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  3. Wow, lovely work on the cabin, very precise and clean. I hope you sort out your excavator issues soon
  4. My first association is a cop's beacon. So maybe he's an empire military policeman... yyy... policedroid? Great build.
  5. I'm a bit stuck in the concept phase: I'm considering giving up on the excavator because it doesn't quite fit in size and, besides, I think it disturbs the model's proportions. I decided to finish the operator's cabin to do something else and after some time take a fresh look at the excavator. The operator module was already largely built, all that's left is to add some details. The green joysticks come from the Soviet BA armored car kit. The perforated copper sheet is the mudguard of a tank. I bought it as modeling scrap. These are foot supports. The control panel, made up of lots of little details whose origins I can't determine. I carved the operator's seat from 3mm styrene and mounted it on a frame made of thinner plastic. At the top there is a 1:35 fire extinguisher, I assume it is British. Safety first! As most of you probably know, adding details is a process that may never end. That's why I painted the cabin elements with a primer to stop the process of thinking about whether to glue something else to it. This is what it looks like without the top ring and seat. Thanks for looking! Wiesiek.
  6. Oops! That's what sprung to mind when I saw the note on the box. Sorry about that again
  7. I took a quick look at the shuttle on unboxing, while inspecting the sprue and I remember thinking that it looks way too big? I've seen a few builds where people have mounted it on a rod next to the main model, so I might have a go at that, or something similar. This is the first consideration I've given to the shuttle tbh, I'd totally forgotten about it until your post I wonder if I could also light it in some way? You've got me thinking now!
  8. Looks good so far, and it's also helping to keep your teeth white You going to do anything with the shuttle for this build?
  9. I've started lighting the saucer section using LED strips, cut to size. I've created positive and negative strips using copper tape, that I can solder additional wires to for other lights when required. Which means I can keep the wiring that travels through the neck of the model to a minimum. This also and saves on wire and helps keep things tidy. The impulse engines here still have masking tape over them. Though I quite like the yellow look
  10. I too really liked that show. I can still hear the sound effects for the 'pew pew' and them swooshing through the air. Good start and will be watching for more. That lizard-face part only impacted the attraction a little...
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  12. That's bl@@dy brilliant. Not much else needs to be said!
  13. Nice! I remember having a huge (errr...) crush on Diana at the time but then, I was a teenager...................... /P
  14. Don't think too hard about Eagle Transporters either. In freight mode there is no door. And there aren't any yaw thrusters.
  15. Hi, After the dirt was added with oils, I made scratches using a toothpick and a small and pointy Q-Tip.
  16. The weather is still rubbish here in Devon so I'm off with my next retro Sci-fi project, this time some classic 1980's TV. The two V mini-series were a game-changer for TV Sci-Fi in the 80's, sadly it all went wrong a few episodes into the weekly show. I still watch the two mini-series every once in a while. It brings back memories of sitting cross-legged in my parents lounge watching space nazis/lizards try to take over the Planet, although I didn't get the not very well disguised Nazi references as a kid. No VCR in my house back then so the 1984 Olympics pretty much passed us by 😁 There are a few sellers on Etsy producing kits for the various Visitor ships used in the series. As far as I cen tell they are all based from the same set of 3D files but I've gone with kits from Cozmic Scale Models. They are larger than most at 1:32 scale. They currently produce the Sky-Fighter and Squad Ship and I bought both. There are files knocking around for the Troop Transports, Tanker and Mothership. Cozmics stuff seems to have had a bit of TLC applied and has alignment pins and enhancements that make it more of a production kit than the basic 3D prints. I've been impressed with the two kits they have supplied and I'm hoping they may see fit to expand the line if these sell in decent numbers. Anyways, pic of the box and the major parts. The vehicles were pretty simple with no lighting setup and the kit (at least the sky-fighter) doesn't have that many parts. It should be a doddle of a build... The entry hatch stairs come in two parts and have to be glued together: The front wing tips have been glued into place and some filler applied to sort out the pretty big gaps (I think this was me rather than the kit parts here). The rear section has the option to display with the lasers deployed or not. I've glued the panel cover in place as even on the filming miniature those lasers looked a little rubbish! Test fitting all the bits together it became obvious that the inside cabin would be visible when the stairs were deployed and there are bits of the exterior that will be awkward to paint when assembled so I shot the relevant bits with some primer. That's all for now. Assembly should go quickly as there aren't very many parts and the only mod I may make will be to add some pipe work onto the landing gear struts that is missing from the filming miniature and sometimes there sometimes not on the full-size set mock-ups.
  17. Thank you very much Nico. That's right, the diorama is self-assembly. Look here, there is the construction report. CEC YT-1300 Millennium Falcon von Bandai in 1:72
  18. very nice, where do these models come from? Ive always fancied a timber wolf.
  19. Meanwhile on the Alien Homeworld... Military Intelligence : Boss, we've worked out that the Earth is defended by 3 single shot interceptors and a submarine with a top speed of 8 kts. Chief of Staff : So if we were to send 5 ships we would have a 100% chance of getting through? MI : 4 Sir if we picked a difference ocean to the one that the submarine is in. CoS : Excellent. Send 5! 3 to get shot down and 1 to get within a couple of miles of the submarine. MI : And what do we do with the 5th? CoS : May I suggest that we travel across billions of miles, losing 80% of our invasion fleet on the way, then land near some remote cottage in the English countryside and poke about noisily in the bushes until someone shows up with a cool looking tanks and shoots us. MI : Sounds like a plan! CoS : Any idea what the purple wigs are about? MI : Not a clue Sir.
  20. As cool as it is to watch, I always felt that SkyDiver was a solution in search of a problem. The helicarrier, as per S.H.I.E.L.D. (or indeed Spectrum) is a far more sensible solution when rapid global response is required. Unless, of course, you have a whole fleet of SkyDivers globally positioned -- but I guess that movie studio could only finance a single one. On the other hand ... since the aliens rarely "invaded" with more than one UFO at a time ... maybe they were struggling with a tough budget as well!
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  22. And yep! Even as an eight year old kid watching the series here in the States in '72, as much as I adored the Interceptors (and the ladies who launched them), the Bronx boy in me shook my head thinking, "Hmmmm, only one missile?! Those pilots had better be real, real good!!" And I definitely would have been the guy who missed! 🤣 But I also would have bribed my Crew Chief to strap a little extra non-regulation firepower to my Interceptor...no doubt resulting in a demotion to laundry detail, vacuuming purple wigs and shining white go-go boots. Seriously, really looking forward to seeing the kits Round 2 is going to release from the series: I'm hoping for a) an Interceptor; b) a Mobile; and c) SkyDiver... And like any Gerry Anderson show, there is always a selection of wonderful hardware to wish for...including the way-cool support vehicles and craft! So awesome to see a commercial interest (model kits!) in the franchise, what 50 years after broadcast?!! Currently enjoying re-runs of Fireball XL5 on Prime now!!! Lots of fun, especially when accompanied by a grown up beverage. Take care, Folks! With Regards and Aloha, Johnny B.
  23. Lovely finish, the weathering does make it look realistic and well used.
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