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  3. G'day All, Never built any scifi in 40+ years of gluing plastic together but I got these on a whim to see what the go is. All built OOB brush painted with Humbrol and Tamiya enamel paint. I was especially impressed with the decals. I have to say that my interest has been tweaked with these kits and I will definitely be getting into scifi kits a bit more. Cheers, Devo The Battle of the Lounge Room Light!
  4. Well done. Looks like a lot of work, but worth it to see what can be achieved. I have one on order and hopefully get it by the end of the month. I too will not be going to Telford this year. Could not see anything happening in the next few months to make it safe so cancelled my hotel reservation last month. Doubt it will happen anyway. keith
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  6. Extraordinary, alien, so wrong yet right. That rabbit teapot - can't take my eyes off it... Model? Oh that model. Its great.
  7. Hi TranDuy. Please do not shout !!!!. Quite an interesting model, not seen the likes of that before.
  8. Another update I've been experimenting with the 'Haispray technique (spray some hairspray on your model, sprinkle some coarse salt on, spray on a secondary colour, remove the salt and thus achieve a weathered effect) It's barely visible in the photo's (and in real life if I'm honest), but it's something I'll try again. Perhaps it's because I used metalcolours? I'll try it again when I paint the bluegray Space Wolves paint on. Anyway, here's some pictures: I get some Caine-vibes looking at this! I have now given it a cote of Model Master Metalizer varnish. Cheers Hans J
  9. 4 JULY No EVAs on this date.
  11. i have build one my friend. led is not included.
  12. One of my biggest build so far. And one of my first Space battleship. Hope you guy like it. 1/500 YAMATO SPACE BATTLESHIP - STAR BLAZERS 2199 FROM BANDAI. This beast is 666mm in length. 1/500 scale is equivalent to 1/350 Yamato battleship. Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0IFnT2 WbcI THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. I HAVE UPLOAD BUILD VIDEO IN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL , YOU GUYS CAN CHECK IT OUT IN MY SIGNATURE. THANK YOU.
  13. You make it look so easy! Well, except the masking. Oh, and the decaling... ...and the wiring, painting, figuring out connections and general levels of research on the original... Oh, yeah... easy... I have come to the conclusion (some time ago, if I'm honest) that you sir, are nuts. I mean that in the best possible way. Well done.
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  15. Hi guys. These teeny little beauties are playing pieces for the Aeronautica Imperialis board game. It used to be an insanely expensive Forge World title, complete with crazy expensive resin minis. The plastic Games Workshop set is a much more reasonable prospect, with everything needed to play included in either of two starter boxes. These 'planes are from the first release, 'Wings of Vengeance', there are completely different minis in the second 'Taros Air War' box. Ok, over to Voiceover Man's best Mr. Cholmondley-Warner impression: "988 M41, South of New Rynn City, two plucky Navy pilots are engaged in hunting down foul Xenos aerial defences. Lt Ewe Gallant leads, providing an aerial defence for the fighting pair with his Fury pattern Thunderbolt, armed with rotary cannons and Skystrike air to air missiles. S Lt Jerry Meyer brings the flight's heavy punch with a conventional bomb load and quadruple autocannons. Both aircraft have Hellstrike air to surface missiles, allowing an instant response to any Greenskin foolish enough to try and illuminate them on it's primitive auspex!" The models are a delight to build and paint, with an incredible amount of detail for something so small. They're 6mm scale, or 1/285 if you prefer. The fit was perfect, no noticeable flash and the injection points are in sensible places, easy to flatten down with little need for files and all that malarkey. It's a long way from the Airfix and Matchbox kits I used to build as a kid! Thanks for reading, all comments and suggestions are welcome...
  16. Ok, I'm a wee bit further on now. The first fighter is finished- for now! I may add some more 'wear and tear' later. (Can't leave well alone, me... ) There was a rather splendid looking transfer in the box, which I've applied to the second T-Bolt. Unfortunately, the tiny cut I made to allow a bit of raised detail on the wing show looks enormous on the mini. Out with the hairy sticks again, I suppose... No harm done, it was easy enough to sketch in: I'll stick some pics in the RFI of the two of them. Next up, the Imperial bombers!
  17. This is Lincolnshire. They've all got funny accents.
  18. I'm the scruffy looking one with the funny accent. If ever I see you there, I'll buy you a pint!
  19. 3 JULY No EVAs on this date
  20. Hey Hoops, wonderful work! I've never seen Macross Zero but a boxing of a VF-0B at the local hobby store caught my eye - only time I've ever bought a kit based purely on box art. It'll sit next to the Macross Plus ones I've built up, when I get around to it. I think mine's white, but really like the shade of grey you used on yours. Curious about the added details you mentioned? Have any close-ups of those areas?
  21. Check out the finished model in the ''Ready for Inspection'' section.
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