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    Hi all, I've been fighting this kit for the last 6 weeks or so, after a nice start it just turned into a struggle, bad fit, bad flash, mistakes made, and I lost my mojo a bit. But I finally got it all done and wanted to share it, just so I can prove it's finally off my bench! I won't go into all the mistakes I can see in it; I always find it hard not to focus on them. But please feel free to share any advice/criticism you have, it'd be much appreicated. Thanks! J. Kit: Eduard 1:48 Bf 110G-4 Scale: 1:48 Paint & Weathering: Brush painted with Revell Aqua Colour & Tamiya Acrylics, Promodeller Wash, Citadel Nuln Oil Shade, Tamiya Weathering Kit Extras: None
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    TAMIYA LOTUS 49 R1 The Kit 1/12 Gold leaf LOTUS 49B, originally released as a motorised kit in 1969. Tamiya re-released this version in 1991 with limited re-tooling. Areas such as the battery box area remained however, although the electric motor & connections were removed. The Project When I got the kit, my early intention was pretty much to build a 49B OOB, not realising just how dated it was ( 40 odd year old moulds....what was I thinking?). The box art work doesn’t even reflect the tooling that you get, clearly showing a 49B with its later rear suspension improvement. It was evident after a careful study of the kit parts & hundreds of reference images, to build anything like a reasonable replica was going to be major challenge. From mid 68’ the 49 had evolved to a point where it had a new nose, wings, gearbox, rear suspension mounts, suspension set up etc. Aiming to build a Gold Leaf sponsored model an early 1968 car was chosen, prior to the additions of wings etc. 2 cars were identified a possible classics to replicate, Jim Clark’s R2 as used in the Tasman race series or Graham Hill’s R1, used at the Spanish grand prix. After a study of the history of the cars, Hill’s was chosen because for me it has a unique place in Lotus history. From then on the whole project snowballed into a extensive improvement project of just about everything in the box but with a self brief to use as much of the kit as possible & use as many basic materials as available, plastic sheet, brass, alloy & plastic pipe etc. (i.e. keep costs down!) The only aftermarket items being the funnel mesh covers, body rivets, old leather glove (for the seat) & decals. The brake callipers were kindly cast in resin by fellow Britmodeller Mark (Fazer). Decals are by Indycals, museum collection & a few homemade ones. Paints were from Halfords, plasticote & the Vallejo range. Very little of the kit remains “in its box form” most parts were reworked or improved, some minor, some major, most reconstructed or replaced to some degree. Parts such as the instruments, gearstick, starter, clutch slave cylinder, gearbox side plates, brake callipers, ignition system, throttle links, coolant expansion bottle & all pipe work are scratchbuilt. Brief History Colin Chapman’s Lotus 49 R1, was the original chassis tested by Graham Hill at Snetterton in 1967 & then its race debut at Zandvoort. Driven by both Clark & Hill in various races, she was at the forefront of any improvements that were made by Chapman & his team between 67 & early 68. The Cosworth powered Lotus 49’s were beginning to dominate the race scene, when tragedy struck in April 1968, with the death of former twice world champion Clark in a formula 2 event in Hockenheim, Germany. This was quickly followed by the death of another Lotus driver Mike Spence, in Indy practice in the USA. This left a dark cloud over Lotus & Chapman deeply affected particularly by the loss of his number one driver Clark, refused to attend with the Lotus team, the Spanish grand prix at Jarama in early May. Despite the new winged “49B” chassis travelling to the event, it remained in the garage as Chapman wanted to oversee its first outing, so Hill had to battle on in the older R1. Despite starting from 6th on the grid, Hill drove to famous moral boosting win for Lotus, and also his first for the team. 2 weeks later at Monaco, Hill moved to a new chassis & R1 was driven by new Lotus driver Jackie Oliver. Under explicit instructions from Chapman “not to shunt her & finish in the points”, Oliver crashed on the first lap of the race, effectively writing R1 off. Some parts were used in a rebuilt 49B chassis tagged R9 in late 1968. So R1 remains with the honour of being the prototype Lotus 49 & also the last ever winner in its original 49 form. Here are the finished images, for those who want to see what was required to get her here, please take a look at the WIP it’s here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...c=72440&hl= Finally thanks to all who have followed & offered encouragement, it certainly helped on the way & also to Stu Davros for the fantastic 49 reference images he sent me, god knows how many times I’ve viewed them, Mark Oakley At MRO F1 for answering any question I threw at him! & to Fazer for making the callipers, cheers lads! Any questions, fire away. P.S The nose cone has not had its final clear coat, as the Lotus Ford logo is just a temporary inkjet one until I get a better one made. Hope you like her, All the best, Mac
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    This is my recently completed model of the aforementioned kit. I really enjoyed building it and am fairly pleased with the result (Need to take better pics in natural light). Comments and criticism welcome. Cheers, Sean
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    Hi friends, just want to share a few pics of P-51 I did over x-mas holidays .... it was a relaxing build and a lot of details as wiring etc. was ommited on this one. The only aim was to enjoy painting without spending too much time in books and publications. Hope you gonna like it
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    Hi Everyone, Whilst I`m between builds and to test the new Photobucket I thought I`d show you my Thunderchief collection, so far: firstly a family shot, then Monogram F-105D, built with kit decals (which were a swine to do as very old) mostly OOD except for the rocket pods and bombs which were from a Hasegawa weapons set just to make it a little different then Revell EF-105F, `Wild Weasel` Done with one of the options that come on the decal sheet, but again with reworked armament to portray a a load more suitable for an `F` and lastly Revell F-105G, `Wild Weasel` this time with kit armament selection but aftermarket decals and fitted the crew as couldn,t be bothered to make seat belts Hope you enjoy looking at probably my favourite `Jet` kit..
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    http://www.cherryred.co.uk/sfe-exd.asp?id=3635 Interesting. Marty...
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    This is my only attempt so far at what iffery. It is an F111K (Merlin GR1?) of 15 Squadron in early 1970. The model is basically the Italeri, ex Esci F111A oob apart from the in flight refuelling bay door scribed in front of the cockpit, which is where I understand the probe was going to go. I built it ‘clean’ as I remember as a teenager seeing the then new Harriers and Phantoms being shown this way at airshows etc. Camouflage and markings are based on illustrations of a model I found on the web as to the pattern and the colours are as specified for the period. The serial comes near the beginning of the allocation for production airframes and I have chosen 15 Squadron as from what I have read this was a likely contender at the time. It is finished using Xtracrylix paints with the Green being largely applied with a hairy stick. Stencil decals are from a Microscale sheet (72-452) I have kept for years and the roundeletc. Are from Modeldecal sheets and the spares box. The photos do not show the panel lines that well but they are there. Writing this has set me thinking and somebody may be able to help me. When I was at School in nottinghamshire one Monday afternoon in either 1969 or 1970 (I think it was the former) there were a number of Harriers buzzing around including some which appeared to be landing or taking off. The school was located between Gedling and Burton Joyce on the A612 Nottingham Southwell road. It was a damn sight more interesting than the English lit lesson I was having at the time. I assume they were on exercise, the nearest RAF stations being Newton and Syerston.
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    This was completed in July last year and is probably one of my better efforts. It was my first attempt at serious weathering and is probably overdone but I like it. Hopefully these pics are better than my jaguar ones, comments and criticism welcome Cheers, Sean
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    Back in late December, one of the greats of TV entertainment passed away. As a tribute, I interrupted my current project and had to build something appropriate: which was a kit I picked up at Telford last year. As usual for Imai models, they HAD to turn it into a toy by adding missiles that could be fired from under the wings! Needless to say, I removed this "feature" and tried to add some flashing warning lights to the wingtips using flashing LEDs. The result was this: To be brutally honest, the paintwork could be better - had problems with the masking due to the panel lines - er trenches and the fit of some of the pieces. The LED lighting doesn't really show up very well unless you are at a particular angle - ie edge on to the wing HIdden under the "clouds" are the batteries but even though I beefed them up to 12v, the LEDs still don't show up very well. The LEDs: Fibre optics to illuminate the wing lights - I think the main problem is there just isn't enough fibres I can't honestly say this is one of my better builds sadly...
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    This is the latest of the bench. It's the 1/48 Hasegawa kit OOB. No problems in the construction and details about this kit abound. The aircraft is well documented pictorially and should be as worn as hell. I've done it as it would be restored and going into a museum..................it's the way I do 'erm. Comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking.
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    TBH, I only weathered it that much because misread the instructions and painted the whole thing the wrong colour (the instructions call for gunze navy blue, and I proceeded to paint it Humbrol navy blue which is too light) and then decided to go the whole hog. I think that fingerprint is the only one on the thing and it had to be in the area that I did a close up... Thanks for the comments they will hopefully help with future models.
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    I do indeed, Rene and have already started the master. I have a selection of drawings from some highly detailed large scales from R/C Canada to the beautifully crisp rendering in Ralph Pegram's new book. I am also asking Harry Robinson for a copy of his. So it'll be an accurate model. I'm collecting photos currently. I intend the models I do to have white metal detail parts, like spinners, props, wheels and separate tyres and as far as research allows, detailed cockpits. No resin as it's just too expensive. Martin
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    This is my build of the Comet prototype which I started for the Airliner II GB at the end of last year, but failed to complete in time. Here’s where I got up to at the end of the GB: And here’s the link to how I got to that stage. The first task was to create a much smoother surface for the Alclad NMF I am aiming for. This meant sanding and polishing to the extent that I was down to the naked plastic in some areas. Onto this I re-sprayed the Alclad black undercoat which after a polish was nice and shiny. Then on went the Polished Aluminium. As you can see from the above, I've re-sprayed some panels with the black base as the finish wasn't good enough and there was a fingerprint that wouldn't polish out Having re-sprayed I found another a bit further back... from then on I didn't even glance at the model without wearing cotton gloves. NMF complete... not perfect but frankly I'd had enough! Moving on to the undercarriage, although I had new main wheels from a Lancaster resin set, the hub was completely different. I found a suitable 6-spoke replacement in a 1/48 Tamiya P-47: To fit this, I needed a 10mm drill, first time for everything! All came good in the end though: I left the inboard (leg) side as it was. Yesterday I made new main gear legs. Happily I already had brass rod and two different diameters of tube that fit snugly into each other: Basically making it up, I fashioned legs that looked half decent (my first ever attempt at such things by the way!). The torque scissors came from an etched fret. That's where I'm up to, progress is slow but I'll keep updating this thread to completion. Thanks for looking! Mike
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    OK..... It isn't really...... I just liked the side-view picture as I'm quite pleased with the model. It's the little 1/32 Airfix kit. A really simple, fun and pretty quick build although the decals are a pain - particularly the orange band around the mouth. Hope you like the model - I'm tempted to do another in a different racing scheme. Roy.
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    Hello, the recent CMR kit with folding wings set from the same company and Flightpath etched parts for the FOD's and ladder. The Scimitar F.1 from 803.NAS, HMS Ark Royal, August 1966. Cheers Libor
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    Well, here she is.. Last thing before running out the door to catch a flight to the frozen tundra that is Europe.. First few pics are sans pitot, but then i found it on the carpet an hour or two ago.. Probably not the best shaped SHAR out there, but not terrible to build.. Forgot how small these buggers were.. I'm fairly certain the outrigger legs are at the wrong angle too..
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    hi this is the first time i have unleashed my work to the world so be kind these are a compilation of all the builds i have done since i ruptued my liguments in my knee almost 2 years ago this was the first a ferrari f2007 of kimi raikkonen, it was the gb version that i adapted to the china gp spec all the marlboro decals were a real pig to do as they broke up so more had to be ordered mclaren mp4/7 i love doing senna cars i always get a weird feeling when there done mclaren mp4/8 again i love it but its not quite finished yet as i need to finish off the helmet thanks for looking
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    This is the last of my recenlyt built models. In fact I built the two Starfires and T-Bird simultaenously in an assembly line fashion owing to the similarity of the model .
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    Lancaster ED937 - Tribute to Henry Maudsley & Crew Bomber Command SIG At 21.39 on the 16th May 1943, nine aircraft took off as a first wave on the infamous raid to attack dams in the Rhur valley with the view to significantly damaging the industrial output as a result of the flooding that would follow. Piloted by Sqn Leader Henry Maudsley, Lancaster ED937 coded AJ-Z was part of the formation set to attack the Mohne and Eder dams. The route was to take them at a height of about 100ft over the Netherlands and close by to Eindhoven to avoid the heavy defenses of the Rhur. Following a successful breach of the Mohne, Maudsley along with Shannon and Knight escorted by bombless Gibson and Young to draw flak approached the Eder which was covered in fog. After 6 aborted runs by Shannon, Maudsley attacked with his bomb striking the top of the dam damaging the aircraft in the blast. Knight subsequently breached the Eder in AJ-N. With a damaged aircraft Maudsley set course back for Scampton but at about 2.35am was shot down over Emmerich with the tragic loss of all the crew. The guys of the bomber Command SIG will be displaying all 18 aircraft in 1/72 that took part in the raid in front of PA474 at Scampton on 17th May as part of the 70th anniversary event of which this is one. Built from the Revell kit, the build was a journey in itself as discussion and dialogue from the very helpful chaps on Britmodeller revealed issues that I ended up correcting best I could. I won't go into detail, but the build thread is HERE. Hope you like it.... Thanks for looking, Neil
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    Hi I have just finished this great little kit of the Airfix RWMIK+. You can find the story behind the Re-life upgrade here. The kit falls together really well, but when you look at Parabat's excellent reference shots, you realise that the vehicle needs a lot of accessorising to give it that "in-service" look. I therefore searched unsuccessfully for an appropriate 1/48 accessory set. The next best thing was the Tamiya WW2 Jerry Can Set, which comes with a selection of jerry cans, packs, bedrolls and drums. I bought this for a very reasonable £5.99 from a company I had never used before called Affinity Models who offered a friendly and very fast service. The only other aditions were various straps, the seat belts and tow strop from Tamiya tape, the bonnet-mounted stowage bin was fabricated from some scrap 1/35 scale parts, as was the towing eye and shovel. I used PVA-soaked kitchen paper to create the desert DPM Bergen covers which covered the side-mounted Bergens as well as the GPMG and .50 cal. I also used kitchen paper to create the sand bag covers for the front and rear lights. I used Humbrol #237 and #93 to paint the Bergen covers. The final additions were the two stretched sprue antennae. I painted one wing green and went for a peeled-paint effect on the bonnet, which is barely visible under the weathering and stowage. The rest of the vehicle was sprayed Humbrol #237 followed by a Raw Umber wash and a liberal dusting of MIG Gulf War Sand. I am really pleased with the result and look forward to making the Coyote and Jackal. All feedback welcome. And a few shots with the Snatch from the same set:
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    A few from today, trying out the new camera and lens.... still no idea what im doing lol...
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    Nice Sean and you may be right (and this is not a criticism) it is probably a little OTT compared to the real thing - the USN mostly kept their GSB a/c fairly clean (that colour did NOT tend to weather or chip - exhaust staining, yes). One more minor tip - I use nitrile gloves when handling my models during painting (or try to) - avoids the fingerprints like the faint one on the underside of the starboard wing! At the end of the day mate, it's your model and it's a beauty and for the record...I like it too! Andy - a self-confessed USN-nut!
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    1941 Plymouth US Forces staff car, pics thanks to bootneck.
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    I know what you mean Brian, I'm in semi-retirement myself at the moment. Good to spend the time learning new things off here from others. Sean
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    Absobl**dylootly gorgeous!!!!! Iain
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    Many thanks all for your kind comments... LOL. Hi Sean, I'm retired now Sean and modelling/love of aircraft has always been a passion of mine, almost 55 years now, must admit though I always keep on trying to improve and many of the builds on Britmodeller inspires me to do so....Brian. Hi Sernak, The Daco decals were a treat to apply, strong and fairly straightforward although patience was required. All the markings including the "tiger stripes are decals, all you need is to paint the model gloss black. The kit I built was an old Hasegawa one, more recently i think Revell have produced a similar kit with the decals included, super decal i believe they call them. The kit no is 04543 and it is typical of Revells standard......Brian. Hi Guillaume, This same aircraft, along with another similar took part in RAF Waddingtons airshow a couple of years back, both a treat to view.......Brian.
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    hi to all, this is my first post on this forum i have already started this kit a while ago but have not got very far into it so here goes, and just because she is insisting i put this, this model was an xmas present from my lovely wifey. the pics are not great i was messing around with my camera recently and have not got it back to normal yet. first is the box which depicts the ferrari f2012 from the malaysia gp the gear box which i am planning on c/f decalling at some point the nose section which i had trouble with because when i first primed it there were these 3 little dots that appered on the pillars so i had to respray them and the front wing elements which i cant stop playing with, there were also a few problems with this as in real life there are gaps between all the planes but the way fujimi molded it there wernt so there was alot of careful cutting last for today is the body which alot of work went into as most of the panels fitted really badly which as im use to with fujimi was very strange, it took about 20ish hours jsust to get it to the state its in now which im still not happy with any feed back is welcome and there will hopefully be more updates soon
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    Beautiful builds.......................shouldn't have left that T-50 in Liverpool though
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    Great work so far, I built one when they came out and have another in the stash. They really were lovely kits and were my first forays into vacform at the time. Nice to see another one coming together.
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    Another cracking Dio from HL-10.. dude, you gotta' teach me! Andy
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    Hi all, In honor of the new Airfix PR XIX kit, here are a couple of pictures of my PR XIX built around the turn of the century. I used and made the best of the Academy 1/48 scale Mk XIV kit, which needed a fair bit of work to bring it up to standard. Even so, it was never the Bee's Knees in terms of shape, but not horrible if worked up. To me this is the prettiest scheme ever seen on the PR XIX; Medium Sea Grey/PRU Blue, and flown by Flt Lt Ed Powles out of Hong Kong, including clandestine flights over communist China, circa the early 1950's. Great aircraft + great story + great markings = wonderful modeling. I even got to talk with Mr. Powles about the markings for a particular point in time. A great thrill! Cheers, Jim
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    Hi Folks Am back....was out for the past week had to undergo a minor surgery.....and still under treatment.........Dr said I can do modellling if I am careful......managed to hit the bench today....and Preshaded Since it was one colour......it was painted and futured as well All bits are on including the wing fences....next will be the decal and wash.......... Rgds Mr B
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    Nice family, especially Polish Glider. Good job.
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    here is my hobby boss 1/48 scale thud, a great kit apart from the canopies, there is no way to have them open, so i have had to use gizmoligy, and have them held up using the force as always, all comments most welcome malc
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    Beautiful collection Russ. Congrats to you. Karen
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    More interested in the 72nd conversions. Two RAF heavies - Manchester and Lincoln? Clue says leader and follower - the Manchester led the Lancaster and the Lincoln followed?
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    Very nice collection of 105'z....hands down my fav of all time Heavy Metal Jets!!! http://www.burrusspta.org/thud.html
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    I visited Coltishall, a few years ago, and they certainly had a room set aside for history; it included a cover, with original Gulf War artwork, from a Jaguar, hung on the wall. There is a book, by Mick Jennings MBE, called "Royal Air Force Coltishall Fighter Station, A Station History," ISBN 978-1-906183-01-1, published by Old Forge Publishing at £25, though it has been available for less. Since it covers the station from 1938 to closure, most references are fairly fleeting, and 229 does not figure very much. 229's wartime ORB will, definitely, be in the National Archives, but they tend to be a bit hit-and-miss, so you can never be sure what will turn up; rarely does the entry include codes and serial no., but you never know. Edgar
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    Hello Folks, Now that it has appeared in print within the latest issue of Airfix Modelworld magazine I`m free to share my 1/48th scale Airfix Seafire FR.47 model with those of you who don`t have a copy; http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii87/tooley220/39lighter_zps9719adab.jpg Plus an older model from the original boxing; and the Seafire FR.46; Hope you like them, All the best Tony O
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    Nice work on the wildcat, have promised myself a Porsche one day, if I win the lottery!!! Would love to stick a tow bar on it and tow a trailertent !!! All the best Chris
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    There's information on the operations of 229 Sq just after this period in the book Operation Big Ben, by Craig Cabell and Graham A. Thomas, published by Spellmount Limited 2004, ISBN 1-86227-251-4. As the title of the book implies, the operations were carried out against the V-2 launches from Holland.
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    The hercules cowlings are parallel sided (ie straight cylinders) so would be impossible to mould in one piece without changing the shape (to add a draft angle so the parts will release from the mould) and losing all the detail off the sides which would create undercuts. You could mould them correctly in one piece with a "slide mould", but for 4 cowlings, it would add massively to the cost of the kit as the tooling and production costs would shoot up. It's kind of a "pick any two" situation- cheap kit, correct details, ease of assembly . . . ETA- did anyone notice the big bomb trolley on the "dambusters" optional parts sprue? Also looks like some extra detail has been included for the upkeep release mechanism like the hydraulic pump and spring/girder thing that pushed the calipers apart.
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    No worries....may take a day or two to locate in the depths of my stash but I'll get a pic taken as soon as I find it...
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    If you need any help with pics/dimensions of the missing parts, I have an unbuilt example in my stash
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    A little more progress.... As well as giving you templates to cut out the missing windows in the rear bulkhead, the etched set also provides templates for cutting the 'glass' out of transparent sheet.... These were duly installed in the bulkhead along with the kit transparency and the whole assembly cemented in place.... I also painted in the lights using Tamiya Clear colours...some of these require a second coat whilst others have been blacked out using dark grey paint... Overall the effect is starting to look more convincing...now to tackle the rest of the kit...
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