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    Cheers Col, the Christmas holiday has speeded things up, although the new painting technique is something I want to use more often, its yet another thing I've learned to slow the build rate down! Got some of the fiddly bits on today. Only the turrets to do. The rear turret that comes with the conversion is quite narrow, so I'm going to have a go at crash forming a replacement. I made a former of the right size, so I'll see how that goes tomorrow. I'll get some pics tomorrow of these bits to show you what I mean. In the mean time, she's now sat on her own boots with the wings glued on...
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    My latest AFV project - newest Russian tank, shown on the Victory Day Parade on 9 May 2015.
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    Hello! it's one of the simplest models in my life. Assembly is easy - pour glue into the box. the hardest part of this kit is application of decals. Paint- Tamiya and hobby Color. Weathering- oil dots and pigments.
  4. 6 points
    Hi Brit Modellers as usual, lack of time reduced my work a little; 1 Mustang Mk III Tamiya was under work almost a year RFI 2. Mustang P51 D ICM cost me some nerves RFI 3. Hurricane Mk 1 Airfix sheer pleasure to build RFI All 1:48
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    Now the hurly-burly of Xmas is out the way, I managed to sneak a couple of hours at the bench. Some chipping added with silver enamel paint, and softened with a stiff brush... A very thin oil wash, applied with a thin brush and left for half an hour before wiping off... And she has her legs on at last.. That's all for now, hopefully I'll get the canopy on and a flay coat done tomorrow.. Thanks for looking, Steve
  6. 3 points
    quick photo, more with words tomorrow. john
  7. 3 points
    Can you imagine the disappointment in the Ranks of 613 squadron...... First you get sent to France with the Hawker Hind, "oh but it's ok guys they are going to send us some more up to date machines....." Here you go boys, you lucky devils, you are being given the exciting opportunity to use the......Hawker Hector ! Is someone taking the complete p*ss ! Ok boys we admit the Hector wasn't as modern as you may have been hoping for so we are giving you something bang up to date, cutting edge.... Gentlemen the Westland Lysander ! Im going to volunteer for the Artic convoys, there is a higher survival rate !
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    Ooh, my eyes hurt. Time to stop! While the oil paints dry fully, I have turned back to the island, and am gradually working my way aft from the bridge (which is now essentially finished bar the painting and one pair of sights on the roof). This is about the only place where my references have really let me down - apart, that is, from the epic Jecobin 1/192 plans, which I would put into the 100% essential category for anyone contemplating anything daft like converting one CVS to another. They are utterly superb, and without them I would already have made a number of irrecoverable howlers. Anyway, I have now reached something that used to sit between the back of the bridge "tower" and the front of the for'd funnel. It was something to do with ?HF radio communications, because the large cage aerials fed from it, but beyond that I am pretty clueless. More of a point, I have not been able to find a single clear photograph of it anywhere, despite extensive searching - by the time the pictures of that area of Ark Royal 5 start to be digital and clear, the thing had been removed. So Jecobin and blurred pictures are all I have - meaning a certain amount of imagination (aka making it up). I am talking about this: ...which seems to be some sort of pillar thing inside a cage, with a locker on the near side and handrails on the for'd end of a supporting platform. A bit of measuring on my 55% size copies (which makes them 1/350) and the design of the cage comes out thus: The pillar was built from a bit of spare plastic (the unused support of one of her lifts, since you ask), and detailed with 0.2mm lead wire to give it a kind of ribbed appearance (which you can see on the real thing in some pictures). In order to give the "cage" a bit of structural strength, I decided to solder the top rectangular section, and thus got to try my new toy. I cannot recall who, but some BM person recommended solder paint as being really good for soldering PE. This made perfect sense to me, so an order was immediately placed and my pot arrived just before Xmas. Here is the result of my first use of it, in the foreground - slightly out of focus!: The paint takes just the merest touch of the soldering iron, but the result seems to be pretty strong (that's 0.2mm nickel silver rod, which I use quite a lot). Then some micro drilling (including the statutory broken drill bit) to give the verticals something to grip, and as I stop this evening we have: Once the verticals are dry I will add the other two legs (which are at an angle so won't add anything by way of rigidity) and the soldered frame. In due course two cage aerials are going to come down from the foremast to this thing, so it is important - but scratch building on this tiny scale is not something you can do for very long at a sitting without going completely nuts! Once it is complete I do not intend to fit the thingy onto the island until Iater in the build, because this thing is not exactly going to be able to withstand very much handling! I am off up to Notts to see my ageing Mum tomorrow, so more later in the week (I am not back to work until 4 January). Crisp
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    Wow - long time, no Britmodeller. Two kids and all that. However, this KUTA looks just the thing to get my modelling juices running again. A slightly neglected Spitfire to do over the Xmas break - managed to do a bit of work whilst staying at the in-laws over the last few days... further updates as the mince pie/Xmas pudding fest allows... Icarus
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    This is a 1/12 wagon kit that I adapted, painted and weathered. The figures are 1/12 dolls house as is the accessories, although I made some from off cuts. The figures were re-painted and highlighted in places. The fur was stained to make it look more suitable, all boarded. Si:)
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    Hi All For some reason I didn't do a Yearbook last year, probably because there were too many to show, but I wanted to have a go at one this year. I've had a busy year including graduating from University, working a temporary 9-5 job for 2 months and then going to live away from home (and models ) for another 2 months whilst working as an intern at an Animation studio in London, but I had still managed to fit in a lot of modelling time somehow Here's the line-up for 2015, but as well as the ones pictured, according to my lists there are also: 38 aircraft models that have been sold on throughout the year that were finished in 2015 which I don't have photos of 14 models that were unavailable for photos at the time of taking pictures for the Yearbook February 1) Revell 1/72nd Junkers JU 88 A-4 Luftwaffe 2) Mastercraft 1/72nd Messerschmitt BF 109 G-6 Luftwaffe 3) Monogram 1/72nd Dornier DO 17Z Luftwaffe March 4) Airfix 1/24th Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ia RAF 5) Revell 1/32nd Supermarine Spitfire F.MK 22 RAF 6) Mastercraft 1/72nd Messerschmitt BF 109 G-6 Luftwaffe 7) Heller 1/72nd KC 135F Stratotanker USAF April 8) Hobbyboss 1/72nd F/A-18C Hornet "Chippy Ho" US Navy 9) Matchbox 1/72nd Grumman EA-6B Prowler US Marines 10) KP 1/72nd Mikoyan MiG 21MF Fishbed Iraqi Air Force 11) Airfix 1/72nd BAC / SEPECAT Jaguar GR 1A "Debbie" RAF Desert Storm 12) ESCI 1/72nd Dassault Mirage F 1CR French Air Force May 13) Revell 1/72nd Eurofighter EF 2000B Typhoon RAF 3 Squadron 14) Italeri 1/72nd Eurofighter EF 2000B Typhoon Spanish Air Force 15) Hasegawa 1/72nd Nakajima B5N2 "Kate" Imperial Japanese Navy 16) Hasegawa 1/72nd Nakajima B5N2 "Kate" Imperial Japanese Navy 17) LS 1/72nd Mitsubishi Ki 15 "Babs" Imperial Japanese Army June 18) Italeri 1/72nd North American F 51D Mustang USAF 19) Academy 1/72nd Messerschmitt BF 109 G-6 Luftwaffe 20) Revell 1/72nd Messerschmitt BF 110 E-1 Luftwaffe 21) ESCI 1/72nd Panavia Tornado GR Mk 1 "Emma" RAF Desert Storm 22) Airfix 1/72nd De Havilland Vampire T 11 RAF 23) Hasegawa 1/72nd Convair F 102A Delta Dagger USAF ANG 24) Zvezda 1/72nd Sukhoi SU 24M Fencer Soviet Air Force July 25) Airfix 1/72nd BAe Sea Harrier FA 2 800 NAS Retirement Scheme Royal Navy 26) Airfix 1/72nd BAe Harrier GR Mk 7 RAF 27) Revell 1/72nd SAAB JAS 39C Gripen Czech Air Force 28) Monogram 1/72nd Dornier DO 17Z Luftwaffe 29) Revell 1/72nd Nakajima J1N1-S "Gekko" Imperial Japanese Navy 30) Revell 1/72nd Nakajima J1N1-S "Gekko" Imperial Japanese Navy 31) Tamiya 1/48th Nakajima J1N1-S "Gekko" Imperial Japanese Navy 32) Fujimi 1/48th Mitsubishi A6M2b "Zero" Imperial Japanese Navy 33) Tamiya 1/48th Mitsubishi Ki 46-III "Dinah" Imperial Japanese Army August 34) Hobbyboss 1/72nd Messerschmitt BF 110 E-1 Luftwaffe 35) Italeri 1/72nd Douglas EB 66D Destroyer USAF 36) Italeri 1/72nd Martin B 57 Canberra USAF September 37) Revell 1/72nd Eurofighter EF 2000B Typhoon RAF 17 Squadron 38) Revell 1/72nd Eurofighter EF 2000 Typhoon FGR.4 RAF 11 Squadron 39) Italeri 1/48th Northrop NF 5A Freedom Fighter Dutch Air Force 40) Hawk 1/48th Northrop NF 5A Freedom Fighter Dutch Air Force 41) VEB Plasticart 1/100th Antonov AN 24 Czech Air Force 42) VEB Plasticart 1/100th Yakovlev Yak 40 Codling Polish Air Force 43) Italeri 1/72nd Messerschmitt BF 110 C-3 Luftwaffe 44) Italeri 1/72nd Junkers JU 88A Luftwaffe (Converted to look somewhat like a Battle of Britain aircraft with shortened wings) October 45) Airfix 1/72nd Focke Wulf FW 190 F-8 Luftwaffe 46) Airfix 1/72nd Dornier DO 217 E-3 Luftwaffe 47) Airfix 1/72nd Fairey Battle Mk I RAF 48) Airfix 1/72nd Handley Page Hampden RAF 49) Hobbyboss 1/72nd BF 109 E-3 Luftwaffe December 50) Revell 1/32nd Hawker Hunter FGA9 / Mk 58 Swiss Air Force 51) Airfix 1/48th Supermarine Seafire F.Mk XVII 52) Airfix 1/72nd BAC TSR2 What If RAF 54 Squdron And finally, I also had my first go at a tank this year, finishing this Revell 1/35th Hetzer That's all for this year, apart from a Hobbycraft 1/72nd CF 100 and Revell 1/48th C 47 getting very close to the finishing line just before the end of the year Only problem now is that I'll have to sell off most of them otherwise there wll be no room for any builds in 2016! Thanks for looking and have a Happy New Year!
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    Hi I stored in my comp some photos from net, it was from a web page with a SAAF or RAAF pilot photos, unfortunately I did not made a reference...Neither store with data, which was there available. Anyway they are interesting Gauntlets from East Africa (AFAIR). Is anybody familiar with them? Can anybody help with identifiaction? Serials, colours, codes, unit... The Squadron code (except first photo) is "PT", perhaps?... Regards J-W
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    Thanks Col! I got a couple more small bits done over the last couple of days. One thing I'd forgotten was the grooves in the upper cowling for the MG mounts. Those have now been cut, and of course that means I'll have to repaint.... I managed to find a pack of Aeroclub Hotchkiss mg's but they are a little too big. On comparing them to the plans it appeared that the error was at the breach end so I started by filing down the handle to a more accurate size, and removed the trigger and guard which was way over scale. I then cut the rear end off just aft of the ammo feed, removed about 1mm, and ca'd the rear back on. With the handle bent forward slightly it then gave me a gun that was a lot more accurate. Here it is in front of the uncorrected one: This afternoon I spent a few hours sorting out new main gear legs. I thought of bending the shape and adding the fillets, but ended up cutting them out of 20thou card, then carefully filling and sanding them to shape. I'm very pleased with how they've turned out, and they should be plenty strong enough with the additional centre braces in place. Thanks for looking in....time for a beer! Ian
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    Yesterday and today I ended up using these, which I managed to pick up last week: To get the Centurion looking like this: I need to do some final weathering before getting some photos taken for the gallery. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
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    thank you Not much modeling going on .I decided to upgrade the model work bench . I really like this setup . I built the top out of Maple wood .i been working on this for about month . I went to Ikea yesterday pick up a drawer system and legs Enjoy Rick Before Nigel checking out the new work bench
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    Thanks again for the encouragement guys, here are a couple of pics of how she looks at the moment. The picture above shows that the horizontal stabilisers have been added, theses are simply a push fit with no glue used at all. As I said in an earlier post I did not follow the instructions at the time I was meant to follow these as leaving them off made it easier to clean up joints and to paint, for fitting them I simply cut the rod which connects the tail planes together in half and pushed them into the fuselage and into the piece that is meant to hold the tail surfaces in place. A close up picture of the cockpit area which shows the masking removed and the actuator mechanism for the rear cockpit installed, you can also just catch a glimpse of the rather large fuel tank fitted to the central pylon. I chose to paint this in a metallic finish as they were used both in this state and painted in the same grey as the undersurfaces and i thought the Aluminium finish would add more variety to the scheme. A general view of the front from the starboard side showing that the gun and weapons pylons have also been added, hopefully there will be something to hang on them before too long in the form of two LAU-3 rocket pods and two Mk. 82 bombs ( I couldn't find any Snake-eye bombs). The final photo above shows one of the ejector seats just about ready to be fitted, this will be the rear seat as it does not have the added extensions fitted to the top of the seat as the front seat does. I just need to remove the extra resin from the bottom of the seat before I fit it. Oh well that's it for now, thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
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    God - your shed is so much better than mine ( rusty barbecue, old cricket ball, 3 tins of slowly drying out emulsion) Jonners
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    Jockney, it must have been like having your car upgraded to a Wartburg! Jerzy, my reference was a very sketchy one and yours might well be much more accurate than mine, so I'll go with your data!
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    Good evening This Week end I finish painting and started placing the decals Patrice
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    That is looking good . Some major skills you have Hendie Rick
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    I'm with you on that one jerry, I reckon that by that stage of the war, you'd be safe to do it in a dark earth, mid stone, azure blue finish & it'd look pretty smart. Steve.
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    Nice, liking what is coming of this build.
  24. 1 point
    Its amazing how that works.I have Clean the clutter, Still trying to organize it . I hope I don't spill paint , my wife will kill me ..
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    Gunze paints are indeed very good, try them and you'll not be disappointed. I've used often in the past but in the last 3-4 years I've moved more and more to water thinned acrylics like Vallejo and Lifecolor. Local availability has been one reason, the other is that the latter work very well with a hairy stick while Gunzes are not ideal for this. On this model I'll use a combination of both: gunze for the lighter blue, vallejo for the medium blue and the SEA tan, lifecolor for the 2 SEA greens and the grey. I've yet to decide what to use for the darker blue. Speaking of these paints, the way Gunze paint cures is different and while the paint may look dry to touch it's still curing underneath. For this reason I suggest to always leave at least a day before overpainting with any water thinned acrylic, future/Klear included ! These paints dry faster and may react adversely with the underlying Gunze coat if this is not fully set, with the result of cracks in the finish. Enough of the painting advices, I noticed how the colour shows very little in pictures, one reason may be that I took the pictures in artificial light and I've not really arranged the lighting properly. In the same way the following picture does not show the green tinge of the colour.. the F-5 has now received its final coat of 35622 and looks quite unusual in this light toilet blue-green overall scheme... Next step will be adding the camo scheme. The F-5 is a small aircraft and 1/72 models are accordingly very small. I don't know yet how I'll mask the various areas, I'm thinking of giving Vallejo's masking fluid a try. I've never achieved a nice smooth demarcation using Humbrol masking fluid but this Vallejo one looks more promising. I may cut masks from paper but I'm not sure if it would be easy for such small areas. Speaking of the camo scheme, I have a few pictures of my subject so no problem for the sides. The rest of the scheme will come from the official USAF drawing for the "New Blue" scheme that can be found in the Camouflage & Markings book on the USAF Aggressor Squadrons.
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    The battery powered one runs much slower and is more useful. I have the diamond disc click lock cutter which is excellent for sanding resin and plastic and the chuck is pretty good for working sprue like a lathe with the aid of a file. A plastic bag makes a handy dust catcher, especially for the resin dust. Wouldnt be the same without it
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    Hi thanks for posting nice the top one with a type C roundel cheers jerry
  29. 1 point
    there you go getting a brand new workbench and you've cluttered it up already. you'll be getting paint spills on it next!
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    The latest couple of hours work today A unit (centre bogie) & B unit (front and rear bogies) Very good casting detail on the drive sprocket transmission housing The upper rear plate (C42) is not a perfect fit and there are no locating pins or marks 3 turns of a small laggy band provides enough tension to ensure a correct fit ** Engine deck and upper hull next **
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    I'm thinking Mig-21MF, possibly the Academy boxing with a resin spine / tail, in the the guise of a JG3 bird from Preschen in the DDR. Been wanting to build one for a while and saw the DDR one at Coventry earlier this year.
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    wish for a decent Gauntlet in 1/72
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    I have just had a sort out if the stash, there are plenty of Airfix options for this one! - Airfix 1/48 Lightning F.2A/F.6 - Airfix 1/72 Lightnings F.2 or F.6 - Airfix 1/48 Javelin FAW9/9R - Airfix 1/72 Javelin T3 - Airfix 1/72 Canberra PR9 - Airfix 1/72 TSR2 - Airfix 1/72 Rotodyne - Airfix 1/72 Sworfish or Swordfish Floatplane
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    Thanks Steve! I found it - right button on mouse
  36. 1 point
    That Bombay...in colour....in Green and Earth!!
  37. 1 point
    Nice finish. It looks great in that scheme. Don't forget to get the pictures in the gallery.
  38. 1 point
    Ready for the first painting round. The masking of the tiny (and partly triangular) fuselage windows took me half an evening and cost me for sure quite a bit more of my lifetime.
  39. 1 point
  40. 1 point
    Very nice Hector, J-W! I have this kit also as I have in my mind to someday do most of the Hart family. It's the rigging that scares me, but you obviously have got the hang of rigging. Regards, Jason
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    The 1st one. & the rest came from here as one of my sons showed me google image search is pretty amazing. Steve.
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    Woody, that is a real beauty! I wish I could do half as good as you do. I'm not really a kit builder, more of a styrene butcher. Chris
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    They might have come from Tinus Le Roux's superb site http://biltongbru.wix.com/ww2-saaf-heritage
  44. 1 point
    Even if its not in the kit, I am sure one will be along. Modellers moan
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    I'm actually quite surprised at how near completion this thing is, at least when it comes to sticking bits of plastic on. I had a few pages to go in the instruction manual, but I had skipped ahead at one point to build the machine guns and cannons in the nose, so all that remains is the cockpit detailing and a few other minor details. Then the decals... That's going to take a while as there are a lot of them, when you take into account the various stencils that nobody ever notices once they're in place. I've had some decal woes recently, but they were Hobby Boss kits, so I'm hopeful that the quality of Airfix's offerings will be better. In the meantime, here are the radios ready for installation in the cockpit: The transmitter... And the receiver... You know, those looked a lot better before they were blown up to five times actual size...
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    Well Neil it's taken me a couple goes to read through this thread but it was worth the time. You're well on the way to producing another Woody's Workbench Wonder.
  47. 1 point
    You are doing a great job on the Phantom. I'm following this with interest, this one is in the stash. I hoped to complete it without filler. Jan Remco
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    OK, I'll bite- I'm intrigued to know what job the "Tronado" still isn't doing- as I would posit that it has done most of them very well over the past 25 years or so.
  49. 1 point
    It sound like you are trying to use material that's not very conductive, although your leg is Have a look at the Noch static grass range, not too expensive and works a treat, I bought a load of stuff from a model rail way place For less than a tenner. Dan
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    No chastisement was intended, I'd assumed that it was still in your to-do pile and thought I might raise the point, but as you have already finished (and quite beautifully too) the model, it's something of a moot point really!
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