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    Good late evening to everybody checking this topic , after a long break caused by totally flooded house, something new completed in my vitrine. So have a fun with this!
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    This is my latest build for the F-5 STGB. The base model is Wolfpack's version of the Kinetic F-5A model, nice as the model is it's not without issues! But overall it was a very enjoyable build and with results I'm very happy with, please enjoy. Kit: 1/48nd Wolfpack F-5A Plant: Tamiya & Mr Hobby Acrylics, Model Master Enamels & Metalizer Lacquers, Extra stuff: Eduard – Interior Set Eduard – Mk.81 Bomb set Build Link: build link
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    Hello everyone! Now I want to show you my model, which I gathered for 2 weeks. First I presented It on the exhibition Lviv Scale Model Fest 2014. Have a pleasant viewing experience! And some photos of this work in progress...
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    72nd scale Trumpeter kit with Eduard photo etch, Aires resin main wheels, Quickboost tail wheel and gun barrels. Scratch improvements to cockpit and gun turrets with Xtradecals codes. Note the safety bar across the pilot’s window to ensure the pilot’s head did not come into contact with the propeller! The paint is Gunze mr color acrylics. The Wellington MkIII introduced the powerful 14 cylinder Hercules engine, four gun tail turret and Gee navigation to the Barnes Wallis’s canvas covered bomber. This aircraft is meant to represent ‘G for George’ of 12 Squadron, the favoured mount of Pilot Officer Bob Hodgson He flew the aircraft on ops in October to November in 1942. He then wrote off ‘G’ in a wheels up landing after engine failure. He and his crew were lost on ops with 166 squadron on 29th March 1943. With icing being a big problem for night bombers, in 1941-42 the RAF tried out a strange paste called 'Kilfrost' on the wing and tail leading edges. Photos even show the stuff on the DF fairing! Vehicles from Airfix and figures a mixture of Revell and Gunthwaite. Hope you like it? Andrew
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    Just fished these build OOB. Nakajima B5N2 (Kate), Hasegawa AI-301 was the a/c of Lt. Cmdr. Mitsuo Fuchida, the Hikotaicho (flight leader) of the Akagi Air Group and flew as the observer in this machine. The photo was taken during a foray into the Indian Ocean. Mitsubishi Ki-51 (Sonia), Hasegawa 23rd Shinbu-tai, flow by Capt. Yoshio Itsui 32-year-old Captain Yoshio Itsui, who took off from Chiran Air Base on April 1, 1945, to attack US forces south of Kerama Island in a Kamikaze mission. cheers Jes
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    Douglas DC-4 Transworld Airline (TWA) 1:144 Minicraft with Draw Decals The DC-4 is one of my favourite aircraft, it did sterling work in the post war period and a few are still working today, such as those with Buffalo Airways in Canada. The Minicraft kit is a real beauty, one of their best, although it is getting hard to find now. Decals are from Draw Decals and went on beautifully, as usual. The paintwork is Alclad 'polished aluminium' on the fuselage and cowlings, with the wings & tailplanes in Citadel Runefang steel. And 'with something else'. Well 2 really as I seem to be developing a TWA theme. Rodens DC-3 straight from the box with TWA markings; And Fly's DC-9 with Draw Decals TWA set; Thanks for looking John
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    Finished at last. Amongst all of the recent Airfix Bristol Blenheims here is the MPM Blenheim IV that I started last year for the Bomber Command GB, The canopy is a Falcon vac-form replacement and the props are Aeroclub white metal replacements. Other than that it is straight from the box with kit decals. The nose required major surgery to get the canopy to fit but it all came out fine in the end. It was looking rather forlorn on the bench after so long waiting to be painted that I thought I would get it completed before the year end. Hopefully this will be the start of a series of Bristol aircraft I do, the next being the Special Hobby Beaufort sometime next year. Thanks for looking.
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    Hi all, today my P-61 B from HobbyBoss in 1/32. It is a nice kit, but has a lot of parts, as I remember.... So hope you like her...this Lady in the dark
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    Hi Let say it is finished - My number three of planned five belonging to "mass production of Hawker Hart family" ( After Egyptian Avro 674 and Persian (radial) Hart I made Hart Trainer in markings of 4 FTS RAF, Habbaniya, May 1941. Basicly this is a scratch conversion from Avis/Amodel Hart model (Amodel 72240). I have copied in resin pilot cockpit, changed wing slope, blinded side windows and half-pipe for gun, added ventilation pannel on nose (the most problematic part...), blinded the hatch from behind (EDIT: added new exhaust) and made new struts between wings. I made some some crosskitting here as well - lower wings are from AZ Audax - since they do not have any support points. The A-model lower wings I used for a radial Hart. Initially I was thinking on using rudders from AZ kits, but after more carefully studies I made Hart Trainer (and also Hector and Hertbeeste, which are under preparation) with Amodel rudders. EZ riggings added. K4900 was sometimes presented as "black 4" but for me the comparison between black serial and red middle of roundel against shadow of gray of "4" suggests, that it was rather "red four". http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234984588-habbaniya-hawker-hart-trainer-details/ She looks like that: And here just to show difference in wing slope, against Persian Hart (radial): Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
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    I need to double-check, but I think this is just my second finished model of the year (although there are a couple of minor fixes outstanding). It's the Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind, finished with Mr Hobby acrylics and Tamiya varnishes. Overall, a straightforward kit to build and a nice addition to the collection. I think I'll be adding another in the Ocean Grey/Dark Green scheme one day
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    Grumman Hellcat Mk. 1,JV132, E-F, 800. Squadron, flown by Lt. Blythe Ritchie during Op. Hopps, which was against coastal shipping of Norwigian coast, made 2 claims which must be, only loss of Fw-190 to FAA a/c in time frame is 8/5/44, is 10/JG5 , Uffz. Ernst Brettin and Ohfr. Kurt Otto. Op. Hopps was during 6th, 8th, 14th, 15th May and 1 June 1944 aircraft from Victorious, Furious, Searcher, Striker and Emperor took part in a series of naval strikes off the Norwegian coast, sinking or seriously damaging six merchant ships, one escort vessel and two armed trawlers (all five carriers were not involved in all five attacks). Emperor, Searcher and Striker took part in the attack on 8 May, against a northbound convoy off Kristiansund. Emperor and Striker were involved in the attack on 14 May, damaging one ship at Rorvik, north of Trondheim. Reference photo showes it with provisional number on front removed later. And a warm thanks for all the info provided to me look here. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234992245-hellcat-mk1-800-sqd/#entry2171016 cheers Jes
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    1/72 Airfix Lynx 1/72 Revell Tornado 1/72 Italeri Jaguar 1/72 Airfix Buccaneer 1/72 Airfix Lightning 1/72 Airfix Lightning 1/48 Academy Lightning 1/144 GWH TSR2 1/72 Airfix Hurricane 1/72 Revell Gannet 1/72 What-If Marineflieger Blenheim 1/72 Revell F-105 1/35 Tamiya M113
  13. 10 points
    Just finihed these 6 E's no. 192 - 197 in my 109 collection. Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7, Hptm. Hermann Segatz, 8. staffel/Jagdgeschwader 5, ICM, Ref. JG 5/2, Mombeck, s. 192,194., PLFA 1, Barbas, s. 64 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7, (E-3 cockpit), Hptm. Horst Carganico, 1. staffel/Jagdgeschwader 77, ICM, Ref. JG 5/2, Mombeck, s.81,82 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7, (PeilG-4), Uffz. Hans-Gerd Wennekers, Jagdgruppe Losigkeit, ICM, Ref. JV 7, Prien, s 145,146 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7, Uffz. Heinz Knoke, 2. staffel/Jagdgeschwader 1 ICM, Ref. JV 5, Prien, s. 44 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7, Lt. Diethelm von Eichel-Streiber, Stab III Gruppe/Jagdgeschwader 77 Airfix, Ref. JG 77/1, Prien, S.571,572 Eichel had a lucky escape while on the 14-5-41, ground attacking Malemes airfield on Crete, he was his by flak that tore away the left tailplain and dammage the rudder, but he managed to get the damaged plane back to Molaoi airfiled on the Grecce mainland some 150 km. Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7T, Oblt. Wolfgang Redlich, , 1. staffel/Jagdgeschwader 27 Tamiya, Ref JV 5, Prien, s. 361 Cheers Jes
  14. 8 points
    Hi all. Had fun with this one! The kit certainly had it's issues but still builds into a decent model with some modelling flare. It's been built as a display piece for a veteran sherman radio operator of the east riding yeomanry and is a tribute to him really. WIP link here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234977297-old-dragon-135-sherman-firefly-1c-hybrid-9037-teaching-an-old-dog-new-tricks/ There's a couple of shots below that show the model without the track cleats highlighted in steel but the rest are after i've done it. Just used some of the best photo's i have of her really. Anyway, enjoy Cheers all, hope you like her. Ben.
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    Looking for an easy build I took the SMER (re-boxed Heller) Storch out of the box... and then the fun started. One of my favourite aircraft, I had a search on BM and found this thread discussing the captured Storch used by Air Vice Marshal Harry Broadhurst and used to ferry Churchill around Europe. Had to be done, WiP thread here. Here's a link to on YouTube and some shots of the finished article.Primed with AK Interactive white, paint is decanted H24 rattle can airbrushed and hand brushed Mr Hobby Dark Brown and H30 Dark Green. Finished with W&N Matt varnish hand brushed. Transfers are Xtradecal, mostly. I hope you like it, comments welcomed! Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr
  16. 7 points
    Latest off the bench is the Acurate Minitures Dauntless (1/48) in the FAA, (Eastleigh Satatin Flight 1945-46) Just something a bit different. Got the deatails from a SAM mag. No real problems, and yes it's meant to be in US navy colours. Decals from the spares box..... think the "ELOB" could be a bit smaller. Does anyone know what it stands for ??? Comments are always welcome Thanks for looking Dick
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    A couple of build errors but enjoyed it none the less.
  18. 7 points
    Northrop F-5A Skoshi Tiger Kit: 1/48nd Wolfpack F-5A Plant: Tamiya & Mr Hobby Acrylics, Model Master Enamels & Metalizer Lacquers, Extra stuff: Eduard – Interior Set Eduard – Mk.81 Bomb set Build Link: build link
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  20. 6 points
    Christmas has got in the way of modelling today but I have got a little done. I am thinking of breaking out the airbrush tomorrow so I have been getting things ready for that. On the rotor hub the blades fit best in a specific position - I have been using pen marks but obviously that won't work after paint. I took this shot for my own reference, from the orientation of the lifting eye I can work out which blade goes where, I put a corresponding pin point impression on the end of the blades: I then cleaned off the pen marks with IPA. I was thinking of holding the ends of the blades in clamps for painting but decided that drilling out with a 0.4mm hole and mounting like this was a better idea: I like to mask the glued edges with narrow tape, I think its better than scraping the paint off later: Then I remembered that there was a rod aerial thingy on the corner of the roof which I added with 0.2mm nickel sliver rod, it stands a whopping 1.5mm tall: Sorry, I couldn't get the focus better. I probably could have added it later but thought it might as well go on now. Apologies for the lack of progress but I will definitely get more done tomorrow. Now I'm going to cook lamb shanks for dinner Bye for now, Nigel
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    Thanks Joe FBD, I like the look of your Corsair too. How did you like the Hobby Boss kit? Ced, build that Catalina! I think you're the exact man for the job. PC, I hope that little Winston hasn't run you too ragged. Speaking as a former renowned infant racket producer (I've heard several corroborating eye(ear?)witness accounts, but have no direct memories myself), I can only thank you for your patience on little Winston's behalf. And I hear he's a pretty good brush painter too. A little experiment I'm trying on the Mk XVI's is to paint then mask the stencil walkway lines as I've had a myriad of problems with those decals in the past, including placing them over the wing roundels. You can see why I don't pre-shade. The whole plane would just end up in spider webbed black. The masking tape is 0.5mm which may end up too thick for the walkway lines, and too thin to be easy to keep in a straight line. I then sprayed the Lifecolor Ocean grey thinned with a concoction of distilled water, Future, and flow improver. I post shaded by adding a little bit of Lifecolor Light grey and white as I went along. Stocky's plane is going to be a little more weathered, so I did heavier post shading, and chipped down to the metalizer. Water-based acrylics don't stick to metalizer very well, so I didn't need to use hairspray. Maybe get the Dark green on later in the weekend?
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    Here's my attempt at a Herc, modern era. This thing is Huuuuuuuuuuge! And given my photo set up (an iPhone) a bit of a challenge to get good pics of. Quite enjoyable to build, other than a lot of filler/sanding at the wing roots and in the middle of the fuselage. Hope you like! Rob
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    Tamiya 1/35 m41 Walker bulldog
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    Hi all, Been working on this on and off for a few weeks and this week have been through the painting stages. Apologies for the lazy iPhone pics - I don't have a permanent photo area at the moment! (but I will set it all up for some shots when it's complete). So far, I've used Alclad grey primer, Gunze aqueous Sky and Dark Earth and Tamiya Acrylic Dark Green, and Vallejo gloss varnish. Looking forward to doing a bit of weathering and trying out some stuff I've not really done before. I just hope I don't ruin it. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I by Phil Jones, on Flickr Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I by Phil Jones, on Flickr Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I by Phil Jones, on Flickr Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I by Phil Jones, on Flickr Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I by Phil Jones, on Flickr Phil.
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    All Here is my latest kit build.Last year i managed to get a base visit to Cherry point where i took a photo of the aircraft itself.When i got home i uploaded to airfighters .com not knowing i had a photo of a new squadron machine.A nice chap from Hasegawa got in touch asking to use the photo for their box art of the new kit.I first thought it was a wind but no it was for real.Anyway i was sent two kit's one i built the other not to be touched and saved plus some cash for my troubles.Nice to see my name on the box[top left]. Model air and flory wash used.The antenna's also needed tweaking. _MG_0336 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr _MG_0334 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr _MG_0337 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr _MG_0338 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr _MG_0339 by Glyn Fuller, on Flickr Still need to get slightly better photo's. Glyn
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    Hello,Friends - 19Sqn's Anniversary Phantom is visiting my ramp today.I hope you enjoy viewing her.All the best,Paul.
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    Hi all, thought I'd share some pictures of my latest project, built for a GB on the Flory Models forum. As well as the Hobby Boss kit, I used a True Details cockpit (designed for the old Kopro kit so took a bit of fitting), Quickboost ventral fin and Master gun barrels and pitot. The main airframe is painted with Mr Metal Colour, specifically 'Aluminium' and 'Stainless', and weathered with oil paints. I actually bought the kit (complete with cockpit set and fin) from somebody on BM, but the name escapes me just now. The base is a 'box' style photo frame, with ICM's representation of the PAG-14 slabs, some teddy bear fur and snow by a company whose name also escapes me just now. The badge on the front of the base came from eBay at circa £2 posted, it had a (pretty crap) enameled finish which I've overpainted. The figure is by Aerobonus, and is a bloomin' lovely bit of casting. Anyway, too much waffle, here are the pics: And a few WIP shots.... Didn't mean to post up that many photos when I started, but there we are, done now Jon
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    I have got a bit more done in the last couple of days. The seat, control column and sight were added before the canopy was glued on using Formula 560 canopy glue, then the undercarriage legs were added and left overnight. Today I have added the supports for the mudguards using stretched sprue and the got on with the stencils I have also sourced the tail number decals that I was short utilising some codes from an old Airfix Vampire set but that still doesn't solve the 'safely stored' Modeldecal sheet mystery. Just wondering if I should I apply the 'Murphy's Modelling Rule' and buy another set, that way they are bound to turn up. I am going to leave things to set up overnight and then I should be able to add the spent ammo chutes and undercarriage doors tomorrow. I will then wipe everything down before adding some satin varnish and that should be it for this GB.
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    You go with the brake cables Rob, I am possibly known by now for my laziness and as such am not really a suitable example to follow except perhaps for those seeking the path of least resistance. I've got a few little reels of copper wire myself, I think they are meant for fly-fishing or something... don't know quite how that works but I have hardly ever used them anyway So am I alone then in liking the smell of enamels? It transports me back to my carefree childhood when we were allowed to inhale - albeit inadvertently - all kinds of heady and/or noxious fumes in the pursuit of our hobby Umm... yes. Oh yes, brake cables. Go for it Rob Cheers, Stew
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    After thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided that there were some areas that I simply couldn't live with, so some more masking action... Followed by a respray of the deck grey (which is actually Vallejo 71.049 Medium Sea Grey): You can see that where things already looked OK, I masked a big section with straight edges, so that it will show up like a section of deck that has just been patched (which happened a lot in real life). This seems to have worked quite well - the section just behind the island (5 Spot), for instance. MUCH happier now, especially in places like the forward lift: There are a couple more minor touch-ups required, plus a small section of the aft lift on the runway stripe, but this is much more like it. Now I just leave it to dry out completely, then seal it in preparation for the transfers (deck spots, distance to go marks etc.). Pleased.
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    Hello, After My Fw 190A-8/R-2Wurger in 1/48, some small stuff... Now, I'm about to start the painting/weathering process. More soon ! BTW, the control stick is in backwards... Thanks for paying attention !!! Anis. PS. Sorry again for the french captions. If you have any questions, fell free to ask them.
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    It is pretty much done, as always no-where near perfect I had issues with the decals over complex curves and not quite fitting exactly in places, still not bad. Got sucked in by the decal instruction re the positioning of the entrance door outline on the fuselage! It should be miles down lower, still I am not going to get riled by it it would take a major operation to remove the incorrectly place outline. Why the High and Mighty? well even though it is the least good looking of postwar piston airliners, Ernest K Gann author of the High and Mighty and other great aviation books used to fly these for TAL, this looks pretty good in the cabinet.
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    finally after 4-5 months of on and off building finally got this one finished. will admit did nearly beat me a few times and was several times just had to put it down and walk away, hence why took so long. found the kit fought me several times and some fit/kit issues, firstly the nose and tail turret are in two half's leaving a huge seam line that can not avoid especially as the framing goes the opposite way so no way of hiding it other than to cover it I felt, the fuselage isn't the greatest of match ups but a bit of filler and sanding that one was solved. the bomb bay doors don't fit and do not follow the contour on the bomb bay!! and yes its raised detail overall thought its a kit that defiantly shows its age and is still around today but in the d version, certainly a kit that needs a to be updated and modernised I feel and if was I would love to do another, though have no idea where would put it, cant find any where for this one at the moment lol. other than the issues above happy with final build, mind did struggle to find decals for the j version as the box ones were missing but like buses cant find any then 3 or more come along at once and after looking for a year found some a show. decided to got with olive drab as felt that due to age of the kit and its flaws that a nmf would look rough and if anything highlight to many bad points. with scheme chosen I also wanted to try and use different tones of olive drab and to make it look very worn and used for this I the main colour with some Tamiya buff mixed in and then used the dot method with oils , then finally put some exhaust streaking down which used plenty of images to try get right. the tail was a nightmare as after doing the yellow then the black it had leaked so had to redo a few times but got there in the end. but after many insults thrown at it and several times being thrown to the side I go on and managed to finish it and am somewhat happy with the results, would say its not one my best but glad its done.
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    I've been busy making a home-made SPS-100 active jamming system as fitted to some Tu-22KD's..... This replaces the gun and is quite simple to make..... First cut off the rear of the existing kit part..... I cut the outline shape of the new tailcone from thick plastic card and attached it to an internal bulkhead that I scratched.... Scrap bits of sprue were glued on (to save the weight of the Milliput)..... Then Milliput was applied and shaped whilst wet to the approximate shape.... followed by few sessions of sanding/filling/sanding until I was satisfied with the overall shape.. The finished part primed - with aerials and intake to be added later after painting The new tail end attached to the fuselage.. Ken
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    Kit manufacturer: Hasegawa (Kit no. E26) Scale: 1/72 Type: B-26C Marauder Extras used: Eduard Photoetch Zoom Set Paints and colours used: Alclad, Gunze, Tamiya This particular Marauder - "Barracuda" belonged to 495th Bomb Squadron, 344 Bomb Group. Any comments appreciated Best regards Rune Haugen
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    Afternoon Everyone, Had this kit built since Jan but has taken me until now to paint and decal it. First time using primer, airbrushing, Humbrol acrylics, tamiya tape, micro sol and set (Never even knew these things existed until stumbling across this site last summer) Previous models were bashed out in a weekend using pots of Humbrol Enamel that I'm pretty sure I've had knocking around since I was about 6, so this was quite a learning curve. I'm sure there are lots of mistakes, joins in the plastic are pretty obvious but I'll get round to learning how to fill, sand and re-scribe at some point. All in all really enjoyed it, and pretty pleased with the outcome. Thanks for looking Pete
  37. 4 points
    Okay, which one of you chaps bought me the Haynes baby manual? (Thank you!)
  38. 4 points
    It looks great Mike! I ordered one from Luckymodel a couple of days ago, but they haven't shipped it yet. This is probably the best refueling video I've ever seen:
  39. 4 points
    Gentlemen, It gives me huge pleasure to present some test-shots of Roden's VC10, plus box-art and decals etc. As usual they have been released on the Frog Site first. This will be followed in the New Year by an RAF Tanker version. Delivery will be soon and I promise it will have been worth the wait. Just one note, I have sadly had to watermark the images, this is due to some "People" who inhabit the net offering the pre-production box-art for sale as well as stating the model was in stock. (I am happy to supply unmarked images on request) This is totally unfair. Airliner World will also be offering both the Britannia and VC10 as prizes in competitions in the New year. Box-art may also be available, but this is yet to be confirmed. Please let me have your comments and above all enjoy the hobby...... Oh I nearly forgot....Here is the link http://www.frogmodelaircraft.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=317 Please note: The model and paper work including decals are © Roden Roden Models are imported to the UK and distributed exclusively by Pocketbond Martin ps I had this strange dream. It was about a DH Heron and a Bristol Freighter...Odd
  40. 4 points
    Hi guys, now two pics of the external surface after the hair spray step. After this work I sprayed a coat of Future for to protect this step and I'm going to spray another layer of hair spray, and then I will paint the camo. stay tuned mike
  41. 3 points
    Hi all, here my latest model; Kitty Hawk`s nice F-101C in 1:48. Add the Aires speed brakes (those a bad quality!!), some Eduard RBF tags and two differend Eduard etched sets.Decals are by Caracal showing off an aircraft of the 81st TFW. Hobe you like it!
  42. 3 points
    Hi guys here the last one for this year. Cheers. Pierre.
  43. 3 points
    Gentlemen, Here is the link to the Roden Rolls Royce Armoured car. I apologise in advance if this has already been covered. I have posted the subjects so as to share the latest releases. If I have offended anybody by these postings I apologise. http://www.frogmodelaircraft.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=318 Martin
  44. 3 points
    I've drawn up some rules for the GB on the first post for everyone planning to take part in this GB. These are not currently final and can be tinkered within the next few days, I'm mainly looking for any objections or anything I may have missed
  45. 3 points
    saw these back last year but was unable to get them over here direct until recently, so when could managed to get my lms to get me this one in for a bit of fun, but enjoyed it and will admit think they look great. was built out the box (no glue needed) other than I decided to repaint I used the stickers that came with the box and although can see there stickers they went done well, but do wish went through my decal box for some!!!! but other than that am very happy with it and it is a very nicely engine kit. my only niggle was in the box came a fact sheet for kids but its in Japanese???? with this one done and the b-24 finally finished brings my tally to 45 built this year .
  46. 3 points
    I'm off to a new scratch build part . I never done anything like this before . I see Nigel and Hendie do some amazing builds . So Im going build a basic engine from 0 .. I know this wont be 100 percent correct . But I just want to get out of the box look . I will start this later today . I have some other things to do . Enjoy Rick below is the engine ..
  47. 3 points
    Stew, the best one would be a Fleet Air Arm. Cookie, Walkway decals are a pain and I like your idea. I've tried to use an '01' Eddington 1880 pen, with varying degrees of success. Simon
  48. 3 points
    Initially the J didn't carry the 6000lb External (Sergeant Fletcher) tanks owing to the fact that it is much more fuel efficient than the earleir models. Sadly Corporate knowledge had been lost - on the K we would use Aux tank (wing shoulder tank) fuel before Ext tank fuel because the Ext tanks gave you wing bending relief. Indeed we would maintain 500 - 1000 lbs weight differential between the outboard (1 and 2 tanks) and the inboard (3 and 4 tanks) for this very reason. The direct result on the J of not having the Ext tanks is that the wing shoulder joints have become knackered far earlier than they would otherwise have. Hence their refittment.
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    Seasons Greetings folks I wish I had a load of pics of progress on the F7F, but the sad truth is I haven't done ANYTHING on it since Telford... I have been flat out on a range of new products as the show and feedback I got inspired me to up and do something so I signed up for a Coreldraw subscription and have been banging away making up new Photo-Etch & Instrument decals If only to show I have been doing something, here are a few pics... 1/32 & 1/48 Modern Jets PE - instrument decals coming ..all the old Airfix 1/24 kits get new PE Instrument Panels and decals like these.. ..I am about 80% done.. ..one day very soon I will sit again at my bench and just pick something up and the whole rush towards the finish will start all over again - just too much going on at present Thank you PR for asking - I meant to drop in a few times and at least say hello see you soon and I know as soon as this lot are finalised & done I will be right back in the groove.. Peter
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    Things are progressing quite well. The size is a bit of a challenge but other than that so far the kit is without any major issues. The interior is mainly the CMK set which is nicely detailed and fits really well for a resin detail set. A couple of Eduard parts were also used. The slightly modified radio equipment on the left hand side. Eduard parts were used. Ammunition cartridges from Aires for the defensive armament on the right hand side. Thanks for looking!
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