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  1. Yesterday
  2. "I'de give it 10 minutes Joker ,last nights balti was wicked"!
  3. It is now! It still looks great to me. The latest details just add to that.
  4. Great work so far! Loving all the additional detail your injecting into it! I wasn't aware you could get the Gemini spacecraft in such a large scale! Full of anticipation, i fired up a new Ebay tab and thought id have a look ...... .... might be out of my price range for quite some time! So will just have to follow your build log instead
  5. My god, its an update!! Time to blow the dust off and get back on it, started by just adding a bit of shading to the gun and painting a few little details (just some metallic grey bits and a bit of black on the barrel holes) And I have painted a bit of the clear gloss gel onto the laser beam just to make it a bit more of a ‘rough plasma’ look (if thats a thing! ) IMG_20200219_134307 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200219_134340 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Then I got it glued into the gun using more of the gel medium, and once it was dry I pressed s blob of green stuff into the recess of his hand and poked it over the protruding wire from his wrist to hold it all in position. IMG_20200219_134741 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200221_134532 by Nick Frost, on Flickr IMG_20200221_134615 by Nick Frost, on Flickr So next up going to add more greenstuff to the wrist which will be painted black to match the joint cover of the other wrist. I'll also get make a start getting the clear dome cut and in place. So glad to be back on this, really want to push and get this done ASAP. Thanks for looking, more soon
  6. Looking good Pete! My vote goes for 1/35th regardless of being manned or not, I think it looks more substantial and meaty at that scale (if you see what I mean!)
  7. I want a sheet too but can't find how to order one on their website!
  8. 21 FEBRUARY 2015 Barry Wilmore & Terry Virts (ISS Expedition 42) Duration 6 hr 41 min First of three EVAs intended to reconfigure cabling and other apparatus in preparation for the arrival of new docking adapters, configured to fit the forthcoming Boeing CST-100 and SpaceX Dragon capsules rather than the retired Space Shuttle. Second EVA for Wilmore; first for Virts.
  9. Last week
  10. First coat of paint on and I am going with tamiya gold and by the looks of it I am needing one coat.
  11. I asked because brass can be a nightmare to paint , used etch primer in the end, seems to have gone on ok.
  12. Nice work. Love the last pic. Johnny
  13. I've kind of gotten used to the drone idea. There isn't an access hatch for a pilot. A pilot would need life support, ejection seat etc, so that's extra weight. As configured I think it would be fly by wire/computer anyway. I think I'll go with the drone idea, but wait until the gear is on for a scale decision. Thanks for the input. Pete
  14. Still working of getting some better photos- While the inch grid Background is helpful, this one shows it's true size a bit better I think
  15. Looking a little different now, looking a bit like another one of those special opps Jegan now
  16. Good answer ... uh ... "Q" ! I'm constantly test-fitting this PE assembly ... it's just a bit too snug. ... fitting the Centre Console ... The overhead piece was made from scraps of styrene and a couple strands of Copper wire Starting on the EVA Astronaut, Gene Cernan. This is a hand, carved from a block of styrene ... The limbs are Milliput and I'll file and carve 'em ... the feet will telescope into the 'legs' Captain Cernan simulating his EVA. I'll be building his Chest Pak, ELSS, too, Starting to file and carve ... There'll be a lotta steps with this figure ... but it's all coming together nicely! IPD
  17. 20 FEBRUARY 1992 Aleksandr Volkov & Sergei Krikalev (Mir Expedition 10) Duration 4 hr 12 min The EVA ran into problems from the start, when Volkov's suit heat exchanger became clogged, forcing him to remain by the Kvant 2 module. He was still able to assist with the installation of various space exposure experiments, after which Krikalev moved away to carry out the remaining tasks by himself. This was in violation of the "buddy system" which required two cosmonauts working together so they could help each other in a crisis, but as EVAs cost 100,000 roubles per hour they were also encouraged to complete them once they had started, despite risks. Krikalev removed Sofora assembly equipment and cleaned cameras on Kvant, then collected an experimental solar array section that was added to the base block top array in 1988. Even working on his own, the EVA took less time than expected. Second and final EVA for Volkov: his career total is 10 hr 9 min; seventh EVA for Krikalev. 2002 Carl Walz & Daniel Bursch (ISS Expedition 4) Duration 5 hr 47 min This was the first use of the Quest airlock without a Shuttle Orbiter being docked, and also the first EVA from the International Space Station involving two US astronauts. Their task was to prepare for the installation of the S0 Truss by arranging the tools, cables and adaptors that would be required. They also removed four thermal blankets from the exterior of the Z1 Truss and stowed them inside its structure. Third and final EVA for Walz: his career total is 18 hr 55 min; second and final one for Bursch: his is 11 hr 46 min.
  18. A quick question regarding painting brass rod ,what do people use as a primer ?
  19. Brush painted the dome lights with some silver base and over coated with tamiya orange clearcoat , much better than the revell red clear that was used on the movie build, that was opaque and pinky not impressed . Also brushed some revell satin on the shoulders which I'm gunna have to sand back as it either has minute airbubbles in it or micro bits , had the same issue with there gloss black on the skirt hemis and had to redo with some humbrol which went on a lot bettter and didnt go tacky imediately, also finished off the eyeball and stalk.
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