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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi, Maddy,

    I met up with you at sword & Lance recently & I’m the lad after the motorcycle lights for the 1/4th scale Ducati...

    I’m in the game for a starbug if they are recast so please add me to the list....

    ive just got the old Phoenix head busts of Rimmer, lister & kryten...need to get the kat but he is elusive!!,!

    bit of a fan of the red dwarf series so  any news is good news....


    mark dollery....

  3. Last week
  4. So I have started my build for the #RAF100inscale group build. I was going to be doing a video build but that unfor… https://t.co/aeHejNsWUb

  5. Hi

    I see a photo of the J-7 at


    I strongly recommend you to remove it the pgoto.

    It is a Getty copyrighted photo and I have friends who go a big fine and had to remove the photo as Getty does not accept any re-use of their copyrighted material. 

  6. LGW 2018 finally start of my modelling year after the past two years ailments. 

  7. Apologies to those reading my past posts with pics, I have just cancelled my photobucket account, as i refuse to pay the 11 times price hike they are now asking ($36 to $400 a year).


    All the best Chris

  8. was a P-51 there a P-51 called ridegrunner flown by Maj pierce McKennon??

  9. Earlier
  10. Hi Patrice can you remove the last post of mine please  tried to put a photo on  but did not work  will try again hope l will sort it out be for the start of the GB  thanks Les



      Good evening Les

       I removed the "pics" you tried to add in the P47 STGB section I hope you will succeed to show it latter ..

      Best regards




    1. Beard


      A great song, from a great band.

  12. I happened on a house
    Built of living light
    Where everything evil disappears and dies



  13. Good morning Sgt Squarehead

     Give me your adress and I will send you the decals for Shady Lady ..



  14. Hi Tomoshenko

    I was following your Fury posting but the images seem to have disappeared.

    Any chance you can fix the links for me and the other BM's who are suddenly building a spate of Fury's



    1. Tomoshenko


      Thanks for the compliment Colin. There is some problems with Postimage at the moment - other BMers are experiencing problems. If they don't fix it in a couple of days I will re-establish the photos.


    2. Colin W

      Colin W


      Many thanks for your reply. I was a photobucket victim as well so know the feeling. 

      Your Fury is a fantastic piece of work which deserves to be seen.

      Thanks Colin 

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