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  2. Wow, this is excellent work! I completely agree with the @Martian Hale, those ratlines look quite good! I'm glad you're going to turn those flags around!
  3. Rigging looks excellent and I agree with Martian that the moulded ratlines and shrouds look good. That said, with the quality of the rest of your rigging, I think I would have been tempted to replace the moulded plastic with properly rigged shrouds/ratlines. As far as I can tell from the photos in #13, you appear to have 2 additional sets of block/tackle just aft of those that tension the mainmast shrouds that aren't attached to anything or is that just a trick of the photography? I hadn't appreciated quite how big this was until I saw the photos in #10
  4. As others have said, lovely scratchbuilding there. May I ask what are the 3 objects on the fwd side of the mainmast just below where the tripod comes together?
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  7. A 1/350 Greek FFG perhaps?
  8. Isn’t there a Trumpeter %#*¥€*€*£#! coming soon? Mind you, it’ll probably have shape issues. [Danton is evolving beautifully, by the way!]
  9. see, now that wasn't hard was it ? and now everyone understands what you're talking about! *edit* Seriously though Crisp - that made my day - thanks!
  10. A bit of work on the cable holder base; after one round of magic sculpt to correct... errors... Also added a 'something' (red arrow) in the deck (1.2mm disc with 0.6mm Albion Alloy tube).
  11. Previous post rephrased in @hendie-speak. Final update for this week. The pointy bit at the front is nearly finished. Today I have added about 20 windows. Most of them are very small, but 6 are even smaller. Also realised I’ve been a muppet, wasting time with teeny drills. They break. A lot. But I don’t really need a teeny hole. I can glue some sticks on and they look quite like a ladder in this scale. Just to show how much I have done: the pointy bit is finished, as is the bit in the centre around the giant rubber rings and lifting device for floaty-aircraft... but there’s a gap between the two. Then I have to do the back end. Then the other side. You might also see that I have sanded down the two polo mints near the pointy-bit-at-the-front (which represent the large fat drainpipes which contain chains which have tent pegs on the end). The tent pegs will obscure a lot of the polo-mint-drain-pipes. HTH. Cxx
  12. Good afternoon I have just acquired the British Warships book and the volume on HMS Victorious courtesy of Abebooks. Together with several volumes in the Anatomy of the Ship series in my possession, these books make some of armament arrangements on the KGV class easier to model. Thank you for enlightening me as to their existence. Gooney Fan
  13. I think that's about the only term I understood in that entire post. 'oh, that and 'ladders'
  14. Thanking you Vince, I have seen that show, they make some cracking fish tanks. I slapped this on Ebay for £15, thought, if it sells it sells...I then got an offer for £25 +postage...yeah, okay so, another rusty, crusty wreck off into the wild. Yeah, that could work, might be a pain to try and do on the cheap though. Cost wise, it is probably easier to just get a ready-made one. You could of course, just get a fish tank and slap the wrecks in...minus any fish and see how they go, if they start breaking apart after two weeks then epoxy might be the only way to seal.
  15. Hi Ken, the top half of the hull has the dive brakes, but the lower half doesnt. On a seperate note: Mikromir has just realeased a limited run of 300 kits of a IJN Kaiten II in 1/35 All the best Chris
  16. Gidday Kev, my personal scale of choice is 1/600, which would make the HMAS Adroit (our last boat) 54mm long (108 feet, the beam of a WW2 battleship). A bit small for detail. Those members making vessels in about 1/72 would no doubt make a good model but I have no idea where they would get info for detail etc. Also, these boats weren't as fast or graceful as your typical MTB being designed for coastal surveillance, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The following Fremantle class were better looking boats I think, and being 30% longer were more capable. Anyway, I'm digressing, this is your thread about your model. Regards, Jeff.
  17. Gidday, I've always wanted to build one of those, I'm green with jealousy. Regards, Jeff.
  18. Don't go stressing mate My biggest was 320,000 mt dwt. Smallest 2,000 mt dwt I'm sure between us we can cobble together something that works Is it true that the reservists prop up the permanent navy Any of those boats would make a nice model ?? Kev
  19. That’s looking awesome Kev, loving the water
  20. What about some sort of epoxy coating? I think you can get aquarium-safe epoxy resins, and if any of them are thin enough maybe you could coat something like that sub without smothering it. You can get machines for turning painted cups that have been coated in epoxy - they spin slowly for hours until the stuff has set and you get a nice even layer. Not that I have an aquarium, mind, but I'd almost consider getting one if I could fill it with beautifully weathered underwater wrecks.
  21. The portable platform that came with the kit looks cool, but I thought the display might look even better with a little section of deck below it too; Northeastern Scale Lumber 3/32 inch scored wood sheet should serve nicely. According to Janusz Skulski’s Anatomy of the Ship – The Battleship Fuso, that ship’s deck had 177mm teak wood planks (5mm wide in 1/35 scale), and his Anatomy of the Ship – The Battleship Yamato indicates that Yamato sported 127mm wide hinoki cypress wood deck planks (3.5mm wide in 1/35 scale). Although this is a bit wider than the 3mm width of the scored planks on the Northeastern sheet, there was evidently a degree of variation among ships in the Japanese Navy – so I figured there might have been some narrower planks in use as well. Anyway, the deck looks the part!
  22. I am happy to divulge right here, right now, in front of all of my good Britmodeller mates that my next project- the one right after the Avro 504 will be a 1/xx scale %#*¥€*€*£#! There! So now you know!
  23. Pappy

    Hawk Graphics decals

    Patience grasshopper.............. p.s. It is not a US Navy subject! Pappy
  24. Your next project Steve? Regards, Jeff. Yes Jeff, Steve's next build...that'll keep him quiet for a while . Stuart
  25. Gidday, don't you mean 'corrective surgery'? Since you pointed the difference out I think it would have been quite noticable to those in the know (which I am definitely NOT!) Your next project Steve? Regards, Jeff.
  26. Wow, well spotted! Mitsuo's PE kit is different from mine, so it might not be just a random Flyhawk thing. I'll have a look to see if I can find anything similar in photos.
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