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  2. 72modeler

    Eduard Liberator GR Mk. V/VI Identification Help!

    Great question and observation! I would have thought the same thing, myself. On a similar note, if Lancs had been equipped with a decent belly turret and a .50cal tail turret all along, I wonder how many brave aircrew would have been saved from Luftwaffe night fighters? I know some where fitted with .50cal tail turrets late in the war, but the real need for them had pretty much disappeared by then. Bomber Command aircrew were some very brave young men! Mike
  3. Army_Air_Force

    Hasegawa 1/48 P40e Warhawk

    Is it a Stealth P-40? I don't see any images!
  4. Super job on the painting and weathering!
  5. Work In Progress

    Revell Lancaster Mk I/III & Heinkel 117

    The thing about the Ki-61 is it's quite a nice little thing, but it's very simple, a small number of parts, and you can build it quickly. Most importantly of al you can do it with no fear whatsoever. It doesn't matter at all if you make a complete mess of it (which I'm sure you won't, but you know what I mean!). Frankly, if you treat it as a weekend project and just blast through from start to finish, it will give you some useful practice. And sometimes a quick simple build is the best fun of all.
  6. charlie_c67

    100 years of the RAF - Silver Linings

    Thanks for the pics FAAWAFU, but I think those Sharks are Mk.III's rather than the Mk. I/II of the kit. It's a different engine and has a canopy for one! Assume that would make the innards different as well. Unfortunately I've already zipped her up, but will keep them in mind should I ever do another, maybe one with floats instead.... Also looks like it's all over silver rather than the grey suggested in other pics. I think. To quote the Goons "It's all rather confusing..." in your best Eccles voice.
  7. thorfinn

    need help from someone that has a Wingnut Camel

    Not sure if it's applicable to your problem, but some [early?] versions of the instructions in the Eduard Camels mistakenly reversed the part numbers for front and rear interplane struts. It throws off the geometry of things just enough to be utterly insoluable. (This caused me nearly homicidal frustration in the first build of the kit that I undertook. It was close enough to look right...but just wouldn't line up properly.) If you do a web search for something like 'eduard camel problem,' you should turn up the pertinent details. . Alas, I hve no WNW kit to supply measurements from. But I do wish you the best in getting your problem sorted!
  8. Philtheplanetinker

    Hasegawa 1/48 P40e Warhawk

    All finished, thanks for your interest and will be in the ready for inspection section soon.
  9. sloegin57

    Meteor NF engine nacelle size

    Meteor NF.11's had both types of intakes from very early on :- 60Sqdn Meteor NF.14's were delivered/repainted in DSG/DG/Aluminium after the role and Marque "Night-Fighter (NF)" was declared obsolete and changed to F.(AW) on the introduction of the Javelin. A few non operational aircraft in the UK were repainted in the scheme. 60Sqdn's aircraft were not re-marqued. 60Sqdn NF.14's :- Photo :- B.B. Sharmer HTH Dennis
  10. Thanks Tim Bank Holiday yesterday in Italy, so despite of the lovely sunny weather, here's a small update Exhaust halves glued, and the turbine faces too The outside was then primed with Vallejo Grey Primer thinned with Future; once cured, I airbrushed them with Tamiya Gun Metal I couldn't find anything conclusive about the color of the protruding part of these exhausts, although I narrowed the choice down to the dark green tone of the camo scheme or dirty flat metal. Any hints? The top starboard side of the engine nacelle needed some reworking, see the red circle in next pic This looks like a permanent mould fault, since I spotted the same thing in Ramon's pictures from a few posts back. After reworking with a round file and some sandpaper Still a bit more to do, but I'll complete the job once joined with the bottom part I sprayed the innards with Lifecolor Gloss Aircraft Grey These are going to be masked later, so that I can spray dark green on the back section. While all of this was curing, I completed the canopy opening mechanism, drybrushing Dark Gull Grey first followed by Light Gull Grey (and a final flat clear coat ) That's it for the day, comments welcome Ciao
  11. Nigel Heath

    Mil Mi-24 Hind - Revell 1/72

    Lovely looking interior, good work with the washes.
  12. llking

    My First Ever Build

    great start
  13. 71chally

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Here ya go, Monogram does kits of the two, and you will only have to complete one...
  14. Roger Newsome

    Whitley MkV nacelle question.

    In the past couple of minutes I've found photo's of them open so have managed to answer my own question.
  15. Steve27752

    revell nesswerschmitt me-110

    Nicely done.
  16. Wow, now that's a start here on BM! Great job on this Skynight. Cheers b.
  17. Today
  18. Ted


    If they do more of these personality-figure/resurrected-kit combos, perhaps Mannock with an SE5a.
  19. dogsbody

    B+V138 taking off

    That's a beauty! I expect soon I'll come across this picture posted somewhere as a real wartime photo. Chris
  20. To be honest I read that book and lost the will to live somewhat. The author sometimes didn’t seem to be looking at the photos in his own book. And then some of the profiles varied again! personally I think if you look at a photo, use what rules there are and a bit of common sense, your model will be as likely as anyone else’s! cheers Will
  21. Ray S

    Fokker F27 Friendship

    Thanks for all the comments about this plane! The Dart Herald sounds quite good,. I will try and find something, it too has been a favourite of mine, along with the Hastings, Viscount, Brittannia, Twin Otter, Vanguard, ATR72... All the best, Ray
  22. Fishbed

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    https://www.e-pics.ethz.ch/index/ethbib.bildarchiv/ETHBIB.Bildarchiv_LBS_SR01-01416_230396.html https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/248120260704687270/?lp=true https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/how-was-this-inline-aircraft-engine-cooled.58197/ if you have not already found these. None really help. Tim
  23. John W Reid

    Wright Flyer 1:12 scale.

    I haven't been able to contact the fellow that I dealt with 18 years ago when I bought the kit for any updates or changes that I should be aware of as he is off this week.The above pic I got from their website which was new to me.At least it gives me an idea where to start to do all the inner wing rigging first.The tail rigging would be done later.
  24. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    British Style...1/48 North American P-51B Mustang USAAF

    Mine were printed with the usual Tamiya purple-red colour, but also the roundels had register issues giving dark purple rings around the red on the upper wing Type B roundels. I didn't even try to use them. The Type Bs were unusable due to the printing problem, and the red was so far from correct that the remaining decals where seemed to be printed ok would clash badly with aftermarket Type Bs the correct rusty-brown red. I was already compiling unique markings for a specific aircraft anyway, so I used Xtradecal for the roundels and fin flashes too.
  25. James G

    A-6E Intruder 1/72 Italeri

    Looks great!
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