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  1. Yesterday
  2. Mine too! I think I've built 5 models of it since I was 13.
  3. Pete in Lincs

    Misfit 2

    Another week gone by and here's another update. I managed to get about three hours in the manshed this weekend, so, pictures! Starting at the front with this one. More bits box bits. The grey bit in the middle is a robot weapon of some kind, the white bit behind it, I have no idea. I'm also not sure what they represent, but they look good there and will look better with paint. Slightly aft of that combo we have two Airfix Ju88 bomb racks which will hold modified bombs. Although they aren't bombs here, possibly some kind of removable gas tanks. Similar to the propane tanks on a forklift? (only one fitted here for the picture though & not glued down yet). And here we zip aft to the rear wall of the aft hold. On the left is a green V8 Cylinder head. The dark green part is some kind of tank bit, but here it's a door to the machine room under the aft deck. The grey louvre may be Su27 intake? and the white bit is the air cleaner from an American V8. The boarding ladder may be F-16 and the hand rail is a bit of a 1/24th ladder. All of the above serve to busy up the bulkhead, make it look like they belong there, and actually do something. This is the dividing bulkhead between the holds. The transparent thing is the disposable safety cover from a cheap razor. It now becomes a means of lifting the boat by crane if need be. This is the front face of the dividing bulkhead. Not sure what the grey bit is but the red bit is from an Airfix RAF emergency set fire tender and is probably nearly 50 years old. And this is the front face of the fwd hold. A bit of ladder which needs a hand rail and another bit of intake. And when they dock, the crew need access to the dock. So this is the left side with two doors scribed into the safety rail. Maybe you can see two grey rods representing piano hinges for the doors. Lower down on the hull I've made a set of marks. Earlier I mentioned rivet counters, here's where they get excited. I've bought a tub of small dress making pins and will be cutting them down, drilling holes where you see the marks and sticking the pins into them. They are nicely rounded and will look like proper shipyard rivets. I did the same thing on the original Misfit too. It's boring (ahem) but makes a difference. @Ex-FAAWAFU eat your heart out! Final picture for tonight. The RH side. You can see the mounting holes, and I've marked out the rivet pattern. Now this side will be against the dock and probably will never be seen again. But at least I'll know it's riveted. The doors on this side are now folded back and there will be a gangplank to the dock through there. Comments, money, etc gratefully accepted. Thanks for looking Pete
  4. Imagine sitting down at the workbench and suddenly realising the facehugger isn't in its egg anymore...
  5. Cheers Will,Its a beautifully cast kit,thats for sure. Been blocking out some base colours and have started to detail and weather the helmet.
  6. Nice work, this my favourite Enterprise.
  7. GordonD

    Ups and Downs for January

    20 JANUARY 1966 A-004 Sixth and final in-flight test of the Apollo Launch Escape System using a Little Joe II launch vehicle. It was also the first flight in the Apollo programme to use a production (Block I) spacecraft rather than a boilerplate dummy. The LES was fired at an altitude of 18.6km after the Little Joe was instructed to begin a tumbling motion that simulated a failure of the control system, and CM SC-002 was lifted a further 4km before going into its recovery sequence that ended in a safe splashdown 34.6km downrange. The mission completed the qualification tests of the Launch Escape System, the first element of the Apollo-Saturn combination to be man-rated for flight. 1978 Progress 1 launch First flight of the Progress cargo ferry which (in modified form) is still in use today to deliver supplies to the International Space Station. Docking with Salyut 6 was achieved two days later, with a payload of 1,300kg of food, spare parts and other supplies, plus 1,000kg of propellant and oxygen. The freighter undocked on 6 February and was deorbited to a destructive re-entry two days after that. 1990 STS-32 landing Crew: Daniel Brandenstein (CDR), James Wetherbee (P), Bonnie Jean Dunbar, Marsha Ivins, George Low (MS) Landing site: Edwards AFB Flight time 10d 21h 1m. Returned LDEF to Earth. 1996 STS-72 landing Crew: Brian Duffy (CDR), Brent Jett (P), Leroy Chiao, Winston Scott, Koichi Wakata [Japan], Daniel Barry (MS) Landing site: Kennedy Space Center Flight time: 8d 22h 1m. Returned the Japanese Space Flyer Unit to Earth.
  8. Last week
  9. It's been busy in this house lately, so it's been a while since I worked on this. I needed to help two of my kids with building their Pinewood Derby cars this week, which I suppose is another type of model... I got an hour yesterday to finish the decals, which were on the top and sides of the saucer: I used the Aqua Gloss method again to ensure there was no silvering, but I'm really not happy at all with the finish. The spots of Aqua gloss around the decals dried and when I overcoated the whole top of the saucer with another coat of aqua gloss, I could see the edges of those spots. I really hope that the sprayed semi-gloss overcoat will fix the poor finish. I know it works with flat, but I don't know about semi-gloss. Also, the registry number and name were all one decal. I decided to cut the name and each letter and number of the registry number out separately and apply them separately. I photocopied the decal first, so I could use it as a template for placement, which worked well. It was tedious doing it this way, but I think I saved myself a lot of trouble.
  10. GordonD

    Ups and Downs for January

    19 JANUARY 1965 Gemini 2 This was the second unmanned test of the Gemini spacecraft. It flew a suborbital trajectory, reaching a peak altitude of 171km. At T-plus 6 minutes 54 seconds the retrorockets were fired and the spacecraft splashed down 3,422km from the launch pad. Flight time was 18m 16s. Though the landing was 26km short of the target point the flight achieved most of its goals, with the exception of the fuel cells, which had failed before launch and were switched off. However it was declared an overall success and the way was clear for the first manned flight of the programme. 1993 STS-54 landing Crew: John Casper (CDR), Ray McMonagle (P), Mario Runco, Greg Harbaugh, Susan Helms (MS) Landing site: Kennedy Space Center Flight time 5d 23h 38m.
  11. Pete in Lincs

    Redstone PGM11

    and it was coming along so well. Disaster! we've all been there. I'm sure you can bring it back to a good result.
  12. markmcguire25

    Redstone PGM11

    Quick update. Replaced and improved some access panels Cleaned up the bottom exhaust for some new detail. Those jet exhausts were a nice fit ' Main fin attached with exhaust update additional details and some white primer The last pic before disaster struck! The white primer (Testors Automotive Enamel Primer White) was really clogging up the sanding sticks and I still had a few blemishes to fix. I decided to switch to a Grey Microfiller. While I was refilling the airbrush, a gust of wing grabbed the rocket and it hit the garage floor hard. A crack in the main body, the tip broke off, and several of the fins were damaged and/or knocked off. I really wanted to finish painting before the cold weather rolls back in this weekend.
  13. Oh bugger it you guys have convinced me!! I do like the contrast, I'll paint then green them slather them in purple ooze!
  14. I agree about the green. Could they perhaps shade between green to purple as they grow?
  15. Wow. Amazing how that little splash of green transforms the whole look of the base.
  16. Thanks John, thats what I was shooting for so pleased you think so Cheers noeyedears! Thanks Pete, its good being back (properly this time!) Thanks Will Appreciate it, and I agree about the gloss, think once I start adding slime and goo I'll gloss the whole thing for that "moist look" (copyright @Carts ) And just a quick update, I got the tentacle filling sanded down and painted over IMG_20190118_134552 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20190118_134924 by Nick Frost, on Flickr So thats all covered over and forgotten about! Panic over And I got my tentacles for the flower glued in place IMG_20190118_134220 by Nick Frost, on Flickr I actually really like the green contrast, so much I was tempted to paint them green, but I think ill stick with purple for them, which is what I'll do next. Thanks for looking, more soon
  17. GordonD

    Ups and Downs for January

    18 JANUARY 1969 Soyuz 5 landing Crew: Boris Volynov (CDR) Landing site: 200 km SW of Kustanay After Soyuz 4 undocked, carrying his former crewmates, Volynov carried out a series of scientific experiments before returning to Earth. However only many years later did it emerge that the re-entry had nearly ended in disaster. The Equipment Module failed to separate, resulting in the spacecraft entering the atmosphere nose-first. Not only did this mean that Volynov was subjected to the deceleration forces face down, pulled into his restraint harness rather than back into his padded couch, but that the relatively thin access hatch began to burn through. Smoke began to fill the cabin as the gasket seals melted, but fortunately at the last moment the Equipment Module broke free and the Re-entry Module was able to swing round to the correct heat-shield forward orientation. Volynov's troubles were not over: the parachute cables partially tangled and the soft-landing rockets failed to fire, resulting in a very hard impact which broke his jaw and several teeth. The landing was well off target, and Volynov had to wait aboard the capsule in temperatures of −38 °C, dressed only in a thin tracksuit, for over an hour until the rescue teams arrived. His flight time was 3d 0h 54m. 1986 STS-61C landing Crew: 'Hoot' Gibson (CDR), Charles Bolden (P), George Nelson, Steve Hawley, Franklin Chang-Diaz (MS), Robert Cenker, Bill Nelson (PS) Landing site: Edwards AFB Bad weather delayed the return by two days; total flight time was 6d 2h 4m. This was the last flight before the Challenger accident.
  18. Father Cool

    1:1400 Enterprise E photoetch

    Hi in order for me to determine how many sheets to have etched can whoever is interested please email me at rbeconcepts@gmail.com with their name and number of sets required. I will then invoice you for the payment when I receive them before posting out to you. Regards FC
  19. Rob G

    Imperial Knights

    ACR is quicker than you or I, and if Ps is slow for you, you need a better computer (unless you're shooting with a Nikon D800/810/850 or whatever high megapickle thing Cannot and Snoy have; big files take a LOT of processing power and slow is the norm for most people there). Lightroom is slow for everyone, because it's crap. (I used to swear by it, until I got tired of swearing AT it, and made the change.) I do 99% of my post work in ACR and only drop into Ps when I really make a mess of an image in camera, or if I need to wrangle pixels. The ACR tools are the same as Lr, but the histogram's accurate, it's faster and there's no dumb catalogue (Windows has a perfectly acceptable catalogue built in!) As Damien says, give it a try for 30 days. If it works for you, make the change. If not, go back to Lr. No real loss except a bit of time. Of course there's no phone version of ACR, so you'll be back to Lr Mobile if you need that functionality. Or you can use an alternative- I was using PhotoMate R2, which has been replaced by R3, but I don't do any serious processing on mobile devices any more as the screens can't be calibrated. YMMV.
  20. Will Vale

    Imperial Knights

    Interesting, I tended to ignore Bridge. Is ACR fast? (Because PS definitely isn't, but then neither is LR...) The bit that's causing me grief at the moment isn't the catalogue, which I backed up and restored just fine, it's the integration with LR mobile. I use that on my phone a lot and it's really made me take, process and present more photos so I rate it a good thing. But because the local copies on desktop are stored in a wacky secret folder it's a bit of a mess and doesn't integrate well with a Classic catalogue. Especially when that's been migrated across machines. I think I've just about got it sorted now, might've lost an image or an edit here or there, not sure. Cheers, Will
  21. Rob G

    Imperial Knights

    Save yourself all the Lightroom catalogue grief and use Bridge/Adobe Camera Raw/Photoshop instead. It's the best photo processing thing that I ever did. https://www.damiensymonds.net/bridge-30-day-challenge
  22. Will Vale

    Imperial Knights

    Thanks guys, just got my computer back from Microsoft and I'm in the process of restoring and sorting out my Lightroom catalogue. Which hopefully means I'll be a bit more active again... While all the photos were copying from the backup drive I edged all the panels, tidied up the tide marks a bit, and painted more details. I also dry-brushed the metal areas with a couple of different silvers (Ironbreaker and Mithril) so they're ready for a wash. But I need to go and clean everything very carefully as it's suffered from being in the living room and there are bits of fluff and dried pigment all over I'm thinking that an oil wash is the way to go, so I ought to seal the panel areas with Klear, and obviously apply any decals at the same time. So that's the next step. Won't be this weekend as my daughter and I are off to an orienteering training camp for three days. Bit nervous as neither of my knees are that great at the moment and I have water on the left one (yes, like in Operation!) although it is improving... Maybe I can do the theory and sit out the practice? Cheers, Will
  23. Ooh, very creepy. I've been sitting on my copy of this kit for ages (not like that!) and now I want to have a go. Looking forward to seeing how the suit turns out, there's a lot of detail in there. Cheers, Will
  24. Looking most excellent, the purple is a really good addition and lifts the whole thing. The touch of gloss that seems to have come with it is good too, it adds life :) Cheers, Will
  25. Absolute Quality workmanship on display,Outstanding.
  26. Throwing some serious skills around there mate, truly exceptional
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