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    Hi there; Here is my latest kit build. It is my first 1:32 scale Wingnuts. I spent 6 months working in this project. Amazing kit!! Here are some pictures of the finished model. Cheers!
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    Hi all, Some of you may have followed the WiP I did for this little Spit way back in late September, I managed to complete it in October, however I have been so busy with uni I haven't had time to get back home to get my camera. I just got back from uni today and I used the remaining sunlight to capture a few pictures! This build was bought about because I decided that I had built all the significant marks of Spitfire, except the first. I picked up an Airfix 1/72 Mk.I and simply went about rescribing and reshaping, that's all their is too it really. My thanks to the late great Edgar for providing me with information on this build (and all my other Spitfire builds for that matter). This one's for you Edgar! IMG_2905_zpszx14v1cl by Ben Standen, on Flickr IMG_2906_zps3hcdmy84 by Ben Standen, on Flickr IMG_2907_zpsbmu8fxq2 by Ben Standen, on Flickr IMG_2908_zps8qrzyeef by Ben Standen, on Flickr IMG_2909_zps5fvgepuz by Ben Standen, on Flickr IMG_2910_zpsmet7arl3 by Ben Standen, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Ben
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    Hi folks, Having been a member of this forum a long, long time, it pained me to realise I'd never posted anything in RFI. Although my start rate is phenomenal, my completion rate is glacial, and this is the only one that's made it from the shelf of doom to the "It's got all of the fiddly bits attached" shelf in a loooong time. This was painted with Tamiya acrylics (thinned with Tamiya lacquer thinner, mixed with a couple of drops of X-22 clear gloss, and sprayed through a Badger Renegade Krome), kit transfers, Winsor & Newton Galeria matte varnish, and chalk pastel weathering. Panel lines were emphasised with a wash concocted from Liquitex Matte Medium, distilled water, flow improver and grey ink. The same mix with different coloured ink was used for leaky-type stains. Anyway - enough blather. Hope you like:
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    Just hope it wasn't said by William Green and Gordon Swanborough - they simply couldn't release such a canard! Even if you managed to join together two outer (dihedralled) wing panels of Northrop A-17, their span is just 1120 cm (compared to 1138 cm for the P-36). Maximum wing chord is 287 cm for the A-17 outer wings and 275 cm for the P-36 centreline. Curtiss P-36 feature NACA 2210 wing section, while the A-17 uses NACA 2415 for the centre section, thinning down to 2409 at the tips. Northrop A-17 ailerons overlap the wingtip and their ribs are parallel to the fuselage centreline, while in the P-36 the wingtip overlaps the aileron, whose ribs are perpendicular to the wing trailing edge. On the A-17 outer wings joined together the aileron inner edges are 574 cm apart, while in the P-36 such distance is 638 cm. And between the ailerons and the fuselage the P-36 has plain split flaps, while the A-17 has perforated dive brakes. Moreover - IIRC - the P-36 has three wing spars, while the A-17 features five. Should I add anything more?
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    I've just completed my 1:72 Heinkel He 111 from Revell, a second part for the diorama (the first part was this Stuka). It was very nice build without the major problems. In fact the set is so good that there were no problems at all. You can see the progress here Here are some pictures of the finished model. More when the diorama is finished.
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    Hi guys, I'd like to present you my very first tank model(s) I've ever done. Airbrushed with Vallejo paints and weathered with pastel washes and dry pastels. Some dirt+PVA glue mud applied. As on my previous diorama I've done some photoshop work to blend it with the background. Models are untouched. Here they come, somewhere on the eastern front: Hope you like it
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    This was a commision build that the buyer failed to pay. It is the second sunken submarine I have made, the first a few years ago. I decided to keep this one and sold the first. It is 1/125 scale. The plaque reads: U-BOAT POEM INTO THE DEPTHS WE VALIANTLY GO, DOWNWARDS INTO THE INKY GLOOM. TOUCHING BOTTOM WE COME TO REST, TO SLEEP FOREVER IN OUR IRON TOMB. Si:)
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    American troops come across a knocked out Churchill and ponder. All 1/35 scale. Si:)
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    The Royal Dutch Air Force, acquired 57 U.S.-built and six Fiat-built F-86K Sabres, 1955–1956; and assigned to three squadrons, No. 700, 701 and 702. Operated until 1964 with the F-86K. It was the first all weather fighter in the inventory of the Royal Dutch Air Force. The kit was from Special Hobby, in the end I'm glad it is finished. The best parts of the kit were the decals. The plastic surface was like sanding paper and had to be sanded to get a smooth surface. The wheel bays didn't fit, due to a problem with the manufacture. I didn't turn to the internet directly, but after stumbling for a couple of days. Special Hobby provided some resin parts. There were no pins in the kit glueing had to be done carefully. The small fins near the tail I left out these were so tiny made from PE parts, these got stuck every were but not on the model. The slats could only be fitted in down position. The Sidewinders came from Kinetic, the front fins from the ones from Special Hobby were only 2mm high. The decals were a relieve, the fit was very good. The red stipes on the model are decals, these were better than my Wingman on the Kfir. In the end the front part of the cockpit fitted like a glove, but the second part was to large and had to be sanded . The paint came from Vallejo Model Air 71064 Chrome, Black 74602 and 71017 Russian Green. For me the first and the last model from Special Hobby. Thanks for looking. Jan Remco
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    This is the Tamiya 1/48th scale Douglas A-1H Skyraider in What If Fleet Air Arm markings. I added a Eduard Zoom set for the cockpit, Quickboost resin sets for Pylons, Gun Barrels, Boot Cockpit Enclosure and Antennas. An assortment of after market and kit decals all in 1/48th scale were used. The model is painted with Mr Hobby Paint in Extra Dark Sea Grey and Sky. This is the link for the WIP thread Thank you for looking, Joe.
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    The flight deck... IS DONE! Leaving it to settle down and the transfers to dry completely, then I will seal it - eventually, of course, it will have a matt finish once again. Weathering will not be for a long time yet; still lots of experimentation to do, for a start. Ladies and gentlemen, it has only taken me 2 years, but we have a flight deck!
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    1/72 Monogram B-52D, 55-0677, 25th Bomb Wing, Andersen AFB, Guam, Operation Linebacker ll, 1972. Build thread here Dave
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    This is a dio showing the lovely Lara Croft in a swampy jungle setting, all dirty and sweaty, she is posed by a large T-Rex skull and needs to get to the crystal-but it is guarded... Si:)
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    Hello all, Here is my recently finished Monogram 1/72 B-52D in the markings of 55-0677 of the 25th Bomb Wing, based at Andersen AFB, Guam during the Linebacker II bombing campaign in 1972. Built for the Vietnam II group build, the build thread is here The windows have been painted gloss black as the fit is poor and some filler was required, resulting in dust getting in behind the transparencies. I'm also missing the walkways for the horizontal stabilisers, as these broke up on application. The bomb tally is fictional, but i couldn't have my BUFF without one! Built completely OOB, except for the inclusion of Warbird decals for the walkways. It's a big bugger with poor fit at times, but a great addition to the collection and one of my favourite aircraft. Would i build another? Yes. I've an AMT/Ertl H model to build then i'll probably add a B-52B in there (when I get the space!) Comments welcome, thanks for looking. Dave
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    Built for a friend this was a challenging and enjoyable build. This particular aircraft is MJ627 '9G Q' from the Biggin Hill Heritage hanger. Built using the 1:48 Hasegawa Spitifire MkIX and the Brigade Models Resin T9 conversion set. To add a bit more detail I also used the Eduard PE upgrade set and resin MkIX cockpit. I used Vallejo Air paints and a myriad of aftermarket decals to replicate the correct aircraft. The resin conversion set was sublime and very little fettling or filler was needed. It went against the grain to use only the wings and undercarriage of the Hasegawa kit, but needs must. I am really pleased hop it turned out. Having discussed the final look of the model I decided not to go with a totally clean aircraft and wanted to add some weathering to it to add more depth and to represent the aircraft as it may have looked in 1945.
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    Merry Christmas everybody. I've just finished up one of my Battle of Britain GB entries, just a hair past the deadline (OK, two months). Yes, it's another 1/72 Airfix Spitfire, which you may be sick of seeing, but no one should ever tire of building. It is one of the most enjoyable kits to build of any I've attempted. The plane represents a Spitfire I flown by Ralph 'Titch' Havercroft serving with 92 Sqn during the Battle of Britain. Most of the build thread is here, but there's a little more here. And because I always enjoy it when people put a bonus build at the end, here it is next to a 303 Sqn Mk II from the same kit.
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    I finished this today, it's Hasegawa's 1/48 Hurricane MKllC. It'll be a gift to my Father in Law. He has a picture of his Dad sat on PZ865's wing just after the end of the war in his study and my plan is to get this model mounted on a plinth. I airbrushed it with Tamiya paint and used Flory models dark dirt wash which I found very easy to use. I should point out that this is the first model I've finished in twenty years!! There are lots of minor inaccuracies which I hope you'll overlook.... I've possibly overdone the weathering a bit but it was such good fun doing it! The decals for PZ865 were generously donated by Thunderjug so my thanks to him and apologies for taking so long to complete it! All Photos-220 by -ade634- All Photos-221 by -ade634- All Photos-222 by -ade634-
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    This is a post of firsts - 1st completion of the year, 1st figure I've ever painted and more amazingly the 1st piece of armour that I can remember building ever. I'm sure that I must have done but it certainly wasn't in the last 45 years, so be kind to me. I persuaded my wife to come with me to watch Fury when it was in the cinema and it changed my modelling focus quite dramatically. I made the decision to pick up this kit and a Sherman Easy 8 and this one has crossed the line first. The kit is a pretty perfect introduction to armour modelling and goes together as easily as anything I've ever built, which has all been aircraft to date. I used Mig Ammo paint which didn't work too well until I picked up some Ultimate Modelling Products Airbrush Thinner to mix with it. After that it sprayed superbly and I'm a complete convert on both products. A concoction of washes, pigments, chipping fluid and lots of other alien substances were used to get a finish that I'm pretty happy with. You'll have to excuse the lack of historical authenticity in all things but I was looking for something that looked like the 'Bovington Tiger' in its film star guise. So, here it is - part 1 of the 'Fury' duo: - Next up is the Sherman and after who knows, I'm really enjoying doing something different. Thanks for looking and comments and critique welcomed. Pete
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    While adding details the build looked still very plain in the monotone blue gray, so i applied a dark washing and some dry brushing. Most of her deck houses are only dry fitted. Thank you for watching Bernd
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    That was the start of adding more details, it took many hours to detail and clean the army of ammunition lockers crowding her boat deck and it became quite tedious, now its done.
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    I just reviewed my entry's and I have the p-47, hurricane and corsair GB's followed by JU88 and FW 190 GB's. I have also entered the eastern front and MTO GB's..... I think the MTO GB will be my focus the others will need to be single build otherwise I won't build anything else i want to!! Rob
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    Thanks Rob! We'll see about the neatly whenever I get back to checking and fixing seams... Thanks for the tip! I'll try to look it up. How about another update with lots of pictures where nothing much has happened? I've been occupied with control surfaces lately, because otherwise the wing looks quite bare. For starters, I discoverd that one of the flap hinges was broken off. Merde as they say in Poland! It might be fixable somehow? Anyway, a quick dryfit of the flaps was interesting. As always, lots of scraping and sanding was needed to get them to fit properly... Dropped flaps might look nice, but the work required to get them to look interesting enough is daunting (and probably needs some Eduard etch). Also, since time immortal RAF pilots seems to be obsessed with raising the flaps after landing, so naturally mine will be raised too. To have the flaps fit in the up position, the outer flap needs to be trimmed quite a lot, but some swift sanding solved it. Turned out ok. One can barely see a wavy line on the inner part of the flap and I was getting worried that it was a sinkmark. I reached for the filler, but then I thought, why not just oaint it once, to see how bad it is? A wise idea! It turns out that the wavy line is just some molding line where the molten plastic comes in from two different directions and meets in the part and then hardens. Something that Airfix subcontractor is quite bad at predicting especially for clear parts... The flap hinge was repaired with a piece of plastic strip Should hopefully look good under a coat of paint or 14. And so, all control surfaces bar the rudder is installed. That's it for now! I really need to tackle the seams next. //Christer
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    Some more work. I decided to make a small amendment to the kit instrument panel and used Airscale decals, which I reckon have made a big improvement on what is supplied with the kit. I had to work hard to get it looking close to my reference though as there is instruments from quite a few of the Airscale sheets here; 1/48th scale, Soviet dials, Jet dials, upside down dials.... anyway, I reckon I got it pretty close. Here is the finished panel. I thought for a while about whether to depict the white marks that Charles used to count off how many hours he used in each tank in the top right hand corner of the panel. I guess it brings a human element to the project regardless of how hard they will be to see. It gives the aircraft a lived in/Historical feel. Apart from the Airscale decals, everything else is `from the box'. I also had to scratchbuild the magneto switch as the kit one pinged off into the distance, courtesy of some fine tipped tweezers. I used some scrap white metal from the kit to carve a new one. Here is the painted fuel management system. I painted the small silver shape on the rectangular part for reasons which will become clear soon. The built up instrument panel and fuel tank/system. The silver paint was to depict the mirror in the periscope. The cockpit side walls have been sprayed Tamiya rattle can bare metal silver, with the kit cockpit frame laid over the top. There is not much detail here, but with some careful painting some can be added. I am struggling to find references which confirm how the side walls were painted, so if you have some please feel free to add!
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