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  2. Saw a very smart Mini 1275GT in Nantwich the other day , painted in that dreadful brownish orange . Looked like it was intended for serious use as it had a roll cage & as it drove away there was the telltale whine of a straight-cut box .
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  4. Sorry, no idea! However, just wanted to comment on this dio you made KP! I wasn't a member yet back then but I just read the whole thing and it is really amazing.
  5. You're right, it does look better already
  6. Yesterday
  7. Guys can anybody recommend a paint colour for Chistine? Autumn Red says the instructions but specific paint name and number would be great!
  8. Modellers resource do a CNC milled chassis for the base, and the axles and suspension are there parts too. The engine is a resin part of unknown origin from the spares box. All the bits are in the link in the first post
  9. That is a cracking model, nice to see old British trucks made What did you use for the chassis and engine?
  10. Washed painting, paints layer were very thick, now model looks even better rather it was before))
  11. A face only a Mother could love. Nice job, I remember these way back when.
  12. Roy has been absent from this forum for several years. I believe he can be found on the DeAgostini forum. Another source for 188PY is David Cox, builder of this model which has a complete folding top: A feature on it and top details are seen on his site: http://www.detailedmodelcars.com/new-page-30.htm
  13. An awesome build, and a kit that I drooled over as a kid in the window of Arts & Crafts in Chester. I'd have made a total hash of it of course, but that diorama you're working on is the icing on the cake of a brilliant model.
  14. Hi, just stumbled across this project. Had to say what an inspiration it is to see modelling of this quality. Great work and keep up the progress. Thanks. Stuart
  15. Today only one photo, hammer and mallet, ground edges, cracked boards and a few nails to the floor...
  16. Hi Roy I’ve read your build all the way and have found it very useful with my build alongside the same dvd you’ve used. I'm just in the process of doing the roof on the Rolls and really like the way you have managed to get yours to fold. from the photos you’ve put up you can’t really see the connections of the side rails. could you please put some close up photos of the connections of the side rails as I would like to see how you’ve done them. Thanks
  17. Looking good bro, tedium with the rollcage!!! However it has to be correct or as close as you can get it! Colin
  18. Thanks Chris. Next will be a commer ts3, and a ford cargo.
  19. Last week
  20. Decals from Patto's Place going on. Excellent printing and thin carrier film, and very easy to use. The only issue is that they are deigned against a 3D model of the real thing, not a specific kit. In this case, the gotcha turned out to be that Matchbox put the NACA ducts on the rear wings/fenders too far forward... That's the majority of the decals on. Still a few small ones to track down, and once they are all set thoroughly I can see that some work needs doing to bed the stripes in around the compound curves. Final clean up and detail painting to do, and she'll be ready for beauty shots... but not for a few days because we're off to Paris for the weekend... best, M.
  21. Thanks Rune, I’ll have a look at the Vallejo aluminium, it’s very effective.
  22. well i picked up a pre built bargain mustang on eBay this weekend. So this is on my thread watch list How do you plan on dealing with the side decals? Just one note, i am sure you know this already. The stripes are not just straight lines, there is a contour to them. Well on the full scale model there is, a right PITA i can tell you
  23. Thanks Steve Thanks Rog. But everything is not completely finished ...
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