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  2. GordonD

    Astronaut Birthdays for July

    July 23rd Elliot See (1927) USA Selected 1962 (NASA Group 2) Assigned to Gemini IX but killed 28 February 1966 in T-38 crash at the McDonnell plant in St Louis while flying to inspect the spacecraft Because of the deaths of See and his colleague Charlie Bassett, Gemini IX was flown by its backup crew, Stafford and Cernan. Had things gone according to plan, then they would have skipped the next two missions and flown Gemini XII, as per NASA's crew selection policy of the time. As things turned out, they were replaced in the reserve slots by the Gemini X backups, Lovell and Aldrin, who under the same policy would have been left with no mission as there was no Gemini XIII. However as the new backups on Nine, they ultimately flew Gemini XII, and this mission gave Aldrin the flight experience he needed to be eligible for Apollo 11. The demanding first lunar landing (like Apollo 10 before it) had no 'rookie' astronauts, so had Elliot See lived then Aldrin would not yet have flown and the historic team of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins would not have existed. Information from Spacefacts website
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  4. I definitely want a Corellian Corvette and a B-Wing, and I didn't even fill out the survey They look luverly. Will
  5. Will Vale


    I had the tools out and an hour or so spare last night so I put together a couple of Necron warriors: The moulds date to 2005 and it shows - rough finish and lots of mould lines to clean up. Once that's done they fit quite accurately so it's not all bad news. I cut down the ridiculous axe-rifles to be more snub-nosed and also filled in their mouth grilles since the background says that lowly Necrons might not get bodies with the capability of speech! Hopefully this will give them a sinister air... I was going to go for a full squad of ten, but the building is quite labour intensive so I might do them a few at a time. Hopefully the painting is a bit quicker though Cheers, Will
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hello everybody, meanwhile, the 0,75 mm masking tape has arrived, whereby I was lucky and got the last role. The 0,5 mm tape is unfortunately not available at this dealer, as it is no longer offered by his source in England, which is why I have ordered it now in the Sockelshop, where even 0,3 mm tape is offered. Then I tried the 0,75 mm tape on the LO2 Tank to see if or how it sticks to the curved surface. For this I have marked an orientation line and then glued the tape next to it, which is quite feasible, as it clings well to the curvature. If I then have the intended as a spacer 0,5 mm tape, then I can make the test on the ET-dummy, whereby I would need to use 1 mm tape, since the 25 m of the 0,75 mm tape would be needed almost completely for the 130 rings on the LH2 Tank and are reserved for it.
  8. Thanks for your gallows humor, this time it would just be a cosmetic surgery, the modifications to the SRB and SSME Blast Chambers have hurt more at that time ...
  9. Looks great, I’ve been considering something similar but considering is as far as I’ve currently got! I don’t know if its of interest but I do seem to remember reading somewhere, that the CSM engine bell was also damaged in the explosion but cannot find any pictures which show this!
  10. rockpopandchips

    Sky Ship - The Amber Bliss.

    I only a bit of weathering done this weekend, still all the little details to paint on the upper parts and a bit more work on the doors.
  11. I feel another Frankenstein moment coming on! Good luck with the surgery if you choose that path Doctor. I just love finding a really good reference photo after I have built something. It's enough to drive you nuts! You'll make it look great in the end tho. Keep digging my friend.
  12. rockpopandchips

    Platform 4 - Ian McQue Scratchbuild

    Wow that engine is really awesome.
  13. Troffa

    New movie - First Man

    And in the way of things www, I thought- "who's that lady who guessed the secret correctly?"- Turns out she is Betsy Palmer, Hollywood Actress and perhaps best known for playing Mrs Voorhees (Jason's Mother) in the original Friday the 13th movie franchise.
  14. The Chief Smeg

    Platform 4 - Ian McQue Scratchbuild

    LOL - they do look good though as Pete says, I mean REALLY good.
  15. GordonD

    Astronaut Birthdays for July

    July 22nd Yuri Artyukhin (1930) USSR Selected 1963 Soyuz 14/Salyut 3 Expedition 1, 3 - 19 July 1974 (15d 17h 30m) - Conducted military observation, some science experiments. Retired 1982 Died of cancer 4 August 1998 Some sources give date of birth as 22 June Toyohiro Akiyama (1942) Japan Selected 1989 Soyuz TM-11/Mir Visiting Flight 4, 2 - 10 December 1990 (7d 21h 54m) - Landed aboard Soyuz TM-10. Retired December 1990 Journalist who made several TV and radio broadcasts from orbit. His employer, Tokyo Broadcasting System, paid for his seat so he is technically the first commercial passenger Kenneth Bechis (1949) USA Selected 1987 Assigned to STS-50 StarLab but mission cancelled (designation later used for USML-1) Retired September 1990; no flights Information from Spacefacts website
  16. I remember as a 15 year old staying up all night to watch it. My dad would have, but he had work the next day. The TV pictures were not brilliant, but this was 1969 and they were from the moon. Considering the hardware and software limitations, it was an achievement, but of course driven by the Cold War.
  17. Pete in Lincs

    Platform 4 - Ian McQue Scratchbuild

    Perfect. When they press the button that might just start!
  18. Thanks,it's only work in progress at the moment,so please don't take the pictures of the separated LEM as accurate,the crew needed the lower half to make course corrections and to escape the moon's gravity to get home.
  19. adamcoffman

    Platform 4 - Ian McQue Scratchbuild

    If there was a prize you'd win! There are a few HG Z'Gok parts in this build. I spent some time this afternoon working on the engine and adding some detail to the engine compartment. Most of the engine will be hard to see once it's placed in the housing, so I tried to add things that would provide some visual interest when viewing it from the back. I'm interested to see what it all looks like with some primer. This is probably all I'll do with the engine compartment for now. I'll add some pipes from the upper deck and exhaust later. Here's the engine with some wires for visual interest. You can see some seam lines on some of the parts that I didn't bother to get rid of since they'll be hard to see once the engine is attached. I'm debating starting the upper deck, or the bottom structure next.
  20. Last week
  21. Great work
  22. It won't be that much longer until we see the 50th anniversary of the last lunar landing. When you look at some of the designs for longer-stay missions that never got off the drawing boards - automated descent stages carrying larger roving vehicles, or ascent stages with the engine removed that could act as more roomy living quarters for the astronauts - it's a crying shame that the programme ended after just six landings. Unfortunately the people who were paying for the flights - the US taxpayers - lost interest once Apollo 11 had beaten the Commies and they didn't see any point in carrying on. Many science fiction writers predicted lunar landings, but they nearly all assumed that the next step was a permanent settlement. I don't think any of them foresaw that we would go and then just stop. After Apollo 17, Arthur C Clarke compared the Apollo programme to the early days of polar exploration: these flights were the equivalent of Scott and Amundsen using sleds pulled by dogs. Once the pole had been reached there was a hiatus before exploration resumed, but this time the explorers were using DC3s and Sno-Cat tractors. He expected that more efficient lunar landers would be developed, but he never anticipated it would be more than half a century (and counting) before it happened.
  23. Hi all, been working on a new real space project this last week or so. I bought this kit off eBay, I wanted to convert it to be Apollo 13. I have opened up one of the compartments and scratch built the damage from the explosion. Adding some RGB (Red, Green, Blue) flashing LEDs to give a flashing explosion effect. I also wanted to light the thruster rockets on the side of the command module, however the nozzles were micro small and there was no way it was possible to drill them out to add lighting of any sort. I did a slight cheat and drilled some small holes through the back of the wall of the service module which allowed light to pass through underneath the nozzles and has give me a satisfactory effect of the retro rockets firing. I plan to mount the model on a tube running through the rocket motor nozzle of the service module going through up into the Lunar module. This tube will be driven from a motorised gearbox which will allow the spacecraft to slowly rotate, the plan is to have the model in some form of box that will have a space background and also showing the debris field following the explosion of the oxygen tank. "Houston, we have a problem".
  24. I recall watching it on our B&W TV. Grainy, blurry, and totally captivating. And yes, nearly 50 years ago!
  25. Thanks all! Made a start on the underside panel. Reference photos for this are vague and in limited supply so a lot of this is guesswork, trying to find a use for any kit parts I already have. I doubt there are many Terrahawks specialists around to pick me up on anything that's not 100% screen accurate!
  26. Hi everybody, in my search for more Hi-Res photos of the ET-8, I came across another great rollout photo here in NSF, even though with a laughing and a crying eye. At first glance, one can still see no details at the Intertank in this resolution, but the picture is also from the thread Michoud: Best of External Tank - Hi-Res Images of Jester, and that's why the zoom finally provides information about the so far hidden detail structure of the Thrust Panel, which surprised me quite a bit. Source: forum.nasaspaceflight.com (Jester) Thereon one can clearly see that these panels of the first LWTs had no circumferential rings and bars, how I let them modeled by Michael Key for my IT. That means that the Intertank, which was modeled by Michael Key for me and since then offered by Shapeways, is no LWT-IT but an early SLWT-IT. My mistake was that at that time I was too inspired by the 3D Intertank of my ARC friend Bill (niart17) and had not researched thoroughly enough. Thus, this is another example of the "curse" of the late pictures, one could almost say, what I had already happened one time at the very beginning, only this time with the difference that I have surprised myself. BTW, even in this photo one could already see this Rib structure without the circumferential rings in the zoom. Source: forum.nasaspaceflight.com (Jester) And also my only STS-6 photo with a view of the Thrust Panel actually indicated that already, although I was not sure yet. Source: forum/nasaspaceflight.com (woods170) Anyway, now I know about it and just have to think about how I handle it now. As you may remember, my two ITs look like that, whereby I really liked these Thrust Panels. But these seven rings and small bars did not exist on the ET-8 at the STS-6 and are therefore out of place. These rings existed only since the transition to the SLWTs since STS-91, but were then left out again since STS-122. What is to do now? But anyone who knows me a bit closer, knows that I can not be satisfied with that, which is why I was looking for a workable solution. And since the grooves between the ribs are very narrow and flat, my mini-saw of CMK (cmkkits.com), was the perfect choice, which is only 0,1 mm thick, With that, I carefully removed the bars between the grooves, which is cumbersome and requires the utmost caution, but is ultimately feasible, which at least my first test on a wasted IT has shown. And with the steel ruler one can then even later smoothen something. In principle, a modification of Michael Key's 3D model would be possible, but the master is currently absent, and if I could get it that way, it would be okay and also cheaper. Consequently I'll probably have to bite the bullet and try to get it right on my Stack-IT, toi, toi, toi!!!
  27. It seems that, after a slow year in 2017 (understandable, given the release of the PG Falcon), Bandai are ramping up their releases again. It's also interesting that the subjects announced for release this year (B-Wing, Death Star, Blockade Runner, more Astromechs) are things that would no doubt have featured prominently on the customer survey from last year. Given that it probably takes about 12 months to get an idea to production point, it looks like Bandai have genuinely been listening to what modellers want Andy
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