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  2. After a lengthy saga I finally have the paints I need! Will be spraying the hull this weekend weather permitting. It is too big to spray in the house.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Yup! I think that is the way to go with the turrets! I ‘ll keep this thread at hand when I start my Exeter (currently work and kids about to graduate and leave to college keep me more than busy!) marco
  5. I just got Mr Color SC-14, Navy Blue 5-N. and SC11. Haze Gray 5-H, from Sprue Bros. My original plan was to use Colourcoats, but the US distributor was out of 5-N, with no mention of any restocking. I primed everything using thinned Mr Surfacer 1200 last weekend. This weekend's plan is to get to the filling and filing identified in the priming session and then get some color on the hull.
  6. Hi Papa, I use normally Colourcoats “C01 Teak” (Sovereignhobbies.co.uk), there is also Tamiya’s XF-78 Wooden Deck Tan (which has a tad of pinkish color in my opinion). Marco
  7. Jamie, Thank you. I guess the casting department felt that it would be easier and probably less expensive to attach the bosses to the hull than make new molds for the item, which would cascade into new sprue molds, packaging etc.
  8. Hi Jerry, In an ideal world I'd have cut the kit parts right off and made from scratch, but I'm a bit lazy so not an ideal human being! Ironically, Trumpeter's 1/350 kit whilst quite tricky to build due to poor parts fit in many places was more accurate in many respects, and in this particular respect the bosses were separate parts the correct shape. On the 1/200 scale kit they addressed their uncharacteristic accuracy issue by introducing several new mistakes they hadn't made on previous Hood kits in different scales. Someone made the bizarre choice that the bosses had to be moulded onto the large single piece hull, and the only way to get a tool to release is to deliberate make the bosses completely the wrong shape. Go figure! It was just a bit of filing away with needle files and some backing plastic which is shown above, but the following is where I've decided shall suffice here. The photo of the real ship shows more acute angles, but this is a decent improvement on Trumpeter's half-baked effort. Again for direct comparison, this is how Trumpeter decided to mould them - the "sides" are vertical to allow the tool to be withdrawn away from the keel (i.e. vertically downwards if the hull is the right way up) Mind boggling decision...
  9. Gotta agree with the other comments on this thread, awesome work Kev
  10. I always admire the patience of those who build ship models. But to scratch build as well. That's in a different league all together. Wonderful!
  11. Hi Tom the backdrop is the black backing card you get in the kit for the PE it’s just faded out so that the pattern shows through because it has taken me so long to build. beefy
  12. That’s a very neat job, nice display base too. Well done!
  13. Last week
  14. Beefy, I've noticed something and it's bugging me! In post #201 what're the markings on the backdrop from? Just curious Tom
  15. Hi Jamie, Could you post a photo of the propeller boss work so this novice can learn? Also thanks for all the information you have provided so far. On the side Pete, take care of yourself and get well soon.
  16. And flattery from me.... That boat is bloody marvellous!!! Rob
  17. They are great paints, reminds me, I need to place another order fro Jamie soon... Geoff
  18. The paints were from the Colourcoats range (M1/M5 I think) - https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/modern-naval-colours Lovely paints to spray, great quality Tim
  19. Hey, Yes I use masking to create the "oil canning" effect. First base coat of gray and then using a piece of masking tape starting with the horizontal lines to mask the lines and spraying lighter shade of the gray. After that the vertical lines are sprayed and after this the effect is toned down with overspray.
  20. Very simple. Tube of the right diameter, side nearest the bench painted to match. The brackets are just plastic card.rod. Straps are self adhesive label. HTH Flattery will get you every where Thanks one and all Kev
  21. Hi Pete, I've got the propeller bosses reshaped now. I want to spend a bit of time comparing the rest of the hull to reality. I wouldn't wish to find anything which should have been an easy fix once it's too late!
  22. Hi Jamie! Nice start on Your 'ood, mine is in hiatus at the moment,got some health problems at the the moment,but I am hoping to pick it up later in the Year. Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  23. Hi Stunning... I dont fin words... May I ask how do you paint those kinda stressed skin effect? Masking? oils? Thanks
  24. Thanks Gent's I was not quite happy with the wave colour so I have added more cotton wool soaked in Vallejo Still Water a tip taken from a link posted by @Courageous in my Eskimo build Also added the white deck marking for the carley floats and started to place the stanchions and a couple of the crew beefy
  25. Good work on ye olde boat, if it wasn't for the tweezers, I'd thought that it was a larger model. Stuart
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