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    Good evening everyone, This is Tamiya’s superb IL2. I had previously built Eduards kit and really enjoyed that, to the extent that I didn’t really see how it could be improved . However having heard good things about this particular kit, I decided to give it a go. What a blast. People have said that it’s a well engineered kit. No kidding. As ever, everything fell together, tolerances were precise and everything just clicked into place. Amendments to the kit included putting flat spots on the tyres, replacing the wing cannon and machine guns with hollow tube and aerial wire from Uschi. The paints are a mixture of Mr Hobby and Tamiya, with fine details picked out with Vallejo. There is some shading and chipping on. Tamiya supply a set of masks for the windows that you need to cut yourself. They worked really well and I was more than satisfied. They also provide a decal for the seat harness but I went with an Eduard belt for a more 3D look. Nothing beats Eduards buckles for setting of a cockpit. The decals were a mixture of out of the box and the remainder of the Cartograph sheet from the Eduard boxing. Fair to say that I was pleased with this. Thanks for looking. Rick
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    Armstrong Whitworth Whitley MkV – N1428 GE•B, No 58 Squadron, Linton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire, April 1940. Currently the largest model in my display cabinet, I was very happy when Airfix announced a new tool of this Bomber Command stalwart of the early World War Two period. The kit went together fairly well, aside from issues fitting the nacelles. The aftermarket decals also had slight misregistration, which I may pluck up the courage to correct in time. The diorama base was cooked up over Christmas 2019, and the vehicles come from Airfix and Flightpath. The build thread has been posted, and can be found here:
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    The final Luftwaffe subject in my stash (for now) has just been completed - FineMolds Me410. A nice kit that went together well with some fine detail. Finished with Vallejo Model Air over grey Stynylrez primer and sealed with Winsor & Newton matt varnish. PJ Productions crew look happy with it: Bombs posed with wire: From the WiP, showing the details of the kit internals: WiP thread:
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    Used the last day of my chrismas holidays to complete these 2 planes, I have use decals from Super Scale, otherwise build out of box, and it is nice set fit is good goes nicely together. Cheers Jes
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    Here is my 1/72 Phantom FGR.2 XV423 "D", 23. Squadron RAF, RAF Stanley, Falkland Islands 1983/84. Old Fujimi kit made "out of the box", except resin ejection seats (Pavla) and Sidewinders (Eduard). Decals are based on Print Scale`s 72-285 set. Thanks for watching!
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    Brave or fool You always do something brave or stupid in front of the girl you like. 1/35 Tamiya M51 Super Sherman \ THANK YOU
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    I hope everyone had a good Xmas. I'm sharing one of my builds from 2019 with you all. This is the Eduard Hawker Tempest MK.V Series 2 kit in 1/48 Scale. Kit was painted using Tamiya acrylics and featured in an issue of SAMI magazine, photography is not one of my strengths and still learning
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    Model made to order. This is an F-14A with an interesting story, you'll probably know which one. Model Trumpeter scale 1:32 made straight from the box. Model Trumpeter w skali 1:32 wykonany prosto z pudełka. I think this is the last model this year and I hope that next year will be equally successful for me.
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    Cavalier F-51D 67-22581, c. 1968 Airfix 1/72 F-51D kit, with scratchbuilt addition of second seat in place of rear fuel tank, and extended fin. Overall Xtracrylix ADC Grey, and decals from the spares box. Justin
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    The Old Academy model was on the shelf with a set of Aires add-ons .... yes I know there is Tamiya .... but I had it all at home and found that I would put it together. I still have old Hasegawa on the shelf with additions .... I'll also put it together when the time comes. In this model I managed to stuff: - resin cockpit (Aires) - resin main gear interiors (Aires) - resin main gear covers (Aires) - resin engine (Aires) - resin guns in wings (Quickboost) - Quickboost resin propeller - engine cover from the Hasegawa model - Pavla resin bombs - bazookas from the Tamiya model - Rob Taurus windshield (vacu) - inside of the tail wheel and an additional fuel tank from the P-47 N SWORD model - scraped air intake in the engine cover and a few other small things. If anyone is interested then he can see the construction thread here: The model presents a plane from 318 fighter group, 19 squadron. Saipan 1944.
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    Hiya Folks,.....quite a quiet year for me due to poor health etc,...... but here is my list of kits for the year; Hurricane I, 1/72nd Hasegawa kit, 303 Sqn; Hurricane I, 1/72nd Arma kit, 73 Sqn, Western Desert; Sea Vampire F.20, 1/72nd, Dragon; Vickers Delta, 1/72nd Special Hobby, RCAF; Hurricane I, 1/32nd FLY kit, 3 Sqn, SAAF; Beaufighter Mk.II, 1/72nd Airfix kit & Alley Cat conversion; Dakota, 1/72nd Airfix, Coastal Command Comms Flight; Boston III, 1/72nd Special Hobby, 18 Sqn, Italy; Wellington Mk.Ic, 1/72nd Airfix, 458 Sqn RAAF; Thunderbolt I, 1/48th Monogram kit, 73 OTU; Spitfire Mk.Vc, 1/72nd, KP kit, 249 Sqn Malta; Spitfire FR.18, 1/48th Academy kit; Beaufighter NF.VI, 1/48th Tamiya; M3 Lee Tank, British Army, 1/35th; Hurricane Mk.I, 1/72nd Arma kit x 2 Battle of Britain aircraft,..... .VY-H, 85 Sqn ; JX-O 1 Sqn; Albemarle, 1/72nd Valom; Mustang Mk.III x 2,.... 1/72nd Revell; Arnhem Pair,.....C-47 & Horsa in 1/72nd; Hamilcar Glider, 1/72nd Planet Models; Halifax A.V Tug,....old Matchbox kit; Beaufighter 21, 1/72nd Hasegawa, RAAF; And a few which have not crossed the line in time; Albacore, 1/48th Trumpeter; Sunderland Mk.V, 1/72nd Special Hobby; Liberator `Glamour Girl'; Hercules C.3; And a little 1/200 Herk too; Ventura V, SAAF, 1/48th Revell/Monogram; And the Airfix 1/48th Spitfire XIV,...... I`ve used the excellent Exito Decals to replicate a 443 Sqn RCAF aircraft that I`ve wanted to build for years,......unfortunately the yellow spinner spiral decal is the wrong way around,.....so I`ve reversed it and will paint the white reverse side yellow!
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    Hello, Also a recent completion, the Academy 1/48 P-47 Thunderbolt. Began its life as 56th FG USAAF, but paint was stripped and it became a plane of the french air force in the 1945 markings ... Metal is done with AK extreme metal colors, a nice range, although one need a gloss balck undercoat and even thoroughfully cured, the finish is quite fragile. Hope you'll like her as well ...
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    Started unknown. Dragon 1/4 ton 4x4 truck with mg34. I didn't know wheeled things could be built till I opened this. 23 hours 54 minutes, single sitting Thanks to the hosts for organising. Lemur out.
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    As finished in the 1/72 "Lift Here" Models Piper Enforcer build, here are the final pics: Thanks for looking. Ed
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    I Made this 1/32 italian Air Force F-104s maintenance diorama starting from the Italeri model, I added a lot of detail using commercial add-ons but also a lot of scratchbuilt ones, expecially inside the plane. All was made using real pictures and books as reference. You will find the RAT, and the fuel pipes on the back of the plane and many other all around the plane you can find in the detail pic. I've made new carts and ladders and other details around the diorama. The scenery was made using photo-paint and printer.
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    Junkers Ju88 G Mistel + Gaz M415 (1:48). Diorama scratch built. Finished the GAZ recently and re-did the diorama. https://i.imgur.com/bbEIpRt.jpg[/img] Enjoy Brian
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    My MIG 21 is as done as it's going to be. All kinds of compromises were made to fit into the 24 hour slot but it got there with an hour to spare! It won't stand too close a scrutiny, so two pictures will have to do. I've made them a bit festive to compensate. It's the first time I've finished a kit this quickly since I was in primary school! Thanks are due to the organisers for putting on the show, I've certainly enjoyed taking part. Tony.
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    Hello, It's been quite a long time I didn't complete something, so here is my last 2019 buod : Tamiya 1/48 MiG 15 Bis. Metal is Tamiya AS12 Spray can, with AK extreme Metal touch up, while the red is also Tamiya, airbrushed this time .... Hope you'll like her,
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    Crusader Mk.III 17th/21st Lancers, 6th Armoured Division Bou Arada, Tunisia 13 January 1943 Kit: Tamiya 1/48 3255 Build thread: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235065286-crusader-mkiii/
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    Hi A tiny tiny model from five star model. Very funny and agreeable to build. have a nice day Pierre
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    Hi All For better or worse this is done . A little rough but it will do AIRBUS A320-211 VH-HYA ANSETT AUSTRALIA Kit Hasagawa 1/200 Paints Tamiya Mistakes ME Thanks all for great bit of fun Martin H
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    Nice and clean Do335 from Hobbyboss in 1/72. Variations of RLM81/82 aren't quite right but I think it looks ok. 12 hour single sitting
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    Tim's Airfix P-51D Mustang as Passion Wagon.
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    FM Models 1/48 Breguet Alize I commenced the build in March 2018 and have just completed it - as I said in the WIP it is an older limited run kit so you need to be prepared to put a bit of work into it to get a nice model but saying that it is the only 1/48 Alize available although pretty hard to find one now.. I have always found the Alize an interesting aircraft and this kit sat in my stash for years until I saw an excellent build by Mssr Gaudart on a French website Master194.com - unfortunately the build has disappeared from that website which is a shame as it had a lot of useful reference photos as well as informative build of his model. I did a lot of modifications to the kit and scratch built the wing fold rather than use the resin wing folds that came with the kit - all detailed in the WIP. BERNA decals were used to finish her as number 17 of Flottille 4F in the type A camouflage scheme Alize service history & information on the aircraft can be found here - http://www.ffaa.net/aircraft/alize/alize.htm Happily there is still an airworthy Alize in France & plenty of photos of the aircraft easily found on the internet via Google - there are several preserved examples in various museums. The Alize model photos are the best I could do on my iPhone. WIP LINK - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235035388-fm-breguet-alize-the-gallic-gannet-rfi-posted/ CJP
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    Just finished - the excellent 1/72 scale T10-10 Flanker prototype from Modelsvit....... This really is the best yet from Modelsvit - crisp moulding with nice engraved panel detail, etched brass parts, self adhesive masks - a complete package. The anti-FOD guard on the nosewheel is realistically done - with a separate wheel and the guard in two halves - unlike the one-piece moulding on some Flanker kits. Spot the difference - first and latest Flankers - T10-10 and Su-35S........ More photos - build and finished model - here. WIP thread - here. Ken
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    I haven't had a particularly busy year, but one full of oddities in both scale and subject, given that I usually build 1/72 WW2 aircraft. Some of this year's efforts were one or the other, some were neither. Anyway I finished a solid 8 kits this year, rather less than what I consider the ideal number (which I arbitarily set at 12 in my mind) but I can at least cop out on the grounds that some of them were 'biggies' 1. Eduard 1/72 Mig-15, Blue 611 of the Forţele Aeriene ale Republicii Populare Română, or Romanian Air Force, built for the 50s NATO v Warsaw Pact group build: Build thread here and gallery pics here 2. and 3. Airfix 1/72 Spitfire 22 Royal Egyptian Air Force and Syrian Air Force, with Tigerhead Decals: RFI pics here 4. Matchbox 1/72 Heinkel He115B-1 with decals from the Revell re-issue of the kit: Build thread here, RFI pics here 5. HobbyBoss 1/32 Republic F-84G Thunderjet - Armee de l'Air Build thread here, RFI pics here 6. Hasegawa 1/32 Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien 'Tony': RFI pics here 7. Hasegawa 1/32 Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki 'Tojo': RFI pics here 8. Hasegawa 1/32 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate 'Frank': RFI pics here ... and that's me. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of yous Cheers, Stew
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    Hi all. After some problems with the snow used in this small scene (that of AK) and changing the base for a larger one, I can show the work completely finished. For those who want to see the work done on the ships the links are: I have finished it in a month and a half, without messing with any other model in between which is a double achievement on my part. For the short time that I took to do it and because between the beginning and the end I have not taken a different model. Bandai kits related to the Star Wars saga totally and absolutely recommended. I have done some more and I have many others. From the first I can say the same and from the second I can say that the detail is equally impressive. The only but is its price. Even on the other side of the world it is high, here it is simply prohibitive for a normal pocket. Regards.
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    Hi all Just two little jets to slip in under the wire for 2019. Bit late as I had a bit of an issue with Flickr, but all good now - my finger trouble! Doh! Both models are the lovely little 737-300 kits from Daco under their Skyline range. The decals are also Daco, These are numbers 3 & 4 in my production line of WestPac LogoJets, Western Pacific was a Colorado based airline that operated in the mid 90s for 4~5 years and became well known for turning their jets over to advertisers. Normally it was a Colorado based sponsor, in this case the Crested Butte winter resort and the rather upmarket Broadmoor Hotel. For the fuselage colours I used Daco's own paints (produced by Xtracolor), purple for the Crested Butte and Peach and Maroon for the Broadmoor machine. Build was exactly as per the previous 2, but with the advantage of lessons learned, as they do have a couple of quirks. They will now join my Simpson's and Colorado Springs jets from last year. Two more in the programme for next year! Comments and critique welcome in equal measure! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Thanks for looking! IMG_4911 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4913 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4916 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4915 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4930 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4927 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4928 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4929 by Rick Smith, on Flickr Happy New Year all! ATB Rick
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    I wanted to bring something back from Telford this Year and this kit looked really cool. This was not a Hard kit but there were a few curves tossed here and there. Dry-fitting and Sanding were the word of the day. I added some details to the landing gear such as retractors and braces, using Albion alloys real small tubbing. Kit decals were used and the were mostly very good except the red forward sections on the nose, I used some Vallejo red for touch up. Checking steady-ness of my hands. This was a Beautiful aircraft and I am quite happy with the small version I have. PS the Paint is much smoother than the Magnified photos reflect. Thanks for taking a look and Comments welcome Happy New Year Bill
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    Disappointing, I was hoping to avoid having to add that. Tonight I picked up this memoir on Kindle, which will hopefully prove an informative read. Here's where we are on the internals: And how they more or less should look when together: You'll also note I managed to prise the cowl open by main force alone (emitting a suitably herculean grunt as I did so), and got the exhaust collector piping in there after some sanding. Sanding, in fact, was the name of the game tonight. The so far great fit of the kit was revealed to evapourate once one attempted to close things up, as I discovered when test-fitting the cockpit framing into the fuselage tonight, and vigourous sanding and usage of my micro-chisel set were required to widen the various channels and narrow the framing to ensure something like a decent fit. The engine also required sanding down to fit in the cowl. I also dunked the clear parts in Future, since there's going to be some glue/plastic interactions for sure when the wings go on and I want them to be well cured by then.
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    Hello Dears ! Now, That's the last one for 2019 !! So, let's go to Kai Tak in September October 1951... The lady is surely shy, given the last minute glitches that has occured !! But, I can call her finished and I'm reasonably glad. The Airfix kit in Eduard boxing is a great and good deal !! The resin interior has been corrected by Aires and is far easier to use than the first outing ! (The one I used on my Seafire .47 as an example....) I like that big nose and the Barracuda prop' blades look far better !! An pic of the beastie the day they arrive at Kai Tak... In september, they received the black and white stripes to avoid any shooting from the trigger happy cow boys from the colonies... However, they did'nt flow over Korea, they were involved... Patrolling the chinese border... As usual, I worked my interiors They were not all repainted in black, so I elected to let her in interior green, The shade seen on the pics is not darker enough methink ! I think that I should have painted the seat in interior green too, but it was too late ... Cockpit was already buttoned up ! And I also elected to let her as clean as possible, so No Woosh thingies or fuel tanks of any sorts !! I also changed the wheels, but I don't remember where I picked it up... The canopy is a Falcon one since the original one did'nt fitted the plane at all.
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    Hi guys Here i want share to you my MRC Gallery Sikorsky HH-34 G of the german Navy in the 60th. I used also the great EDUARD photo etch parts which are much more better than the PE parts of the kit. I have liked this version from first sight because of the dayglow paint which is a nice contrast to the silver body of the helicopter. I paint it with Vallejo aluminium and the panel lines i airbrush it with Tamiya X-19 smoke to get a worn effect. For the pictures i drove together with my wife more than one hour through the country side to find a fitting location and my wish was to get a special lights, so we had waited till 3.30pm in winter 2017 when the sun setting already Cheers Werner
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    Hiya Folks, These models and most of my research have recently appeared in Scale Aircraft Modelling but the model pics don`t show up all that well so I thought that I`d put a few on here in case anybody is interested,; Here is the Valom Marauder Mk.I, built as FK375/D which was refinished from the desert scheme into Temperate Sea Scheme after the intended role of light bomber was changed during work up training to maritime recce/strike. The original Middle Stone can still be seen behind the scroll under the cockpit containing the name `Dominion Revenge', which was applied by famous modeller and historian Dick Ward during his RAF service; 32 by Tony OToole, on Flickr 31 by Tony OToole, on Flickr 30n finished by Tony OToole, on Flickr 34 by Tony OToole, on Flickr 30e finished by Tony OToole, on Flickr 38 by Tony OToole, on Flickr And here is the Monogram snap tite kit (with engines and interior added from a scrapped Airfix kit!) built as 41-17978 `Flak Eater' which was one of the ex USAAF B-26B handed over `in theatre' by the 320 BG to 14 Sqn mainly for the in house training flight although some were also used for operations; b20 FINISHED by Tony OToole, on Flickr b27 by Tony OToole, on Flickr b28 by Tony OToole, on Flickr b22 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Both models are based on photographs which appear in my article and although the paintwork on the Mk.I appears quite stark in the pics, in reality the grey and green really merge into each other. The B-26B has the two toned Olive Drab seen on many Marauder`s but whether this was caused by different paint which has weathed differently or the thickness of the metal causing this effect,..I don`t know! Cheers Tony Edit- I cannot post any reference photos here but many of them appear on the excellent 14 Sqn Association website, follow this link; http://www.14sqn-association.org.uk/14_Squadron_Association/Marauder.html Edit,...edit,.... I have re posted the photos here after they went missing following the Photobucket disaster! I have also added some pics of my 1/48th Marauder Mk.I, converted from the Monogram kit using the Lone Star conversion set, lots of filler and tennis elbow!! DSCF9349 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF9357 by Tony OToole, on Flickr and here are the 1/72nd and 1/48th scale Marauder Mk.I models together; DSCF9363 by Tony OToole, on Flickr
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    Hi, My second for 2020, the Focke Wulf FW 44 Stieglitz by Huma in 1/72/ Buiild is almost OOB, I added only some structure inside. I was inspired by recent show in RFI of FW 44 in 1/32 by @galgos (thanks ) and started build right in New Year day. I realized that from few years I have already chosen the scheme and I have everything to go on with it. The scheme followas one given by Kora in a decal set, however I hav used decals from drawer. It is FW 44 of Finnish AF during spring 1944. Her she is: As you can see there was a disaster of decay of "11" on bottom of wing, one day I will correct it.... Comments welcome Regards J-W
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    Hi Guys, I have never had the intention to build this kit as the IAF Mig-21 15 squadron the lancer with Polka dots over the yellow, these markings were for early aggressor training. I bought this kit for the decals which had a sexy one and I had some Eduard kits for it, however, after seeing the kit i thought why not I do a quick build, the parts were simple and some parts oversimplified but I have no complaint you can't beat the price and also expect good quality it. So, I thought why not build the kit as well, so I end with these big polka dots mig-21, masking the black was simple well there is trick to it and rather very simple one hehe. I will tell if one anyone is interested. So here it is Mig-21 15 squadron the lancer, 1992 Jodhpur. Thank you for looking, and this being my last build for the year. Happy New Year 2020. Cheers everyone
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    I managed to complete more than I thought this year as work and normal life stuff kept me fairly busy for most of the year. Amodel Cessna YH-41 Seneca 1/72 straight from the box More photos AMP Fairey Ultralight in 1/72 with Classix Ford Thames ET6 (lengthened chassis and new flat-bed), both are with homemade decals More photos AMP Focke Achgelis Fa-225 1/72 straight from the box More photos Frog Meteor F4 1/72 with homemade decals, this was the first civil jet engined aircraft in the world and used by Gloster as a demonstrator. Later converted into two-seater G-AKPK More photos Aeroclub Meteor T7 1/72 Gloster demonstrator G-AKPK with homemade decals. Converted from single-seater G-AIDC More photos Special Hobby 1/72 Meteor T7½ straight from the box as Gloster demonstrator G-ANSO. Converted from single seater G-AMCJ More photos Airfix Meteor F3 1/72 with scratchbuilt rear cockpit, with homemade decals, this was used by Martin-Baker for the early ejection seat trials More photos Meteor PR3 prototype - Airfix Meteor F3 1/72 with modified nose, with homemade decals More photos Frog Meteor F4 1/72 with extended nacelles used to test reheat, with homemade decals More photos Meteor PR5 prototype - Special Hobby 1/72 long-span F4 with Aeroclub PR nose, with homemade decals More photos Mach 2 Argosy 1/72 with homemade A&AEE decals otherwise straight from the box More photos Special Hobby Meteor F8 1/72 with homemade decals, bombs and rockets from the spares box and scratchbuilt RATO bottles, G-AMCJ Gloster demonstrator later rebuilt as two-seater G-ANSO More photos IMAI Captain Scarlet SPC straight from the box More photos IMAI Captain Scarlet SPV straight from the box More photos IMAI Thunderbirds FAB1. I vacformed a new canopy to replace the blue-tinted kit item but otherwise straight from the box More photos Wacky Races Dastardly and Mutley Mean Machine. Resin kit with homemade decals and vacform canopy, scratchbuilt detonator, detour sign and paint pot More photos These have been finished off in the last couple of weeks so all the photos are here. Martin Baker Meteor T7½ WA638. Special Hobby 1/72 Meteor T7 with Matchbox NF14 windscreen and front canopy, rear cockpit modified for ejection seat trials, Combat Decals Martin Baker Meteor T7½ WL419. Special Hobby 1/72 Meteor T7 with Matchbox NF14 windscreen and front canopy, rear cockpit modified for ejection seat trials, Blue Rider decals AModel/Sova Diamond Da-42 1/72 converted with homemade vacformed bulged clear canopy, extra fairings on engine cowlings, ETPS decals Hallam Vac Twin Pioneer 1/72 vacform with homemade ETPS decals Constanza Ka-6e 1/72 converted to Ka-6CR with homemade A&AEE decals Amodel 1/72 Yak-42 with homemade Lithuanian Airlines decals Mach 2 1/72 Squirrel with homemade vacform transparencies, instrumentation boom and ETPS decals I've still got two more that might be finished before the end of 2019 so will add them here if I can. Thanks for looking. Steve
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    The aircraft flown by Le Hai, 932nd Fighter Regiment, Vietnam People’s Air Force, Tho Xuan, August 1969.
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    Roundels I have been thinking for a while about whether to go internet shopping for 1/32 WW1 RNAS / RFC / RAF / AFC roundels but in the end have decided that it shouldn't be too difficult to paint them on. This is especially true on the fuselage where, on this particular airframe there was no annoying difficult fine little white marginal rim around the outside of the blue circle. The fuselage roundels will be painted on before the top wing goes on but the wing roundels - for which I still might resort to decals - definitely must be dealt with once the upper wing is attached. Painting roundels on is a relatively straightforward process. The only really tricky bits being making sure that the colours look OK (a matter that's already sorted to my lax satisfaction), the edges of the marking come out nice and clean, and that the various circles in the roundel are truly concentric. It's the last consideration that is potentially the tricky bit. I used this circle cutter to cut the first circle. In this case it's the outside masking that's required. The use of gridded masking is important as it will help me line up the various circles later on. Use plenty of masking. I've said it before; there's little to be gained in leaving areas unmasked, but a lot to be lost. More than enough masking is way, way better than not enough. In this case I used a rattle can. I like rattle cans, there's a lot less fine-tuning and cleaning up than with airbrushes. Earlier this year my dad gave me a set of centre punches and it just so happened that one of them exactly matched the diameter of roundel's white circle. Nice! A few seconds after this photo was taken I had a perfectly circular mask... that fitted here. Note how by ensuring that the centre of the various circles lined up on the grid, the grid can assist in getting the masks concentric. Now spray paint the blue circle, this time using an airbrush. As always use several light coats allowing drying between each one. The temperature in Perth on this day was an unusually chilly 36 C so it was a long 4 to 5 minute wait between each coat. And here the masking is coming off... Leaving this - which would be ideal for an RAAF WW2 bird. But this is not to be. What we need is some RAF insignia-red circles from some old partially used monogram P40 decal sheets. It just so happens I have two such sheets! So the final step was pretty simple really. Just stick the red circle in the middle, move it about until it's dead-centre and press it on. There's only one more post to go until the moment of truth when the upper wing goes on. I'm building up my courage. Sorry about the slow progress of late. I hope some of you are still following along. Bandsaw Steve
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    Airfix Wildcat for original 1976 Midway film, this model is actually Marian E Carl's Guadalcanal aircraft,
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    All done. Pros: Nice shape, fits together with no problems at all. Good moulding, little cleanup required. Despite being quite old the decals all still transferred without problems. Realistic rubber tyres, nicely detailed wheels. Cons: Ultra-curbside. No engine, no gearbox (despite that bits of both should be visible through the rear end), no steerable wheels, not a lot of interior details. Verdict: Not bad. There's nothing wrong with it, I just wish there was more of it. I understand the Tamiya 962C is a pain with it's one-piece body and glass moulded together, but in other areas it's better, especially under the bodywork. Build notes: Completed in about 5 weeks. Body colour is Tamiya TS-47 chrome yellow. Extra details include a lot in the interior such as removal of passenger seat, added hoses, wires etc. PE radiators, scratch built rough engine, a side-hole opened up for another intake (what I'm not sure - not fuel) and brake discs with calipers. I've intentionally omitted 3 things from the suggested build - the front wheel covers (hate them), the headlight mask decals (not the same yellow and the car looks better without them), and finally the plain white decal sun visor - it looked boring and without it, I can see more of my interior detailing. I see so many variants of the FromA Racing 962C with and without various items, I figure - this is my variant. Colours remind me of a JCB.
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    hi all, Merry Christmas. There isn't much posting going on at the moment, so i thought i would add some photos from a recent 4Aviation tour of Taiwan and Okinawa that i had. In no particular order, i hope you like them Andy
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    I'm free Captain Peacock! Best line of the festive period! for you mister! Had to stop and think that it was actually going to be a new decade in a few days time! #lunchtime doubly so Here. (an old meme but a good meme...) That's an awful way to talk about socially challenged misfits Keith. It's not our fault we're not Welsh. Oi! It took me ages to get the hems sewn! I like that idea very much Serge! Cheers Ced. Hope you dipped your beak in some prime vino. 'et al'. My surname for tax purposes from now on.... Cheers Chris - hope you had a good one. Yup - it's a good point Johnny. Actually played around with Reality Capture a while back for film work but in this instance with so many Sea Vixen photos taken from different focal lengths and in varying directional lighting conditions to contend with, it'd be a nightmare trying to match focal lengths &etc. in order to compensate for optical distortions and related errors across the frames. Sadly Father Christmas didn't bring me a LIDAR setup (but trying to get work to buy one, if I can conjure a valid reason). I actually had a kind invite just prior to Christmas from those lovely people over at Navy Wings to come and photograph XP924 whilst she was being repaired in the hangar, but time and finances just won't allow a trip across the water at present. I've decided to leave out the entire Frog Steve, this I know is called being 'less than helpful'... Drove over to Galway this morning as one of Mrs B's oldest schoolfriends was back over visiting her family and she related something disgusting that had happened to her. She's a specialist in a well known London hospital, worked there for years and before that in the mental health sector in England under enormously stressful circumstances due to continual cuts in staffing. Conscientious, self-effacing and compassionate like most people in the medical profession. She had an email from their HR department recently telling her (in terms intended to inspire gratitude) that she'd be able to keep her job as she 'wasn't on the list' i.e., of those nationals under threat of being forced to lose their positions under Brexit. Think about that what it feels like to be one of those people on the receiving end of language like that for a moment: 'On a list.' What were those countries in the past where people were put on lists again? Funny how often it started with people being booted out of professions. You can no doubt hear the fury in my words tonight at a good woman being made to feel as if she's merely being tolerated by a society that she's done so much to care for. I honestly don't care at this point if I'm kicked off the forum for posting politics - I care about what happens in the country of my birth but I know poison when I see it.
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    Thanks Simon - if you thought that was fiddly, read on! Thanks Mike for the info on the aerials - very useful references in those links too, great stuff More fiddly PE! Like these: Can you see them? Two little red things near the tip of the blade. I guess they're grab handles or something? I thought it best to glue in the i/p before trying to stick on anything that would get knocked off so: Oooh look, new tweezers, as recommended by John L here. I like 'em After lots more fiddling and Anglo-Saxon we have: You can see the map box in that first shot, yet to be painted, bottom right. Madness. Yes, I did lose one of the levers. it's gone. I'm over it.
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    Hi guys. The RFI didn’t happen yet as there were some bits that needed polishing off first. Then I started the Gundam which seems to have been on a go slow for a while. Not sure why but I need some wing action in my life. so I decided to finish off the hurri at the same time while choosing an aeroplane for next years first build. Any ideas? Any Road the last bits that I’d missed were the unpainted wing panels and the darned clips that hold them in place. those ones there look. so I used plasticard measured out and drilled holes. These were them painted. To be fair I should have left the painting until they were fitted as I painted them again anyway. Here they are fitted. If you are building this and plan on adding these little clips I would advise adding them before you glue the wings as they are really fiddly to fit. here is the other side. And both together. They need a wash now. the panels themselves got primed. And painted. I’ll need to weather these too. had a lot of fun doing this. Can’t wait to get back to wings. I’ll get this done before the new year. Take care you lot. As always. Happy Modelling. Johnny.
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    Midway - Airfix Dauntless inspired by a recent film,
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    P-51 D "beuteflugzeug". Old 1/32 nd Revell.
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    Now there's a 'Plan B' - always good to have an option if I mess up the mottling. Thanks Cookie Bliss - apart from being woken up! Nice one Neil - fingers crossed I can get close to yours That also made me realise I should search for 'FW190' rather than 'FW 190' and that found your RFI and Adam's build with some nice paint techniques (although it is an A8). It also found me PC's A8 WiP which I'll read through soon, even though Photobucket is doing that annoying blurring thing… Of course Roger - plenty of seats at the front (as usual!) There you go - welcome JR! White it is! Sunderland done, hung and bench tidied so I'm ready for this one. Thanks Mike Aww, I hope it's not too distracting Dennis Thanks Steve Of course Johnny - welcome! One thing I'm pondering after changing my desktop background to the scheme. What about aerial wire with open cockpit? I assume the canopy sort of slides down the wire and the wire shows through the back of the canopy, connected to somewhere? I may conveniently forget to fit it… Anyway, and so it begins: I'm playing a game of 'this bit's grey, that bit's grey' before spraying stuff but I've decided to assemble most of the 'pit and the PE i/p: Nice - everything seems to fit nicely - typical Eduard.
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