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  2. Heres another one if your allowing armored vehicles as part of this ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MBT-70 There were 14 pre-production test models made 7 American and 7 West German. In the end it was dropped for the M1 Abrams and Leopard 1 designs.
  3. Great info Giorgio.
  4. In a different part of my life. I did once work for a hobby-shop, and can remember something similar happening for an Tamiya RC car kit. We had about 6-8 of them in our back room. However we weren't allowed to acknowledge that until a certain date. If we did Tamiya would black list us and we couldn't get Tamiya kits through our distributor. So for 3-4 weeks we had to deny there existence. In the end we made the best of the situation. We built two of the RC cars up and then sold them for more money when the time came. Of course we also played with them after hours before the sale date to "test drive" them.
  5. I can re-size pictures on my PC using Paint. I also use Flickr to host my pictures for posting on forums like this one. Up a limit, Flickr gives you some variation on the size of the image you would like to post. I don't know about sizing images using any form of hand0held devices. I'm a bit old-school that way ( because I'm old ). Village.Photos doesn't let you edit/change your pictures in any way like sizing. It does show you the size of the image. Click on any of your pictures so it opens up by itself. At the lower left corner you will see File Information. The first line below that is the image dimensions in pixels. Here's an example from one of my Village.Photos pictures: File Information Dimensions: 900 x 900 pixels. Orientation: Square Filesize: 87.10KB Uploaded : 23/05/2019 Original Filename : Profile gauge.jpg Chris
  6. Hi all, The undercarriage fairing assembly is basically built. Made from 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm thick plastic card, 1.2mm, 0.8 mm and 0.5 mm brass rod and tube. The wheels are hand made by 'Steve Robson' out in Australia. It's still to be finalized and painted etc. I'll also need to make the struts as the kit supplied items fit into the kit fairing and therefore are not long enough to attach to the angled support blocks on each side of the exposed axle box ends, Mike
  7. i have noticed that this is becoming more of an 'if only' than 'what if' section. Great model of an 'if only' A-10.
  8. Yes, I knew. But as an 1/72 modeller I am still wery impressed...
  9. Hi Glad the metal barrel worked ok - I like them a lot. Please don't snip the plastic grill away - this is supposed to be there and is just covered with the etch mesh as an additional layer. Sadly I still can't use flickr so upload an image but a Google search of tiger 1 engine deck shows what I mean Kind regards Ben
  10. Thanks, John. I also found a good pic of XH168 with 58 Sqdn on aviationphotocompany.com. David
  11. I found this photo just now and thought it might be of interest as a modeling project- get out your RS kits! I think it would be handsome in the RAAF colors and markings, photo caption stated it served with No. 1 PRU and later No. 87 Squadron, but I'm no authority on RAAF units, so you might want to confirm that. Looks to be pretty clean and has external tanks. Crikey, she's a beaut, as they say! Mike https://www.reddit.com/r/WWIIplanes/comments/4x5sd4/lockheed_f4a_lightning_a553_pictured_while/
  12. Fantastic result of an simple idea. But has anyone ever tried to build one in 1/72 scale? Cheers / André
  13. Thank you! This is the only way I have found to prevent the head from being deformed when I shape it. Regards
  14. Flickr is still on the fritz so here are a couple of images post-dealing...I am aware of a terrible build error on my part...the 'cheeks' on the side of the nose (for machine gun bulges, I guess) are too far back. Too late to do anything about it. You live, you learn. Still, I think it's looking good. I will add only a tiny bit of weathering as this aircraft did not see combat nor doI think it flew a whole lot. --John
  15. I first suspected this around the time I started calling you Martian, around the time you were building your Haunebu. That was confirmed when you asked for it to be changed on your login, and subsequent interactions just reinforced my conviction that you were stark-staring, eye-rolling bonkers Anyway - Ali has confirmed that he's received my parts (ooer!), and has begun to adapt the castor wheels for casting. I think he's going to leave my little oleo as I made it, although I've told him he can take it off if he feels like it. Thing is, it's just a pigment of someone's imagination, and nothing was fixed in stone at the stage that development was brought to a halt by the Russians barging in, so you could have air-bags, springs or even baskets of kittens to land upon, although the latter would be a lot cruel and make me very sad for a long time. No movement other than what Ali is doing, as I've had to get on with a few other things while I avoid deciding on the colour scheme I'm going to paint it in.
  16. Including by me. Thanks Jim. I'll try not to perpetuate that. I'm at the same e-mail as before or you can PM me here. Either way. Chris, right now the Hurricane is in a very innocuous Quonset hut at the Wetaskiwin airfield north of the Reynolds Museum, a 2 hour drive north of Calgary and can not be seen by Joe Public. It's in the final stages of being painted with the last few bits and pieces begin sourced to enable engine start up late next month. After that, the wings will be removed and the airplane shipped to Calgary for formal turnover to the Hangar Flight Museum in July if all goes well. https://www.thehangarmuseum.ca/content/location-map. Follow Hurrican and Mosquito progress here: http://www.calgarymosquitosociety.com/feature68/feature68.html Yes that museum is now the Hangar Flight Museum and as far as I know they never had a Mosquito there. Maybe you were thinking of their Lancaster? Our Mosquito was, at that time, in bits and pieces locked up in a warehouse in Calgary to be seen by no-one. It would not have been in Nanton in 2000 as we only moved it there in 2012. Perhaps you are thinking of Edmonton's Alberta Aviation Museum which has a Mosquito done up as "F for Freddie"? That museum is on the grounds of the now-closed Edmonton Municipal Airport.
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