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    When I showed pictures of some of my models on the ceiling @perdu commented "…wouldn't it be splendid to see the stately Sunderland flying in formation with her latter-day successor?" As John Luke would say, "Make it so". So I did. The usual extended and detailed WiP, including some great reference material (thanks all) is here. As it's Christmas Eve I thought I'd do a hasty RFI - I hope you like it The internals are, of course, now invisible, but I included 'Bill's Dad' adjusting the bombs on the rack: Merry Christmas all!
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    Good evening everyone, This is Tamiya’s superb IL2. I had previously built Eduards kit and really enjoyed that, to the extent that I didn’t really see how it could be improved . However having heard good things about this particular kit, I decided to give it a go. What a blast. People have said that it’s a well engineered kit. No kidding. As ever, everything fell together, tolerances were precise and everything just clicked into place. Amendments to the kit included putting flat spots on the tyres, replacing the wing cannon and machine guns with hollow tube and aerial wire from Uschi. The paints are a mixture of Mr Hobby and Tamiya, with fine details picked out with Vallejo. There is some shading and chipping on. Tamiya supply a set of masks for the windows that you need to cut yourself. They worked really well and I was more than satisfied. They also provide a decal for the seat harness but I went with an Eduard belt for a more 3D look. Nothing beats Eduards buckles for setting of a cockpit. The decals were a mixture of out of the box and the remainder of the Cartograph sheet from the Eduard boxing. Fair to say that I was pleased with this. Thanks for looking. Rick
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    Beginning of the year I've spent 2 weeks in ICU and promised myself, that should I get out of this, to start building models again. Until then I've finished 5 32nd models - this one was the first. A true pleasure to build with very little filler nedded and a few extras added (seat belts, IP). paints all Gunze, nationial insignia and markings are home made masks cut from Tamiya tape (except nose markings). Just struggling to build another Hasegawa P-40 only because I really do like their P-40s: I hope you like what you see. Lothar
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    This represents a RCAF Centralia based Harvard MkIIB of the first post-war Canadian aerobatic team to use the Harvard in 1949. The exhaust is the Ultracast unit, the wheels are True Details, seats are resin copies of an Allison Mustang cockpit set, rear canopy is a home-vac copy of the Occidental canopy. Yellow paint is a mix of Gunze yellows and decals are just cobbled together from what I have in my decal bank
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    The final Luftwaffe subject in my stash (for now) has just been completed - FineMolds Me410. A nice kit that went together well with some fine detail. Finished with Vallejo Model Air over grey Stynylrez primer and sealed with Winsor & Newton matt varnish. PJ Productions crew look happy with it: Bombs posed with wire: From the WiP, showing the details of the kit internals: WiP thread:
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    Used the last day of my chrismas holidays to complete these 2 planes, I have use decals from Super Scale, otherwise build out of box, and it is nice set fit is good goes nicely together. Cheers Jes
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    I finished this one a few weeks ago and finally got around to taking some photos. This is my attempt at 1Lt. Robert Whiting’s F4U-1A of VMF-321 on Guam, August 1944. Thanks for looking and again Merry Christmas!
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    Aires seats, a bit of Eduard photo etch, Super scale markings (They did however print the red/white blue stripes backwards needing to mask and paint) Resin exhausts, wheels.
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    Hi, everybody! I present you my next model.
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    Cavalier F-51D 67-22581, c. 1968 Airfix 1/72 F-51D kit, with scratchbuilt addition of second seat in place of rear fuel tank, and extended fin. Overall Xtracrylix ADC Grey, and decals from the spares box. Justin
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    I haven't had a particularly busy year, but one full of oddities in both scale and subject, given that I usually build 1/72 WW2 aircraft. Some of this year's efforts were one or the other, some were neither. Anyway I finished a solid 8 kits this year, rather less than what I consider the ideal number (which I arbitarily set at 12 in my mind) but I can at least cop out on the grounds that some of them were 'biggies' 1. Eduard 1/72 Mig-15, Blue 611 of the Forţele Aeriene ale Republicii Populare Română, or Romanian Air Force, built for the 50s NATO v Warsaw Pact group build: Build thread here and gallery pics here 2. and 3. Airfix 1/72 Spitfire 22 Royal Egyptian Air Force and Syrian Air Force, with Tigerhead Decals: RFI pics here 4. Matchbox 1/72 Heinkel He115B-1 with decals from the Revell re-issue of the kit: Build thread here, RFI pics here 5. HobbyBoss 1/32 Republic F-84G Thunderjet - Armee de l'Air Build thread here, RFI pics here 6. Hasegawa 1/32 Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien 'Tony': RFI pics here 7. Hasegawa 1/32 Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki 'Tojo': RFI pics here 8. Hasegawa 1/32 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate 'Frank': RFI pics here ... and that's me. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of yous Cheers, Stew
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    Here is my last model of 2019, a P-38G from TAMIYA at 1/48. More pics After publication... I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday season!
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    Hello Dears ! Now, That's the last one for 2019 !! So, let's go to Kai Tak in September October 1951... The lady is surely shy, given the last minute glitches that has occured !! But, I can call her finished and I'm reasonably glad. The Airfix kit in Eduard boxing is a great and good deal !! The resin interior has been corrected by Aires and is far easier to use than the first outing ! (The one I used on my Seafire .47 as an example....) I like that big nose and the Barracuda prop' blades look far better !! An pic of the beastie the day they arrive at Kai Tak... In september, they received the black and white stripes to avoid any shooting from the trigger happy cow boys from the colonies... However, they did'nt flow over Korea, they were involved... Patrolling the chinese border... As usual, I worked my interiors They were not all repainted in black, so I elected to let her in interior green, The shade seen on the pics is not darker enough methink ! I think that I should have painted the seat in interior green too, but it was too late ... Cockpit was already buttoned up ! And I also elected to let her as clean as possible, so No Woosh thingies or fuel tanks of any sorts !! I also changed the wheels, but I don't remember where I picked it up... The canopy is a Falcon one since the original one did'nt fitted the plane at all.
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    No major difficulties for this kit except the radar who need some attention and filler. The kit has some errors who can easlly correct The following site point these errors https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2019/08/sword-172-douglas-ad-4w-skyraider.html A globa view And a gallery AD-4W Skyraider AEW
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    Season's greetings! Finished the Centauro in its 'harlequin' splinter camo. Full picoral report here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjYerk9h2ig Cheers, Luka
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    I Made this 1/32 italian Air Force F-104s maintenance diorama starting from the Italeri model, I added a lot of detail using commercial add-ons but also a lot of scratchbuilt ones, expecially inside the plane. All was made using real pictures and books as reference. You will find the RAT, and the fuel pipes on the back of the plane and many other all around the plane you can find in the detail pic. I've made new carts and ladders and other details around the diorama. The scenery was made using photo-paint and printer.
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    Hi all. I recently finished the long awaited F-14D by AMK. It is a lovely kit with loads of oprions. The model was built straight from the box, apart from a Master pitot tube. Alclad black primer and Gunze Aqueous paints were used to finish the model and Abteilung oil paint for weathering. The decals and weapons used are included in the kit. Thank you for watching.
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    As finished in the 1/72 "Lift Here" Models Piper Enforcer build, here are the final pics: Thanks for looking. Ed
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    The 4K51 Rubezh anti-ship launch vehicle is one of the three coastal shields of the Vietnamese Navy. When the enemy battleship approaches the Vietnamese coast for a few hundred kms, the Vietnamese Navy will "welcome" with 3 types of missiles with different ranges, forming 3 defensive layers from near and far. First, the first line of defense will be the P-35 missile of the 4K44B Redut-M complex with a range of 450 km forming a long line of defense. The second line of defense is the P-800 Yakhont supersonic anti-ship missile of the K-300P Bastion-P system, which has a range of 300 km and extremely fast speed to shoot down battleships that can pass the first line, Finally, it is 4K51 Rubezh's turn to launch with a range of 80 km that will destroy the survivors through the two heavenly strikes and attempt to near the shore. About the model: - Kit Trumpeter - 1/35 scale - Quality is good, about 1200 details. - The wheels can turn, - The rocket launcher can be swiveled and raised and lowered but the ejection tube cover for the Option die hard is closed or opened - Especially hard part carbin (I do not know how to describe it) Bellow is the finished modell after 2 weeks of my continuous implementation. Thanks for watch and Merry Christmas every one
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    Hi A tiny tiny model from five star model. Very funny and agreeable to build. have a nice day Pierre
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    P-51 D "beuteflugzeug". Old 1/32 nd Revell.
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    FM Models 1/48 Breguet Alize I commenced the build in March 2018 and have just completed it - as I said in the WIP it is an older limited run kit so you need to be prepared to put a bit of work into it to get a nice model but saying that it is the only 1/48 Alize available although pretty hard to find one now.. I have always found the Alize an interesting aircraft and this kit sat in my stash for years until I saw an excellent build by Mssr Gaudart on a French website Master194.com - unfortunately the build has disappeared from that website which is a shame as it had a lot of useful reference photos as well as informative build of his model. I did a lot of modifications to the kit and scratch built the wing fold rather than use the resin wing folds that came with the kit - all detailed in the WIP. BERNA decals were used to finish her as number 17 of Flottille 4F in the type A camouflage scheme Alize service history & information on the aircraft can be found here - http://www.ffaa.net/aircraft/alize/alize.htm Happily there is still an airworthy Alize in France & plenty of photos of the aircraft easily found on the internet via Google - there are several preserved examples in various museums. The Alize model photos are the best I could do on my iPhone. WIP LINK - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235035388-fm-breguet-alize-the-gallic-gannet-rfi-posted/ CJP
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    Hi all, I joined this forum yesterday and I would like to present to you my last finished model: F-4J Diamond Backs by Academy. I am still struggling with the upload of photos, I hope for the best! Merry Christmas Volker
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    I've not made as many models as I usually do but I have had fun making all the ones I have made. As usual all of these builds have been completed in GBs and all have been painted with brushes. Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D and crew Kit: 1/35 Dragon/Platz Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylic paints all applied by brushes Figures: MiniArt Special Edition German Tank Crew Base: 3mm MDF, Wilko picture frame, Household Filler, Vallejo European Mud, Woodlands Scenics Blended and other turfs, Army Painter tufts and grasses WIP: Here Lots more photos of the Pz.IV and crew: Here Vignette style photos: Here Panzer IV Ausf. J Sd.Kfz.161/2 1 SS Pz. Div. 723 Normandy 1944 Kit: Tamiya 1/48 Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch acrylics all applied by brush Extras: Tamiya Zimmerit stickers (the set for the H version - which fit fine), Vallejo European Thick Mud Build thread: Here Ready For Inspection photos: Here T26E4 Super Pershing Pilot #1 - HobbyBoss 1/35 Kit: HobbyBoss 1/35 T26E4 Super Pershing Pilot #1 Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch - all applied by brush Extras: Tamiya Tank Crew, Italeri Tools, Slater's Plasticard, Academy ammo crate and jerrycan. WIP: Here RFI: Here Vignette photos: Here King Tiger - Porsche Turret - s.Pz.Abt.506 Arnhem 1944 Toon Version Kit: Meng Toon Kit (no scale given) Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylics applied by brush Extras: No More Nails Zimmerit (thank you to @MarkSH for the idea), lead wire and Vallejo Mud products WIP: Here RFI: Here Tiger 1 Ausf.E (Late Production) Turret Number 313 of 3./s.Pz.Abt. 503 (3rd Company 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion) This is the Tiger 1 that would become famous as the one which was overturned at Manneville during the Allied heavy bombing at the start of Operation 'Goodwood' on the 18 July 1944. Three of the crew actually survived that bombing. My version is modelled before that date while the detachment was still fighting against Allied tank forces during the battles around Caen. My finished kit will be seen in action next against a Typhoon Mk.1b in the D-Day STGB. Kit: 1/48 Skybow Tiger 1 Ausf.E (Late Production) Paints; Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylics all applied by brush Extras: Stetched Sprue arial and Vallejo Mud The W.I.P. can be found: Here Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib - 1/48 Hasegawa/Italeri - motorised prop ZY-Y - 247 Sqn. France, June 1944 This was part of my project for the D-Day GB. The kit is by Hasegawa but re-boxed by Italeri with new decals. There are some fit issues with the kit in a couple of places but other than those it was a fun build. As can be seen from the photos I decided, as it was going to be part of a small diorama, that I would have the prop motorised. The motor I used was from Airfix. I also used the PE set for this kit from Eduard. Kit: 1/48 Italeri/Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylics all applied by brush Extras: Eduard PE set, Airfix motor and Airfix pilot The WIP can be found: Here The RFI can be found: Here The two previous builds were built to be part of the vignette below: All the photos of the above scene can be found: Here Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment or make suggestions in my build threads - it’s the support from fellow modellers that have helped make my models what they are. There may be one more build to go into this Yearbook if I get it finished before the end of the year. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
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    Just finished - the excellent 1/72 scale T10-10 Flanker prototype from Modelsvit....... This really is the best yet from Modelsvit - crisp moulding with nice engraved panel detail, etched brass parts, self adhesive masks - a complete package. The anti-FOD guard on the nosewheel is realistically done - with a separate wheel and the guard in two halves - unlike the one-piece moulding on some Flanker kits. Spot the difference - first and latest Flankers - T10-10 and Su-35S........ More photos - build and finished model - here. WIP thread - here. Ken
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    Hi all Just two little jets to slip in under the wire for 2019. Bit late as I had a bit of an issue with Flickr, but all good now - my finger trouble! Doh! Both models are the lovely little 737-300 kits from Daco under their Skyline range. The decals are also Daco, These are numbers 3 & 4 in my production line of WestPac LogoJets, Western Pacific was a Colorado based airline that operated in the mid 90s for 4~5 years and became well known for turning their jets over to advertisers. Normally it was a Colorado based sponsor, in this case the Crested Butte winter resort and the rather upmarket Broadmoor Hotel. For the fuselage colours I used Daco's own paints (produced by Xtracolor), purple for the Crested Butte and Peach and Maroon for the Broadmoor machine. Build was exactly as per the previous 2, but with the advantage of lessons learned, as they do have a couple of quirks. They will now join my Simpson's and Colorado Springs jets from last year. Two more in the programme for next year! Comments and critique welcome in equal measure! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Thanks for looking! IMG_4911 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4913 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4916 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4915 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4930 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4927 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4928 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4929 by Rick Smith, on Flickr Happy New Year all! ATB Rick
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    Hi all. After some problems with the snow used in this small scene (that of AK) and changing the base for a larger one, I can show the work completely finished. For those who want to see the work done on the ships the links are: I have finished it in a month and a half, without messing with any other model in between which is a double achievement on my part. For the short time that I took to do it and because between the beginning and the end I have not taken a different model. Bandai kits related to the Star Wars saga totally and absolutely recommended. I have done some more and I have many others. From the first I can say the same and from the second I can say that the detail is equally impressive. The only but is its price. Even on the other side of the world it is high, here it is simply prohibitive for a normal pocket. Regards.
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    Disappointing, I was hoping to avoid having to add that. Tonight I picked up this memoir on Kindle, which will hopefully prove an informative read. Here's where we are on the internals: And how they more or less should look when together: You'll also note I managed to prise the cowl open by main force alone (emitting a suitably herculean grunt as I did so), and got the exhaust collector piping in there after some sanding. Sanding, in fact, was the name of the game tonight. The so far great fit of the kit was revealed to evapourate once one attempted to close things up, as I discovered when test-fitting the cockpit framing into the fuselage tonight, and vigourous sanding and usage of my micro-chisel set were required to widen the various channels and narrow the framing to ensure something like a decent fit. The engine also required sanding down to fit in the cowl. I also dunked the clear parts in Future, since there's going to be some glue/plastic interactions for sure when the wings go on and I want them to be well cured by then.
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    Merry Xmas All Considering I am away with work until the 1st day of 2020, I can safely say that I will not be finishing any more models this year! So time to present the fruits of my 2019 Modelling Year In order of completion Airfix 1/48 Defiant Mk1 What can I say, a delightful kit to build. Completed with Eduard PE flaps and AM decals, the brand of which I can't remember. Trumpeter 1/32 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt From the shelf -of-previously-started-then-stopped-kits All markings apart from the cowl checks were painted on using masks. The cowl checks came from an old super scale sheet for the Revell kit. They fit surprisingly well. Zoukie Mura 1/32 North American Mustang MkIVa Built for the shark mouth GB, but just missed ou finishing it by the deadline. My first ZM kit. There will be more! WIP here TanModels 1/48 Rf-84F Thunderflash Wasn't really happy with my finish on this one, but anyway, it is what it is. This is using decals from the first release of the kit Airfix 1/48 Hawker Hunter Added a set of Eduard flaps to make up for the lack of kit supplied detail in this area TanModels 1/48 RF-84F Thunderflash Yes another one, because I wasn't happy with the first one. Still not happy with this one either Im sure the kit roundels are too light for the Norwegian scheme too I ticked off one of my three resolutions for 2019. I wanted to build a ship and a WNW kit as well as complete something from the stalled projects list. Oh well. There is always next year. If you are interested in fuller descriptions of the builds, they are all included on my website listed in my signature A Safe and prosperous New Year to everyone Bruce
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    Hi guys Here i want share to you my MRC Gallery Sikorsky HH-34 G of the german Navy in the 60th. I used also the great EDUARD photo etch parts which are much more better than the PE parts of the kit. I have liked this version from first sight because of the dayglow paint which is a nice contrast to the silver body of the helicopter. I paint it with Vallejo aluminium and the panel lines i airbrush it with Tamiya X-19 smoke to get a worn effect. For the pictures i drove together with my wife more than one hour through the country side to find a fitting location and my wish was to get a special lights, so we had waited till 3.30pm in winter 2017 when the sun setting already Cheers Werner
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    Straight from the box with a Pavla interior
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    Hiya Folks, These models and most of my research have recently appeared in Scale Aircraft Modelling but the model pics don`t show up all that well so I thought that I`d put a few on here in case anybody is interested,; Here is the Valom Marauder Mk.I, built as FK375/D which was refinished from the desert scheme into Temperate Sea Scheme after the intended role of light bomber was changed during work up training to maritime recce/strike. The original Middle Stone can still be seen behind the scroll under the cockpit containing the name `Dominion Revenge', which was applied by famous modeller and historian Dick Ward during his RAF service; 32 by Tony OToole, on Flickr 31 by Tony OToole, on Flickr 30n finished by Tony OToole, on Flickr 34 by Tony OToole, on Flickr 30e finished by Tony OToole, on Flickr 38 by Tony OToole, on Flickr And here is the Monogram snap tite kit (with engines and interior added from a scrapped Airfix kit!) built as 41-17978 `Flak Eater' which was one of the ex USAAF B-26B handed over `in theatre' by the 320 BG to 14 Sqn mainly for the in house training flight although some were also used for operations; b20 FINISHED by Tony OToole, on Flickr b27 by Tony OToole, on Flickr b28 by Tony OToole, on Flickr b22 by Tony OToole, on Flickr Both models are based on photographs which appear in my article and although the paintwork on the Mk.I appears quite stark in the pics, in reality the grey and green really merge into each other. The B-26B has the two toned Olive Drab seen on many Marauder`s but whether this was caused by different paint which has weathed differently or the thickness of the metal causing this effect,..I don`t know! Cheers Tony Edit- I cannot post any reference photos here but many of them appear on the excellent 14 Sqn Association website, follow this link; http://www.14sqn-association.org.uk/14_Squadron_Association/Marauder.html Edit,...edit,.... I have re posted the photos here after they went missing following the Photobucket disaster! I have also added some pics of my 1/48th Marauder Mk.I, converted from the Monogram kit using the Lone Star conversion set, lots of filler and tennis elbow!! DSCF9349 by Tony OToole, on Flickr DSCF9357 by Tony OToole, on Flickr and here are the 1/72nd and 1/48th scale Marauder Mk.I models together; DSCF9363 by Tony OToole, on Flickr
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    Hi, My second for 2020, the Focke Wulf FW 44 Stieglitz by Huma in 1/72/ Buiild is almost OOB, I added only some structure inside. I was inspired by recent show in RFI of FW 44 in 1/32 by @galgos (thanks ) and started build right in New Year day. I realized that from few years I have already chosen the scheme and I have everything to go on with it. The scheme followas one given by Kora in a decal set, however I hav used decals from drawer. It is FW 44 of Finnish AF during spring 1944. Her she is: As you can see there was a disaster of decay of "11" on bottom of wing, one day I will correct it.... Comments welcome Regards J-W
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    Happy Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone on Britmodeller! I'm issuing no apologies for not appearing very often on Britmodeller, I keep getting asked to do build threads, but I just get more carried away with the modelling and forget to take the progress pics! So I just get wheeled out at xmas like some tatty decoration! More Nato Tiger Meet subjects from me! Also I was inspired by an article in some military aviation mag on the Columbian Air Force Kfir's so I ordered the new TC12 conversion set from John of Scaleworx. Something you don't see very often & I think they look pretty cool in that dark grey. AMK/Scaleworx 1/72 Kfir C7 converted to a Columbian AF TC.12 with the Scaleworx resin conversion set. Thanks John if your looking! Stripes On A Plane! Pt.1 Hobbyboss 1/72 Rafale B - Model Alliance NTM 2006 decals used, a huge improvement over kit decals. Revell 1/72 F-16B - Model Alliance Norwegian AF 2007 Tiger Meet Revell/Heller 1/72 Kitbash Conversion into a Mirage 2000D DXM decals French AF Nato Tiger Meet 2010 Stripes On A Plane! Pt.2 Special Hobby 1/72 Mirage F1B - Model Alliance 60th anniversary D-Day As a spotter I was annoyed that I didn't get round to seeing this when it visited Mildenhall in 2018, so I had to try & find a decal sheet for it. And found this Wolfpak sheet. Also it fit in with a "D-Day specials" modern fighters theme. I had intended to do one of the Lakenheath F-15 Heritage jets but was too late in the year to finish it. Italeri 1/72 A-10C 107FS Red Devils 100th D-Day Special - Wolfpak decals from Fantasy Printshop. They have loads of really interesting subjects that can't be found elsewhere. I also scratch built a new telescopic ladder for it out of brass tube. One final edit as I have only just completed this Airfix 1/72 Vampire T.11 as a Swiss Air Force T.55 MFS 88 Emmen 1990 Last Of The Vampires using decals from the Xtradecal sheet. Many thanks for looking & unless I start taking pics, see you next crimbo no doubt! Martin
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    Hi, The fourth of my small series of Berievs WWII designs. The MBR-2 bis. Kit by Avia/Eastern Express, a bit corrected following the drawings and photos (the hull profile, scratch build skies, wing and tailplane ribing re-worked, as it was also done in case of MBR-2 (M-17) . The scheme comes from this photo (from web page https://www.armedconflicts.com/Beriev-MBR-2-M-34-t102680 ) Here she is: (the bottom looks here blueish but it is the same alu dope like a background on top) As you may see on left side I gave "za Stalina" ("for Stalin:) instead of right side "V boj za Rodinu" ("into fight for Motherland") since I belive different inscription on both sides. This is a bit whatif , but anyway, if I would give the same inscription it would be much more whatif in my opinion. So it is a bit of marriage of this scheme (a mirror-like regarding photo) and maybe that one ? Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
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    Smer kit, mostly OOB with a scratch interior.
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    Thank you John! Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, mine was certainly a treat, and even had a little time to work on the Mustang. Brushed/dry brushed a little more variation to the metal finish, including the panels around the exhaust, and also did a coat of Future. I didn't do a great job attaching the canopy and got some fogging. I've done my best to clean it up, but it's still there. All masked up for the green nose, red stencil on the flap, and I resprayed a mix of Aluminum and Dull Aluminum on the right wing where my variation efforts went awry. Unmasked. And repainted the spar in YZC, and went ahead and painted the ribs as well. Made a start on adding the raised seam on the drop tanks with some thin plastic rod.
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    It seems that I have forgotten to post this one, from more than 2 years ago, so here it goes: (the WiP is here: Here is this sleek and long neglected by the industry Italian speed record breaker that still holds its title for the category many decades later: The model was photographed without beaching trolley, since there is none available at this point. When the aftermarket industry comes up with one, I'll re-photograph the model. For other seaplanes I built I made the trolleys, but I am sure someone will come up with one sooner rather than later: Beware that the box represents the plane without the aft fuselage belly surface radiator, but it is engraved on the kit. The plane flew with and without it, depending on the ambient temperature (season). What I did like about this kit: -The very appealing subject, until now ill-represented by the industry. -The sturdy box. -Not a single part arrived broken, unlike other resin kits, thanks to the good thinking on part of SBS adding features on the casting blocks to protect the parts and bagging them properly. -The casting is flawless, spectacular. -The detail is truly amazing. -The engineering is good...mostly. -The decals are good and gave no problems. -The instructions are good, but with a couple minor tiny glitches -The aftermarket P.E. steel set* has the right rigidity; you may like to enlarge those locating holes just a bit on the model, as primer and paint build up. What could be improved: -The potentially problematic super-fine texture of the wing radiators, that has to be dealt with using the right approach, otherwise problems may ensue. -The lack of a guide to get the floats parallel and at the correct distance of one another. This could have been obtained either with an aftermarket beaching trolley or a very simple four-part resin jig, or even a pattern for the modeler to make his own jig, or just a 1/72 scale top view. SBS missed the ball here. -The not so good way the back legs attach to the fuselage (they attach very well to the floats, though) -*It would have cost nothing to include one spare P.E. rigging wire length. If you lose one, or mess-up one, you are in trouble. I understand that SBS released another version of this plane (there were three of them built, two were destroyed) and some were modified during their lives). Beware that the subject represented here is not in the same finish of the one currently at the Vigna Di Valle museum in Italy -with black exhausts, a long metal plate on the sides and intake duct in black-, but the plane at a different stage of its life.
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    Very very close to not making it,there are skeletons aplenty in the closet, but for a 4-5 weeks build, its passable from 2.5feet Thanks to all who've commented and liked, the restrained weathering idea went out of the window Cheers all see
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    For the ones interested in the build up, here's the thread... Well I say Brits in Korea ?? So here she is for a family pic ! and then, here are FEAF cousins, I think, the last units to use her majesty the Spitfire operationally !! I see on a IWM film, that the .24 were later painted in high speed silver. As usual, paints are X-tracrylics ! Plus the Flory grime and so on ! Seemingly, the cutting mat is now too little to welcome this.... Well Gents, feel free to comment or even show your if any ! I wish you all a merry Christmas !! Hope that Santa will be kind with you !! Bringing some long awaited kits. Dear Santa, Go kick some A... at Airfix factory... We both need a good 1/48 Scimitar !! Well take care Gents !! Did I take a second blue Chimay ?? Nope tomorrow it's 8 hr under that horrible weather ! So, it's up to the smiley to have one !! Cheeers !! Sincerely. CC
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    Hi guys, let me present you my first attempt as an AFV modeler. I usually build planes model kits. I really enjoyed to build, paint and weather that Puma. Merry Christmas, Manu.
  44. 17 points
    I'm free Captain Peacock! Best line of the festive period! for you mister! Had to stop and think that it was actually going to be a new decade in a few days time! #lunchtime doubly so Here. (an old meme but a good meme...) That's an awful way to talk about socially challenged misfits Keith. It's not our fault we're not Welsh. Oi! It took me ages to get the hems sewn! I like that idea very much Serge! Cheers Ced. Hope you dipped your beak in some prime vino. 'et al'. My surname for tax purposes from now on.... Cheers Chris - hope you had a good one. Yup - it's a good point Johnny. Actually played around with Reality Capture a while back for film work but in this instance with so many Sea Vixen photos taken from different focal lengths and in varying directional lighting conditions to contend with, it'd be a nightmare trying to match focal lengths &etc. in order to compensate for optical distortions and related errors across the frames. Sadly Father Christmas didn't bring me a LIDAR setup (but trying to get work to buy one, if I can conjure a valid reason). I actually had a kind invite just prior to Christmas from those lovely people over at Navy Wings to come and photograph XP924 whilst she was being repaired in the hangar, but time and finances just won't allow a trip across the water at present. I've decided to leave out the entire Frog Steve, this I know is called being 'less than helpful'... Drove over to Galway this morning as one of Mrs B's oldest schoolfriends was back over visiting her family and she related something disgusting that had happened to her. She's a specialist in a well known London hospital, worked there for years and before that in the mental health sector in England under enormously stressful circumstances due to continual cuts in staffing. Conscientious, self-effacing and compassionate like most people in the medical profession. She had an email from their HR department recently telling her (in terms intended to inspire gratitude) that she'd be able to keep her job as she 'wasn't on the list' i.e., of those nationals under threat of being forced to lose their positions under Brexit. Think about that what it feels like to be one of those people on the receiving end of language like that for a moment: 'On a list.' What were those countries in the past where people were put on lists again? Funny how often it started with people being booted out of professions. You can no doubt hear the fury in my words tonight at a good woman being made to feel as if she's merely being tolerated by a society that she's done so much to care for. I honestly don't care at this point if I'm kicked off the forum for posting politics - I care about what happens in the country of my birth but I know poison when I see it.
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    Thanks Simon - if you thought that was fiddly, read on! Thanks Mike for the info on the aerials - very useful references in those links too, great stuff More fiddly PE! Like these: Can you see them? Two little red things near the tip of the blade. I guess they're grab handles or something? I thought it best to glue in the i/p before trying to stick on anything that would get knocked off so: Oooh look, new tweezers, as recommended by John L here. I like 'em After lots more fiddling and Anglo-Saxon we have: You can see the map box in that first shot, yet to be painted, bottom right. Madness. Yes, I did lose one of the levers. it's gone. I'm over it.
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    Hi all. This is already my second Tamiya P38 even though it was only just released. I couldn’t help doing it a second time since I really enjoy the kit and it’s arguably my favourite WW2 fighter. This time I decided to do the second variant provided by the kit, the P-38F “White 33”, 39thFS, 35th FG, 5th AF. Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas everyone.
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    Thanks hendie - She is a 'sturdy bird' Thanks Adrian Thanks John, very kind of you to say so Thanks Chris - good to see the real thing had slightly wobbly aerials too! I still think the PE is too thick but hey ho, it's all done now: Once the glue's fully dry and my hands have stopped shaking I'll go around again and straighten up if needed, but here she will sit until after the festivities: BTW, the girls both bought me home a tube of orange Smarties (my favourites) and look at the cap: That might come in. Vortex generators for example? Have a great Christmas everyone!
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    Hello AMT Batwing is old set , released close to 1989 Burton's "Batman". Not bad at all but with some fit problems and strange "peeling" plastic. I've removed all styrene gun barrels and used brass tubing insteag. Vulcan gun is from Master. Whole model is finisched with Mr.Hobby paints and Ammo Mig weathering products.
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    Here's my Novo 1/72 Herald, just finished in the Frog Squad GB. More or less out of the box, ignoring any inaccuracies and the lack of detail (check out the 10cm scale thickness nose gear doors!), built as G-APWJ of Air UK (now preserved at Duxford). Decals were bodged together from the 26 sheets for a BIA Herald and Air UK F-27. Build thread is here thanks for looking Julian
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    This one has been on the bench for a while. Pretty much out of the box, other than metal barrel and Friul Model tracks (as I couldn't face the ones in the kit!) Happy Holidays everyone. I hope that Santa brings you everything you asked for Comments/critique/suggestions gratefully received
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