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  2. So got more done today. Painted the fairing inner black. Mounted the fairing frame. Fitted the front caliper banjo fittings. Also made up the bracket that holds the front brake lines. Need to make one for the speedo cable as well. Got the bodywork other than the fairing mounted properly. Photo of the new thinner front rotors. Lower fairing frame mount screwed together - no glue. Bodywork fitted - fairing to come after headlight which is next step.
  3. Fantastic build and paint! Even more fantastic photography. Hard to believe that’s a scale model! Your pics brought back fond memories of an incredible one-day guided excursion that my wife and I treated ourselves to while driving thru Eastern Utah in March 2020 before our world changed. The 11 hour trip thru the southern portion of Canyonlands NP included a 4x4 ride over Elephant Hill, SOB Hill and the Silver Stairs (look ‘em up) - the ultimate adrenaline rush!!!!! Your very cool truck would look right at home on that trail! NICE JOB NICK!!!!!
  4. Wow I'm not even mad. You sir have the eyes of a hawk. That is entirely correct.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Here is my elaborate fixture for drilling the holes in the scratch built wire loom for the spark plugs wires. First, I taped a 4mm aluminum tube to a computer desk with masking tape. Next, I taped a straight edge along the center of the aluminum tube. Then, I marked the position of the holes and drilled them with a pin vise, starting with a 0.5mm drill bit and slowly working my way up to a 1.5mm bit. Finally, polished!
  7. You lucky, lucky person... Technically if you're in Britain and want to sell one the answer is no you can't. It fell so far short of meeting even the most basic safety requirements for a car that it was sold as a quadricycle instead... which meant you could drive one at 16 rather than 17. Obviously a great move for reducing risk Realised reading back that I was so busy getting annoyed at its sheer existence that I missed out the worst bit which was where I saw the thing. It deserved to have been seen where no self-respecting car should be seen but no, I had to go and see it about 50m from the Ace Cafe The sacrilege...
  8. Today I did some "big stuff" to get a nice feeling of progress being made. I started by sorting out the panels to use. There are also parts for the Kastenwagen (and / or some other versions) in the box. It's starting to look like a VW bus already Then I started on the large interior pieces like benches and cupboards. These moulds are from 2020, or so it says on the back of some of the parts. Which are nicely moulded without any flash, but there's some serious warpage here and there. I suppose that's what you get when stuffing everything in one of them darn side opening boxes. The pic doesn't do it justice, it was actually worse. Anyway, the heat-bend-cool thing got it pretty much straightened out. As you can see I even threw the, eeerr, kitchen sink at it. You can see the stretch marks on the far right piece, which was the bended one in the picture above. Should look something like this when assembled.
  9. The photographs below show the rather crude stamped Pocher motor mounts that I replaced with cast bronze components from Model Motorcars. It is difficult to find photographs of the rear motor mounts installed in a prototype 50T. The best photographs of prototype motor mounts are installed on engines that are not in a car. The engine mounts shown in the photo below, could not be used in a Type 50 Touring because the front mounts are too long and the rear mounts lack the lower struts. The mounts above resemble the rear mounts sold by MMC except that they lack the lower struts. The struts on the rear mounts, attached to the bottom of the frame rail, provide rigidity to the chassis and resist the twisting movement of the engine. Below is a photo of a rear mount installed in a 50T. Although the photo does not reveal how the lower strut is attached to the frame rail, it does show that MMC got the basic design right. I am searching for a photo that reveals how the lower struts are attached to the inner frame rails. The MMC mounts are beautiful castings. However, they were originally designed for display engines and with the mounts installed, the engine will not fit into the frame unless the lower struts of the rear mounts are shortened. In the photo below, the sump is placed about 6mm rearward of its correct position in the frame. In this photograph, the leading edge of the lower strut is in contact with the frame rail. Both lower rear struts are already hitting the insides of the narrowing frame rails, preventing the sump from moving forward into its correct position. The toothpicks are in the holes intended for the rear mounts. The width of the frame and the position of the engine mounts on the sump are correct. The ends of the lower struts will not fit inside the frame rails with the engine in the correct position. The MMC front engine mounts fit perfectly. Below are the steps I took to fit the rear engine mounts to the chassis. I cut the cylindrical ends off of the struts I fit the engine with the shortened struts to the chassis. With the ends removed, there was about 1.5mm clearance between the ends of the struts and the inside of the rails. The ends I removed were about 3.5mm long. I cut a 2mm section from ends of each of the struts I taped the cylindrical ends to the shortened struts so that I could test fit the engine with the modified engine mounts into the chassis With two-part epoxy, I reattached the cylindrical ends to the shortened struts. The photo was taken before I made the joints a bit less visible. Installed
  10. If I may add an idea for a little detail; I think this little window yearns for a loo roll...
  11. But @gamblor916 is in the southern hemisphere, things rotate the other way down under
  12. Started work on the main building rustic slate roof..... First layer Second layer A myriad of cuts later.... Presented with a French Mirage Blue undercoat A fair way to go yet with colour/washes and growth Hoping you like it Thanks for all your kind comments and likes Stay safe Kev
  13. Great attention to the details. But your springs has wrong rotating direction. All automotive springs, as I know, have a right hand rotation.
  14. Thank you for the kind words. After I filled the slot between the cap and the body, and drilled the holes on the distributor cap, I painted the cap with thinned copper paint in lieu of primer. You are correct, the cap will be painted Tamiya Hull Red. So far, am successfully resisting the impulse to apply chrome Bare Metal Foil to the body of the distributor.
  15. Great to see you back with such an interesting project Dan...count me in Ron
  16. After a lean few weeks, this week brought a 64 plate Mk II Jaguar in white with chrome wires, and a red 71 MGB with chrome bumpers and wires.
  17. Well, after a small break (!), almost one year, I'm coming back to the bench. The basis is a 1/6 Guiloy diecast model, and honestly I'm really impressed by the quality! The great ingenuity deployed for manufacturing, a real industrial challenge is incredible. Only two screws at all and no glue! The other parts (many) are clipped, and the result is quite beautiful and imposant... The challenge, get more accuracy to approach the real of that wonderful motorbike. My point of departure: The bare Guiloy's frame: The genuine Indian Chief frame... Many improvements are needed: More soon, may be... Dan.
  18. Dear Rod Have you thought about cutting circles from wide masking tape to paint the curves on the nose? Find the right size, then line the circle so it touches the yellow stripe and the do the same on the other side. regards Toby
  19. True,if you look at it like that so are pot plants compared to a G-Wheeeez... Some things have to be posted.
  20. Mind blowing work of augmented reality These photos are an extraordinary showcase for a model that nevertheless stands on its own
  21. Finally someone came out with a Zonda in 1/24. I picked up the PE detail set for it as well I also got the Aoshima GT-R for something quick and fun. Carl
  22. Front bulkhead, uprights and radiator ... by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr by Rodolfo Masti, on Flickr
  23. But tumble dryers are useful....!! Keith
  24. Tumble Dryer would be a better description....
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