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  2. I can't believe that you've managed to cram all that detail into such a small volume of space Pete: it's going to look amazing with the colours on.
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  4. Sunday update time. Are you sitting comfortably? I assembled the component parts for a last pre-paint photo session. Front right view. The big mouse was from a car kit built ages ago,but I like it here. Remember when Bin lorries always had an old teddy tied to the front? At the back I've added a couple of metal wire crossfeed pipes to the thruster engines. And a vane in each exhaust. Left side. Mostly as seen before. Nothing to see here, move along please.... A close up of the Jockey, Lt Stein (Frankie to his mates) (Yep, this is your Halloween update). As can be seen, I've made changes to the steering bar. He now has a twist grip control and a lever complete with bowden cable. I have make something for his left hand to hold (Don't be rude, that boy!). It was all then disassembled (Or unbuilded, as one of my Grand Daughters put it) and white primer has been applied. Next weekend is booked up to be busy on the house, so I'll start to add colour when I get a chance. Thanks for looking, (terms and conditions apply) Cheers, Pete
  5. I shall follow with interest, it already looks good. As always, a simple coat of primer can magically make anything look like a spaceship, tank, you name it.
  6. These paint schemes are just wild. I really like the lurid ghoul-green effect on the guns.
  7. Oh cool that's very nice! Front end looking good and given a very natural overall shape to the whole thing
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  9. I love those guys- 'goofy Necrons', maybe? I like how you've done old broken skull, there. I'm painting mine as we speak, I think he's my fave.
  10. Nice Necrons. I think it's always great when people go with homebrew colour schemes rather than going with any of the dynasty/chapter/regiment/craftworld colour schemes specified by Games Workshop. Though I won't be subscribing I've bought a few individual issues of Imperium and coincidentally today I finished painting the three Necron Warriors I got from one issue. As a fan of The Flaming Lips I was keen to paint up some pink robots:
  11. That'll work. I was just thinking of those Japanese space battleships. I can't think of the series name at the moment. After the battle, along comes this long thin salvage ship with huge engines. Though the battleships are a very small scale and this looks more 1/100 ish so it may not work. Ah well. I'll sit back and see where you go with it. I like all the wiring/pipework on the engines BTW.
  12. I like that idea for what I have mocked up at the moment and the bubble cockpit sitting up front.
  13. I'll pull up a snowman and sit and watch. Igloood to the screen. (Sorry).
  14. Thanks for all the likes and nice comments, Guys. I managed to get half an hour on it this morning. I've altered that steering bar. It's slimmer now with a twist grip control on the end. And I put filler on the Jockey's arm joints. More tomorrow. Cheers, Pete
  15. Like that Enterprise neck section. Re-entry heat shield for the engines? Now imagine something like a submarine hull suspended above the engines. Maybe even a bubble cockpit like a Canberra? Grappling arms on the nose for recovering/stealing satellites. Maybe even a skull and crossbones on the side?
  16. Hi all got this for a Christmas present a few years ago, not my usual genre but as usual (for those who know me) won't be as per pics, will probably be quite a quick build.
  17. Just catching up with this one Pete, looking great, kind of looks like someone has ripped off the side panels to make it lighter for more speed.
  18. Alright pushy... Add some brass wire as you do with these things and sprayed some primer to see how it looks. Using the enterprise neck part as the rear of what to come I think could look good, neededs a lot more greebles adding and definitely need a nose section now.
  19. What a liberty ..., bit disappointed they are empty though! Liking the thinking Pete, nothing left to chance.
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  21. Stunning in my opinion, you could use that to film with, big one though, where on earth will you keep it?
  22. I too was disappointed with the Revell B5 kit and it stayed in the attic for many years. Eventually I built it to accompany a couple of the Starfury kits I eventually got round to building. Only ever intended it to serve as a backdrop. But it photograhed far better than I thought so featured as the main subject in some of the photos. One of the main annoyances were the very thick and magenta toned decals - and the missing ones. A chap custom made a set which were blue and he made them freely available on Starship Modeler http://www.starshipmodeler.com/tech/cb_b5_decals.htm I cheated a bit and changed the colour of the kit decals in Photoshop for the photography to match his ones. Keith
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