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  2. bentwaters81tfw

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Down the A12 yesterday, a black and cream ZA MG Magnette.
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  5. keefr22

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On the way to visit daughter and family in Hampshire today, far too many spots to remember, some lovely classic Brit sports cars including a gorgeous pastel blue Frogeye Sprite, a stunning two tone cream and metallic blue Healey 3000, and for me, the top spot, seen twice, a C type Jaguar in British Racing Green with number roundels on the doors and bonnet - it looked like we'd happened upon the Targa Florio....!! It may have been a replica, but even if it was it was still glorious!!
  6. Vince1159

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    I wish i could leave you two likes for them.....
  7. KonaDawg


    Nice little bulls
  8. Spiny

    Honda S600

    Well, I was hoping that by now I would have the body, tub and chassis put together, but I just didn't get the time I wanted this weekend. However, I did at least get some progress done. First up was assembling that dashboard and fitting it into the body - I'm delighted to say that everything went together perfectly, completely in line with Tamiya's reputation: The next bit was to fit the bonnet. It fits where it should ok, but doesn't line up quite perfectly. None of that is Tamiya's fault - it's all down to that incident earlier in the build where I broke off the hinge and it's just marginally awry. Nothing too major though, it's not really any worse than the Cuda's bonnet was. I also got the inner wings and other bits detailed and hopefully the pic below gives an indication, although the bonnet doesn't open past the angle in the photo, another limitation caused by that broken hinge. This was another thing which slowed me down - it took four coats to get that gloss white to fully cover the grey body paint. Next steps are fitting the tub to the body, then the chassis to those two, so next time I hit the table I should (visually at least) make rapid progress
  9. fatfingers

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On the ring road in Leeds yesterday... A plate Red Ford Capri Laser went flying past me (i was doing 40). Was doing a fair bit of fish tailing too as he changed lanes. He either didn't know how to drive it or needed a paving slab in the boot! At Tong Garden Centre... a truly lovely Rover SD1 Vitesse in a deep red glinting in the sunshine. I wanted to walk back over the carpark for a look but minister for war and finance was having none of it! Regards Steve
  10. Unfortunately I've failed: probably because of a mistake during milling, the piece has broken Let's go for the third try
  11. Second draft: It remains to mill perpendicularly on both sides to thin the lever, and to round the two ends Stay tuned if you like
  12. JeroenS

    Revell Trabant Universal

    Aha, I saw this one in the background of one of your shots of the Honda and was wondering what it was! So it's a Trabby... Nice and unusual! And I think decanted paint can be sprayed, yes. However, getting another can was what I did when I had a can die on me.
  13. Vince1159


    I haven't seen these posted yet so these are the Airfix Quick Build Lambo's....
  14. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    I have a big problem with my computer. I will have to take it to an Apple approved repairer (impossible to repair by phone). I will try to use my wife's one (like I do now) but probably won't post photos in the next days. I will take advantage to prepare all the parts for the build to come. Though an important info: I saw on a YouTube video that the dimensions of the tires, when the same rims as provided in the kit were set, are a bit different at the front and at the back. Look at the video at about 9'42, you will see... Though the tires provided in the kit for the front are too narrow imho: if I heard well the reseller in the video, they are 195 mm width on the front of the real car, so they should be 195 : 16= 12 mm width, while they are only 9 mm on the kit (the rear ones, we saw that above (post# 33) being nearly OK (13,5 mm). It will be impossible imho to get 12 mm width tires. But the difference between 12 and 13,5 (if I get other types from Round2LLC) is lower than between 9 and 12 (if I use the kit front tires). So I go on thinking that the best choice is to set the same dimensions tires front and rear.
  15. Hamden

    246 & 458

    Nice start, body shells look terrific awaiting the next update with interest Roger
  16. Hi chaps After having drilled the 2 holes of the future lever (second attempt), here is the first draft of the shape, made on the milling machine: It looks rather good, imho
  17. dustcollector

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Hello all! Summer is happening. Not much building gong on for my part. Much of the time on the workbench has been spent prepping parts. Some progress has been made but a lot more to do. Here are some pictures. And thats about it really. Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions are very much welcome. Terje
  18. Just to give some idea of the number of wrecked stuff by the roads I've have a brief wander on Google street view. I don't know if the car in the last photo was a wreck, I couldn't get a better view of it. I tried to find a crane and a JCB that I saw, but I can remember where either of them were.
  19. I've got one of those at home too. Steve.
  20. Well spotted that man. I only had my eyes checked on Thursday, perhaps I should ask for my money back. Although I primarily love wingy things, I am partial to old machinery, much to Mrs Gorby's total bemusement. She stayed in the car while I drooled over them.
  21. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    Thanks John and Pete, for your encouragements! Le gendarme de St Tropez is a very funny movie that I have in DVD and that I would like to see again. I recommend it to you, and not only for the Mustang! I am gonna ask Bernard to check some lenghts and widths, especially for the windscreen frame. On the photo above, I have carefully kept a wide portion of the roof, but I will have to decrease it partially...
  22. Pete in Lincs

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    Olivier, That is an old kit, the standard of detail that we expect today is simply not there is it? The Mustang in that film. Wiki says... 'Later, Cruchot discovers that his daughter and her boyfriend have stolen and crashed an expensive Mustang sports car into a ditch. Unbeknown to any of them, the car belongs to a gang of robbers who have stolen a Rembrandt painting, which is still in the trunk. Cruchot manages to get the car out, but realizes that the objects he threw out of the car to fix a puncture, including the painting, are valuable items'. I agree, it does seem a bit small. Although making a replica does seem to be an awful lot of trouble to go to. The fit of the trunk lid is not very good on the left. It doesn't look that big in this picture Bon Chance with your build.
  23. You've got a lot to do in this Mustang also Olivier, but I know you like a challenge, so I'm sure you will overcome any problems/deficiencies with the kit. Good luck John
  24. I'd like to see it return too.
  25. Good news with the stripes. I made the no.1 (blue) car from the Trumpeter kit. Apart from the kit not having enough striping, the aftermarket decals repeated the mistake... The McLaren racing badges were added by Bruce McLaren, who was driving. The silver fern and NZ symbol was difficult to see - there aren't many pictures of the offside of the car and brake dust covered them up. I've circled them in the picture below - only just visible! The Firestones were quietly changed for Goodyears early in the race because the Firestones were chunking. I think McLaren had a Goodyear contract...
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