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  1. Today
  2. silver911

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Sam...despite your words of praise for Chas and I.....the praise must all got to you....stunning work that any here would be proud to emulate....bravo my friend. Respect Ron
  3. Yesterday
  4. Old Mull

    Tamiya Porsche 956 Rothmans

    Oooerr, after seeing that, think I might leave mine in the box! Cracking model, well done.
  5. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Dear Codger without your contribution and close communications, with Ron of course, this would not be possible. Thank YOU.
  6. Codger

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    This is exciting! I have no doubt that this will rank with the other really fine MFH builds shown on the forum now. The difficulties involved which you have solved are evident by the really fine-point tweezers shown holding tiny, perfect parts. Beautifully finished by you. This is now entering the realm of watchmaking ! A tribute to your skills is that you are completing what Paul started without modification or personalization - just tedious and meticulous preparation and assembly. I owe you a great debt for such noble work my friend. And any admirer of Paul's work will be greatly pleased. Thank you. C
  7. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Hello Everybody and Happy New Year again to all !! Been working as much as time allows on the back of the car. Looking at all the reference pictures of the car in 67 and 68, the back of the car is very complex. However different wirings and configurations of pumps and oil tank coolers etc. changed in almost each race version of the car. So it is a feast for those who want to superdetail. This is not the intention in this build. However, Paul was a neat and very meticulous builder and so the task needs extra attention. Here are the principal periphery parts being finalised before assembly. Most are already weathered with artist oils of high quality and very fine pigment mixed with lighter fluid. these are the main oil filters: here is the wiring for the disc brakes. I apologize for the quality of the pictures, when mounted i will take proper pictures using a tripod and white light. This below is how the car looks now before assembling the parts above, which i intend to start this week end. you can see i added the pipes to the brake calipers and the pins connected to the adjustable antiroll bar. The little oil tank connected to the gear box appears in different colours in many versions of the car: grey, black, dark grey, metallic etc. Here it is in the metallic version. I promise to take better photos tomorrow !! here below is my attempt at slightly improving the throttle connectors and add the cables between the front of the car to the back and to the fuel injection metering unit, on which i have added a few details you will see this week end. The work is tiny and this is the dawning of a possibly acceptable result after many many failed attempts, it is still work in progress. If i am not able to scratch a neat piece i will revert to the MFH version. That's it ! Thank you very much for watching. I expect to be able to finalise 80 % of the back's assembly this week end and post thereafter. Sam
  8. Sabrejet

    Scrap Yard Gems

    Well here goes some more. This time a breaker near Manston in Kent, which I think was called Westwood's. Vauxhall Velox (?): Karmann Ghia: Daimler (Majestic Major?) and Humber Snipe to left: A Jaguar which would probably nowadays be a desirable restoration prospect: Triumph Mayflower and another Minx Californian to the right: Austin 16s: Ford V8 Pilot: Series IV Humber Super Snipe: Nuther Daimler: Sunbeam Alpine Series IV: Sunbeam Talbot 90 and Ford 100E Pop/Anglia/Prefect at right: And this one we managed to buy (for £200 if I recall): it was a rare 4-speed manual 289 V8; engine and gearbox went into a Cobra replica and the rest went to a Mustang enthusiast: Finally, serious kudos if anyone knows what this is: I'll leave it for a bit and then announce the winner in a day or two:
  9. Egi vandor

    1/43 MAZ-200 Family

    Now about current build. MAZ-200M was produced from 1961 to 1965. It was a combination of MAZ-200V chassis with YaMZ-236 direct injection 11,150 cc (680 cu in) V6 diesel engine with 180 PS (132 kW) at 2100 rpm, that was developed for new cabover MAZ-500 truck. When new engine became available in significant numbers, MAZ-200P (perehodniy - transitional) and MAZ-200M tractor were produced. It was planed, that they will be only temporal decision, and serial production of MAZ-500 will begin soon. But numerous revisions and improvementstook too much time, and only in 1963 MAZ-500 appeared on conveyor, so MAZ-200M was in production until 1965. Visually MAZ-200M could be distinguished from very late production MAZ-200V only by incline of steering column: if steering wheel on 200's with YaAZ-204 engine was almost vertical, on V6 equiped ones it was nearly horizontal. Of course it would be easier to built MAZ-200M from kit, but AVD announced MAZ-200V with different semitrailers only for 2019, so i bought AIST MAZ-200V and disassembled it. While SSM/AIST model represents late-mid production MAZ-200V, some conversion work was made. Trapezial steps with battery boxes were cut off and changed on rectangular with instrument box on right one from MAZ-200 kit. They will later be used to build MAZ-200G army truck. Next, eight rivets on forward bumper, specific for early 200's were removed and changed to six ones (above). YaMZ-236 from UMI was bought, and sidewalls of cowl were cut off Late type stepneys holders were bought on RCForum Filling necks of fuel tanks were moved Now i ordered wheels set fom Maestro, and while it not arrived yet i temporaly stopped the build.
  10. First, a little history The history of the MAZ-200 began in 1943, when the constructors of Yaroslavl Automobile Plant (Yaroslavlskiy Avtomobilniy Zavod - YaAZ) began to design a unified two-axle and three-axle truck family. They were to become the first Soviet diesel trucks, produced in series. Before the war YaAZ was preparing to begin production of diesel engines of their own design and equip with them trucks of the new YaG-7 family, but war prevented these plans. During the war, a batch of GMC 4-71 diesel engines was delivered under the Lend-Lease, which were installed on artillery towers Ya-12, which were produced in Yaroslavl. According to the results of the operation of American engines, it was decided to license the production of the GMC engine family in USSR, and GMC was to supply and install equipment for the plant and train personnel. However, the outbreak of the Cold War did not allow these plans to be implemented, and only production of GMC 4-71 and 6-71 engines, designated YaAZ-204 and YaAZ-206, respectively, was managed. However, this was later, as long as in 1944 the first prototypes of a YaAZ-200 truck with a load capacity of 7 tons were built. They were equipped with a cabin and fenders from the 1940 Mack L Serial production began in 1947. Serial machines received a wooden cabin - the metallurgical industry could not provide a sufficient amount of sheet metal. In addition to the flatbed truck, the YaAZ-205 dump truck and the YaAZ-200V truck tractor were developed. As soon as the first serial YAZ-200 came off the assembly line, it was decided to transfer the production of two-axle trucks to Minsk to enable the Yaroslavl plant to focus on the production of three-axle trucks of the YaAZ-210 family. The assembly of the vital for the war-torn country dump trucks from Yaroslavl vehicle sets began in 1947, when the construction of the Minsk Automobile Plant (Minskiy Avtomobilniy Zavod – MAZ) was not yet complete. Minsk trucks differed from their Yaroslavl ancestors by a grille with vertical rods instead of horizontal ones, and the Yaroslavl bear mascot on the hood was changed to bas-reliefs in the form of bison on the sidewalls of the hood. Since 1949, on the basis of the chassis of the dump truck, the MAZ-205A truck tractor was produced. Soon, the truck cab received a metal trim. In late 1950, when the second conveyor was launched, the production of the onboard MAZ-200 began, after which the assembly of the YaAZ-200 in Yaroslavl was discontinued. The production of MAZ-200V tractors also began, which made it possible to finish the production of the «ersatz» MAZ-205A. Throughout the 1950s, the MAZ-200 were the most numerous heavy vehicles in the USSR. The production volumes of the three-axle YaAZ-210 family, and then the YaAZ-219 remained relatively small, imported Skoda-706R and later 706RT were also supplied in small quantities. Surely, MAZs of the 200th family helped to restore the industry destroyed by the war and participated in all great buildings of the 50s. Of course, the MAZ-200 had a lot of flaws. The two-stroke diesel engine was voracious, noisy, was prone to uncontrolled growth of power followed by self-destruction, and its power even after modernization remained insufficient. Therefore, MAZ was rather slow, especially if its load exceeded the passport, (it was the rule rather than the exception). The cabin was very cold due to the lack of a heater; therefore, in the northern regions, a stove was often installed, which was heated with wood, or the cabin heating by exhaust system was made. Only a physically strong person could work on the MAZ-200 - not everyone could turn the steering wheel. However, in spite of everything, MAZs honestly worked throughout the 50s, 60s, and many in the 70s and even the 80s. In 1958, the first prototypes of the new cabover MAZ-500 family were built in Minsk. Road of MAZ-500 to the conveyor was long and winding, and only in 1961 the first pilot batch was assembled for state tests. Therefore, the plant continued to produce the good old MAZ-200. However, the new six-cylinder V-shaped four-cycle diesel engine YaMZ-236, designed for the MAZ-500, was already in serial production, which made it possible to modernize the MAZ-200. Since 1961, about half of the produced trucks and tractors have received a new engine and a new designation, MAZ-200P and MAZ-200M, respectively. Since 1963, in parallel with the MAZ-200, the MAZ-500 began to descend from the main conveyor, and at the end of 1965, the production of the MAZ-200 was discontinued. On the photo my MAZ-200 models. They are from SSM (two tractors), AIST (yellow Aeroflot TZ-200), ALG magazine serie and three built from AVD kits. In fact, all they are from the same manufacturer: SSM is top brand, AIST is simpler and cheaper, ALG is more simplified for DeAgostini magazine and AVD is for those, who wants to build his own model as he likes. I also added MAZ-504 - a member on new MAZ-500 family.
  11. Vince1159

    Scrap Yard Gems

    I'm single for that very reason,got fed up with her going on about handbags and shoes all the time....
  12. Gorby

    Scrap Yard Gems

    You certainly now how to show your other half a good time Vince. She'll be thrilled.
  13. Vince1159

    Scrap Yard Gems

    I've always wanted to go the the U,S.A for two or three weeks on holiday and spend it wondering around some of their scrapyards,heaven...I bought a couple of videos in the 80's called Yank Scrapyards or something similar (i'll have to try and find them and if they're still ok get them transferred to dvd)....
  14. nikkita katana

    1/24 Samba "Sleepah" ZZZzzzzz mph

    I watched that Netflix series, Tony and Constance were awesome. I wanna work there part-time and I'd settle for sweeping the floor if it gets me in the door!!! It'd be a bit of a commute tho.
  15. activexp

    1/43 MAZ-200 family

    Thanks for the info. I found some AVD kits on eBay and have ordered a YAAZ 210 Flatbed from a seller in Poland. I'm sure soviet cars will be of interest to this forum.
  16. Egi vandor

    1/43 MAZ-200 family

    Hi, Steve! Sorry for long silence, i just didn't watch this thread. You may buy AVD kits both 1/43 and 1/72 at ritmonexx.ru, they are owners of SSM AVD and AIST brands. Will models of soviet cars be interesting to anybody? Now i build another MAZ - this time MAZ-200M, is it worth to start thread? I'm also going to remake and improve some die-cast models.
  17. Ah yes, fair enough. I've always wondered what happened to the OP's build.... I was hoping to pick up a few more tips myself!
  18. My kit of the Morgan Plus 8 is finished. The build story is here... 1. From the Side, bonnet and doors open: note the pistons in the engine: they move when the engine is running! 2. the dashboard: quite realistic. 3. From the Front 4. From the back: the "spare" wheel is the winder for the rubber band driven motor. 15 full turns gives the car enough power for about a 12 feet/3m run. 5. Underneath Construction uses no adhesive, no painting. The parts are laser cut in birch plywood, pushed out and assembled using either 2mm wooden dowels through pre-cut holes, or tabs and slots. Some lubrication is needed, and also some sanding as the there is no margin for rough edges, etc. Even so assembly needs strong fingers. Overall and excellent "kit", if not really a scale model. It looks like a Morgan, capturing all the essential features of the 2012 to 2018 Plus 8 bodied Aero chassis at the front, mated to a traditional 4 seater at the rear. No such car exists, so it is really a "what iff" representation. The UGears kits are fun, I plan another!!
  19. 224 Peter

    A Different Morgan Model

    I found another photo, with the original registration, rather than the one I have now!
  20. Thanks Fac63, would be interesting to follow your build too, but my Q was intended for the OP of thIs topic, Mark, as he had got his build underway (albeit a few years ago now).
  21. Hi Sennapod, I've got such a large 'stash' of kits, I've only just started it this week!
  22. Vicarage Vee

    Aoshima Leyton House Skyline R30

    Looks nice. Glad to see that Aoshima managed to spell the sponsor right on the decals.... Has been known to go wrong there too (looking at you Wave Benetton B193 & Fujimi BMW M3). Very nicely finished indeed, and agree with Dougboy, it would only be honest dirt from the event day/weekend underneath.
  23. Nicely done. A ride height drop would really set it off like on the box photo. The chassis weathering is also beautifully done.... although I'm not sure if a professional racing team like Leyton House/Impul would have a rusty muffler on their race cars
  24. Did this ever progress? Or get completed? I'm about to start mine....
  25. Codger

    Trumpeter 1:12 Ford Gt40 Mk2

    Before you button that up you may want to adjust the front ride height lower. The 1:1 is not like Trumpeter thinks:
  26. Last week
  27. wardsmodelbuilder

    Trumpeter 1:12 Ford Gt40 Mk2

    Happy New Year to you all, Here is the latest update in the 1:12 Trumpeter Ford GT40. I have now finished the the main body section, placed decals, cleared, sanded and polished. This is almost ready to be placed on the lower section of the chassis. Just a few things to added first to the inside of the body. Being a curbside build its a little tricky making sure things are attached in the right order as I wont have any access once the body is on the chassis. Next stage is to complete the front clip and work on the exterior details. Thanks Chris http://www.wardsmodelbuilder.com wardsmodelbuilder@outlook.com
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