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  2. Hi Malc That's very kind of you - thanks very much. BTW - impressive scratch building on the Tyrell
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  4. I do think I should find myself one of these. I'm not normally a model car builder but I do have a XJ-S. Mine is a 1989 with Marelli ignition so a few small tweaks on top of the engine would be needed to model mine.
  5. Apologies for my ignorance but what is car number 58 in John's first set of photos?
  6. What is the genesis of the Cosworth donk Chris. Is it a repurposed completion engine or just something I've been blissfully unaware of for ages? I can't see this using an older design but creating a special engine for it sounds mind numbingly expensive. Steve.
  7. I don’t normally expect to see much of interest on the Monday morning commute, but today an immaculate DeLorean DMC12 passed the other way!
  8. Hi Spiny, Nice to see this one on the move again. (Mine has stalled somewhat). Good to see the suspension all set up and installed. I was worried that the front axles and the steering arm mounts were somewhat delicate and the slightest breath of air on them and they would disintegrate! But, judging by yours, they are more robust than I thought. That's one of the reasons mine has stalled... Cheers, Alan.
  9. Oh no, I thought to myself, the front brake is on the wrong side......! The reality of the situation has finally dawned, and this bike is fitted with twin leading shoe front brakes on BOTH sides. Before I start hacking at the wheel hub, I'm going to investigate the possibility of cloning the example supplied. If it's a challenge too far I'll just forget the idea and build it as it comes. With the fairing fitted there is not a great deal to be seen, but I fancy having a go to see if it can be done. It's always helpful to have a ready made example to work from
  10. Dave sent me these pics...a personal and fun piece he did some time ago...purely for relief from commission pieces. I really like this It certainly shows Dave's versatility. Enjoy. Ron
  11. It just goes to prove that occasionally bargains are still to be had on Ebay Stumbled across this kit to add to the F1 collection at a good price anyway, and with a fiver off for Nectar points it was delivered to my door for under £30 All sealed in the bags and in as new condition
  12. Great photo's and it nice to see Herbie made it as well...
  13. ........and the humungous red phaeton ? Looks like a Duesenberg. Rog.
  14. My electrician uncle happened to have this material, and it seems to work wonders! The one he had is just a tad thick for my tastes, but I'd imagine there is thinner ones available. Thank you for the tip! I started the detailing process. Added ignition wires made from the aforementioned wrapping wire. Also raided my uncle's component storage for some Zenier diodes which I used to mimic the fuel lines with fuel filters. Also built an ignition coil from another one of those. Added an oil dipstick too, but that's pretty invisible in these photos. I'll be adding some wiring for the brake cylinder and battery, and heater hoses as well. I think that will do for engine bay detailing. Also prepped the undercarriage bits for painting. Bit of a chore, lots of flash in hard to reach places. Hope to start painting these next, but even though I have two restoration guides for E-bodies at hand, they aren't massively helpful concerning these parts. Internet is also a bit divided on what colours to use. Oh well, I won't be losing sleep even if I paint the front stabilizer in steel when it's really supposed to be black. I also have trouble sourcing a paint for the body. Many shops around here used to have a good selection of Maston or Motip -spray paints, but now shelves look pretty empty. That's how the world is right now, I guess. -Till next time
  15. Thanks @nearsightedjohn for those, a very eclectic line up with some cool metal on display. I like the lines of the Cougar, 4th last, but what the heck is that behemoth in the last photo? Steve.
  16. XJ-S has always been my favourite Jag, that body is just gorgeous! Your model is also looking very nice indeed, I like your colour choice, and all in all it just looks like a very tidy build. I kinda want to build this kit as well, but it's a tad hard to get hold of here in Finland. I built the Bandai 1:16 offering many years ago, but that kit was a bit of a hassle, to say the least.
  17. I saw this yesterday too and took some pictures,hope you don't mind me adding them? This really is an impressive new car,out of all the cars at Goodwood I think this grabbed a lot of the attention there. The blurb says that this will be the last analog supercar. Chris.
  18. Welcome on board! It will be a slow moving topic... I really am a fair weather builder who might manage to trim and sand a half dozen bits in an evening while I'm not focussing on the telly Managed to prime the tub over the weekend but that will need sanding too as I left a run..... I love the Tamiya spray cans but the paint comes out so fast that it's very easy for me to get a run if I don't move it quickly enough. Also had to paint the inside surfaces of the side panels. Firstly because some of it will be visible through gaps in the tub near the front suspension bulkhead / subframe or whatever it is. According to the Haynes manual it's a magnesium casting, bolted to the front of the tub, that almost everything about the front suspension, steering and wing bolt on to. Murray seemed particularly happy with that piece of engineering in his commentary. Second reason for painting the inside surfaces is I noticed that the panel is letting a lot of light through, enough that I think the different areas where it's connected to the black tub versus here it's open behind will show through as different shades. I'm hoping a coat on the back helps minimise this.
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  20. Haven't seen one elsewhere, so any pics would be very appreciated! I gave in to temptation & bought both versions of Revell's new E type as I was able to get them for good prices. As you may have guessed, I'm really not keen on the FHC due to the screen so not sure yet what I will do with it, but the OTS is definately much better & more accurate, so will be built box stock - well mostly, as there are a few things with the way that Revell has moulded some of the front suspension that really annoys me! I think that the lack of perspective on a lot of Revell's own photos doesn't help the proportions at all, as I was unconvinced by the screen on the OTS too until I saw other people's built photos of it, where it does look fine. I cannot unsee the issues with the FHC though. I guess that one way to solve the windscreen issue on the FHC is to build it as the blue one in the Italian Job... In reality, I suspect that I will have a go at correcting it (I can use the vacuum forming machine at work to make the new screen), on the principle that if it goes wrong, I won't have wasted a kit as I can combine the rest with the Gunze curbside (same as your's) that I have, or use the running gear, suspension & lots of the decals for my AirTrax resin Mk10 & save the (slightly) better bonnet for one of my Hellers. Of course, there is also the option of turning one of my several E Type kits (or remnants of) into a Guyson E12
  21. Always useful that one ! TBH though I can't see any difference from here and the body is looking very nice! Well that's my something new learnt today, I did not know that! Shall re-try some chrome parts that bleach wouldn't touch a couple of weeks ago, now that I do! Keith
  22. No worries Keith, Ruby Red yes a lovely shade, my mate has a cracking , ratty 1962 bug in that colour, looks great all lowered but he is changing to more of a Rally style now. I saw the Mini and thought of you. There was a black Mk2 Escort van there today, no pics as there were too many to get round in the time we had today, but he followed us out and when he got the chance overtook, and this thing flew past us with phenomenal acceleration, curious when engine it had, looked good with flared arches and chromed mini lites. Chris
  23. Thanks Chris, but despite the awful panel gaps I'll have the Mk1 Escort thanks....(or maybe that cracking Pontiac!!) Apart from not having a black bonnet, the Min looks almost the same colours as ours, that red looking very similar. On ours incidentally, the previous owner resprayed it in RAL3003 - would have been more appropriate on a VW I'd have thought....!! ) Keith Edit -sorry Chris I appear to have quoted your pic from Gary's reply....!!
  24. A few of my favorite cars at this same street fair….
  25. A few more prop cars at the street fair….
  26. Glad to be inspiring you to help keep the economy afloat It's a surprisingly decent kit and shouldn't cause you too much grief when you get around to it.
  27. With the Mustang finished, this weekend it was time to get back to the Jag. I know I talked about getting it polished up while doing the Mustang, but that has only half happened - I'vedone the Tamiya Coarse and Novus 2 polishing, but the Novus 1 is still to do. The paintwork won't get any smoother, but hopefully I can get the shine a bit better. It's also a bit annoying that the bonnet appears to be a slightly different shade to the body, even though they were done with the same can (although the difference isn't as marked in reality as the photo makes it look). I guess I'll just have to blame British Leyland build quality for that one Looking at what needed doing, the first thing which struck me on the instructions was that the exhausts have been chromed. To me, this looks pretty yukky, even though the main visible bit will be painted satin black. So into the bleach they went, and after a couple of hours there was no difference. So I put the bleach cup into some warm water to heat it up, and in another couple of hours it was almost clear of chrome (shows how much some heat speeds up that dissolving chemical reaction). They've got some silver paint on now, but still need to get the black on. The chrome exhaust tips are separate pieces, and these have been given the matt black inner treatment, with the attachment points covered in Molotow chrome to allow a week to dry before I need them. The last bit was that other side of the suspension I mentioned before shutting this build down for 3 months. No real drama here, pretty much the same story as on the previous side. I have also got the outer stubs of the axles fitted as can be seen below. And that's pretty much where I am, the chassis is nearly done (jus those exhausts and the diff cover to go on) then I'll be facing the interior which looks like there's going to be a lot of fine painting going on. Thanks for looking.
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