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  1. Yesterday
  2. DAG058

    HMHS Titanic at Sea

    Great stuff! I can see it now, those screen writers never miss a trick. Rose would have been a nurse and Jack an American soldier injured and returning home on board HMHS Titanic. After the ship was torpedoed and sunk in the North Atlantic they would have clung onto a stretcher only big enough for one of them...
  3. Dave Swindell

    Airfix HMS Repulse

    Hi Seahawk, the main problem is where you've commented on, namely the gunhouses for the BD turrets just aft of the mainmast fitted in the 33/36 refit. These are depicted as fitted during the refit on the airfix kit (and every other kit i've seen that purports to show her as sunk) , but with the single 4" gun fitted on top. Size and shape is unaltered, including a slight taper inboard on the aft half of each. During the 38/39 refit the gunhouses were removed completely and replaced with new oblong structures containing iirc cabins and offices. The starboard one is longer than the port, and extends to the forward bulkhead of the main aft deckhouse (ie just forward of the mainmast. If you've got Ensign 8 there's a photo of the new starboard section being constructed on p35, and the finished structure is clearly visible in photos P35/36. The smaller port structure is clearly visible in the bottom photo P37. If you're building 1941 fit, these are incorrect in the kit (and possibly some of the smaller gun fit), if you're bulding 1936-38 fit the gunhouses are correct but the guns on them are incorrect (and some of the AA fit would need removing)
  4. Shar2

    HMS Belfast. 1:350

    HMS Belfast Eduard 1:350 The Trumpeter 1:350 HMS Belfast has been out some time now, in fact it was released in 2013, although rather late to the party, Eduard have now decided to release two sets of etched brass to detail the model. The two sets arrived in zip lock bags with the yellow card inserts. They are well up to the usual standard and provide a tremendous amount of extra, as well as replacement detail parts. Detail set- (53-210) comes on two sheets of relief etched brass and also includes a small sheet of acetate for the bridge windscreen. The sheets contains a myriad of parts such as watertight doors which can be posed open or closed, cable reels, for which the modeller will need to provide plastic rod for the reels themselves, flag lockers, replacement single and twin 20mm Oelikons, 20mm splinter shields, complete new mountings for the 2pdr Pom Poms along with replacement ammunition racks and even the ammunition belts. There are also replacement aerials for the Type 282 Yagi radar arrays and new mounts for fitting to the AA director mountings. The bridge receives a new shields, wind deflectors, ADF aerial and platform, while the searchlights are fitted with new mountings. The catapult is completely replaced with PE, as are the Type 279 radar arrays on the mast tops and the Type 284 aerials and their mountings. The detail continues with the 4” mounts being provided with new shields while the Type 271 radar in its distinctive lantern is completely replaced, as is the whole tower structure it sits on. The main directors are fitted with new Type 274 radar arrays, as well as new doors, hatches, and access ladders. The ships prominent platforms and supports on each side are replaced. The large, cranes for the aircraft and boats are also completely replaced with PE, including the, jibs, cables, hooks, all the mechanics and workings, in fact there is too much to mention, but each crane is made up from 30 parts. All the cradles for the ships boats will need to be removed, before being replaced with PE parts. The boats themselves are given new thwarts, gratings, gunwhales and oars where required. The motor boats also have new cabin tops, windscreens, rudders and propellers. Railings (53-211). With the title of this fret being so very descriptive, it’s not difficult to see that this provides ships railings which cover all sections of the ship from the main deck upwards, including the turret tops. There is a selection of three bar and two bar rails the majority of which are shaped to fit their specific positions. Also included in the set is a pair of accommodation ladders and platforms, deck extension beams for the ships boats, all the splinter shields around the 4” gun deck. The Carley floats get new inserts which represent the wooden tread boards. The funnels are provided with internal structures, unfortunately the funnels aren’t the correct size so they may not fit any replacements. The flat, plates you can see in the accompanying photograph are the main turret tops. The turrets also receive new ladders, surrounds for each main gun, and access doors. Each mast is fitted with new yardarms, although they are a little flat for the purpose, ladders, platforms, gaffs, and support frames. The Walrus also gets the Eduard attention and is fitted with a complete set of replacement struts, propeller, catapult cradle, transport cradle which is fitted with a turntable. > Conclusion It’s about time Eduard did something for the poor old Belfast, they aren’t usually this slow out of the block. The Trumpeter kit of the Belfast is very nice out of the box, but with these two sets you could dramatically improve the finished model. There are so many parts that you will need quite a bit of patience and care to fit them all, as with any etch set, but the results will be worth it.
  5. Seahawk

    Airfix HMS Repulse

    Could you be more precise about that please? The kit does not feature the 2 BD gun turrets aft (removed for the Canadian tour) but does feature the gunhouses for them, together with the single 4" guns mounted on top of them as was done after the cancellation of the tour. Similarly the triple 4" mount, removed for the tour, has been reinstated. From the list of tour-related modifications listed in Maurice Northcott's Ensign 8: Renown and Repulse (p.30-31) those appear to be the main externally visible changes. The one mod I am unsighted on is whether the kit features the extended after vents. I don't recall Roger Chesneau's review and build of the kit when it first came out finding any anachronisms of note in the kit as a representation of the ship at her loss, with due allowance for lack of information on how many Oerlikons were added and in what locations. (He did however point out serious anomalies in the light AA fit of the Prinz Eugen kit.)
  6. Dave Swindell

    Airfix HMS Repulse

    Depends how accurate you want it to be. The deckhouses depict the vessel prior to modification for the May 1939 Canadian royal tour, but smaller armament appears to be as per wartime fit
  7. Seahawk

    Airfix HMS Repulse

    My first was bought in March 1983 for £3.79 (full RRP).
  8. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Hi all well to say I'm disappointed with eduard pe is an understatement I've removed the plastic from the deck that the eduard instructions tell you to so how do I put the box when folded in the first two pics over the larger box. There are several more folded boxes so I assume I will have the same problem with them, that is problem one with the eduard set number two the instructions show 2 part 30 and there are indeed two boxes on the deck which need those parts here is what eduard supply As you can see only 1 part 30 and of course as I've already mentioned earlier in the build there are no where near enough scuttles supplied. Number 3 their numbering on the frets has no logic at all number 84 being next to number 172 171 being next to 80 takes longer to find the part than it takes to atattch it. Number 4 the folding instructions are pretty much non existent. I've not had a lot of experience with pe but considering eduard are up there with the priceyest. I have to say it's the worst I've used so far. I think I will stick with mk1 and pontos from now on.
  9. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    Hi Pete, It's stuff you've likely come across under one name or another in your modelling career I expect? It's a material sometimes called medium density modelling board or "chemiwood". I got mine from a small business in NE England whom I used when I was mostly building radio controlled aeroplanes: http://www.fighteraces.co.uk/product/chemiwood-modelling-board/ If you haven't used it, it's a solid substance without grain that can be easily and cleanly sawn, filed, sanded, glued etc and even machined. I understand its industrial uses are more pattern making and similar. It's sometimes called tooling board. Best regards, Jamie
  10. I've decided to make a small course change before applying final paint to the deck superstructure, and complete the turrets for .50 caliber machine guns. There are a few parts that will need to be made. I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of trial & error and test fitting of the upper turret parts to the bottom turret drums, & the chances of scratching the final paint will be pretty high. So, I thought I'd better get this work done before final painting. I'm using the Revell kit parts for the ring that mounts to the top of the turret drum. These were modified to remove the (incorrect) molded gun limiting stop rail attachment points & filling the mold impressions. Now the real work begins scratch building the gun mounts, ammunition belt guides, the guns (White Ensign .50 Cal. machine guns), and finally the gun travel limiting stop rails. Well, it's back to the bench & hopefully more updates soon. John
  11. Getunderit

    Not another 1/144 XX1 U-2540 Submarine!

    Thank you @clive_t for you kind words. Thanks to @Gorby, @Corsairfoxfouruncle, @robgizlu, and @clive_t for your "likes". _________________________________________________ Well, the Wardroom is not as easy as it appears. Or maybe I should say, It would be easier if I did not want to alter it. There are two Wardrooms, on aft and one forward. So it was prudent to work on both since they share similar builds and colours. Decided to add (paint) a bluish carpet for the floor, and add handrails (which they had) on each of the thirty beds. Trying to create a sort of a peepshow. There are port-wall bunkers in the line-of-sight. But I think one can find a line of vision to see into the starboard area (across the hallway).
  12. Lovely stuff. Stuart
  13. Courageous

    1:147 HMS Surprise

    Magical stuff with the gun tackle, very impressive. Stuart
  14. tempestfan

    Airfix HMS Repulse

    I have several but not built one - it's Airfix's final 1/600 kit, first issued in 1982 or 3. As it's a Series 6 kit, it would have been something like 20 Deutschmarks - now convert that yourself
  15. clive_t

    HMHS Titanic at Sea

    Thanks @longshanks and @AndyPG for your most kind comments
  16. morty_3333

    WW1 German UB 1 type U-boat 1/144

    Hi Chris! What an unusual subject! Not familiar with the Type at all,will follow with interest! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  17. morty_3333

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    Hi Jamie! Great start......and rapid progress! May I ask what is the green material You have used to alter the funnel section-some type of foam? Must try a full resin kit sometime, I've got a 1/72 VC10 K2 to convert to a BOAC 'Speedbird' and an Uncl Angel Interceptor but no ships.......yet!! Keep Sticking! Cheers Pete
  18. whitestar12chris

    WW1 German UB 1 type U-boat 1/144

    So assembly now complete, painting next. Torpedo doors open, 1 cut down and one scratch built as the second part went ping into the ethos towards the back of the desk as i was cutting it down. Rigging done, 0.5mm rod for the handrail posts, 0.2mm rod for handrail and ariel's. It is worth noting that the ariel arrangement is not symmetrical, one support post sits further forward than the other. This is born out by photo i have of UB10. All the best Chris
  19. Well said sir. God bless them all.
  20. Hello Everyone. My reason for this doing this project:- At just after dawn, 77 Years ago today, HMS Hood was lost in action in The Battle of Denmark Strait, with the loss of 1,415 souls:- http://www.hmshood.com/crew/memorial/roh_24may41.htm Only Three survived:- Ordinary Signalman Ted Biggs Midshipman William John Dundas Able Seaman Robert Tilburn For more detailed information:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Hood Please take a moment Today to think of the sacrifice of the Crew of 'The Mighty 'ood' ,and maybe take a 'tot'. "Ventis Secundis (Latin: "With Favourable Winds")" Pete
  21. Courageous

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    Making good progress Jamie, she's looking very good and will look even better when the detail is added. Stuart
  22. Last week
  23. Michael M

    Danton, Hobby Boss, 1:350

    Now brass finally done, I'm going back to masking tape and tiling Cheers Mick
  24. kpnuts

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    I haven't started the Bismark if that's what you mean if you want me to post links to my other builds there would be hundreds I could post links of ones I think are ok that would reduce it to a lot less.
  25. beefy66

    USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN71

    Mmm thought you might have seen the resin cockpit details that I added any how nearly there another couple of layers added to the base and bow wave and now sticking down the name plate few touch ups and all done beefy
  26. Bendinggrass

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    Could you post links to your other builds. It would be great to look at them too.
  27. beefy66

    Italeri Biber 1/35 OOB

    Great colour scheme and a great tip for masking difficult patterns will have to try that one out beefy
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