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  2. Hello everybody, in the meantime, a friend on ARC Forums pointed out to me that there is more clearance between the canister and the transporter than on my model. Source: ARC Forums (Jesper) His notice is absolutely justified and brings me to some other missing details, which are to be observed with both the Canister and the Transporter. The canister ist resting on four Vertical Transportation Support Plates, which are also on the Transporter, Source: NASA (STS-132) as I have now seen in retrospect and therefore have still to be added there. Source: NASA But even more important are these four Hold-down Clevises, which are flattened steel mounted rings, which serve as anchor points for fastening the canister with large steel pins to the transporter deck when the canister is in the vertical position. And of course they shouldn't be missing too.
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  4. When I was a kid, I would have damaged that expensive toy for free. Now we've all got so fancy, we need a scientist to do it for us, while being filmed. Was it worth crawling out of the sea millions of years ago to end up altering a perfectly good kit? [Though I support Adam's right to do so. His name seems apposite, somehow.]
  5. This looks great. I love the metal gear series! Awesome job.
  6. More work in progress photos. Swing arms need detailing before attachment to the LUT. Various pipes, conduits, and cables to be completed. External walkways to be scratch built and attached. Finally, a multitude of smaller details (including figures) will be added to finalize the build. Many details remain to be done, but the major work is now complete. Cheers, Bill
  7. Hey all Came across this on Tested's youtube channel the other day. Wish I had £374.99+ ($450+ US) just to pull apart a toy, damage it, then put it back together with lighting!!
  8. We seem to have very similar tastes in both modelling subjects and films. I’ve been kicking around the idea of building a dropship for years and would also give it a custom camouflage scheme. This one is looking good!
  9. Current progress; the hull’s just about ready for details and the wheel looks about right so I’ll try taking a mold from it tomorrow.
  10. It's a beautiful piece of work so far. The diorama should look amazing when done. One for the display cabinet
  11. These are some old gunpla i built before changing to acrylic paints, that was a period I use tamiya enamel, gaia paints, spray cans to enjoy modeling. since some of them maybe built 7~8 years before, i can't remember clearly what colors, technique i applied on them. so group them together in [gunpla] and share with you. i only rescue a few photos from my photobucket, so don't have 6-view, blow-up, details as per recent builds. but have Photoshop posters ... 1/144 MS-06F-2 1/144 RGC-83 1/144 RGM-96X x2 + Jabber 1/144 Titus 1/144 Keerberus + Lagowe + Becue x2 1/144 AQM/E-X04 + TS-ME4F EXUS 1/100 OZ-00MS 1/35 Zaku Head
  12. 4th MS in Z ~ CC period's MS, i adjust it color scheme simple red tones. RMS-117 GALBALDY-BETA Working Photos: Product Photos:
  13. after a docking dark Rex, I painted a standing Rex in desert tone. 3rd Metal Gear Rex Working Photos: Product Photos:
  14. 隔籬飯香 i don't have this feeling, every brand has its own strength and focus. price of Bandai in HK is around 0.065~0.07 x price in yen. since HK doesn't have consumption tax, i.e. a 2000yen bandai kit in HK is ~$130. in the past, the price of model kit just relate to the exchange rate (except GW's products); but now, there has so many bad guys buy / pre-order most of the model kits once its publish, then post it to online shops -w 30~100% higher in ASAP ... since i don't use online shopping, i don't know the shipping fee about buying something from oversea. you say Bandai is very expensive in UK mean in local shops and/or online shops? if so, you should ask friend who live in asia to send you the wanted model kits ... yes, i agree Tamiya's model kit are good quality, nice, and reasonable price. therefore, when i looking for vehicle kit, i always search Tamiya first. as mentioned in the beginning, each brand has its own strength and focus. e.g. sharpness in Games Workshop's model kit is much better than Bandai (but it is too greedy, keep increase price every half year, always put the products to its online exclusive list, so buyer must pay shipping fee ...) when you keep assembling from different brands, you will figure out / accept mould sharpness, kit engineering, parts fit, moulding technology, click without glue, are coloured, have stickers not that important at all. For me, i more concern the series i am assembling will keep going or cut w/o any notice. for example, i quite like Bandai's Legend BB series, but after 3~4years from its first BB, it became Premium Bandai only, then 2~3 years later, it doesn't have any new product. also, Bandai has most high technology of moulding in the industry. But Bandai just use it as gimmick, first product in every new series seems cool, but the QC keep going down, even disappear. e.g. useless movable fingers in RG sereis. I don't know the situation in Japan, but in HK. >50% of baby use mobile as toys; > 80% teenagers play mobile games; >90% of adults keep watching TV, comics, FB / IG in bus, railway, even cross zebra crossing. they can't get away from his/her mobile, only receive the info they like, chat with people who are similar to them. all their time are spent on the phone/network, not the world. They request response in no time, how could they will interested in to sit in front of desk, follow manual to assemble a model kit? easy kit, beginner kit, (e.g. hello kitty zaku, pokeomn ...) that is Bandai strategy to develop future costomer(s), and train them how easy a model kit could be, so those newcomers became diehard fans of bandai, and avoid other brands. This is real situation in HK , they just complaint other brands are experience, difficult to build, low QC, and keep assembling similar gunpla from Bandai. nevermind, just like you, i think stuff in eastern perspective. it is good to hear voice from different point of view. otherwise, will just like those mobile/Internet addiction disorder, can't accept opposite voice, always blacklist, block other user from their FB, YT...
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  16. I'm slowly working on all the decals for the kit. There's a lot of them. Even for places you'll never see, like the vertical tails: Which then get folded over... ..and installed upside down.
  17. I've read that the small Revell Falcon is actually a fairly good, accurate representation of (one of the) studio models. In any case, yours looks great! The DSII escape scene is an awesome moment, looking forward to seeing your diorama completed!
  18. Hello everybody, after I had made enough fittings, the final wallpapering of the Payload Bay Doorss and Side walls of the canister could now be done. According to the intended order, the door covering was next in line. After unrolling the previously rolled-up cover, its shape fitted the curve very well. Then I have coated the upper edge of the side wall on the left side (Port side) as well as half of curves of both Support walls with UHU glue and glued the Port Side Door while carefully pressing on. This was followed in the same way by the Starboard Side Door. Doing so I've noticed that while handling three of the Vertical Transportation Support Plates on the Aft Bulkhead had peeled off, but which were found and were glued together again. Then the Port side wall was wallpapered first, and then the Starboard side wall in the same way. With that, the compulsory exercise was successfully completed, in the way I had imagined. Then there was the obligatory test fitting of the canister on the transporter with the temporarily attached Spike, what successfully passed my critical quality control. At this image you can see the transporter in the position, which he has when leaving the Vertical Processing Facility (VPF). Source: retrospaceimages.com (STS-6) And in this position, the transporter drives the canister to the Launch pad, as was to be seen in this image already. Source: 16streets.com/MacLaren After this compulsory exercise, the freestyle exercise can now follow, in which I will first turn to the Locking mechanism of the Payload Bay Doors, which I have already briefly described, whose linkage system can be seen in this photo of the STS-132. Source: NASA (STS-132) But, as always, I first have to determine the dimensions of the individual parts in order to be able to scratch them.
  19. It's really interesting to hear your perspective. I'm sure my view is a case of 'the grass is greener on the other side'; that things look better from further away. I guess something like 隔籬飯香? In the west, japanese brands aren't cheap and Bandai can be very expensive here. But to me brands like tamiya, Bandai, cyber hobby feel like a different level compared to many western brands in terms of mould sharpness, kit engineering, parts fit and moulding technology (like slide moulding). I feel it gives larger western brands with resources like Airfix much less of an excuse when things aren't up to the same standard. In the UK, people often complain that the 'younger generation' don't make models anymore since they have things like phones and video games. I'm probably mistaken judging by your information, but my impression was that kids are more engaged with making kits in Japan at least. They have subjects that engage them more like gunpla rather than wwII tanks and aircraft and have access to kits that click without glue and are coloured and have stickers so a good result can be obtained without lots of modelling tools, materials and skills. My guess was also that having children making 'easy' kits might help them to continue making and progressing to other brands and more difficult kits, but again it sounds like that may not be the case. Anyway sorry again, it's just fascinating for me since we mainly have a 'western perspective' these things.
  20. I've built the Runabout many, many years ago and still have it, so it might be good to redo it, but unholy mother these sets are expensive! I know they're worth it but that's a lot of dough
  21. thx Ngantek, this long project "Z ~ CC period's MS" has more than 50 nos. of MS. i just use tap water to thinner the paints. number of layers is subject to color, colors with high coverage need to paint two layers; colors with low coverage need 3~5 layers . and painting base color is very important, e.g. create white surface before apply yellow; pink surface for orange / red; black surface for silver; silver surface for gold; ... it seems you misunderstood bandai. In my opinion, i feel bandai is a bad company when compare with the rest of japanese brands, it set the price "too low" (because it publishes its own anime's characters / mecha, so no need to pay license fee), thus rookie / newcomer would like to try / buy bandai's model kits, and feel other brands are low QC, high price, not enough colors for small parts, large gap, difficult to setup, etc. So they would avoid trying other brands, just keep buying Bandai products. Also, 90% of the bandai model kits doesn't include water decals, it sell separately, and the QC of that water decals is below standard. If excluded Bandai, you will find the QC, price of the rest of brands in the world are quite average. this situation also happens in Japan, only Bandai publish low price & low level kit for children, to ensure its next generations of customer. about only adult still enjoy building/painting model kits, i think this relate to the parents of this generation, they too early let baby, kids use/play mobile, notepad. So, more than 80% of people in Hong kong are focus on his/her smartphone when walking on street, taking bus, having meal, working in office, gathering with friends ... i don't mind chatting something away from the topic of the post. if you have any question relate to posted model or not in the future, just feel to ask and discuss.
  22. I'm always amazed how you get such a smooth finish on those large panels with the brush. How do you thin your paints? Do you paint many layers? Sorry I know nothing about gundam but always enjoying seeing these awesome builds so please do keep posting. Re: gunpla and Bandai, I always think those who mourn the death of this hobby amongst the youth of today need only look at the kits (and culture) available in Asia. I feel western manufacturers need to learn from the quality, easy of assembly, colour and even things like both stickers and decals included in box available from the likes of Bandai. Part of the issue, it seems to me, is that the model industry in the west caters almost entirely for the adult 'detail and accuracy' centric audience and the the modelling community is simply a reflection of that. Sorry got carried away on a bit of a sidetrack, didn't mean to hijack the thread! Andy
  23. thx RaceAddict gunpla is published by bandai, one of the biggest toys company in asia. basically, its model kits are easy to build, low price, good QC when compare with other brands in Japan, even asia. so if you interested in mecha, give it a try. you could visit this two blogs to see the quality of gunpla and/or Koto model kits. http://www.dalong.net/ http://schizophonic9.blog103.fc2.com/
  24. Cool, this is coming together nicely, great work with the wheel!
  25. The hull is just about ready for details and the wheel just needs a bit of work on the tread.
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