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  2. Ahh fair enough, looked like a Bosche plane to me...you can see how lots must have been shot down by their own side, I'd have taken a pot at it with my SMLE for sure !
  3. Here is a StuG III at Bovington Tank Museum with concrete armour: http://tank-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/finnish-army-Stug-III-40-ausf-g-tank-destroyer.html And my own images of that vehicle: https://ibb.co/XCg5B7Z https://ibb.co/H7p5HBN
  4. I've just bought the Tamiya 1/48 Panther G, and I'm looking into go-faster bits. Question: Does anyone make a replacement brass grille set for this kit? (Note: Just the grilles; my Jurassic eyes couldn't cope with 1/48 tool clamps, Schürzen etc.) Panda Commander
  5. Hi Pete, Many thanks for your kind comments, i'm glad you like it. The same thing happens to me, after trying several shades, the one I liked the most was the 71006 LIGHT GREEN CHRM from Vallejo Model Air, logically, once modulated and with subsequent weathering, the final result will look different. Cheers and TC Francis.
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  7. Thanks John. Here's a better pic of the top. Never done the song thing so I will be careful. That's for the next one Andrew
  8. Hi Southero72, welcome to the forum! I believe the interiors of British tanks were painted in a metallic aluminium/silver colour with a bluish hue up until 1939, then painted white (a subdued white verging on pale cream as it was then) from 1940 due to a shortage of aluminium. This may have reverted to the metallic finish later in the war. Crusader: Churchill: 1940 Valentine: http://tank-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/a15-crusader-mk1-tank-raac-memorial-museum.html
  9. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Italeri M8 Greyhound, built with the addition of Brengun photo etch. Painted with Gunze/Mr. Hobby acrylics, weathered with artist oils and Tamiya pigments. The model represents a vehicle operating in France, 1944. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. The Italeri kit was originally released in 2004 and is still the only 72 scale injection-moulded model on the market. I upgraded the plastic parts with the Hauler/Brengun set (HLH72098), which contains both photo-etch and resin pieces. The kit decals
  10. Whatever you decide on camo, do not forget 75mm Shermans were US olive drab, fireflies were scc15. Disruptive or not.
  11. very nice... I need to get mine finished - just weathering required so close
  12. I would do a blue green gloss for the cupola glass....in fact i did with E3 that i did last year.....i think how they look depends a lot on light and weather conditions at the time...i have also seen them painted straight gloss black...but that's a bit boring isn't it The drivers hatch area is actually a cast piece...and as you can see from the photo above has a raised edge around the hinge and the opening for the lid....and i dropped in the pic of the cupola just for details......some useful sites for you also..... @Das Abteilung is also a very knowledgeable perso
  13. That’s fabulous, and a little scary to me. Flashbacks to an afternoon F-4 wild weasel sortie from Spangdahlem, probably in 1986. It was always difficult to find live radar signatures in Germany for the F-4G to hunt. We were tasked to find and simulate attacks on a Gepard unit on maneuvers. I forgot exactly where they were operating. The G found the Gerard’s and directed us, in the F-4E, to simulate a pop up attack on one of the Gepards. As we were climbing from about 250 ft above ground level up to about 3000 before rolling into the dive bombing attack I looked out of the left side
  14. Don't they just ............freezing their danglies off probably leading to some of the unusual expressions....... Like i said did have a little chuckle I shall take a look as i'm getting used to this figure painting malarky and quite enjoying myself....would like to have a go at a complete repose of a few figures just to see if i can do it. Maybe on the other Tiger.
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  16. "Füllen" is "fill it up" and "Fahrt" is "drive" So, in order to fil that system, put the lever to the left (with a hose connected to the thread supplying ... hmh, water? Or air for the brake assistance?) and when done, turn the lever down (to close that valve and disconnect the supply hose) The German wikipedia https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_L_4500 tells us the brakes are of the hydraulic type with assistance via pressurized air, but to who knows? Maybe there is a "Handbuch" oder "Betriebsanleitung" hidden somehwere in the internet, I can only fin
  17. This pic I thought was interesting in that it's pretty much the exact same camo pattern on Wehrmacht landing boats on the river Dnieper apparently....
  18. ..I was caught out by it on the Tiger 1 thread !... it's Terrifying...aarrghhh !
  19. Thanks Roger Take care Cesar Thanks for looking Ian. No I dont, I will use the Spade Ace Models white metal track links, code SAT-35178 (ruber type), because the Tamiya tracks wouldn't fit very well on this different chassis Cheers
  20. A very welcome set of decals here http://www.kingfisherminiatures.co.uk/berlin-brigade-insignia-for-vehicles-i613.htm
  21. Hello Ernst Thank you for your kind comment, much appreciated.
  22. All, The original and iconic Vietnam War American assualt rifle, the M16. These M4/M16 rifle kit range from Trumpeter are really excellent and make for a different and straightforward build. The work is really in eliminating joins and seams then painting to get a (hopefully) realistic look. Regards Dave
  23. @Dimmy Thank you once again! You've surpassed my hopes for this question!
  24. I think that was a technique founded in aircraft modelling, which I have had mixed success with and found quite difficult to rectify if too much comes off. These days there are a number of ways to model paint wear in amour/vehicles. One is carefully painting light "chips" using a slightly lighter colour of the base coat, then for select larger/deeper chips, add a color mimicking the underlying layer (base coat, metal primer or bare metal...I don't think amour metal rusted easily). Fine brushes and light sponge technique are used. There are plenty of video
  25. Feel free to take a seat John @Bullbasket I have not seen one of these built before which is part of the attraction of this one even if info: is scarce. If you ever discover the other build I would be interested to see it if possible Stay safe Roger
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