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  1. Yesterday
  2. Well with the knights out of the way almost, I went back building and magentizing the Wolfhounds and started painting a Legio Mortis reaver. That is where he stands atm. The black carapace was looking really boring so I went for the red one with a lot ot sponge stippling with several blends of red followed by glazing back and forth to avhieve the textured and mottled look it is now.
  3. Unearthing this topic because is awesome and I will use as gold standard reference for the bandai slave One i Just started to build
  4. Looking great mate. Really impressed with this and have had fun spotting some of the bits I sent being used in all kinds of creative ways! All the best Ben
  5. Thanks for the comments, Chaps. I'm back at home now and looking forward to more. I'd be a mug if I tried.
  6. Picked this oldie up cheaply and the actual figure I rather like... the face is awful though. A bit of research later and ordered a replacement 1:6 head... you can get them pre-painted etc but found a plain one. I think they are for the Hot Toys figures really but is the correct scale for this. Much better don't you think.
  7. 27 OCTOBER No EVAs on this date.
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks Tommo,not too bothered about the mandibles,i just like the finemould kits.
  10. My Atlas SM-65D ICBM arrived today (to go with the Mercury/Atlas I already have) that I snagged in the sale mentioned up thread. If anyone is ummimg and ahhing over dipping for one of these beauties, this arrival brings it home they are seriously good kits. Tommo.
  11. I recall reading an article which claimed it had some serious accuracy issues (the 'mandible jaws being canted wrongly among others issues, if memory serves) maybe you dodged a bullet Didn't Revell rebox the FM kit at a more affordable price? I believe the more recent Bandai kit is generally accepted as the 'go to' kit? I say this not being any sort of SW aficionado, so I stand to be corrected. Tommo.
  12. Looking absolutely fantastic! Might have to have a go at paper modelling myself sometime, your last build has been an inspiration... I've used Photoshop for business for the last 20 years but don't think I'd be able to engineer something like this.
  13. 26 OCTOBER 2007 Scott Parazynski & Douglas Wheelock (STS-120/ISS) Duration 6 hr 14 min The EVA began with the astronauts disconnecting a failed antenna from the station and stowing it in the Orbiter's cargo bay. They then disconnected fluid lines from the P6 Truss, ready for its transfer to its permanent location. However the main task was to prepare for the installation of the Harmony module: they released its launch power cables and attached a grapple fixture: they also closed a window cover which had unexpectedly opened during launch. The module was t
  14. This is a photo of the studio model. The number "1" is bigger than on my model, but it does show the layout of the hidden starboard side. Thanks for all the comments guys, greatly appreciated Angelo
  15. Morning All, As promised, a small(ish) update for you all. Progress of the upper primary hull is slow going. Finding the time in between work, the impending new arrival to the home (just a few weeks away now) an other aspects of life admin, here is where we are at as of today. Some windows are better than others in their appearance, bt they do look reasonably OK when held up to the light It's not going to be the prettiest, and certainly wont win any awards, but its looking OK so far. My main concern at the momen
  16. Hi Tzulscha, the Resin that i am using is an Epoxy-Resin with the Name SKresin 3221. That was recomended to me from the experts from www.harzspezialisten.de because it is clear and resistant to paints. laquers and varnishes. No lecturing at all! Your feedback is highly appreciated!!
  17. A very quick update. I managed to spend a number of hours yesterday in Pepakura and we now have it ready and printed so I can start building! I'll document the build process as I go
  18. Yup Orange is a difficult colour to lay down. I usually base coat with red or white first depending on the shade of orange required. I've built the excavator and its a fun little build but this takes it to a new level, looking great so far!
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