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  2. Very neat and – I have to say it – cute model! None of your problems are visible in the photos, she looks perfect! Kind regards, Joachim
  3. OMG !! I have my bag filled now, knowing since 3 weeks that I will became a grand father I'll make more models before being a true old man.... My body remind very oftenly of that !! Thanks a lot Keith ! Sincerely. CC
  4. Vinnie

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Good luck. That be so ironic?
  5. Hook

    Best ju87

    Special Hobby does a pretty nifty Ju 87A Anton in a few different boxings (Luftwaffe, Condor Legion and export): https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234923469-special-hobby-ju-87a-172/ https://modelingmadness.com/scott/axis/previews/splhobby/72136.htm The Airfix is excellent all around, and certainly easier to get than the Fujimi versions. The Italeri kit (also reboxed by RoG) is no slouch, but a bit softer in detail all around (especially the cockpit and canopy sufffer when compared to Airfix's). Acadamy do both the G-1 and G-2: https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/aca/kit_aca_1641.shtml http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Archive/Kits/Aircraft/Academy_72_JU-87G-2/Academy_72_JU-87G-2.htm In their early days they did a rather ghastly B-2 as well that's better avoided like the plague: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/107472-academy-72001-ju-87b-2-stuka One thing to look out for in Academy's Ju-87 G-1/2 kits is that the left wing has a gap in the wing root fairing above the left MLG strut, just inboard of the gun fairing, while the corresponding right side fairing is uninterrupted, as it was on the real thing. This should be filled. Possibly Academy went by a preserved example with an access cover missing. Cheers, Andre
  6. Alpha Delta 210

    RIAT 2018 Friday, Saturday & Sunday

    Happy to help! Please do open a thread with your pictures.
  7. busnproplinerfan

    FOURtune favours the Brave

    and say something wacky
  8. Torbjorn

    Gladiator in Norway

    Thanks - the trick is to know when to stop... Added make-shift seatbelts from tape and beer-can, and glied it all together. Unfortunately one of those struts got warped somewhere in the process.Not sure how to fix it, but first I have to add the wing struts so I can position it correctly using the upper wing (dry fitted).
  9. Well done, Christian. A lovely finish on an unusual subject.
  10. Ozzy

    OOB Airfix 262 +++Finished+++

    Thanks Rich, I definitely did enjoy myself, I do most of my modelling in the GB area as I find I get some good ideas and tips. There are a few Airfix kits about, I got some good hints and tips along the way on the build. I don't build that many aircraft so I need all the help I can get. cheers oz
  11. mackem01

    Chequered SE5a's.....

    Thanks tomcervo and Steve. Already seen it and added it to the shopping list!
  12. tempestfan

    Airfix 2019

    Not sure about the „outsell“ aspect but if they see a market for the Fury in 1/48, there must be one in 72nd too. And most of the design work is recyclable. And - no competition! (Unless SH or someone made a new tool that escaped me) I‘d say a fairly safe bet, if not for 2019 then 20. Still a Fury is no Venom. Even less competition, in any scale.
  13. Thanks Valkyrie,.. glad you like it mate. Well, the decals are on,....... a combination of DK Decals (codes and rudder flash which had to be cropped and should have a narrower white stripe) fuselage roundels (Aeroclub) and kit markings; Cheers, Tony
  14. Seahawk

    UK unveils new next generation fighter jet.

    Choosing a name is the cheap bit. If the UK couldn't afford to go it alone in the days of a. MRCA and b. EFA (when we were spending a lot more on defence), I can't see this happening, much as I would like it to. Especially since the UK would not be a large enough market even for a launch customer (the UK Tornado order was 385, the original UK Typhoon order was 232 but has since been trimmed down, so would any future order from the gutted and emaciated RAF for the "Tempest" even stagger into triple figures? But I would feel a whole lot more positive about a collaborative project with the Swedes: despite a relatively small industrial base they have a very impressive record of designing excellent aircraft and bringing them to fruition with the minimum of fuss.
  15. For me, I'd add a set of seat belts. The PE ones just don't agree with me. HGW make sets that would be applicable. If you don't like rubber tyres,, several companies make rain replacements. Tamiya has made all three different prop blades so the correct one should be in the appropriate boxing. One mistake they did make was the the distributor is the wrong type. They got the early and late ones mixed up. Thankfully both versions are in the - 1A kit. The Barracudacast cockpit placards are a nice touch to add but some consider them fiddly. Lastly, a common mistake made during construction is people glue the outer wing spar channels in place (N51 and N58). Don't do this as it makes it harder to slide the wings onto the spars. Carl
  16. Hook

    The Su-57 are arriving

    The ability to supercruise is also one, and a very underestimated one at that. Cheers, Andre
  17. I`m sure you`ll find time,..... no I was just part way through painting the undersides. Here is the model after being varnished, with the decals in place; Cheers, Tony
  18. Martin Ford

    Get your Wingnuts Brisfits while you can!

    Wow, that's wonderful ☺ a hell of a stash. They are certainly an exciting set of kits. I can still remember getting my first one. I can spend hours just looking at the boxes and browsing the instructions and Wingnut website. Things of beauty. Cheers
  19. Thanks Jean, i spent a whole five English pounds on the kit, I was expecting expert moulding from 1950s Airfix. I can't believe I had to dust off my sanding sticks and work up a sweat making the wheels fit, on a serious note I do enjoy building these kits getting them together within minutes. Only having to wait for the glue to dry, before getting the paint on and finishing within the hour. alway having fun with my builds. oz
  20. Haha,..... hey no rush my friend,...... I just appreciate your help! Speaking of decals,..... I got some applied today,...... although the red unit markings on the rudders fell to pieces in the water,...... splintering,...... but hopefully I have managed to recover enough to be able to overpaint them and complete the job. I also suspect that the blue for the fuselage roundels and fin stripes may be too bright? Cheers Tony
  21. Cheers Everybody and thanks for the heads up re the tail wheel doors Andy,...... I had thought that but I was scouring pics to make doubly sure,..... a very timely hint mate! Right,.... I`ve got the decals on and it is looking more like it now,..... engines are also attached and the turrets are laid out alongside; The turrets are fabulous and so easy to assemble,.... well done Airfix, Cheers Tony
  22. Enzo Matrix

    Royal Air Force Centenary Gallery

    Gloster Meteor F(TT) Mk.8 WE876 1574 Flight, RAF Tengah, Singapore, late 1950s Kit: Airfix 1/48 AX09182 Decals: Xtradecal X48160 Build thread: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235039431-a-stripy-meatbox/
  23. crushkill


    Let me know when you start that Bradley, I’ve been a crewmember on one for 12 years
  24. Pete in Lincs

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    This afternoon, A15 South side of Lincoln. A red Daimler Dart. Not the prettiest of cars, but....
  25. Great work, having built the Classic Airframes Canberra T.17 I know how much of a challenge there Canberra kits are. ScottC
  26. Looking good Alan. will the MRHGB be available in 48th scale, it looks superb. You asked if anything was wrong withthe 'little Wessex'. Yes, I thik he nose mounted aerial construction should be slitghy to port not on the centerline. Otherwise both builds are looking great. Colin
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