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  1. Today
  2. Fantastic ,superb work,love to see it in the flesh.
  3. Excellent model ,thanks for sharing.
  4. Finally finished the planking but still have the sanding and filling to do
  5. Very imaginative way of displaying a superbly finished model. Mike
  6. Hello, A very nice job, clean, precise, with a beautiful patina. I'm a fan Marc
  7. phoscar

    HMS Victory Diorama.1:72.

    Hello, Each of my visits to Britmodeller is a source of discovery, surprise, learning. Well, my friends, I'm not disappointed! A big thank you for this achievement of very high quality. Marc
  8. Hello, It's superb, it's magisterial. A source of inspiration. Congratulations. Mark
  9. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Thanks richard and andy for the kind words. Well im a bit annoyed with eduard. I started putting the pe portholes on and got 10 done and thought hang on theres something wrong here ( they give you 50 pe portholes) counted down one side theres 63 (it does say optional parts) optional or not they should at least supply enough for the job. And now im thinking about it what about all the pprtholes on the super structure. When i built the warspite i had loads of parts left on tge sprue that wernt mentioned anywhere in tge instructions ive since discovered they were ment to be portholes they look a bit different to the ones eduard supply but maybe i will use them. I managed to get the portholes off without damaging the paintwork too much. As i say maybe i will try the warspite ones will have a count up and see if theres enough.
  10. whitestar12chris

    1/350 HMS Dreadnought in dry dock at Portsmouth

    Just to repeat what others have said, WOW cracking job. All the best Chris
  11. Michael M

    Danton, Hobby Boss, 1:350

    Thanks gents I've painted the 'black' fore deck, now it's time to go back to tiling Thanks for watching Mick
  12. Finished with Vallejo and Humbrol acrylics and Alclad2 Steel lacquer
  13. Courageous

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    'Stickers' going on, on the homeward straight . Stuart
  14. Bandsaw Steve

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Markings and other bollards Do you remember Letraset? It was quite popular when I was a kid. You used to be able to buy little history books, each one was about some distinct event or historical period and in the middle page there was a painted scene onto which you could apply a set of (provided) Letraset decals to complete the historical picture. I well remember sitting in my cousin's lounge room completing a 'dambusters' scene with him once. There were Lancaster bombers and nightfighters and flak guns and bouncing bombs all over the place. Great fun! Sadly Letraset is a bit of rarity nowadays - but not at Van Roon's place. He's a draftsman by trade and has amassed a good collection of Letraset over the years, some of which he has very kindly lent to me - thanks mate! Here's the sheet in question. The font is probably not 'dead right' for WW1 Submarines but it's actually pretty damned close and the price is right - so let's go... First, test it to make sure that Letraset works OK on wood. Yep - all good. And now do it 'for real'. In case you aren't familiar with this form of transfer, here's how they work. You rest the transfer where you want it to go, hold it still and 'scribble' all over the plastic backing with either a pen or some other blunt instrument - here I'm using the tip of a knitting needle. Once the entire pattern has been scribbled over, the markings become firmly stuck onto the receiving surface. Exactly how the stuff works from a technical point of view I have no idea, but it does work very well. Unlike waterslide decals, there's no film around the outside of the design. On the other hand there's no 'wriggle time' so you have to get the thing in the right spot first hit. This is what the first marking looks like. And here's the job complete. I'm happy with this. I wasn't so happy however when I realised that there were some mooring bollards (I think that's correct terminology) at the stern that I'd forgot to make. This was easily rectified with some evergreen plastic tubing and some bad language. One of the advantages with using a rattle-can for colours is that if you have to re-apply paint, such as the bollards in this case, the colour match is likely to be 'bang-on'. It's ANZAC day today and the big push is on, so expect some more posts soon. Steve
  15. stevehnz

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    That's just a bit excellent that is. Just great to see that collection of bits become a whole all of a sudden. Like magic. Steve.
  16. I have been eagerly waiting to get to this part, painting the white "waves" on the side of the hull. The waves were painted I don't know exactly how many days before the Battle of the River Plate, but not really that long before, the Graf Spee can be seen with the fake second turret and funnel without and with painted waves. Crudely painted while on high seas, the waves were not symmetric, and the water significantly deteriorated the lower part of the front waves, evident in all the pictures taken at Montevideo. And I wanted to simulate that deterioration. I masked the profile of the waves using thin strips of Tamiya's yellow masking tape, following the openings on the hull as reference for size and proportions (they follow moooore or less the real spacing, but I don't have a better reference). Then I "chopped" a thin strip of masking tape until the edge was irregular, and masked the bottom part of the waves, little bit above the black (anthracite) flotation line. I then airbrushed white (later while weathering I will tone it down), and voila! I am quite satisfied with the results! Marco
  17. Yesterday
  18. Martian Hale

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Its looking very smart. More please! Martian
  19. Courageous

    Trinity House 'South Goodwin' Lightship options.

    Beefy- thanks. I enjoyed your build of South Goodwin but didn't venture down the links, I think I'll revisit your build and the links. Mike- thanks. Black is certainly different. I'm leaning towards doing a 'different' South Godwin, possibly one with helopad. I'd be able to use the kit decals and scratch the pad, pity no helicopter available Stuart
  20. Outstanding work! Was a pleasure to watch this come together! Geoff
  21. bootneck

    Trinity House 'South Goodwin' Lightship options.

    There's also black, as in the Spurn Lightship Mike
  22. Why I am not seeing it in the armour WIP, he? I don't want mess here, open it please in the right place. See you in the armour.
  23. Cracking build Nick it just shouts out show winner to me beefy
  24. Hi Stuart I believe these type of hulls where a generic style so even a later modelled lightship could be made from the basic hull and structure elements there are quite a few links on the build I did but you can see images from Google if you type in as lightship South Goodwin this gives you a number of different ships to look at HTH beefy
  25. It's funny. I kind of know that none of the individual changes you've made to the kit are beyond my abilities as a modeller, but I seriously doubt I could "project-manage" such a comprehensive and keenly observed improvement to a kit like this. It's very impressive stuff!! Will
  26. longshanks

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Nice Job ! Kev
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