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  3. That looks good. I've never seen one of these built, you've made a great looking job of it. Steve.
  4. Thanks Greg. My Vosper has two light brushless motors and I went to extremes to get its weight down (by drilling holes, scraping away/cutting off bits of plastic ). Nevertheless, my model is still a bit too heavy and sitting too deep in the water. As I see it the only feasible way to convert the Italeri Vosper kit into a good rc model is to use only one fairly light brushless motor and one driven 2mm prop shaft : https://www.modelboats.co.uk/news/article/plastic-magic-vosper-mtb-77/16930 Regards, Arjan
  5. That looks Great Arjan. My S-38 and Vosper are slowly progressing. I'm considering RCing the Vosper as the running gear I got for the S-boot is a lot lighter than the earlier ones that I got for the S-boat. They are shorter too.
  6. The test bow. I painted quickly today, without really waiting for it to dry to the core. White Revell 05 matte. Green, base Revell green SM364+ addition of Revell black SM302. Dark red antifouling, my pot is too old, at least 20 years. I re-ordered some. But I managed to apply it by filtering it, otherwise the color is perfect: Humbrol 60 matt Lighter red, antifouling, Humbrol satin 132, which will have to be made matt with Revell 02 varnish. The light yellow color of the inside of the bulwark and the mast is still to be found. Draught scale: White Re
  7. Looks like the National Maritime Museum holds plans for both Grafton and Shikari (links below). But as your interest is in changes made to them later in their careers I'm not sure if those plans would also cover those later modifications, perhaps you'll need to rely on photographs. Others here are very knowledgeable on destroyers though so hopefully someone else will be along with the answers you seek. Shikari Grafton Grafton
  8. Sorry Bill, I forgot to mention that copious consumption of ale between sessions is an essential part of the process. Even I am not stupid enough to attempt this part of the build without my brain being fogged by multiple pints of Baldrick's Old Scrotum IPA.* I stand corrected! Martian *Edit. Other forms of intoxication are available.
  9. Well managed some painting and most of the assembly work done Stay Safe beefy
  10. Can anyone help with the minefield that is Royal Navy colours in 1944-45 please? My father served on board the Captain Class Frigate HMS Inman in the North Atlantic and I'd love to take a break away from aircraft and make models of his ships. Now Inman was an Evarts class versions so I've found that I'll need a USS Evarts from Ironshipwrights.com with various resin mods and etch etc. I then need to work out what colour scheme and camouflage they wore and this is where it gets tricky. I could model them straight from delivery wearing their shiny US colours but I'd ideally prefer a
  11. Sorry, I've been preoccupied with stripping out the new house and neglected the forum. Thanks for the nice comments, I'll post a few more pictures tomorrow. As a teaser, I drew the 4.7inch QF gun while we were packing and sent it off to Shapeways to print, came back a few days ago, but I've not had time to do anything with it... My plan was to have it printed in brass, but the cost was over £200.... Here is the artwork, it comes in 4 main pieces (3 print models as the carriage and tub are part of the same print job). I've also drawn the gun shield open, it hinges about the pivo
  12. Just had a strange thought pop into my head so thought I'd try my luck here. Yagi antennae etc. What colour were they? Tom
  13. I've taken some pics of my S-100 model during today's outing : The speed of my Vosper is disappointing so I will try a 3s lipo next time. Arjan
  14. This is for the lower part of the hull which is a red colour, is there an alternative Tamiya acrylic or should i get these. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LifeColor-CS09-German-WWII-Kriegsmarine-Acrylic-Paint-Set-1-22ml-x-6/294088600744?hash=item44790beca8:g:~CYAAOSwvSZgX4he
  15. I have a photo that is supposed to be on board Hermione, showing a single barrelled Oerlikon, and the shield looks to be very similar. Pity the parts have to come from NZ, it makes the postage more than the parts, don’t think the old credit card can manage that. And anyway, I only need 5, so buying 24 is a bit excessive. Jon
  16. G20 is also a different colour colour compared to G10, so the final result will look substantially different. The images I posted about are pure grey-scale images to help convince you that the dark colour cannot possibly be B55. It doesn't mean G20 is a "scale effect" substitute for G10. G10 is bluish whilst G20 is greenish.
  17. You've dodged a bullet there because Tamiya completely missed the fact that Bismarck, in common with most large German warships, had a different colour on hull and superstructure! The correct colour for the hull was called Dunkelgrau 51. There are numerous airbrush-able model paints matched to this. The superstructure verticals were painted in a called called Hellgrau 50.
  18. Strictly speaking there were three shapes of splinter shields available with Oerlikons. Assuming they were singles rather than powered twins, then these are the correct basic gun. I haven't studied Hermione to know which are the correct sub-variant though. That said, you can give anyone who picks you up on the wrong Oerlikon splinter shields in 1/700 a slap with my blessing.
  19. Gidday Alain, I use Flikr too, although my son set it up for me. I'm a technological neanderthal. As Rob says, you get 1000 photos stored free, and after nearly three tears I've used up about 550 of them. I store all my photos on my own computer and only upload onto Flikr those that I'm going to post on the forums (I'm a member of two). I've had no problems with Flikr at all. HTH. Regards, Jeff.
  20. Surely there is some drinking involved between the sessions? Cheers, Bill
  21. Model of the front mast which is 25 mm high. I have a few details to add. Photos Captures of the forward mast for details.
  22. Jamie. If I’m going to try to convert my Naiad kit to represent Hermione, which I believe had a refit, are these the Oerlikons I would need ? Jon
  23. I have been sent some very nice new 3D printed "samples" from Master Korabel that I would like to show. And I finally managed to finish my Ropewalk and do some initial testing. The first results, I am not dissatisfied. Used Gutermann Mara color is 2899 for the light (I will also try to "mix" that with 265) and 696 for the dark brown.
  24. Perhaps you would be so kind as to round them up, if necessary at blurglecruncheon point, and return them to the aforementioned pants, via the Martian modelling bench. I trust you remember where you put the ostrich feather. Talking of @general melchett's battle pants, they would form the basis of a good question for pub quizzes; Name the ten most horrific things to be found down General Melchett's battle pants. Martian
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