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  2. @David Womby David I found this photo of 'your' PR.9 when she was with 58 Sqn unfortunately XH168 is the one furthest from the camera! The the extra aerial on the flair bay door appears to be the Radio Altimeter Mk.7B. but as yet I've not found a photo of an early PR.9 with one fitted? I can't say when the mod was introduced. John
  3. Fantastic result of an simple idea. But has anyone ever tried to build one in 1/72 scale? Cheers / André
  4. Thank you! This is the only way I have found to prevent the head from being deformed when I shape it. Regards
  5. Both the Airfix and Esci (also reboxed by Italeri) kits have IMHO pros and cons. The Italian kit is IMHO better moulded, with very fine panel lines, sharp details and a good fit. At the same time the cockpit is very empty, the ejection seat is useless and for some reason Esci moulded a fairing under the wing where the outer pylon is attached. This fairing exists but is only used when the pylon is not installed so should be sanded flush is the pylon is glued in place. The auxiliary doors on the intakes are moulded closed, Pavla does a nice resin set but of course this adds to the cost. Accuracy is pretty good overall but a few small details are more suitable for the Sea Harrier. Decals were not bad in the original Esci boxes but they may not be useable today. Italeri decals look good bit IMHO the stencils are too large and not realistic when applied. The British kit is not as sharply moulded but the cockpit is way better, with a decent seat. Instrument panels are decals on both kits but the shape in the Airfix kit is more correct. Auxiliary doors can be posed open or closed, very nice touch. The tail on the GR.3 is not accurate as Airfix added the RWR fairing without adding the extra height of the real aircraft. There are aftermarket parts for this. Decals are very good and IMHO superior to those offered by Italeri. My personal view is that as I have a Italeri kit in the stash I don't feel the need to buy an Airfix one. If I had to buy a new kit I'd probably buy whatever I can find cheaper and quicker
  6. Flickr is still on the fritz so here are a couple of images post-dealing...I am aware of a terrible build error on my part...the 'cheeks' on the side of the nose (for machine gun bulges, I guess) are too far back. Too late to do anything about it. You live, you learn. Still, I think it's looking good. I will add only a tiny bit of weathering as this aircraft did not see combat nor doI think it flew a whole lot. --John
  7. I first suspected this around the time I started calling you Martian, around the time you were building your Haunebu. That was confirmed when you asked for it to be changed on your login, and subsequent interactions just reinforced my conviction that you were stark-staring, eye-rolling bonkers Anyway - Ali has confirmed that he's received my parts (ooer!), and has begun to adapt the castor wheels for casting. I think he's going to leave my little oleo as I made it, although I've told him he can take it off if he feels like it. Thing is, it's just a pigment of someone's imagination, and nothing was fixed in stone at the stage that development was brought to a halt by the Russians barging in, so you could have air-bags, springs or even baskets of kittens to land upon, although the latter would be a lot cruel and make me very sad for a long time. No movement other than what Ali is doing, as I've had to get on with a few other things while I avoid deciding on the colour scheme I'm going to paint it in.
  8. Including by me. Thanks Jim. I'll try not to perpetuate that. I'm at the same e-mail as before or you can PM me here. Either way. Chris, right now the Hurricane is in a very innocuous Quonset hut at the Wetaskiwin airfield north of the Reynolds Museum, a 2 hour drive north of Calgary and can not be seen by Joe Public. It's in the final stages of being painted with the last few bits and pieces begin sourced to enable engine start up late next month. After that, the wings will be removed and the airplane shipped to Calgary for formal turnover to the Hangar Flight Museum in July if all goes well. https://www.thehangarmuseum.ca/content/location-map. Follow Hurrican and Mosquito progress here: http://www.calgarymosquitosociety.com/feature68/feature68.html Yes that museum is now the Hangar Flight Museum and as far as I know they never had a Mosquito there. Maybe you were thinking of their Lancaster? Our Mosquito was, at that time, in bits and pieces locked up in a warehouse in Calgary to be seen by no-one. It would not have been in Nanton in 2000 as we only moved it there in 2012. Perhaps you are thinking of Edmonton's Alberta Aviation Museum which has a Mosquito done up as "F for Freddie"? That museum is on the grounds of the now-closed Edmonton Municipal Airport.
  9. Will be up in the gallery once Flickr’s back up, only thing left I’ve got to do is glue the HARMs on and it’s finished
  10. I think the rep goofed up and is probably looking for alternative employment.
  11. Hi Anil, Actually I got one moore... I am trying to build one aircraft of 61, 62 and 63'rd FS. But when it comes to "nearly done" it's a slow build. I dipped the canopy's into "Johnson Clear" yesterday and maybe I paint the frames this weekend. I need to paint the props and wheels too... Cheers / André
  12. Plenty of subjects up my street, why not sign me up, think probably will enter a Hasegawa Foxbat if I’ve not done that one by then
  13. We need actual threads to even begin to diagnose the issue though Stuart. There's nothing we can do about "too many occurrences" unfortunately Where's your ping coming from? If you ping the site, that will get a realistic figure, so from a command prompt (type cmd<enter> at the run box on the start menu), type ping britmodeller.com - I got a consistent 90ms, which is decent. Don't forget that the site will then have to go and collect those pics from the various sources before it can show them, so you have to make allowances. I just pinged Imgur and got a very nice 32ms, and then photobucket at 113ms, so it varies, and it all adds up when you're looking at a picture heavy thread. Check out one of my threads, and you'll be getting the best performance, as all my pics apart from a few silly memes are hosted on the site. Those should be the gold standard, and if they're lagging, flashing or blocking for too long, then we could say we've got an issue as long as you're 100% certain of your connection speed at the time. It's a bit of a problem because we've got so many variables. 3rd party sources, variable connection speed, general internet vagaries and so forth. It's difficult without proof to know where the finger should be pointed, but in general a member looking at our site would automatically point the finger at us. It's all those variables that we need to root out.
  14. It's far sturdier and solid this time too Adrian. So far at least.
  15. Flickr has been undergoing a server move and upgrade. It’s mostly back on line now, but might be a bit flakey (nothing new) for a day or two while all the dust settles and the paint dries.
  16. Model Master's range of FS matched paints is onen of the best when it comes to accuracy, can't remember the codes for the two paints you need but the bottles have the FS number printed on the label, so no problem here. Humbrol's paints for these two colours are 127 and 128.
  17. It's an interesting exercise, this building part two of someone's life list model game I know it was on Colin's 'must do' list and when he read that it was on my future 'have a go' list too, bearing in mind that his list had become massive-er he asked me if I fancied picking up with it Which I did Being involved in one of Colin's builds was a wonderful invitation for me but it has inevitably resulted in me having to adapt to another builder's methods A case in point was the windows and how to deal with them, that done but with us not knowing the eventual outcome I began tackling other parts which needed catching up The S-61N as a dedicated passenger machine had some different design changes to factor in, the big radar nose for one thing and the tail rotor pylon is very different having a longer length (presumably to balance the longer passenger nose) but with a shallower angle which seems to leave both variation's tail rotors at similar heights Colin gave me the barebones pylon to play with which was made from a piece of, I think, Perspex type plastic This needed cutting to length and some more carving and sihrsc-ing to finish the shape Blarryhell it is hard stuff to work but after this afternoon I think I am getting there I have had to cut the tailrotor fairing off the original Airfix offering and superglue it onto the Perspex Anyway This is what it looked like at the beginning CAn you see what it looks like? No OK how about I reckon this was a real labour of love Colin, beautifully prepared blank working to play with Anyway up the corners and edges needed refining, enter sihrsc, to get me closer to this shape Acknowledgements to whomsoever owns the picture As you see the leading edge is basically semicircular with a bulgey top piece with a roundish slight taper at the trailing edge Apologies for the stolen shots being less clear than a clear thing you can look at I'm not very good at searching decent reference pictures I do think they show you what I need to achieve, which I am convinced I can do (stubborn old hectoring Bill huh) As you see the moulded rotor shaft extension sits very nicely on the Perpsex with a wee dribblet of stuporgoo The pencil line represents the finished length of the pylon and I hope to use the excess to file a plug to sit inside the tail cone I was pleased that Colin used clear Perspex because it will leave me likely to be able to make up some mesh decals to sit over the ventilation panels The vents are very visible on some of the few photos I have Like these That scheme still tempts me but I do really want to have the nose radar on my model
  18. I would have called this done, until I took these pictures. When I looked at the model I noticed that the Fwd R/H blade was pointing upwards at a strange angle (I am sure I set this differently when I set them up) when it should be roughly flat. So I will hopefully gently snap the rotor head so the it can be reset at a more correct angle. So hopefully tomorrow or in a few days time I will have some pictures of the finished model. Some of you may have noticed that the rear of the ramp doors in dangling down. Although this is not one of the kit options, I did see a fair few of the CH-46s at Ali Al Salem like this during OIF.
  19. Beautiful Boyington Tiger ! Im planning on the same plane for the P-40 group build in the fall. Only mine will be in 1/48th.
  20. That would give you a scare for sure! A friend had that happen at a 100 knots in a Bell 212, the greenhouse window blew... Not only did it give him a fright, it was bloody cold as well, below -30C in a inhospitable area of the Canadian Arctic... But on to the model, sweet looking, and I may have to get one myself! Cheers Harald
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