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    HI all! Today the Russian whiz. A quite good kit, wich made a lot of fun. Also finally something else than our evergreens 109, Spit and all these things. Best regards Andy
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    Hello modellers, just finished my first seaplane. Mostly OOB with just few additions in the cockpit and cut of tail control surfaces. The hasegawa kit is not the newest but definitively great quality and really enjoyable. just the decals were a bit out of register but nothing dramatic to adjust. Painting has been done with airbrush using Tamiya Acrylics and Tamiya spray for finishing. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy the pictures and thanks for looking. Cheers Andy
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    Hello, Please excuse my tardiness. I believe I put my name down for this GB, so it's about time I got started on something. I have had this kit for a little while now, and of course Roden have since issued their version which is no doubt the bees knees. Some may think that I should eschew this Mach2 and get a nice Roden, but I'll have none of that talk here. So here we go. Parts. They look harmless enough. If all goes well, it should end up looking a bit like this: Ok, so joking aside. It may not be state of the art, and probably lacking some of the finer details found on other manufacturers kits, but if I can get it to go together reasonably well it will make a good subject for some airbrush practice, and will certainly stand out on the shelf. Problem identified so far is the rather dubious looking cockpit transparency, which has been commented on by others elsewhere. A replacement is available in one of those Falcon canopy sets, but I'm not sure if I'll splash out on one or not. We'll see how things pan out. Cheers.
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    evening folks & thank you so after the little accident, work continues.. ..this is what is needed - the structures inside the U/C bay - I have reversed the picture as that is the way up I work on it.. ..the bulkheads are all unique and many are handed with different details or hole spacing on one side vs the other side (in the same nacelle) - plenty there to catch me out.. this is why restoration shots are so valuable - you can actually see what is going on without all the clutter of a fully operational aircraft... other things of note is the one long lateral stringer that runs the length of each side below the main gear opening and how the bulkheads go around it (just to complicate things...)... there is also a big black ball thing at the far end - I have no idea what this is and have not seen it in other pics so will likely leave it out unless anyone can chime in with what it is.. ..the last pic before my workbench imploded shows some detail being added into the very tip of the nacelle structure - I am glad its over as it actually gave me headaches working in such a confined area.. ..and the first of the main bulkheads - I stuck tape on it so I can draw on it and mark out.. ..did them in pairs and punched out the holes - they look random but are actually correct spacing as best as I could tell.. ..these first two have mounting brackets for the U/C doors so were strengthened with brass and detailed.. ..made up the next in line and panted them so I could get in all the nooks and crannies... I will paint it all again once it is all assembled.. ..and taped into place... ..unfortunately there are 16 or so to go so will be here some time... thats all for now.. TTFN Peter
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    Wait until he takes it off. It looks like the kind of slug that'll stop you from leaving the house.Edit: to correct spelling.
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    Well the AIB report is out; https://assets.digital.cabinet-office.gov.uk/media/5628ea4ded915d101e000008/3-2015_G-SPAO.pdf Due to the absence of flight data recorder we know what happened but not why. Sad really as those families need closure and this does not give that to them. No critisisum of the AIB they only report the facts as they find them and do not seek to apportion blame, something those reporting on it would do well to remember. RIP to all the victims. Julien
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    Thank you Mark, I was quite surprised but pleased at the fit of the pit glass too. It did need a little filler around the edges to sharpen them up a bit. more progress: It has legs! as mentioned, I applied some filler around the edge of the canopy and sanded that smooth. The clear parts have now been masked and some alclad aqua gloss applied to seal the edges. for the hole in the top (front rotor) I used some krystal Klear, this should stop any unwanted paint and dust entering the cabin (the Krystal Klear was added prior to masking, just incase any stray specks of dust managed to foul the canopy - one bit did earlier but luckily a thin tamiya cotton bud, bent at the end, was small enough to fit through and remove the offending item) . I still need to plug up the bottom air intake. The legs / struts / Oleo have been fitted. It was quite a challenge to get the oleo struts soldered to the A frame section which has resulted in quite a large dollop of solder (I've filed most of this down but it should be hidden by the wheels anyway). Tonight I finished fitting the brake lines and pleased with the progress I thought it best to leave it at that. Now that the HUP has some legs, I can finish adding some sticky out bits to the underside, then fit some grab handles. Once thats done I think I may be ready for some primer. thanks for looking Cheers Aaron
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    Hi mates! I had a chance to do some model building today! I spent the last few days getting things prepared for winter including five new triple pane windows. Triple "pain" is more like it - I know nothing about windows. Just give me a model and let somebody else do the windows. The installer had a fun time taking out the 36 year old windows and putting in the new energy efficient units (I feel warmer already!), but he did a great job. On the modelling front, I moved over to the inboard wing segments (the parts that don't fold) and did some detailing there. Mind you, there is no attempt to achieve any degree of accuracy here, but if I can create the "mood" of a Firefly then I'm happy. "Look at that model, dear - doesn't that make you feel like a Firefly? How lovely!" As is usual with 1:72 scale projects, the model looks much better in real life than it does in these photos, which are magnified quite a bit. So the sloppy workmanship you see is the fault of the camera, not Der Modeller. Once we have a few coats of paint on and maybe a wash or two followed by some pastels, I think this will do the job. It would have been a bit easier if one of the aftermarket guys did all of this for me, but there you go. I still need to build the actual hinge parts, and maybe a few more tiny details. Man, that Firefly mood is wafting all around my studio right now - you can hardly even smell the open bottle of Mr. Color thinner. The Mrs. is throwing another party tonight, so I have to put on my butler uniform and go tend to the guests. Ta for now! Cheers, Bill
  9. 2 points
    Frog Meteor IV - 1974 boxing of the 1970 'new mould'. Build thread HERE
  10. 2 points
    Great work Ced, I must say that the Panzer Putty looks like something from one of those 1950's horror movies. Cue The Blob The Creature from the Black Lagoon etc etc
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    A couple of pics wot I took at Bruntingthorpe showing the Nimrod and Comet intakes..... for your modelling pleasure. Hope these help..... Ken
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    Hi Folks May I present a recently completed mini diorama of a T34 76 in a bit of bother after running over a mine. The kit is a Tiger Models full resin kit which was a challenge but an enjoyable build. The interior was from an AFV Club T34 Figures are Miniart andPlatoon for the Commander Cheers K
  14. 1 point
    Hi Folks May I present recently completed Dragon kit T34/76 1941 Cast turret. Kit is OOB apart from the few add ons from the spares box. The figures are resin ones of which I do not remember who they are from. I was attempting to do a two tone cammo, but has come out with very subtle shades of the green/brown I think it looks ok. Cheers K
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    Sorry Julien, I can't this year. I am in talks with someone who will be. I am trying to arrange for them to have some plastic to show you all. Oh to hell with it...... Hannants should be getting some shots of our latest MiG-31 and perhaps something else...... if we can do it. BUT please bear in mind any plastic will not be the final product. Plastic will be test shots from about two versions previous to present version. As previously stated we will not allow anything substandard out of our factory floor. If this is understood then I am happy to share test shots.
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    I believe the mods can transplant the thread. I'm told the procedure is largely painless.
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    Having had issues with overspray in the past, I've made sure everything on the underside is well and truly masked! The camo pattern for this machine differs from the one in the Airfix instructions, but thankfully is very close to the pattern on the instructions for the MkIV F. I'm beginning to realise just how many variations there were in Blenheim camouflage schemes. No two appear to be the same! As per usual, that little lot can dry off overnight, and then I'll start on the Green. Karl
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    You mean you WANT to droop? You can relax; droop stops only come into play when it stops aviating. They prevent the blades from hitting the deck / ground as they slow down and lose rigidity (ohh, matron).
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    Hi Enzo. Yeah, I have to say I was surprised! Also it was a bit like fate; I found this kit hidden under a stack of reduced Dragon armour kits I was looking through yesterday in a model shop after I'd given up looking for a 1/72 P-47 kit for this GB. Some things are meant to be...........
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    It was cut away to allow for the torpedo. It needs to be like a standard Whirlwind/H19 http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-VDaLtXpWLA0/TzDPa1K4vNI/AAAAAAAACmo/CkgXecScM3Q/s1600/Whirlwind+HAR+Mk+10+XP351.jpg This is the cut away 9. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-25YVi3ORm3I/TzDKxVdPBWI/AAAAAAAAClg/B5UDI_pWX4g/s1600/Whirlwind+HAR+Mk+9+XL900.jpg
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    Hi All, it's done. It's not fancy, but it was fun, it doesn't look too bad and it's in the display cabinet. I may take some more photos in proper light, we shall see. The Frog Meteor IV from the 1974 boxing. Main silver colour: Alclad Aluminium over Humbrol gloss black enamel. Decals: Hobbyboss left overs, Esci and Modeldecal black stripes. The arabic numerals are hand painted. Airfix pilot, pitot tube from Albion Alloys tube. Thank you to the hosts and to everyone who watched and commented. More pics in the gallery.
  22. 1 point
    It could also be a hydraulic accumulator. The downside of using restoration shots is that frequently not all the plumbing was installed at the moment the photo was taken which makes judging what that black spherical thingy is supposed to do a trifle difficult. Of course it could also be the football the restoration crew kicked about during lunchtime, and snuck into the photos just to confuse modellers at a later date...
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    Looks great Andy, especially the pic` outside the hanger, really nice work
  24. 1 point
    Congrats for finishing the Spit in time, Stu! Looks good and thanks for the bit of history. Those brave young pilots shouldn't be forgotten. Cheers Jaime
  25. 1 point
    Excellent results, just like with your Blenheim, Ced! You're possibly feeling that building two models with close similarities (like the camouflage colours) brings increased efficiency to the whole process. Cheers Jaime
  26. 1 point
    That's very nice Steve What scale is she - or did I miss it
  27. 1 point
    Another beautiful build Andy and a rare beast to,great job!
  28. 1 point
    Very nice Andy, great choice of colours too, I quite like Russian stuff in grey! I wish we had a decent kit of this in 1/72nd too...
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    You will need to fill the recess for the torpedo, and modify the fillet to match.
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    The U/C is coming along well and that pit glass is a perfect fit.
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    Excellent progress, Ced! The paint finish is excellent as well I'm with Joe in complaining that your productivity puts mine to shame... Looking forward to seeing it finished, it shouldn't take long now, right? Cheers Jaime
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    See what I mean its crept from your Blenheim to the Defiant.
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    Well done,That Man Mr.Andy!! This build of your 'Forger' has all your build and finishing excellence that is your recognised hallmark.My full compliments as always.I'm just waiting for your Phantom to appear!?All the very best,Paul.
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    Very nice Andy. I like the subtle weathering. I built exactly the same version. It's like looking at my own model. René Ps. You're right about seeing a bit of variation of built kits here is nice.
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    Any colour as long as it's green... Gunners folding seat and a few more boxes.
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    Keef, Tebbit also flew Argonauts, Britannias, 707's and finally VC10's with BOAC.....pretty good at it by all accounts !
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    Twenty quid? What a bargain!!!
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    Scratch building 1/48 droop stops is the sort of thing I can picture myself doing. Scratch building the springs on 1/48 droop stops, however? I am in awe!
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    It's getting there, nice job. Want a challenge? - Individual track links on a 1/72 Italeri Panzer I. You'll quickly appreciate the large size of 35th links...
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    I made one for a friend who is an instructor at Cosford and actually worked on the aircraft during Operation Corporate. He wasn't particularly bothered about the inaccuracies of the kit, I don't think he noticed but he was absolutely made up when I took it to him. He offered advice on what options he wanted, flaps down, bay open, what ordnance to fit. He did recount tales of one of the maintenance staff cutting a main wiring loom too short and re-routing it to make it fit. I did a little modification using wire and string to simulate pipes and cables. A pilot friend of his who actually flew them was equally enthusiastic about the model. So, endorsement from the men who know the aircraft from the inside out is good enough for me. I still have one being prepped for construction for my own display. I know it's not perfect but now I've made one it should help me to do a better job. http://s980.photobucket.com/user/eoslensman/slideshow/Airfix%20Nimrod?sort=3
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    I did almost the same!! Went for a Tamiya Flat White jar, came out with an Academy P47N in 1/48 too.... In my defence, I should say I got it for 13 Euros, so that was really meant to be! Ciao
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    First decals on. The film is very thin, but a bit opaque. Still looks nice, I wonder how it will look like after a few coats of microSol. Alex
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    Is it okay if I join in with this kit?: If I can take part I will be making it pretty much OOB. Kind regards, Stix
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    Keep a look out for practice bombs and travel pods. Not the most common of things on UK phantoms but there is the odd pic around.
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    One thing to remember about the FG1's while in FAA use, they weren't configured to carry the SUU-23. It wasn't until they were in operation with the RAF that they were modded for the SUU gun. Duncan B
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    Well I think Nigel missed the bit where you broke his copyright on soldering skills. Phew! Didn't the towel rail have black ends? Small & insignificant? Don't care. Keep them coming. BTW - BRItmodeller = VICE, better than vise. You'll just confuse the young' uns
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    The normal configuration you mention (4 Sidewinder and 4 Sparrow/Skyflash) was the one used by squadrons tasked with air defence duties. The first use of the Phantom in the RAF however was ground attack and recce with Nr. 2, 6, 14, 17, 31, 41 and 54 Squadron. 2 and 41 Sqn were the ones doing recce, If you want to represent an RAF aircraft with an AG load, you have to choose one of these units.
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    Exactly. Clear parts are miniature versions of the real thing. The real thing aren't bits of coloured paper.
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    If you are interested in doing Friday the 13th.. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943652-halifaxes-158-sq-use-of-coloured-land-gear-legs-and-spinners-bosses/ since I'm getting cynical about folks not reading links... Hi Just posted this on the other Halifax thread. All the below, and more, was from a series of threads on Hyperscale in Jan 2010, but I've see no mention of it here. [though I note Graham Boak was posting on this] so... If nothing else enjoy the Friday the 13th pics.... the [probably] yellow gear legs [pics posted by Greg Taylor] there are a load of photos in link below, as well as other 158 sq machines. NOT a photo 'effect' and the coloured prop bosses, look carefully, red with a blue stripe. Taken when on display in Oxford street. see here for the full story , note the links to previous threads! http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1264046918/Halifax+-+undercart+colours+%28you+there+Terry%29 don't believe me? here's D -Dog note gear legs, prop tips and tail fins. Also note planes in background, left with pale gear leg, right with coloured fin. Note white in fin flash is brighter than the fin paint. spinner bosses, D-Dog again Also "D" has the aircraft letter painted(with a painted shadow) on the gear leg front. Much clearer below. This has been done with care. Look closely at the prop spinners. compare with Friday 13th colour pic above. Light effect? how about some stripes.. But, here are a couple more from 158 Sq, showing striped gear legs. frohttp://www.militaryairshows.co.uk/warstory1.htm, 158 Sq flight engineer, note stripes on gear legs. I don't know if this the same plane, one thing in common with the mission tally on Friday the 13th is the use of a key for 21st mission marker. here's the Hyperscale links 1 http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1262542974/Halifax+Landing+Gear+Color 2 http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1262656458/Terry's+Halifax+post+bumped 3 http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1262914407/More+Intriguing+Halifax+Discoveries 4 http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1262914994/Halifax+discoveries+Part+II 5 http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1263083359/Halifax+158+Sq+%2C+stripes+on+gear+legs+part+5! 6 http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1264046918/Halifax+-+undercart+colours+%28you+there+Terry%29 hope of interest. I did write to the 158 sq association but without success. cheers Troy
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