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    Well the epic build is over - this took forever ( 6 months ), with a 3 month break while I had to source a replacement canopy. Built using the Kit decals (which weren't great being honest), Aires Cockpit which is nice and fits, Eduard External etch set which has some great bits and some pointless bits, Orion vinyl MDC cord which is great if very fiddly and finally HGW Fabric Remove Before Flight tags which are nice. It's a nice kit, but is very fiddly in parts and a bit of a pain to assemble. It's a nice size for a 1/32nd Jet though, not too big. Painted with Gunze Aqueous throughout, weathered with oils and true-earth and pigments. build thread is available here Comments welcomed as always Peter
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    As featured in this month's edition of Scale Aircraft Modelling. Cheers
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    This is based on the Model Airways kit, with a lot of scratch built updates. The kit doesn't have a metal cowling, or the 'hump' over the guns that gives the aircraft it's name, so I designed these in 3dsMax, and had them printed out. All the rigging points and cockpit instruments were designed in Photoshop and then made into a photo etch sheet. It took me about 10 month in total, and I'll admit to rushing some things towards the end. But I had fun making it, and I'll probably make another some day. The work in progress thread is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234925788-116-sopwith-camel/
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    I have not put much on recently, but I thought I would submit this. It is a conversion using the 1980’s Airfix Lancaster and the DB Lincoln conversion in resin and vacform. I cannot remember what year I bought the conversion, but it must have been in the mid 80’s, so I thought I ought to get round to building it. In the conversion there are new wingtips, engines and nose in resin. A vacformed fuselage extension and outer engine nacelles with clear vacformed mid upper and rear gun turrets, bomb aimers transparency and H2S radome are also provided. The props had to be sourced separately if I recall and came from Aeroclub. Anything else had to be scratch built. This conversion turned out to be a bit of a challenge, partly of my own making. Most of the resin parts fit quite well, but apart from the wing tips everything is a butt joint and I used epoxy resin adhesives and for some parts I used P38 car body filler to fill joints for added strength. I had problems with two areas. The vacformed plug to extend the fuselage is too long (Guess how I found that out!) and the plastic on the outer engine nacelles is very thin. I used the original engine nacelles as a support for the resin engine nacelles and ended up using quite a lot of scrap plastic and filler to give some strength to vacform nacelles. The rudders were kit items with extensions from plastic card and the gun turrets had scratch built interiors suggestive of the real thing. Aeroclub provided the 20mm cannon and the rear 0.5 Brownings came from a Revell B17 being built as a RAF 100 Group Fortress III. The interior had detail added and as so much of the exterior detail was sanded off, a fair amount of secribing of panel lines etc was done. The new taller astrodome was plug moulded and Colin at Freightdog released his treaded Lancaster/Lincoln wheels at jus the right time. They fit well and I think were the easiest part of the build. The markings are from a Kits at War sheet for a 57 Sqn aircraft in 1950 finished in Medium Ses Grey and Black. Apparently at that time nose guns were not fitted (seems to be supported by the photos). The model lacks the exhaust stains which are always present on any photo of Lincolns and will be added shortly.
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    Hey folks, this is the Airfix kit built with few modifications (shortened legs, replaced scissor links, wheels, cannon barrels, added spent ammo chutes and ammo boxes, FuG16/25 antennas, etc.); a build report should appear soon in Model Airplane Int. Cheers Libor
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    Hi everyone! Well, three and a half days of work and my latest model is ready to be used in a new book that will be released by ADH. As you can see, I elected to build the excellent Tamiya 1/72 Mosquito FB.VI, creating a full, step by step guide to it's construction and painting, along the way. Normally, I wouldn't have spent so little time on a model, but I needed a 1/72 build and so had to tackle this one at the last minute. These are some teaser shots that give some idea of the finish that I've applied to this model and the quality of the other models that will feature in what I hope will be, a very exciting addition to ADH's roster of modelling titles. I hope you like it! Spence
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    Hello Folks, Here is my second Hudson finished! Built straight from the box apart from the decals as the codes seemed incorrect and were replaced by some from the spares box instead. I have a feeling that the serial A16-123 my have been proved incorrect for this machine too, I`m still looking into it. Just like my recent RAF Hudson,.....this has to be one of the hardest kits that I have ever built and the eagle eyed amongst you will realise that some of the flap runners are missing,........the model has been sat on and off the shelf of doom for a couple of years and during that time these fragile parts have succumbed to the carpet monster who is unfortunately very prevalent in my house at the moment,,..or is it just my butter fingers? Anyway enough blurb,......it isn`t one of my best but here it is, warts and all,...my Aussie Hudson; [/url] I hope you like it and next up will be a couple of Vengeances,.....which I must crack on and finish, Cheers Tony O PS- Just realised that I lied,.....it isn`t straight from the box as the mid upper turret came from the Revell Halifax kit because it is a more accurate shape than the Italeri turret!
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    ...will portray a Libyan mechanic working on the rocket launcher. Now I am not so good with figures so I am working hard on trying to pant them to look right. I am still waiting for the mechanic figure. As it is the dio is about 98% ready. Hope you guys like it. Pics are not in any particular order.[/size]
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    A little pic of my latest project. The Monogram/Revell 1/72 B-52D. I will be building this one as a B-52C using a Microscale decal sheet. Rescribing this beastie was quite challenging at times due to limited space on the workbench.
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    Hello everyone! Okay, so this is the first model I've ever made and pretty much the first thing I've painted since I was 16.. It's the Airfix 1/72 starter spitfire kit. The model is brush painted since i don't have an airbrush. I was terrified at the prospect of painting a camo, but I'm pretty happy with the result. It's not been weathered since i couldn't find clear coat anywhere here. Wondering if i can do an oil wash over acrylic paint without giving it a clear coat. Anyway, on with the pics.. hope you guys like it. P.S.- still need to add the antenna wire.. That's about it.. All criticism is much appreciated..
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    My latest humble effort if anyone wants a look (ipad photo limitations and a diminishing amount of Scottish daylight!!) Anyway - hand painted with Humbrol Enamels - Quickshine (Klear Substitute from Lakeland) and Humbrol Matt Coat I have no idea how to "wash" the panel lines - had a go previously with a graphite pencil, didn't work so this time I tried a 0.05 ink pen I got from the local art shop - I realise that from a scale point of view it might be a bit much - but I do this for relaxation & I think this effort is undoubtedly my best effort since my return after 35 odd years!! Oh - and Airfix - what an excellent fitting kit - makes it so much easier & enjoyable:- Have a look if you want & thanks for looking - and can anyone tell me what the traffic lights on the underside of the wing are for?
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    I added the straps on the seat.
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    You do realise, I trust, that in a few months they'll turn up on a Russian (or French) website as authentic WWII airframes and colour schemes?
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    Yep! Looks awesome. Build is great...finish is great and the photos are great! Very well done
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    Excellent work. I have a real soft-spot for the Marauder and have acquired the Hasegawa, Airfix, Revell and Matchbox offerings - along with various aftermarket decal sheets.
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    Nice job on a scheme you don't see very often, although with Italeri's new 1/48th Jug having a Brazilian option (fnarr fnarr) we might see some more. Pete
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    coming along beautifully Kev, I love this new kinda modelling Never tackled anything resin cast except the few bits I knocked up to make the Sherpas engines and sponsons from plastic padding b
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    1/72 sentinel R1 .. thomas
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    Sorry, but: no. How will it be less capable than a Hunter, which, with the best will in the world, couldn't compete in terms of precision weapons delivery and which had a built in avionics suite of which the most advanced aspect was arguably Brain, Human, Mk1? And how will it be 'a lot less capable than a Harrier'? And both of them would stand rock all chance of survival against the sort of GBAD threat you're positing there. The USAF has no intention of using the F-35 for low level attack in a high-threat area, or for low level work generally. The low level area still has some relevance, but the USAF was moving towards medium level ops long before the RAF did (there is an article by ACM Sir Stuart Peach, current VCDS, in an old RAF AIr Power Review where he makes this point; can't recall which edition). As an illustration, I could point you in the direction of a former F-111 driver who over a beer or three at Bracknell suggested that the only reason he was there talking to me was because he egressed one particular target at M1.4 which rather spoiled the AAA gunners' aim (and, he realised later, reduced the risk from the unguided fire simply being poured into the air in the hope a round or two might hit something). He was a much happier bunny at medium level, particularly when he moved onto the F-15E. While there are all sorts of issues with the F-35 in terms of the value and durability of the capability compared to the cost of getting it, let's not go to the extent of using hyperbolic comparisons with older platforms which'd face serious survivability questions in a non-permissive air environment and which could only be claimed to be more capable than a F-35 if we're talking about an F-35 with the avionics switched off...
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    Sharp build! Always nice to see another Ali-cat in the pipe. sounds like the HB kit builds up easy enough. I've got an F-14D version in the stash I'll probably break out in a year or so. One tiny detail I noticed is that the TACAN antenna (the blade antenna just aft of the canopy) is the taller version used by USN tomcats after about 1989 or so... the version on the earlier jets (including the IRIAF ones) would be the same height as the rear-most antenna (the UHF one) on the back of the fuselage. Just a couple of random details FYI (because discussing Ali-Cats is fun), You were partly right about the IFR door. The first batch were delivered with them on and had them promptly removed upon arrival (this from one of the pilots who helped ferry the initial airplanes over) while the second round had them deleted at the factory. (which begs the question... is there a batch of 40 or so IFR doors floating around the cavernous storage areas of Calverton? LOL) Second, the Iranian jets were not delivered with fuel tanks. (or the TCS system for that matter, which Iran expressed interest in, but had yet to reach maturity before the fall of the Shah) Their new F-14AM upgrade "boasts" a whole new list of upgrades and capabilities (how much is true is another story), it also has a really wicked splinter scheme version of the original southwest asia camo that you're putting on yours!
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    few in progress shots tonight. almost finished with weathering and about to start on the final details like glass and the radar array. i found out that the actual plane was based some miles from where i grew up, so that gives a nice touch to it. thanks for looking jw