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    Hello BM'ers... After a bit of wrangling with myself as to the worth of this post, I thought I'd take the plunge and put this up as RFI... This is my very first 1/48th scale completed since the days of yore, and if I'm honest it's the first model I've finished (8 and counting) that I'm actually genuinely happy with. Despite the 'Fisher Price "My First Focke Wulf"' sound of things, it marks a few other firsts too - first attempt at mottling, first attempt at free-hand camo, first attempt at a spiral spinner (there was some swearing involved, but patience is a virtue) and first bird that when I look at it I don't think I've massively overdone everything about it...although I'm certain that many of you won't necessarily agree with the last point! I don't really think there's much to be said about the kit, other than despite it's known failings (the gear bay being the most glaring one, even to a accuracy-optional hobbyist like me) it's a joy to build, falling together with only the tiniest amount of putty at the wing roots. It's OOB, other than the Eduard cockpit Zoom set, which fitted utterly terribly and EagleCals decals which behaved impeccably and QuickBoost wheels... If, like me, you're looking to broaden your scale experience outside 1/72 this would be a wonderful place to start - it's a thoroughly enjoyable build experience! I tried to get the ariel line to sag properly, and whilst it's not quite right I'm pretty pleased with it for a first go at that kind of thing. As for this particular aircraft, since I was a nipper I've been a fan of the FW190 design, and as I've grown older I really think the D9 reached a peak of rakish elegance - there's no escaping the regime it was used by, but nonetheless it's a beautiful aeroplane. The pilot, Hans Dortenmann was a true ace in this aircraft, claiming 18 victories. More about him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Dortenmann here. Anyway, enough babbling, here are some pics:
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    Somehow all I've managed for the past couple of days are the ejector seats. But i love how they've turned out! Still need a wash and tidy up, but considering these were the kit seats, I'm happy! Al
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    Well I've gone and done it, I bought the shieldmaiden, Along with the Berserk and a couple of other figures. I think this is the lesser of the evils as it's only got 8 parts to the kit, but the sculpt is incredible, I hope my paint job does it justice. As always, anyhoo, opening the box you first come across the shield, it's a biggie, then under the foam are the main torso,and arms, under the next layer of foam are the hands, one holding the axe and the other holding the shield handle, sword hilt, shield strap. The torso it'self is lovely, the detail is amazing and almost a dead ringer for Katheryn Winnick who plays Lagertha Lothbrok in the tv series Vikings, draw your own comparisons. The seams are minimal but some are quite awkward to get to, especially between the folds of the leather sleeves, I had to use a mix of scraping with a number 10 scalpel blade, sanding sticks, sanding needles and my old faithful of a half round needle file. The results of this afternoons labours are the torso cleaned up, removing the casting blocks are no real hardship, the resin is quite soft, only a few strokes of the razor saw removed them, cleaning up for me involves a coarse sanding stick, then a finer one (thank you Ultimate Products, they're excellent), scraping with a No.10 then 1200 wet and dry, I then drilled out the locating blocks and fitted brass pins to reinforce, the fit is such that the arms and hands can be painted separately then assembled, the joints are incredible.
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    Hi All I’ve done some work on the wings of the CL-44. I cut open the landing gear doors and installed some wheel wells. I also replace the engine exhaust with some tube, it make a big difference and looks some mush better. Tonight I’m going to start on the cargo doors. I’ll put up some before and after photos. Ken This is the work on the wheel wells. This is the way engine exhaust looked before I done any work on it. And this is it after.
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    Cooken: I'm trying to find my copy of Burindo Ki-43 guide. I'm pretty sure that's a -IIB you've seen (enlarge cowling, three bladed prop, large exhaust manifold), but I'm not the best at identifying these sort of things. I find the Ki-43 interesting because its such a quintessential japanese aircraft from WWII: an absolute focus on skill and maneuvering and the romantic aspects of air to air combat, rather than the reality. There are some great accounts of Japanese pilots winning battles vs Allied pilots by exploiting the pure maneuverability of the aircraft, but it was still a death trap for inexperienced crews. Anyways, I'm going to amend my build a bit: I'll try to build the three major kits available right now: Fujimi Ki-43-I 48th Sentai <- Burma 1942 Hasegawa Ki-43-II 248th Sentai <- Wewak, New Guinea, 1944 Special Hobby Ki-43-III-Ko 64th Sentai <-Burma 1945. Doing three will be one of the dumber moves on my part, but I'd like to try nonetheless: I'm going to add a few different parts. The Fujimi Kit will use an Eduard detail set. I'm going to graft a Resin Ki-44 cockpit into the hasegawa kit. It might not be accurate, but with the cockpit buttoned up and a few little modifications, its very hard to tell the difference. Finally I've got a Rob Taurus Canopy for the III-Ko. As you may note, I've already started a bit on some of the kits. Back in the day I used to mix my Aotoke primer from a bunch of paints and make too much of it. So I applied the excess to fill in applicable areas on other aircraft. On the Ki-43s that meant wheel wells and the interior fuselage. Then I went to Gunze, and just used their proper paint instead. I also took the 248's decals and started sunning them to get the tail markings perfectly white. I'm experimenting a bit: I found that in previous sunning efforts there was a bit of condensation on the inside of the ziploc bag. So I added some rice to see if that helps remove the condensation and have some sort of effect on the decal. Its Victoria day here in Canada, so I'll need to do some work, but I'll try to get started tonight on the kits.
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    Ork Deff Dread Warhammer 40,000 Another old Warhammer build. Not painted to any of the standard GW Ork clan colour schemes as I don't really like them that much. I don't play so I don't have to worry about army building and I go with what colour appeals at the time. With this it was a desert scheme, albeit with rather conspicuous bright blue highlights. For the most part, it's OOB but I replaced the moulded cables with insulated wire and the tusks came from an Ork Battlewagon. Enjoy the shots Thanks for looking Andy
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    My entry in the Group Build will be made entirely of resin - this little kit: This would appear to be a rather old version, as the entire kit is contained in a plastic bag, with lots of smaller plastic bags within it, keeping the pieces apart from one another. There are not many pieces, as you can see now that I have released them from the plastic bags and given them a clean up. The "clear" pieces are also limited, but the decal sheet gives you two markings, both in cream with red edged swastika bands on the tail. There is not much to the instructions - just two sheets. So, out with the micro saws and facemask, and on with the show...... Thanks for looking, Philip
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    Hi All This all I’ve got done on my Phantom. There is nothing special about this build. It’s all out of the box. I’m keeping it simple, as I want to finish it. I’ve not finished any projects this year and I would normally have finish 3-4 by this time. I know model building is not a race… I will get some more done this week and post more photos next week. Ken
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    I thought that you wand waving trade group 2 types were already more educated than us spanner/hammer wealding trade group one types, or so you said. Good to see you back, I know what it is like as my brain hurt whilst I was doing my ONC/HNC in aircraft engineering many years ago after doing no education since school.
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    It has been a while since I last posted on here, but as well as decorating the whole house, landscaping the garden, working and all manner of family things, I have only managed to build 2 galleons and this Simba 8x8 Airport Fire Truck. I have not had time to photograph the galleons yet, but have managed to do the Simba and have shown a few pictures of the finished item below. Those of you who have seen my work before will remember that I tend to illuminate my models when possible. Though this shows in the pictures below, I have produced a video on Youtube to show the lights and rear fan working. More pictures and the video can be found by clicking on the links below. To a certain degree I had used poetic justice with the colour scheme and warning panels, but I think that it would be allowed to operate on any airport. As always, I look forward to your comments (good or bad) and hope it can inspire others to go that extra mile and make their own kit unique to them. For pictures of the WIP, finished model and video please click HERE. Now I am off to the forums to see what I have been missing and to get some inspiration for future kits to build...... Regards Kevin
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    A hard to find kit in an Italeri box, but it turns out that it's been reboxed for the domestic Korean market by Academy, as "European Classic Car". No mention of the maker, nor any Cavallino Rampantes on the box art or decal sheet. However, all the bits are there, and it can be had for a bit less than £20 delivered from eBay. Some detailing under the bonnet to fill the empty space, with a fair few bits and pieces liberated from the spares box or scratch-built. Otherwise it's pretty much OOB. Colour is a home-brew "Vinaccia" (so much nicer than "Aubergine") made with Zero paints components, and the interior is Ferrari "Tobacco" aka Vallejo Tanned Flesh with a dash of yellow added... bestest, M
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    Found this old one whilst packing for Lancing show a few weeks back and in view of the renewed interest in Thunderbirds thought I would share It's a Comet Miniatures casting from circa 1989 I think, approx 6cm long so its very small. I think the tail was separate and recall drilling out the engines. Paint would have been Humbrol back in the day. I might strip it and repaint, perhaps with some TLC to the engines. I've also got a Space Shuttle with Crawler in same range still unassembled, may have to give that a go too. Not sure what else was in the range. Hope you enjoy Chris
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    Ced, you asked where the waist windows went and I found a couple pics about halfway down this page. http://histomil.com/viewtopic.php?f=338&t=3918&start=4680 Because of the magazines of ammo on the guns these might be from B-17E models and besides, looks like you already fitted the window so this is all for moot.
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    I see what you mean about the figure and the naming, it might be something to get around not actually calling it who it actually is, same as Han Solo figures being called space hero etc. Hair and eyes are my downfalls every time, googled eye colours and hair colours but no matter how carefully you match colours it always seems to lose something in the change in scale, eyes too bright, hair wrong colour etc, so will definitely be taking my time, as I'm doing the Nutsplanet Viking Shieldmaiden I need to research Katheryn Winnick from the TV series Vikings, she seems to be the inspiration for the figure, it's my excuse and valid
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    Great build, and a scheme not seen very often. Your friend is probably right about it being chartered to Channex but Atlantic Airlines had one on charter at around that time, mainly for race horse movement, they had a contract with an Arab owner. The stalls were a palletised fit so the aircraft did get used for other charters. I remember the strange 1970's style interior colours and fittings, the really clever design of the cargo equipment (built in hoists and extending rails), the pervading smell of boiled cabbage and hydraulic fluid and the huge number of crew! We cut a crew member off the Electra flight deck, the Estonians seemed to bring their families! Ugly but clever aeroplane, built for the Siberian oil field exploration supply work.
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    Thats a nice figure, paint looks excellent so far, I don't think he's an unknown soldier though, he does look very much like a representation of Vasily Zaitsev who looked NOTHING like Jude Law in Enemy at the Gates.
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    I have 2 smaller 1/48 RAF Phantoms to build before I start on the 1/32. So They will be done next year or so..
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    I went down the route of carving some small rubber shims from an eraser to fill out the stand a little (white wedge below): They worked well but Trumpeter really should be able to do better given the rest of the kit.
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    That's a really great looking plane. I think you play down your skills a little too much!! Looking forward to seeing what you do when you've had some more practice. :-)
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    Always great to see a Dora, you've done a great job with the camouflage. However based on extracts from Dortenmann's diary the whole tail unit should be finished in yellow, the crosses on the wing under surfaces would have most likely have been black with white out lines (B3) and not the black out lined type (B4) as you have used. This was one of the first Doras to be cleared for service, Dortenmann took possession of it at Oldenburg 20/9/44 and would fly it for the remainder of the war logging up 98 flying hours on it. He personally destroyed it on the 5/5/45 to stop it falling into Allied hands. Tim.
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    double posted, somehow...
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    Excellent looking model Al - the mottling works well. I am in the same position as you in that I make 1/72 scale models and have recently bought two Tamiya 1/48 scale Würgers. I am looking forward to the painting.
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    This would give me an excuse to build something in my stash, I'm in.
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    start populating...................................
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    When you leave the airport, head west along the A120 and you will join the M11 at junction 8. Head North, DX is J 10. Have a look on Google Earth. There will be trade stands with books and kits, plus other stuff. Beer and 'proper English food'
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    Thanks, all... my work here is done. Full photo set in RFI... bestest, M.
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    Of cause it isn't a big deal, its your model to spray what ever colour that takes your fancy, as you already have. I was only trying to help as I'm sure Reserve_22 was trying to do before me. In the mean time I look forward to viewing the finished article finished in the colours based on your latest research on Luftwaffe colours.
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    After a push from Les in the P-38 GB I am in. I have still got a few in my stash to build. thinking about a F-6A and a P-51 both from Accurate miniatures. Cheers,
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    I've come to believe that three kits is the optimum number to build at one time, with no more than two being limited run. (I might go further and say that no more than three kits or no more than four engines is a good rule of thumb for a multi-kit build.) I'll also say I think you're pretty brave to use the Fujimi/Hasegawa kit decals. I still have some of the Rising Decals "Emperor's Eagles Part III" set, I could mail those out to you.
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    Yes it does look like the Revell kit is popular. It's cheap, easy to build and almost every model shop has it. I'm watching all the builds of the Revell 1/32 kits. I have one to build, but the big problem, is I have no space for it
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    Hi Arnold she is looking good , keep it going Les, Not seen you name down for the P 51 build yet lol
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    Due to spring arriving in a full scale, I somehow prefer to ride my bike in the woods than sit at my workbench, so progress is sort of slow. I did manage to paint the whellbays, filled all the wrong panel lines on the upper and lower side of the wings and strenghten the bent wings. And drilled some missing holes and outlets. I hope I will eventually glue the fuselage together so it starts to resemble a half done model....
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    Very nice build of lovely bird. I've seen once or twice it at Krakow airport and few more times at high altitudes using telelenses. One correction. Antonow airplanes are not Russian - they are Ukrainian. They were Soviet, but not Russian. The factory is in Kiev...
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    Hi, The M11 opened between 1975 to 1980 so has been there some time!
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    This is the other side of the circle, so to speak: these are the consoles to the right of the turbolift doors as you stand facing them: From left to right the consoles are Engineering, Environmental Control and Engineering sub-systems. Don't ask me why the two engineering panels aren't next to each other; seems a poor design but that's the way the kit has it and all the blueprints and plans agree. I've still to paint the top edge but apart from that the consoles are ready to attach to the base. Here's the Engineering sub-systems panel, showing that the ship is on Red Alert, which they seemed to be a lot of the time:
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    At one time HMS Vengence had a Barracuda as its ship's flight aircraft.It was overall dark blue.I presume it carried out COD type duties The Seamew didn't enter service so I doubt if it was even trialled as a COD. Fond memories of the Gannets with 'H' 'V' 'E' and 'R' tailcodes from the 'real' carriers we had back then.
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    Nice work so far. Are you planning on doing it in one of those partially assembled, exploded diagram sort of thing?Sean
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    ..... haha , brilliant observation There was nothing like slapping on px24, always best to get the job of squirting it on with the lance. Can't remember ever using gloves just barrier cream
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    Very nice ponnies Cooken! lovely work on it, cant wait to see them finished! The metal pigments looks cool!
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    Some steady progress and not far from finishing now. I've just rigged the wings and installed Pierre and Jacgues from the spares. Could only install one Lewis gun as he sure fills the space. Squadron markings are generic and non representative of any known aircraft although they came from a Matchbox Buffalo and are over thirty years old. A little filler required around the observation windows underneath and then a final touch up of the paintwork. Final pictures for the thread and will try to get some decent ones for the gallery. Regards, Steve
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    For a start, why do you want to swear on the site? Do you have children? Do you swear in front of your children? There is no need for it, which is why we have the filter. As for your post still being visible, we are only human, and aren't perfect, so we miss things, or forget. We also have lives to live, work to go to, and illnesses to fight. As for your week off, that's light to what our resident Rottweiler usually gives out.
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    Once again, you're one step ahead of me in adopting a new modelling tool Ced (which reminds me, I still need to pick up some Liquitex paint markers). I've been using the tape and scalpel masking technique, but am very tempted by pre-cut masks. Hmm, looks like there's advantages and disadvantages alright. Your work on the interior detail is splendid, and leave it to you to choose the most complicated mass market kit available after your excellent Valom builds.
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    You've done it again Wolwe - the finish, weathering and chipping all look so real, and the added detail is superb! I really like the results of using the masks instead of decals. That may be the next idea I try and steal - I mean gratefully borrow - from you.
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    "Well, this will be a lengthy and, possibly, boring post... Hopefully it will be useful for someone." Far from boring and useful to me - thanks Jaime! I admire your accuracy here. I would have been tempted (and have been before) to just use Tamiya 3mm tape and just forgotten about the odd few mm!! They look great and I've bookmarked this as a reference. Thanks again!
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    I can only echo what has already been said - the spinner and prop look fantastic! And I'm not confident enough in my Spitfire knowledge to recommend taking a metal file to a wing. I do believe that every Merlin (and early Griffon) Spitfire mark had the same wing shape; the differences only being in the fairings for different gun configurations (A, B, C, E).
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    Probably right but, a few years ago who would have seen the UK building two carriers. - a country which basically gave up on the building of large vessels & thereby lost the yards & experienced personnel necessary to do so. Also, a country that hadn't even BUILT a proper carrier since WW2 ( the Arc was laid down in 1943). Never say never
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    Looks good from over here, nice job.
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