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  3. Old school - spray gloss varnish onto the gummed side of a gummed luggage lable - draw and/or paint you design over this, even with Letraset type rubdown letters/numbers. A final coat of varnish to seal everything. cut out and use as waterslide decals. You can buy clear(only good for black markings) and white transfer film for laser or inkjet printers. Draw your design on a vector drawing program like Gimp or Corale Draw. I 've bought clear and white inkjet film from, this company(they seem to have changed from a separate retailer to an Amazon seller) - https://www
  4. Apologies but I cannot find an alternative thread although this must have been discussed before? Basically I am trying to work out how to v=create my own decals for more obscure 3D printed models that are now available out there. The 3D movement has allowed me to grab some printed models of movie ships that probably would never see the light of day from Revell and the like. My last two purchases have been large scale versions of Firefly's Serenity and Red Dwarfs Starbug. Both great models but alas they do not come with decals. I have decided I would rather not paint nam
  5. The nacelle cap pieces were clear styrene, so the entire thing had to be light blocked (minus the rear openings). I did this via handbrushing the inside with multiple layers of black Styenelrez, and airbrushing the exterior. I did have to hand paint the exterior "inside" of the cap, the faces that run up to the clear part. I followed this same process with the base color. It looked a bit darker than the rest of the ship, but not as dark as the accent areas, so I made a mix of Vallejo Metal Color Dark Aluminum (10 drops), and Exhaust Manifold (4 drops). I may accent the ridges layer with a dark
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  7. Hello everybody, now that the 8 Crawler chains are finished, I stowed them safely in a box so that they don't get dusty and nothing happens to them. And now to a sad story, which is connected with the generous offer from Sascha1990 to share the 3D STL files of his Monster-Crawler in his much noticed thread NASA Crawler + LUT und Saturn V als 3D Druck as well as with the following radio silence of the master since then. About the connections I have now received more information in the NSF forum (forum.nasaspaceflight.com).
  8. Lost track of this but delighted to find it again and WOW! they are both very impressive models. Well done to you both.
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  10. Hello everybody, it's managed! In the meantime, the 8th Crawler chain is finished and the Crawler is already almost Ready for Rollout! So here is the short farewell to a certainly stressful and monotonous for everyone, but necessary chapter ... With the pinned couples the final countdown was ushered in, and then the time had finally come, and the 456 Track Shoes have become now to the 8 Crawler chains. And the 8 Pins for closing the chains are also left over. Since the 16 Drive Sprockets are already fi
  11. Thank you kindly Andy. Agreed. though I thought it was cool at first, it just didn't fit right into the SW theme. I mean, won't a hover variation be more effective in every environment?
  12. Fantastic conversion Tiking. I never really liked the concept of the tread speeder, but you've managed to turn it into something that looks far more Star Wars than the original. Andy
  13. just caught up with this, wow, fantastic paint with techniques that I'll be using, trying to emulate anyway thanks for showing us how it should be done rgds John(shortCummins)
  14. This is the Hasbro tread speeder, that I modified to a desert speeder instead. I sawed off the treads, the toy-like missile launcher and it's mechanism, and other parts that I didn't want and replaced the opened areas with plasti-card and some minor scratch built and other small detail parts from 'box of tricks'. The result is what you see. I posed the figure that came along with the Hasbro tread speeder. I posted photos without the figure as well. Thanks for looking.
  15. Looking good, I look forward to seeing it weathered, I noticed these had been re-released, I think I may have to buy them (if i can sneak them past m'lady) Andy.
  16. Cool banana's !! Really starting to come together !! The green is going to really give that top half some kick !
  17. Thanks! I finished the Lunar Models XD-1 kit before Moebius introduced their 1/144 version which I now am working on. Moebius has done a very good job with this kit and it is a vast improvement over the ancient resin Lunar Models kit. I also have the large scale XD-1 kit from Timeslip Creations which is a superb resin kit . Bill
  18. Many, myself included, experienced frustration with Scott. In late 1999/.early 2000, I signed on with Atomic City as one of the original 6 underwriter investors for the development of the large scale 2001: A Space Odyssey models. Despite visiting Scott in his studio/workshop twice and many years of waiting, I never received my kits as an Atomic City investor and only managed to get the Orion and Aries through eBay and that involved long delays.
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