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    Hi all, I am new on this forum and this diorama is my biggest work, so far. The basic kits were the Hasegawa's old bf 109E and the Tamiya reissued Opel Blitz. During the building I used a lot of PE and detail sets, such as Eduard, Part, Hauler, SBS Model! Hope you like it! Thanks or watching! Cheers, Matyi from Hungary
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    Well, not 100% finished as I have a few fiddly details and touch ups still to get to (e.g. the tail wheel broke off), but for all intents and purposes it's complete. I've gotta say, this is one of the best value-for-dollar kits I've ever made. The detail is excellent and the fit and engineering is outstanding, all for less than $20. My only criticism would be the decals which, while beautifully printed, were quite thick and didn't respond to setting solutions. Given that the only decals I used were the wing walks, this wasn't a big issue. I did add a few scratch built details, including the plumbing from the upper wing fuel tank, the glass fuel gauge tube, engine wiring, and the doodads aft of the engine on the port side. Rigging is ceramic "Wonder Wire", which doesn't add any strength to the structure, but that's OK since the fit and engineering of the kit is plenty strong enough on its own. The orange-yellow is Gunze H24 with some Tamiya yellow mixed in, while the grey is a mix of Tamiya Neutral Grey and white. All of the markings including the insignia and tail stripes were masked and painted using stencils cut with my Silhouette Portrait cutter. As always, any questions or constructive criticisms are greatly appreciated Cheers, Tony
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    Hi All, This is my first post of recent completed builds of my favorite era of aircraft. All in 1/72 Scale. Hawker High Speed Fury, Tombo Kit Gloster Grebe, 19 Squadron, Aeroclub Models kit Fairey Fox 2M prototype, Omega Models conversion. Pegasus Models Fairey Fox 1 Fairey Firefly 3M, conversion from the Aero72 kit
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    This is the 1/48th scale Tamiya P47-D Thunderbolt Razorback. The model was painted with Aeromaster acrylics with the exception of the canopy frame, which was painted with Xtracolor enamel. Artist gouache was used for weathering and to highlight the panel lines. The seat belts are from Eduard. The decals are Eagle Strike set number 48054. American Jabos. The markings are for Yankee Tarheel. Flown by Lt. H. I. Price. 510 F.S. 405 F.G. Thanks for looking, Joe
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    Hi all, I'd like to present the second of in a set of RAAF WWII aircraft I've built, this time a lesser know one. It is quite strange that they RAAF only operated 3 P-38 Lightnings during the war and they were of the Photo Recon variety (operated by 1PRU), they were loaned a few more by the USAAF. There is a bit of conjecture over whether the original 3 were Photo Recon F-4s or started life as P-38E’s which were modified either in the US or here in Australia. They operated from Mid 42 to late 44, with all 3 eventual being written off with one incident unfortunately resulting in the lost of the pilot. I built the last of the 3, A55-3, she started off life as a P-38E with the serial number 41-2144 (there was even for a while some conjecture as to if this serial number was actually correct), she was converted to F-4-1-LO either here in Australia or in the US. She served with 1PRU from 27Feb42 till she crashed due to undercarriage failure on the 10Dec43, the wreckage is now in the Darwin Aviation Museum. This build was part of the P-38 STGB, to which I was host. I was meant to have finished this in time, but as some people know I have a crazy work schedule and am away from home for long periods, so I missed my own deadline. The base for the build is a Academy 1/48th P-38F (which is not a nice kit at all as there are lots of errors), with a Red Roo resin PR conversion kit. Thrown into this mix are a new resin cockpit, wheels, turbo bits, and some PE. The paints are LifeColor acrylics from their RAAF WWII series...just love these paints. Please enjoy, included is a link to the build. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234980483-raaf-f-4-1-lo-a55-3-1pru-1943-completed/
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    Humber MkIV 1st Polish Armoured Division Bronco 1/35
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    This was built for the Phantom STGB. The markings were a combination of the kit decals and a set of Xtradecal decals. Build thread here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234981288-mozzys-interpretation-of-black-mike-is-complete/ And a shot with another black aircraft. Sean
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    This is my latest work, that was made straight out of the box for a GB on a Russian modelling site. Model was built and painted in two weeks. No additions were made, except for the metal grid and a wire for towing cable.
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    Short Sperrin - First Prototype Farnborough Airshow 1951 1/72 Magna resin Link to build thread Steve
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    Hello! Here is my Oscar EW5894 from the movie Hot Shots! Jay Chladek sent me his custom decals. it worked great! Some screenshot: [bMy build[/b] I had a lot of fun building this tiny plane ;D Hope you had too seeing it ^^ Cheers! rom
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    Just in time, I hope... Talbot Lago Record Heller 1/24 Build described here : http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234978832-talbot-lago-record/
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    The sea-worn four-masted barque Lawhill.
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    All completed ready for inspection Thanks for taking time to look at my builds and commenting on my builds. Any comments or question welcomed
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    Couzinet 'Arc en Ciel' 1/144 F-RSIN resin kit, finished with Alclad. The build thread is here Cheers Cliff
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    Caudron Renault CR 714 C1 "Cyclone" 2ème escadrille GC I/145 Pilot Cal Andrjez Niewiara 1/72 RS Models Build thread : http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234984512-172-rs-models-caudron-renault-cr-714-c1/ Patrick
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    Kit: Academy F-4D Aftermarket: Eduard: Brassin weapons set (Sparrow, Sidewinders and bombs), Brassin exhaust, Brassin wheels, fabric harnesses. DEF Models FOD Covers Steel Beach Slime Lights Aires Seats (the cockpit tub didn't fit) Microscale Decals for OY 463 (kit stencils)
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    Hello guys.There may seems strange but last week I was making a ceck of all the models that I have to make and I was surprised to see a Tamiya box of a P 51D 1/48 scale..........I said to my self: thise is a kit forgotten by time (think 3 years!!!.....). I open the box and the Mustang appeared almost finished...... Why I left this kit incomplete?I armed with patience and I took the situation in hands. After a fast ceck I realized that the thing to do to finish it were very few. Well in two day I finished. The bird rapresent a P 51D named Moonbeam McSwane flown by Capt. William T.Whisner of 487th FS, 352nd FG. He racked up 11.5 victoris until '45. He returned to Fly in Korea with F-86 shootin down 5.5 Mig-15 for a total of 21 air victories. The kit is from Tamiya, it self a guarantee and I used Eduard photoetched parts for the interior, Eduard Mask to paint frames on clear parts and quickboost exhausts. The alluminium finish and his shades were entirely brushed with Alclad II colors. For the wethering I used normal Gunze acrilic colors very diluted . The decals come from Kagero book, in particular from Topcolors series n.13. The decals are thin and beautifull, care is needed to apply.
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    Not sure why I'm really posting here to be honest. If its unappropriated please delete. I know technically some of these are Armour, but aircraft are in every scene, just haven't taken any pics from further back at this stage. Anyways,... here are some of my efforts. I have posted them before, but having been inspired by some of your work, I decided to scrape and rebuild them to what I hope was a slightly better standard. I have 6 in total, all built on plinths at 210 x 297mm When I get a chance, I will post some better photos,.. so I guess you could call these teaser pictures unill them. Updated pics:
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    Good evening First of all, a little word of warning: if you're much concerned about accuracy in form, colour, scale, amount of detail and things like that, maybe this is not the model for you =) This is something I made out of pieces of scrap wood, at the soon about to collapse warehouse at the back of our yard, for my son's first birthday. I used mainly hand tools, saw, plane, file, sand paper etc and a cheap dremel rip-off of chinese make =) The fuselage is made of pine, spine, tail and wings of black alder, intake cone of birch, main gear "bumps" on the sides of milliput. All parts are solid. Milliput was also used to blend the parts in, because there is no way my woodworking skills are anywhere near to have them blend without filler. The stand is made of oak. The R-3S missiles are made of coctail sticks and plastic card. I later found out that the standard load might've been one R-3S IR and one R-3R radar missile, but I didn't bother to make a new one for this purpose. I also made a drop tank but didnt't mount it. In the end I ran out of time, so the lynx emblem of "HävLLv 31" and the reg number were made mostly freehand and look like they've been made by someone about 5 years old, sorry for that . Roundels are from Kuivalainen's finnish roundel sheet. Mainly this was built out of memory and the kind of "feel" I had of the MiG-21bis, looking at pictures (Jyrki Laukkanen's excellent "MiG-21 in Finnish Air Force"), and for some parts I used Eduards 21PFM for the rough shape. Everyhting is simplified and most bumps&scoops are not there, there are no panel lines raised or engraved etc. I was never aiming for real accuracy and sought keep a certain "toylike" feel to it. So here it is, MiG-21bis "MG-136" (birthday is 13 june, hence the registration number chosen) in 1/48ish scale: BTW the colours look really freaky in the pics, everything is greenish although the dark areas are a mix of Gunze dark earth and flat black. -Jaakko
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    I've been playing away with this one for a while now. It was meant to be a quick build but I have managed to drag it out somehow. It is Great Wall Hobbies 1/144 TSR 2. It's quite a nice kit, the parts were all well fitting and nicely molded. The decals seemed slightly thick, I think that was more due to the scale of the model though, it's really quite small. I had planned on doing the model "Gear Down" so I could have it sitting on a shelf with all my other builds. However the undercarriage was quite delicate and I just couldn't get it to sit right. As you can see now its "In-Flight". I didn't have a clue what to do so I used an idea I seen from Johnny Akes' Lightning that he posted on here. I found the nicest rock in the garden and attached it to my model! Its certainly not my greatest model and it has nit turned out quite how I wanted. Hopefully it won't offend anyone though! As always comments or questions are very welcome! Thanks for looking!
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    underway painting it as per the instructions for A02069, though with revell 08 matt black in place of humbrol 85 coal black, and using revells aluminium
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    Totally disagree with the first part of that statement Bob, and totally agree with the second ! Scratch-built models are the high end of modelling skills as they require so much more than just assembling and a half decent paint job. Being a scratch-builder myself I know just what goes into the work required, the research, data and time invested and that feeling of satisfaction when completed. Your ships are masterpieces each having a bit of soul invested which is mostly absent from commercially built kits. I'm just getting back into maritime subjects myself, (I've been asked by Airfix Model World magazine to provide some highly detailed 1/700th battleship subjects) and now appreciate the amount of work needed. Presentation is superb too, though I agree that for some reason merchant shipping isn't as popular as it should be.......thank goodness for chaps like you to redress that. Cheers, Melchie...
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    Now the Yaks Hasegawa Yak-3 1/72 (1) Capt Rene Challe, (5) Lt Roger Sauvage, (00) Col Louis Delfino
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    Spitfire Mk IXc PT467 GC 1/7 Provence 1st TAF based in the Vosges mountains in Eastern France, winter 1944/45. Eduard MkIXc Profi Pack All markings painted using masks except for stencils. Thanks for looking James
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    Ok I’m the first to admit I am totally mad and this build will prove it! My work pattern has changed so I will have more time for models!!! So rather than signing up for more GB’s…or actually completing the ones I’ve signed up for on time I decided I needed a new long-term project. The Heinkel He-177Z was a long term project which I loved so instead of building the bigger one I have gone for this project which I had mentioned a few times. I love the look and it’s super cool, plus a nightfighter as well! I had received all the bits sometime ago but after a quick look at them I got very scared!! The reason for this is the add on bits from Unicraft!!! The parts may be a little bit basic which is to say they are basically lumps of resin and not much else! So the basis for the build will be Hasegawa’s 1/48th Arado Ar-234C-3 which will provide the body, interior and undercarriage, though it will probably end up providing a of other bits as well! The wings from Antares are nice and need little work to fit my build. The engines or turbo-props are barely recognisable as engine parts and as can be seen I have had to add sheet plastic to help build them up so they at least may be round in shape! They even come with an internal engine sections if I wanted to leave the engine covers open…or should I say a blob to match the rest of the engine blob! The new nose is….well more or less useless, as can be seen from the photo is much smaller than the canopy section. The mod kit is for the Hobby Craft Arado Ar-234 which is completely the wrong in the nose section compared to the Hasegawa model, it’s way too narrow! So I can either modify the clear section which is pretty well impossible or completely build a new nose section! Plus all the other bits in this mod kit are pretty well useless as well, I will have to use most of the kit parts for this build! I will either have to modify the resin bits I have or make a completely nose section, which at the moment looks to be the easiest path! So I have pretty well given myself a not so easy task for this build. Whether I complete this build or if it is destine for the box of doom is something to be decided as the build progresses. For a start I need to get these engines at least round in profile, hence the addition of card to the engine bodies and spinners. If I can get these sorted there may be a possibility this project will get going. Once the main bodies are round in profile I can work on the nose cones and props. Once these are done I can then start to work on how they will mount to the swept back wings, custom mounts will be needed for this. So this is going to be a crazily big project, nothing that will be completed in a couple of months for sure! Again I must be completely crazy to attempt this build, I had planned it for the WhatIf III GB, but given the work required it’s not possible in the time given. So this Christmas or next I’m not sure when it will be finished so welcome aboard on this crazy adventure. So welcome along for the ride, it will be bumpy and the driver will curse at regular intervals....oh and regular updates are not included!
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    Newest roll-out from my dad´s factory. Eduard kit with decals from Kagero miniTopcolors #30 (Luftwaffe´s Baptism of Fire) Painted with acrylics, Gunze H70 mixed with Tamiya XF-19 for RLM63. Model shows the a/c of Hauptmann Siebelt Reents who commanded 1.J/88 from early September 1938 to the end of the Spanish Civil War. During this time he achieved one victory over a Republican Polikarpov I-15.
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    Hi folk's,picture the scene,warm sunny day,early seventies and the Saturday afternoon dog-fight's have started with our paper round money spent and latest kit built and painted (even in some case's still wet) I join the swirling Spitfire,s and 109's five feet above the corner of a lawn that is forever England to howl's of laughter" what,s that"? shouts one of my friend's."they were'nt in the Battle of Britain" shout's the kid with a Phantom,it was me with Revell,s PZ 11.A few month's ago I got a hankering to build another but with only Heller's and Revell's kit,s out there at silly prices I decided to forget it so at the Northern show last month browsing the trader's stand I saw these at £2:95 each and despite Knowing that some of the kit;s contained in this companies boxes would win a prize at cruft's I took a punt. What you get is a nice Italerish box Some really well printed decal's Instruction,s and colour call out's that put most other's to shame.And OK a very basic kit with decent engraved lines in places but very delicate raised detail and effect's Only a couple of session's and you are here,so quite a quick build! and to be honest probably better than Revell,s offering at least,
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    Evening all,this was my first Eduard kit and what a superb kit to start with,it's the Weekend boxing finished in the colour's of 2/JG27 based in Libya in 1941,to be honest it owes a lot of thank's to a lot of people on here for the inspiration to weather, wash and pre-shade which are thing's I've only tinkered with on the odd build,hell I've even stuck in a close up shot so new territory all round!WIP can be found here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234983565-fast-eddy-me109-trop/page-1Many thank's for looking.
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    thought id share my latest build and is the first dio I have done, and the first time done figures in this way and any in cam uniform... I did push me well out of my comfort zone but did enjoy it and I am happy with the results. the kit was the cyberhobby orange box reboxing of the dragon kits. and went together without any issues...
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    From a year or two ago, but not posted here.... The beloved "Vera Lynn," an ex-C-47A gone civil in Roy Marsden's series "Airline." It's the old Minicraft 1/144 kit, with a few corrections, and decals made up on the PC, and printed on my trusty inkjet. I was only able to see a few episodes online, but I fell in love with the series, and knew right away I'd have to give "Vera" a go (so to speak). Hope you enjoy.
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    Hi, Just finished the Magna 1/72 Short Sperrin as part of the Non Injected Moulded Group Build More photos in the Group Build Gallery and the build is here. Thanks for looking. Steve
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    hi, Thanks for the feedback! somehow i have already finished the Hurricane! (don't leave just yet, I've still got to build the refuelled and the bedford MWD!) the kit went together really well (apart from the wing not going onto the fuselage correctly) and was great value. unfortunately the camera disappeared shortly before i started painting so i only have photos of the finished model and the model before decalling.here it is: Pre decals:
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    Some more pictures of progress in detailing of the forward superstructure, progress I’m afraid is still slow. A “highlight” though in what is turning out to be a not very exciting build has been the realisation that the forward 911 tracker radar is not in the correct position. The tracker radar does not sit on the centreline but is actually offset to starboard. This means that the moulding that Trumpeter has helpfully provided to locate the radar base on the bridge top needs to be adjusted. The easy answer would be to file the moulded hump off however this would leave a hole, so I carefully hacked the moulding back with a sharp craft knife. and the forward 911 tracker is now sited more correctly.
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    Hi, Long time since I posted anything so here is the latest, Airfix A-4B converted to the prototype. Changes involved were filling in the rudder and smoothing it out removing the 'sugar scoop' on the exhaust replacing the windscreen with the sliding part from a DH Vampire kit suitably modified changing the nose to add test boom removing arrestor hook and all vortices on wing and fuselage. Painted with Vallejo Aluminium and white undersurface. Took a long time to finish this but glad it is done. Robert
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    Thanks. It is a great pity that miniature models of merchant ships are so unpopular with ship model builders. A very common comment is “I could never do that!” Sadly, it is true the moment that thoughts like that enter your head. The few who have decided to try it have discovered to their amazement that it is a lot easier than they think. This type of ship modelling is really only for those who haven’t the money, space, time or patience to go along the path of kits. Models like this will never be as magnificent or impressive as a well-assembled top-range kit, but what they lose in looks, they gain in rarity value! Bob
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    He's in a flipping high hover, that bloke. Bloody uncomfortable up there... Let's face it, no-one's going to give a toss about the box art provided the kit itself is good.
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    Hobbyboss 1/72 Jaguar A, 11-YC EC 4/11 Jura, 1993
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    Hello, after a break of 2 year and a half, here she is. Trumpeter kit in 32nd scale with a lot of custom made parts, resin bits from Flightpath PE from Eduard and decal from Airframe and Zotz. Airbrshed acrylics colours are Gunze and Tamiya, Vallejo for details with brush. And now enjoy the pictures. CIAO! Piero
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    Speeder Bike & Scout Trooper Bandai 1/12 I won't be starting this one just yet but I'll post some sprue shots for anyone interested in seeing what's in the box We'll proceed in alphabetical order starting, amazingly enough, with sprue 'A' which contains all the biker scout's white bits There's some nice mouldings on here including the front section of the helmet Chest armour Top of the feet And bottom of the feet The tread detail on the sole is excellent. The moulded text in the middle reads 'INTER'. No idea whether this is accurate to the costume or something Bandai added The white sprue's also got the tinted visor. There's a bit of VERY faint rippling in it but, under normal viewing, you can't see it All the parts have got the usual (for Bandai) plug & socket connections On to sprue 'B1'. The black bits Some nice creasing on the fabric sections but they could probably do with a bit of texture The Biker Scout's pistol (by far my favorite Star Wars blaster) And some disembodied fingers to fire it Which leads us onto sprue 'B2' which has the alternative hands Two pairs - one for the standing pose and one for the riding pose. They look OK if a bit mannequin like. They really could have used a few wrinkles here and there Next up's 'B3' which is an alternative base if you want to display the trooper separately (all the bases from these Bandai kits can be interlocked should you want to display them together) And now, rather oddly, we jump to 'B5'. I've no idea what happened to 'B4' but nothing seems to be missing from the kits so maybe Bandai think the number 4 is unlucky. This is the main display base for the speeder The rather naff looking 'tree stump' acts as a side support for the speeder (with the addition of a clear connector) to give the impression that it's hovering Sprue 'C' - bike bits Two pairs of thruster flaps, one for up, one for down. I haven't fully checked the instructions but it looks like you can't pose them in any position between fully open and fully closed which is a shame although I'm sure they could be modified to do so Control rods The seat's a bit too smooth so, again, a bit of texturing will help The bed roll's nice, with separate ends to give better detail in the folds and, yet again, a bit of texture wouldn't go amiss Sprue 'D' - The brown bits (a bit too brown to my eye, if you were thinking of leaving it unpainted) Good sharp control detail Rear fairing Forward stabilizer fins These are chamfered to give a very thin leading edge Every single Bandai Star Wars kit I've so far built has had split sprue gates. I don't know why this happens and I've not had any damaged parts as a result but it does leave some parts less protected in the box Sprue 'E' - The grey bits (which are more of a gunmetal on the real one) Repulsorlift engine detail Front forks The foot pedals have some very fine ribbing detail More engine detail Final Sprue - The vinyl joints for the trooper As per usual, two sets of markings - stickers and decals And finally, the regular Bandai instructions complete with the bizarre jumps from the main sequence to the black strip at the top and back again Overall, a great kit easily up to the level of Bandai's previous releases I'll start the build as soon as I get a chance (too many other things on right now) Andy
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    This is ICM,s new Horch 108 Type 40, which is an impressive kit with loads of detail. I combined it with Tamiya's BMW motorcycle/side car, and figures from Tamiya and Verlinden to produce a little scene set in Russia in the summer of 1943. The idea for this came about because when I put the driver figure in, his hands wouldn't reach the steering wheel! So I stuck a map in his hands and with his passenger checking his watch, the idea for the scene came about. Humbrol enamels were used throughout. photo share image upload no compression free picture upload image upload with preview free upload image gif hosting image hosting 30 mb free upload picture share free image upload image hosting more than 5mb host image online upload gambar Thanks for looking
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    Hi again Folks, Here's my latest effort, this has taken me nearly six weeks on and off and to be frank it was a bit of a dog(but it's an old kit I suppose) Poor fit in places Awful, awful decals raised panel lines It started life as a Belgian air force example, but because the crappy, brown paper backed decals disntegrated I shifted to the qinetic version. I have tried to capture the shabby, patchy finish on these jets when they first 'came over' from Luftwaffe service. Excuse the awful wing joints....I'm rubbish at filling. PS: I know that qinetic AJ's have not been seen with aux tanks(I think) but I could not resist hanging something there Comments welcome
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    Hi there Although I have been on BM for a while now, I thought it was about time that I actually posted a picture of one of my models. The photos below show my recent completion of the 1/72 Airfix Gloster J-8A which Airfix informs me was used by the Swedish Voluntary Air Force in Finland in 1940. I just liked the skull and crossbones! The colour callouts in the Airfix kit are very handy as they are drawn to 1/72. Tracing the callouts and then transferring to Tamiya masking tape makes the camo scheme just that bit easier to apply - it still seems to take a long time compared to the actual paint spraying and unmasking... Rigging was done with E-Z line and I used Deluxe Products' Snow Flakes for the base. Regards Richard C
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    Paint is Scale Finishes Pontiac Bristol Blue. I was originally going to build it as the Arnie Beswick vintage racer but didn't like the idea of the decals on the body once I finished painting it. Used the Model Car Garage '62 Pontiac photo-etch detail set. The interior was a little tedious to paint but if done carefully, the results are phenomenal. Used embossing powder for the carpet. All in all, a must have kit if you love Pontiacs. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
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    Main paintwork completed with a bit of Dark Earth and some Klear. And decals on! From Xtradecal set 72161, markings of 242 Squadron, based on Malta. These went on a treat, without incident and as far as I can see so far, no bubbles or silvering. I'll check and amend tomorrow as necessary.
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    Short update: Work continues on the wing. I glued a piece of plasticard to the inside of the lower wing to act as a support for the sliver of plastic required to correct? the aileron hinge line, and cut a piece of the detached aileron and glued it back in place. This time I was sensible and used the resin aileron to check the lower line, then removed slivers of plastic until I was satisfied, you can see just how little of the "kink" of the original hinge line ( emphasised with pencil ) is left. The insides of the upper wings have to be bevelled until the edge is almost paper thin to allow the ailerons to sit correctly. I taped on the resin aileron to the starboard wing to check the fit and am satisfied with it, I intend to deflect the ailerons slightly and this will be the "up" one. Don't ask what the flashed over holes are for, I don't know, perhaps someone at Revell thought the Spitfire Mk 1 had wing pylons! While I was waiting for the repairs to the port wing to set, I decided to opened up the cartridge case ejection holes an the starboard wing, which are represented as shallow depressions, and I do like to have holes where there should be holes. In the corresponding areas on the insides of the lower wing there are little lumps over the depressions and it is a simple job to pare these off with a blade then push out the thin plastic that's left. Must remember to clean them up and paint the inside of the upper wings black before I stick everything together, and put some filler in the trenches representing the landing light panels. That's it for now. It's 30deg in the shade here, so I'm off to the man cave (where it's about 20deg) to do some more, then a little dip in the pool if SWMBO will let me. God it's a hard life Thanks for watching John
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    Morning John (and all!) I think any investment I'd made in PE tools, as a 1/72 modeller, would have been wasted... especially as I've vowed to have bent my last part!! 10pm's not late for me John - unlike your good self I'm a night owl and I'm quite happily up past midnight... but then I'm not up at the crack of dawn like you! The documentary was a repeat of the brothers McGregor - great show. Remember I'd sliced off the detail on the kit parts to get the PE on so my options are now limited. Future builders note - I would suggest you try assembling the PE before removing the kit detail, that way, when the PE has driven you mad, you can just throw it away. ​This morning I woke with clear eyes and steady hands and thought "OK, one more try". I managed one pair of levers before my blood oxygen level went critical - you can't breathe when assembling this stuff as it blows the bits about. Later I managed the other side. Here are some pics (PhotoBucket's not saving my usual 400x400 edits on the image apparently, sorry for the size): The rule doesn't really show the problem - the size of my fingers - index finger here: and just in case those pics go to their edited size, one shot with the macro lens: Those eight slots are for the throttle levers (top) and props (bottom). I have a piece of plastic stock in the clamp at the moment with a bit of glue on the end. Given that I have eight of these to do I can't see how I can cut, blob, cut and stick eight of them so, after a bit of analysis paralysis, I may stick the stock in the slots and then form the knob afterwards (score lots, fnaar fnaar). I'm ​very aware I'm on page 8 and still on the internals. Time to get some perspective and up the pace a bit!!
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    And now, the cockpit... not finished, still a lot details to do... Cheers, Nenad
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    Let's hear it regardless! I finished getting the rest of the figures ready for painting today which included Herman the cat and one of the Vampyr soldier figures that Sgt Squarehead sent me. I think I will try and paint this one up in a late war SS camouflage smok. not that I am trying to make life extra hard for myself or anything. Following this I need to make an entrance door, tidy up the undercarriage mounts and we are ready for some paint. Martian
  49. 3 points
    Here's the bulkhead/armour/seat etc with the Sutton harness in place (made from foil-backed paper from a coffee jar) Then everything primed and base coated with interior green or silver paint as appropriate. Lots of detail painting plus assembling the Sutton harness on this! And the squaddies too. Base coats on the uniforms and webbing. I'll jog on with details and bits and bobs, then shade with oil washes ahead of highlighting with layering. I'll do the skin areas as layers.
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    Revell 1/144 Grumman E-2C Hawkeye Aéronavale. Build thread.
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