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  2. Gidday Steve, I've been monitoring this section religiously, waiting for another update, not realizing your problems with plastic. Is it too late for an idea? Cut strips from thin white styrene sheeting, say 0.25mm and attach the tracks to that. The thin sheet will wrap around the wheels quite easily, I would think. If you need thick plastic then try wrapping the strip around the wheels (or any other former) several times to get the thickness you require. I actually did this on my model of HMS York, to make the round base of the catapult. Thin styrene wrapped around a piece of dowel until I go
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  4. Archer have announced that it is no longer economically viable to continue with their dry transfer line as hardly anyone else now uses the technology (think how widespread Letraset used to be before IT took over) and the last remaining supplier for the adhesive used has ceased production. They will be contining and expanding their wet decal range, including the textured ones, and intend to convert "most" of the current dry transfer range to wet decals. There will doubtless be stock of dry transfers in the supply chain for some time to come. Whether suppliers will start
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  6. Fantastic! I remember this kit from when I was a kid. My brother built this one (the Monogram kit) and I built the Red Baron Rod Revell kit with the big chrome helmet. Yours looks much better of course and the figures are brilliant.
  7. Very Tidy Matey Avoid the numpties and stay safe Kev
  8. Are you having a laugh ....Cinderella service RN.....forget those floating car parks .....and im an ex wafu. Take a look at the age of the fleet trust me it aint roses ....we are all being shafted together except the crabs they think strategically 10 years ahead not two minutes
  9. Cheers Darryl I have a lot more idea of what's required now. I will follow the steps that you and others have described and see what I can create
  10. Very nice. Excellent painting and weathering for the scale
  11. Some mudguards which will be totally hidden behind the wheels, but I like the detail it adds.
  12. Nigel, by the way, ZVEZDA has a large selection of models at this scale.
  13. Hello, All PE parts in place. Dragon forgot something again. A "small" detail at the fenders. These parts are missing, the manual does not show them either and boxart misleads us... Old Tamiya is not inferior to Dragon, especially considering the price.
  14. Ciao everybody, now the veichle is finish :))) Bye
  15. Thanks for the advice M3talpig. I really don't want a repeat of this so I'll leave it to harden til next week.
  16. Thanks all, I did a bit more last night, although not that much. As has been said, its a good kit and not too fiddly except (for me) the photo-etch bits! I am really not a fan of them and always seem to make a mess of them... Never mind! So last night a bit of PE and then built up the wheels. I am not sure if I am going to use them or buy some resin ones. They haven't turned out terribly but I think aftermarket ones may be better. Some pictures: Getting this stuff fixed was a complete hassle and a little bit of trimming is required yet...
  17. More progress, side units mounted, now on to the protective parts on the engine deck
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  19. I’d love to see The Tank Museum’s companion video ”Painting Matilda Tanks - or How We Fooled Model Companies for Decades” To be fair, I was at the museum a couple of months ago and they appear to have repainted a lot of their AFVs including the Matilda, which now sports a caunter scheme that Mr Starmer would be happy with. Cheers, Nigel
  20. I recently purchased from a e-bay seller (which I previously used with no problems) a set 72007 Sherman M4A1/2/3 (76) which includes the main gun barrel, 2 x ,30 cal barrels and 1 x .50 cal barrel, the machine gun barrels are very similar to the ones by Master i.e separate perforated sleeve for the .30 cal and perforated .50cal all this for £9.99 + £2.00 p & p from trinitymews 2 He also has listed the following...... 72005 Sherman Firefly Ic/Vc £9.99 72002 Staghound MK 1 £5.99 72006 M8 Greyhound £6.99 72003 M3/M5 Stuart £8.99 Also various sizes of c
  21. Hello Thanks for comments you don't have to put in trash after 1 time, this is for life after painting, you put the putty in his box for the next time
  22. Just finished this Esci Dodge WC52 weapons carrier, and to add to my airfield vehicle collection, have done it in Eighth Air Force 100th Bomb Group markings; 20201021_163054 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 20201021_163113 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 20201021_163133 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 20201021_163146 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 20201021_163206 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr 20201021_163319 by Dan Hardy, on Flickr
  23. Thanks Wayne, there is defiantly a little fiddling with the kit and hoping the fine moulding doesn’t snap, I would definitely build another in the range, I’ve got a plan for the base that is taking a back seat while I get to a good stage with my current MTO build. Thanks John, there defiantly worth a punt.
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