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  1. Today
  2. Beautiful work. I have this kit but the delicacy of the windscreen pillars has slightly scared me off attempting it; that and I can't decide what colour I'd like to paint it.
  3. Most impressive finish and photos, as usual. Well done!
  4. Here's a build I finished recently for a JDM themed build-off on Instagram. I had only recently added this kit to my stash so the timing was pretty good. This was the stock Tamiya Honda NSX kit that I added a few modifications to. The base kit is pretty good, my only complaints being that the body was a bit wavy, and the A-pillars, which need to be the thickness they are to be in scale but that makes them incredibly fragile - fortunately I only broke one of them. I swapped the kit wheels to a set of Aoshima 19" Volk TE37s, added a front splitter and side skirts made from sheet styrene and modified the rear wing into a NSX-R style one. The colour was a mix of Metallic Blue, Black and Silver which was then clearcoated with Mr Color GX100. Exhaust tips are aluminum tube - same size as the one I put on my BMW 2002 but it looks a lot more in proportion here to my eye. Since the kit comes with moveable pop-up lights, I thought I would add some micro LEDs to them to light them up. I didn't do any of the other lights as the full width rear light panel would be tricky and I didn't want to miss the 4 week build timeline. The interior is box stock with the exception of adding a clear plastic cover for the gauges for a bit more realism, embossing powder for carpet, and a gold shift knob to match the wheels. Most of the engine is hidden once assembled, but I added some wires and tubing, bare metal foil for hose clamps and a shiny red for the valve covers and intake cover. One of the requirements of the build-off was that the photos had to be on a solid background but that wasn't going to stop me from shooting some extra shots in a more dramatic studio style: And then some with a photo backdrop: Thanks for looking! Martin.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Continuing my method (There's a method?) of jumping around in construction I've gotten back to the final drive and suspension system. Having finally determined the shape and mounting of the ralley bar on the rear suspension I've been able to cobble together a rough representation of that assembly. Here's the ralley bar bent to shape and fitted with bits of brass to simulate the mounting bushings The brass tabs on the axle are left over Luftwaffe seatbelt parts, now standing in as ralley bar mounts under construction now, the U bolts add a bit of detail fitting out... Still need to add brake hydraulic lines, park brake cables and paint Thanks for looking
  7. This kind of case could be managed easily Well, good evening Gentlemen I've finally 3D printed 9 wedging candles for the chassis, and 4 of them appeared to be bad printed and unserviceable, so a new 3T printing is ongoing at the moment. I can't go on today with the chassis painting job because, inexplicably, the primer coats are not totally dry, and remain slightly sticky when handling, so, I'm supposed to wait still a few days. Consequently , it's time to continue this build with the engine.... A fairy tale, indeed: once upon a time, it was a scale models brand, Tamiya, which supplied pretty but inaccurate parts in their kits Seriously, some parts supplied by Tamiya to build the engine are totally inaccurate, for instance the injection pump or the ignition cable assembly. I've so decided to try to "scratch" them with Fusion 360 Stay tuned for next steps
  8. Might encourage me to build the Bullitt fastback (and paint) I have, or the Boss 302... I’d be in. best, M.
  9. I've never done a group build but I quite fancy building a Mustang (an early one, for preference). But it would mean buying yet another kit...
  10. Only a tiny bit of progress. I've got a couple of options for the grille, plus some replacement windscreen wipers. I really hope I've not ruined the grille beyond all hope. Some white Milliput to shape the grille opening and hide the holes that were (I assume) where the body came off the sprue.
  11. I could do this,I have a 1/43 resin kit of an IMSA GTO Mustang racecar if that's ok.The kit is made in the U.S.A too. Group builds have a long leadtime to start from what I've seen,not done yet myself...I think I have a Bullit Mustang too but after a quick look l can't find it yet.Chris.
  12. Wheels! This photo reminded me that I haven't added the valve stems. And finally it looks a bit like a race car... Annoyingly, the nearside rear tyre has a very prominent step where the mould halves obviously weren't lined up, and thus far it's resisted attempts to even it out. It will definitely have to go as it stands out like a hippo in a swimming pool.
  13. No arguments from me, either. Top class.
  14. Hi guys, I'm not one of the regular automotive modellers at the BM, but I do have an interest and some background in car modelling too. How about a car model specific single type group build for the Ford Mustang? Read more here: Best regards, V-P
  15. I was purchasing a few detailing parts from Hiroboy and decided I had enough money left in the bank at the end of the month to treat myself. I like Honda motorcycles and I like vehicles with engines where the cylinder count is a whole multiple of six, so a six-cylinder Honda bike is a must. Pity the Tamiya detailing parts were out of stock; maybe I'll be able to get some elsewhere. It'll be a while before I get round to this one.
  16. Another retro, once everyday car spotted today; a BMW 5 series of the E28 generation (I think, the 2nd generation from the 1980s). I didn't see the boot to see what model it was.
  17. I have a soft spot for the Arrows team,they managed a couple of 2nd.places,but never actually won a Grand Prix. Damon Hill was the nearest I believe in 1997,but the car stuttered on the last lap of the Hungarian Grand Prix. ive managed to complete the decals for the body apart from the fiddly bit of black round its nose.Am also starting on the same car but in white,pictures below I hope of all the parts,there are a lot! Think that's enough for now! Chris.
  18. I look forward to seeing the results of your efforts. And a vehicle with a lot more than four wheels - I'm intrigued! Trevor
  19. Your doing a smashing job of this , it looks a great little kit
  20. I think we can safely begin the debate about comparing Dan's work to Wingrove's. Dan's work is a larger scale but I'm sensing that is the only discernible difference. To even think to compare someone's work to Wingrove is a huge achievement.
  21. Thanks for the push guys. Stripping chrome is dead easy I dropped a bit of sprue in some Domestos, and in the 30 seconds I was looking around for where to put it to stand the chrome had gone. So the wheels have been stripped. They can now be tidied up, edges sanded and minor flash removed etc. I'm not sure why they look so shiny though, is there some top coat under the chrome? I've also ordered some Molotow as its payday tomorrow, but I won't be doing these wheels with it. Most modern alloy wheels should not be chrome anyway, they look better painted in aluminium and glossed, to me anyway. But I can strip and Molotow the lights and grill on this for practice
  22. Thank you very much Nick, it's really a fine compliment! Today, carburetors. I do love SU carburetors, a nightmare to set correctly, but once well tuned, really effectives. Many kinds of carburetors have been install on this engine... And I found this: And this: In fact it will be a bad choice, but at that time I was happy... Let's go! Linkages... I was happy, very happy! May be some technical pics? Dan.
  23. I wouldn't call the Tamiya Lotus 7 basic. As I remember it is quite well detailed, down to separate trumpets for the carburettors.
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