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    Geedubelyer, your observation came in a little too late I'm afraid as I had already applied the matt varnish and didn't dare go near it with a wash again but I did push the decal back with a blade and I think it looks a bit better: But we are getting ahead of events, last night I straightened and touched up the static dischargers: I was about to start spraying the matt varnish but then remembered these things: I cut one off and did a fit check. It was going to be almost completely hidden in the front U/C well so decided not to use them. These were all ready then for a coat of matt varnish: I tried to keep the coat as light as possible, just enough to hide the glue and slightly dull down the finish. I was particularly careful with the tails as black soon becomes grey, this is how they looked after: Then I applied some semi-matt varnish on the props to even out the finish, here the one on the right has been done with the other yet to be done (note the matt black spinner): Next I started unmasking the glazing, I had been worried about the liquid masking on the canopy as it has been on there for months but I gave no trouble whatsoever: I was quite pleased how it came out, then I hooked out the side window masking: So that's all the masking off: I started to fit the side glazing starting with the triangular ones at the front. I was having doubts about how good an idea it was to fit the glazing so late, especially with the PE surrounds in place. My thinking was that the windows could always be sanded to get them to fit. One fell through into the cockpit and I had a right time getting it out, then it pinged out of my pliers. After a protracted search and starting to think I was going to have to make one from scratch I did eventually find it: I took this shot to show how far the little blighter had bounced (tip of scalpel): Anyway, I got them all in, the round ones were much less trouble. I'm still not sure I'd do it that way again. They do have a nice neat finish though. After tidying the canopy I added the wipers using Gator glue: Next I added some oil streaks to the engines using the box photo as a guide: Next I added some brown pastel streaks I thought I was nearly finished but then remembered the lights. I already had a red navigation light left over from my last build so I got ready to make a green one to match: Here it is done and painted first with clear blue and then green: I did this because my references showed a bluey green colour: Next the lights on the tail fin and underside. I decided the best way to tackle these angular lights was to make a rectangular punch tool from brass sheet, first drilled out with my motor tool and a 0.8mm drill: After a bit of chiseling and filing here is the finished tool: From the mould taken from the kit original I decided my first efforts were a tad undersize: So I elongated the slot and made a few more. The sloped profile was added with a file and clear red was applied. Here is the first one on the tail: The next best went on the underside, placed using the splash moulding as a guide: Finally it was the downlighters at the front: Eagle eyed viewers may have spotted that one of the static dischargers had broken off: I found a nice thick bristle from my dusting brush and drilled out a 0.4mm hole: That added I think I can call this build as complete: Its too late for an RFI today, I will try to get it done tomorrow, weather permitting. Its been quite a build with its share of ups and downs, I think it's the most challenging kit I have ever taken on. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Bye for now, Nigel
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    Well they have just produced a Whitley so not sure if this policy is set in stone! Cheers, Paul
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    Built as part of the Non Injected Moulded Group Build and a complete nightmare build - build thread here I've put more photos in the Group Build Gallery Thanks for looking. Steve
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    I'm a little concerned about this policy. There are enough popular subjects around that could and certainly should benefit from this treatment, enough to keep Airfix busy for a few years at least, but an awful lot that can't and therefore won't. It appears to be a policy for the familiar rather than the exciting. However, is it fully in place yet? Clearly it wasn't in place even a few years ago. Did they really have LIDAR or a quality set of engineering drawings for the Whitley, Do17 or the Kate? Certainly not the LIDAR - the recovered example of the Dornier no doubt helped but is not intact nor in its original state. Can we expect (or at least hope for) a small number of interesting and exotic subjects to appear before we see the results of this rather blinkered viewpoint? (At least as exotic as the Kate, anyway.) And before ignoring the reference books in aid of the metal - remember the Bolingbroke that wasn't a true Blenheim. Or that engineering drawings can and do go through a number of issues and one set may not be enough to describe the subject you want. That's if the particular feature ever made it onto the manufacturer's master drawings - variable pitch blade propellers on Gladiators being a likely example. Or was it just PR talk? Assuming that an IPMS audience would be full of "rivet counters", did they just set out to describe the ultimate rivet counting machine? Time will tell. I must agree that they were right not to produce just a new set of transparencies for the Halifax - not without fixing the fuselage shape first, And the cowlings.
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    evening folks so there I was making up the wingtips with some balsa fillets - i sloshed some super-thin CA around to make the balsa a bit more solid.. ..ummm, big problem... being the class A dimwit that I am I managed to get thin CA all over the leading edge panels. It just ran straight from the tip, down the leading edge and literally dripped on the floor - I tried to recover them but it was no good. I will spare the gory details and a picture of the dent in the other wing as I threw some tools around my bench in a fit of frustration, but suffice to say they all had to come off... for good... ..had a break and started again. It's all done now so we move on.. ..the leading edge of the outer wings are a nice straight panel so added these - actually this one went to waste too as I wasn't happy with the leading edge rivets as on the wing they tapered out a bit.. ..thats the thing about scratchbuilding - if you aren't happy with something, just make another - the other little thing I learned with this panel is that when I scribe access panels etc through the masking tape template, I can peel the bit of tape where the panels is off and sand it very lightly through the gap to give the access panel a little contrast - hopefully as can be seen here.. ..and the second panel added - you can see the shaped balsa wingtip here too and a cover on the leading edge where there used to be a landing light.. ..the main panel between the spars next - used the template method again and added rivets & some more access panels - I drilled two out as they are very different metal on the real one so will replace them.. ..after riveting I broke away the scored waste parts - I use a folding tool as a vise as it avoids kinking the panels ..and this is what it looks like when the tape template is removed.. it would be pretty hard to stick this down to the wing so it gets burnished flat after this.. ..and the panel taped in place as there is more work to do on this bit and I need to make the little round access doors fit so it will be easier to change the size of the hole than the disc that will go in it.. ..getting there slowly - especially when I have to do things twice... ..back soon TTFN Peter
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    Hi all,latest progress: under surface colour applied and tonight I got the top surface earth applied,the green as usual will be brushed on.Thank's for popping in.
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    So this be the bad boy who's gonna gimme Primer Heaven: The Iwata HP-TH fresh from Tokyo Town... First thing is the funky spray head: This produces a spraygun like wide "line" albeit with a bit of overspray and near constant running of the compressor: Net result? Easily the smoothest primer coat I've ever laid down with Alclad Grey, no "dusting", bounce back in curves, just a perfect, smooth even finish in 2 passes : And no grief with clean up, soak in gun thinners and its quicker than you can say Badger StylNylRez if you can say it at all . One final detail remained was to celebrate... Anil with The Bollinger Mojo
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    Time for a slightly late update. I managed to get a fair bit done over the past couple of days. Following drilling the holes in the tops of the legs I cut off the tops and fitted them in the wings. I also fitted the remaining internal parts: View from below: The legs after the tops were cut away: The gun bays and wheel wells were painted: The machine-guns were painted with Anthracite: ..........before being dry-brushed with Gunmetal: The insides of the upper wing parts were also painted: The light from below: When the paint layers were dry I applied an Anthracite wash over which I dry-brushed Aluminium: The wire was then glued, with CA glue, into each leg: ........followed by some test fitting: The machine gun parts were then fitted inside the port armament bay: I wanted to see what the bays looked like with the upper wing part temporarily held in place with masking tape: As it's a Bank Holiday weekend I'll try and get some more done tomorrow. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
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    Bristol 188 supersonic research aircraft 1/72 Whirlybird resin Build thread here Steve
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    Kit: Revell Tornado ECR Scale: 1:144 Paint & Weathering: Brush painted with Revell Aqua Colours, Flory Wash and Citadel Nuln Oil Extras: None, built OOB Build Log: Here
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    Those lights - just brilliant (no pun intended!!) Another cracking model Nigel, excellent stuff! Keith
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    I use small jam pots from hotels, collected whilst away on business. Do have to eat lots of toast for breakfast. Being glass they scrub up well when the next colour is needed.
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    IAF F-23I Tsillah Build thread http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234986606-hobbyboss-yf-23i-tsillah/
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    I propose to enter this Group Build with one of the "Alternative Markings" options - a P-51B in Irish Air Corps colours. This will be the kit I intend to use, together with some markings from Max Decals. This is my little bit of counterfactual history..... Ireland in 1942 After some initial hesitation and some opposition within the Irish parliament, the Irish Government, led by Prime Minister Michael Collins, agreed to cancel its formerly neutral stance and to join the Allied cause in the Spring of 1942. This was at the urging of the United States Government, which had kept strong links with the Irish Free State from the time of Irish Independence in 1922, and the subsequent annexation of Northern Ireland by the Irish forces in 1926. Although suspicions remained between the Irish and the British, despite the Treaty of Boston in 1927 that had led to eventual peace and the withdrawal of British forces from Northern Ireland, the threat of Nazi hegemony overcame these concerns. The war in the Atlantic had become critical, and the US Government had become increasingly concerned that there was a gap in the defences in the North Atlantic, which allowed the U-boat packs free reign against the convoys. Thus pressure was put by the Americans on the Irish, once the US had joined the war after Pearl Harbour. It was hoped that the inclusion of Ireland within the Allied war effort would help to plug this gap, and allow for air forces to be based on the island of Ireland, thereby assisting with efforts to protect the convoys in the crucial area between Iceland and Britain. However, old animosities still ran deep, and the Irish refused to permit the RAF to be based on Irish soil, and it was finally agreed that US forces would be based there, just as they had been based some months earlier in Iceland. In addition to the US aircraft that flew from Irish air bases in Galway, Kerry and Donegal, to cover the western approaches, the US Government agreed to provide some American aircraft to the Irish Air Corps, to assist in Irish defence against the expected bombing actions of the Nazis along Ireland’s East coast, and in particular to protect the capital city of Dublin. These aircraft included two squadrons of P-51B fighters. [in reality, the Irish Air Corps had only a number of Hurricane fighters (both purchased and interned) on stock during the Second World War. It did purchase some Spitfires (de-navalised Seafires and TR9 trainers) in the late 1940's. As a neutral country during the war, Ireland did not have much in the way of an air force....] Also, in my counterfactual world, I have assumed that de Valera (the actual Prime Minister in 1942) had been shot by firing squad in 1916, along with the other leaders of the rebellion, and so Michael Collins was not assassinated in 1922 during the Irish Civil War, but went on to lead the Irish Free State from 1925. Collins was known to have intended to invade Northern Ireland, and it is quite possible that he would have done so, had he lived, at the time of the UK General Strike in 1926. But he was much less doctrinaire and more flexible than de Valera, and it is conceivable that he would have realised the advantage of joining the allied cause during the war, if convinced by the US, where there was a considerable Irish-American lobby. I will make a start next week. Thanks for looking, Philip
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    Just bought the new Mikromir 1/144 Blackburn Beverley. Came as a heck of a surprise as I hadn't seen any notifications or rumours banding around. XVTonker
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    I knew there are a lot of demands for an new Buccaneer i 1/72. But what about the Supermarine Scimitar? I still have the Airfix 1/600 HMS Victorius that I've built 30 years ago. It was equipped with Scimitars, Sea Vixen and Skyraiders. None of those aircrafts where ever produced by Airfix in 1/72 (Frog made som). Ok, the Skyraider was produced by Airfix but not the Royal Navy versions. So when will we see an Supermarine Scimitar in 1/72? Scimitar F1 XD220 at the Empire State Aerosciences Museum, formerly at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, New York, United States (on loan from the Fleet Air Arm Museum). XD220 in Intrepid Museum Scimitar F1 XD317 at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, England. Scimitar F1 XD332 at the Solent Sky Museum, Southampton, England. //André
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    Well done, that came out very nicely. Must be terrifying to try and transport it though! Will
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    I am more than happy with everything said, but Airfix has only one problem and that is not accuracy- its quality and consistency. A. Their styrene is definitely not to current standards for mainstream manufacturer ( many short run manufacturers have better quality) B. Their transparancies are poor-and that cannot be remedied easily. C. Panel lines...panel lines...panel lines....probably the only mainstream manufacturer in the last few years with devolution of surface details ( Typhoon excluded ).
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    very nice job Nigel - take the rest of the day off - then you'll be nice'n'fresh for the next build starting tomorrow!
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    AS I have mentioned (and PM'd those who asked), I tried to use the auto-lock feature and failed!! Rather than working on UK time it appears to decided to use the only one true time...ops I mean Eastern Australian time! I expect a flogging from Mish for stuffing this up. Will leave it open for a bit longer to make it fair.... but no cheating. Again sorry folks for the stuffup
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    resin kit of the famous surface to air missile S-75 Dwina / SA-2 Guideline Calibre 48 1/48 resin, some wire, painted with Revell enamels thanks for this interesting and enjoyable gb! build thread here_ http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234982350-finished-s-75-dwina-sa-2-guideline-sam-egypt-148/
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    Unless it's the US Coast Guard. Did you know there's a height requirement to enlist in the Coast Guard? You have to be at least six feet tall, so if the ship sinks you can wade back to shore.
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    Outstanding work. Again the little details and extras you've added bring it to life. I agree with your order of assembly regarding the side glazings, a case of half of one, and six of a dozen of the other. Looks neater this way I reckon. good pastel work too, subtle, not too OTT. Look forward to the RFI.
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    Rob, let me know when your selling the straight wing B1. I'll be first in line to buy one from you.... And the B2.....
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    Troffa - eloquent as always.
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    Thanks again Right... Today's efforts have resulted in one painted Messerschmitt! My first ever attempt at mottling and I'm quite pleased with the result. I tried following the airfix painting guide to begin with but soon lost that and just went on with my own random pattern. Hopefully when I Klear it, add decals and give a dark dirt wash it'll be toned down a bit. The other three have not progressed, I spent a good two hours this morning studying the sky models decal sheet options in the hopes of finding three suitable subjects and I'm still lost as to which (if any) took part in the BoB. To be honest I've discovered lots of conflicting information, the sheet has some marks down as E-4 when other sources say they are not. I think my best option now will be to find some definite info on interesting 109's that took part and then go about finding the decals for those instead. Do let me know your thoughts on my first attempt at mottling! Cheers, Dan
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    (Full-ish disclosure, I do have a dog in this particular fight! ;-), Hi Natter-fancy seeing you here! ) As previously stated, Rolls-Royce sold off their stake in the RTM venture a couple of years ago so there is no Political imperative to maintain commonality with say, the AW101 Fleet, and given the increased power available from the latest T700 model means that the transmission is still the limiting factor in this equation, not much point operationally either. There can be little doubt that an off the shelf "E" Model from the middle of a large US production run will offer some economies of scale vis-a-vis a Licence built model given that no UK specific bits and bobs will have to be integrated with the standard US Aircraft. The only issue for me, is that in the case of the UK Apache, despite sincere hopes to the contrary, it found itself in a shooting war very soon after it's introduction to service, and in order to deploy to that conflict a huge amount of effort was expended to apply a suite of complex and significant Theatre specific modifications for our aircraft- these modifications were designed, integrated and embodied by AW teams across the UK and in theatre and met the very tight timelines required by the MOD- This in my opinion reflects the commitment by a UK based company to its major customer, not something guaranteed perhaps when you have become a less significant player for a company who I would suggest would naturally prioritise US and (perhaps some other customers) before the UK's relatively small fleet of 50. In addition, the MOD as a customer seem to regularly want an "Off the Shelf" system- only to decide to modify the hell out of it soon after. I would of course prefer the product to be built in the UK, but if it isn't, a company that has just celebrated it's centenary, with many platforms in use all over the world, both civilian and military ought to be able to survive. Oh, and as Colombo used to say- "one more thing..." It's always best to go straight to the manufacturer for these contracts, isn't it? ;-) http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2008/jun/04/military.defence Cheers, Troffa Edit: To answer MASU's point that "Westland had to consult Boeing Regularly" - that's perfectly true- the contract was split into Boeing and AW Workshares- AW were contractually obliged to consult Boeing when issues impacted the Boeing workshare, or law suits ahoy!
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    Looking good, I fancy having a go at this in 1/144th (not enough space for anything bigger!!!)
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    Could then be possible for a new Westland Lysander in 1/72, oh yes please. I think there is one in Duxford
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    This looks great, Nigel. Though it has put me off my CV-22.... Syrian Gazelle from 1982?
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    A bit more done today... The kit comes with decals for the control panel and the dashboard. They sit quiet well and look good too... Here more parts ready to prime...I have added the intercom cables and seat harnesses... Thanks for watching!
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    I gave up trying to make a mould once. I wanted to do the Canberras XH568 and WE173 using the 1/144 Amodel kit. The pitot probe from the Frog/Novo Fairey Delta 2 kit is as an exact fit and a good size but just couldn't get it to mould right. You seem to be perfecting it, especially your doing the whole aircraft. Dave
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    Thanks Stix, It's my second aircraft that's been fully airbrushed, it all went without a hitch.
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    Cheers mate - I was going to do a Thunderchief...then thought...hang on...I remembered buying this off Dave W (Panzer Vor). Reviews reckon it's not a bad kit except the ammo is overscale!
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    Hi Andy. Good to see another tank on here. I was getting a bit lonely for a bit! Looking forward to seeing what you do with this one. Kind regards, Stix
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    Thanks for the links and yes I love to use photos too and use any drawings but I am aware that even when the drawings are very accurate there can still be a few minor things. This is why I'm making about 7-10 models at the moment to try different things out as I have already found from various drawings and photos a few things that needed altering. Im slowly getting through this but once im happy I have good parts that make the best conversion I can make I will be making parts to sell if anyone wants to buy them and start from there. The intention has never been to make money just make the models of Aircraft I love so much however it does cost a hell of a lot in money time and effort mostly time and some money back for the efforts would be nice and also speed up the process a lot as having to invest in rubber and resin Is what's holding me back. Along with low income. I have lots in the works not just for the Vulcan but doing this first. I am very happy with how these are coming out and having over studied these things im now finding some errors in the kit that have thrown my perceptions as the intakes on the kit itself are actually wrong for a b2 and more similar to B1 intakes but still they are wrong also the thickness and shape of the airframe around the intake wing route area is wrong being to fat and not shaped correctly. I find as you correct one thing you notice something else that's wrong etc and I guess I have to work out where to draw the line and say that's it. It's fun all the same. In time it would be nice to be able to put a whole set of parts together to buy individualy or in sets for all the variants , 698 , straight wing B1, early kinked B1, Later Kinked B1, B1a, Early B2, Skybolt, Blue Steel, any other sub variants or additions and hell even a B3 for those of us who like the project canceled and whiff stuff. XA894 was a beast such a shame she burned away always thought it looked very menacing with what looked like a massive shot gun like weapon underneath. Cheer Rob and Valiant B2 kits would be high on my list of wants too
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    I've always gone by photos than drawing, that's why I tend to collect of photos off eBay. As my favourite Vulcan I have a lot photos but now drawings too. When I was young I always thought it had a single intake then found out was bifurcated for the nose leg. This place here about 15 years ago (link now dead) - http://www.scaleminiatures.btinternet.co.uk/modern_military_models.htm, did a 1/144 B1 in silver but was expensive. They said they did commission builds so asked if they could add the 22R but had no reply. These are good images though. http://www.diomedia.com/stock-photo-avro-vulcan-b1-xa894-image18089153.html I reckon you should make several mouldings to help out other people if the wanted to make a B1 - same as what Greg Phillips should do with his Valiant B2 conversion. Not to make money but would make other modellers happy to know that they can get these other parts. Dave
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    Agreed. Nice job Nigel. The whole model turned out beautifully. Well done. I look forward to what you have in store for the next build. Cheers.
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    That's a beauty. Brilliantly finished
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    That's turned out really great Simon, the interior is a nice clean look none of the silly yellow or red seats Shuan
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    Excellent progress Ozzy - the paintwork and camo are looking spot on.
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    Wow some nice work here, Or is that Thrice nice work. Love this kits and the Tornado. You really know how to do 1/144 justice mate
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    I think that exhoust shrouds are down becouse ground personal do engine and glass maintenance.When you look at flight photo you can see leftover black paint on rudder and this plane have night exhoust.
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