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  2. Hi Olivier Just to add to the colour information.... Full size chrome plate is usually three separate platings. First, a copper flash is applied which acts as a primer. Then a nickel coat, which gives the colour, and finally a chrome coat which gives a hard and shiny finish. There isn't much colour in the actual chrome, so you get an impression of depth through it to the nickel. Jo
  3. It looks like the show was a well deserved success. Rob 1, thanks for posting your photo of the WW1 soldier followed by the grim reaper. I've seen this - I think - at every SMW since 2016, and it really does send shivers up the spine. it is an extremely atmospheric and poignant vignette, and it's nice to see a decent photo of it, compared to the poor one I've taken of it.
  4. Bojo

    Multicam Camo 1/35

    Hi Paul, I have a request for a Camouflage for the "Multicam pattern" in 1/35. I think you already produced one in 2010 for another member. I could provide an Image of an seamless pattern if needed. Is it possible for you to make a full sheet of this pattern? Thanks in Advance. Regards, Nils
  5. Ventora3300

    A Pair of Lynx

    Those rotor blades are looking the business so hopefully the rest of the Lynx's are following on! Looking forward to it. All the best, Mike.
  6. Nick Charnock

    1/35 Academy Warrior and AFV Club Scimitar

    Thanks all for the likes and comments. Crew getting painted; Base coat for the uniform is Tamiya XF 57 Buff, with the face and hands getting a coat of Tamiya XF 59 Desert Yellow; Eyes painted; Camouflage added in Tamiya XF 52 flat earth and a thin oil wash of Raw Umber on the faces; Flesh added in oils; Highlights added to the faces and goggles painted; The figures need to be left for week or so to dry before a final wash to the face and body and picking out straps. Scimitar crewman got his map and the warrior's got tow cables from picture hanging wire; Base next and it'll be done. Cheers Nick
  7. PhoenixII

    New show! IPMS Keighley, W. Yorkshire - 23 Sep 2018

    Thanks to everyone who helped in this, the newest show on the circuit. Special thanks for the invite, and for all the hard work that took place, you all did a superlative job! North Riding and the Coastal Command SIG are looking forward to next years Paul
  8. Ventora3300

    1/600 Queen Elizabeth 2

    Just reminding myself that we have this beauty to look forward to! It would be good to compare the 'modern' shape with the original QE. Hope it's going to plan. Regards, Mike.
  9. Whofan

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Typo corrected. Does Miss want me to copy it out ten times during playtime? Of course not, it was obviously inadvertent, and I only mentioned it because it could have caused a reaction for the wrong reasons.
  10. Beardie

    Would people really pay that for a Wingnuts Jasta 5 set?

    Well I have a very understanding wife but, sadly I don't have a very large man-cave but I live in hope that,, someday, before I lose my faculties I will have a house with a space big enough to accomodate such a display......... A man can dream
  11. Ventora3300

    1/72 Apollo Lunar Module

    Managed to extract some paper ash from the stove and sneaked off to apply it to the lunar base - Future floor polish painted on, avoiding the nameplate and feet positions, then a liberal sprinkling. I tapped off the excess then sprayed on a matt acrylic varnish (a la Big X landscapes inc.). The astronaut footprints in the base will be 'exposed' later. The Ferrero Rocher chocolates are an expensive habit but the gold paper is just what we need for the lower part of the Lunar Module - just the right wrinkly texture. Stuck it on with PVA then trimmed back when dry. Why was that surface gold in colour anyway? Put some white around the window frames to allow the transparencies to go in next and getting on with painting some of the 'aluminium' surfaces. The top section is only placed in on the moment - I don't think I'll glue it in so that I can have it as a 'working feature'.
  12. Mike

    Why was my post deleted?

    Hi - if you check out the post, you'll see why it was deleted. It's here, if you'd care to look, although it wasn't massively verbose. We have a 100 post rule for people buying, selling or wanting anything, which is partly to do with "earning your stripes" as a members, but also to prevent people being taken advantage of, as has happened in the past where people have actually lost money by being ripped off by unscrupulous new members. Clearly, we don't mean that personally, but to us you are an unknown quantity, and could possibly have nefarious intentions. That's why it was deleted. Join in on the forum, get your 100 posts in an honest manner (don't be tempted to go on a "good job" spree, as that usually gets rumbled), and when you're there you'll be able to ask people the requisite questions that will help you out
  13. Scimitar

    RAF Dragonfly HC.2

    To complicate the matter: The book makes no mention of WZ749 but Bruce Robertson's book shows this was G-ALEG cancelled before delivery. VZ960 was converted from a Royal Navy HR1 and delivered in March 1952 to replace one lost in Malaya. WF308 was converted from S51 G-ALMC WB810 was a Dragonfly 1a (G-ALIL) used by the RAF for evaluation. WF308,311 and 315 were built as such. The 12 HR4s were all built as such too. For whatever reason, I always thought they had more. I've just noticed that in the pictures of VZ960 posted by @71challythat it still has the Royal Navy back end so I take it the differences between the type was internal equipment.
  14. vladgothic

    Churchill AVRE with SBG assault Bridge

    Thanks Simon, good choice on the Cromwell, good looking tank! As to the Churchill, I've had no issues really, a couple of items are a little short shot, but easily fixed. The rear fenders are misshapen due to, most likely, being ejected from the tool before cooling fully. The suspension gets most from what I have heard, but care and a steady hand overcomes this. This particular version is the MKIV but has many many parts from the VII illustrated thoughout construction, so a little research and care needs to be undertaken to get the correct parts. I have a love hate relationship with AFV kits, some are superb! Strykers for eg, yet 251's I struggled with.
  15. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Caravelle Airfix 1/144

    Hey Rob try this walkaround http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/howard_mason2/se_210_caravelle/ The 3rd or 4th photo shows the rear of the plane and a very distinctive engine ? Dennis
  16. tempestfan

    Help needed to identify a Bf109G-6

    Would the old wheel fit the axle of the „new“ u/c, assuming there was a new one for the thicker wheel? And - would such an aircraft have the wheel bulges (I assume yes)? A very attractive aircraft- and one that could be built from the old Revell 1/32 that gave Beulen but only the asphalt cutter wheels...
  17. Stashaholic Steve

    Would people really pay that for a Wingnuts Jasta 5 set?

    Do I take it then that you either have (1) a very large man-cave (2) a very tolerant and understanding wife or (3) both?!
  18. ya-gabor

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    Guess what has turned up today by post from Holland??? Yes, it is the “square piece” named spare part for my DeVilbiss Super 63 air brush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not new, but it is exactly what I was looking for and works perfectly. The second hand part arrived from Airbrush Services Almere in Holland. Professional service, speedy delivery and a satisfied customer at this end of the line! Thanks Eric!!! They are at: www.airbrush-services-almere.nl And you can reach them at: info@airbrush-services-almere.nl If you have a problem with your airbrush I can only recommend them. Well worth visiting the sight (or the shop if you are in Holland) to see what they have. Basically everything as you can see from my case, even the most obscure spare part from a brush which has long been out of production. Well worth asking! You never know what they find! Like this second hand piece for my brush. They had the last one of these “square pieces”, but they did have it! This is the most important thing for me. As to the old one. I could try to mend it in time only need to learn how to solder professionally. To turn a new one would be the ultimate solution but that is far beyond my capabilities. Fortunately my nozzle is OK, as that is another thing which is not easy to get by. But let’s touch wood and learn a lesson from the mishap. I should be careful with my trusted airbrush in future. Back in business! Well, OK there was never any stopping, work was continuing only at a slower pace (can you get any slower than what I have been doing so far???) so should be able to show some progress soon. The Eduard E Day is at this weekend but for me it is: - far too far both from Budapest and even from Prague, - far too short with just one day, - not enough time to meet with friends (or people who don’t like me) - not enough time to sit down for workshops - to see the actual competition, the kits on show - to see all the manufacturers - or to shop around - and it is on Friday. Anyway if you are going to the show, have fun and peek into that fantastic MiG-21 cockpit that the restoration team has put together. Well worth having a closer look and getting few ideas on how you detail your own kits cockpit! What the colour are like. How much wear and tear on it. How the weathering looks like on a real aircraft. This is very important to see so that you don’t overdo it! Just remember it is a Gorkiy produced MF! Last time I seen this cockpit, inside the ejection seat was from a two seater but it is close enough in 72nd scale to see what needs to be up graded on the plastic parts. Anyway have fun at the show!!! Best regards Gabor
  19. rob Lyttle

    Caravelle Airfix 1/144

    Also, am I right in thinking that, once the main gear is down, the doors close again to leave a clean fuselage underside? I don't see any on the ground with main doors hanging. The parachute brake arrangement would be on early type, before airbrake/spoilers were introduced on the wings....? https://flic.kr/p/28reyUS Airliners.net link I'd love a set of those!
  20. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter T-72B1 w/Kontakt Reactive Armour

    Assembly pretty much complete. Got to sand down the seams on the main gun, remove the tracks and rubber tires then off to the paint shop. The turret is not removable now so might be fun painting.
  21. It is a lovely kit Gabor and the seat, as you say, is about the best available in plastic!
  22. vladgothic

    A midlander! for my crimes!

    Thanks Dennis, I have many many many many many unfinished projects Posted my first WIP on the AFV forum. Hopefully this will get finished!
  23. Redcoat2966

    RMASG Centaur.

    Hi John, decided to go with it as it is ...., couldn't wait, needed to get the airbrush going.......I might add the light later.... and I'll probably go with the can's I have....I think they are American, so they'll do. I'll have to start pulling together some stowage as I think it needs it. Simon
  24. Nocoolname

    Vote Grump!

    There’s an update to my grump in that I’ve been put on even more morphine on top of a cocktail of other meds (I’m turning into Renton from Trainspotters) with the plan that I get stupefied out of action enough for my internals to repair themselves, hopefully over days rather than weeks. I can’t even go to bed and am restricted to a special recliner I’m the front room. With this in mind any suggestions from fellow B’merss as to what documentaries (naval, flying, military, that kind of gig) that I could catatonically drool in front of would be most welcome
  25. Ventora3300

    1/16 Honda CB450

    I've managed to get a decent bit of progress on the Honda CB450 with the engine block put back together with the carburettors attached and painted in Aluminium - I've dry-brushed with white to give the 'bloom' that comes with running it as suggested by Andy (Foxbat). The side plates are in chrome. The chain is repaired (maybe a further bit of sanding required) and painted in gunmetal with a touch of chrome on the links and gear wearing surfaces. The sink marks in the front tyre have been filled and painted. Most parts will have some chrome on them so I gave everything (except the saddle) a spray of Tamiya grey primer and then spray-can chrome. I've made up a centre for one side of the rear wheel where the part was missing - from reversing a Mitsubishi 'Dinah' main wheel plus hub centre - and a brass pin trimmed to size will do for the spindle. I left the stand in chrome but painted on the 'rubber feet' in black. I've picked out another few parts such as the front forks, rear shocks, petrol tank surround and headlight which will be Oxford Blue to match the frame and the first coat is drying. The next part to be identified as missing is the headlight lens! I'm on the hunt for something suitable.
  26. I was trying to find some pics of 864 / 007s journey to Ulster & found this nice link http://airsoc.com/articles/view/id/5b6e5e4f3d2d2eb5588b4f61/phantom-phantastic-a-royal-navy-phantom-ii-is-reborn?utm_campaign=pagename-adverts.view&utm_medium=internal&utm_source=related-article are you sure it’s a matchbox kit? Doesn’t look very 2 tone plastic to me...
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