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  2. Very very very nice indeed. Every time I look at it I see something new. Pete
  3. pommie commie

    T-55A mod. 1981 (MiniArt;1:35)

    Looks good to me............but can I use this to make an accurate Croat "Marina" ? Thanks paul
  4. 4th part of MÅ‚awa 1939 project, this time figures. Enjoy!
  5. Today
  6. Sgt.Squarehead

    Which Panzer IV Ausf. H in 1/72 ?

    Definitely NOT Dragon.....Horrid kit from a horrid company. I have Revell for my Ausf Hs, but the Zvezda kit looks very good too.....Modelcollect have one in their future plans, if it's as good as their modern Russian stuff it will be superb, but possibly with irritating errors (they're a lot like Dragon used to be before they completely ceased to care what their customers thought of them). FWIW
  7. Quite agree about the Trumpeter grab-rails.....Too chunky by half (maybe more) and the attachment points are humongous!
  8. clive_t

    "It's The Bishop!"

    Great build, and interesting idea for a base... duly noted!
  9. Neat work, great sandbags!
  10. Good start, looks a nicely moulded kit so far
  11. Das Abteilung

    The Car In Front.....

    I imagine they believed that being allied to or supported by the Saudis might work out better for them in equipment terms than the evidence suggests .....................
  12. Das Abteilung

    Merkava Mk.4m w/Trophy - 1:35 of Meng Models

    Droid and Trophy can be used together as they complement each other to make a layered defence. But I'm not sure how often they actually are used together. In the low-intensity conflicts the IDF is currently engaged in the Droid isn't much use because it only works against laser homing weapons not commonly used in such conflicts, and the Trophy is considerably more useful as it works against a wider range of threats. In that environment the Droid is just something to get broken. If open conventional war broke out with one of Israel's neighbours then I imagine that Droids would become more commonly fitted. Droid is a soft-kill device using laser dazzle through the windows to disorient incoming laser-homing weapons so that they break lock and miss the target. It senses the laser illumination of the host vehicle and aligns its own laser on a reciprocal bearing. Which begs the question how effective it is when the illumination is made by one vehicle/aircraft and the weapon is launched by another from a different direction. And also if the weapon is launched from a high angle from an aircraft, as Droid seems to have a fairly narrow elevation range. But most (all?) laser homing ATGMs are beam-riders, against which Droid will usually be effective. Trophy is a hard-kill system that detects incoming projectiles using millimetre-wave radar. It then launches an interceptor projectile to destroy the threat before it impacts, or at least disrupt its velocity, trajectory or warhead to render it less effective. In theory it works against any kind of projectile, although high-velocity kinetic-energy projectiles are likely to be very challenging. Again, not commonly encountered in LIC. Low and medium velocity RPG-type weapons and gun-fired HEAT rounds are fairly easy targets for it. However, Trophy has collateral damage risks: what happens once the projectile and threat meet is entirely uncontrolled and unpredictable. Blast and high-velocity fragmentation from what could easily be a 3,000 km/h impact are both likely. The inner defence layer on Merkava is of course the skirt, spaced and ball/chain armour external to the main, and substantial, armoured structure. It is without question the best-protected MBT.
  13. sailorboy61

    British Army green

    If you're doing any kind of filtering/washes/weathering, I find it's all pretty pointless going for 'the' colour. Yes not all green is green, but ball park always worked out OK for me.
  14. Do not worry about that, it happens to everyone sometimes . Very appreciated your interest, kind words and like. Cheers Clive
  15. Yesterday
  16. Julien

    Russian modern armour Images

    Gent this thread is entitled "Russian modern armour Images" can we keep the long missives out of it please. Open a separate thread if you want a discussion on something. Thx Julien
  17. is there not a fuel truck also? separate kit l believe hacker
  18. Carius

    Italeri Tiger 1/35

    Looks very nice Tiger, Martin
  19. A pity indeed, but a correct decision
  20. Thanks for the comments Rob. No actual progress today, apart from ordering a set of Panzer Art Firestone wheels, with a more appropriate tread pattern. Hopefully they will be with me in time for the weekend
  21. glatisant

    Alternative Self Propelled Guns

    All weird and wonderful. Lovely!!
  22. M3 Lee's,drunk farmers. A great vignette. Excellent.
  23. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with this one
  24. arkbuilder2012

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Some of the nicest Sherman builds I've ever seen.
  25. Hello everybody, paint is on .... Mission Models Desert Tan, some highlights with ligther beige color ... oil colod washing .... and all put together .... Now some dust on the windows follows and final touches as well as a small base Cheers Micha
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