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The Battle of Britain group build

July 1st - October 31st 2008

Welcome to the Britmodeller 'Battle of Britain group build'

Whether you prefer the roar of the Merlin, or the scream of a supercharged Daimler Benz, this is your chance to recreate the machines who duelled over the skies in the Summer of 1940.


  1. The mess hut

    Pull up a deck chair, light your pipe, and boil the kettle. The fighter group is on standby, and that bell might ring any minute..

  2. The factory floor

    Go here to see the production lines, building the finest war machines of the summer of 1940.

  3. The Battle of Britain - 1969 movie

    'You can teach Monkeys to fly better than that'

    A special forum created to discuss one of the most evocative and admired classic war movies ever made, with quite possible the greatest movie soundtrack ever.

  4. Non flying BoB subjects

    Given we're a multi-discipline site, you can also enter vehicles etc. that appeared in the movie into the Group Build.

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