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  2. I started the work on the interior. In the previuos project i had also flocked with felt the floor. The kit was born only in plastic without carpet My new project is to eliminate the rear seat and add a roll cage.....my fault is having partecipate in over 10 edition of Woerthersee I modified the trunk floor and seat to have a complete open trunk. My friend produced a new machined alu air tank for airride system I also take the rear Delta HF 1/8 struts bar (will be modify) to use as fixing for next 4 point seat belts. I also check the measure for roll cage, i found a rc 1/10 roll cage to modify (erase the light) but that have quite good measure.
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  4. Very happy to read you....i write in inglish to respect the forum region.
  5. I joined the forum after I saw this topic. Superlative work, sincere congratulations.
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  7. Very nice indeed. Not an easy kit to get right, especially, as you say, the windscreen. I believe it to be of Monogram origins, I had a Monogram plastic kit in the seventies and a metal bodied one a bit later. Quite why Monogram thought a fiberglass car model should be cast in metal is beyond me!
  8. Nice looking Mopar. The Monogram Plymouths and Dodges push all the right buttons for me.
  9. It's an acquired taste, I'll give you that! The whole 60's show car scene was a real like 'em or loath 'em one. Just about all the US kit manufacturers sold them by the truckload at the time though, they were more than a bit popular. The Monogram connection swings the deal for me, I really like the company for some reason. Tony.
  10. One thing which definitely wasn't working in your favour on the paint score was painting it black - as a colour it's notorious for showing up every little imperfection. Done perfectly, it can look amazing, but I think there are few who would deny it's so difficult to get that perfection so this isn't something to be hard on yourself about. What may be worth looking into is the Micromesh pads (better than the sheets in my opinion), ideally 6000, 8000 then 12,000 grit as with a bit of practive you can get rid of a lot of the orange peel, although be prepared to burn through the paint on the first few attempts! I'd also second the advice to photograph it against a plain background - you've done some good work so it makes sense to show it off.
  11. I suspect that there weren't many of the real thing which didn't have wonky number plates anyway so that should go nicely with the build.
  12. That certainly looks like a deep red - good paintwork. As for the car itself, am I the only one who looks at it and sees the car Homer Simpson designed in one of the earlier episodes?
  13. Thank you to Mustang for the kind words - good to see I'm not the only one who likes to revisit the kits from childhood. And thanks also to Codger and Jeroen for your advice. Even if I don't use those tips on this occasion, rest assured that they are lodged into the memory bank for next time I need them Unfortunately most of my painting is in acrylic, and the black is no exception, Fortunately, I have some Revell matt clear just waiting to be tested out (the Humbrol enamel matt clear was what gave me some white residue) and I think the window rubbers look like they should be perfect as a test bed. Having used the 2mm chrome pen, I can't disagree with you that the marker pen will be so much easier. You're right that I probably should get one for touching up the window rubbers if I go through them. However, one thing I am spectacularly rubbish at is doing straight lines freehand unless there's an edge I can run up to - even with the pen I still mask as I can get a much better quality job. Of course, it helps that I'm what I believe are the few people who don't find masking a most incredibly dull, boring and tedious job; there's almsot something relaxing about it... ... ...unless the tape starts peeling paint off - then it's just annoying!
  14. The good news: The seller sent me a replacement sheet of the carbon fiber decal. The bad news: The Tamiya TS-36 Florescent Red (Marlboro red) is "not in production at this time". I've found sellers in the UK, France, and Italy but shipping alone is $20! I'm not in any hurry so I'll see if my local shop gets some in the next few months.
  15. Tonight's harvest: a radiator and a connecting hose, mounted on the chassis. It seems to lean forward a little, I see now. Should be alright when it gets connected to the cab, the whole thing is quite flexible still. Handling is getting a bit awkward though, I inadvertently disconnected the PE parts holding the rear license place to the chassis. I was able to glue it back on but it's even wonkier now than it already was. I doubt whether it will hold for the duration of the build. The connecting surfaces are really really small. If I break it one more time I'm replacing the license plate mounts with something more sturdier. And maybe I'll do that anyway.
  16. Thanks very much for your kind comments. I don't have a "before" photo but the body was intact and not too scarred under a thick coat of paint and I could save the interior. Luckily the 65 GTO had the parts I couldn't save.
  17. Thanks so much guys, glad you like it.
  18. A bit of a backstory goes with this one... Over in the 'Year I was born' Group Build I'm building a Monogram '56 Chevy. While trying to decide on a colour scheme for the car, Tamiya metallic red with clear red over it got tried and decided against. It looked too Show Car for the Gasser I'm building. Perfect for a Predicta build though! I had a recent re-release of the kit I bought to build a year or two back. Time to get the glue and paints out then! Here's the car in question, It's a Darryl Starbird Custom, first shown in 1960. Monogram bought the car, had it modified and issued a kit of it. I'm a collector as well as a builder and this build will sit nicely with my unbuilt kit. I've made a start on the bodywork, a good flat off with 1500 W+D paper, white primer, then metallic red followed by a couple of coats of transparent red, all Tamiya spray cans. All went on over the course of today with an hour or two between coats on a radiator to harden each coat off. So far, so good. I'll let things completely harden overnight before hitting it with a clear coat. More as it happens. Tony.
  19. I've done a couple of these old resto builds over the years and I always have a great time with them. Just taking them back apart and looking at how I had put things together back then was a good trip down memory lane. There are some good rewards to be had out of builds like these. I do have a couple on the shelf that I refuse to redo so as to have and show where I was and were I am in scale modeling these days. My son asked me once about how come I got as good as I am and I'm able to show him my untouched old (and I do mean old) builds just to prove that I didn't start out perfectly. Very good progress on your build. This is looking good.
  20. That is quite simply magnificent Mr C. ! The old cliché of 'it looks real' is most certainly appropriate in this instance - an astonishing model beautifully photographed - fantastic! Keith
  21. Tamiya TS 14 is a good shout though I used Tamiya LP gloss black through the airbrush.
  22. Lovely colour, lovely finish, lovely build - just lovely!! Keith
  23. I'd struggle opening the bag....!! I've just realised I completely forgot to come back to get the wheel sets I needed off you on Sunday Mark.... Keith
  24. This came FREE in a box of stuff from Plaza Hobby. No instructions! I hope my skill set is up to the build
  25. Got some done on the engine bay this morning. Again, the newer Revell kits seem to include more than the average bear (but then again.....this is a Pro Modeler kit) Steering columns are not usually present in auto kits. I've got the holes drilled in the shock towers to install the retaining nuts and studs for the shocks later.
  26. can i ask did you paint this Gloss black from Airbrush or Cans?? Im thinking about the The Tamiya TS-14 Black Spray Paint
  27. As usual , the first thing I did when I got through the door at Telford was to head to the Wonderland Models stand to see what they were offering at ridiculously low prices . I'm glad I did because they had some Ebbro 1/20 F-1 cars at substantial discount due to the boxes being somewhat crumpled . I picked up a 1967 Lotus 49 & a 1973 Lotus 72E for £34.99 each - bargain !!!
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