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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello everybody, as a result of an initial review (Processing) by Shapeways (SW) the model was initially put on hold by production because of design issues. SW wrote to me this: This marketplace model is not printable in this material per our design guidelines. The designer has been contacted and has 7 days to correct the model, or it will be removed from this order. SW has contacted the designer, my ARC friend Joe (crackerjazz), so he could decide what action to take on this model, they say. I hope that SW has given some tips on necessary changes/adjustments and have asked Joe to forward the SW answer to me, so that we can think together how we should deal with it. Perhaps the combination gearbox/motor is too complicated for 3D print. If that were the case, one could have both parts printed separately. So let's wait ...
  3. I have changed the image URLs - let me know if you can see them
  4. I managed to see the photos before they vanished and it looked good. I have a 3d printed one somewhere I really should start.
  5. Sadly I can't see the photos but having bought the kit a few months back, I know it'll be good. Alex does a fantastic job and I've built the earlier version of the Federation officer's pistol at Xmas. Looks good in the cabinet next to the Federation rifle I bought direct from Century a few years back.
  6. Hello - would seem to be because I was linking to images on Facebook and they don't last long Need to sort somewhere to host images properly.
  7. This evening, on tales from the Gonk factory.... Great to see things back in production. I too like the yellow one. Is that contrasting colour dark sea grey? What if it had a tail hanging at the back? It could be how it plugs in to recharge.
  8. The bottom one has a cool A Wing vibe, but I really like the black and yellow, it reminds me of Claptrap from the Borderlands games, definitely gets my vote!
  9. Awesome. Nice modeling and the paintwork is just breathtaking.
  10. Thanks for the comments everyone It was Yoda for me. I could never find the figure anywhere until I saw one of the stand that a local toy shop had set up at my school's summer fair. Bought the figure straight away, and I've still got it today (nearly 40 years later) Thanks Dan, Well, I've got a few things planned, but it always seems to be time that's the limiting factor. I do have a quad Gonk that's nearly ready to go though. Andy
  11. Yes, thanks Troy. I didn’t do that on this occasion since Tak5aka will be notified anyway that there’s a new comment on his thread. Three times now
  12. if you quote, or tag a member, use the @ and the start typing their user name @Bertie Psmith or @Tak5haka they get a notification, handy for notifying a member that they have been mentioned. HTH T
  13. Last week
  14. Minor update. I started work on the LED strip lights for the saucer and secondary hull. I also did a quick test of the flasher board for the nav and strobe lights. I have an idea for how I'm going to do the warp nacelle lights and hope to test it this week. The pics are from a quick light test I did to make sure everything was still working after being glued in place. I will cut down the wires later and solder them together so I have as few wires as possible to thread through the neck. It's going to be tricky with the two nav lights and the strobe from the Hobby Link International board also added to the saucer.
  15. Yes, It certainly brings back some long buried memories. Primary school days I think Nice build.
  16. That's made me smile. Personally I'd have had to label it JCB though.
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