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  3. Ahhh... that would be going into competition with this baby: https://www.cyanracing.com/volvo-p1800-cyan best, M.
  4. Elise, Morris Minor and an ADO16 of some sort (although having done one, you might as well kit then all as you pretty much only need grill options to make all of them from an Austin 1100 to MG 1300).
  5. More praise from me, the finish and detailing looks superb. Some of those pictures could easily be mistaken for pictures of a real car.
  6. Reasonable shouts, I think the Morris Minor has been suggested a few times. The Volvo P1800 is sort of an honorary British car thanks to its Jensen-built bodies.
  7. G'day all, next update on the rear wing assembly (mainly). Missing from the kit are the front wing end plate side skirts (snappy title), previously I had cut a rectangle from the lower edge of the end plates to house them before painting the top coat. I chamfered two opposite edges of a bit of 30thou card, cut off the resulting triangle and glued these to each edge of a piece of 10thou card. I had to scrap the first pair as I made them too short – D’oh. Never be afraid to start over! Rear wing assembly, the stack of balsa oddments is a jig which all the elements slot i
  8. Cheers Rich Your correct in your assumption...also...see my tips for Chris above. Ron
  9. Thanks Chris...a lot more work to do on finishes...but pleased with it so far A tip for you...when airbrushing different shades over one another you want to keep it subtle...best way to do this...increase the distance between AB and parts ( say from 3 inches to 6 ) and move the AB across it faster...this is to prevent you completely covering the previous colour...and will give you much more subtle blends...also...do this 'wet on wet'...to allow the colours to bleed into one another...or you can let it dry over night and follow the next tip... If you want a slight 'texture' to
  10. Great progress there Ron! When using the multiple shades I assume you are applying while the layers are wet so there is some paint mixing on the part?
  11. A beautiful looking model, well done
  12. One evening got all the parts put together so far. The Panigale has a wonderful subframe, with all the main parts hanging off the engine. It makes for a very simple construction. Colors here are Alclad pale gold and the block is white silver with a Tamiya Panel Line Wash. Next step, all the Top Studio bolt heads need to be glued every where!
  13. Now that's a nice ride! Very sleek. Great colours and the window and door trim looks very good.
  14. That's lovely, beautiful paint job on a beautiful looking car! Top job! Keith
  15. Ace Ventura! Beautiful construction and painting there John. Tony.
  16. A bit of a catch up & impressed at the detail & inventiveness on show. Steve.
  17. Hi Scotty, it's not problem to offer advice, it's what we are here for. The paints are used straight out the bottle, no thinning required. It's important to get the initial metal finish right, and chrome needs a really shiny black primer to work with and stick to. It will rub off when you touch it if it isn't applied to the right surface, so I use shiny black Alclad primer. You can only hit the part with one coat too when you use chrome, so you need enough paint applied in one hit. A second coat will end up with a matt finish and powdery. I covered the previous colour when I moved on to th
  18. The engine parts look very real,impressive stuff here. I have brush painted the AK but only on a 1/24 car at the most. The airbrushing I will write down for future reference . Chris.
  19. Superb build and choice of colours inside & out is just perfect. Well modelled sir. Best from NZ. Ian.
  20. Absolutely stunning model! I love the detail. Looks ready to cruise the strip!
  21. Loving this WiP. I have been dithering about whether or not to get one of these kits, I must have twenty or so unbuily bike models in the stash already, and your build is chipping away at resolve not to buy one. Resistance... is... futile.......
  22. Man, that is "showroom" cleannnnnnnnnn!! Your color choices were spot on. Nice job!! BTW: What engine is that ?
  23. Here ya go Tony.....https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193763588400
  24. They brush surprisingly well for an airbrush ready paint, I relied on it when spoking the wheels on the KH as I removed the existing spokes. For cleaning the airbrush, I use cellulose thiners as nothing else that I have gets it properly clean. I have not tried the AK cleaner, which one is it? Tony
  25. Here is my RFI of the Moebius 1/25 scale 1961 Pontiac Ventura. This is my forth Moebius car kit and, unlike the previous three which fell together ('55 Chrysler 300, '54 Hudson couple and '65 Plymouth), this one exhibited some pretty challenging fit issues on the front bumper and both front and rear windscreens. The rear window upper frame is still not quite flush with the roof but I'm afraid I'll ruin the paint if I tried to do any additional tuning (I'm still learning the fine art of knowing when to stop particularly near the end of a build). Despite these challenges, this was a fun one to
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