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  2. The Bronco Mk IX is pretty decent. It is based on the incorrect Miniart platform, but with some good corrections. A solid build I think.
  3. Tank Crews wore Ammo Boots but they didn't have hobnails in the soles to prevent damage. Infantry rode on tanks so their crunchy boots would cause damage to the engine deck.
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  5. Tackled the first couple of stages... Wheels removed, cleaned and cemented together. End bits added to lower hull. Sink mark central here. The upper 'sinks' won't be seen as they're behind the skirts but lower one will and if I'm doing them, I might as well do the top ones. Stuart
  6. [ The DUKW progresses. And nearly done. The T 34 gets a touch up and some decals. And the same on the Churchill. Weathering on all of the above and then to build the Tiger, I think I need to do the Panther too then I have to admit I'm done. Enjoyable builds but way too simple to keep me amused long term.
  7. So it's the dual build now. Impressive to see that kind of speed building the models.
  8. Hi, Bit of an old post i know but did the sky grey look ok in the end. I was thinking more of a blue like the bottom of an ME 109, Im building a BTR80A at the min and was wondering. Thanks
  9. The bus itself is finished, but for the luggage etc on the roof rack....now in the RFI section.......
  10. The scenery is excellent, the figures are well done, and the finish on the tank is exquisite. Some of the best weathering I've ever seen. The closeup shot of the turret, with the box and traffic cone, might as well be a photo of the real thing. I'm having some trouble understating the story the diorama is telling. What is the guy doing to that dead dolphin? And why are his friends laughing at him? Is the flat-headed guy gesturing to him to try eating it? I'm not trying to sound dismissive. I really like what you have here, I'm just curious if you could help explain whats going on.
  11. There's the well known "Hanni" Beutepanzer that earlier (before the Cambrai capture) belonged to the Batallion F. It is pictured there https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/614178467906792780/ wearing the French-style three- (or maybe even four-) colour camouflage of sand, chestnut brown and blue grey (plus pale green according to M.Filipiuk at Batailles & Blindes in 2008). According to some authors the camouflage has been retained during its German service with photos documenting both sides available. My question is whether are there any pictures known of the same Mark IV Female tank from the pre-Cambrai period of her service (as F.7) within the Batallion F? Was the side s/n (four digit) overpainted? Was the F.7 on the back (the one visible from the rear) white or yellow? Was it repeated on the roof? Was there any individual name painted on? Cheers Michael
  12. Greatly appreciated, Jack. Yeah Shermans get confusing sometimes, I think I double checked 'Son of Sherman' about 10 times before posting. Didn't know about TMD and may end up getting that upper hull you linked to, depends on how different Tamiya's M4 is.
  13. Oh, thank you, Jack. That helps a lot.
  14. Hataka brand also do an Italian vehicle paint set, but don't think they sell those colours separately. A thread from August last year may be of interest too: Sovereign Colourcoats could be an option as well: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/esercito-italiano-italian-army regards, Jack
  15. Thanks a lot!! Ooooups, you´re right....when I posted my dad´s model I looked up which version it was and mixed them up.
  16. Thank you all for your help. The Masterbox french resistance figures would be the most close so far. I'll try and specify what I'm looking for. I'm not very good at modelling or modifying figures, so the figure I'm looking for should be posed more or less like the guy on the picture, but the clothing should be close as well. As I said above, head is not my first concern, because I plan to replace it anyway. And I wouldn't mind to go with several sets if one gives me the legs and other the torso for example. Still searching
  17. Last week
  18. Thanks chaps - really useful information - I’ll have to look up Eau-de-Nil paints but, as Graham suggests I might get away with some RAF Sky with a bit of extra Green in...? This only for the inside of the Radio cabin and it’s going to be largely closed up as if in transit. Also need to get my thinking cap on about the Studebaker Truck! A US Navy version would be unusual - as to mixing (US/UK), I’m not sure what Pete Bowyer’s display criteria are for the nationals - whether it will be a complete diorama or just a variety of models that could have been on a Mulberry on display.....?
  19. Hey Francis, I didn't know that. All I had for reference back in the day was a book called "An illustrated guide to weapons of the soviet ground forces by Ray Bonds" and it didn't go beyond the t-72. The book did indeed feature the mighty t-10, what a beast, and the t-64 that I never heard of back then. In 1968 the dutch army tested the chieftain against the leopard as a successor for the awesome centurion tank. If I'm not mistaken, the leopards mobility outweighed the chieftains firepower in the army's decision to acquire the leopard. Tĥe Aussies have some cool leopard schemes. This Berlin Brigade is a excellent camo, so is the "children of men" camo but I don't see myself doing that in the near future as with digicam in general. Takes some time to get there. The m47 by Italeri is a great piece of kit, and it still holds it's ground very well, Tamiya seems to agree. Back in the day when there was only Tamiya and Italeri dominating the 1/35 market it was always Italeri that offered a tad bit more exotic kits. Elefant vs Tiger, m4a1 vs m4a4 (with turret swaps 4 options) and m47 vs m48. Instant nostalgia for reentry into the hobby. I've put some oil rendering on the t-80, kept it subtle but I've tried to break down the surface in areas. Tomorrow maybe some more touch ups. Cheers mate
  20. Hey guys, 2020 is here and it's time for a new project. This is the first step of my diorama called "Soviet Supplies", more on that soon in the diorama section of the forum. This particular build though is of Tamiya's brand new Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) Ausf.E/F in 1/35th scale. A useful and interesting overview of the vehicle history and characteristics is available on Tank Encyclopadia.com. https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/nazi_germany/Panzer-38T.php Here is the plan I always do before commencing a build. Kit: 1/35 Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) Ausf.E/F - No. 35369 Aftermarket: None Vehicle: Nr.522, 1st Company (light), 1st Battalion, 27th Panzer-Regiment, 19th Panzer-Division Location/Time: Velikiye Luki, Russia, 17th July 1941 Markings: Decals in the box Finish: Produced in late 1940. Has been in combat for ~ a month. Extra spare tracks mounted on top of transmission cover. No damage of note. Marshy terrain around V.Luki, nice weather. Bit of a short one here since I did my research ages ago and have therefore forgotten most of it already. The build is already well underway so we'll pick up from here. Lower hull is completed and turret assembly about to start. Cheerio, Jack
  21. Hey there and thanks for the comment. Here is an update. Did a few highlights on the commander and added the second figure. Some touchups still rewuired. Also did weathering on the gun and side skirts. Didnt add the MG34 because it wont fit with the figures in place. Also the cable on te back of the hull will most likely be left off. There are no mounting points and I seem to lose the fun on this kit that was basically a try out for different things. But I might try the AK pencils on this one before calling it finally done.
  22. Exactly John, that's what I meant. Great Tiran, by the way. The picture is perfect James but, IMHO, the way that you did it doesn't seem natural to me. Cheers from Brazil
  23. Ah! I did actually modify my own pot quite heavily to what seemed more realistic to me, but I do that quite often anyway ...
  24. Hi Francis, glad you like it so far. Cheers my friend
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