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    Another build I finished recently, using Wolfpack's cockpit, Aires' exhaust and Kasl's radome. Painted with Humbrol, Gunze and Lifecolor. Hope you like it!
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    This example was made OOB and according to the box instructions represents VR943, coded as 232 O, serving with 802 Squadron while aboard H.M.S. Ocean. This information agrees with Profile Publications Number 126 which appears to be the basis for the kit decals and further identifies this aircraft as the one flown by Lt. Carmichael when downing a MiG-15 in August, 1952. A second source, Warpaint Number 16, shows VR943, coded as 105 R, serving with 801 Squadron aboard H.M.S. Glory in 1951. However, according to what we must consider to be the bible in this area, Fleet Air Arm Fixed- Wing Aircraft Since 1946, VR943 led a rather mundane life marred by a series of minor prangs and repairs, with no service aboard either Ocean or Glory ever being mentioned. Notwithstanding the conflicting data, Frog's Sea Fury is a fine one that serves as a basis for as little or as much work as one wishes to invest.
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    Imperial AT-ST Walker Bandai 1/48 So, here it is. The finished Chicken Walker, stress cracks and all. Thanks to all who followed the wip and for those who didn't it can be found here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234978365-at-st-bandai-148/ This isn't meant to represent Tempest Scout 2, the AT-ST that Chewie commandeered (with the help of Widdle and Wunka) but the big furball gatecrashed the photo shoot Enjoy the shots Thanks for looking Andy
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    Hi there, this is my Hughes OH-6A by AMP just completed. A lot of interior & exterior self-made improvements, resin parts by CMK, Tailboom (Maurizio Di Terlizzi), Quickboost and Tarmac. A special thanks to Joseph Osborn of Fireball Modelworks for nice decals sheet and support for painting. Cheers, Alessandro Rome (Italy)
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    Some slow progress on my Lancastrian, finally I've made some resin copy of the windows, interior arrangements and seats. I'm planning to make in the near future some complete copy of this conversion with BOAC or ALITALIA decals so if someone are interested, please drop me a message. Sebastiano
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    During riveting, which is an activity performed before making weathering, but after the imposition of decals, I completely dropped off 111 polish squadron emblem - ((. But this is What If. That's why I made up stories just that it was a botched sticker. Such rationalization invention. Well, unfortunately busted, -))
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    Ok, everyone. I completely forgot I started this WIP here. Sorry...it's a lot to keep up with multiple forums, Facebook, etc, and find time to actually work on these things. I finished the engines up. They are weathered with products from Ammo by Mig (again I love that stuff beyond belief). After those were done work moved to the cockpit. Ammo Airfield Dust set used here. Some Eduard belts, but the rest is OOB. Then moved on to aft fuselage assemblies. I get asked sometimes "why waste time if it won't be seen?" Well, it's not a waste of time for me. I paid for the kit, so I don't mind getting the extra mileage out of doing these parts up. Also, I'll always have the photos as proof it's there. Thanks for checking in.
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    This is the first model built by my 7,5 years old son Gustaw without my "manual assistance". I was only an advisor and photographer here. The PZL P.11c is a symbol of Polish aviation fighting against Germans in September 1939. The number 5 from 111 Eskadra Mysliwska (Fighter Squadron) was probably flown by the squadron's commander, cpt. Gustaw Sidorowicz (my son's namesake, therefore preferred in markings selection). The plane was shot down on the first day of war and Sidorowicz was wounded. After his recovery he escaped from a hospital already being occupied by Germans and continued fighting with Polish resistance forces. The kit is old but simple MasterCraft. Pilot from Airfix Hurricane. Decals - Techmod.
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    Hi people I finally finished this too, even if the work has not given me breath; this kit is an Hasegawa 1/72 and since I am fond of the Mediterranean war theater, here this plane inSolenzara air base Corsica during 1944 Pretty much the front pin UP: MMR Margaret Mary Rustin With base..... Next kit will be another 1/72 scale: an English Electric Lightning F.2A of Airfix I'm genuinely embarrassed when I enter the forum, but believe me it's an hard work at the airport and the "Boss" hammering me with new assignments, excuse me, but I would really like to share more with regard Ettore
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    I tend to have quite a few builds on the go at any one time, so suddenly, I find I have a number all being completed on the same day. Below are three of the seven rolling off the lines this week. All 1/144 Carvair - ( Roden kit and Classic-Airlines decals ). I believe this puppy could transport up to five cars plus a complement of passengers at a time - difficult to picture a souped up DC-4 being capable, but apparently so. With something else - Faster and quieter, but leave your cars at home. The Guyana Airways Tu-154. I know, the nerve, not operating British aircraft. Zvezda kit and classic-Airlines decals. With something else. Does Linhas Aereas de Mocambique not somehow sound English? The old Portuguese East Africa province of Mozambique is the only country to be a member of the Commonwealth that had never been in the Empire The Air Rhodesia DC-3 ( Minicraft kit and Classic-Airlines decals ) The "with something else" Her big sister, the Boeing 720 And as a forthcoming attraction - coming soon to a RFI near you. Hope you enjoyed the nostalgia tour ( and Mitchem, if it seems I am copying your idea of the Air Rhodesia fleet, it is because I am ) Cheers, Mike
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    Progress .. he has arms, and his jacket has tails. I'm not sure about his left arm (it seems stiff) so I may change that. The hat and axe are loose, and there is still modelling work still to do Now, I need to think about which unit he belongs to ... Do I go for the more usual blue uniform of a French chasseur A green uniform representing Régiment de la Tour d’Auvergne,1er Régiment Etranger A yellow uniforn with red facings (Bataillon du Prince de Neufchatel) The latter two were merceinary units "integral to the French Army during Napoleon's reign"
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    So my Ta152 whiffer is done. The C-11 variant was proposed but never built, so no matter what markings I chose they would have been speculative - I decided to have some fun with it. Scheme is based on the Bf109G-6AS birds of JG 1. I also made a lot of corrections and alterations along the way. WIP thread here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234975094-148-hobbyboss-ta-152-c-11-what-if/ Aires cockpit tub TMD resin seat Quickboost corrected cowl Quickboost corrected spinner/prop Quickboost exhaust Quickboost pitot tube Tamiya canopy and headrest Tamiya morane antenna Tamiya boarding step Dragon wheels with air fill line added Tail wheel shortened Main gear leg angle corrected Gun camera added from drilled out plastic rod Brake lines added from copper wire Morane and FuG antennae replaced with copper wire DF loop made replaced with a staple Gear position indicators made from wire Wing root gun bay door hinges added from spares box Resin cowl gun barrels from spares box Hypo tubing used for wing root gun barrels Riveted with RB Productions RivetR Mini Uschi rigging line for aerial antenna wire Miracle Paint Masks for markings EagleCals for stencils Painted with AK-Interactive and Tamiya acrylics Weathered with AMMO of Mig Jimenez washes Probably some other stuff I forgot, but anyway - on to the pics!
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    Hello, Just have finished this and I'd like to share with you. First as usual, couple things about the kit. i was really really surprised when I first open the box. First glance on some pieces, mainly the fuselage and the cabin and only thing I could say was "wow!". The "wow" factor ended couple steps later. Don't get me wrong, most of the kitis really amazing. Great detail, a lot of rivets and nice panel lines, but when I get to the engine cowling I was shocked. I've looked on different websites to see if real Lynx has this section completely flat, as on this kit.. Well it still looked good. then I went to fitting the main canopy and beautiful 1mm gap appeared! I've managed to fill it with some putty, but I don't really like surprises like this. I don't mind some gaps, but this one was way too big. Other disappointment was engine intake cover which should be a mesh, but in the kit is made with clear plastic. I scratch build it with some old PE leftovers. The kit gives you couple options of the aircraft to build. I decided to build anti-piracy Danish version. I kind like it I must say. I've installed an internal light to lighten up the cabin a bit. It was just a try before my general and main project for this year and it worked fine. Ok, no more talking, there come the pictures: Thanks! Bart
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    My newest project - MiG-29 9-12A, Polish Air Force, 22nd Air Force Base, Malbork This model has been built from MiG-29 9-12 Early Type kit, manufactured by Great Wall Hobby, aftermarket parts used:; - Eduard's BigEd for MiG-29 9-13 (BIG4995) - Master pitot tube (AM-48-060) - Eduard's resin exhaust nozzles for MiG-29 (648044) - Caracal Models' decals for polish MiG-29 bort number 56 (exploitation markings used only) (CD48030) - IPMS Świdnica White Eagle 41 ELT Malbork 1990-2013 decals (bort numbers) - Various parts from Eduard's MIG-29A an MiG-21MF kit to upgrade this model to the same version as the real aircraft. Painted with Gunze C series paints. Feel free to leave your comment. Sorry for any language mistakes. Greetings from Poland
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    I saw some references to this 'copter and a request to find this kit on the forum today, so I thought I would throw this up for inspection> Special Hobby 's 1/72 Hiller UH-12: A little bug-ger (!) of a kit , only cause its so small. Tiny kits sometimes have mold shift and such was the case here , I built the skids from brass: The bubble was problematic as well , clear parts bieng a little muddy: Other wise well worth the effort: Also the resin cockpit backing in no way matches the top half of the bubble, you will see the angle difference between the cockpit interior back and the rear wall in the second pic,the other problem with the mouldings. Super fun and a great result can be achieved , now all ya gotta do is find the kit!
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    Hi Luis, Yes, I had this pleasure as I know JWM since his birthday 55 years ago - he's my (younger) brother We shared the room for 14 years and our 72nd scale (earlier also 1/100 and 1/144) aircraft collection was displayed in common cabinet. Then each of us moved out and now we live some 20 miles apart. His collection is much bigger than mine, but I also like aircraft modelling. BTW what do you call the "old planes"? Cheers Mike
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    Hello all again. After a long gap I have been able to get only a bit done to Dreadnought. I have fitted most (possibly all) of the ships boats and attendant etchwork. The falls and access ladders for the boats on the main davits were fun, I could not figure out from my references where the ladders went, so I fitted them in what I thought was the most natural position. I had fitted the rudders way back in February, (see last photo in my previous post). I seriously thought about doing that then as they would be prone to being knocked off. Guess what? Yep, I need to attach them again. This time they are staying off until further notice. I am hoping the same does not happen to the mast and spars! I managed to get some 27 links per inch chain for the anchor chain, I need to get that sprayed (rattlecan) to hide the brass colour. I have some photographs of Dreadnought where they show a very light colour for parts of the chain, and a darker section too. I am thinking of going for a pale grey and a greyish black for the chain. If anyone thinks that is wrong, can you please let me know? I will be doing that at the weekend. Once the chains are on, the railings can be started. Again, only a small update, my apologies. All the best, Ray
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    Hiya Folks, This one has been on the backburner since Colin at Freightdog brought out his Z Nose Tollerton Fairing because one of the aircraft that I wanted to recreate appeared to have a raised 4 gun mid upper turret and when I bought the Z Nose Colin told me that a part for the raised mid upper fairing was in the pipeline. Well now this part has been released so I`m starting my next Halibag at last! Here is a pic of the Tollerton Fairing for the nose and the raised mid upper gun fairiing in place on the fuselage; Here are the after market parts which I`ve acquired, as you can see I`ve been over some of the parts with a coat of spray can black to serve as an undercoat and the resin rear wheel well cover is already in place in the fuselage to the left ; These are the afor mentioned Freightdog Tollerton Z Nose fairing and raised mid upper gun turret fairing plus their update set for the props, engine radiators and intakes, wheels, tail wheel etc plus some Quick Boost resin exhausts and an Eduard set which I might not use yet. This is the subject that I want to recreate- London`s Revenge `Lana Turner' with the huge MGM Lion from 427 Sqn RCAF; I`ve only found photos of the nose area so far however this period cartoon makes me believe that it was fitted with the raised mid upper gun fairing; [/u Here is the decal sheet that I`m using, something that every Halifax fan should have stashed away; Wish me luck! Cheers Tony
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    Hi, Two of my old kits - I still like them. They are much younger that Maryland - Hawker Tempest V - Heller/Airfix kit and Hawker Typhoon Ib - Frog kit. As far I I remember - Tempest is basicaly OOB except decals (red outlinings hand painted) wheres Typhoon was reshaped. I made smaller nose and spinner as well as re-shaped air oulet from cooler to make it similar to that of Tempest and I added bulb on canopy (this is a piece drop-like formed clear styrene glued just with Humbrol gloss varnish of the top of canopy. Perhaps there were some other operation which I do not remember now, after almost 20 years. Now I have in stash Airfix new Typhoon waiting for his turn... The Tempest is JN765, JF.K , markings of Squadron 3 RAF, P/O Kosh, Newchurch, UK, Summer 1944. It is like that: Typhoon is RB224 US.H "Land Girl" in markings of Squadron 56 RAF, Matlaske, UK, after March 1943 (name hand written): Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
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    So after 14 days I've finally got the green bits sprayed. Woohoo I hear you cry, progress at last, well if truth be told I've also been collecting the materials for a potential display stand as well so not been totally idle in the intervening fortnight. Will try to get some photos up tomorrow but after stripping of the masking it looks as if there's only a couple areas where paint has crept that will require attention before going any further.
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    Yes, you are definitely entering the forbidden zone with your new found skills. Photo etch. Who knew. Last week you polished the snot out of a FROG canopy to eyeglass clarity, now you're wrapping miniscule shards of metal into organic looking straps. I think we have a ringer!
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    I AM CRACKING UNDER THE PRESSURE!! Well, not really... First, I made a template for the wing so I had an idea of the size and angles and stuff... That gave me a sense of the size the engines should be. I started out by covering some tube with 1mm wide half-round strip of Evergreen. 8 strips in total, evenly spaced. Gotta love Evergreen... ...and then cut the resulting ribbed tube into engine sections... I shaped the rear end and fitted a wider tube around the front end... Made them all the same size and gave the rear of the engines a ring. Engines love rings... Time to make some intakes. I started by closing off a bit of the larger size tube I already used on the other half of the engine. Excess cut off and the whole thing sanded until it was round... Cut to size, a hole drilled and reamed out so you get a nice intake shape. I attached it to the main body of the engine with a t-shaped bit of styrene. The sticky-out bits of the T cut off and sanded smooth... Repeat until cross-eyed and you have four engines. I greebled up the engines with some random panels too... Back to the wing. After I cut out four wings using the template I made a second, slightly smaller template to make panels for on top of the wings. I ended up with two tiny templates (numbered 1 and 2) and a spacer (marked X) to keep the space between the panels constant and a perfect fit for the engines. I marked the templates on some styrene and cut out enough panels to do the wings. Panels fixed to the wings... Laser cannons, from some stainless steel welding rod, half a ring of styrene tube... Result! Cannons fitted into some more tube glued to the wings... And wings fitted to the hull... And on to Phase Three... More sooooon! Rob
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    Hi John and Wolwe. Thank you both for your very kind comments. I thought people might be interested to see the two 1/72 Dragon Tigers together. I'll post a few photos below and some slightly different ones in the Tiger 1 thread. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix