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  2. Thanks. I sprayed the parts one after the other and I use a big cardboard box as a makeshift spray booth to try and give shelter from the wind, but it's possible. I'll give it a gentle rub down and try again.
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  4. That's the idea! I'd like to finish the Benz too, day off tomorrow so if I don't manage today then certainly tomorrow. Then the Scania will reclaim the bench! Still some paint to strip first, which reminds me to throw some parts in iso to soak for a bit.
  5. Has the Belkits 6R4 actually been built by any reader of this thread? Comments welcome. MRM. I often wonder what happened to them. Just before they disappeared I seem to remember a Vanwall l in 1/20 scale being released by them, but correct me if I am wrong and it was someone else.
  6. Hello to all, I have decided to begin again this build with the dashboard, important element of the final model. Focus on the AMT part (not so bad but with some elements to improve, especially the Chrome bars missing around the dashboard and the glove box: N.B: we could wonder, looking at the dashboard above, if the round dials were outwardly oriented. It is just the photo that gives this impression, as the below pic (Bernard's Mustang) confirms: To be followed... P.S: reading again this thread, I saw that I used the Mr Hobby acrylic Off White H21 for the vinyl portion of the inner door (post# 614, p. 25). And when checking this flask, as I feared, it was impossible to open. It is a very frequent (not to say systematic) problem I meet with these paints (it nearly never happens with Tamiya ones). Do you have a trick to avoid that? For now, I had to order it again, while the flask is very far from being empty... This Hobby Color paint seems to be a very good cement, anyway!
  7. Today I saw these photos; they reminded me of your build. Source: https://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb45675153q These photos are extremely detailed (see https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b53190231q/f1.item.r=1927 voisin.zoom) : Full zoom: Different photo: I frankly don't know at all if (in case you didn't know the photos) I make you very happy or very unhappy by showing these photos after your build has finished, but I thought let's share.
  8. My 2 cents on car body painting is that I've now switched to lacquer for every stage - primer, colour and clear. I'm not familiar with what kind of paint Halfords is so I don't know if there's an issue with it and the lacquer top coat.
  9. Glad to see this back on the bench, and your scratch building amazes me more every time. Can't wait to see this finished. Then hopefully you might get back on the Scania, though I was probably almost as broken as you when the body came back out all cracked. Seeing you build that made me need that kit when I can justify the cost, and have some where to put it on display. I love a long nose and 3 axles on my trucks, maybe I'll get to drive one sometime . But for now this build is doing just fine on the truck front
  10. Quick couple of questions if I may? Any tips about applying decals are welcome! Can Future/Kleer be airbrushed? If so, I assume no thinning is needed and just a light, mist coat to prevent runs? Thanks!
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  12. Thanks. To be honest, when the idea popped into my head, the Trumpeter kit was an inexpensive add-on to an online order I was already putting together. I went for the A1, since I knew I'd be dispensing with or removing many of the combat accessories anyway. I'd read a few reviews of the kit on the net...and decided that even if it didn't work out for some reason, it'd be great as a 'proof of concept' hack to try things out with. As it happened, it worked out quite well. (In fact, liked the kit enough that I plan to pick up a few more at some point for some more 'conventional' projects.) Cheers.
  13. Great build. I'm thinking of tackling this subject myself. What made you plumb for the Trumpter kit? Trumpter do three versions of the M113, the A1, A2 and A3. Which version M113 kit did you go for? Thanks
  14. Super interested to see how this build comes out, will definitely be keeping an eye on your thread!
  15. Lovely paint Martin-but I hope the body fits well...
  16. It is a good effort, you should be proud of that one especially as cars are not as easy a starting point compared to an aircraft. 1 tip for decals, if you have not done so, is to put down a couple of thin clear gloss coats. You will see people advocating Johnsons Future / Kleer (if you can still get it) or get something like AK Gauzy. I assume also that you are brush painting to start with, so look for self levelling as a feature as this will give you shine and a smooth finish for the decals to cling to. Also, get some decent flat brushes for now or as @Spiny said, look at rattle cans.
  17. Clearcoat is on. I'll work on the rest of the chassis/interior and trim and let this dry for a week before sanding and polishing.
  18. If you want to clear your windscreen have a look at AK Gauzy Glass Coat. I have used the Gauzy gloss on their metals and it is pretty good. It might also be self levelling, so will brush well.
  19. This might sounds obvious, but perhaps it needs more coats of lacquer? If you were spraying from a rattle can and outside, it doesn't take much breeze to blow lacquer off-course. With it being clear coat you can't always see when it's covered sufficiently.
  20. Thanks, @Spiny. I think this is the home straight now. The metal transfers were not as bad as I'd feared, but I've had to use some "Mr Gauzy" to hold the smaller ones in place and very thin superglue at some wayward ends (the front of the bonnet and the lower rear ends at the tail, where they bend in two directions at once. But they are on, and look pretty sharp. The lettering was actually harder to deal with than the stripes, in the end... Time for lights and last details... best, M.
  21. Love the new ignition tube @Renek. Seeing it convince me I should do the same! I made mine from aluminium tube (I had some 3mm tubing to hand), but have tried to get away with using the end fittings from the original plastic version two-pack epoxied into place. I used some very thin wire called Kynar wire to represent the ignition leads as not only is it more scale (in my opinion), it also allow the wires to be fed through the tube exactly as per prototype. I theory that means you could have a working ignition system, but perhaps thats a step to far .
  22. I'll try to sort something out with the admins / mods to show you further progress on the printing front. I'd like to keep you guys up to date, but this might lead to sales which is not allowed outside the trading area. Meanwhile I won't hijack this thread any further - I don't want to distract anyone from your gorgeous build.
  23. Many thanks for the kind words with regards decal solution I did use ak decal adapter solution don’t know weather that’s any good or not it’s pretty well all I could get during lockdown I will get some micro set/sol once it’s back in stock ,it’s seems a popular choice @Spiny I have just been reading your fiesta. Wip and noted about going back with more solution what time scale is that over can you apply more next day if decals not right I have just done carbon on silencers for ducati and they don’t seem great but I don’t want to touch them again today
  24. I also sprayed some lacquer on the body. The bonnet turned out nicely. The main body, not so much... It's as though none of the lacquer even went near it. I don't know what I did wrong, suggestions welcome.
  25. More work on the Prelude over the last few days. Underside masked up to spray parts satin black as indicated in the instructions. It's a tricky shape to mask with lots of lumps and bumps but Tamiya masking tape is pretty good stuff. Painting was with an airbrush and Tamiya acrylic paint. Peeling away the tape, it appears the black has gone where it was wanted. The exhaust heat shield was painted silver with a marker pen, I've got a finer-tip silver pen on its way to do the missing bit.
  26. what varnish should i use?
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