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  2. The chassis would be Mercedes, and the body by a separate company so you could take the Opel bus body, remove the bonnet and put a Mercedes bonnet and grill on. To be correct you would use the Mercedes chassis, lengthened to fit under the bus body or just swap the Opel wheels for Mercedes ones.
  3. Gerry really was a larger than life guy - & despite me saying Run Baby Run was a favourite car, Baby Bertha and Big Bertha were really my all time favourites and with Gerry driving they were completely spectacular! Keith
  4. Ditto! except my birthday is next August. Also, the Ford Escort was my first car back in 1970. Here's to you for a good move, a great mancave and a stunning birthday next month Pat. Cheers, Mike
  5. Well thanks guys! What a good idea as it is just the right scale for slot car parts! Yes Gerry Marshall was a great driver committed to driving something else. As a marshal with another team member walking into Silverstone one raceday in the pouring rain, Gerry slid to a halt asking us if there would be racing as it was so wet. We said we couldn't think why they would not race. OK guys he said, if you find out anything different you can find me in the bar! On race day he was racing the Vauxhall Ventura V8 on the short circuit, he flew into Woodcote corner, on braking the disc brake pad fell out of the drivers side front, transferring the whole of the front braking to the passenger side, so instead of turning right the car swerved left into the barriers, whilst leading the race by some distance. A load groan went up from most if not all of the spectators in the grandstands!
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  7. Stunning build and colour! I love the interior and especially the gear stick!
  8. Wow, that looks outstanding! Very much looks like somebody's pride and joy at a car show.
  9. Awesome, well done, a great car indeed.
  10. That looks wild Pat !! Agree with Keith on the Pendle option, they have some nice wheel/tyre sets too. Also, Matchbox did a couple of 1/32 race cars back in the day. Not sure how much these cost nowadays but worth a look in the usual places? Atb, Steve.
  11. Happy Birthday for next month Pat! I loved the Super Saloons (especially Run, Baby, Run, as it wasn't as extreme as some of the other cars, it made it seem like a bit of a giant killer!) - it was a great race series! Looking forward to seeing your Escort continue! Have you looked at a slot car supplier such as Pendle Slot Cars to see if they have something suitable in the wheel/chassis spares they stock? Good luck with the move too! Keith
  12. Whilst in the throes of packing for our soon to be house move, I found in an old ice cream tub an Airfix 1/32 Ford Escort in a plastic bag, In basic grey plastic. So to break up the packing schedule I decided over a couple of days to build it. I had printed out the instructions of a previous build some years ago. In the days of my race/airfield marshalling at the Silverstone Racing Circuit some 5 miles away, about 40 years ago there was a saloon car class designated 'Super Saloons'. This was using a base saloon shell on a spaceframe chassis with whatever V8 engine/gearbox you could fit. I found alongside this kit a modified Escort MK1 shell duly modified with plasticard by me some 30+ years ago! I am now looking for a 1/32 kit of an F! car for the wheels and suspension to fit a scratch chassis! I therefore look forward to my move, building another garden cabin and continuing model making, having started when I was 8 years old and 76 next month!
  13. I do not have one, but I am a fan. I definitely agree with you. It is amazing that such models give us a chance to build our own collection of whatever cars we want.
  14. Very nice. You have a lovely finish on the Audi. I love it when manufacturers do subjects like this, it allows builds of cars we, or friends/relatives, have owned. Do you have one of these or just a fan? Atb, Steve.
  15. Beautiful work. The details are awesome and very inspiring. Atb, Steve.
  16. Thanks Marco. I just edited the title as, your description, street machine suits better than street rod πŸ˜‰ Atb, Steve.
  17. Thanks Pete. I was worried about the stance looking odd as the rear wheels are as far up in the arches as they will go. I was considering modding the arches in the early stage of the build. However, the mock up looked ok so I went with it. The fronts are 19" and the rears are 23". I did mock it up with 19"s all round but it just didn't look right. Atb, Steve.
  18. Wow,! Beautiful paint and a great stance. Love the wheels too.
  19. I built this from the Revell F&F boxing 'Dom's Charger'. I must admit to only having seen the first film in the F&F series..... It's really not my thing πŸ™‚ although, I do love some of the cars! The kit parts do not include a rear seat, luckily one was donated by a fellow modeller through FB. I did some detailing in the engine bay, spent quite a bit of time thinning the supercharger drive belt down to a more appropriate thickness. Wheels were swapped out for Pegasus T's in the big 'n' little style. If you look carefully, you can just make out the ignition key in the steering column! Paint is Mr Hobby GX Deep Clear Red over their gold base, followed by several coats of GX112 UV cut gloss clear. The front grille part had damaged chrome so I elected to strip the kit chrome and use Molotow through my airbrush.
  20. Greetings everyone! Finished the construction of the AUDI 90 Quattro model from FUJIMI. The model left a pleasant impression from the assembly. Everything fits together without problems. I didn't like the poor detailing of the suspension. The model is assembled out of the box without any modifications. When painting, we mainly used chemicals and paints from Mr.Color. The body is painted black - Sunin7 BC002, and covered with 2K auto varnish. Thank you for your attention and enjoy your viewing.
  21. I follow with big interest your build. I'm also collecting this 97T. In my future plan is to build a dry race of 1985 championship Watching the parts that i collected, i think is a good base to improve....not at level of DeA Mp4/4 (kyosho) , but this Lotus is more better than many others 1:8 Very good work!
  22. Looking good, neat bit of masking work there πŸ‘ Is it just me or, do you not see a lot of the Wolf WR1's completed? Looking forward to more progress on yours. Atb, Steve.
  23. Great progress Gary, the Escort has come a long way since I last looked in (you had just opened the box πŸ˜‰) Hope the window attachment goes well. The rear side windows seemed to be a fairly tight push into the shell when I did mine. I used Future floor polish to hold them in temporarily, after an hour, I went round the edges with thin Gator grip for a secure fix. Have you tried the floor pan in the shell yet? It is very tight especially at the front. Some material can be removed from the front corners to make it a bit easier to get in. Atb, Steve.
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