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    Hi everyone, this latest project is something I have been asked to make for a friend of mine. It represents a Hawker Typhoon Mk 1b, BR-T, MN252 of 184 Sqn in May 1944. This aircraft was flown by my friends grandfather, PO Worthington, who on the 21st May 1944 was flying over Holland when his aircraft was hit by flak and crashed over the Walcheren Islands. He survived and was interned in one of the Stalag Luft camps. The aircraft or at least parts of it have been dug up by local farmer and attributed to this aircraft. Using resources available on the 184 Sqn website, PO Worthingtons logbook and some detective work, I believe this is what the aircraft looked like on that day in the weeks leading up to D-Day. The kit itself is the Hasegawa kit which has been made pretty much out of the box with the exception of some foil seatbelts and quickboost exhausts. I made the base out of a shelf and some wooden trim from B&Q. It has been varnished with Ronseal mahogany and flocked with some grass from Hobbycraft. The pilots and their mascot are the ICM boxing. All was painted with a mixture of Xtracrylix, Humbrol Acrylics and Tamiya. I may add a few more parts of interest such as some jerry cans before giving it to the recipient. Thanks also to RussG for his help, he recently made a 1/72 typhoon of WO Polkey who was shot down a few days after PO Worthington and wrote of PO Worthington's loss in his logbook. Have added the newer photos at the top.
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    Here is my go at Airfix's 1/72 North American F-86 Sabre. Its an OOB apart from the pilot which is resin. This was my first go at using metalizer paint which was from Mr Hobby ( I will give Alclad ago next time to see what that is like) and bending acrylic rod which I used to make the stand. Any way here are a few photo's
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    well after some retail therapy on evilbay I'm now the proud owner of a 1/72 Anigrand Douglas Skyshark! Am not really sure why I bought it....but that can be said of a lot of my evilbay purchases. Anyway I now have to have to decide how I’m going to build it, figured it will be a Whiffy as it look too boring in its blue test colour schemes. Then I saw this and well...........though I may replace the US markings with RAAF ones. oh and the Heinkel is getting close to painting and I have decided a colour scheme!
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    Amazing what you find in the stash.
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    Gentlemen, this is a old Dragon Imperial Series 1/35 Pz.III command tank, first released in 1996, with many extra details added: photo etched from Eduard, Model Kasten links, gun barrel from Jordi Rubio and others improviments. Humbrol enamels. Heavy weathering. That´s all...
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    Hasgawa I/48 Kittyhawk IV RAF Desert AF 239 Wing 112 Squadron 1944 build oob, paints Humbrol/Gunze Mr Colour Went together really well even though there have been remarks on sites that it doesn't due to the modular design. It went pear shaped when I came to paint, the Humbrol paint took ages to dry and when it did it was very grainy.That though was more me than the paint I think. The decals are typical Hasgawa very thick, but they do settle down with multiple applications of microsol.The shark mouth decal isn't a very good fit, too short to reach all the way around, so I painted the front by hand to match up. I did quite a bit of paint fading, which doesn't seem to show up in the photos, I think I'm being to subtle, and most of it is disappearing under the gloss/matt varnish
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    Thanks for the comments all...bit of a false dawn as far as decalling went...as I suddenly realised I hadn't painted the OD anti-glare and rear deck...so out with the masking tape and on with the OD sprayed with Lifecolor I decided to do the yellow and black striped one in the box decals as I hadn't done this before and this meant the bose ring needed to be painted Chrome Yellow. Rather than another mask job, I broke out a flat brush and hand-painted it with Tamiya. Rubbish finish as anyone who has tried to hand-paint with improperly thinned Tamiya paint. Horrible - so out with the sandpaper and sanded the worst off...stepped back and thought...why not leave that as a weathered nose? I will also distress the OD to match to show a hard working fighter bomber. Now to the decals. Boy am I glad I have two sets of these (current and old un-used set). I cocked up one of the tail decals which ripped and went in the bin and also one of the side cockpit decals too. Don't know what I would have done if I didn't have the spares Usual Tamiya decals (see the other recent thread). Plenty of hot water and then lavishly hit with MicroSol... The tip tanks were even more stressful and will need a minor touch up with the OOO brush However its starting to look quite smart - bar any further disasters! Thanks for looking!
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    You can never have enough Fireflys...
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    Nice save on paint work! Your hairy stick work is excellent. Why is there such an aversion to acrylics? I switched to acrylics when I returned to the hobby about 12 years ago, and with an asthmatic wife and 3 little kids, enamels were just not an option. I've never looked back, having found Gunze & Tamiya acrylics early on I found they both spray well, the Gunze the better of the two. I've tried other acrylics, Humbrol, Lifecolor, Xtracrylics & Vallejo, and have not been overly impressed. Karl
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    Your both lucky! ive ran filler over the sink marks but itll need another pass i think. I did give the seat a lick of paint, a few more details left to pick out but its looking good Still faffing on the console
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    Well, here's how it will look as PK312 if you don't sand off the rivets; I did this last year as the OOB version (so therefore the rivets stayed) to prepare for the Obsolete Kits Group Build, but never submitted it: The markings are put together from various Modeldecal sheets. Dipping the whole thing into a bucket of Dullcote might have improved it somewhat, I suppose... John
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    It worked for the Obsolete Kit group build, that had three sections for the poll. Link.
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    Well it's been weeks since I've done any modelling, as you can see by the dust on the aircraft! (even though I kept it covered. Work has been full on, so I haven't had time... until this weekend I took photo's to check the colour of the new canopy, I think it looks okay. I've got eveything else ready, so just a case now of sticking everything together. I should have it finshed by the weekend. It's only taken me a year ......
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    I'm totally against any open vote and having votes by PM is totally unacceptable as it is open to abuse and accusations of abuse. Even if I know the hosts would never do such a thing. The only method of voting allowed in GBs is using the voting system. I've had to deal with complaints in the past in a poll that was held not using the voting system. Unless we can come up with a method of using the inbuilt polling system then we will have to forgo a poll. Sorry guys, I'm not trying to be a jobsworth but I've been here before.
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    And there's more...! This is another Sword kit. The kit itself is of the P-80A version. There was an F-80C boxing - which was actually a completely different kit - but it has been unavailable for some time. Not to worry, with the exception of the large wingtip tanks, this kit can be built as an F-80C. I will be using markings for a 36 FBS aircraft from Xtradecal sheet 72121 It's a very simple kit with all the opaque plastic parts on a single sprue. The wheel bays and ejection seat are in resin. Interior parts sprayed and ready for installation. This one goes together pretty quickly.
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    This kit was a joy to build in the beginning but as I got to the body it turned into frustration and anger. Anyway it is finished now but I am not pleased with the ride height and I managed to chip the paint.
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    I have just finished an online course presented by the OpenLearn section of the Open University, entitled Moons. The course ran for the past eight weeks, was informative, illustrated with stunning images, presented the very latest information and new discoveries, included references to my favourite astrophysicist, the late Carl Sagan, required no more than a couple of hours per week and was amazingly, for its content, completely free of charge. I whole-heartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in the various moons of our solar system and the search for life-supporting conditions. It's too late to enroll now unfortunately but you can register your interest on the OpenLearn website in case they run this course or similar topics again in the future. The only thing that didn't quite work for me was a virtual microscope that really needed a much faster internet connection than the piece of wet string I'm wired to my telephone exchange with. Some of the material used on the course is available here: http://www.open.edu/openlearn/futurelearn/moons and is well worth exploring. I have no connection with the OU other than being a part-time student, and I have done one of their short courses on astronomy in the past, but this course was superb. Cheers, Paul
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    I was applying the scant few decals last night and didn't have any problems with the hull numbers, though they are a bit thick. I went to add the little stars which go at the bow and one pinged out of the tweezers! Never had that happen before, I didn't know the carpet monster liked decals?? On the hunt for a replacement, all my other Russian stuff is the wrong size or doesn't have any spares. I'll see if I can find some in town on Thursday. Will
  20. 1 point
    Hi Sean, Thanks for the support. Had this in the stash for years so time to get it built! Kind regards Ben
  21. 1 point
    I think most of us have heard most of the types mentioned, but the thread is about what you have been on or in, not witnessesed as a spectator.
  22. 1 point
    Looking quite smart indeed. I've never been a fan of the Thunderjet, but it's been growing on me throughout the group build. Sean
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    Cracking build and,great job on the metal finish,really like the pilot figure and display idea too!
  24. 1 point
    stunning build , looks great very nice job on the paint and weathering
  25. 1 point
    Quite a cool looking scheme in my opinion.
  26. 1 point
    Very nearly there now... Wheels and u/c doors added, jet pipe area sprayed in metalcote burnt steel... just the bomb-bay to finish off now... Now to busy myself with the rotating weapons racks... Until next time, Tom
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    very nice , looks great nice display and very nmf
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  29. 1 point
    Great finish on that...really like it
  30. 1 point
    Lovely weathering there mate. That is one impressive natural metal finish.
  31. 1 point
    Once the masters are complete I'll be happy to post a picture of the parts and keep folks posted. Casting will be Czechmaster too so you knopw how good their work is
  32. 1 point
    Great work on your Moth! Regards Dave
  33. 1 point
    Fantastic, the scene really sets it off... Lee
  34. 1 point
    Second that! 8 hours from Akrotiri to Leuchars Loud, uncomfortable and hotter than Cyprus!
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  36. 1 point
    Vanja, my apologies for only just catching up on your current build. I was a bit wrapped up with my Flying Banana when you started but I have no excuses now. Great work as ever, I liked your signature oil spatters (yes your builds have a signature look - did you know?). I hope you can resume soon. Like Duncan, I do like the look of the 410 (we agree on quite a lot actually). I used to have a Matchbox 410 in my stash but sold it a year or so ago and replaced it with the Finemoulds one which Duncan is working on. I saw it when I paid him a visit the other week, he was not quite happy with the paint job but it looked great to me. He picked up a colour profile book for it at the Scottish National show which seemed to make him very happy. I am looking forward to seeing your airbrush work on this one. The scheme you are going for looks very attractive but quite a challenge for your first airbrushed model! Good luck with it and your studies. Cheers, Nigel
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    I am actually impressing myself with how well this is coming along. I have probably put the kibosh on it now, by saying that! Here's what I did today. Not much really, just glued four bits together. But they were big bits: Mainwing's and tailplane's attached. Had to remove quite a bit of plastic from the top of the wing centre, and the underside of the fuselage recess. This helped close the join right up, and the gap is negligible.The two tailplane's just butt joined on. A bit of work to produce two flat surfaces to close together paid off, although a bit of filler will be needed. The underside is a different story. The join at the rear of the wing where fuselage and wings meet is probably the worst fit I've had to deal with. Some filler should blend it all in. He said! And that intake under the nose is going to need a bit of filler too! Back to work tomorrow, but hopefully I will find a bit of time here and there over the next week or so. Cheers, and thanks for looking.
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    Point taken! I am currently working on a project in the 'Less than a Tenner' Group Build, I really want to finish it before the deadline at the end of May. When that's done it will be full steam ahead on the Neptune. I had to clean the work area up a bit, so took the opportunity to take a couple of photos of my Neptune project. I will be doing this: Beautiful! The RCAF white top over light grey, one of my favourite colur schemes for the Neptune. Whats anyone else doing?
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    That paint job is amazing! Sean
  40. 1 point
    Thanks Karl, I can see I am going to have to invest on some of those new fangled Mr Color acrylics. I will take this up off-line with the good Mr B. As to the smell of acrylics, Vallejo does have a slight smell but not unpleasant to me. Its the same with Tamiya, a little stronger and more distictive but I don't find it unpleasant.
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    Nice result and a great back-story; always nice to have a connection with the subject matter. Like your attention to detail, even to the mismatched wheel colours! ATB Rick
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    A great little build, good to see this finished and amongst your other classic wings birds.Good job!
  43. 1 point
    model looks great, and nice to have a story behind it as well
  44. 1 point
    Nearly done. Added all the ordnance, landing gear, FOD covers, RBF tags and gave it the final bit of weathering: Just need to add the seats and the canopy and that's her. More to come. Dave
  45. 1 point
    Another beautifully weathered piece of art from oz. I've seen all the others you've done too, and they are all stunning eyecandy.
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    Thanks, chaps, here's some more. It's a bit of a cheat as I'm some way into the kit and am nearly at the painting stage! Starting the Turret The Castoff kit almost completely replaces the Tamiya one. Various parts are kept such as the bins, baskets, D10 wire drum and so on. While the turret is a superb mould which just shouted "my tank" at me it needed a few further scratchbuilt tweaks. First thing I did was just test fit it with blobs of Blu-Tack holding the bits in place: There is some superb detail on this, with the camouflage nets stuffed in as if the vehicle had left a hide in a real hurry, the top of the jerrycan and the really well represented sleeping bag. However this wasn't how I remembered the vehicles - we used to stow the nets wrapped in hessian or thermal sheeting like great big sausages round the turret and our sleeping bags (by then the new "bouncing bomb" type) wouldn't have been loose in a basket as that makes a wet bag, and a wet bag a grumpy crewman! Therefore I intend to use the kit baskets. Thereby lies a problem, though, as technically speaking the basket on the Operator's side behind the searchlight is too narrow. It should be extended to the edge of the searchlight box, but I am going to live without this mod. Here we are with more bits on. The Commander's bin requires a piece of plasticard behind it as with the Stillbrew it does not lie flat against the turret and therefore bits would drop out: As I said, this is a great representation of the turret as I remember it. I don't think i could have built it up with Milliput so am glad I invested in the kit. However having looked at my reference photos there were bits that needed adding. Out with styrene, scalpels, files and pin vice, then!
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    All that harsh Russki weather I imagine. Another little gem there Oz, I must say your weathering techniques are superb. Very inspiring. Odd.
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    To mask over high shine Alcad then using damp paper masks works well. It doesn't lift off the alclad underneath when you remove the mask. Another way is to use Alclad glosskote over the alclad but that dulls it down a touch.
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    I have a stupid Spitfire question. It's not strictly modelling related and may be more appropriate to Flypast but here goes! Some Mk I's and Mk II's were converted to Mk V's were any of those V's then converted to become Mk IX's? Apologies for possibly being slightly off the modelling topic, although if any were (I kinda doubt it but would like to think that one or two may have evolved thus) it would make an interesting modelling subject! Regards Mike
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    Hi Stix, Yes, thanks a lot. Even if i still to have some medicines, i feel myself healthy now. I just stuck the wing tips : The left one is perfect but the height of the right side one is to small of about 0.5mm... i will have to apply some more putty
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