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  2. Martian Hale

    Career ending maneouvre?

    What's the Norwegian for keel hauling? Martian
  3. Martian Hale

    Vosper Perkasa to Brave Borderer ?

    Looking forward to seeing this built and I shall of course be lending my customary encouragement! Supportive of Mars
  4. Today
  5. Terry1954

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    Excellent result Jamie, and it was great saying hi at Telford! Terry
  6. Simply brilliant. Can hardly believe this is 1/700 scale. Terry
  7. Terry1954

    ICM/Flyhawk 1:700 SMS König 1918

    A superb example of the finest modelling in 1/700. Terry
  8. Courageous

    USS Sealion LPSS-315 in 1/350 scale

    The raised deck, high or not, looks good. A subject that as you say, is a little different and looks rather cool. Stuart
  9. Mind boggling stuff John, excellent work. Stuart
  10. I've been plodding along at scratch building the PT boat's radar mast. It's taken a while to research the mast detail. Here's where the mast build sits today; One challenge I faced was finding a detailed photo of the SO-3 radar antenna assembly. There are lots of photos & a few drawings on the Internet showing the Elco boats & masts, but none show the detail I wanted. Luckily, during my search, I came across an excellent close-up photo of the antenna at an unlikely source - the American Antiques Roadshow TV program. A fellow from Wisconsin brought an SO-3 Antenna Assembly to the show to be appraised. Here's a link to a video of the appraisal on the show, if you're interested - https://www.facebook.com/RoadshowPBS/videos/10155579460602781/. Now that I had the information I needed, I started the build by carving out the shape on the antenna body from a 1/4" piece of plastic rod. After a lot of fiddling making little wire handles, the antenna, wire terminals, etc, the antenna assembly was complete. Here's a photo of the mast with the major parts dry fitted, sitting on the day cabin roof. Next up, I'll be adding some wire & cables, and the remaining FOF antenna to the assembly, & apply coat of paint to finish it off. Thanks again for looking in. John
  11. This emoji doesn't seem to cover it... *rummages around under the sofa*
  12. I wouldn't believe that's 700 scale without the lighter for scale. In fact, I'm not convinced you haven't make a giant lighter model, or used forced perspective to trick us all. Bravo.
  13. Finished at last - my conversion of the AFV Club USS Gato into the USS Sealion in her transport role designated LPSS. I think I've made the raised decking too high. The Marines helicopter is a Shapeways 3D printed S-55...... It hasn't turned out as good as I would have liked - but I'm blaming failing eyesight and fat fingers... The helicopter main rotor blades are scratched, the crew figures are from a Fujimi set. Not perfect, but something a little different. Build thread is here - and more of my 1:350 scale subs are here. Ken
  14. Water breaker and capstans painted and glued in position. Notice that the capstans used the color code for left and right. And the rope reels, it is worth replacing the ones in the kit for the PE ones. Ready to paint, I issued the rope with plastic rod, need to "wash" them in liquid cement to smoothen the surface. Marco
  15. Wow, a superb result in that small scale, you have done this wonderfully well, the rigging especially is amazingly well done. Steve.
  16. Sal82

    Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood

    Well, with a long summer there has't been much progress on this, but yesterday I finally pulled the ship out of storage and did some more work. First up I added the screws. I decided to use the cast brass screws from the Lionroar set, but thought they lokked weird, being polished brass on a weathered ship model. So after doing a bit of reading, I found a way to artificially age the brass using a mix of salt and vinegar and a hot oven. I am quite pleased with the result! Also worked on the boats. Technically all boats would be covered in grey canvas at the time of the sinking, but it would make for a visually less interesting model - and also a bit silly after spending ££ for the correctly shaped Shapeways ones. I am not completely happy with the look of the open boats, so I might have to go back and rework those with the correct white paint job on the inside.
  17. bootneck

    Career ending maneouvre?

    Thanks for the recommendations on kits, although I should have mentioned that I build to 1:350 scale. Apologies for that and I've amended the post. cheers Mike
  18. Courageous

    MTB 74 in 1/72 scale.

    A very interesting looking boat with a rather unusual layout with those tubes forward. Love the paint job. Stuart
  19. Rigging looks gorgeous, most probably done by spiders. Stuart
  20. Courageous

    Vosper Perkasa to Brave Borderer ?

    Yep, I'll be watching for this too having acquired the kit earlier in the year. Stuart
  21. Spad57

    MTB 74 in 1/72 scale.

    Thanks for looking! Highest Regards, Gregory Jouette
  22. Evening All, Here's yet another of my Coastal Forces projects. This one is a conversion of Revell's McHale's Navy PT-73. Not to worry guys I have another of the same in the stash as well as the later issues. This project was completed using Al Ross and John Lambert outstanding book. As always any and all comments are welcomed and appreciated.
  23. JohnWS

    Vosper Perkasa to Brave Borderer ?

    Yes & yes! Hope you don't wait too long. The clock's ticking for us old guys. John
  24. PF Naughton

    Career ending maneouvre?

    Hi, Someone who markets there stuff under the name Dutch Fleet Naval Miniatures on Shapeways also has a 1/700 scale 3D printed version of the ship available for purchase PF
  25. Paul Bradley

    Vosper Perkasa to Brave Borderer ?

    I can offer no help, but I am curious as to why Tamiya chose to model such an obscure class - anyone know?
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