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  2. I have been a bit busy with the Mercury Atlas. I had been dithering about what to do about the kit engines. They were not the best fit and in the end, I decided to go for a tricky masking job to get the stronger joint of plastic to plastic, instead of relying on a potentially weaker joint where we might be gluing plastic to paint. This decision made, the rest of the model went together really well and other than opening up assorted vents, very little in the way of remedial work was required and the model is now ready for paint. One change to the kit I did make was to beef up the ki
  3. Yesterday
  4. Thanks Pete,i will be weathering the Mole up for the final reveal.
  5. That's a great result. It's obviously just trundled out of it's pod. It's so clean! I always loved the scruffy 'post rescue' look that was applied to the models. To me it added to the effect back then.
  6. Hi all, well, there is not much to this kit that's for sure, not one scrap of styrene in it. The corkscrew nosecone and Mole tube body are made from expanded polystyrene covered in a thin grey resin primer. The seam on the screw was pretty awful but I tidied it up with some 5-minute epoxy and careful sanding. Hopefully the weathering will hide most of it. The cast white metal parts are quite crisp; the wheels are made from some hard nylon plastic. There are some inaccuracies in this kit, most notably the side rails where the yellow Mole body sits. The rail should be flat but has this rais
  7. Hello everybody, in order to get as close as possible to the dimensions of these Mini crawler lamps, I've then experimented with the small Ferrules 0,25 mm2 x 5 that I had gotten myself in the meantime. After I had cut off the small screen (Ø 1,5 mm) with the micro saw, I've threaded a Pure White LED (0401) and initially fixed its wires from above with a drop of UV glue. Then in the lamp shade across the LED a small drop of glue was then UV-cured, but that was still slightly sp
  8. Last week
  9. Hello everybody, so, now I have to slowly pull myself out of my holiday hole by force to get going again. At that I first had to think myself about wherewith to start or what I had been doing on the side in the meantime and had not yet shown it. And that concerned once again the production of the little lamps for the Crawler-Lighting, for which we had thought of a suitable thin transparent Shrinking tube as a lamp body in a small ferrule in the old year. And with the three patterns (Ø 2 mm) that my friend Arno (McPhönix) had sent
  10. Mini mech number 2 is finished and just number 3 or number 1 as he is call, I number them with some decals. Nothing fancy but I'm happy with them and the fact they are getting painted at last.
  11. In the Midlands it was shown at around 7:00 or 8:00pm I think. The loss videos (one for each series) are on the tube. The total was at least thirty odd. But then, some episodes were 'dream sequences' or some such and everything was reset back to normal at the end. So they didn't count. The school Telly on the tall trolley. Happy days!
  12. Thanks for the positive comments. More to come very soon.
  13. Peter Wyngarde would have approved.
  14. Well, so far so good. A little more fettling and I think this one will do okay. For the glass I’ll vac one out of PETG, trim it down and insert from inside. Best bet will be to cut down the cabin bulkhead, paint everything and install the bay doors after the “glass”. Pleased with this. Thanks thanks for looking in. Dennis
  15. With hindsight the etch set would have been the better option as the excess carrier film in the apertures would be easier to trim when dried. As for the button decals my sanity is fragile enough as it is...................
  16. Thanks Rich for you nice words, that express exactly what I'm feeling too. It's sad but unfortunately true ... But life, and my project still goe on! For the next 10 years, Cheers!
  17. @Pete in Lincs yes indeed - re-watching for "research"! LOVE that video!!! I'm half way through the first series at the mo. When I was a nipper my mum was a school secretary and during the school holidays I would sometimes go into the school with her. Now this is WAAAAY back when not everyone had a tv (or at least not a "big" one) so it was a real treat to be able to watch the school tv (complete with metal trolley - remember those??) so I always remember watching the Dragon's Domain episode (must have been the first time I'd seen it) and being scared witless by it.
  18. Good to see somebody in here tackling this beast of a kit ("beast" in the sense of it being bit, not poor!). Can't see any pics, though (except Scaley's.) For those interested, here's a good resource with a review, info on the many many aftermarket items available (the aftermarket rabbit hole for this kit is very deep, and expensive...) etc.: https://sites.google.com/site/theageofplastic3d/moebius-models-2001-a-space-odyssey-eva-pod Also, the FB group "Building the 2001 Discovery EVA Pod model building Tips N Tricks ONLY" has actually proven quite useful, although I'm n
  19. Ooooh - lovely I'll pull up a chair - at a safe distance & help myself to a slice of Birthday cake. Steve
  20. It's probably sacrilege but I really like the Jango Fett Slave 1 colours - dark blue and yellow look classy and it reminds me of Britains Space Will
  21. Hah! "Hughes 500 with legs"! I dunno why I never saw it before. There was always something about that shape that bugged me but I just never quite recognized it. I am certain btw, that you can find some space somewhere to hang a couple of fuel bottles for a flammenwerfer on that suit of yours. I mean, if you really must. Doesn't sound dangerous at all. Heck you already have a plate glass window in your armoured fighting suit... I seem to remember some movie..."Dances with Smurfs" or some such, where one of the guys had a window on HIS suit.
  22. I'm having the exact same problem as you. Interestingly enough I can see your pix just fine. Hmmm
  23. Not been on here a while I'm sorry to say, but glad to see you tackling the Heinrich, its one of my favourites. I've got one of the black box versions and they do present some challenges, especially with the canopies. I've seen some modern garage kit versions of PKA H's but wish Wave would do a modern update.
  24. With lasers or a minigun? Plenty of space for batteries in that stomach!
  25. Welcome to Britmodeller. It's about time we had another Kreiger builder on here. There's nothing wrong with building a kreiger stash. It's a good investment. I've got ten year old Ma.k kits in mine. I never get around to building them as I'm enjoying making scratchbuilt ones instead. The Altair isn't the best looking, or best proportioned of the walkers, but you've done a cracking job on it. The paint is great and I like the tech, especially his jacket. Instagram only gave me a brief glimpse of it before it kicked me out, and I had to open the other pics in a new tab.
  26. Pete: another of your metallic phantasms to grace the maschinen-Pantheon. A tenner says you can't incorporate the Airfix kit of Henry VIII into your next build....
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