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  1. Yesterday
  2. The painting looks superb! The metal tracks are fantastic - looks like real!
  3. Hello guys, my T-70M Miniart is finished some picts
  4. John

    Airfix 1/35th M3 Stuart

    Interesting discussion, thanks to all. I admit I hadn't checked the date of the scheme and hadn't realised that it was quite a bit post-Caunter. I'm going to have to get one now... John
  5. I can second (or - more accurately - third) the recommendation on Forgebear. They are very good, professional people to deal with. Chris.
  6. Very nice Pity there isn’t a REAL combat engineer tractor in plastic!
  7. Very nicely presented and displayed Rob
  8. That is a great looking Crusader John. Beautifully built, painted and detailed. Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
  9. Hello Terry, welcome Thank you for your kind comment, much appreciated. My joy is always to ,,play,, with the colours, different shades, highlights, shadows, subtle look, not tons of mud, Bundeswehr vehicles i like to paint and weathering in barracks traffic look, i like it more, and as i seen you too hehehehe. Yes as i heard, the Leo 1A5 is out of stock, and i am sorry i dont have a one which i could sell to you, i have only a Leo 1A4 and A7 both of Meng in my stash.
  10. It's unlikely to be as new as an M60. I have spent a lot of time looking at tank photos - and the closest I have come is an M41 in a museum in France that has an additional rear light mounted by the exhaust. It has similar bolts on the side - but it appears to have an additional support that isn't there. It is possible that the oval shape by the mounting comes from deformation associated with the hit. I also believe the hole in it is around 60mm, which would seem a bit large for a 50 Cal bullet. The mystery continues....
  11. At Shapeways you can also find a proper Vietnam era M16A1 in 1/48, the problem is that they are quite expensive
  12. Last week
  13. Top job Bish. Many hours in the wash down to get that one sorted
  14. Thanks Rob I went back to that Takom Jagdpanther G1 with the interior today. Is it ever small after a month with the 1/16 Panther. Panther not quite finished but need a change of scenery for a bit. Lloyd
  15. and now it has gone green... modulation of olive drab then Mr Color Russian Green 1 over the top. Going to leave it to cure for a few days then I hope Saturday I can get the dunkegelb camouflage started. Dont forget, this is a russian vehicle captured and then modified. i would expect in the field paint to be basic (which is why it will be 2 tone striped dunkelgelb I think
  16. Hey, hey, still going on with cleaning up of the track links. Tedious action. So went on with painting the base now. Well, Vallejo flat earth and Hemp get it a bit more ochre than expected. Gave the tank a dust coat of that as well. One thing to note. I used Tamiya panel liner on the engine deck now for some stains. Luckily very thin. But I wasnt able to clean this up with any of my enamel or odourless thinners after application. Do I need the Tamiya thinners?
  17. Thank you very much! Thanks for having a look at them too!
  18. Excellent job, Stix! Very impressed with your brush painting skills. Also, the extra effort you took to build out the engine, open the back deck and tool boxes, AND do the individual link tracks!! I just finished the same kit, but used the rubber tracks and did not build the engine. Pretty nice kit from HobbyBoss. Thanks very much for sharing!
  19. Great story and background on the dioarama. Looks very convincing same goes for the figures. Cheers, Evert
  20. Thanks for the kind comments Terry, I seem to spend more time with AFV's than aircraft these days enjoy your foray into these with your AMX, I'll follow along with that one for sure. Roger
  21. Thanks! Definitely an uphill struggle but very enjoyable. Should have some update pics in a day or so. Terry
  22. Actually, it’s not that bad at all. You should have a go! Cheers Andrew
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