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    Well after a few weeks I finally finished this little bundle of fun. Having started it straight after the Airfix F.2, it was a bit of a shock to the system to have to do some modelling with it again! But anyways.... It was finished in Alclad again, with Humbrol paints here and there. I didn't add anything except some yellow trim around the canopy. I went with the kit decals, produced by Eduard they are very thin but superb...apart from the spelling department.."keep clean of intakes". I was half tempted to get another sheet with more choices but I was put off by the fact I'd have to get another sheet with the stencilling on, so I didn't bother...which was actually a bad move as the instructions weren't that great on stencil placement, plus there were indications for some that weren't even on the sheet! Maybe when I get the T.5 I'll invest in some... It went together fairly well, the odd bit of filler here and there, mostly around the nose and resin jet pipes . There was no one-piece intake ring so you have to be careful with scalpel blades and such. I decided also to leave any missiles off as the ones included are not that great, but there are decals included for them which could be used on another good set. The etched parts which go on last were a bit fun...if they ping out of the tweezers that's it, they're history. One curious addition was what looks like a small pitot behind the aerials. I couldn't find any ref pics that showed it, just a couple of maybes, so I put it on anyway, but it may be wrong. The Alclad was great to work with again, but when I do the T.5 I'll do it in grey or camo, cos I'd like to portray that weathered too; probably leave the Alclad til I do an F.1. I added two Airfix Hawk pilots, changing their positions and colours a little to add some variety And here we have my English Electrics! All I need now is a 1/72 cooker and loco
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    Well here we are another hornet completed. This a hasegawa F built with the dream model Growler conversion set. decals are from the two Bobs sheet. Fod covers are made from lead foil, I forgot to give the canopy a dark base coat so the frames are a bit translucent so i may pry it off and paint the inside black. The photo's arent the best I may take some better ones when I get chance.
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    The Air New Zealand 787-9 is now finished , using my own made decal Richard
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    Tim'sTopTip: I found some yellow walkway decal in my spares. Very thinly sliced - and apply with some Klear.
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    Photobucket reset so a quick catchup. First canopy fitting. And the seals I sweated over. Now up onto the undercarriage. And from underneath. And a full rack of pylons.
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    Hello, here are some photos from my 1970 F1 models, all in scale 1/20th from MFH and Ebbro. John-w
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    Good evening chaps, it is now time for me to start this group build. So far I have failed one group build, and succeeded in a second, so hopefully this will be a second finish. For this group I decided to try something new, as I am rooted firmly in the flying arena of modelling. So, a previous attempt at a tank I thought was poor, and I have no idea what ships took part (though looking at footage it must have been everything that could float on the day) I have decided to try people. So, where to start on this? Quite frankly:- So I took a little trip to my LMS and picked up this (actually it was the fathers day gift from my son) Inside the box is a single sprue of pale grey plastic. and a small decal sheet sealed in its own poly bag. These are not multi pose figures, and are designed to set up a small vignette showing one helping a wounded comrade whilst the other nervously looks around. Facial detail looks to be good, whilst the uniform has fine and sharp detail. The BAR looks a little bland to me, but I will see how well it responds to painting. I have no idea how to even start this, let alone how to display it, but let us see what happens. I think I will probably start by building the legs and torsos, before spraying an undercoat and then take it from there. Any ideas will be most welcome, and thanks for looking.
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    Hi friends, here a little tug boat called "Rowangarth". It is a Resin-kit from Orange Hobby, including two brass parts and a small sheet of PE-parts and decals... high quality, good details I think.... The small crane I have made new as the PE-part was a little bit "flat"..... The water base is made of acryl, dispersions color, clear coat... the water color is painted with airbrush, the white with oil colors..... Here the ROWANGARTH in scale 1/350....: ... and the unpainted kit: I hope you like my little one.... Micha
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    Hello again! I haven't posted for a few weeks due to exams (only two more to go!) but I did buy this a couple weeks ago and I have done a little work on it between revising. I did manage to get the wings on today, however, I didn't manage to get a picture. Here's the work so far. Fuselage Nose weight I wasn't happy with the kits placing of the seat, so I moved it back a little. As usual I added seatbelts from Tamiya tape. More to follow... Ben
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    Wow Rob!!! Fantastic build and brilliant paint work. I'm intrigued about the use of Blu Tack as a mask for the camo part of the painting. Doesn't the Blu Tack leave an oily residue on the paint work (it does on my daughter's bedroom wall!!!) How long do you keep it on the model? I'm still working, albeit very slowly, on my Vulcan build. Almost at the stage of applying a primer undercoat so am interesting in the Blu Tack approach. Cheers Pete
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    Nice, love that scheme!
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    Nice paint job. A bit different and definitely more interesting. Cheers, Tom.
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    Great looking Growler (oo-er Missus!), very snappy scheme and another fine addition to the built models.
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    Very cool, looks great in the retro scheme
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    Why would they? Well, because they could........ I did, though in a roundabout way. Please bear in mind that this was well before the Sword kit was issued. I used the Aeroclub fuselage hump, and nose "cheeks" (and belly tank)and grafted them on to a suitably amended Airfix fuselage. The rear of the Twin tubs fuselage bulkhead was placed where the Airfix kits rear bulkhead would have been. This gave me a good starting point. Once in place I knew where everything else should go. The rear of the nose cheeks were made from Milliput. The rear of the hump (i.e. where the hump starts along the upper fuselage ducting) fitted precisely where it should fit. The length of the upper fuselage hump - from the joint at the rear to the canopy framing - on the Aeorclub vacform kit is appox 54mm . The same distance on the Sword kit is 50mm. Now give or take a mm or so as its not easy to measure a curved shape with a straight edge, and assuming that the Airfix kit is correct in length, and the much older Aeroclub fuselage is correct in length (and they do both match each other), the 'odd man out' is indeed the Sword kit. I'll see if I can find some photo's of my T5 build....maybe I will finish it after all!!! EDIT: Have I posted these on here yet?
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    Interesting idea. Makes a nice change! Will watch your progress with these. I've never been very good at figure painting and that's why none of my planes have pilots! I shall be interested to see what you do with them.
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    Best rendition of this kit I have ever seen
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    Bloomin' lovely! Great effect on the buckets, and fantastic overall.
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    hi everyone today I have done some work with this Hawk. I Have join fuselage half, wings and air intakes together.I have apply mr surface in the top of seam lines and when its dry tomorrow I will do some sanding. I have start preparing canopy.Smaller one is ready to go but I am still fighting with bigger one.I have put white wash inside canopy and tompprow I will wipe the excess. That's all for now. I don't want rush with this project.I want to do it right Ps I need to buy a soft box plus lamps to make a better pictures
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    Stupid computer wiped everything I had typed... %£($*"(!_ All ready for the paint work. Pylon fairings built up from filler and liquid green stuff. Undercarriage and tanks also ready.
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    I built my CMR K5054 in 2011; it's a very easy build and qualifies as an entry level resin kit. In other words, if you've built a few kits and know how to use superglue and filler, you should have no problem. Price may put you off, but like most CMR Spitfire kits, they are great value. I got mine online and was able to save quite a bit on price. Link to my build below. http://scale-modeller.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/spitfire-prototype-k5054.html Tim
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    One of the best schemes to have been applied to a Viscount. Thanks for posting. Chris
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    Gorgeous, I have this kit in a smaller scale which I am looking forward to starting. Rick
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    You have certainly done that justice - great build
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    I'm pretty sure it will. In fact, you might be better to select something much smaller than 1:72, unless you're going to pose your Pz IV driving by a Typhoon wreck. Something like this will give you 5 tanks to scatter around the vicinity of the rocket blasts http://www.ghqmodels.com/store/g548.html
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    A further bump and an update. Although the date for correspondence has passed, the ripples are spreading. I received an email from Martlesham Heath Aviation Society today, details follow. Carolyn has pulled out of a local charity event because of the 'anti aircraft' fraternity, and publicly stated that without the support from her associates, she will have to pack up shop. I am sure none of you want to see ML407 disappear from our skies, but that is a strong possibility. Please add your name to the petition, and keep the pressure on the local Council, and help Carolyn. Thanks --------------------------------------- Following Martyn's recent email about the situation with Spitfire ML407, owned and displayed by Carolyn Grace. The situation has now escalated and has resulted in her pulling out of this weekends Airshow at Bentwaters. In fact there is a serious risk that her days are completely numbered, and all because of two people who it is rumoured have recently moved into the area A petition has been started and I am asking you please if you would sign it and help save this Iconic machine which actually made the first kill over the beeches of Normandy on D Day It is not a Government petition but to the Council who are conducting the enquiry, Please don't let them take her away. Note to forward to your friends: I just signed the petition "d.c.admin@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk: ref C10/3239 Keep Bentwaters flying" on Change.org. It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/d-c-admin-suffolkcoastal-gov-uk-ref-c10-3239-keep-bentwaters-flying?recruiter=35344374&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition Thanks! Tarkey
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    superb work, love the scheme looks great. very nice job on the paint and finish. I made the same mistake with the canopy but was able to paint the inside
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    Erm, isn't the Airfix PzIV an F? I thought the Germans used the G-J models in Normandy. In any case, that weird yellow colour was still the base colour for Panzer IVs in Normandy, though IIRC they often airbrushed other colours over it in streaky lines. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:B0h5WeqpeU4J:panzerivtheworkhorse.devhub.com/blog/584596-panzer-iv-and-variants-in-normandy-1944/+&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
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    oh yes! superb. I really like your weathering, it's just right. Cheers John
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    Brilliant! It's a bit like the modellers equivalent of a full size static restoration of a 'barn find'! Cheers John
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    to keep it clear of being called a whiffy you'll have to base it on an actual aircraft. As long as you have a photo of the aircraft you want to build then it's ok. I wish I could do copies as well, I've got a whiffy project under way which I should have made copies of what I've built as I will be building a second one along similar lines and it would have saved lots of time!! Oh and Heritage Models do a 1/72 & 1/48 Cavalier F-51D and 1/48 Cavalier Turbo Mustang III conversion, they may save a bit of work but will need a bit of work as well (got a HM Ju-388K/L conversion kit at home, needs work to get a good finish).
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    I now have a AC 1/48 Meteor NF13 read for this one if it gets up, else it'll go the the STGB, though a Israeli Mozzie would be nice as well....or a Wyvern!
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    Lowestoft is not near RAF Museum Hendon. Hannants Colindale is, but is not the big warehouse most people think of as Hannants, which is in Lowestoft. Colindale is managed independently.
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    that's a hard one!!! the first one, if I'm correct would be a Cavalier F-51D and according to the info I have found was used by the US Army, first as a chase plane for the AH-56A “Cheyenne” attack helicopter (I so want to build one of these). Then later after that program was dropped, a test aircraft for 106mm recoilless rifle tests, they fitted one to each wing tip!!!! The other two I like very much. The second is a Piper Enforcer as mentioned and was derived from the third one which is a Cavalier Turbo Mustang III. Though it’s heritage is Mustang it shared only about 10% of its structure with that of the original P-51 The last one looks like the prototype for the Cavalier Turbo Mustang III which basically started off as a modified Mustang II airframe fitted with a Rolls Royce Dart engine. I do so like all of these, the first is no problem, it's a P-51! The others and in my opinion, which will be shot down, should be allowed to be included as they are to me the finial genesis of the P-51 Mustang design, even though there is not much left of the original structure. Building them though ………have fun.......oh and make resin copies of the new bits as I soooo want to build one…as a Whiffy of cause!
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    Micro Mir USS Skate is on 'Backorder' at Armory - so I have just ordered one. Ken
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    Chris, Like you say, it does not appear to be a particularly common occurrence although I have come across it before on several other Modeldecal sheets….I suspect it is a 'by product' of their particular way of getting these sheets printed back in the day. IIRC, the apparent seepage had little to no effect on the decal and I used a lot of MD's products back then, so it should be OK. Of course, the decals you are most concerned about (the roundels and serials) are readily available elsewhere but I don't think you will have anything to worry about. Just my tupenny worth Mark
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    what a great looking build - well done to you. My dad got his command at BEA on Viscounts back in 69 and I was fortunate enough to have spent a number of years strapped into the jump seat behind him. Why don't they make planes with lovely large oval windows any more... thanks for sharing and top marks once more
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    Fantastic model also is an aircraft that seems to me the most beautiful on any scale.
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    cor blimey - what a face lift. Top restoration marks to you sir..
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    Beautifully done, Sir! Should be an inspiration to everyone who look at her.... Thanks very much for sharing. Chris.
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    Hi - this looks brilliant to me.. Well done - a fine tribute to what I consider to be the "King" of the whirlybirds. Its a shame I don't know you as I have 2 spare 1/48 decal sheets for the Hasegawa SK kits. It is nice to see a King without the flotation sponsons for a change too. Did you ever see the SK I posted a while back? It really is a great kit to build - one of my favourites from Hasegawa. Thanks for sharing - smashing lovely jumbly.
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    Well, this is certainly worth a comment on... Absolutely superb!! Like many others here, I've got one but just need the time and space on the bench to get her finished, or even started! But in any case, I'd be very happy if it came out like yours.
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