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  2. Grandboof

    TAA Vickers Viscount Glencoe kit

    Hi All Under Dart power now . The main windscreen would not fit so out with the Clearfix then masking , priming and colour . I am tempted to build more of these at some point. Apart from the warped wings there haven't been any major issues which given the age of the molds is a surprise , Thanks for looking in Martin H
  3. I have thought: and why not try to apply the C1 powder over my styrene polished and varnished? Will it work? Well, the result on this unpainted surface is... surprising! The Chrome is much lighter than all what I could get up to now, and I have an amazing mirror effect that the photo below doesn't fully render. I can give a score of 17/20 to this result, but I am going to do a new trial with a little modif, on which I will come-back later...
  4. Nikolay Polyakov

    CF-104 (Hasagawa, 1/72)

    Amazing work @opus999, congratulations! The NMF looks fantastic, with all the stencils it’s like a real bird. Cheers!
  5. neil5208

    Tamiya Delta Tomcat

    Sorry to hear that Colin, was looking very impressive. Better luck on the next one
  6. Albeback52

    Revell 1/144 AN-225 Mriya??

    Not so crazy my friend!. I have an idea for a stretched, R R Trent engine version - the Airbus -Antonov A450 based on the Antonov An-124. All I need is another An-124 kit!! Pity Revell has not seen fit to reissue it along with the new -225! Allan
  7. Silenoz

    Laws you never knew existed

    Well every rules has it's exception, I've encounters a beemer going to the right lane (Europe) every time she could and using signal lights. Most weird was she didn't have Britisch plates
  8. I know! That means I can still build some more cool 60s jets!
  9. As usual, your builds are so quick that by the time I see them they are almost finished. It looks like a nice kit despite the amount of fiddling required and I'm tempted. John
  10. Released http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=GW-L4822 V.P.
  11. AT LONG LAST!!!! A Delta by a mainstream producer... And SO many variants represented. Thank you Special Hobby!! Jay
  12. I could probably file and rescribe that, but with a new model they should get it right from the get go imho.
  13. Beard

    Colourset improvements

    That's a splendid and eye-catching idea and reminds me that I'm almost out of Azure Blue).
  14. Today
  15. Rabbit Leader

    I would like to join with a A6M3 Zero.

    Great progress Greg, the cockpit looks really good and the whole lot is coming along nicely. Im also pleased to hear all is going well. Cheers.. Dave
  16. Hi! That's a really nice little Xwing! I'm planning on building the same version and your build is an inspiration! Great work! Ciao IWik PS Maybe some fake reflection (or at least some clear varnish) of light on the windows?
  17. Excellent work on a very Impressive Diorama
  18. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    2011 Christmas build done !

    Great work takes time
  19. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Centurion Shot Kal 1973 1\35 AFV

    Beautiful work on your Shot Kal ... I tend to really enjoy Israeli models both Armor and Aircraft quite a bit. Yours is very much a top tier build.
  20. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Green Flag 81-3: 12th Tac Recce Squadron

    Definitely sad and a hard thing for a tightknit group like a tactical recon. unit to get through im sure. I second the question ? What was the A.F. Boards determination for the crashes ?
  21. dcrfan

    British Army Land Rovers

    Same as the outside.
  22. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Fairey Fulmar

    Hello Josh I think your Fulmar looks great. Im not an expert on either the aircraft or colors but it looks the part. Im not sure how much you mixed/stirred/shook your paints but sometimes that can effect the color. Next time try and stir it for a few minutes ? That might get the desired tone from the paint tin. Dennis
  23. wally7506

    LNSF Mossie codes

    Thanks for the reply. Hadn't heard that one. Might explain why 105 Sqn changed to white codes with black outline ... or why 692 Sqn codes were black with yellow outline. Cheers JS
  24. It's looking spectacular as always Peter! Would it be possible for you to occasionally throw in a paint pot (universal standard of weights & measures for modelers...) as a scale reference please? It gets challenging for us mere mortals to gauge the size of some of your work!
  25. Beautifully finished as ever Russ.Great job.
  26. Quite the piece for an Airfix kit. I want to do the mock up aircraft model 330 one of these years. The F-14 is as classy as the F-4, well maybe. Factoid, Canada was super close to buying them. There is somewhere a picture of one in Canadian markings.
  27. Admiral Puff

    Fourem Rules , again

    or Toorak, or Mayfair (It must be hell to have to live on an income like that, but I suppose when you're that poor you have no option ...)
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