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  2. Does anyone know where I can source kitbash parts for the Falcon? I'm not looking to make a studio accurate replica so I'm not too fussy, but I'd rather try and find a job lot of parts rather than spending money on individual kits.
  3. Yesterday
  4. This is the new 1/72 scale Eagle kit from Round 2/MPC. A brilliant molding it is essentially a scaled down version of their earlier 1/48 22" kit. Very precise fit to the point a coat of paint can make it very hard to separate the parts when test fitting. The spine is now two parts, top and bottom and fits really well. the Engine section is a fairly complicated assembly mainly due to the many connection points to line up. Model painted with Dupli-color Diamond White and Tamiya spray cans.
  5. And the reason i don't glue stuff down for a few days you never know if something better will turn up... ...Swapped out the purple part on the lower beak and cut the purple part down and moved it to the upper/back of the mouth. This should add a subtle change in the mouth when painted the same colour. Definitely need to add something to the white band now I think...
  6. Thanks all for the kind comments. Thanks, the truck ended up on the same base as the Amber Bliss, Pinterest is a lot easier to keep track of all my builds, references and interesting pics all in one place, glad you found it interesting. Cheers Brian.
  7. Now, a proper adaptation of "Starship Troopers" would be nice maybe follow up with " The Forever War".
  8. Cheers for the interest, I really thought I would be the only one that could see anything is this mass of scrap..... Anyway I think I'm just about done with the underside until I get some eye balls next week. Nothing more glued so plenty of time to change things about as well.
  9. Nice build . Interesting stuff on your pinterest link too, Love the Sky Truck.
  10. Very cool to see it in all its glory. Definitely worth taking the extra pictures of.
  11. Another interesting and good looking build Pete. I'm sure I saw one of these going up from Coningsby a few weeks ago. Inventive as ever, keep it up mate.
  12. After requests from @rockpopandchips , @Kushan_Farsight , and none other than his excellency @TheBaron I have had to bow down and take a couple more pictures. Here, sitting at dispersal (The patio, which could do with a jetwash again!) For some reason it looks mostly blue. The dark colour is Tamiya black/green! weird. But this is in what passes for daylight nowadays. Some lunatic asked for a night shot. Well this is on a dark mat in the garage with simulated (40W) moonlight. I don't think my camera is up to it! Thanks for looking in. Pete
  13. Interesting, will be keeping an eye on this. Got to admit though that the head reminds me of the Eva Series 05 - 11, all it needs is red lipstick. Kind Regards, Dazz
  14. I'm thinking this is a Starship Troopers reference ....? It's an ugly Bug planet out there..... Chris.
  15. 14 DECEMBER 1972 Apollo 17 lunar liftoff LM: Challenger Crew: Gene Cernan (CDR); Jack Schmitt (LMP) After three EVAs over consecutive days, each one lasting more than seven hours, the last lunar explorers of the twentieth century departed for home. The liftoff was captured by the LRV camera: no easy task as the operator on Earth had to allow for the time-lag and anticipate the launch by around 1.2 seconds, panning upwards before the ascent stage fired so that it would remain in shot by the time the camera responded. Docking with the CSM followed and after the rock and soil samples had been loaded aboard, Challenger's ascent stage was deliberately crashed onto the surface. Unlike the previous J-missions no sub-satellite was carried on Apollo 17 so once everything was secured the astronauts headed for home. 2017 Soyuz MS-05 landing Crew: Sergei Ryazansky (CDR); Randy Bresnik [USA], Paolo Nespoli [Italy] (FE) Landing site: 47°23'35.46''N, 69°38'30.96 E (152 km southeast of Dzheskasgan) ISS Expeditions 52/53. Flight time was 138d 16h 57m and 2,158 orbits.
  16. Wow! I was not able to sit at the bench at all for the last week. This is such a busy time of year for us with 3 active boys. Ugh.... Well, today I was able to complete my repairs. First off was masking which was a royal pain because I had to be really careful not to tape over any decals. The decals were so bad I completely expected them to pull up with tape. It was very difficult but I managed it. In order to match the color, I had to start with a black base. In this next photo I got paint on the decal. I wasn't too concerned because it will be covered up with a dome -- more on that later: I then painted on the gull gray. I pulled off all the masking and then had to carefully feather the edges in. It looked a little light-colored, but I knew from experience that it would darken when I put the clear coat over it. I was mostly right, but even after the clear coat it is still a little light. Unless you know about it, you won't see it. Of course, I know about it... I'm generally happy with the repair, but I'm not crazy about the repair in front of the banner on the starboard side. Despite filling the chips in, it still looks a little funny to me. Now that the repairs are done I can plow ahead. I painted the base of the stand, which I will need to complete before final assembly since I'll need a place to put it when it's all together! I also have a couple after market sets I bought, one is the "Planetary Sensor" which will replace the absolutely crappy one that came with the kit. I forgot to take a picture of it before I primered it, but here it is after: I also got a set of lights. There is a bucket load of them! Some are really tiny which will be a real challenge to put on. The big one is the one that goes over the painted over decal on the top of the shuttle bay. Before I stopped working on this, I had fabricated some pieces that go around the bottom of the warp engines, just behind the Bussard collectors. The parts that came with the kit didn't look anything like the ones on the TV show model, so I made some up. They're passable. It was really hard to shape them right. I gloss coated them today and will attach them to the warp engines tomorrow. Here they are with the painted planetary sensor. The center of the planetary sensor will need to be painted white and I plan to put pearl coat over that. Hopefully my circle cutter will make masking that easier. Whew! That was a fair amount of work today, but I am starting to feel like I'm almost done!
  17. Pretty standard I know but I wanted one for the shelf. Tamiya XF83 Medium Sea Grey 2 is the base colour, finished with Tamiya panel liner, AK streaking grime, oils and water colour pencils, the feet were weathered with track wash and AK european earth. The crew we reposed using Tamiyas 1:48 panzer grenadiers figure set
  18. Last week
  19. I have to comply with the court order of course, It's either being outside at night or having a camera but not both at the same time. Ahem. Pugwash was always a bit dodgy. They probably wouldn't be allowed to show it to kids nowadays.
  20. Another end of the week catch up done. Impressive masking and paint.
  21. Looks interesting. I'll hang around if you don't mind. I didn't see the film, I must admit. The first two will do for me, after that well....
  22. Alien Resurrection is a film that seemed to be five or six great set pieces in search of a plot,and one of the more memorable parts was when Ripley falls into the alien nest,referred on set as the "Viper Pit" Having recently got hold of the Neca Ripley 8 action figure I figured I would have a go at building a Viper pit to place the refilled and re-painted figure into. Firures pose set upon and began sculpting in the base. When I say sculpted,thats a bit of a strech,I used an old AMT Alien model to make negative molds and some rudimentary sculpting skills to fill in the base I then used "blue stuff" to make molds of an Alien 3 head,hands and tail,and a ripley clone taken from the original head and modified,For the half relief figures I used standard air drying clay,fore the full heads I used Milliput in the mold Ripley in situ
  23. Yep, was so disappointed with this series. Last episode I thought Johnny Rico was going to make an appearance any minute! Oh well, let’s hope A Christmas Carol adaptation makes up for it...
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