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    Hello all, is my recently completed 1/144 Revell C-17 from my Op Herrick multi-build. The thread is here Completely OOB, sprayed with Humbrol Sea Grey. Comments welcome, thanks for looking. Dave
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    Finally got these off the bench after a few months of modelling inactivity. Enjoyable builds, and I think the Hurricane looks much sweeter on its boots than the Spitfire, so as a modelling subject I prefer it. They are the limited edition kits using box decals (Mostly) although the prop on the Romanian one is an Airfix Spit prop thanks to Troy, as well as the guidance he gave throughout the builds. There a few things left to do and some errors most noticeable on the Romanian one, but I'm not going to tell you if you don't already know! Painted with Gunze dark earth, Tamiya dark green (xf-81), Xtracolour mid stone and azure blue. The only aftermarket bits were the Mk.II exhausts and Falcon canopies. The Crois de Loraine decals supplied in the kit are red, so I cut some blue decals up to overlay them with blue ones which from the evidence I've come across appears to be the case. Hope you enjoy Romanian kite Free French kite Thanks for looking, Neil
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    Hello all, Here is my recently finished 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat in VF-41 'Black Aces' markings during Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001. Build thread is here Extras used included Aires cockpit set, Steel Beach FOD covers, Quickboost seats, Wolfpack Designs update set, Bombcat set and fuel tanks, Yellowhammer decals and GBU-12's from the spares. And alongside my other OEF 'A' model Tomcat of VF-14: Both from the USS Enterprise, it was the last time two A model squadrons deployed together and both would surrender their Tomcats for Super Hornets upon returning to the USA. This left only VF-211 and VF-154 flying the A model 'cat. Comments welcome, thanks for looking. Dave
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    Here's my Gunze Sangyo 1:1 scale Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Quite please how it's turned out, could probably do with a coat of matt varnish I think. Glad I made it under the wire. Right, on with the Harrier build!
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    Well finally something to show for my time. First build in at least 40 years, so I'm quite pleased though I still see places for improvement. Did tire a little and not correct a few obvious faults, but I have it's big Hasegawa brother waiting! As the reviews for this kit state, not perfect, age is showing. Glazing was a poor fit, but thanks to Kristal Klear managed to get it on. Decals are nice and help make it look good. Vallejo Model Air and Future. Haven't decided on whether to weather or not!
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    1/48 Hasegawa F-14A, VF-41 Black Aces, Operation Enduring Freedom, 2001. Build thread is here Dave
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    Actually, the word "saludos" in Spanish means much like "greetings" in English, 'n' yeh, it's indeed a tongue-in-cheek remark. I understand the feelin' goon was talkin' about, as much as I take it that Luis' statement was made in good faith. However, I'd like, if I may, to note that it also kinda infuriates me that, after 32 years, modellers in the age of 25 to 30 like myself, might still get involved in wrong interpretations on modellin' forums whenever depictin' subjects participatin' in a war we've not even experienced - that's the Falkland war. Y'all British folks should already know by now whut the silly reason to go to war was for the military Junta which ruled our country back in '82. Well? In all honesty, to me it's quite the same reason why our current president seems to be clumsily claimin' sovereignty over some islands which retakin' took the lives of way too many people on both sides 32 years back in time! But as clumsy as our president may be, I'm deadly sure she wouldn't ever consider to even think of goin' to war again... I'm Argentine, 'n' I'm very proud of the men who had to fight that war, but that doesn't mean that as a citizen I would have supported the war back in '82. Couldn't ever support it now even when I've read a lot 'bout it. So please, if anythin,' let's just focus on the beauty of the aircraft that participated on both sides of that war. I'm in luv with the Mighty Vulcan ever since I read 'bout those Black Buck raids; does that make me a traitor...??? For God's sake, mates... Cheers, fellas. Sorry to have hijacked goon's thread for this. Unc²
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    Hiya, My first try in large scale modeling, Dragon's 1:9 scale Iron Man armor MK XVII kit bought at Shropshire modeling show this year for quite affordable price 32 GBP. Armor featured in 3rd movie. No fancy painting, no weathering. All parts airbrushed before assembly still in frames than put together. Fitting was great, have to admit even too great as I had to scrape paint off at certain sections (did not foresee such perfection) to avoid gaps (fraction of millimeter really matters here!). Nice kit, enjoyable build, that will bring another armors to my collection... Cheers
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    Unbunch your panties and remember your manners Jennings - should I really have to be reminding a grown man that's been on this forum for some years? These kinds of hissy fits really aren't doing you any favours.
  10. 2 points
    Take a breath - Time for a perspective on both builds - 6 weeks to go........ Status check: Upper & Lower Hulls joined Tracks painted Decals applied Varnish applied Stowage applied (in part) Builder psychology profile :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Build program schedule :thumbsup: Extra parts assembled :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Weathering planned out :thumbsup: Mounting Base ready
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    Some words of warning to help the unsuspecting…..Just had a play around with the mainplanes to see what the fit was like. Be VERY careful when removing them from the runners…..in fact, you may well find that some of the flap 'runners' are already damaged before you start. On Part 51 (upper wing action) two of the three 'runners' (not to be confused with sprues) had already detached themselves from the wing 'in transit' before I had even started the process of removing parts from the sprue. With the lower wing sections (Parts 41/47) I adopted my normal tactic of removing them from the sprue with part of the sprue still attached to the very fine actuators….big mistake…the load placed on the sprue actually makes it more difficult than cutting right at the ends of the actuators….Bottom line….be prepared to lose some of these very fragile actuators/runners during the wing removal process…..Of course, if you are doing the flaps up option the actuators on Parts 41/47 are not an issue but you still need to watch out for parts 46/51 (upper wing sections). For those that will persevere with the flaps down option, I anticipate that Parts 106/108 (again part of the flap running gear arrangement) will be the next issue….these too look to be a challenge when removing from the sprue. Good Luck ! HTH Mark
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    Had the luxury of a pretty much free day so the C-17 has been given a good seeing to! Wash went on first thing, then removed after 30 minutes. Sealed in with a flat coat and some final weathering. Masks were removed too: The final touch to the display base: The finished product: More pictures in the the RFI thread here Onward to the Apache. One down, 3 more (at least!) to go! Dave
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    Thanks very much SaintsPhil - will have to have a look and weigh it all up - adding all the parts together or getting the Olimp set (also has decals) - I am not going to be that worried about 'uber detail' - I haven't the skills or knowledge yet, and all my models will be in-flight and in either of my boys room or the games room ceilings, so want I want is a model that looks like a harrier in the right colours and decals with the correct weapons. Once I get the hang of resin, airbrushes (just got an Iwata Neo CN - never airbrushed before!) etc, I may start trying to get more detailed. I take it that the schemes were Dark Sea Grey on top and Dark Cam Grey elsewhere??? I have a healthy stash of RAF Lakenheath themed aircraft (I come from Lakenheath village) and kits from my military career (Tornados, Bucc, Jaguar, Canberra, Typhoon, Phantom, Hunter etc) to keep me going! couple of pics from 2008 at KAF
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    That's it. Source: http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/message/1401462248/Zvezda+109G-6 V.P.
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    Last year I managed to get my hands on the Vingtor 1/72 F-16 Prototypes decal sheet and I noticed the decals were on there for the F-16/79. I had a look at the kits that were readily available and decided to have a look at what would needed to be done to make the F-16/79. The only parts that really need modification were the intake and the engine. Here is what I have managed to come up with to convert the Revell 1/72 F-16B kit. The parts shown are a direct swap for the kit parts. These are the first 2 sets that have so far been made as I have plans to build a number of "What If?" F-16/79's as well as the one depicted on the Vingtor sheet.
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    Figures Regia Marina WWII 1:700 Eduard This set of tiny sailors follows hot on the heels of the WWI Russian Sailors that we reviewed last month. It's been a while since Eduard released some general purpose 1:700 sets like this, but I think it's fairly safe to assume that more of these sets will follow in the coming months. The set is comprised of a single, pre-painted fret containing around 400 figures in a range of poses and uniforms. They are pretty darn good for the scale, subject to the usual limitations arising from using two-dimensional parts on a three-dimensional model. The quality of manufacture is up to the usual high standard set by Eduard. The only difficulty I can forsee will be fixing the tiny figures onto your model, but to be fair to Eduard, there isn't too much they can do about this. Conclusion This handy little set join growing collection of useful 1:700 photo etch accessories. Provided that you have the patience to handle small parts like these, then you should now have another way of making the decks of your small-scale warships appear more realistic. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
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    Nothing quite prepares you for the horrors of the Tamiya 1/48th kit though
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    Thats the thing Duncan not only have we lost the search asset but we have nothing short of say an AWAC now which can do the command and control function. Julien
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    It's the only way to go to Goose bay!
  21. 1 point
    That's a lovely VC10. Hope you put the passenger seats in rear facing. Very weird way to get to goose bay.
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    Jonners that is looking very good indeed! One point, the underwing roundels, I fear they maybe to small and too far out. If you look carefully at this image, the size can be seen. The ones from the Airfix kit are 50" IIRC.. [though they may not be correct....] but 50" were used [see below] too me they look like the ones in the top drawings, which show 45"...57" in from wing tip [which would be to the centre is specified at 80", see below] the ones shown in the bottom left look too small. I would presume that the AASF planes had them done to the correct specifications, as it was the phoney war era. the camo diagram, note the roundel sizes and specification for postioning the smaller ones seen on some aircraft later, in august 1940, with the reintroduction of underwing roundels, are possibly the result of infield repaints, the correct size ones being applied at MU's or the factory. as shown in this post http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234907653-hurricane-i-vy-cg-of-85-sqn-lille-seclin-around-apr-1940/#entry901943 Hope not too late? cheers T
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    Great looking build. The finish is spot on. Karl
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    Working on cargo area and ramp. Ramp has a nasty gap all the way around so some filler needed. Adding details for cargo floor...i know much wont be seen when fuselage is closed. Oliver
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    Ooops! I forgot about July!!!! YEH! 10 and a bit weeks to go to the end of this GB, better than I though.
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    Woohoo! Got it finished...can't quite believe it myself. I've mounted it on a piece of firewood as I really don't like the look of the base that comes with the kit. More in the gallery!
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    Fantastic, isn't it great, when Tamiya give you something that takes your model that bit further, like th echain and spoked wheels? Now, not a critisisum but they could do something better with the hoses! I've started using black plastic coated telephone and florists wire. Loving your build. Colin
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    Superb job. I have one of these, Good to see how it makes up.
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    Now that's lovely, the chipping on the cowling is very convincing, I'm always afraid to over do it, but you've nailed it
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    Revell reboxed the 1/48 Hasegawa kit (kit 04588) at a considerably cheaper price, there might be some of them still available. Selwyn
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    Hi Stix and Miggers ! Thank you so much for your nice comments ! Unfortunately, I had no more time to spend on the spitfire today. May be this week end ? Haney and I we had to go to buy some food to fill the refrigerator - and a bottle of glass cleaner liquid, go to the pharmacy to buy some more Alcohol 90° , and so on... @Miggers : I have this set of micro drill at home since a couple of monthes : Bought it in the Hobby King's UK warehouse : http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__13019__Mni_Drill_Bit_Set_14pc_.html I still have to find some plastic card thin enough to be used and stuck in the armament bays - and i also have to pray to have enough dexterity to build these parts ! Best reagrds Pascal
  35. 1 point
    Thanks Andy! Just a quick update today: DSCF9763 by Vulcanicity558 I need to take some more pictures - I'm actually quite some way ahead of this now!
  36. 1 point
    Thanks giemme. At the moment, for a variety of reasons, I'm going to stick with brush painting. I think this 1/48 kit could be the one to put my painting to the test - up until now I've been doing 1/72 planes where there isn't as much area to cover.Richard - when I read others' posts I do realise I'm probably in the minority in not using primer (apart from over filler). As yet, and I'm probably going to regret saying this, I haven't had any issues with the paint finish I'm trying to achieve....................all the paint will fall off this time now I've said that! I did have a practice go at hand painting some Humbrol primer all over the 1/144 Revell Spitfire I made recently but I don't think I spent enough time applying it correctly and so I wasn't awfully impressed with the finish. I have used rattle can paint before but I'm always concerned that it's so quick for something to go wrong, whereas with brush painting I feel more in control. Having said that I usually risk giving my finished kits a coat of rattle can varnish. At some point I'm sure I will get an airbrush and will try all the correct procedures to get a good finish. Thank you for your comment. Miggers - thank you. That set looks very good. I have something similar that I used for for the holes I drilled. Another small update: I managed to get the pre-shading done - I used Revell Anthracite, thinned with water this time. It needs a bit of softening with some fine wet'n'dry but hopefully I'll be onto painting tomorrow. Thank you for looking. Kind regards, Stix
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    Very nice! Cheers.
  38. 1 point
    Great kit I thoroughly enjoyed building mine, I did invest in the Fisher prop but regret not getting a replacement canopy (Fisher or the Squadron Typhoon one) unless there is one hiding in the cockpit set as the kit one is definately dodgy. Cheers Dennis
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    Look what arrived from Holland yesterday! These sets look gorgeous - they will be bathed tonight in anticipation of making a start... The new undercarriage and wheel well set - look at the detail on this baby The cockpit And a very nice looking prop and spinner with jig Well worth the money IMHO
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    Great work! You completed the alternate marking version in the latest Revell re-issue - I was tempted by this version, but went with RNAS version in the end. Regards Dave
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    Quality pictures! On the model front have you considered down scaling to the Airfix GR7/9 kit in 1/72 instead as a first go? Most of what you need is in the box, you can build Lucy from the box. The 1/48 Revell kit is nice, but it's a complicated build!
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    Andy, IIRC in the early days of the Hawk there was a 'yellow' part of the MLG door made of a softish, 'plasticised' material. However, If you look at the photos on the walk round for the Hawk you will see that this panel is another part of the door to what you have marked and it is not yellow on modern A/C. Also, again in the early days of the Hawk when a 'three-plate' brake was fitted, you had to fit the correct standard of wheel. The wheel rim was painted yellow on a three plate brake, (the original brake fitted was a two-plate brake, and this remained grey). Also, the colour of the brake was not a 'brick red', it was the normal discoloured 'hot' type of finish which to my mind is a light 'brownish' type of colour. Hope this helps. Cheers, Brian
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    That would be great but please don't go to too much trouble. Now you tell me!! Actually I did read somewhere that it probably would not have a winch but I have decided that it will look nice and be fun to build. My thinking it that this is an ex-US Army vehicle that has been repurposed so the interior of the cab and cabinets will be olive drab and they forgot to remove the winch... As to figures there are some with each of the kits but they look pretty hopeless. TBH I don't really do figures as my painting skills are not really up to it although someone sitting in the cab could be OK I suppose.
  44. 1 point
    That is so great a build that I've just ordered one from Hannants! That's how inspiring this build is! Keep it up! Cheers Hans J
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    Glad you're doing this GB Tim - amazing pics.
  46. 1 point
    Also for interest, this is what we used to receive Sniper pod live images: Also, calling in Apache:
  47. 1 point
    Good stuff Stix. That's about the same gaps that I had on mine around it's wing roots,filled with a mix of superglue and bi-carbonate of soda(baking powder). Here's what you and Pascal need for drilling small holes: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tiny-Very-Small-Micro-HSS-Twist-Drill-Bit-Set-0-3mm-1-6mm-Model-Craft-NEW-UK-/111003382143?pt=UK_Home_Garden_PowerTools_SM&hash=item19d851317f This is the set that I have and at £3.48(about 4 Euro for Pascal)with free postage(same for Pascal), I think great value. Right,off to Pascal's thread to have a shufty at his.
  48. 1 point
    Gotta love a nice camel.
  49. 1 point
    Hmmm, P-45. Well I tell ya what - I'll throw it open - so does this look like a P-34A, or a P-45A? You've got to fly her anyway Bob, LOL Cheers, Jonners
  50. 1 point
    I've recently built the Trumpeter kit, and with a bit of love and attention I think it ends up looking pretty darn good, admittedly it is a C-47B, not a C-47A, and the rivets aren't brilliant, but it is certainly not 'unbuildable' or a 'hash job'
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