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    I fell in love with photos of Qatar’s beautiful Exocet-armed Sea King/Commandos in the late, lamented World Air Power Journal back during the Gulf War years. I waited patiently, hoping that some aftermarket company would produce suitable decals, but that never happened. Eventually, with the proliferation of good online photos, I found an image clear enough to use to reproduce the Arabic inscription used on the tails of Qatar Emiri Air Force’s Commandos and Gazelle helicopters. This done, I was able to make up and print my own decals on my PC. Chosen aircraft for my depiction was the oft-photographed QA33 (c/n WA922), one of (8) Commando Mk. 3s acquired by Qatar for the anti-shipping role, fitted to carry Exocet missiles. These aircraft serve with QEAF’s No. 8 Anti-Surface Vessel Squadron, operating from Doha. I tapped Revell’s popular 1/72 kit of the Sea King Mark 41 with Skua missiles as the basis for the project. The kit offered the necessary options for the required fuselage windows and many additional pieces like the intake filter and 6-blade tail rotor. I removed the molded-in floatation bags from the kit sponsons, then scratchbuilt the smaller “thumbtack”-style pop-out emergency floats and sponson-mounted sensor domes. [For a more complete account of the various changes to the kit, check out the build log here.] The Exocet missiles came from Italeri’s venerable NATO/US Aircraft Armament set, with scratchbuilt launchers and mountings. Paints for the attractive QEAF camouflage scheme are all Tamiya acrylics, mixed by eye (with more than a bit of trial and error involved). Drybrushing and weathering with Testors “square bottle” enamels, and artists oils. All decals home-made with the exception of the “dotted line” markings around the main entry and side fuselage door windows, which were borrowed from an old Model Decal modern German AF sheet. Really a fun project, and very satisfying to have it done after so many years. I hope you enjoy the photos. Special thanks to members MarkdipXV711, Rodders154 and andyf117, whose great work on these forums provided major inspiration for this project. Thanks also to all who followed along on the build.
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    Pretty nasty plastic, clunky and mis-shapen, but the resin and photo etch that came with it weren't bad at all and helped make it an ok build in the end. Prefered the look of the full lower fin so decided not to use the horrible front undercarriage and quite nice resin dolly, which meant I'd have to make a stand too. Opened up the airbrakes and scratched the bits needed for the isnide and plumbed the tanks while i was at it. Only bought aftermarket was the decal set for the tanks. DSC01244 by omgpainful, on Flickr
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    Hi all, Thought I`d show some photo`s of my latest effort; Italeris reboxing of the AMT 1/48 P-40 N Done in the markings of Netherlands East Indies, 120th Squadron, Merauke around 1944 Which makes a change from the usual USAF, Australian and New Zealand markings but still fits with my Pacific Themed collection Made a few improvements to the kit including; boxing in the wheel wells fully, added retraction links and brakepipes,...... ... breather on fuel tank, transparent gun sight, fuel vents and aerials on underside rear fuselage...... and usual seat belts, bead gunsight and some canopy rails. Hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
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    Hi All, Here are a few pics of the JP's playmate the excellent 1/48 Gnat from Airfix. No problems at all putting it together and I have another one put away! Paints are Revell Aqua 99 aluminium and 25 Luminous Orange both thinned with water and a dash of Flow Improver. Hope you like this one as much as the nice comments on the JP! yours MODeller
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    Latest completion.... 1/72 scale Italeri Jagdtiger plus some scratch built stuff. Moving on to something green next as a break from all the resent Dark Yellow... ATB Sean
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    Eduard's D-13 with Quickboost air intake and exhausts pipes.
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    This was part of the P-38 GB which I didn't get finished in time. She's not perfect but she is finally done. Progress thread was created here.
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    Hello This is my latest models that i made in the last few months. I hope you liked! Trumpeter Soviet B-4 Howitzer HobbyBoss Soviet T-35 Heavy Tank Dragon Japanese Type 2 KA-MI Mirror Models + LZ Models Canadian Otter MK.I Miniart U.S. Caterpilar D7 Italeri German Sdkfz.231 (6 Rad) Amusing Models German Neubaufahrzeug Heavy Tank Italeri U.S. M4 Serman Calliope Miniart British AEC MK.I Hobbyboss Soviet T-28 Medium Tank Mirage Polish "Kubus" Academy U.S. M3 Lee Medium Tank Takom Skoda PA-II FineMolds Japanese Type 95 HA-GO Tamiya U.S. M5 Stuart Hobbyboss Soviet BA-10 Tamiya Japanese Toyota AB Staff Car Miniart Soviet SU-76 Howitzer Bronco British Paras in Willy's ICM French Panhard 178 Merit British X-Craft Midget Submarine
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    Also known as "it's amazing what you can do when you've got time on your hands" Having recently been confined to barracks due to a minor heart attack (and recently discovering that my consultancy contract was not being renewed) means I've had the last 4 weeks to thin the stash a little. This is the first fruit of all that free time, the Tamiya 1/32 F-16 CJ. Built out of the box, painted with a mix of Vallejo and Tamiya paints. Left side view Right side view Cockpit view Low level shot. The radar. Pictures taken on my iPad and I do realise I've still got to paint the pitot. Thanks for looking
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    Hiya Folks, I`ve Finally finished my 601 Sqn Hurricane Mk.I, using the new Airfix kit, Xtradecal decals and it was brush painted using Humbrol enamels and Polly Scale Acrylics, here is the build thread over on the B of B Group Build http://www.britmodel...er-almost-done/ and here is the model ; The rear view mirror was scratch built from plastic card and the bead sight on the upper cowling was a piece of guitar wire,. cheers Tony
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    Hello friends Since i shown many of the kits here i would like to share this pictures with you. This is the result of my participation in the Maceda 2015 Model Contest (North of Portugal). 1/48 Bronze - Alpha Jet Silver - Mitsubish Zero Gold - Fairey Swordfish 1/72 Bronze - F-100D Super Sabre Silver - F-18F Gold - Panavia Tornado Best aircraft on the Show - Panavia Tornado AK-Interactive Award - Panavia Tornado Tiger Meet Award - Panavia Tornado Best in show - Panavia Tornado Meanwhile i had time to give a workshop too. Thank you for looking Kind regards Vitor Costa
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    While the iconic Boeing 747 is rapidly disappearing from our skies, its still an impressive subject to model. KLM still has a sizeable fleet of 747s which it is currently repainting into its updated livery introduced in 2014. This new KLM scheme is simply an adaptation of its previous livery with a wavy line around the nose and a white underside instead of light grey. This is the Dragon kit. It normally has a high price tag as it come with a visible interior with huge detail. But having got hold of one quite cheaply I opted to fill and paint over all the clear panels to produce a standard 747-400 model. I think it is quite a good representation of the 747-400 and even comes with a set of passenger steps. The kit does have some issues - particularly the tail fin, flap fairings and gear doors - which I've tried to fix. The interior still has to be fitted to ensure the fuselage is rigid enough to support the weight of the wings. With no decals yet on the market for this new scheme, I've had to improvise. The KLM logos are from Draw Decal, 747 detail from Flying Colours with the cheatlines and other logos being home made. KLM blue and Boeing grey paints are from Xtracolour. Thanks for looking Tim
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    Ta-da! Finally got everything together to my liking. Added the final details (and reattached a few that suffered some small-scale impacts). Here we go: I have to confess it came out better than I would have expected, really pleased with the results. More photos here, with a Doha Air Base background. Thanks to all who have endured the build. It's always a bit more fun to have supportive souls both challenging and encouraging.
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    Not a newly completed build but with so many subs being posted I just had to. The PE set is the GMM Gearing set - additional doors, hatches and rails from the Flyhawk generic sets. 20mm twin mounts are compiled from a number of PE sources and some scratch items. 5" barrels are from L'Arsenal. It's a good kit but still has had many tweaks.
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    Avro Vulcan B2 35 Sqn RAF Scampton GWH Vulcan B2 straight from the box with Fundekals squadron badges. Nice easy build, only 9 more to go!
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    Model OOB with Eduard PE added. Painted Tamiya XF-52 / XF-73 / White. Shaded lightened base colors and the white filter at finish. Argentinian camo - 21/05/1982 - San Carlos bay, area of the Falkland Islands, during reconnaissance fly Lt. Crippa together A-4 attacks by Zuni rockets (Lau-10) British frigate HMS Argonaut. Despite the obvious signs "shoot down", the ship ended up only on eliminating him from the fight due to damage. Feel free to gallery
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    Bücker Bü-133 Jungmeister Warszawa - Poland 1939. Heller 1/72, decals make for me my friend ADAMSKY.
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    Hello and thanks for your interest in this topic. This is my interpretation of "White 70" from Stab/Schlachtgeschwader 10, which was one of the last defenders of Vienna in spring 1945. The unit operated from various aifields in Czechia, attacking Russian tank columns approaching the Austrian border. In the closing weeks of the war, the remains of the unit were withdrawn to the Austrian airfields of Bad Vöslau, Markersdorf, Hörsching, Wels and Zeltweg. (source: http://www.ww2.dk/air/attack/sg10.htm). Do the markings look familiar to you? Yes, they're the same as in the new 1/32 Revell kit. The decals I used come from Techmod. I managed to break up one of the "70" due to mishandling them and found replacement on an old Aeromaster sheet. Color callouts for this machine vary considerably; Revell suggests RLM83/75, Techmod calls for RLM74/75, while the Aeromaster sheet identifies the colors as RLM81/83. I went with Revell's suggestion. The kit is Airfix F-8; photo-etch pieces from Brengun. Pitot tube is a metal piece from Master Model. The bomb load comes from the kit, 4x 50kg Bombs plus a AB250 Abwurfbehälter (a cluster bomb containing butterflies). Painted with acrylics from the Gunze/Mr.Hobby range. Photographs: Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes
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    Hello, may I show you the new AZ Model Bf-109 G10 kit. I first saw it at Modelbrno back in June, where I bought three boxings. All of them are labeled as "WNF/Diana", indicating the factory who built them (Wiener Neustädter Flugzeugwerke in Austria and Diana in Czechia). These models are a little different to those assembled at Erla or Regensburg plants. I was lulled into (false) safety by having built a number of AZ's G-6 kits, which were easy to build. That's not the case with the G-10 as I learned the hard way (my first attempt went into the bin). The reason is the oversized cockpit floor that needs to be reduced in width considerably. Once you've figured out the issue, work commences as usual. The model represents "Rosemarie", a machine of II/JG52 that operated from Czech airfields at the end of the war. I found one photograph of the original: The model was painted with acrylics from the Gunze/Mr.Hobby range. Photographs: Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes Here's the cockpit office, refined with etch from Brengun: And on to the model ... Photo-etch antennas, seatbelts, scissor links and flaps from Brengun. Pitot tube by Master Model. Decals from the box. With kind regards from Vienna, Roman
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    The Xtrakit is a re-boxing of the Matchbox night-fighter meteor in a single colour with new decals. This kit eats filler and has taken me quite a while to build with plenty of sanding sessions! However, I'm very happy with the final result. Paints are Tamiya XF-83 Medium Sea Gray and Gunze H330 Dark Green. This is my British first jet since reading James Hamilton-Paterson's Empire of the Clouds, but certainly won't be the last. The stash is bursting with Cold War British jets. I've got an original Matchbox issue of the same kit in the stash which I hope to get started on in a few months with the upcoming Meteor group build. With a Modeldecal sheet and some Airwaves PE I should be able to build a nice NF14. With my winter project complete it's time to focus on my current group build entries!
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    Ced, good to hear mine won't be the Blenheims in this GB. Ozzy I'm hoping it will be better, I know all the mistakes I made on the IVF. Biggles, I remember the Frog kits when I was kid,with their white boxes and green Frog logo. I've not made as much progress as I would have liked this week, due to work and family commitments, along with trying to finish off the Mk IVF. However I have managed to get the wing spars and wheel bay supports together and a coat of primer and pre-shade on. Unlike the Mk IVF I didn't bother filling the ejector pin marks in the roof wheel bays, as they can't be seen anyway. The flaps and wheel covers have been cleaned up, and the backs of the flaps had the sink marks filled and sanded. I also assembled the cockpit and added PE belts as per the Mk IVF, all of which received a coat of primer and pre-shade. I also started building the engine cowlings trying a different approach to the Mk IVF in attempt to improve the fit. Let's just say it hasn't been entirely successful, with gaps to be filled. As you can see the engines are together, as are the main wheels. The little tid bits on cocktail sticks are the 25lb bombs from the Mk IVF which I still haven't got around to finishing! Tomorrow should see the interior green on, and some of the detail painting of the interior started. Karl
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    Thank you all Thanks DAG085. CH-53 Im filling in some bad areas . Where the glue melted the plastic .. I have the body fuselage glued up . Attached the wings .. I will let the glue set up tonight . Enjoy Rick
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    Holiday coming to an end tomorrow, so final pics from Devon; the back end of the island now pretty much done. The central thing is the base of a bloody great whip aerial, by the way. SCOT aerials still to be fitted, obviously, plus 1006 platform (& radar!) on top of the mizzen and assorted railings. None the less, I am pleased with progress. Next will be the modified CIWS (Phalanx) platform on the starboard side, plus the flight deck lights on that platform on the back. And Jumbo, of course.
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    Finally finished my 601 Sqn Hurricane Mk.I, using the new Airfix kit, Xtradecal decals and it was brush painted using Humbrol enamels and Polly Scale Acrylics, here is the build thread http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234985225-airfix-148th-hurricane-mkip3675-uf-s-601sqnwith-the-red-flash-and-coloured-spinner-almost-done/ and here is the model ; cheers Tony
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    Airfix Spitfire 1/72 Scale (new tool) Build thread http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234985396-spitfire-i-dw-o-610-squadron-completed/?p=2045725 Trevor
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