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  2. More work on the pod, with the panel lines re-scribed and it was time for some paint. Because of the top and bottom of the pod being different lengths, there is a join line visible either side of the bottom of the door but I decided just to leave it instead of trying to fill and sand which would have been rather difficult, with the launch ramp down and some water effects later, it'll be difficult to see anyway. Branching out from just ships means trying new techniques and I've never done pre-shading before so figured I'd give it a try. Panel lines done with XF1, XF5 green over the top then a couple of drops of XF4 yellow green added and sprayed in the centre of the panels. I think it looks OK for a first go although I do think that the panel line shading should probably have been a bit narrower but it is a vast improvement over plain green and I'll likely prime TB2 again and do something similar with that. I'll still do some work with oils for a bit more variation. And with TB4 launching, weathering of the launch ramp and inner door still to be done... John
  3. Cracking stuff. It looks very believable, the colour is good too.
  4. Think you got them outpost colours about right Butch. I was going to say that it reminded me of a place I used to deliver to in Croydon but the same thing I guess...
  5. 29 Sept 2022 Hi All, time for another update. I wanted to make a base for the model to sit on, but also I wanted it to be more of a diorama than just a plinth so I designed a sort of refuelling platform for it. The idea here is that the platform could be part of a space station or a bigger ship, and the bus would dock with the fuel pipe to take on whatever fuel it might use. The baseplate came from an old dishwasher (no, really). It was one of those flappy things that sits on the upper shelf and I think you're supposed to put wine glasses in it. Anyway, I like the grid pattern, it looks a bit industrial, plus it's also quite sturdy which is a good thing because this model is going to be pretty heavy by the time it's finished and has a set of AA batteries inside. The two big pipes are 22mm copper, the smaller pipes are 15mm copper. The smaller ones also have some olives added to create a bit of quick and dirty detail. The end caps are tank wheels (which I have a lot of and are just perfect for stuff like this). I made supports for the big pipes from thick styrene while the smaller pipes are on a couple of bits from a tank, sawed up and sanded (a lot) and glued together. The bigger pipes have styrene wrapped around and superglued into place. This is always a challenge as I wanted to keep all those lines parallel which means fine adjustments are required, but the superglue just wants to set rock hard ASAP. The vertical 'pipe' was in my stash of stuff, can't remember where it came from although it does look suspiciously like a kid's magic wand, so maybe it fell out of their toy box. Don't feel sorry for them, they left the nest years ago so old toys are fair game. It is, however, exactly the right diameter to fit the 15mm pipe I glued into the model's belly, so happy days, it saves me having to go out and buy something to fit. To give the base that grungy industrial look, I added some pipes made of sprue. I had to bend them into the right shape using the heat from a candle lighter, which has proved to be so useful it now lives permanently in my toolbox. Finally, I undercoated and top coated with rattle cans. Undercoat is some generic grey stuff, the top coat is 'Vauxhall Silver Lake Metallic' paint from Halfords. I was in there the other day and they had a sale of rattle cans so I spent a few quid on some. This colour I really like, it's gunmetal with a touch of green. Well, the next step for the baseplate is to paint a few details, dirty it down a bit and then spray with varnish, then add some decals, then spray again. Meanwhile, the other bits are also slowly coming together. Thanks for looking, all comments always welcome, and happy modelling. Monty
  6. Now that's is would have been great if I wasn't so lazy...but I did use the pink idea on the marigolds. Quick and simple painting done just the eye ball to add in. find duplicate values online
  7. Some overdue progress These parts are designed to stay together permanently! They are a very tight fit a very tight fit so do your clean up beforehand and be very careful with any test fitting. Really doesn't need glue though I gave it a few dabs anyway.
  8. Last week
  9. thx Roberto, Hunter Rose. colorshift paints are interesting, try it. if use air-brush, the color changing, smooth, result will be better.
  10. I had this kit as a child in the late 60s. Loved the look of it! Maybe I'll try to find one on the bay some time. Cheers, Alan.
  11. At the moment I've working on two old 'classic' kits from Revell - the Douglas Skyrocket and the Douglas X-3 Stiletto. Both will be made as desktop models in flight mode, so a lot of putty and sanding! I'll put up some pictures in the Aircraft RFI when done - there really isn't much to show in a WIP! Cheers Hans J
  12. A bit more progress on the pod. For the worst of the misaligned panels (the one at the front on each side) I decided, after some thought, that the best course of action was to fill the line below the horizontal seam and then try to re-scribe it. As a ship modeller, the need to rescribe panel lines is somewhat alien to me but here's my attempt (it's the panel line on the left) and I think I've just about got away with it. A bit more fettling but it certainly looks no worse than any of the kit panel lines. I've not taken it all the way round the bottom as, eventually, the pod will be in the water and the bottom completely hidden.
  13. Didn't know that, thanks. Tonight I watched (online, because I haven't received my personal spacecraft yet - the Government still keeps me waiting for mine, I must be last in the queue or something) while NASA impacted its probe on a deep space asteroid, to test if such deflection techniques could help defend Earth from incoming cosmic threats. Science fiction has become science fact alright! Also today I had to wait again - over two minutes for my Americano coffee in McDonalds. Sometimes human technology isn't perfect.
  14. It looks great. Nice kitbash. I judge it from a non-fan's point of view. Star Wars has never been on my top SF list, although there are quite a few visually great things there IMO.
  15. Nice diorama with some very convincing grubby paint work. The design of the buildings is spot on for the Star Wars universe, definitely got that evil empire look about them.
  16. How about, just to be daft, a snorkel? Just an ordinary pink one.
  17. This series never made it to TV when I was a lad, though I did have a couple of paperbacks so I knew the premise. Recently I managed to find a cheap DVD. The stories were quite enjoyable in a quirky sort of way, though it looked odd to see the puppets suddenly moving like normal humans (when the live-action kicked in). But oh dear God, the theme music? One of Barry Gray's rare failures.
  18. Still a little clean up to do but I think he is looking a little Flash Gordon.... used a bit of green stuff to make the added parts, tricky with him being so small but happy with the rolled up sleeves look. @Pete in LincsI couldn't find a glass type bowl to go over his head otherwise I would have used that one.
  19. Looks great Pete that base is looking very "star wars" especially with some paint on, looking forward to the camo but I dont envy the fiddly masking!
  20. Expedition 1 on the International Space Station was launched aboard Soyuz TM-31 on 31 October 2000. They docked with the ISS two days later, but their being in orbit during the approach flight marked the beginning of an unbroken human presence in space that continues today - 8,000 consecutive days. Wednesday will mark the ISS's 8,000th day of occupation but today is the real milestone.
  21. I'd like to but the 3D printed figures I've seen so far are a) poor quality IMO b) expensive c) scheduled to arrive in mid-October I'm sure I've seen somewhere some 'flats' for the crew, including seated passengers but can't for the life of me find it again!
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