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    Hello modellers!, I am adding another newcomer to my american WW2 fleet This time it is B-25J from 447th BS - Corsica 'Ave Maria' s/n: 43-27636/II Kit: B-25J Hasegawa Scale: 1/72 Used colors: XF-62 post-shaded with various tones of olive drab/dark green: H304 - FS34087 H078 H064 H423 Fuselage bottom is sprayed with Alclad II Polished Aluminium in combination w/ Dark Aluminium. After-Market decals: Kits-World Photo etched metals: Eduard BIG-ED Thanks for all useful comments Peter
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    Hi guys, though I'd share my latest completed model with you, took part on a group build over on another forum. Hope you like. Any comments or criticism welcome! It can only make me better for the next one! Kit : 1/48 Tamiya Aftermarket parts : Eduard zoom set Decals : OOB Paints : Tamiya Washes : Flory dark dirt and brown
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    Hi This is my last kit from Special Hobby. This B-18 was quite easy to build except around the engine cowlings which are different depending of the chosen type. As a pre-war era aircraft this one is clean. She is from 7th Bombardment Group, Hamilton Field, California 1938. She should be published in Model Airplane International. Patrick
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    Just a few pics of my Whirlwind HAR10 converted from the Italeri H19B with a Heritage Aviation nose. Its painted using Xtracrylics, but the photos don't really show the colour at its best.
  5. 3 points
    Hi, here is my latest finish model. El-Al Israeli airlines from the pre jet era. the kit is F-RSIN and the decal are from Classic-Airlines. top white is Revell 04 gloss, lower fuselage and wings used Alclad. I must say it wasn't easy kit, and it needed a lot of work. thanks for watching. Ofer
  6. 3 points
    OK guys, it is finished. Just two pictures until I will have the final images. Thanks S.
  7. 2 points
    I don´t know if it is common knowledge but sweden bought and built 56 Junkers 86 K´s before the WWII, since we didnt have them shot down (not being invaded has its perks) they soldierd on in various roles long after 1945! the last one was taken out of military service as late as 1958 In SwAF service they were used as Bomber, Torpedo, Transport and SigInt As they were built and painted both in Germany and Sweden and then used during a period of great change they went trough a number of different marking regulations and cammo variants. well... here is an illustration:
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    Here's a couple of pictures of my recently completed tripod from War Of The Worlds.
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    Not wanting to do much today I decided to take a look at the Airfix club kits. While looking through the Hurricane bits started coming together and I ended up doing the whole thing in one sitting. It also gave me the chance to play with the new Humbrol weathering powders. I've put it on quite thick but I figured the Russians in 1942 didn't have much time to worry about cleaning their aircraft. The Kit went together with absolutely no problems and the powder is great to work with, although you may finish your model looking like you've spent a shift in a mine. Off to put the Spit and Tomahawk together and buy a pot of the white powder (um....)
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    Moving right along, the cockpit is done. Only used a few bits from the Eduard set, not looking to super-detail this cockpit, obviously, but just spruce it up here and there. Fuselage and wing halves are also glued together, so once I clean up those seams I'll install the cockpit tub and attach the wings
  11. 2 points
    I'll be sad if the MZ shop on the corner of Deansgate and Bootle St in Manchester closes. Not because MZ would be going, but because that site has been a model shop for as long as I can remember. I even bought balsa wood models from there when I was a youth, and I'm now retired! They always sold flying and RC stuff and model railways, but seem to have become much more of a toy shop since MZ took over.
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    good evening without any doubt, my favorite F4, the reason for which I myself am well invested to make this comp.. Base model tam F4C. Only the "Central" part of the fuselage is preserved.Fore-ends up as a pilotage, derived, wing tips, nozzles, missiles: cutting edge. Wings provenances of F4F revell, black seats box, pylons scratch door-missiles, decals cutting edge, humbrol brush painting (this model was made before the release of the tam at 32 F4E) is a transformer even 'pay' nowadays, because still not F4G at 32!
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    Hi folks, My first finished and uploaded model to Britmodeller. I've learned so much as I've only started modelling about 8 months ago, My next model will be more detailed and I plan on doing my first panel wash on the next as I never done it properly on this one and almost had a disaster. Ok so here we have the Revell Mig-29UB in original out the box scheme, It was a joy to build and 80% of it fitted perfect. No 3rd party parts or anything just plane out the box so the cockpit isnt the best ! Also on my final coat of a clear Matt I used the Tamiya acrylic but it seemed to leave a white powedery look. Dont think I was using it right ? Could anyone point me in right direction ? I got away with it as it actually makes the model look a bit worn down. Everything brushed with Harder and Steenback airbrush (absoloute dream) and a top end Sparmax compressor. Hope you like the pics. Thanks for looking, look forward to the comments and please point out any flaws etc Jammur
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    And could I get this photo the right way round? No!!
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    This one I actually started 35 years ago (!) as a teen but I recently decided to restore it from the ground up. I added Eduard etch and placards from Archers. A few minor details are still up (eg the wipers). The paintwork is a bit overdone I think, looking at the close up. Comments and advice are very welcome. /Robert
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    I've wanted to do this for a while as I felt that my old workspace on an old dining table was cramping my style. I've finally fitted out a room dedicated to my modelling with plenty of space to spread out and, more importantly, store everything relatively easy to hand.... View through the door.... Here's the main building area...I'm still sifting through all my boxes hence the temporary clutter on the worktop... All my tools are now easily to hand.... Another work area with my pillar drill....the plan is to have separate areas for assembly and painting.... All my paints are now stored neatly in drawers.... There's storage above for some of the stash.... Still need to sort out the lighting but I'm almost done....now for some serious building!
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    I realise these are a bit late in the build for a WIP, but I just wanted to share the tale of these two builds. The first is the Trumpeter 1:35 KV-1s/85 heavy tank for which I did a review not too long ago. HERE I like the look of the styrene so much I started to build it as soon as I could. The thing was it went together so seamlessly and well that I had all but finished it before thinking about taking photos. One evening and one morning was all it took, not including the indie link tracks, but even they weren't too bad and the whole thing was together and painted in just under two days. This evening I gave it a gloss coat and applied the decals. When I have chosen a base for it I will add the last few detail parts and weather it accordingly. Meanwhile the following build was the complete opposite. The Zvezda 1:35 BA-10 armoured car. The instructions were a little vague to say the least on part placement, not to mention the lack of proper locating pins, made this feel this feel very much like short run kit. I know it's one of the older Zvezda kits and they have inproved considerably, but the contrast between this and the KV-1 was so marked I thought the members might like to know. We are very lucky to be modelling in an age where not only is there an amazing, and growing choice of subjects, but that a lot of the new kits are being designed and manufactured to such a high standard. Not to say I didn't enjoy building the armoured car, but it was almost like actual modelling, which was nice. Again this will be weathered to match whicherver base I choose to place it.
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    Cheers guys......glad to know I am not quite losing my marbles then. Muddled but not as bad as I thought!
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    Mine's taken a bit of fettling too around the intakes. I had to finally hold the wing in place and run in the MEK,of course it doesn't help when you discover you've glued your thumb to the top of the intake and wing .........
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    You've really captured that weary look that I've seen in photographs, great job. Pete
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    Crossed indents here .... MN454 was HF-S and ZY-B was MN317. Both had large tail planes and 3- blade props. CT
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    Hello Gents, May I pick up the thread of your conversation (7th November 2011). My Granfather ( in law) has pointed out to me today that his name or signature "D.S.Hawkings" is written on the xmas menu in your post. He has just past 90yrs and is fit and healthy I can report to you all. In fact I have just last week taken him and his wife to RAF Coninsby to see the Spits - He loved it! He trained on Blenheims & Hurricanes in the UK (1941 training). After 6 mths he travelled (sailed vis cape horn) to Algiers and worked with Spits on Sqd 81 from Mk1v to mk10,s in North Afrika, Malta,Sicily,Italy,India/Burma (imphal) with Thunderbolts for a period in India (imphal). He also worked breifly with Sdq 145 (Polish) in N.Afrika. I would very much like to continue dialog and I have in boxed you all to this effect for any more info you may have and any info we have in return. I can tell you a story about Spit "FL D" He asked the pilot if he could put his then girlfriends name Doreen next to the cockpit to which the pilot agreed as the "D" is for his Doreen..they are both still together after 60yrs of marriage and of course they got married just after his return to the UK. PS...I have learnt as much about sqd 81 on this modelling forum as I have searching the internet in total....I think I will start to model all the aircraft he served on as part of our family heritage. It is a shame their is no desert Spits still flying, especially is they are in "FL" insignia..! Best regards Ian
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    Nice build! I also have this one in the stash and will build it at some point - no recourse to new issue kits for me!
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    As the French would say, "c'est magnifique"!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the tip on Kora Lars. I was not aware that they did bits for the Ju86. From what I gather from "another" web site, If I were to order direct from them, it's cheaper by a long way. Oh yes please. I already have a 48th 177, Fw200, and enough room to build them slight problem with displaying, ready to go and that set me thinking. I wonder if anyone has considered putting 72nd and 48th scale period concrete dispersals around the edge of their lawns (low enough of course so that the mower doesn't get wrecked). Perhaps not - must be the Silly Summer Season in UK getting to me. But then again, I'll probably ponder on this until reality hits home !!......... Dennis ............and a period scale peri-track of course Now where's me white coat with long sleeves.
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    No, they've completed the weathering on the wings (personally I think they've been a bit heavy handed with the fading, I've never seen a real aircraft that faded), the fuselage is next. Gary
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    A very Resplendent build indeed.
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    That is simply STUNNING..GORGEOUS looking Corsair.
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    Sad if Modelzone go as although I get most of my kits etc from shows or the net its nice to go into a Modelzone and find an unexpected bargain in the sale. Im an occasional visitor to Leicester MZ and last time I was in picked up several great bargains including Italeri Sunderland which I would't have bought at full price. Also got the Airfix Vampire on February the first which was the release date for the KIt! Have to say though that the kit selection was not as good as about a year earlier. Cheers
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    Markings applied for the Cooper Trophy Race at Farnborough in July 1950. The Vampire was flown by Fg Off Brian Smith of 501 Squadron, who came second to a Meteor 4 of 600 Squadron flown by Fg Off Keith Haselwood. DW
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    Do Hannants (Hendon) sell diecast/RC...?
  36. 1 point
    Just wondering if anyone's posting on RC or diecast forums about the sad demise of MZ, and saying how it wouldn't have happened if the shops hadn't been cluttered up with all those plastic kits. It's funny how insular we modellers can be , surely there's room for everbody in our hobbies ?. Andrew
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    If only this wouldbe released in 1/48....Special Hobby are you listening? Andy
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    A good looking build there. I hope your friend liked it. Julien
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    Looks good to me Mish. Julien
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    Nice job. As has been said looks like the old Monogram kit still wins in the accuracy dept. Julien
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    Hey thats not bad for 9, tell him to keep going Julien
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    Good going! Looks a peach, anymore photos? What's he thinking of next?!
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    It's always difficult when one hears of this sort of thing, and although it won't affect me due to my current location, there's always a bit of "how badly will this affect my hobby?" - and then you remember that peoples' jobs are at stake. So, first of all, I hope that the end result is that Modelzone continues (with its current staff, and hopefuly more), and that even if their bread and butter is R/C and the like, they find themselves in a position to stock and sell static model kits to keep the likes of us happy. Now *that* would be a good outcome.
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    This is looking good. I'm definitely in for a set of EC-121 parts...!
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    Finished the first layer of weathering on the upper surfaces, which involved a wash of Mig neutral enamel, with the excess removed using some well-worn kitchen towel. it's not highlighted the rivets as well as I would have liked, but this was a relatively clean aircraft that wasn't covered in muck or faded paintwork. There were some panels resprayed later in her life, plus some muck from the various exhausts dotted around her surface, which is the effect I'll be aiming for. plenty of time to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory though I also touched in the tail decal using a mixture of Lifecolor Black and Signalbraun in a 3:1 ratio. Seems to have worked a treat
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    Chaddy I was there in February. The ground floor is now plastic free and the serious stuff is now in the basement. It's like going into a secret place! This can only mean that the management thinks die cast, action dollies and R/C sells more? The Liverpool store has for many years devoted all its window space to anything but plastic so I can only conclude that it does sell more (surely not?) Trevor
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    That looks extremely cool! Martin
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    Hello Simon, Well done. Excellent paint job on this elegant aircraft. Regards, Dirk
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    Welcome to the FM Halifax completer's club! I did this kit a few years ago, so know what it entailed- boy have you pulled it off ! It certainly tests your skills, especially if it is your first bash at a limited production kit- as it was in my case. Well done that man. Ps not meaning to steal any thunder, but you can see my offering at AeroVenture. Once again top effort!
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