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  1. Yesterday
  2. Well, this little fella turned up today but having read the previous posts, I’m VERY tempted to look for a 1/72 Eagle now!
  3. Great work, can't be long before we see some paint on it?
  4. Cricut elements for the cog teeth that also act as a positional for the 1.5mm square styrene rods. Applied to a .5mm sheet of styrene and then intercut to give me the length required for the circumference. I could've save the pain of splicing 3 strips together but I didn't want to fork out for the longer cutting mat for the Cricut machine. And here's the really laborious bit. To get to this. Also don't think I bought enough of the square rods so will have to travel back to the store.
  5. Build threads are a jinx for me. Whenever I start one up the kit barely progresses never mind gets completed. So I keep what little building I do under the radar until it’s almost done then I’ll Jack-in-a-box with photos and then a ‘ready for inspection’. The above is a rare purchase for me having shed most of my stash over the last year. I’m very slowly and stealthily working through my shelf of doom. As for the Eagle, I also remember the die cast toys with fondness. Made by Dinky, I had a few. I eventually managed to get hold of the winch version just so I could swap in the passenger pod since it was the only version to be painted white, all the others were a psychedelic metallic green or blue. I also had a few of the Airfix Eagles (still have one unmade). Most of which went on to suffer an ‘Alan Carter landing’. I was delighted when Round 2 launched their 1/72 series which are beautifully accurate. I really hope they’ll ‘Round off’ the fleet with the Cargo Eagle. Might even inspire me enough to build my launch pad kit
  6. its got a real "make do and mend" vibe, that's a good thing rgds John(shortCummins)
  7. Blend coat of Tamiya XF80 went on today, not sure if the zenital shading worked but the rest of the parts look good. Next will be a clear coat and some Flory Clay wash.
  8. ok chap , thanks for reply , yes a few scratch built parts is always satisfying , look forward to your build diary.
  9. Between the two, I'm afraid I will, the gunstrap bits will be used for the Cyberscout. I'm quite happy to scan them with a ruler if you fancy a lifesized template though. One of the changes between your kit and mine that seemed like a backwards step is that my gun is cast as one solid lump of resin vs the resin end caps and clear tube barrel of your kit. I reckon I can knock up something better there, similarly the helmet handles on mine are just straight tube & corners, with the changes in thickness achieved by wrapping tape around it. I reckon some sleeved tube will be better James
  10. One of these is definitely going on my wish list. Had a die cast one as a kid that I loved to bits and took a serious hammering, my mate had one that winched down containers using a magnetic grapple - man I was jealous! hopefully you will have a build thread that I can follow!
  11. It's been sat on my shelf for a good six months I rushed the build but it took me two days masking and painting and another 2 for the decals.
  12. Thanks again James , are you going to use all the PE parts on your builds particularly interested in the gunstrap buckles?
  13. So yesterday, after painstakingly masking around the body of this thing and spraying some colour. I decided I hated it. Can't explain why, just did. On the way to chipping it off I got to something that almost gets close to Japanese late war junkheap planes. Interesting, may keep. Another thing to ponder about. Either way all the kit supplied lumps and bumps are now in place and engine in. Turns out this this is quite big.
  14. Last week
  15. Looks like Timeless Hobbies in the UK have them in (limited) stock, although they're temporarily closed until 9th Feb.
  16. That’s where I got mine. As for comparison with the 22” kit I’m guessing this will be… smaller…?
  17. Hi James. was thinking of an extension ring but also hoping that I can get these done for people with the existing model and not too sure if I can match like for like. I’ll give it a go though🫣
  18. Excellent I'll be back home tonight, so if you do want any more shots, just let me know James
  19. Could you use some of your pasta engineering skills to use and dress the pipe to look like the cog over? Or take a mould of the cog Halcyon gave you, then cast a new extension? Fantastic work so far, it's quite a fun build to follow James
  20. Got this on order from the USA since every UK retailer is saying Mid-Feb before its available. Will be interesting to compare it to the 22" kit
  21. Hello everybody, for the remaining three Screw Jacks I came up with a different solution. In order not to have to glue the tiny Angle holders to the sides of the Double angle holder last, which was a pretty tricky affair, I have this step this time brought forward. That's why I first drilled the holes for the Spindle protective tubes in the brackets, first with Ø 0,3 mm pre-drilled, and then with Ø 0,5 mm re-drilled. Then the sides were beveled, wherefore this time I fixed the holders between four rulers and then cut off the slants on both sides one after the other with a razor blade. And in this position I also glued the tiny angle holders onto the front side. To glue the angle holders to the back, however, they had to be carefully re-clamped and precisely aimed with the tiny one on the Tape tweezers. But now the Double angle holders are finished, and I can glue in the protective tubes and then move on to the Worm gears and Folding bellows.
  22. Indeed! It’s been a while since I watched it but I always wanted an accurate 1/72 kit of the iconic ships and this is another I can finally scratch off the list. All I need now is for Round 2 to (hopefully) release a 1/72 version of the Cargo Eagle and then my set is complete. Especially since I also have the 1/1 scale Comlock and Stun Gun… pew… pew…!
  23. I can't help thinking that Gerry Anderson would be delighted that his TV shows are still being enjoyed and celebrated after so many years.
  24. Would be interested to see what you discover, Ray. But as far as I understand it, the mount on the stands is the same for all these Bandai Star Wars kits. Kev
  25. thanks James ,Ive trial dry fit tested the supplied parts to see how they sit and seems that itll work ok just need to be well secured .
  26. Second thingy. I've got a bit of a deli lama with the positioning of the Space man. I've used the pipe bit for the middle and it works a treat and had a devil of a time sanding around the perimeter and then positioning the pipe. I've come to a conclusion but not a decision as to whether it should be slightly raised above the line so as to enable the Jockey to revolve. I can see from images of the scene that the Jockey has a slightly deeper base cog thing which would've helped me a great deal if the Halcyon also had this but what the hey! Hopefully you can see the clearance that I have in this pic. and where I've raised the centre piece which I figure once painted would be near invisible anyways but your thoughts as to whether I have it like this or drop it down to conceal it which would mean that the jockey would have to lifted over the snotty struts if the position is to be changed. It only really shows at the end of the half pipes.
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