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  2. Awesome model of a very good-looking ship. (I love the seascape too!)
  3. Thanks that's a fantastic resource,
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  5. https://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-04CV-Ark Royal.htm Here is a detailed operation history for HMS Ark Royal. You can find what air-group it carried at different times by Ctrl+F searching for keywords "Swordfish" and "Skuas"
  6. lovely work Dmitriy ,way above my pay grade , what you are attempting . I clicked the follow topic button , I don't find this boring at all .
  7. thanks erk for the link , cheers beefy and faraway . started taking some deck furniture off of the deck , to accommodate the wooden sticker , the wood deck finally down . also got a bit more fiddly PE done .
  8. Hi, Your model looks great. I always liked the looks of the KGV class myself too. Pat
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  10. Dmitriy, I really don't know. It would be nice if they were unfastened automatically, but I have a feeling they were released manually. John
  11. Had a bit of extra time so I thought I'd give my hose reel idea a shot. So obviously I've cut out the PE reel and found roughly what length of copper would be needed. I've nicked this fine bit of copper coil from a old robot from my workplace. It's so small I thought I'd make use of it in my modeling. Maybe it will be good for rigging in the future too. I've wrapped this coil onto a length of copper wire, I realised this would be a lot easier and faster for just cutting the length to size for other reels too. After a good few wraps I've cut the length of wire to size to fit the hose reel. That's one hose reel complete. Quite happy with it and to top it off I managed to get more railing done.
  12. Hi John, To date, these are the best images I've seen. Thank you John! Interestingly, these straps that hold the torpedo were unfastened automatically, or the crew had to unfasten them manually. I'll try to look for such installations from other torpedo boats. It cannot be that they are unique only to the Brave class. Dmitriy
  13. Hi Dmitriy, Like you, I couldn't find much info about Brave Borderer's torpedo side launchers. However, i was lucky to have Tamiya's Perkasa kit for reference & parts. The Tamiya kit parts appear to be very close to a actual launchers, when compared to the few photos I was able to find. Here's a photo consolidating the info I used for my build. It includes an excerpt from the Perkasa assembly instructions showing an exploded view of the kit launcher parts, & 2 close ups showing the launchers on my BB build. My understanding (I could be corrected) is that a mechanism operated the bottom arms of the cradle holding the torpedos. The cradle bottom arms inboard were stationary while the outboard portion of the arms were hinged. The mechanism would lower (rotate) the outboard hinged portion of the cradle arms, allowing the torpedo to roll off over the side of the boat. Hope this helps. John
  14. Nope, same as on the tug, airbrushed satin black, will be dry brushed grey later to highlight the details. Stuart
  15. Cracking job once again mate, loved watching this one developing every week at the club meets
  16. That looks fantastic! Congratulations on a fine result. Great subject too.
  17. Not seen a thread on it so I thought I'd start one about kits we've just bought. I just got this through the door, really liked the artwork and that's what made me buy it honestly. It's 1/350 Very Fire USS Wisconsin. Not really a common kit I've seen on here. Not a ship I know much about apart from her basic history, might be worth building her during the Korean War. But that's something to think about later on. Looks like she'll build into a nicely detailed ship out of the box, but I have been eyeing up the Very Fire upgrade set for her which is massive. One for after HMS King George IV anyway.
  18. That deck look very very nice, be good to see it when it's on,
  19. Personally I just use a drill bit slightly smaller and roll it on a soft mat, never had anything try and unroll itself Your making nice progress with her, think she'll come up a treat,
  20. Ignore that last one, yes I see thanksI hope it fits ok because it looks great to me
  21. I think it may be for cutting masks out?
  22. It's for if you want to weather the wooden deck @Rich75, you can darken the planks individually. Nice set you've bought though.
  23. I always wait till the colour change, but I never reheat it and put it in water, I'll give that a shot next time. This Eduard PE is quite thick too so that would help I'd imagine. Thanks! Some more progress today, railing and some doors added, surprising amount of time passes when you're focused on these tiny bits of PE. Think I'll give the eyes a rest before continuing. Really enjoying the build though, my girlfriend thinks I'm mad adding all these tiny details.
  24. Hi all, so at long last my wooden deck arrived and I must say on first impressions it looks as though it was worth the wait, this will be a first for me of course so I have nothing to compare it to but the level of detail and how thin it is have surprised me a bitlets hope I can get it on without too much grief included are some instructions, a masking sheet, some anchor chain and a plank masking tool,all in all very happy with it and looking forward to making a start soon,thanks for looking in I have to admit I'm not too sure how I am meant to use this?
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