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  2. Very nice. I've built this same kit and it's one of the trickiest body-chassis pairings I've ever done.
  3. That’s a splendid model – I wish my third build, ages ago, had been as good as yours. With Italeri’s “20 ft. shipping container” kit, you could recreate the photo of the real car!
  4. Out & about today & first up was a Mk 2 Capri, four head lights, mid blue with black rear spoiler. Wasn't quick enough to get rego so don't know what power plant it had. Later was a 1937 Chev Pickup, with a well used look, quite handsome, last up was a 1969 VW Beetle, rego gave it 1500 & brown, 1500 it might have been, brown it wasn't. Looked like a fresh repaint in eyeball searing bright yellow. Won't be able to miss seeing that coming along. Steve.
  5. transmission work DSC_0003 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr using yellowish painted clear elastic threads for tubing DSC_0005 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr the chrome coloured plastic of the rims was too shiny and bright, so sprayed them with a primer and painted them Gunze Mr. Color Chrome DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr and already started with the decals DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0009 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  6. Yes there were hundreds of these about in the day, with both bench and separate front seats and a large rear bench seat. The resin shell looks very good.
  7. Yesterday
  8. The fastest way to get into your grave: Maserati Quattroporte Hearse! Milan -Italy Dez.06.2022 I was reminded of the movie harold & maude! greetings from Milan Andreas
  9. There, fixed it for ya. Had friends when I was at school with a 1966 Impala, though a 4 door, have had a soft spot for the big Chevs ever since. Way cooler than our EK Holden. It is an interesting looking build you've got going on here Pete, very much a scrap yard challenge. Steve.
  10. Jadlam now have this kit in stock, but at £154.99 …………….
  11. So Pete, another low and slow? I was looking through pics on my phone and found these: Some nice Chevies! This was mid 2018 - on Alameda Island, with the Port of Oakland in the background (across the bay from San Francisco). Aw, how hard would it be to convert the Impala to a convertible?? All three have hydraulics, but only one guy has rear slammed, and front raised - enjoy! Cheers Nick
  12. Agreed in all respects. That's a great finish, well detailed and executed. I can't see any of the problems you mention either and if I could produce a finish that good I'd be proud of it. Really good model, well done.
  13. Not a lot wrong with that, that finish on the paint in particular looks excellent and I would echo the comments that it makes a nice change to see a non-Alitalia version. As for you having trouble with fitting the body to the chassis, I suspect that is the case in about 90% of builds. It's certainly the step I fear most in any model I've built so far.
  14. Nice build, I just love the reflection of the cobblestone street. (and yes, it is nice to see one without "Alitalia" livery)
  15. That looks a fine result to me . Nice to see a Stratos not in Alitalia colours ! Gary .
  16. A master at work. Love the colour too.The seats look great. All in all a superb build.
  17. What Jörgen said....!! If you can scratchbuild a tank as nice as that you'll make that repair invisible! Excellent work Jeroen! Keith
  18. Looks really good. I must say that I love Lancias. This kit is on the way for me at the moment.
  19. Nice work, gotta love that wired up Mopar 426 Hemi engine! Lots more power than GM stuff! Mopar guy here. Keep up the good work!
  20. thx all!! Yesterday, a few modifications and paintjob between rim's building. First, modification and detailing of the chassis. The rivets were represented only by simple cylindrical extra thickness. We remove that and replace with 3D printed rivets . It's a little weird on the picture because the resin is translucent black. About twenty rivets later, a bit of primer and it's ok. Then, small modification on the floor where I added holes on the sides of the rails, photo a little blurry but we can see enough. A shot of primer and a little aluminum on it and it's close. I also removed the texture that covered the floor, too out of scale. Then comes an element that I dreaded, the seat. No assembly for it, it was the rendering of the leather that worried me. Never painted such a large and regular surface in leather. Usually, it's more of a strap or other small pieces of that ilk. We have a completely different subject with a seat. Seat that looks more like a small leather sofa than anything else!! After doing some research, let's go! I therefore proposed as such: -black primer - sanding with 6000 to smooth a little the surface -spray of a burnt sienna type brown (I used a vallejo german camo brown) - spraying a light brown like sienna on the center of each bead (I used another vallejo shade) - sanding to simulate a little wear and melt the 2 colors of brown - glossy varnish -I tried a filter with oil to melt even better the outfits -black paneling in the hollows -despite the thinner of the panel line which alters the shine of the varnish, it is still super shiny, so I applied a matte varnish sprayed precisely. We insist in the hollows because the light having difficulty reaching the bottom, the leather does not reflect it too much. We also spray all over, but in a controlled way in order to keep a reflection on the top of the beads. It also allows to keep an optical illusion of roundness of the beads. It reflects less in real life, it's due to the excessive power of my light that the phone has trouble managing. After painting the 2 different browns: finished part! I'll see if I still have to matify all that when it's on the car with the body. Finally, I primed the rims.
  21. One of my favourite cars especially in rally mode.. thanks for posting Paul.
  22. Thanks! I always try to recreate a real car. And this is a truly spectacular looking car.
  23. If this is only your third completed model we are in for a real treat when you show your coming builds in the future This looks very nice, very well done!
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