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    Here's my attempt at the 1:350 Academy HMS Warspite. She's always been one of my favourates, ever since building the old 1:600 Airfix kit as a youngster (I still remember the box art, and impressive look of the ship), I also got hold of the 'Ensign 4' Queen Elizabeth class many years ago and always admired this classic class, and recently after reading up on Warspite's history have been even more impressed with what this mighty capital ship acheived. I managed to get hold of an 'Anatomy of the ship' book for Warspite which was a great reference but also made fascinating reading, and also read Ian Ballyntine's 'Warspite', which is also a very good read. I've gone for her 1942 stint in the East Indies with the early two tone camoflage, which was post Puget Sound refit, but needed minor back-dating from the kit's 1943 appearance mostly by omitting certain 20mm mounts. The kit was bought at SMW (Telford) along with what was then the new Pontos full set of wooden deck, complete photo etch and various resin replacement parts. The build went well, lots of additional time required for all the extras in the Pontos set but well worth it, and finished with a bit of time spent weathering and adding L'Arsenal resin crew figures. She took around 12 months of slow but steady building, but overall I enjoyed building her.
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    Hello, here is my Mosqutio in the IAF service. W.I.P here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234941991-tamiya-148-dh-mosquito-fb-mk-iv/ I hope you will like it. Cheers, Ilan. Thanks for looking.
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    Hi folks. Here is my effort of an Airfix Mosquito Mk XVIII. I used a clear canopy from Falcon, part of a photo etch set from Airwaves and also a bit of scratch building for the cockpit and guns (I lost the original guns which now live somewhere in my shed). Anyway here are the photos. Cheers Ian
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    As ever, thanks for the support and compliments everyone. Just a quick iPhone photo with the flight deck painted, apart from decals for the numbers, everything else is masked and painted, it turned out to be much easier than I expected, and I'm really happy with the result. I'll now mask this before finishing the details and starting the painting and weathering steps.
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    Evening all. The Battle of Britain has long been my favourite period of aviation history, and for the last few years I have aimed to do a BofB subject every summer. This year it is one of the opposition, namely JG27. I have an old Dennis Knight BofB activity book (a treasured possession since I was 7!) that has JG27's badge (albeit labelled as JG3) on the first page, and I have always wanted to do a model of one of their aircraft, complete with tribesman and tiger head. Cue Airfix with their new 109 and Xtradecal's 70th Anniversary sheet! I am aiming to finish this by the 8th September, which will be the 73rd anniversary of this particular aircraft being shot down. As an aside, I have the Eduard kit of the ME110, which happens to have the markings for the exact sharkmouthed Me110 shown crashed in the activity book. Next year I think!
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    Been off but not out - here's my take on Airfix's pretty good kit of the Type 45. Used WEM PE set (very good value), Veteran Models CIWS and Harpoon launchers plus all the usual tweaks! Finished in WEM Light Weatherwork Grey and Modern Royal Navy Deck Grey (which is slightly green to my eye, but hey!) All pics courtesy of Farnborough IPMS website (Dr Flangemeister!) Really nice kit, nice decals, and this came out nicer than I expected. The only glaring miss for me was the four spines on the top of the SAMPSON dome. I also didn't reposition the starboard anchor which didn't particularly bother me. This has now been donated to a Royal Navy officer for eventual display in the ship's wardroom once the base has been tidied up! Something I'm quite proud of! Al
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    Hi, Here is my attempt at the Fujimi Spitfire XIV, SM888 'B' at Tengah March 1947. It is in 1/72 scale and compared to my 1/48 seems tiny but great fun. Try to ingore the awful attempt at the base/diorama but this was my first go and it was somewhat rushed. But I wanted to photograph the model with a base rather than a hairy rug. The sand by the way is the wifes garam masala. Also the prop needs replacing as I tried to dry it quickly using the wifes hair dryer and the blades curled, well, you live and learn! Thanks for looking, Russ
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    Well folks here is my first post for the forum! My little man was born back in May 2012 and I wanted to build him something to go onto his shelf from his dad Anyway when I saw this kit come along I managed to bag myself one. I finally manged to finish it a few weeks ago and must say I really enjoyed this kit even though the odd decal was tricky. Safe to say it now has pride of place in the little mans nursery and is the only model SWMBO allows on display in the house or is remotley interested in! Anyway hope you like as much as I do? Rich P.S Sorry about images being huge...still yet to get to grips with uploading them!
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    Hi, As a surprise build (not my scale or subject) I built this alongside the F-14D. Not my usual 'thing', my interest was piqued by a Tucano job-lot sale and the rest, as they say, is history. I fancied something uncomplicated (yeah right!) and with a monochrome scheme that I could whip together in under a week and make with no reference other than the boxed instructions. There was a nasty bubble in the canopy that set me back a few days while I waited for Airfix to send me a replacement (excellent service BTW, I received it in two days). I used Humbrol enamels and used Klear to help stick and blend the canopy det cord decals. I decided not to use the white decal canopy surrounds as they didn't seem to match the canopy size. Anyone reading this and contemplating building one - you need a LOT of weight in the nose to prevent this from being a tail sitter. I'd recommend drilling out the backs of the exhausts to fill with lead, fill the nose cavity as much as possible, fill the nose gear bay, put lead in the leading edge of the wings - ANYWHERE! With a light puff of air this still falls back on the tail! Oh, and the decals stick like nobody's business. I added a tiny drop of Fairy dish wash liquid to the decal water to break down the surface tension and this seemed to help. On to the pics - I've included the extra seat detail as you just can't make it out through the glistening canopy. Added some extra belts from thinly cut pre-painted Tamiya tape. You can just make out a sneaky ball bearing peering out of the nose gear bay
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    Hi Everyone Finished my Hobby Boss 1/48 Bearcat the other day, so I thought I`d share some pic`s with you Done as an aircraft of L`Armee De L`Air, G.C.1/22, Savitange, French Indochina, Mid 1950s To go with my small collection of aircraft from the conflict Built OOB including markings, only additions being; some wire antenna and engine embellishments, seat belts sway braces and fuses for the bombs Very heavily weathered as plenty of photo`s show these aircraft to be Hope you enjoy looking at... Thanks for looking, Russ
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    Airfix 1/72 Gloster Gladiator MkIII/J8A A02063 Box art. Same kit as A02052 and A55206 but with additional sprue for the skis etc. Niiiiice! http://www.airfix.com/shop/aircraft/a02063-gloster-gladiator-plus-skis-172/
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    Decals are on, it's starting to look like Pavlov's bird! Still need to slice/poke the decals and apply more solvent, but at least it's pretty now! Once the decals are settled, I can do an oil wash and some weathering so I can get a flat coat on this thing so it won't look like a toy anymore
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    This is my latest completion: Revell's 1/72nd scale B-17G in the colours of 'Fuddy Duddy' of the 447th Bomb Group based at Rattlesden. This Fortress never actually carried these bright squadron identification markings during WWII as it was lost before they could be applied, but this particular aircraft is operated by the Lyon Air Museum as a flying memorial to the men and machines of the 447th. It was a more or less 'out of the box' job, with the exception of the right waist window being moved forward to represent the staggered set-up, and decals coming from Kitsworld. All paints were automotive acrylics. I also added the modern aerials seen on the present day 'Fuddy Duddy'. My steadily growing Fortress fleet: 'Fuddy Duddy' of the 447th, 'Liberty Belle' of the 390th, and 'Little Miss Mischief' of the 91st: Tom
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    My very recently completed Airfix Lancaster which i can tell you has been re-tooled, neat panel lines not too heavy or too light, the addition of the dropped landing flaps underneath the wings add a very nice touch (you can have them in the retracted position if you wish) for 72nd scale very nice interior detail although the only draw back is the complete decal that goes onto a flat instrument panel, but you hardly see it anyway, they have given you a bomb trolley for Barnes Wallace famous creation again you can have it fixed onto the aircraft if you wish, overall a clean build, hardly had any problems they have redesigned the undercarriage bay, the struts that come out of the fuselage which then the two wing halves attach to it create a very strong sturdy structure, had minimal problems with the kit bit of filling and sanding in some places but we'll allow for that because it is Airfix This was a competition ran by Airfix between our branches where i work at ModelZone for the Dambusters 70th Anniversary, winner to be decided, hope every one likes it, will be on display in the shop in one of our cabinets, my little tribute to the men of 617 Sqn and of course Bomber Command, beautiful aircraft, enjoy Photo of the newly added dropped landing flaps
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    Enzo About half were guns in pods. The others came out of the bay but we fitted them before loading the guns/pod assy. Also have (fond?) memories of removing the Guns for deployment, I hated fitting those wooden "Tit" blanks in the front fairings! At Deci I arm started a jet off to the range. Just got my brew from the tea bar when we got the message: "The range, she is closed!" Aircraft is returned and in circuit. I Collected one Flem and my GS to see it in and unplug it, and stood at the slot ready. 1/4 hour later no jet. Nipped into the line hut. "So where's this armed jet then?" One phone call later lots of ATC people seen on the ATC balcony with bino's searching the airfield. Meanwhile intrepid growbag is taxying in thinking to himself, "Whats all these airliners doing here?" He's only landed at Cagliari airport by mistake - in an armed jet.........................! Selwyn
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    I used LifeColor acrylic paints, which are easy to use - both airbrushing and paint brushing, and they do a good range of naval colours. I got both their US Navy box sets previously when doing the USS Missouri, and found them good to use then, and found they do a decent match for R.N. colours 507A, B and C. I'm thinking about the next one, certainly Belfast is a contender, but have a Black Swan to do, and recently got hold of USS Essex (CV9), but may go with one I've been wanting to do for some time which is the Trumpeter kit of USS San Fransisco (CA38). Ooh, decisions decisions ... I will probably try some of those new North Star 1:350 crew, they look really good, and would have a good time doing them up. For this Warspite, I used the old favourate L'Arsenal little resin figures, with various officers, CPOs, POs, ratings in tropical no.7s and no.10s, and various working clothing, many informal as seen on many photos and reported in what I've read, also a few Marines. I did them after finishing the ship (as a kind of reward), and got them together for a team photo the night before 'boarding' for the first time ...
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    Hello friends The "AFV adventure" continues! This time i build (under commission build) the french EBR-10 Panhard in portuguese marks, this particular vehicle participate in the Portuguese Revolution of 25 of April 1974, it was a used vehicle but not an old/very dirty one, so following the pictures of that time this was what i thought is correct. Hope you like it, feel free to comment Best regards from Portugal Vitor Costa
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    After a spate of Tigers, Panthers, Centurions and Comets, something in the 'Not So Good' class was needed. The AFV Club M-10 fits that bill perfectly. Now don't get me wrong, this is a comment on the tank or GMC itself, not the kit. As a tank destroyer, it was a child of the poor American armour doctrine and was equipped with a gun of mediocre quality. Airbursts were particularly lethal to the M-10 due to the complete lack of overhead protection. Although some had ad hoc armoured roofs added later, this feature, combined with the weak armour, did not encourage US Tanker to go hunting German tanks. Used mainly in Italy and NW Europe, they were not liked in the Pacific and rarely, if ever, used there. The British had some and converted others to the Achilles, armed with the very nice 17pdr gun. Nevertheless, they served till the end of the war and it was developed into the M-36, armed with a much better 90mm gun. In this guise, some were even used in the Balkans in the 1990s. Right. The kit. To be honest, it's great. AFV Club have done the M-10 proud, basic interior detail along with superb moulding have give the modeller a great kit. Fiddly in parts but should build into an excellent replica. Obviously, with a kit like this, one starts with the interior. Seats, instruments, gearbox and the like. A couple of levers and pedals were added, though I don't think they'll be seen in the finished model. Sprue nubs tabe some cleaning up, a good file being an indispensable tool. There are some ejector pin marks that need sanding down, but nothing major. So, without further ado, here's the photos of the completed interior after being given a washdown of very thin black weathering powder to tone down the white. Now the shots of the interior after a heavy 'been in action a while' look. I've now added some ammo tubes to the racks, a shame you only get four and some spent shell cases to the floor. Now comes the boring bit, the suspension. Each of the VVSS units is made up from TWELVE individual parts. Those of you with a ham-fisted tendency like me, should be very careful here, as five parts need positioning loosely before cementing the last which holds them all together. The result though, is a fully articulated VVSS unit, just like the real thing. So, six of these later and I'm ready to kill something! The do look the part though. If you get the opportunity to add these units to another Sherman kit, eg the Tamiya one, go for it. Time to move onto the hull. 32, two part bolts to add. Arrrghhhhhh. W
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    Been giving this build some thought, have I got an aircraft that qualifies rather than buy another one. Two reasons, First of all I have too many kits already (don't we all ?) Secondly I live in Scotland and we have a reputation for being careful with money ! Then the answer hit me, my kids recently joined airfix club, and by sending off the vouchers I can get the 1/48 scale Seafire complete with Korean theatre markings for just the cost of the postage - RESULT Now all we have to do is get a few more people and get the build nominated, oh and I need to find an excuse of why we can't find the kids flying hours, "well you know what your mum is like for tidying up"
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    I must admit I liked Modelzone shops for the most part, and I'm sorry they are disappearing - I liked browsing the kits and looking at the displays and I got a few kits and die-cast items from time to time. Got a fair few paints, glues, etc as well. Over the few months before them going into administration, however, I noticed some cynical marketing ploys on their part. For example I have been interested in Revell's London bus for quite a while - it seemed like a bargain normally at £40 (which it was in most model/toy shops I've visited.) Then, when I thought I would finally pick one up from MZ they'd put it up by £10. A few weeks later I noticed it in their sale at £40 with the sticker claiming a saving of £10. I know this is fairly typical of some other companies but, to me, it did them no favours. In their last sale before going into administration I picked it up for £20. I know nothing about the sales business but surely offering it with, say, £10 off at £30 would have encouraged people like me to buy it and made them an additional £10. Even in their closing down sales I noticed some of the items with the 20% off were still more expensive than standard list prices. I am sorry so many stores are now closed, and especially for the staff loosing their jobs, but I think they needed to decide what was more important. Cheers, Stix
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    Just good old strip styrene of various cross-sectional shapes and sizes and about 5 years off my sight. Got the engine in. I figured the best way to do it was to put the Merlin in place and then build the engine bearers around it. I'm only showing the port side in detail, so it shouldn't be too hard. Famous last words. Also got the fixed canopy sections on. Funny, isn't it, once those two pieces of clear plastic are in place, all of a sudden, it looks like a Spitfire!
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    very nice model ,can almost hear it!
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    I'm back on with the Enzo after a few days away. Getting close to completion now with only a few bits to go. The wheels were toned down with a spray of Tamiya smoke and there are still a few decals to add along with the exhaust tips, mirrors and a few badges. The rear lights were a challenge - believe it or not, there are 20 parts to them!!! They even have mirror foil reflectors inside each one....... And this is 1/24!!! The bodywork will need polishing once finished, as I've got fingermarks everywhere. I can only repeat, this is one SERIOUS kit! Roy.
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    If it was an MER then this would be training ordnance as the MER isn't used in combat.
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    Probably the most convincing Bearcat I've ever seen. Thoroughly impressive work! Kind regards, Joachim
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    ....lay the part down inside the wheel well. I think if the gear legs were too long they would not fit correctly into the well - and they do. Looks fine to me..here's my first one. The Fw 190 with the red spinner is the Revell kit. Please can some-one (Colin?) consider giving us an 'un-bulged' upper cowl so that I can get some A-5s and A-6s done, the 'old' Aeroclub white metal part doesn't fit this new tool..
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    heres the pics i promised you nose after 2 coats. 20130819_124252 by jaffaxr, on Flickr wing after the first coat. 20130819_124257 by jaffaxr, on Flickr underneath finished. 20130826_182256 by jaffaxr, on Flickr 20130826_182312 by jaffaxr, on Flickr 20130826_182324 by jaffaxr, on Flickr quite pleased to the finish as its brush painted.. top side ready to be masked off. 20130826_182233 by jaffaxr, on Flickr top masked off and painted.. 20130827_135159 by jaffaxr, on Flickr apart from fixing the washing machine (dont ask) lol should have a good couple of sessions this weekend to hopefully get most of the top side painted up.
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    Tim, very nice weathering, subtle where needed! Very informative on tools and mats! Learning a lot
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    I remember that - it wasn't even animated but shown as a series of still drawings that the camera would pan across. Booster was a young boy with big round specs who had an alien friend called Bleep, who would turn up from time to time and take him away into space for an adventure. I don't know if they ever did a story showing how the pair met up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleep_and_Booster http://www.toonhound.com/bleepboost.htm It were a simpler age back then - kids today with their CGI and their eyepads, they don't know they're born.... <wanders off grumbling>
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    Progress moves on at a snails pace. All the main components completed. All have now been primed, next step is to break out the paint.
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    Maybe Airfix are tooling up to give us a separate weapons set, or something along the lines of the bomber resupply set....
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    While tidying up the stash a bit, I found a KP 1/72 Avia 199. Now this has sure been replaced by the nicer AML kit and sure it's one of those kits that send shivers of terror down the spine of whoever open the box, but I don't know if it actually is more than 30 year old, does anybody know for sure ? I could build this one as a more advanced build using bits and pieces from other Bf-109 kits....
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    This is a truly fascinating story that I have never heard. It also justifies the situations that occur in combat that you really never trust anyone except your buddies that you have already fought with, bled with and have watched people die with. All the rest are tolerated and suspect. I am glad the Canadian government never let Meier return based upon the one airman that did escape. It makes you wonder how many other crews were sacrificed for similar reasons because there was no one left alive to tell the real story.
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    I think the Model Master Green Drab (34086, I believe) is a very useful shade for some of those darker OD versions, including early P-47s. I sometimes mix it with a small amount of their 34087 (in itself not a very accurate rendition of that color, but it'll take the Green Drab slightly more toward Olive). I also used the Green Drab (slightly doctored perhaps -- I don't really remember) for a late B-25, photos of which looked very dark. In the end, I don't believe it's worth the effort to get too wrapped up in precision with such a variable color. Cheers, Pip
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    Very outstanding work Russ. I really like the weathering you applied. )
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    Hi All, I'm not sure I've built more than a couple of kits made after 1983! I have a number of candidates Frog Wyvern. Too nice? Has a floor and instrument panel... I've already done the Gannet, it was fun. Airfix He 111. Started to accurize it like my IL-2 but it's much, much less than 25% complete - I got scared and put it back in the box. Will involve lots of balsa at some point. Not sure my wife will let me steal any talc though! Airfix Boston. Round off nacelles and tart up the interior but otherwise OOB. Airfix Do-17. I want it do a minor conversion to one of the prototypes that was modified to a transport Can I be in with the first two? Regards, Adrian
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    Ok cheers Russ,I'll take a look in there then, its always interesting to see different folks methods.
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    Great work Russ and really nicely done believable weathering, going to have a look at your firefly thread to pick up some tips for the next build. Seen a few knockers of the HB Bearcat re: accuracy but seen a few built up now and to me it looks a great kit, def one to add to the stash, Stu
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    And an RAF Mustang III. Revell 1/72nd kit straight from the box.
  44. 1 point
    EXACTLY!! And I might add that I'm tired of people slamming those who point out the errors because "it looks like a Mumblymuff MR.1 to me", when they simply don't know enough about it to see the errors...
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    This looks great Roy. Love the plumbing on the car. Rick
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    Thanks for the comments on the paint work, a lot of effort but I'm pleased with the results. Here's another pic of the top side- This dead line is getting tight, not sure we will make the end date? Bank holiday coming up but I've got family thing to do. Shaun.
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    The Airfix Jules Verne's Nautilus, listed in 1981 catalogue - we are still waiting for it. = 32 plus years
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    Further thoughts. . . while I am getting in touch with my childhood, I might well build this 'wheels up' and mount it on one of Airfix's new stands. . . perhaps with a spitfire in hot pursuit!
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    Time for an update- Main scheme now done,a few small detail bits to do and it's ready for the Klear coat and decals. Dead line time is approaching, just hope I make the finish line? Anyone have any pics or know how the front cloth FOD covers are attached over the intakes? Shaun.
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