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  2. Definitely OK for an Operation Danube time period. There are plenty of photos online to back that up (try a Google image search on 'Operation Danube'). John
  3. Well, what can I say, I popped out for 5 minutes and before you know it it's 3 years later and so I decided to revisit the BMR. This is how it was left, in the box, part painted, part finished, unloved, I really had a loss of mojo with this, the paint was terrible, I just felt like I couldn't finish it. Then I decided to get my backside in gear, so everything went into freezer bags and was sprayed with a LOT of Mr Muscle oven cleaner and left overnight, as you can see the upper hull stripped back to the black primer, the Meng tan acrylic won't shift at all, even after another 24 hours in oven cleaner. I also had to go back through the instructions and remember where all these bits went. Than a solid days modelling saw everything stuck back together and primed with Halfords grey primer I might even have a go at something along these lines. Because I also have these to paint and another T-90A which I'm building at the moment. Hopefully more to follow if I can get a nice day outside to get paint on everything. Regards. Mick
  4. Well researched review. From my visit last year, the chadaree is not exclusive, many women (in the urban areas) were wearing hijabs in a more Iranian style. The blue colour however is ubiquitous, even in Mazar and Balkh regions where we were. In fact here is my wife in a shop that sold purely these items, in blue, although in several subtly different qualities. Even under strict limitations, fashion can still be defining. Thought the picture might help anyone painting these figures - definitely a satin or gloss finish needed here.
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  6. I've got an AMX-13/90 and an AML-90 plus after-market parts for both in my 'surplus / unlikely ever to be built' stash pile if either of these are of interest........... PM me if yes.
  7. It makes sense for pretty much any deployment that Kiwi forces could undertake these days, the Pinzgauers had been totally left behind in the built in protection race & in some recent deployments we'd been forced to lease suitable vehicles. Steve.
  8. all gone black... fully primed.... now to decide if it will be green & brown or black and grey....
  9. Cheers Darryl, thanks for your comments regarding the mud & splashes nice to have some objective crit, especially as I'm a little unsure. I agree it could do with a bit more of a spray of matt, it's possible I grabbed my home made satin by accident! Cheers mate!
  10. Hi, I imagine you mean the saggy of the tracks, when they are indi-links, it can be molded to your liking, not without difficulty, but when they are in one piece, you have to do a trick to make it "appear". Although I have noticed that the Honey had the side skirt, which almost hides the top of the tracks, so the saggy can be almost invisible. I myself was thinking of doing some saggy in mine, because in boxart, the model appeared like this, but apart from the extra work to do it, I have not seen any American Stuart with saggy on the tracks, although I may be wrong, I decided to make them tense . Cheers and TC Francis.
  11. Painting began! I used Model Master metallizers, chipping fluid, Tamiya acrylic, oil paints, watercolor pencils and pigments. In this case, I didn't use a primer or varnish.
  12. Thanks Dan. Some of the detail is very delicate, so I hope that I don't knock it off when it comes to the painting and weathering stage. John.
  13. If your doing a 501 Tiger you got your work cut out for you ...im doing 142 at the moment, big project so it's being done in spurts whilst i do other things...i'm assuming your going for something like this...... On the tracks if your doing an african Tiger you need the initial fruil tracks as they dont have the chevrons on the links..... set ATL116 .
  14. It’s coming together! The radiator and engine fixed in place with superglue. After a couple of brush-applied coats of Klear to the painted body, chassis and wheels, I sloshed a very, very thin mix of Vandyke brown oils over everything followed by a black pin wash to selected bits – mostly on the chassis. I’d normally dry-brush after this, but the rivets stand out pretty boldly anyway. This could be because: A - they’re a bit big B – because the use of primer, plus the old paint drying extremely matt and slightly textured meant that the wash stuck very well to the whole of the body rather than comfortably settling into nooks and crannies, leaving the relatively smooth rivets clean. The effect is more pronounced on the photos than in real life, but nevertheless, I want this vehicle not to be too weathered and/or overly modulated so I’ll quit before it turns into a wash and filter harlequin. The engine panels and wooden box/plate brackets also got a lick of green, and a Klear coat ready for washing. I added handles to the side panels. They’re a bit too thick, but this was also the case on the main doors, so although two wrongs don’t make a right, they do stop the wrong from looking too obviously wrong – I hope that makes sense! The side boxes/plates got a wash of various brown oils, with the darkest (raw umber) being concentrated on the sides/edges. Finally, the horses got their top, oil paint coats. I was quite pleased with how they turned out; the brush marks stand out reasonably well and the paint is sufficiently translucent to allow the undercoats to show the highlights and shading underneath. They’re a bit shiny at the moment, but they’ll get a satin varnish coat later to calm them down.
  15. Like it! Nice model & that base really sets it off!
  16. Hi R. Many thanks for your kind words and like, i'm glad you like it. It is always a pleasure to be able to share something with others, and receive feedback, good or bad (better good, of course ... lol), because it encourages us to continue building and then sharing the result. You are more than kind, as a mere mortal that I am, I aspire to be something more, for the moment I am in the process ... lol There is a lot of great modeling everywhere, they are very hard to reach ... I'm on it ... lol I really want to do something else, but with this hot weather (the heat is here ... lol), and everything about the CV-19, added to personal circumstances, means that if I think twice, I don't dare with a new kit, for fear of ruining it. Cheers and TC Francis.
  17. As a change in direction from mainly aircraft, I’ve ordered a Rye Field Models M1240A1 M-ATV US MRAP 1/35 scale. I am surprised, that despite all the detail, there are no seat belts included. So I’ve been searching the web, but can find nothing. Eduard used to make some but they are now discontinued. Does anyone know where else I can look ?
  18. Hi Steve, good job with the Scout, I really like the equipment and the figure looks very good with its marks on the clothes. A simple but effective vignette that brings life to the model. Cheers and TC Francis.
  19. Thanks M3, The two infantry chaps were knocked up whilst i was waiting for the ground work to dry and they'll make an appearence at somepoint on another dio... Regards, Steve
  20. Moved on to the front of the vehicle with the design of the engine grills, upper & lower. Upper grill: Lower grill:
  21. ...and as if by magic... ...Big Boys made me do it @beefy66 Stuart
  22. Leopard weathering help required !!!! So I’ve chosen and nearly finished my colour scheme , very happy with how it looks but now I’m stuck on which way to go for weathering / detailing , help please !!!!
  23. Well thank you very much! Who needs friends..... Saying that, will need someone to shift the stash before the Mrs finds them or I'll be for it in the after life! (Just in case, garage and loft!)
  24. Back in December 2015 Mancunian Airman posted drawings of his Airfix 1/48th Albion conversions to go with images of several of these lovely conversions. I would like to try my hand at them but do have a question on the drawings. In the lower left corner there is the following notation: “Chassis Raise 6mm, Space 14mm.” Could anyone enlighten me as to exactly what this means and to which conversion it might apply. I plan on doing each of the conversions as I am really interested in airfield support vehicles. I seem to recall reading that some of the unused parts in the Albion kit were a possible indication that Airfix might do additional vehicles based on this kit. I for one certainly hope so. I also would like to know to whom do the Vehicles belong? The squadron or the airfield. My guess is to the airfield at least in the U.K. Any and all answers greatly appreciated.
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  26. dnl42


    I use Mr Color C137 Tire Black. I do like Panzer Aces Light Rubber 305; they have a Dark Rubber 306. The Testors square bottles have (had?) a Flat Rubber with a brown tint to it.
  27. Try looking here. There are 1/76 drawings. http://mickbellplans.com/tag/artillery/
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