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  2. Fine looking craft well done .
  3. Gidday GrzeM, this is as far as I got before it stalled. I'm converting an Airfix 1/600 kit of HMS Hotspur. The top line drawing is from a book I have and the lower drawing (plus a plan below it) is from the internet. I also downloaded some pictures from the net of the ship and other models of it. Actually this is my second attempt at the HMS Hardy conversion (and my fourth build of the kit). With the first I realized some alterations were required only after it was too late to make them. So I started again, the first attempt becoming a whiff. The foc'sle deck extending aft a bit was one of the alterations required, and you can see that I've done the sides of that here, but not the deck yet. The quad .50cal machine guns re-sited on bridge wings and the front of the bridge overhang fwd were other alterations required. I've not done them yet. HTH. Regards, Jeff.
  4. Gidday Brian, I have to agree with Devo on the paint names, I'm afraid I've no idea what the numbers are. Not much help, I know. This is a 1/600 scale model of HMAS Perth I built about 40 years ago. I think the deck could be Humbrol 27 but I don't know what I used for the sides. I don't think it was Hu64. The actual colour I used is lighter than it appears in the photo. Best of luck with the paints. Regards, Jeff.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up...the Enigma decoder has only just cooled down from some of CC musings. The Fire Service will almost certainly require heavy-lifting equipment, counsellors, bomb disposal and a crisis management team (not to mention the Jaws of Life and a good lawyer)...
  6. Very cool build! You have your work cut out for you, but progress seems great. Nice to see these lesser-known Royal Navy BB's getting some love. And as the previous comments said, she is very a formidable looking ship.
  7. For heads, read toilets. The Fire Brigade are still trying to extract Mr Halfront from the same. Martian
  8. We're wandering off onto CC levels of gobbleyjook here Martian...calling Bletchley Park. We need urgent assistance....fast.
  9. G'day mate, Who new the proper names were N42 storm grey for the hull an uppers and N63 pewter for the decks?? ( I didn't......) When I was in (1983-2006) we called it ships side grey and deck grey. The "Steel Cat" DDG 41 was in these colours. The only ones not in these colours were obviously the O boats and Cook amd Moresby (white Navy ). I think SMS make a storm grey and a pewter(deck grey) Apparently if you go to the paint section at Bunnings, they can mix up N42 and N63. I'm sure others will chime in. Devo (FFG 03, 04, 05, DDG 41, LSH 50)
  10. Any one know the correct colour for RAN vessels in the 80,s (colourcoats?) HMAS Brisbane?
  11. Why is it that we modellers have this draw to do interiors in what we build and in many cases, can see very little of it when it is done . Anyway, the bridge externals do look nice and detailed, looking forward to seeing the interior. Crack on good sir. Stuart
  12. Gidday, it's good to see this back on the go. All that PE certainly enhances the model. Looking forward to seeing more progress. Regards, Jeff.
  13. Gidday, can't be having a nice clean conning tower, Donitz will think the boat's been idle. The weathering you've done looks very good. Regards, Jeff.
  14. After a while away, I have some updates, I soldered the catapults and cranes since they were so delicate. I started the main mast which was laminated to be 1 mm thick with a .5mm brass rod in the middle. Platform's for the mast were made from .25mm styrene stock. The first photo is a support for the foremast, I will need to widen the part just a bit to be able to drill a hole to accept the mast without breaking. As for the air search Radar. I need a second chance. The dang thing is just to tiny and easy to crush, definitely a 4 tweezers sort of job.
  15. The conning tower looked super clean so I decided to start the weather process a tad early. It will need additional weathering. More progress on my stock plastic deck this afternoon. I applied several coats of heavy chipping and worn effects the finished it off with a AK acrylic dark grey. (See above). I also painted the wood deck. I let it dry in the sun for a while before the weather changed. I distressed it with sandpaper. What seem to work best was cutting the paper into different sizes to accommodate some of the flat end tools I have for better control. Still needs some fine tuning
  16. Gidday Steve, that's certainly looking impressive. Add the second funnel and missing turrets, place it on a blue surface and you have a model of USS Missouri after the captain's bath overflowed. Good luck with the puppy, the first tens years are the worst. Regards, Jeff.
  17. sorry i haven't posted for a bit , but I got a new puppy , who just wants to be with me all the time . so I have started gluing the superstructure together , as I had bits all over the place , still lots to go on it yet , but it's starting to look pretty cool .
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  19. Thanks again for your comments everybody. Dave
  20. I have already spent 2 days on the bridge and it is not finished. I still have to draw a lot of things, especially the interior, the port door will be opened, the chart table, the chain steering system of the time, the compass, it's already done, the side lights, the bell, the cover brackets, the water tank of the upper bridge, plus some accessories.
  21. The Onslow is cool and goes very well but... the Hardy!!!! Hardy is my dream, I think about making Hardy of the 1/700 IBG Hotspur or Glowworm. Can you show your Hardy? What plans do you use? I'm excited!
  22. Thanks Mike, I wasn't aware of this kit but it looks like this kit, together with HMS Courageous resin kits are in the world of 'hens teeth' Stuart
  23. Seeming not. He seemed to have had a change of gender, in order to try and avoid you but when I mentioned the Georgia incident, he started gibbering "wibble", locked himself in the heads and poured super glue in the lock mechanism. His staff have sent for the Fire Brigade, a team of very experienced negotiators and indented for one straight jacket (Extra strong, Generals for the use of). I hope he is a bit better in time for Tuesday and my next appointment. My hopes aren't high. Pessimistic of Mars
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