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  3. Nice start and an interesting conversion. There you go @Courageous, must make you feel quite at home! Terry
  4. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/profile/31456-maartenschonfeld/ Belgian modeller Maarten is converting the MikroMir 1/350 scale HMS Resolution SSBN kit into a Churchill Class SSN. As he has no means of posting WIP photos on Britmodeller, I offered to post them for him.... Over to you Maarten........ Ken
  5. Great model and great sea scape I wish you all the best for your recovery Rob
  6. Meticulous work so far, the decks look excellent and worth the effort. Ocean liners and battleships certainly - [don't say it...don't say it...] - float my boat too! [doh!]
  7. As I understood it, the SCC weren't given any say in the matter. There's certainly still the demand for its use by the cadets when C19 restrictions are lifted.
  8. Yikes , best wishes on your health (and nice job on your model too).
  9. Hi, This looks like an interesting build/conversion. Can't wait to see more
  10. It looks like a very happy whale about to chomp down on an unsuspecting "meal"
  11. Gidday Orso, I don't think it is stupid at all. I think it depends on the quality of the kit that should be an important reason as to which kit to build. And there is only 5% difference in size between the two scales. I also like to build in 1/600 scale, all mine being Airfix, but I much preferred the Revell 1/570 Bismarck and Scharnhorst over Airfix's kits of those ships, so those are what I built, all OOB back then. I'm very interested in your modifications to the kit here, from three screws to four. Regards, Jeff.
  12. Thanks Pete and Rob. Lusitania is getting some rear end work.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Well an element of truth in that ...as for the Brizzle if the SCC wont use it then it must be due for the chop.....
  15. It seems to me it's not long ago she underwent a refit to allow her to continue her training role. I suppose there's no longer any need for an alongside training ship when most of the "frontline" fleet is alongside as well because the Navy can't afford to a. fix (Type 45s) or b. man them (everything).
  16. That's great news, I don't blame the scrappies for holding off breaking her, they are due to more and double the money they paid for her.
  17. If it doesn’t need to be a classic VII or IX, the Revell 144 XXI with interior is a more “interesting” kit... best, M.
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