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  2. Nikolay Polyakov

    CF-104 (Hasagawa, 1/72)

    Amazing work @opus999, congratulations! The NMF looks fantastic, with all the stencils it’s like a real bird. Cheers!
  3. neil5208

    Tamiya Delta Tomcat

    Sorry to hear that Colin, was looking very impressive. Better luck on the next one
  4. As usual, your builds are so quick that by the time I see them they are almost finished. It looks like a nice kit despite the amount of fiddling required and I'm tempted. John
  5. Today
  6. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Green Flag 81-3: 12th Tac Recce Squadron

    Definitely sad and a hard thing for a tightknit group like a tactical recon. unit to get through im sure. I second the question ? What was the A.F. Boards determination for the crashes ?
  7. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Fairey Fulmar

    Hello Josh I think your Fulmar looks great. Im not an expert on either the aircraft or colors but it looks the part. Im not sure how much you mixed/stirred/shook your paints but sometimes that can effect the color. Next time try and stir it for a few minutes ? That might get the desired tone from the paint tin. Dennis
  8. wally7506

    LNSF Mossie codes

    Thanks for the reply. Hadn't heard that one. Might explain why 105 Sqn changed to white codes with black outline ... or why 692 Sqn codes were black with yellow outline. Cheers JS
  9. It's looking spectacular as always Peter! Would it be possible for you to occasionally throw in a paint pot (universal standard of weights & measures for modelers...) as a scale reference please? It gets challenging for us mere mortals to gauge the size of some of your work!
  10. Beautifully finished as ever Russ.Great job.
  11. Quite the piece for an Airfix kit. I want to do the mock up aircraft model 330 one of these years. The F-14 is as classy as the F-4, well maybe. Factoid, Canada was super close to buying them. There is somewhere a picture of one in Canadian markings.
  12. Very nice looking model. Also like the Interesting replacement wing.
  13. Sonoran

    Ridiculous Fitting Tamiya 1:48 F-14A Tomcat !

    There have been decals made for virtually every single F-14 that ever flew. Given how nice the kit is, I wouldn’t bother with Tamiya kit decals, which are thick.
  14. Sonoran

    Academy 1/48 MiG-29AS

    MiG-29s have medium grey cockpits. DO NOT use Soviet jade green!! Just Google “MiG-29 cockpit” and you’ll find dozens and dozens of images.
  15. Sonoran


    There is no accurate 1/48 F-111 of any kind, sadly. Such an important type seems to be cursed among model manufacturers.
  16. looks like you're going for the wings folded!!!! I knew those wings were too short!!!
  17. opus999

    F-84 Thunderjet, Heller 1/72

    I've been looking at vintage photos of F-84s until I am cross-eyed. In spite of all that, I can't quite translate the weather I see to a set of skills to use on my model. I just don't know how to re-create what I see. So, I've punted and decided to go with what I call the "Artistic license" approach. Normally, I have some photos of an airplane and I try to match the weathering I see exactly. In this case, I haven't been able to, so I am just doing some "generic" weathering. I found a couple videos on You Tube from Spencer Pollard where he shows his "fool proof metal finish" technique. I thought he got results that matched what I was looking for. Unfortunately, he started with a sludge wash, and I can't do that because of the raised panel detail. Then he went over some seams with Tamiya smoke. So I tried that. I have to say, I wasn't too impressed with Tamiya smoke, in some cases it left a rough, frosted looking surface. But, by and large it did what it was supposed to and I was able to subtly darken some seams, which I thought made it look more worn. Today I struggled with how to do a wash on it, but I finally gave up after some ideas that didn't work. In the end, I did a pin wash in the recessed areas (control surfaces) and then whipped out the Tamiya weathering pastels to put some random streaks here and there. In all, it looks better (I thought it looked too perfect before) and reasonably weathered. There still room for improvement though! I have the canopy masked and ready to paint. Then I will put the testors metalizer sealer on one more time to seal in the weathering (Does any body know if it will react badly to the thin coats of Tamiya smoke I put on?). Then, it should be done!
  18. 72modeler

    Mitsubishi B2M2 Type89-2 in 2nd Sino-Japanese War?

    So good to hear you're still around, Nick! Mike
  19. Yesterday
  20. Corsairfoxfouruncle


    Beautiful Dart
  21. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Airfix 1/48 Mustang OOB

    “Jersey Jerk”has always been a favorite of mine. Great work on you build
  22. Harley John

    Another Mosquito comes to life - East Kirkby - link

    That's is absolutely fabulous to see. I was at East Kirkby o the 24th of August and they were working on her when we were there. Great to see all that love and attention paying off.
  23. As said in french before : lovely built and I'm found of the bull !
  24. viperchief

    Airfix 1/72 EE Lightning

    Thank you! Yes, it is the box scheme.
  25. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Help needed on post war RAF Mid-east post war ?

    Thanks For the help Tempestfan I have multiple drawings/photo’s of the radiator differences so should be able to fix that as well.
  26. Martian Hale

    A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    Just what is the penalty these days for Fritags that go AWOL? Martian
  27. Martian Hale

    Airfix Vampire 1/72

    Looking good! Martian
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