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  1. Today
  2. Hi! That's a really nice little Xwing! I'm planning on building the same version and your build is an inspiration! Great work! Ciao IWik PS Maybe some fake reflection (or at least some clear varnish) of light on the windows?
  3. Thanks, Hockeyboy76! Thanks, Andy! I'm a big fan of your work and your 1/72 build of the "McQuarrie X-Wing" inspired me to give this 1/144 rendition a go. The masking was indeed tricky at this scale but a steady hand and reading glasses prevailed in the end.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi y'all! Here it is finished at last...well, until I realized I'd forgotten to put a black wash into the main trench... I also wanted to take a picture with an object for scale effect, so that will be for the "finished section" I guess. Hope you like the result! I've redone the shoadow int the dish. I like it better that way. Ciao Iwik
  6. cant wait to see this stunning piece of art completed
  7. good luck with this Mr P - faces and figures are not my idea of fun...
  8. Gimme Shelter

    "This is no moon" II (Bandai)

    love the shadow - I saw the kit on a shelf in New York last month but this is the first I have seen what the box contents look like. Its bound to be a popular choice in the range from Bandai "That's no Moon, it's a Space Station"
  9. Gimme Shelter

    1/4 scale C3-P0

    "R2-D2 where have you been?" What a brilliant touch of workmanship
  10. Hello everybody, today, Shapeways' big Track Shoe delivery arrived with the seven Sets of 52, which of course were immediately unpacked. And these are the total of 456 shoes for the Crawler. The new sets look well, though there are small differences in quality between the sets, as one can see on the two encircled sets, which should be due to different thorough after-treatment/cleaning. But that is no problem, because I will try anyway, to let the sets being cleaned professionally again in the Dental laboratory, as usual. And the replacement delivery with the Set of 20 (FXD), which had been interconverted, is already on the way. For the connecting bolts, I've also still found a suitable solution, for which I would use instead of the insect needles (Ø 0,3 mm) now Nickel silver rods (Ø 0,4 mm), which fit closely through the Pin lug holes. And with a length of 7 mm per bolt comes together a total length of more than 3 m , which would correspond to 11 rods à 30 cm, which I will reorder.
  11. I am lucky to have seen this kit twice between our club and our clubs show over the last 2 weeks - its a crisp and very good quality new kit - the builder has brought the true potential out of the box contents and with the final touch of using pigments on the base, really brought this kit to life. The decals are superb well done Mr P - we all knew you would not be able to resist building this one even with a house move going on at the same time.
  12. Gimme Shelter

    Sevan's 1\5 Movie Dalek

    nice to see a sink plunger free Dalek model - great work - love the clamp fitting, a nice alternative from the toilet de-blocker alternative
  13. I've had to drop back in for another look at such a great model - love it just as much the second time of looking in
  14. Gimme Shelter

    1/60 Halcyon Alien Space Jockey

    a brilliant model of Giger's most iconic artwork - he certainly had some weird stuff going on in his head but it became legendary. Your diorama certainly captures a very classic moment in sci-fi history
  15. Correct. I think they will be a helpful start or ‘scratch-aid’ to make something that looks ok. I am not aiming for the level of perfection that you have achieved with yours!
  16. Carts

    Kill Team/Space Wolves

    Lovely paint work,looks outstanding.
  17. andyf117

    Krieger Lunadiver variant - MANTA

    The yellow fuselage is Fujimi's HAR.3, and being in need of the cockpit glazing from one (or more!) I was appalled when I first saw it - but having now read that it was minus the cockpit when you received it, I'll refrain from sending hatemail!
  18. GordonD

    Astronaut Birthdays for September

    September 21 Bjarni Tryggvason (1945) Canada - Born Iceland Selected 1983 (Canada Group 1) STS-85, 7 - 19 August 1997 (11d 20h 26m) - Deployed and retrieved Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometers & Telescopes for the Atmosphere (CRISTA-SPAS 2) pallet Retired June 2008 Richard Hieb (1955) USA Selected 1985 (NASA Group 11) STS-39, 28 April - 6 May 1991 (8d 7h 22m) - First unclassified DoD mission; carried out observation studies connected with remote identification of spacecraft STS-49, 8 - 16 May 1992 (8d 21h 17m) - Retrieved, repaired and redeployed Intelsat-VI F-3. Maiden flight of Endeavour STS-65, 8 - 23 July 1994 (14d 17h 55m) - Carried International Microgravity Laboratory (IML-2) Total flight time 31d 22h 34m Retired April 1995 Information from Spacefacts website
  19. rockpopandchips

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    Bit more done pleased with the belt.
  20. I think, that this are Michael Key's Rainbirds (1:144), which look a bit LEGO like, right?
  21. Lee Chambers

    1/60 Halcyon Alien Space Jockey

    Cheers Pete!
  22. 9 sets of 52 flat shoes in ‘smooth fine detail’ arrived from Shapeways today (along with 6 rainbirds in ‘white natural versatile’, and a 1/148 scale railway brake tender wagon in ‘smoothest fine detail’). The shoes look great! Incidentally the wagon in ‘smoothest’ is amazing, the best print I have seen yet, the curves are smooth and the detail is fantastic.
  23. The ROTJ Vader kit'll have a rubber cape like the Kylo Ren kit, which IMHO looks better than cloth. Specifically, the outer cape will be fully rubber, and only the lower half of the inner cape (because the upper half won't impede articulation) will be rubber.
  24. Last week
  25. Will Vale

    Kill Team/Space Wolves

    That's a big part of how I justify it too I don't think it's any less true of e.g. a cheaper Airfix kit, but I like the subjects and I think the figure-painting approach is quite different in feel to building a plane. And with the GW pieces you can play a game with them after, if you want, which I guess adds a bit too. I painted and fitted (with friction rather than glue) the chin guns and the Icarus launcher. The latter looks a bit messy in daylight and may need to be tidied up given that it's the top centre point. The grey is the same recipe as elsewhere (Administratum Grey washed with Nuln Oil and dry-brushed Administratum Grey and Celestra Grey) and the black is straight black with Celestra Grey edge highlights, which are a bit chalky and naff. Missile noses were carefully painted Celestra Grey and dotted with Mephiston Red. They're moulded in place so care was definitely needed, but the brush clearance is OK. I think half an hour or so with a fine brush and black paint in daylight will help refine those edges and then I can press on and paint up that little dangly thing on the chest armour, which is one of the few remaining body pieces still loose Cheers, Will
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