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    Hi folks, Thanks to your praise for my Sea Venom, I've made sterling progress with my Sea Hawk, which is now complete in record time for me! The kit goes together well, although I needed a few rounds of filling and sanding to join the tail/rear fuselage to the forward fuselage. Fortunately the area is also covered by the Suez stripes, which helps. Paints were Xtracrylic Sky and EDSG and Tamiya for the painted stripes. Thanks to Mike for unknowingly giving me the perfect tip for spraying: 1 bar pressure and mix paint accordingly. It works wonders for me! The decals are truly awful. Many silvered and several settled down with wrinkles, despite a polished gloss coat and copious amounts of Set and Sol. They also have a surface texture that attracted the wash and refused to let go in places. Fortunately I didn't use the roundels after reading reports they're not very opaque, instead using Xtradecal roundels, which worked flawlessly and actually highlighted that the colour of the HobbyBoss roundels is completely off. In contrast the highlight is the super thin and clear canopy, which in hindsight deserves an etch or resin cockpit. All ordnance is from the kit. Anyway on with the photos! Dr Darren And one final one for a bit of a tease!
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    Now before anyone says anything - I know they are the wrong colouring for the particular marks and the cat shown doesn't match the markings used. However, they were built to go on display in my in-laws house which is sited on the old RAF Mountbatten in Plymouth. The developers of the housing complex they live in made a little faux-pas in the naming of the houses, because, according to my (admittedly limited) research, the cat never flew operationally from there, but the Sunderland did! I didn't really have time to get them as perfect as I would have liked, and to ease painting, I neglected to paint them white (which as we know can be a real bitch to get right at times). So hence the paint jobs. The buildings that can be seen in the far background, are the original hangers, which are grade 1 listed structures so they have to remain! just everything else has gone! (I've only just managed to get these pictures - the kits were built end of Feb. beginning March last year) (PPS - I'm also crap at rigging hence why no bracing wires on the floats - plus I'd only been back modelling about 6 months and were the last kits I hand brushed - after these everything has been airbrushed - so the paint may seem a little ragged in places)
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    With some trepidation I submit my Revell Phantom FGR2 for inspection! I should say that I see myself as a keen 'novice' and that this model is no where near the standard of the rest of you guys! That said this is my favourite build so far and I really like it. This is built 'out of the box' except I bought the Airdoc RAF Germany decals and this is XV415 of 92 Sqd Guttersloh 1983. I used Humbrol enamels for the first time since I was a kid and Alclad for the engine areas. For next time I have some lessons to learn - the main one being the cockpit but it is all a learning curve isn't it! Criticism is welcome as otherwise how to you improve
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    Hello friends, Here is my latest completion. 1/48 AFV Club F-5F (ROCAF kit) with KASL Hobby resin cockpit and FOD covers. Royale Resin wheels and a turned metal pitot. Decals are from the Old Revell Germany F-5E kit (two sets thanks Markus for the spares). I like the lines of the two seater. Swiss markings make for something different in the cabinet. Hope you like her. Comments welcome. Andrew P.
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    Hi Everyone, thought I`d show you some pic`s of my fourth Maritime effort, Tamiyas Prince of Wales along with two of her assailants which came with the kit apart from the kit contents I used some generic etched railings quite a bit of copper wire to detail the masts and rigging rebuilt the cranes using strips of plastic sheet to replace the solid kit items didn`t weather it too much to try and portray the paint scheme before it faded and finally a close up of its nemises hope you enjoy looking at
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    Good evening to you all. This is the first model that i have posted on this forum. After a 50 plus year wait I have finally got my Lancaster, my first way back in the 50s ended up going blob blob blob on the ground after putting a match to it , which seemed to happen to most of my attempts in those days !, but it was great fun watching that plastic melt wasnt it !!. This is also the first model that i tried out my mini studio with that i knocked up at the weekend . If you would like to see how i made it then you can see here; http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234937264-building-a-mini-studio-on-the-cheap/ Please feel free to criticize, i am still young enough to learn ; And thank you for help and advice on exaust stains, but after all its only a load of hot old air!!.
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    Hi Not posted for a long while because I haven't finished anything recently... A few days off has let me get these two kits decalled and finished off. The Classic Airframes Wyvern S4 is my first short-run multi-media kit. I followed advice on-line and it seems to have come together OK. The resin parts were fine once I'd worked out where to use the razor-saw. I've not got the undercarriage quite right, having angled the legs forward a bit, but I'm quite happy with it. I wish I'd had the nerve to cut the canopy to show it open - all that work on the cockpit is near invisible! Some of the decals seemed very thick and took an age to settle down into the panel lines. I've also managed to get a little silvering on the walk-lines on the wings. I need to learn how to get a smoother finish with the gloss (using Alcad Aquagloss - I think my spraying is suspect...). I chose aluminium and black for the prop assembly having looked at pictures of this plane on Airliners.net. I quite like the look even if it's not quite right The Seafire is the new(ish) Airfix model OOB. It went together a treat except for the red walk-line decals on the wings which I managed to destroy, so they've been left off. They are hidden by the folded wings anyway! On both planes, I've used an oil-paint wash to highlight the panel lines. I'd appreciate any comments, especially on how to get a smooth gloss finish. Cheers Andy
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    Here my Avro Anson I always liked the splendid line of this plane I used the special hobby ex classic airframe 1/48 kit The biggest problem during the assembly was to integrate the dorsal part. A good quantity of filler is necessary The "David stars" were painted and the numbers recovered on a IAF decals sheet only two anson will be camouflaged during the war of independence After the war they will find delivered traditional aluminum color of post-war Anson
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    Here's a quick OOB build of the new tool Airfix Dambuster Lanc, built for a commemorative display at Cosford I'll leave it to those of you who are more 'Lancaster savvy' than me to provide a proper critique of this new release, but IMHO you won't be disappointed! Cliff
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    Hi folks,last post for a while as i,ve nothing near completion,1/48 sabre and thunderstreak primed but silver finishes and me never get on! Another great little kit this one painted the underwind ID bands rather than use decals.thanks for looking.
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    This machine was the result of work of Japanese aircraft Jiro Horikoshi - the man who created the legendary "Zero". Interesting form of the fuselage provided the 1800 hp engine "Casey" who had too large cross-section, and to minimize the lack of a large "forehead" of the actuator via a long shaft, and a special fan to cool the engine has reduced cross hood. Wide engine has provided a luxurious cabin - to the delight of the pilots. According to the terms of reference of Japanese military establishment, planes «Raiden» (Thunder) have been designed to reflect the high-altitude bomber raids. Their ceiling was impressive for its time - 11,700 meters. I was grinding all of edges. Navigation lights were made from transparent colored plastic. I used the etched parts from "Eduard." From "Lion Roar’s” brass tubes I made the gun and expand their outlets, making a characteristic bell. The "Pito" tube was made from injection needles and debris 0.2 mm drill bit. The antenna was made from synthetic fiber. Contrary to the instructions - niche and gear doors painted in the color "Aotake." Did so, I was trusting to image from Japanese magazine “Famous Airplanes of The World # 61, 1996 - Navy Interceptor "Raiden". But the landing gear of "Raiden" in the American Museum "Fame Museum, Chino, CA" painted in the color of the bottom panels. Used paint - Tamiya. "Hinomaru" and the band ​​of quick identification were made from masks from tape. Washing is MIG, varnishes are “Future” and “Tikurilla”. Soot, exhaust and dust effect - "Tamiya weathering master".
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    I doubt it has anything to do with the amount of raw material in the box but rather the return on investment for the research and design that went into the kit. Its been at least 2 years since the Sea Vixen was released and in the current economic climate I doubt that the costs have reduced much in fact most likely increased. So that is why the kit costs more. Personally I'm not going to quibble about an extra tenner - this is a kit many people had never believed we'd see, and lets face it, we are not talking Hasegawa prices are we?
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    And now I read the thread and realise!!! Thread police!! Over here quick!!! Naughty man has made naughty lie!
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    This is the Academy 1/72 scale P-47D "Chief Ski-U-Mah II. Nice kit, but with the crappy thick decals synonymous with Academy kits.
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    So many problems with this kit but i just had to soldier on and get it done wether the bombs are to big or the bomb bays to small i cant say i also had a problem with the rear canopy not even remotely fitting so had to leave it off. Conclusion if i had to do this kit again id make sure id make the bomb bays bigger and use thin plasti card for the doors which should in turn make the bombs fit better id also remove the lugs which hold the bombs inside as they add atleast 2mm and in the end make the bombs protrude from the bays. But hey if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is a duck feel free to ask questions ill try to answer them Regards Rob Thanks for looking
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    Don't think they'll be breaking too many laws. That is until some modeller decides that it is great for floors.
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    It's not fair that [other] people should have such fun....... I've let my NPPL lapse at the moment - Pictures like that make me think seriously about getting airborne again. But I just know that an hour in a Robin 2160 in cold wet windy Yorkshire won't be quite the same. A few years ago the flying club at Sherburn had a Mudry Cap 10b (G-GDTU) which I used to hire now and again for some aerobatic practice - although I could only do about 20 minutes at a time before I made myself feel sick....How ropey must those aero's have been? I've just remembered that I taxied it into a 3' or 4' pole on a landaway once and put a hole in the bottom of the wing. To make matters worse it happened right in front of a bunch of air cadets. I blush as I sit here remembering the kids' comments as I climbed red faced from the cockpit. Something like "bl**dy amateurs" is the most printable one. An engineer from Sherburn flew in - put some bodge tape over the hole and told me to fly it back. I was so embarrassed that I just did as I was told without questioning it. Halfway back I remember thinking - what if the wing is weakened and falls off? and thinking how silly it would be to if I killed myself because II was too embarrassed to question whether the a/c was airworthy..... Anyway. It was all ok. Only a little hole - easily repaired - and not at all structural. Of course the engineer knew what he was doing. Thankfully. The Cap 10 wasn't very popular at Sherburn (I don't know why - I liked it) and it was sold on sometime later. I don't think that they have anything comparable now. The Robin 2160 has the merit of having a stick instead of a yoke and being mildly aerobatic - but it's not as much fun. There's something about tail draggers.... Sigh.... Echo that. Hope my thread drift isn't irritating anyone. Yes - it's masking slow progress on the chipmunk - but everyone else's input is soooo much more interesting...... Learn from my mistakes Ben! It may yet all end in tears!!! Don't forget to post it up. 1,000ft? What sort of height is that? What was he doing all the way up there? Still - nice to see one. I go walking in the far north west of Scotland every year - Near Cape Wrath and Garvey Island, just off the coast there, is used as a live firing target - and we often see Tonka's and sometimes European visitors. I think I saw a pair of Grippens last year - but the eyes aren't what they used to be and they may have been Typhoon's I suppose. Grippen's would be more of a prize. I think I'll stick with Grippens. I've dropped a few live 1,000 pounders on Garvey Island. I also heard of people bombing the wrong island. Now how daft is that. Anyway - back to the chippie. I did make a little progress last night. I think the windscreen/fuselage join is one of the most visually important points on a model and so I want to get that right. I've sprayed a little white on it to check it. It's getting there - but one more round of Mister Surfacer and micromeshing to go I think I cleaned up the prop - which is quite a crude little molding - and whilst I had the airbrush out I gave that a coat of white as well. I'm not looking forward to masking out the distinctive chipmunk prop stripes. Thanks for looking. Hopefully some proper progress later in the week. Steve
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    I believe you would need to find a kit of the Mk.VI 'India Pattern' for Burma. A small number of ex-British M3 Honeys (Stuarts) were used by the Japanese in this campaign.....One sneakily knocked out an M3 Lee! As Seahawk points out, most of the pictures of British/Indian M3 Mediums in Burma appear to be Lees (M3A5s?), with British modifications such as the removal of the commander's MG cupola, addition of a smoke discharger to the turret and modified stowage bins: Note that both of the M3s in the pictures above have the early style bogies, so a regular M3 kit should be a good starting point if you choose to build one. Most of the pictures of Shermans in Burma that I've seen in appear to show M4A2 Sherman IIIs or M4A4 Sherman Vs.....I couldn't honestly claim to be an expert in Sherman identification though. I believe the British also used the M7 SPG in this campaign. The M3A1 Honey (Stuart) too was still used by British/Indian units.....Here's one from the 7th Indian Light Cavalry: The Australians also used the M3 Honey (Stuart) but only in New Guinea: More info & pics here: http://anzacsteel.hobbyvista.com/Armoured%20Vehicles/m3inactionph_1.htm The Matilda Frog flamethrower-tank that the Australians later used to clear out Japanese strongpoints on New Guinea was a truly terrifying beast.....Especially when your best AT gun was a 47mm! If you are considering modelling vehicles from the wider campaign in the Far East, an interesting and unusual option would be a Valentine from the New Zealand 3rd Division, which saw action (albeit very briefly) in the Solomons as part of 'Operation Squarepeg'.....These vehicles had very distinctive camo (and the 3" CS tanks were a unique design IIRC): The closest tank in this image is a Valentine CS with 3" gun. Plenty more info on these tanks here: http://kiwisinarmour.hobbyvista.com/ If you were building in 1/72 I could make some kit recommendations, but in 1/35 I don't have a clue.....Sorry.
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    Its a bit long but this is a interesting account of a dogfight. Lawrence Thompson meets Hartmann's G-14 ".... this was my first major dogfight I had in the war, in January 1945. I was flying a P-51D and we were supposed to meet with bombers over Romania. Well, the bombers never showed up! And we kept circling and wasting our fuel. When we were low on fuel the squadron leader orders us back to base, with the top group at 24,000 feet and the four bait Mustangs ordered to 15,000 feet. Now you might not really think about it, but the difference in altitude, 9,000 feet, is almost two miles, and assuming that the top flight could dive and rescue the 'bait' airplanes, it might take a full sixty seconds or more for the top group to come to the rescue. A heck of alot can happen in sixty seconds. Earlier, I requested to fly in the bait section believing that I'd have a better chance to get some scores (at that time I had no victories either) and this was my seventh mission. I have to say now that I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, and my older brother flew a Jenny biplane in the late 1930s, so I learned the basics of flying even before joining the Army. So we're all heading back to Italy when, all of a sudden, a dozen or so Me109's bounce us. From one moment it's a clear blue sky, next moment there are dozens' of tracers passing my cockpit. I'm hit several times and I roll over to the right, and below me is an P-51, heading for the deck, with an Me109 chasing him. I begin to chase the Me109. All this time I believe there was another Me109 chasing me! It was a racetrack, all four of us were racing for the finish line! Eventually I caught up with the first Me109 and I fired a long burst at about 1,000 yards, to no effect. Then I waited until about 600 yards, I fired two very long bursts, probably five seconds each (P-51 has ammo for about 18 seconds of continuous bursts for four machine guns, the remaining two machine guns will shoot for about 24 seconds). I noticed that part of his engine cowling flew off and he immediately broke off his attack on the lead P-51. I check my rear view mirrors and there's nothing behind me now; somehow, I have managed to lose the Me109 following me, probably because the diving speed of the P-51 is sixty mph faster than the Me109. So I pull up on the yoke and level out; suddenly a Me109 loomes about as large as a barn door right in front of me! And he fires his guns at me, and he rolls to the right, in a Lufberry circle. I peel off, following this Me109. I can see silver P-51s and black nosed camouflaged painted Me109s everywhere I look, there's Me109 or P-51 everywhere! At this time I cannot get on the transmitter and talk, everyone else in the squadron is yelling and talking, and there's nothing but yelling, screaming, and incoherent interference as everyone presses their mike buttons at the same time. I can smell something in the cockpit. Hydraulic fluid! I knew I got hit earlier. .... I'm still following this Me109. I just got my first confirmed kill of my tour, and now I'm really hot. I believe that I am the hottest pilot in the USAAF! And now I'm thinking to myself: am I going to shoot this Me109 down too?! He rolls and we turn, and turn; somehow, I cannot catch up with him in the Lufberry circle, we just keep circling. About the third 360 degree turn he and I must have spotted two Mustangs flying below us, about 2,000 feet below, and he dives for the two P-51s. Now I'm about 150 yards from him, and I get my gunsight on his tail, but I cannot shoot, because if I shoot wide, or my bullets pass through him, I might shoot down one or both P-51s, so I get a front seat, watching, fearful that this guy will shoot down a P-51 we're approaching at about 390 mph. There's so much interference on the R/T I cannot warn the two Mustangs, I fire one very long burst of about seven or eight seconds purposely wide, so it misses the Mustangs, and the Me109 pilot can see the tracers. None of the Mustang pilots see the tracers either! I was half hoping expecting that they'd see my tracers and turn out of the way of the diving Me109. But no such luck. I quit firing. The Me109 still dives, and as he approaches the two P-51s he holds his fire, and as the gap closes, two hundred yards, one hundred yards, fifty yards the Hun does not fire a shot. No tracers, nothing! At less than ten yards, it looks like he's going to ram the lead P- 51 and the Hun fires one single shot from his 20mm cannon! And Bang! Engine parts, white smoke, glycol, whatnot from the lead P-51 is everywhere, and that unfortunate Mustang begins a gentle roll to the right. I try to watch the Mustang down, but cannot, Now my full attention is on the Hun! Zoom. We fly through the two Mustangs (he was taken POW). Now the advantage of the P-51 is really apparent, as in a dive I am catching up to the Me109 faster than a runaway freight train. I press the trigger for only a second then I let up on the trigger, I believe at that time I was about 250 yards distant, but the Hun was really pulling lots' of negative and positive g's and pulling up to the horizon. He levels out and then does a vertical tail stand! And next thing I know, he's using his built up velocity from the dive to make a vertical ninety degree climb. This guy is really an experienced pilot. I'm in a vertical climb, and my P-51 begins to roll clockwise violently, only by pushing my left rudder almost through the floor can I stop my P-51 from turning. We climb for altitude; in the straight climb that Me109 begins to out distance me, though my built up diving speed makes us about equal in the climb. We climb one thousand fifteen hundred feet, and at eighteen hundred feet, the hun levels his aircraft out. A vertical climb of 1,800 feet! I've never heard of a piston aircraft climbing more than 1,000 feet in a tail stand. At this time we're both down to stall speed, and he levels out. My airspeed indicator reads less than 90 mph! So we level out. I'm really close now to the Me109, less than twenty five yards! Now if I can get my guns on him......... At this range, the gunsight is more of nuisance than a help. Next thing, he dumps his flaps fast and I begin to overshoot him! That's not what I want to do, because then he can bear his guns on me. The P-51 has good armor, but not good enough to stop 20mm cannon hits. This Luftwaffe pilot must be one heck of a marksman, I just witnessed him shooting down a P-51 with a single 20mm cannon shot! So I do the same thing, I dump my flaps, and as I start to overshoot him, I pull my nose up, this really slows me down; S-T-A-L-L warning comes on! and I can't see anything ahead of me nor in the rear view mirror. Now I'm sweating everywhere. My eyes are burning because salty sweat keeps blinding me: 'Where is He!?!' I shout to myself. I level out to prevent from stalling. And there he is. Flying on my right side. We are flying side to side, less than twenty feet separates our wingtips. He's smiling and laughing at himself. I notice that he has a red heart painted on his aircraft, just below the cockpit. The nose and spinner are painted black. It's my guess that he's a very experienced ace from the Russian front. His tail has a number painted on it: "200". I wonder: what the "two hundred" means!? Now I began to examine his airplane for any bullet hits, afterall, I estimate that I just fired 1,600 rounds at the hun. I cannot see a single bullet hole in his aircraft! I could swear that I must have gotten at least a dozen hits! I keep inspecting his aircraft for any damage. One time, he even lifts his left wing about 15 degrees, to let me see the underside, still no hits! That's impossible I tell myself. Totally impossible. Then I turn my attention back to the "200" which is painted on the tail rudder. German aces normally paint a marker for each victory on their tail. It dawns on me that quick: TWO HUNDRED KILLS !! We fly side by side for five minutes. Those five minutes take centuries to pass. Less than twenty five feet away from me is a Luftwaffe ace, with over two hundred kills. We had been in a slow gradual dive now, and my altitude indicates 8,000 feet. I'm panicking now, even my socks are soaked in sweat. The German pilot points at his tail, obviously meaning the "200" victories, and then very slowly and dramatically makes a knifecutting motion across his throat, and points at me. He's telling me in sign language that I'm going to be his 201 kill! Panic! I'm breathing so hard, it sounds like a wind tunnel with my mask on. My heart rate must have doubled to 170 beats per minute; I can feel my chest, thump-thump and so. This goes on for centuries, and centuries. The two of us flying at stall speed, wingtip to wingtip. I think more than once of simply ramming him. He keeps watching my ailerons, maybe that's what he expects me to do. We had heard of desperate pilots who, after running out of ammunition, would commit suicide by ramming an enemy plane. Then I decide that I can Immelmann out of the situation, and I began to climb, but because my flaps are down, my Mustang only climbs about one hundred feet, pitches over violently to the right and stalls. The next instant I'm dangerously spinning, heading ninety degrees vertically down! And the IAS reads 300 mph! My P-51 just falls like a rock to the earth! I hold the yoke in the lower left corner and sit on the left rudder, flaps up, and apply FULL POWER! I pull out of the dive at about 500 feet, level out, (I began to black out so with my left hand I pinch my veins in my neck to stop blackout). I scan the sky for anything! There's not a plane in the sky, I dive to about fifty feet elevation, heading towards Italy. I fly at maximum power for about ten minutes, and then reduce my rpm (to save gasoline), otherwise the P-51 has very limited range at full power. I fly like this for maybe an hour, no planes in the vicinity; all the time I scan the sky, check my rear view mirrors. I never saw the Me109 with the red heart again. At the mess I mention the Me109 with the red heart and "200" written on the tail. That's when the whole room, I mean everybody, gets instantly quiet. Like you could hear a pin drop. Two weeks later the base commander shows me a telex: "....according to intelligence, the German pilot with a red heart is Eric Hartmann who has downed 250 aircraft and there is a reward of fifty thousand dollars offered by Stalin for shooting him down. I’ve never before heard of a cash reward for shooting down an enemy ace ... "
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    Today I have met up with two friends for a Draken build day. Instead of bringing out references to the meeting we moved the meeting to the references - a real RF-35 Draken. I have brought my FS 595 fan deck with me, and we are obviously also able to measure various parts of the Draken, so if you need any information now is the time to ask. A couple of pictures to prove that we are in fact building next to the real thing: Regards, Jens
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    All but finished now. Just the exhaust tailpipes to fit. This has been a really enjoyable build. The car is a Group 44 'might-have-been' as they never raced an E Type coupe (as far as I know!) I bodgellated a little 1/24 version a while back and you can see it in one of the pics below. I added lots of wiring/pipework/plumbing according to Googled images and a few Jaguar books and catalogues, and I printed all the engine and body decals myself. A roadster is on my 'to do' list as soon as I can get another 1/8 kit..... Roy.
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    Tamiya 1/24 Porsche with (I think) Studio 27 decal set. I don't often build modern machinery but a friends cousin worked for this team and the decals were available so I went and did it. I love this livery and I had some excellent photos of the car. There was some minor damage on the front in some of the pics so I tried to replicate this on the model. Finished this a couple of years ago, it is a bright addition to my display case. Thanks for looking. Steve.
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    or latest Iranian prototype? Good old Italeri F-19. Really wanted the *Monogram version, far sexier shape than this, but I've only ever seen one of those, on eBay, and that was in the States, which went for silly money. This was elusive enough, but as soon as I got it, I saw three on said auction site in one week! hey ho.... This ticks off the F-19 on the list. Decals are care of a Superscale sheet for F-117's, pilot from the spares box (think he'd have a bad neck in that position too), and a JDAM from the leftovers of an Academy F-22. Hmm, one of these in Iranian markings... Mind you, compared to their last unveiling, this thing is huge, so they'd probably stick a bomb aimer in the front too! *I think it was Monogram, different shape and far sexier
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    Here we have two more in my American post-62 Fighter range. I last built these I think in the mid 90's, except back then I utilised the Airfix F-5E rather than the Hobbyboss one. The Hasegawa F11F though is the same, in fact I still have the first one, minus it's canopy, sat rather sadly on a shelf ( I never finished it because I never got a decent bang seat for it!) So first up is the Hasegawa F11F, built in the popular markings of VF-21. I didn't add anything, all oob, with the exception of two AIM-9B's care of a weapons set, and a pilot from the Revell box set. And yes I know there are launch rails lacking from the kit Didn't go mad in the weathering dept either, just a it of staining around the back end and some pre-shading. And now the Hobbyboss F-5E. I bought a set of Mexican AF decals to use with this, complete with tiger heads, but didn't realise the airframe needed a few modifications, so just went with one of the kit decal options. I initially spray painted the camo but ended up going over it all again with a brush (doh!). Again, a minimum of weathering and a pilot from a Revell set. Erm, the kit was ok, but the fit wasn't the best; filler used in several places, particularly the wing to fuse joints and the fuse joints themselves at the rear. The trailing edges are rather on the thick side too, especially the tailplanes, but they are one piece and I can live with it!The cockpit is very spacious and the seat is far from ideal, but it's all done for now! Thanks for looking
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    stripped the main gear, left has been milled?.. turned into something like this.. rain/gun gas residue removal vents just in front of the windshield.. made a different and correct panelline, the forward part of the canopy hinges forward at this line.. almost ready for Mr.Color, but first some more primer..
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    This was a started kit I picked up at a show for $5. It was a real "butcher" job. I did the best I could to save it and came up with this. Sorry, I still haven't cracked the code to post more than one photo at a time. VERY frustrating.
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    Very nice models... Well done.
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    Top stuff again Russ. Your really churning them out at the minute. Anyone would think you don't have to work like the rest of us poor sods. Really loving the Vietnam theme of late. Quite possibly my favourite era... Question: The grey around the panel lines, is this a wash or pre-shading????
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    Fabulous. Top marks! Cliff
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    There certainly is some great YouTube stuff. Must be really cool (in all senses) stood up at the back whilst in flight! Grant
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    That is a real beauty Russ, great work.....................Smudge
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    Thanks yes they are very different arnt they quite unusual from mk to mk if other types you might get different engines nose etc but there are not many that have such wildly and numerous differences that I can think of. B3 yes that's in the pipe line I will do one someday that means making it bigger that the b2! Good game good game lol
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    This is my 'alteration' of the Revell Ferrari F10 into the 2010 Lotus R31. The kit needed a fair bit of 'bodgelling' and scratch building and I had to design and print all the decals myself. Hope you like it... Roy.
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    Hi all, Recently completed Airfix 1/48 Bae Hawk 100 series converted to a T2. Love the Airfix hawk, great kit. As I couldn't find anything much in the way of cockpit detail for the T2 I used parts of the Eduard etch set for the Typhoon, the control panels look close enough to me anyway, but I expect to be told otherwise! Still, looks better than the T1 panel supplied with the kit. Initially sprayed with Humbrol gloss black rattlecan until I realised how bad it was, had to sand down, re-spray with flat black and then gloss varnish, so not as shiny as I would like but not too bad. Decals are for 4 Squadron courtesy of Xtradecal. Hawk guys, please let me know if I have missed any other differences between the bog standard 100 and the T2. Still got some minor stencils to do. Cheers Simon
  36. 1 point
    Very nice build Russ, especially the cranes! If you want another pair of aircraft you can have mine, just PM me. I did notice that Tamiya did not include any U.S. aircraft with their Yamato!! Jockster.
  37. 1 point
    Rob, FREAKING AWESOME builds.. BEAUTIFUL. Collection..
  38. 1 point
    Hello again:) I don't know where to put this, but okay, I'll put it here.. I builded it recently in about 4 hours. It's not perfect, but it's my first serious scratch build project. I'll post some other photos of it later. So here it is - With my favourite paint - Humbrol Enamel Post your decision and as always - thanks for watching! Edgars
  39. 1 point
    Hi All, I won't bore you with the details but more go on of the Fine Airfix Vampire, I quite enjoyed this model, Just need to glue the canopy open position as I added some extra details inside the tub.
  40. 1 point
    Decals applied and it's had a 2nd coating of Humbrol gloss...The decals are very good and set down nice and flat..... I think I may wait awhile for the matt coat as it's blooming freezing today, "Sunny Zumerset" eh?? Smudge
  41. 1 point
    Nice concept. I can think of one or two others, though have no idea of the dates/aircraft involved: RAF Anson shooting down a Dornier Do 18; Another Anson which shot down two attacking Me109s and damaged a third; The RN Avenger whose gunner shot down a V1 as it passed by them. And for a more conventional fighter-fighter dogfight, albeit from Vietnam, the famed engagement between Cunningham/Driscoll's F-4B and 'Colonel Toom' in his MiG-17.
  42. 1 point
    My father actually worked on components for the X-29. It was definitely a unique bird. Awesome build! Regards, Hurry
  43. 1 point
    Crackin build and presentation Mike...almost looks real.
  44. 1 point
    its harder to model a knocked out vehicle then a normal one looks good well done chap, the ash looks ok
  45. 1 point
    Top notch as usual Mr De Torrice! Great in-flight pictures - those decals look like they would have taken some bedding down over all those curves (especially if they are 'standard' Hasegawa!)
  46. 1 point
    lovely build and a llarbruch bird mate happy hadys:) ;)
  47. 1 point
    Here she is finally completed and ready to set sail for her first Airstrike.....Cheers mark
  48. 1 point
    Im hoping tamiya will release this one
  49. 1 point
    This is a particularly ancient replica (originally released circa 1957) of the sleek Mach 2 B-58 Hustler bomber from Convair. Here, Monogram was modeling one of the XB-58A prototypes that was then undergoing tests at Convair's facilities next to Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas. Monogram did this one in a "box-scale" of 1/121 and also included some sensational "action" features that were a real selling point back then : opening canopies and, above all, a button that released the Hustler's giant original MB-1 single-component fuel/atomic bomb pod. Dangerous attack missions were possible against the cat or dog or perhaps a kid sister ! Because 55-661 was a prototype, it wasn't tactically configured and didn't have a rotary tail cannon and a few other things that the operational craft would have. Later, 55-661 would be modified into a dual-control TB-58A after it's testing jobs were completed. The old Monogram model had raised areas to indicate where the prototype-configuration decals should go, although, for some reason, I apparently forgot to paint certain areas red underneath the white/black nose and tail insignia ! I have photo-shopped in this red color in the final snapshot here to show a little bit more accurate view of what this prototype looked like during it's early testing missions and how I really should have finished this aircraft when I painted it. Eventually, I will delve into my stash and build the 1/48 scale Monogram B-58 I got a number of years ago and add it to my other Hustlers ! Photo Series 4-24-12 Bmod6XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 3-21-12 055mod3XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 5-25-12 004mod11XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 6-26-12 010mod5XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 5-21-12 033v3mod11specialXCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Mike
  50. 1 point
    hi, I create them in 3D studio - then I paint all the textures in photoshop - no photo's all created from scratch. I use Vue for the backgrounds. All models are built from GA drawings and a lot of photo ref! I'm always dragging the family to air museums for more reference ! But I guess I'm not the only one here that does that to!
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