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  2. Always enjoy your updates, John. Fantastic & thorough work, as always.
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  4. I've been unable to find any information regarding the Braves' decks. However, my guess would be there was some sort of anti-slip coating on the deck, giving the 'panel' look, or at least covering the larger panels. John
  5. So with work on the Vosper continuing, and a couple of other "offline" projects going on (each of which will get an RFI), I decided to start my first ever venture into 1/350 scale maritime modelling. I have great ambitions for this scale, having watched others on here producing superb examples, @robgizlu, @Ex-FAAWAFU, @beefy66, @Courageous, @longshanks and @Nick Charnock to name just a few. You have all conspired to inspire me into this scale, so in short, this is your fault! I wanted a quick subject - is there such a thing as a quick Terry build I hear you ask? Well, surely a 1/350 "smallish" submarine with so few actual parts to bring together, must be a ripe candidate? I have only ever built one submarine model in my life. That was a scratch built Oberon in 1/600 (if my memory serves me right? which was done as a "bet" with a long standing friend, at the age of around 15. I seem to recall I won the bet, but he and another good friend ended up joining the Navy, so with the benefit of much hindsight, they won hands down........... So the subject is this, acquired at a very reasonable price at a show earlier this year. I got much change from my £10. Submarines have always fascinated me. Such mysterious, quite deadly things that lurk below the surface. Silent invisible delivery systems capable of immense destruction from the unthinkable armageddon scenario, through to the ability to sink any surface vessel, the ability to launch standoff tactical cruise missiles over vast distances, the ability to carry out surveillance duties and even act as a silent taxi service to land special forces in discreet places, all potentially without detection, although not always of course.............. If you have read this far, you probably know all that, so to the model......... The obligatory sprue shot: Not much there really. I have always had a mind to mount 1/350 scale maritime subjects in a sea scape. It normally feels right for me, but in this case, I've chosen full hull. So, the two "big bits" are first. There is an impressive amount of detail on the hull. and being a Chinese subject I have no idea how accurate it is, but it looks good to me! In aircraft modelling terms, this next part can take me weeks, often months, but we are already "closed up" And with some putty applied to smooth out the join, surely we are almost there.... Well, almost... Clearly there is smoothing to be done, then the other parts to apply, but already I am feeling the pleasure of such a quick build (so far) after all that scratch building going on with the Vosper! Hopefully next episode will see the fuselagehull cleaned up and ready for paint, with a handful of other parts in place. I suspect the real fun will be the paint job, as I won't be satisfied with "just black, and a red bottom............. Thanks for looking Terry
  6. No, all lend lease Vospers (Annapolis, Jacob's, Herreshoff etc.) were exclusively used in the Med and Adriatic. edit: I forgot to add that some were also used by the Indian Navy for a short period of time (at Madras and Vizagapatam).
  7. I’m not sure that either of those boats are the same one. The upper image (unknown boat) doesn’t appear to have the dark shade (probably blue B15) charthouse roof. Also 349 doesn’t appear to have the unit crest or kill marking that the twin Oerlikon boat has on the front face of the wind deflector. I have a vague notion that the mystery twin Oerlikon boat might be numbered 37x, which would make it an Annapolis built boat I think. If so there should be no scuttles? It’s hard to see but it looks like there might not be any
  8. Could this 'panelling' be an anti slip application- grip paint, linoleum, grid plate, metal/wood strip or whatever?
  9. The Vosper with the twin Oerlikon on the foredeck is probably the same as this one (if you look closely you can see two barrels) : It may be MTB 349 (she also has a clear wind screen), unfortunately the crew members make identification of the forward Oerlikon impossible : MTB 83 indeed shares some of MTB 245's features. I also get the impression both MTB 83 and MTB 233 had the additonal bridge bulkhead with door. The Lambert/Ross Coastal Forces book does not seem to contain drawings showing these doors ? Perhaps these bulkheads and doors were a late update. Early Annapolis Vospers didn't have them but the final batch did. Regards, Arjan
  10. Really like that, great build and a great paint job. Geoff
  11. I think that worked out a lot better... All masts, fore and after planes and prop all on now and a couple of coats of matt..
  12. Looking again at that upper photo, I see that 83 has the same screen around the forward gun, and also has the carley float on the port side of the charthouse/bridge (so may be the boat marked in the second image). Note also that 83’s bridge seems modified, extended aft and squared off. There may also be a bulkhead at the rear of the bridge like a US built Vosper, it’s hard to be sure
  13. From this photo of HMS Swift in 1985 the life raft canisters look the same as the kit this is what i hope to aim for I have noticed that the kit looks rather bare around the bridge area some more research and details to come I think Kev whatever gave you the impression I was one of the naughty boys... Nice to see you back Martian hope you can join in with the fun once you are all caught up Stay Safe beefy
  14. I began to look through these images and found treasure in the first few. You have already posted a cropped version of this image above of course, but seeing the full version drew my eye I don’t think I have seen before or heard reference to a 72’6 Vosper with twin Oerlikons front and rear. I will check through the other photos in case the boat can be identified in other images, the windscreen about the wind deflector along with the weapons fit should make it easy to spot
  15. Yes, it is clearly visible! I wonder why they didn't put the panels together and leave the distances?
  16. Cool example of masking there Crisp, love it! Glad to see that Dido is progressing. Have a great break in Devon! Terry
  17. Truly amazing ,am going to miss popping in for updates on this,it has been my favourite build on here for months.
  18. Thanks everyone! Yes, especially when you really don't know how it's going to turn out. Here's the best photo I could find showing the panel outlines on the forward deck. The darker lines appear to be the shadows of the edges of the larger longitudinal deck panels, with the sun on the starboard side. I seem to be learning something new about the Braves, almost everyday. John
  19. I think the best thing you could do with the OOB one is to paint it yellow as a Beatles tribute, it does look a little similar to the one in the film ! Cracking job you are doing on this by the way. Cheers David
  20. Off to the cottage for the next week and thought I would leave you with this glimpse of what’s to come... I’ve dry fit the decks on top of the hull and it is starting to look promising. Should start posting again around next weekend, hope to see you there!
  21. I did not notice that the deck is not flat, but made of panels. My drawings don't show it, but the photos don't show it much. Now began to study, and saw. Thank you, John!
  22. Dear Pat the paintbrush guru, there are not enough words...............................its been an absolute joy to follow this, and an absolute inspiration ! Like Crisp, I'm going to miss this thread ! Cheers David
  23. Brilliant, extraordinary detail for the scale and great attention paid to making it look right. Well done
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