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  2. A very nice trio👍The only slight nitpick is you have clansman antenna bases instead of larkspur which would be the radios in use at that time.
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  4. After finishing my recent epic build, I looked at a Tamiya Panther as the next victim but decided I needed to do something that hasn't got tracks and lots of wheels so I released this from the grip of the not-a-stash stash .... This is my first foray into Takom, although having seen many of you build their products, I can't foresee any issues (I have my fingers crossed now as I've pre-ordered the 'Big Box' Tiger kits'!) and a first with 1/16th too. The nice thing here is the chance to have go at adding some extra details, such as wiring and brake lines ... Opening the box reveals this pile of goodies .... At first glance the parts look relatively flash free and crisply moulded, so off to a good start. And after bit of cleaning up, I have the three chassis parts ready to go together .... As always, comments and feedback welcome ... Keith 😁
  5. Absolutely fantastic work from the start to the current point. Your attention to detail is amazing 👏 Keith 😁
  6. Italeri do the mk1 there is no real mk2 available, the old Esci mk2 needs some serious surgery to get it to be one, there are 3D printed of a mk1B and Mk2B from SSmodels, the Trumpeter mk3 is better than the Revell mk3 but the Revell kit is the only one with an attempt at the ball and chain.
  7. Unfortunately, there are very few photos of the tank Sergey Mironovich Kirov. You've probably seen them all before. Most likely, there are no detailed photos.
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  9. This view shows that unit markings and number plates have been added, Skis, poles and a camnet were added next, plus a mild filter of Deluxe "scenic snowflakes" were sprinkled over the vehicle. It would be nice if this was all they would see at tomorrow's show! If anyone is wondering where one might find square snow mounds with a deep undercut, as in my diorama, then the answer is Norway. That's it for tonight as I am going to pack this dio up ready for tomorrow at the Helicopter Museum. cheers, and thank you for your compliments and likes. Mike
  10. 😂you are going to send yourself mental to try and include everything! Just stick with what you are comfortable with we won’t know the difference 😉
  11. This time still modern military, but changed from US to UK. An APC that UK keeps using since cold war. There has many variation to suit the needs in battlefield, e.g. command, ambulance, cargo, recovery, anti-tank, etc. btw, US's M1113 is very similar to F430 series. I painted this traditional APC in green-black camo. [APC] 1/72 FV432 Mk.2/1 Working Photos: Product Photos:
  12. Definitely oils for me. You can cut their drying time by leaching out some of the linseed oil. To do this, squirt a blob onto a piece of cardboard and leave for about an hour before applying, but personally I like the long drying (working) time so I don’t bother with this. Use white spirit to thin (very thin - basically dirty thinner for most tasks). For pin washes, good quality paints help as they don’t go grainy when heavily diluted, but for general sloshes, dot method etc. just get to a cheapo shop and get a cheap set of oils. The works is good for this - and cheap, but surprisingly good brushes
  13. That's look all well and good, even if built at your usual glacial pace. However,....I'm not sure you've nailed the panzer grey.
  14. I've been doing a little more research before commencing destruction of the Saladin kit chassis. Lots of information at https://sites.google.com/view/alvis-stalwart-hmlc-files/alvis-salamander-crash-tender#h.4ziws9j4e671 I now understand the Salamander chassis was slightly longer than its armoured cousins although the wheel bases are identical. The Salamander has a chassis and light steel hull rather than the armoured hull. Outline hull drawings and photos at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MlsUIrqulca4zbTwcVGqQrBrx8Ll7A2B/view So the hull front and rear panels are slightly longer while they are at the same angles. By the way I will be making the single green British Army Salamander rather than the red Air Force versions as I want to build it in it's second iteration as used in Northern Ireland to support the bomb disposal officers so the body will be slightly different from the RAF versions.
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  16. Like all German vehicles, there was no "scheme". These vehicles would have been finished in plain dunkelgelb and painted at unit workshops or by individual crews with the rotbraun and olivegrun as available. Whitewash overpaint in winter. It is unlikely that any 2 were the same.
  17. Welded shut was an interim step before complete deletion. That was quick and simple to do. To remove it the wooden mould patterns had to be altered at all the foundries casting turrets. Then of course added back when the loader's hatch and/or revised turret bustle were introduced. Most foundries bypassed the low bustle turret with loader's hatch and went straight to the high bustle. On turrets from some foundries there is a square mould line around the pistol port once it was added back, from the master pattern alterations.
  18. Very nice detailing Marco .... this is looking good! 👌 Keith 😁
  19. Yes at least on the hull... most of the engine deck is removable and the compartment over the driver-co-driver is removable and the turret lifts of (obviously) but the turret only has openable hatches. to be fair 50% of the work i did is just not and never will be visible.... shame but it is what it is...did teach me not to bother with interior kits for myself ...the investment in time, materials, and effort is just not worth it. Thank you bud
  20. I saw this video from the Tank Museum. It has some views of the interior that maybe helpful.
  21. Great effect you've achieved there. The hull red works so well with the dark yellow.
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