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  2. Thanks everyone Definitely something I need to add to my armoury I think. The first wiper I used the cocktail stick to add glue to the hole, but had a small amount of frosting on the windscreen (which fortunately I was able to remove). Adding the glue to the wiper post was my attempt to avoid the CA frosting - not one of my better ideas! At least I got it done second time around - I think it took me four attempts with the Honda! I can see why you think it looks a bit hight, but that is how it should be (the exhaust sits nicely in its recess). It will look a lot better when I get the resin over-arches in the background of the second photo fitted, shoudl also stop the rear wheels looking as though they're sticking out a bit too
  3. Looks really good , Pat . Best shape 911 , I reckon , with a cool and simple colour scheme . Gary .
  4. Ah, that large one was the only one I could see on the site.
  5. Hi Pete The Porsche kit originated in the the 1950's in the aftermath of James Dean's death and was produced in 1/25th scale according to the Scalemates website. Therefore the reason for my query. Thanks Gooney Fan
  6. Lovely work, Sir. I look forward to following along. Cheers, H
  7. If we're both looking at the same picture, then the Porsche is 1/16th scale. https://www.kingkit.co.uk/uploads/shop/medium/PC200217.JPG There's this one, which may or may not have a complete engine.. https://www.kingkit.co.uk/uploads/shop/medium/81531SDC18461_edited.JPG There's also a Revell Porsche 914/6 on there, that one should fit. These should be cheaper on ebay though. Pete
  8. Can't say enough good things about your work 'Nut. Especially your drawing skills with decal and 3D softwares. You raise this car to another level. But I can ask some questions because I notice particularly fine work and your skills provide leadership. A. Both paint jobs; you say you used a 1:1 spray bomb for each but got a beautifully even gloss and 'thin' coat on the skin - especially evident on the louvers and nose . What helped you achieve that? B. The semi-black on areas like the fenders especially nice. What brand was that? C. Observation - both cars look terrific without clunky Tammy muffler hung on side. Are those little fours deafening with just an open header collector? Like mine? D. Ever a thought to lower the chassis by cutting one coil from each spring unit? E. Why headlights and fog lights on race cars? A class requirement? F. What is black finish on floor and rear bulkhead? - it's beautiful. If I've exceeded my allotment of polite questions - I apologize. Please don't ban me from the thread........
  9. I have had a Tamiya Beetle 1300 sitting in my stash for several years waiting for a suitable Porsche engine. This morning I noticed a Matchbox (nee Revell) kit for a Porsche 356a Competition Speedster on the Kingkit website. Would the installation of this engine be possible? All comments accepted. Thanks Gooney Fan
  10. Wow!!! I'm speechless!! What a fantastic work. I will keep on watching your progress Cheers Marco F
  11. You are a staggering craftsman my friend. Machining, casting, joining plus correct scaling of all parts. Bravo - ! If you ever plan an auto, I vote for a Bugatti Royale.
  12. just lightly waved a lighter under it,curved ti around the pencil tip, anything round would work, but because of the taper you have any size you want. Lightly heated it first, wrapped it then lightly heated it again while holding it. Leave it a bit long and cut the piece after.
  13. Just saw this, this Benz looks good and used already. I have two or three of these, haven't found an idea for them yet. I did find an airport refueller for sale and saved the pictures. It's a single axle with a tanker, might do that.
  14. Hi Olivier, and welcome to the home of some of the best modelers on this planet. I am touched by your kind words, and feel honoured that my work inspired you to join the forum, especially when there a so many on here who's work far exceeds my own efforts. Sadly I am no longer able to continue my work due to many personal reasons, although I do like to keep in touch with the 'builds' in progress, which allows me to garner pleasure from what others are achieving. I may not be on here as often as I would like these days, but I can always be reached through the messages section if you need any help. I look forward to seeing what you are working on. Kindest regards, Ron
  15. Thanks. They're plastic rod bent around a pencil tip slightly heated and the other piece was added. I put some cement where the two joined to give it the rounder hole. It'll just sit in the space on the boom mounting and the ends seen through the mounting will just be painted. The actual ones have a large pin holding them to the mounting.
  16. Was it a Pork Pie one? Can’t find an image of the one in the film but there seems a healthy replica in NZ. Their equivalent of “The Italian Job”. Seems like even the hateful Binnies have muscled in on the act again. There was one mounted over the entrance outside the Cinema in London when the film came out here.
  17. That was the bike I always dreamed of having when I was a lad. Eventually got myself a VF-750F in the early eighties. Loved that bike! Cheers, Alan.
  18. That's some nice scratchbuilding! What's your method of bending rod, like you did with the D-rings?
  19. Yesterday afternoon in Llangollen I saw an immaculate early 1970s Honda CB750 Four . It was in that metallic burnt orange that I've always thought really suited the bike .
  20. Have bits done, not as much as I want. Had vacation, then work got really busy, so a month behind in everything tight now. Anyway, working on the boom first. Making everything from sheet plastic cut out to whatever shapes. The boom won't extend since this will be a static model, less to break and once you paint the parts, it probably won't work anyway. The D-rings are rod bent around and another across the attaching part. Here's the boom almost done. Started on the rotator weldment. That's what it's called in the manual. I should've measure a bit more, still works. Most of the rotator done. Lots of sheet plastic pieces just like the real one.
  21. Yes, over time I have purchased a number of machines in the workshop. The need has grown as the models have become more complicated. I'm especially fond of Proxxon's machines. Recently I bought a Holzmann multifunctional machine for rolling, bending and shearing which is indispensable when working with sheet metal. But I found it difficult to build these models when living in Denmark. The Raw materials I need in my models, such resin is impossible or extremely expensive to buy here in Dk, so they come from the UK and germany which are my main suppliers. The last image is the radiator grille on the scania
  22. Looking good, sorry to hear about your troubles with the marriage of chassis and body. It's always a nervous moment .... One thing, isn't it sitting a bit high in the back?
  23. Just saw a 1957 Ferrari Tests Rossa go by. Dunno if it was original but was damn good looking.
  24. Hello Ron, i just would like to say that the first reason for me to register on this forum was to follow your projects. What you made is kind of « State of the Art » modeling projects. You are a kind person ready to help. I discovered your WIP then i decided to register myself in Britmodeller. You can see that reason on the introducing of myself « Hello from FRANCE ». I really hope that you will continue to give us the chance to see your beautiful projects go on! I wish you all the best. Olivier from FRANCE (new in this forum)
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