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    I've been taking a break from the Hermes build with a few simpler ships from the stash. This the the WEM HMS Ledbury with a few updates to represent a more current fit for the class. It's a really nice little kit but for a small ship, there's a lot of detail packed in, mostly around the working deck and boat deck. Andrew
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    A rather quick build, I always wanted to build a Danish Starfighter, they have at wonderful, weathered look! This is mostly a painting Project, so building will be almost OOB. This is of course Hasegawa´s great Starfighter, so even a OOB build will be rather detailed. Building was trouble-free, almost no filler was required. A few cockpit shots: The only addition is seatbelts. And so the fun begins! More pics will follow soon...I hope! My aim is to finish it to the C4 Open show in Malmö, Sweden, in two weeks...
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    Another quick build was the new Atlantic Models HMS Leeds castle, I've made a few detail changes to backdate the shiip to her 1982 South Atlantic fit. Whilst not having an embarked helicopter, the ships have a large helicopter deck and were used as fuel stops by helicopters transfering stores between larger ships at South Georgia. This is the new Atlantic models kit and is one of the easiest ship kits I've built - the hull was ready to paint after about 3 hours work, and the superstructure wasn't much longer. Andrew
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    Finally completed with the undercarriage, doors, hook and bombs on. I have to say it's not been an easy build - it's a true short-run kit but it's an unusual subject and I'm pleased with how she turned out! I therefore present BuNo 104595, White 109, VF-41 "Firebirds" Thanks for looking and on with Number Two - the FR-1!
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    So your plan is to wait until you have proved that aircraft is outdated, then fob off the Navy with it? You weren't part of the Air Ministry in the mid-30s, were you? Joking aside, the FAA already had their own dog of a turret fighter (the Blackburn Roc), which made the Defiant look like an F-16. I doubt they'd have been too interested in another go!
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    Sprayed the boot topping and masked off, then got into building the bridge and funnel. Painted the funnel stripe and cap then masked them off. I've got some more etch to add before the grey can be sprayed, then it's a lot of careful cutting off of the flightdeck netting in prep for the etched parts. Just had to do a quick dry fit to see how big this thing is going to be, Oh yeah, I've also built up the 8" turrets in prep for the fitting of the Master gun barrels.
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    Here she is, my second build completed. Despite the often frustrating fit and the amount of fettling that needed doing it looks pretty good to me. There were mistakes made along the way, some were fixed, some weren't. At times I wished I hadn't started it but in the end it was a very positive experience. Would I make another one? Definately, but not yet, I have to get started on the Mig 15 to go with it. Thanks to all who watched and commented.
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    HobbyBoss is to release a 1/48th Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano kit - ref.81727 A test shot was on display last weekend at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2013. Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=522399501187936&set=a.522385911189295.1073741833.100002536719681&type=1&theater The dead of the AVM Scale Models resin kit http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234928632-148th-embraer-emb-314-a-29-super-tucano-resin-kit-by-avm-scale-models-on-pre-order/?hl=tucano V.P.
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    I knew I had to build this kit the moment I knew it had been released, always loving the menacing lines of these machines with their hard hitting quartet of 20mm cannon in the nose. Originally I had hoped to go for one of those machines with a fake glazed nose painted on, but struggled to find the right decals and references, so decided to go with a machine from 9./KG3 and flown by Lt. Udo Cordes in the spring of 1943, flying from Poltava in central Russia. Cordes was one of the staffel's expert loco busters, having destroyed 77 locomotives, and 2 aircraft up to May 1943. Decal are from the ever excellent AIMS, and were a joy to use despite a number of cock ups on my part, all totally self inflicted! [/url] The cockpit on this kit is a model in itself, needing just a set of belts to set it off perfectly. Paints are as usual various Gunze Luftwaffe shades applied with my Badger 100s. I tried to go for a well worn look on this machine given the harsh environment in which they operated, with lots of fading and panel washes, along with various pigments around those areas that the ground crew would have clambered over. I did however keep chipping to a bare minimum as it wasn't apparent from period photos. Ju88s were well known for the amount of exhaust staining that they could produce, and I've tried to replicate that look here with highly thinned Tamiya NATO black, lots of it! I loved this build, as this kit needs practically nothing added to what is an amazing package straight out of the box, and at a price that should make Hasegawa blush. Karl
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    Hi there! Here's my latest model, finished last Friday! It's a Revell Tornado ECR built straight from the box. Only adds were the FOD cover made with tissue paper. Finished with Gunze (camo) and Model Master (whells, landing gear, ect) paints. Great kit, very well detailed and no big fitting issues! Easy and nice built! To the pictures: Feel free to comment! Cheers Serelle
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    I picked this kit up about 5 years ago from my local model shop, rapidly followed by the MDC update set for this kit....... .....and there it sat for 5 years being intermittently pulled out of the stash with the intention of starting it, but that other kit always seemed to get in the way. Anyway, having reached an impasse on my Revell Ju 88 C-6, I decided I needed a quick project to restore my modelling mojo, so exhumed the Wurger from the stash and set to. There's not a lot you can say about the Tamiya Fw 190, it's a nice little kit, but it does suffer from a few failings, not least the enclosed wheel bay beneath the engine, and the slightly short undercarriage, both of which are addressed by the MDC correction kit, as is the gun deck cover which Tamiya have moulded too bulbous. First up was the wheel bay, which is completely replaced with MDC's delicate resin item. What's needed next is the engine itself which will be visible through the new wheel bay. Here they are all tucked into the fuselage. This took a bit more effort than I expected with a bit of fettling required in order to get everything to fit properly, however this may well have been as a result of my ham fistedness rather than due to the MDC kit itself. The end result represents a late war machine II./JG6 surrendered to the Allies at Furth in May 1945. What appealed to me about this machine was it real bitsa look with regard the camo. I was going to use the MDC gun deck replacement, but the fit was a bit so so, and to be honest I'm not that offended by the kit part, so went with the kit item. Paints are my usual; selection Gunze Luftwaffe acrylics applied with my trusty Badger 100s, and followed up with a watercolour wash sealed with a couple of coat of Klear. This was followed by an oil dot wash to give the airframe that used look. Decals are AeroMaster, from their Too Little Too Late Part II Fw 190D-9's pack. The decals went down without a hitch over the obligatory coat of Klear and with a little help from Gunze's Mr Setter & Softener, and AeroMaster even include the primer red circles around the rear fuselage lifting holes. Along with the MDC gun deck I was going to use the MDC wheels which are very nice affairs, slightly larger than the kit items which help address the short gear stance of the kit, however I ended going with a pair of resin wheels from the spares box of indeterminate origin as they were already painted and ready to go. The finish on this aircraft is open to interpretation, and mine doesn't necessarily agree with that given by AeroMaster, however I've really enjoyed this build, and love the look of this very unique machine. Karl
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    Now I'm starving, and will save this recipe for future use. Thank you Nigel . The Dalek's coming along a treat, too!
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    Nigey's Amazing Fact of the Day On my woodland excursion today I learnt that mushrooms are amazing creatures (and they are creatures, more closely related to us than plants). The mushrooms we eat are of course just the fruiting bodies, the true organism consists of a mass of microscopic filaments filling the soil. It is estimated that each cubic centimetre of healthy woodland soil contains an incredible 8km of such filaments. Quite extraordinary. Even AA is impressed, and that is not easy to do.
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    She's really coming together quickly and looking lovely to boot. Keep it coming mate Cheers Callum
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    I am sorry to leave Britmodeller. The moderators here don't seem to like my posts announcing my new stuff. Laurent
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    The moderators did not like you announcing new stuff in areas other than your traders area, nor your links to ebay auctions, nor offering up items for sale without the required 100 posts and not in the buy and sell area. All things that other members of the site manage to accomplish by reading and adhering to the site rules. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945763-deleted/ http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945716-deleted/ http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234939729-deleted/ Nor when you eventually asked for and had the traders area, posting in other areas advertising your products, all things that other traders manage to achieve in the majority of cases until corrected by a Mod. You have had exactly the same latitude as any other member on the site. There are two sides to this story before your howls of anguish about moderation are bandied about.....
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    Very nicely done Mish. The weathering is beautiful in it's subtlty and really brings it to life.
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    Norm, you are now my friend, like it or not, and similarly here is my recipe: Linguine with Pecorino Romano and Wild Mushrooms Serves One Ingredients 100g Linguine (if you are a man, I am a wimp and made it with 80g) 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Medium Clove of Garlic, finely chopped 60g Wild Mixed Mushrooms (such as chanterelle, porcini, morels and those that I used) - larger ones cut in half 2 tbsp Grated Pecorino Romano (you could use pecorino Sardo but I prefer Romano) 1 tsp Unsalted Butter 1 tbsp Chopped Flat Leaf Parsley (it really has to be flat leaf here) Maldon Sea Salt (quite a lot in the pasta cooking water - Italians say it should be as salty as sea water) Freshly Ground Black Pepper Method Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil. Heat 20ml of the olive oil in a medium saucepan over a medium heat and add the garlic while it is still warming. Give it 30 seconds and then add the mushrooms and sauté for 3 to 5 minutes until they have released their water and are soft. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Set aside. Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions, mine took ten minutes. Of course you want it al dente, definitely not over cooked pap. Drain and reserve a mug of the starchy cooking water. Add the hot pasta to the cooked mushrooms then add the butter, remaining olive oil (mix together) and then finally the cheese. Keep it warm over a low heat. Add a plash or two of the pasta cooking water to nicely lubricate and make a sauce (more mixing). I recommend using a rubber spatula for the latter operation and serving, that way as little as possible goes to waste. Transfer to a nicely warmed serving bowl, then top with more grated cheese and finally the parsley. Serve at once. Please let me know how you get on. Oh, by the way you do not have to venture into the outback for wild mushrooms as I did. You can get them in good greengrocers but sadly Aberdeen does not seem to have such a thing these days.
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    Thank you gents. The Sword kit is a nice one to work with so can recommend it. Seafire number 3 of many I hope to build in the near future.
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    1:72 Trumpeter Wyvern S.4 WP344 831 Sqn HMS Ark Royal 1957
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    Well done Mish, that looks fantastic.
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    Nigel these posts crack me up mate I am loving this thread Cheers Norm
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    Suppose I really should lead by example since I'm pestering everyone else. A Hawker Super-Hunter of some form based on the various Kingstone P.11** projects. Radar, thin wings, missile capability, reheat equiped etc. A Harrier project. Either the 'tuning-fork' trainer concept using a couple of Frog/Novo kits and a spare tailfin from the Sword kit or something around the 'Big-wing'/AV-16 proposals. Final idea is a navalised Bf109G based on the old Airfix kit. Folding wings, hook, perhaps post-war markings from an Eastern Bloc nation. This one is my favourite of the three so far Nick.
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    I got a little more done before dinner. This is how the dome looks after its second coat of primer - much better: I gave all the primed parts a rub over with 2400 grit Micromesh and the troublesome area on the dome also got some treatment with this sanding stick to finish off any high spots: So this lot are all now ready for a top coat in the morning, this is getting really exciting now!! I put the light covers on a white background to have a proper look: When I first sprayed one of them the finish was quite blotchy (the other was fine). I let it dry under a lamp and then applied more Tamiya clear red, it seems to have sorted itself out. I am well pleased with these, thanks for the suggestion Pete. These have the honour of being my first finished painted parts. In resturants they have to wash wild mushrooms to get rid of the grit the enevitably gets into them during transportation. This is not the best way to treat mushrooms as they have a tendency to absorb all the moisture. My carefully handled specimens could just recieve some loving dry preparation. My grippy tweezers came in very handy for removing bits of grass and moss: For my mushrooms I has several meal options in mind, a couple of risottos, a couple of pasta dishes, a bruschetta and a tartlet. I the end I went for a pasta dish with linguine and pecorino romano: I have a special Nigey rating system for all my dishes and this scored the extremely rare 10/10. Quite exceptional (assuming you like mushrooms), you simply have to try it. I will post the recipe shortly.
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    I've taken a break from the interior and have had a play with the flightdeck transparencies today. It's really important when building vacforms to build the fuselage to the width of the transparent parts rather than the other way round. It's far easier to remove excess plastic from the fuselage halves if they're too wide, rather than try to add extra clear plastic to the transparent part! I wanted to ensure the glazing fitted before going any further with the interior as this would avoid major surgery later on in the build... Here's what you get in the kit. The blue protective film will stay on until it's fitted to the fuselage later in the build: Here's a test fit. After carefully cutting around the cockpit and removing excess plastic, you can see a major problem - the pilot's windows don't extend far enough down the fuselage sides and are too shallow. A major rethink needed! As you can see on the real aircraft, the windows extend below the line of the windscreen, unlike the kit part. This photo of Hendon's MkI shows what I mean. The small window directly below the windscreen wasn't present on the later marks of Halifax, and the MkII Series IA I am building wouldn't have this glazing present (picture used for illustrative purposes only): This is my solution - to remove the window parts on the kit's transparency and make my own version. Evergreen strip was used, bent to shape, and then the new framework was blended in with filler: The starboard side had a similar problem but the window arrangement is different here, as the right side has a much deeper windscreen. Here I have added the shallow window below, and have also had to build up the fuselage slightly as the kit part wasn't quite deep enough. In reality the windscreen sits slightly deeper, but the simply wasn't enough clear plastic left to get this completely correct: The cockpit now sits much better, and looks a lot more like a Halifax: It now matches the plans far better, too: Right side: Once the filler has been sanded and everything is blended in I think it'll just about pass... I'll now have to do the same with the clear nose and rear turret. I can't do the mid-upper as there isn't one in the kit... I'll be vacforming my own further along the way. That's the joy of builds such as this... each new day brings a different challenge to overcome Thanks for stopping by, Tom
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    If you go through this thread it should cover most issues, if not drop me a line. The kits are pretty much the same.
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    Good progress so far Nigel....given the size of the parts, personally I'd abandon the airbrush and use Halfords acrylic rattle cans instead. The finish is excellent and you can build up a dense colour finish relatively quickly. I use them exclusively now on anything that requires a solid primary colour.
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    Thanks for the comments guys. Duncan, I typically use a pre-shade of NATO black before applying the topcoat, but I also used an intermediate shading of the base colour lightened by about 20% with a lighter shade of the same colour. I don't use white for this as it gives too much of a washed out appearance for me. Karl
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    Guys I've founds this on the Stirling site ( http://sas.raf38group.org/forum/index.php) David (Kitbasher2009) and I believe it to be the same Heyford and looks to have Yellow undersides. More fuel on the fire! Nick
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    Been working on weathering and detailing the tug. Additional detail has been added to create a busy look, with crates, timber, oil drums, and some rope on the main deck area (similar to as seen on photos of Woban class tugs). The rope was made from reeled cotton out of the wife's sewing basket, covered in PVA and formed into lengths laid flat on the deck, and painted to look like old natural fibre rope. The other items mostly sourced from the L'Arsenal sets below, along with timber planks from some left over wooden deck from my last ship build. Now working on a few crew members, updated photos to follow soon.
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    http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/virtualtour/cockpits.asp Theres a B-36J near the bottom of the page. Might help with some of the interior stuff.
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    Very very nice I like this a lot Roger
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    All I have left on my Hellcat are the landing gear and small bits. It's noon here. I think I might pull it off! Michael
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    nice mushrooms! I remember staying at a friends down in the borders and we went for a walk one day a found a field full of shaggy parasol's - we were eating mushrooms for days after that. They were fabulous. oh yes, the Dalek (nearly forgot) Getting closer day by day, can't wait to see the dome complete and see what kind of character you have there
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    Gruffy, I'm not allowed to play with my "toys" in the lounge but it may have the odd dog fight with an X-Wing in my man cave!! Anthony, not surprised it is on back order, all the FM SW kits are great, just wish there was a reasonably priced stockist over here. Cheers, Warrem
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    That is looking grand. Good luck Mish, we are rooting for you
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    Stay with it Mish,that's looking the business
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    Count me in. I have 40+ different kits in 1/72 that qualify, and another dozen or so that might. If the build doesn't start until 2014 or 2015, I have a fighting chance to get my workbench ready. Bill
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    Thanks for that Dan, that was the one! You have done some amazing work on your build, especially that 1022 radar array. I am apprehensive about that one, but it needs to be done. Safe to say, I forgot to move the main funnel vents over to port, your photo shows they are well over aren't they? My photo of the small vents on my earlier post also showed that one had fallen out, so it has been replaced. My next concern was the catwalks. The kit has some large cut outs where the supplied mouldings go and the fit was pretty good, but etch is a bit thinner than the plastic so there is a large gap if you fit the etch. I was not sure how I was going to tackle this area. My solution was to razor saw off the location tabs for the plastic bits and CA them to the etch, after thinning them a bit. Next up was to remove the bulwarks from the plastic bit and stick them to the etch too. Again I used Glu'n'Glaze first then thin CA and ended up with This fitted quite well into the slots, but did bow downwards a little at first so a little trimming was needed then all was well. I turned Lusty upside down and rested it on a flat area and then fitted the 8 catwalk supports underneath with G'n'G and thin CA. This also helped level the catwalk so more thin CA was fishing lined into the joins and I hope it stays! I am just waiting for some of these catwalks to be accidentally removed during construction as there are quite a lot of them and take up quite a bit of the hull surround. I want to get them on before I do the superstructure as I have a relatively flat flight deck at the moment. I did the stern catwalk first as I thought that doing a small one first would be good practice for the rest. I need to try and tidy up the location points now too, they are a bit rough. The etch does look so much better than the original plastic parts but there is only so much that can be moulded in that medium. I know this is not as good or involved as some of the other builds of Illustrious (or Ark Royal), but thanks again everyone. I am thoroughly enjoying the model now I have got over my earlier issues and still hope to do it justice. All the best, Ray
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    Do you know the real irony of my mistake? I have a copy of Morgan and Shacklady's 'Spitfire - The History' sitting next to me... D'oh! Still, me being a f***wit doesn't detract from how nice a job Col has done.
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    She's looking great Mish. Keep going, you're nearly there.
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    Stopped for a bite to eat, this is where she is at I might just make it!
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    Right I'm in on the previso that we can waive the 20% rule. I have two Ducati kits on the shelf of dooooooooom, which i'd like to finish. The first the one I started ealier this year as a conversion, when Mad Steve donated a 900 NCR kit and will end up as the Mike Hailwood TT bike. The other is the Stoner GP4 bike with all the AM decals and goodies, which has languished for far too long in it's box. I'm not trying to steal a march here just trying to get something completed but then hasn't everyone said that before. Clemency your honour, clemenecy. Colin
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