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  1. Today
  2. BlackMax12

    Italeri Tiger 1/35

    Looks pretty good Martin and I think you've got that whitewash down pat. The tracks look like they have just the right sag for a Tiger so you've ticked that box too. Indy links can be a real pain but they look more real on Tigers and Panthers that the normal rubber band efforts. It looks rather depressing with that gun depressed so far though, almost like that scene from Kelly's Heroes where Eastwood, Savalas and Sutherland walk up to the tiger like Wyatt Earp and a gunfight at the OK Corral. Keep them coming, Lloyd
  3. Flagtastic, cheers Ben! Like the shiny new barrel, I bought one of those too.....Then found it was wrong for the tank I wanted to model, and that's more or less where my own T-54/55 quest started to go completely off the rails TBH!
  4. BlackMax12

    Meng Merkava 4M w/Trophy Protection System

    Thanks Richard I'm going to be in Ottawa from tomorrow until July 31 and there's a rumour that the 1/16 Jagdtiger that I ordered last Sept 5 might be in at the LHS around Aug 1st. I'm hoping that it and the 1/16 Kingtiger with the Porsche turret will both be there to give me something to do for the next bit. Not holding my breath but one can always hope. I have to check at Great Hobbies in Ottawa for some storage stuff for this Merkava, a Bradley and that M3 Lee I finished a while back so I can call them all done, finally. Take care, Lloyd
  5. Yesterday
  6. Very impressive that dio really works.
  7. Steve_farrier


    Thanks very much. Hopefully a little more will get done this week Before we visit the lakes on holiday Sunday
  8. Having spent a happy hour or so browsing the IWM website I think I'll go for 44615, seen here having a radiator change in January 1943: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205204069 John
  9. Das Abteilung

    Where have all the Centurions gone?

    One just listed on eBay today. £50 starting price, though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AFV-CLUB-1-35-CENTURION-Mk-5-2-6-105mm-GUN-NATO/253756035776?hash=item3b1509d2c0:g:nd4AAOSw4CJbTLUe
  10. Das Abteilung

    MMK Models Bedford OXA

    Looking a bit more like the complete thing. Just interior and lower rear body parts to do. The major parts aren't glued yet, just dry-fitted. The cab and body interiors will need to be painted and apertures masked before final assembly. The front mudguards/wings/fenders were only very light sheet metal, so I've distressed them a bit.
  11. PlaStix

    Italeri Bergepanther 1/35

    That turned out bueautifully! You have done a cracking job with it. Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
  12. BlackMax12

    Meng Merkava IV M

    Thanks Kev Lloyd
  13. Kev The Modeller

    1/35 88mm Pak-43

    Very nice build, unusual subject
  14. An unusual project indeed Richard.
  15. Ripaman

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Coming along brilliantly Rich Regards Richard
  16. Ripaman

    Dragon 1/35 M6A1 Heavy Tank

    Very nicely done Sairou, can see a bit of the Sherman in it. Regards Richard
  17. Sgt.Squarehead

    72nd scale AMX-13

    I take it you mean you got the Heller kit? Israel never used the AMX-13 105mm (FL-12 Turret), only the original 75mm (FL-10 Turret) version, so you would need a new turret and gun (see above). The Heller running gear is a POS.....Have you looked at it? You will need to replace it with something (see above). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMX-13
  18. Last week
  19. That turned out rather nice didn't it! I like the painting of the canvas especially
  20. Kiwikitbasher

    "It's The Bishop!"

    Thanks, Michael & Keith, glad you both liked it.
  21. Shar2

    Tiran 4 Late Type. 1:35

    If you fancied the kit above, but were afraid of all the interior parts, you can now get most of the lovely plastic shown above, with the interior parts removed. Review sample courtesy of
  22. T-34 on the Battlefield 2 Peko Publications This new volume from Peko's World War Two Photobook Series and as the name suggests it is primarily a book of photos, naturally. As Volume 2 of the set it covers more, shall we say, dismantled vehicles. In fact the title should in fact read T-34 destroyed on the battlefield as over 90% of the photos show destroyed tanks, even the ones that the Germans captured and reused. In keeping with the other titles in the series, the book is hardback bound with 112 pages, finished in an overall white cover. The photos are almost without exception full page, with space left only for the captions, which are in Hungarian and English, each one adding valuable insight to the photo, which may not be immediately apparent without it. For the modeller there are plenty of diorama possibilities, the Germans seemingly photographing everything they could. Seeing how they come apart when blown up is useful for diorama purposes, but thankfully there are no grisly scenes accompanying the destroyed vehicles. Quite a few of the photos are from private collections with attributions in the top corner as appropriate, with substantial quantity of soldiers standing in front of damaged or abandoned vehicles after the fighting is over, plus a number of groups investigating the wreckage after a cataclysmic explosion of the tank's magazine, or demolition by the escaping crew. Conclusion Whether you have the models that you intend to use this book for reference, or have an interest in the subject, this book will give you all the reference pictures and some besides, as well as some inspiration for dioramas. It is certainly in interesting book and can recommend it very highly. Review sample courtesy of
  23. Hamden

    Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf D

    Time for a small update on this one. First up the turret has been primed on the outside ready for ageing then the turret stand has been constructed. The pictures show the stand in component form then assembled, and lastly with the in place to check fit. The idea is that the turret will be displayed along side the hull as part of the stripping for restoration process. Here are the pictures Since these photo's were taken the turret stand has been primed and painted yellow ready for the turret to be added at a later date. Thanks for stopping by Roger
  24. Very realistic, very well done, particularly a nice weathering. And it's so small.
  25. Sairou

    ICM 1/35 T-34/76 w/ Tank Riders

    Began the weathering with some chipping and dust effects using buff oil paint.
  26. Some more work on the figures. Not 100% on them, the skin tone is a little orange I think. I also need to work more on the uniforms.
  27. Thanks for comments Clive. Bazer.
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