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    Because of the Eduard’s Spitfire Mk.IX in the pipeline I decided to finish my last Hasegawa. I used Quickboost Prop and exhausts, Eduard Zoom and Tamiya and Gunze paints. The decals are from the new Airfix Spitfire IX boxing (I don’t like the kit but the decals are fantastic). Anyway here she is: A GC I/7 "Provence" machine, Dijon, September 1944.
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    Hello, Once upon nothing published online, so this time Leopard 2A5 in the colors of Polish, from 34 Armoured Cavalry Brigade from Żagań. Tamiya model is the catalog number is the 35242 model is applied camouflage in new colors used in the Polish Army. Maciej
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    Here are my last builts with these 1/72 Azur/FRROM & Special Hobby of the Vildebeest / Vincent. Published in Wingmasters. 1 - Vickers Vildebeest Mk III No 36 Squadron RAF Singapore late 1930s. The most controversial camo... 2 - Vickers Vildebeest Mk IV No 7 Squadron RNZAF Waipapakauri 1942/43 3 - Vickers Vincent Mk I No 244 Squadron RAF Sharjah Persain Gulf 1942 4 - Vickers / CASA Vildebeest Spanish Repulic San Javier 1936 5 - Vickers / CASA Vildebeest Spanish Republic Los Alcaceres 1938 Coments, though too late, are welcome. Never again five biplanes at the same time. Patrick
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    Hi Guys, Here is my latest model for your inspection. It's not part of the B of B group build, but it's my tribute to the "Few " It depicts Flt. Lt. nicolson's VC - winning P3576 : I know there's been lots of discussion about the exact appearance of this machine, but this is my version of the aircraft. I used the excellent Precision Paints for the upper surface colours, and my own mix of Humbrol colours to represent the early Sky substitute " Eau - Di - Nil " Everything was brush painted with a spray finish of satin / matt varnish, and the decals were from Aviaeology's Hurricane set. As usual, all comments, good or bad are welcome.
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    This is my build for the Tornado STGB in memory of Merv (Spike7451), more pics in the gallery section of the group build.
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    Hi folk's the first of my QLD/T build is finished and here it is,lovely detailed kit to build only added a driver's mirror and the small white disk on the rear chassis which I believe is a convoy marker for night driving, thanks for looking and if you are interested this and a few other vehicle build's are here; http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234985287-tiny-terrors-airfix-tilly-and-bedford-trio/
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    Today Martin, our club chairman, dropped round to see me to pass over some modelling items and instructions for the next club meeting. He also brought along a housewarming gift: Old style Klear from his precious stash to replace my depleted store - thanks Martin! Lawns of the Heath estate mowed, I set about attaching the lower side door, starting with this clamping arrangement to get gravity on my side: I made this little card and Blu Tack support: After a bit of adjustment I got the angle of the steps right: I glued on the door with a mix of Gorilla and normal super glue to hopefully give it extra instant grab and strength then I painted the ends of the stays with interior grey: Here is the first one installed: Some of the pale burnt metal came off in the struggle which I touched up later. Then I did the other side as well as fitting the PE retractor arm thingie: I removed and reattached the pitot tubes on this side as I wasn't happy with their positions as well as painting the sticky out bits with tyre black: I straightened and touched up the static discharges, hopefully for the last time: Finally, to protect the glazing in the upper door from varnish I put in a foam block: I will go over it again in the morning and make sure I have done everything but I think this is now ready for a final dusting of matt varnish. My model is now festooned with delicate parts and I am having to handle it very carefully, using only a few safe areas. Hopefully things will go well with the varnishing and then it's just the side windows, wipers and lights to add, plus a final bit of weathering. Bye for now, Nigel
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    Hello BM'ers. Latest off the bench is the Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier FA2, ZD579 from 899 SQN Royal Navy - 2005 ish. I must admit to this build languishing un-finished for a few months because I had lost that loving feeling towards it. A burst of energy and pow she was finished. The Kinetic kit is not an easy build and I had more than a few issues with it. The Ejector seat is resin from Airwaves, the FOD covers are made from Milliput and the pitot on the fin is a metal pin. The seeker cover on the AIM-9L is from Aerobonus. Decals are from the kit and were quite ok albeit a little stiff. The blow in intake doors were modified and the canopy Det Cord is painted not decal. Thank you for looking and feel free to comment if you like. Cheers Andrew.
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    Still practicing my hand brushing techniques. I bought the Revell Bf109 to practice with and the P40. These are cheap kits with a 40 percent off coupon at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I am also able to buy my paints and building supplies there dirt cheap. I am enjoying the brush painting, though it is tough and I have along way to go. I am keeping my builds simple since I have other hobbies that keep me busy and I have a lot builds in the que. I am using Testors enamel paints except for the P40, I was practicing with Testors acrylics. They work pretty good but require primer and numerous coats so the jury is still out. The Bf109 was build in 2 days, normally I would not build this fast allowing the paint to dry. My work keeps me away from home so keeping my builds simple will allow me to build my plastic models away at work and build my rockets and freeflight planes at home. I am going to by building my stash of 70s models that I am collecting to build. I remember my uncle living in Vietnam back in the late 60s early 70s and he used to build plastic models and they looked good. He used Testors paints with the cheap brushes, I figure if he could do it so can I. Still need more practice. Will clear coat and add decals. I build the P40 to try Testors acrylics. They work good but I like enamels better, less coats and I love the smell. Old Monogram Snap Tite model from the 70s built out of the box brushed with Testors olive enamel and cheap Testors nylon brush. Minicraft Reno Air build, hand brushed after spraying Testors flat white. Here is the cheap paints I bought, also had to custom mix the paints for a better color. My build que is adding up fast, models from the 70s I have to keep my plastic builds simple since I have other hobbies that keep me busy when I am home.
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    Kit: 1/48 Italeri Tornado IDS Subject: Tornado GR1 ZD851 'Amanda Jane/AJ' of 9 Sqn, Tabuk Tornado Detachment, Saudi Arabia, 1991. Details: Modelled towards the end of Operation Granby, Amanda Jane was converted to fire ALARM missiles Misc: Humbrol, Tamiya, Mr Color Paints, Pledge Klear floor wax, artists oils, Tamiya Smoke, 'Big Jug' tanks and ALARM missiles from Airfix Tornado F3/EF3, decals a mix of kit and Xtradecal 011-48 WIP Link: WIP HERE
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    Had seven on the bench over the past few months. Posted three a couple weeks back, so here are the final four. All are 1/144 scale. The Airfix Boeing 737-200, with decals from Thunderbird Models in the U.K. Nordair no longer around, but a great little carrier - although once on a Pittsburgh to Montreal flight did not get the duty free order done, leaving me to face Canadian retail prices on a bottle of Scotch - them's fighting words! The Minicraft Lockheed Electra. Decals from Classic-Airlines This Air Rhodesia Viscount is from F-RSIN, decals from Classic-Airlines, and props from AeroClub And finally, a build I had two 'firsts' on, although one definitely not planned. This is the S&M kit with decals from Classic-Airlines. The kit has a very blunt nose which just looks very wrong, so I went in to rebuild / modify it. First time I have done that, although it is now too pointed I think. My second first, was applying all the decals in one three minute rush. I had them all cut out, and ready to start working, but I knocked over the bowl of warm water right over them all, so it was a "now or never" scenario. Thanks for taking a look. Cheers, Mike
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    #29/2015 Zvezda kit with decals from LF Models, painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, antenna wires with EZ Line. In 1943 the Spanish Airforce received about a dozen F-4s which were stationed partly in France and Spain. Not much info about these, seems a few were painted in single RLM79. According to the old, non available anymore French book "AVIONS Hors Série No. 5 Les Messerschmitt Espagnols" some were painted in a 3-tone camo similiar to the Spanish He112, to say colors close to the early Luftwaffe ones. You find profiles on the web that show a green-green-grey camo, also LF Models manual shows that scheme but my dad kept to the "Luftwaffe" grey-green-brown color scheme.
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    Thanks for all your comments guys I was concerned that some of you thought it wasn't painted, so I've taken some pics in better light with the armoured shields in place. Martin, Julian and Dan. In an ideal world I probably wouldn't have portrayed so much wear, that's down to my ineptitude. Defending my decision to leave it I will point out the following for those not in the know. The boats were in use 24/7 day & night. Two boats three crews. The two central deck lockers were ammunition lockers plus the area between shields would have been a natural path, These boats were subject to the monsoon for 3/4 months at a time if you think it rains in the UK trust me you really have no idea. I rest my case for the defence m'lord Before some one else puts it on Right I'm going back to my OOB build See you soon Kev
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    Chompbot #5 Kit and scale: Industria Mechancika Resin Kit Paint: Gunze Aqueous & Tamiya Acrylics, Model Master Enamels, Model Master Metalizer Lacquers. Extra stuff: Lighting Kit Build thread: build link
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    calling this done! my absolute first ever group build participation ("together with the Non Injected Moulded GB" !!) and finished in time... just in time! tomorrow lets hope for good photos as well! Just in case, 2 fast photos from 10 min ago, and to finish as I have started, with the Airfix boxing as a background! never would have thought it was going to be that easy! swing wings still function! -->happy
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    Revell French Rafale M with GBU racks. Added Eduard small PE.
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    This is the 1/48 resin kit by AJP Maquettes. The resin in this kit is gorgeous. The wing is three solid resin pieces. The fuselage consists of two sides, full bottom, rear cabin top, cockpit top and nose piece. The parts go together very well. You get a basic passenger cabin and cockpit. I added a wood panel interior and repurposed some HO scale bells as cabin lights. The biggest issue for this kit it the various struts that go into the engine pods as well as the landing gear. The main gear support that comes down from the engine pods are the only ones included. The rest must be made of brass rod (included). The kit instructions give you the measurements to cut the stabilizer supports but that is it!!! The rest must be measured and trial and error fitted. I used 1mm brass rod to form the main gear and then covered this with a piece of aluminum tubing then used a marble rolling pin to create an airfoil shape. I scratch built the support that goes from the top of the engine pods to the bottom of the wings. The rest of the struts are contrail strut material. These were measured and cut and place with the Mk.I eyeball based on pictures I had. The external control parts were made from plastic and the smallest straight pins I could find. EZ line was used to replicate the control wires. The decals in this kit SUCK!!! Fortunately fellow Hyperscaler Slawomir Przymusiak was kind enough to redo and make them look really good, Thank you again sir! After 2 ½ months she is done!!! If you want a 1/48 trimotor this is your only option. It is a great kit but the simple instructions with the measurement omissions and bad decals put this squarely in the very experienced modeler category. I am pleased with the end results . Hope you like it. ​
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    Evening all, finally finished this from the Phantom GB earlier this Summer. It's the Revell Monogram kit, with Xtracrylix AD Grey, a mix of Expert's Choice and Caracal decals. I have also added Quickboost intake blanks, an ACMI pod from a Tamiya F-16 and Master pitots. Thoroughly enjoyed this project - one of my favourite Phantom schemes. Have been suitably motivated to get an Academy F-4 with Speedhunter marks for a Euro 1 F-4D in Ohio ANG marks! If I have my facts straight, this represents an airframe around the early 80s. The Expert's Choice decals disintegrated on me, so I used the nose art (intake art in this case) and Caracal Decals for the rest. WIP here.
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    Had a bit of time when I got in from work today, so I thought I'd kill a bit of time whilst I put dinner in the oven. Dinner was going to take 30 mins so I thought I might get some decals on one of the planes. Much fiddling, profanity and a burnt dinner later, here we are. This one is Lovell-Greggs machine P3215. I aimed just to get the main decal on so I could get them settled with MicroSol before all the fiddly stencils... Well, I got there, but the serial number caused me loads of grief, it just wouldn't line up. Now currently marinading in Sol, ready for tomorrow when I'll see how they have settled. Thanks for looking, more soon. Steve
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    Well today is technically the last day of this memorial GB, however this will be a GB that will never end. Although it might move to the completed section it will remain open and an ongoing memorial to Merv.
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    I think that they should do a British Flying Boat Support Set next with refuelling and bombing vessels, working trestle framework around the edges and a new Sunderland and Catalina,......but that isn`t going to happen is it? Tony
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    Just to place this in one kind of proportion: we wouldn't have many kits to make if we insisted on them all fitting perfectly out of the box without any fettling. Oh, and accurate in outline too, properly to scale, and without over-exaggerated details. Not too many small fiddly parts. While we're at it, accurate colour paints and correct markings on the transfers. And cheap. Made with just the right kind of plastic. Just like they were when we were kids, no? If it doesn't fit, tell the manufacturer. Don't just get upset and throw it at the wall. It's only a few lumps of plastic and you're a modeller. Take a knife, a file, a sanding block, and make the (flipping) thing fit. Then tell us what you had to do, so that we are pre-warned, prepared, and pumped up ready to go. I'll get my coat.
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    Here's my Revell 1/48 GR1A finished with Xtradecal 2 Sqn markings, circa 1991, I hope Merv would approve.