done. No more tinkering. Kit builds really well but does benefit a lot from the extra etch set you can get from Airfix (if you can find one - seem to be as rare as hens teeth). Does mean a bit of carving and scraping bits of the kit, nothing to bad though. Also added the excellent resin stowage set from Red Zebra models along with the generic army figure. Water and beer boxes came via Hannants. The model was sprayed with vallejopaints and weathered with washes from Vallejo/AK. ‘sand’ on the vehicle is a custom mix of pastels and pigments applied wet and then a dry layer fixed with thinner. Base is a picture frame and the middle built up with foam sheets from Hobbycraft (£5 for 50 sheets of A5+ , a lot cheaper than blue Styrofoam), then Vallejo sand paste and the same custom mix of sand scattered and fixed with fixer. Tow shackles are 0.8mm lead wire and the tow cable 0.5mm wire. The towing strop(s) are Tamiya tape, doubled and trimmed to size. Thanks for looking
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    My third build of the year A Saab J-21A at 1/72 scale More pics at this adress Saab J-21A
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    F4U-5N Corsair from Hasegawa. Markings - VMF(N)-513 "Flying Nightmares" - Pusan (K-1) or Pohang (K-3) base - early Korean War.
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    Hello all, Here's my latest finished work. It's Meng's Kayaba Ku-4 parasite fighter carried by a Hasegawa Ki-49. Both kits were great builds, though the Mens decals and Hasegawa canopy fit were both less than ideal. The Kayaba Ku-4 was originally a glider prototype from 1940 that was resurrected to an experimental ramjet/rocket fighter airplane. It was to carry two 30 mm cannons with less than 100 rounds total. After making passes at B-29s, it was to glide back to an airstrip. Sort of an even more rudimentary Me-163. The Ku-4 is finished with Tamiya rattlecan, while the Ki-49 is a rattlecan base with Vallejo acrylics on top. Enjoy!
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    I'm still trying to get familiar with posting pictures, but here is my Recently completed planes.
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    This is a continuation of the Air HQ India and Air HQ Bengal documents already posted with comments in the thread on Burma Hurricanes in Desert Camouflage. After receiving preliminary instructions for the new blue and white roundels and a request to trial them, Air HQ Bengal sent this reply on 21 July 1943. Following that - and presumably further discussion - Air HQ India issued formal instructions for the size and appearance of the new roundels on 29 September 1943 and how the colours were to be mixed. The note regarding the "white" suggests how usage of the term "SEAC white" might have arisen. Having experimented with this mix for the "white" the result is a pale, slightly greyish azure-type blue and not the strong, near turquoise colours seen on some decal sheets. A further memo (below), issued on 22 October 1943, implied that single seat fighters were to have the medium sized roundels but the Appendix to Air Force Order (India) #70 of 4 April 1944 categorised Hurricanes and Spitfires as having the 'small' roundels. From the initial suggestion and agreement to re-paint existing roundels to appear blue and white to the final Air HQ India instruction for revised, smaller roundel sizes using "SEAC white" was the most part of the 1943 wet season (from May to October) when flying operations were reduced. From these instructions the small SEAC roundels could be expected to appear towards the end of 1943 but IIRC the first Spitfires in theatre also appeared briefly with the original European sized and modified roundels (?). This period of potential flux and inconsistency at the end of 1943 is going to be further complicated by what I'm about to post next. Nick
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    A little more progress: Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  37. 4 points
    no objections, so I painted the full process in some pics: . ..... and traraa!: . thanks for comments, Werner
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    Hello fellow modellers, I present my WIP of the new Airfix BP Defiant in 48 scale. Lots of words abound the internet concerning the quality of the kit and I, for one, am very pleased with this rendition. I am awaiting the arrival of Eduard's Zoom PE set, mask and Hurricane Mk I exhausts to go with the build, so I am limited to how far I can progress. I started with the turret which includes a wealth of detail and excellent clear pieces including a choice of closed or open turret glazing. I left the vertical detail in place and will only use the PE on the gunner's horizontal controls. I replaced the barrels with Master .303 Brownings: There is no gun sight included, so after a search of the web, I scratch built a simple Mk IIIA gun sight and mounted it accordingly (sideways): The barrels were added and the whole thing received a coat of MM Aircraft Interior Black. The spent gun casing bags were painted OD, not sure if this is correct but once installed they will never be seen: The two central gauges are related to the oxygen system so two of the smallest airscale "RAF gauges" set were installed, using copious amounts of Microsol: Once the PE arrives and is installed, I will be able to continue with the turret construction. So next up we turn to the fuselage and cockpit area. Basic assembly skills required to fit the sidewalls to each fuselage side. There is a nasty ejector pin mark on both the throttle quadrant and the fuse box (?) on either side. These were filled with punched discs and sanded smooth: The cockpit floor forward cockpit area consists of 11 pieces. The fine detail in the seat supports reveals springs moulded (which are fragile) and the unique control column which attaches to the seat: Turning to the IP, it is a little clunky by modern standards, so the Eduard PE one may be better. However to compare, I painted it up and used the kit IP decal with lots of Micro Sol. I also cut the decal where the gap above the compass housing and between the two compass housing supports, to enable a better fit: The result is not too bad but I will have to replace the PE compass face as it looks ludicrously small in the current housing. I will have a look how the PE set for the IP looks when it arrives and decide to keep the kit one or replace it. For those of you who are building this and decide to use the decal, it may also be advisable to cut the two uppermost dials from the IP decal and attach them as a separate item into their respective dials. It will make the settling a little easier. Regards and thanks for looking,
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    Hi all. I have set this thread up for Mrs PlaStix......... Hi, Mrs PlaStix here, I've somewhat rashly agreed to take part in the starter set GB... I haven't built any kits for a very long time and they were vinyl Star Trek figures 'Odo' and 'Quark'... I vaguely remember building some Airfix kits when I was a kid, but after doing some cursory research one seems to have been produced later, so I'm possibly imagining that I made 'Henry VIII'. Anyway, having perused the list of starter kits I settled on the Mary Rose, I was quite tempted to try the Cromwell tank, but Mr P had already snaffled it! I'm a closet Archaeology nerd and also had memories of sitting in our first home together, a little one bed flat, watching the raising of the Mary Rose in 1982 - heart in mouth as the ropes slipped... So it really appealed to me, also if it all goes pear shaped I can always claim that it's the contemporary version! Another reason for my choice was the sage advice of Mr PlaStix: "It will be easier to do than trying a car or plane" Time will tell. Here is the kit, it arrived on Friday: I was relieved to discover that it has only 25 parts!: [/url] These are the tools that Mr P has let me borrow for the event: The decals are so bright and colourful and the flags are a nice touch: I hope I can work out how to put it together, I think the instructions, though sparse, seem straightforward... The hull detail is really crisp and good considering it's 1:400 I washed everything as per instructions and once dry had a go at painting, figuring that the cannon would be a safe place to start, as only the ends are visible when the kit's built. I was advised to thin the paint and was a bit nonplussed by the mottled effect it produced, but Mr P reassured me that this was okay and that it was better to build up thin layers... also this paint dries really quickly. It was metallic grey and that might have explained the patchiness. Painting the deck seemed a little easier, it was just tricky not to 'drown' the area with the watered down paint though: As Mr PlaStix always says - comments and suggestions welcome.
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    Bristol Blenheim Mk.1 L 1145, 57 Sqn, 1 Gp RAF Bomber Command Shot down by a Bf109 near Bad Kreuznach whilst carrying out reconnaissance over the Siegfried Line. Kit: Airfix 1/72 Paints: Tamiya and Vallajo MA Decals : Extradecal Extras: Scratch built turret interior, Airwaves seat belts and Barracuda exhausts and air filters. WIP: HERE
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    Always thought you had a bit of the Tyrolean mountaineer about you, Jon! Glad you were able to fit the vibrator in the tail without undue difficulty. (I am twelve, apparently.)
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    Little bit of progress over the last couple of nights: light wash of cabin floor, cabin seating finished (I think!) and installed, cockpit seats painted, survival pack painted and fitted to base (inspired by Moaning Dolphin's build!), rear padding of seats painted dark green (difficult to tell the exact colour from photos but this looks about right to me), control columns, pedals etc painted and fitted to cockpit. Toying with the idea of adding crew, so dug out one painted Revell pilot from spares box (think he failed the audition for the pilot of the Rotodyne I built last year!) and one generic Airfix pilot, unpainted as yet. Also will do something for the sheepskin seat covers (borrowing from Jon's build!). So, photo here:
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    I agree Igor, its almost a baby blue and not right. I have some Mr Color RLM 75 which I think is a much better match for the darker of the camouflage greys and will repaint it with that. Today I have been tinkering around with the rotor hub. One obvious area that can be improved are these upright link rods. Their 1.3mm diameter scales out to around 100mm and is clearly not right (they also have a slight draft angle on them): My plan was to replace them with some 0.5mm plastic rod, I first cut off the offending rods and drilled out the upper part as deeply as I dared. I have also drilled out some 0.4mm holes for some plumbing later: With the main part drilled through I could then assemble the lower rotor as well as adding some spacer blocks to support the pipework: The next set of links were added in a similar fashion: Modest progress then, I plan to do some airbrushing tomorrow and will get more done. Bye for now, Nigel
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    P-47D as flown by Francis "Gabby" Gabreski, kit by Academy (special Gabreski combo boxing with an f-86), decals by Cartograf, painted with Xtracrylix RAF colours http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234997943-finished-pbs-thunderbolt/page-2"]http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234997943-finished-pbs-thunderbolt/page-2[/url] EDIT: getting the "you are not allowed to use this image extension message"
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    Slap on a bit of camo: Vallejo MA Dark Earth. I usually lighten this a little, but didn't bother this time. Just to see how it goes. Been a tad busy with sorting my wife's studio. Normal service soon. I hope. Rick.
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    Only a quick update, though probably represents the majority of the work done so far! I have spent the time since the last update assembling the major components. Now we have the wings, engines, tail-plane and canopy on... Then it was on with my favourite task filling and sanding the seams… I really struggle with this, not on a technical level but I really struggle to keep motivated through the endless fill, sand and repeat cycle... That said, needs must and time invested here is certainly is rewarded later... At least she is beginning to look like a CL-215 now... Here she is primed.. Just need to add the lost surface details with the aid of Archers and it's time to paint...
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    Santa's been today. Goodies turned up which means I can crack on. Been looking for details on the vest and harness for loadies and apparently they are called Eagle vests. When I google it all I can find is this which looks like Molle belt kit if you ask me, unless anyone has a different take on it? If it is correct them more Live Resin spend coming on these.................... nice little shot of that grab bag and boots, which will come in handy, and on the subject of boots how nice are they? and now these have also turned up, I can crack on with that loadie. gave up on making my own visors as I found these, so I'm officially locked and loaded and good to go!
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    New Airfix Spitfire Vb - the Malta Scheme one. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998322-malta-spitfire/
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    thanks chaps just the rear fuel tank today.. balsa core sheathed in litho.. ..the top can't be seen to I didn't try too hard to finish it ..it's quite a feature as with no armour plate it is what fills the void behind the seat.. I had to remake the crossmember too as I found it is round on the late Spits.. back soon TTFN Peter PS - The Sea Fury is here on BM Rich, but I was most way through it when I started posting it so the link on LSP is the best one. I am sure Mike won't mind..
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    Unfortunately not. Well, its only a tire and a diamond pattern will do too. And no, I haven't forgotten about this build, but with another 11 models on the bench, progress is a bit slow. Here is the kit for the FAA build. And here for the USMC. And I did manage to prime all the parts which will be painted prior assembly. Until next time. Cheers, Peter
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