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  2. Time to work on the main landing gears. Adding drag struts, hydraulic adaptors, downlock actuators, jack pads(right beneath the gear shock strut). Also added are the hydraulic lines for wheel brakes (connecting outer tube of shock strut and the brake units) The hydraulic lines are metal pipes that are pressurized to 3000psi, so they are rigid. When the shock absorber strut moves, there are rotating adaptors between every movable parts: such as upper torsion link, lower torsion link, and inner tube The landing gear extension/retraction actuator has not been added yet. As shown below, pic from DACO's Uncovering Grumman F-14A/B/D Tomcat
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  4. Managed to get it closed up. Fought a little, and will need a little filler and sanding in places. Sorted the wings out so I can start experimenting on them to get a canvas look. Also to spray to the reversed markings. Which will also be a first for me. Should I drill the holes out in the wings for the rigging or just deepen them?
  5. I am impressed by the extreme polished aluminium on that mule...it looks like alclad! Do you paint the fabric covered parts in simple aluminium paint instead of bare metal? cheers, Jan
  6. If anyone couldn't do the quiz live but still wants to do it, the video recording is now online. My wife and I did this live (at 5am Sunday morning local time!), it was great fun!
  7. Thanks for the kind words! This was Humbrol acrylic, and I have sprayed others without an issue. The only thing I can think is that it's semi-gloss... Cheers, Roger
  8. Hi all. Here goes my latest build. A JF-17 in Pakistani colors (or lack of it ) . The kit is Trumpeter in 1/72. Good details and some PE for seat belts and exhaust nozzle, which i found to difficult to mount, so i decided o use the plastic one and some internal parts only. There is some problem joining the lower and the upper fuselage one around the air intakes and the lerx but its minimum. Brothers: Thats all for now. Thank you all. Regards.
  9. Very nice, weathering looks good, I used 1/48 armor to get started,still fo one occasionally
  10. Great gloss coat and very nice work on the decals. Glad they worked well for you.
  11. I have had problems airbrushing older tins of Humbrol enamel but the new ones are far better. Great job on the Wimpy; it looks excellent!
  12. Of the movies with real flying, Dark Blue World and Piece of Cake (a mini-series rather than a movie) are great. If you like superb aerial footage then Dunkirk is the best of the lot, but if like me you were expecting realistic combat scenes then it's a real disappointment. 303 Squadron and Hurricane as previously mentioned both use CGI. It's odd that two Polish movies came out about the same squadron and featuring the same pilots within several weeks of each other! I'm not so much a fan of the CGI-based "flying" sequences either but I thought "Hurricane" was more unrealistic. Another good but less known movie is Cross of Honour (also known as Into the White), I really liked this one. No flying but it's a good true story (well, "based on actual events" anyway...) Matt
  13. One side of road wheels painted and installed.---John
  14. That's looking very good. The attention to little details, the very nice paint work and the not-the-usual markings identifies this as something special.
  15. I am curious about surface detail on the Matchbox kit. The fabric presentation over the lattice is always hard for manufacturers. I have looked for a review - no luck - but seem to recall it was well regarded at the time.
  16. Thanks, Chris. SBS kits may require attention and concentration, but they are delightful, especially the later ones.
  17. Very nice build - I built the Matchbox 1/72 version too (years ago!) and am very tempted to build this kit at some point... Need to empty the stash a bit first!
  18. Go to pound shops and buy the cardboard files that women use to file nails...cheap as chips and invaluable. Oh yes....welcome. I packed in when i joined the Raf in 77 and started back in 2009. I build 1.72,, 1.76 military trucks.
  19. If it is the Matchbox Wellie, it dates to the 70s. Not a lot of detail, but fit and shape fairly good
  20. Thanks Chris It must be told that the kit is very good to start with, but being the first kit SBS released, it certainly need correction of very visible mistakes, all pointed out in the WiP (the link is in the RFI). Once the kinks are ironed (and they need to be), the kit is fantastic, so it's not really my merit. The 28s also flew in Argentina.
  21. Wowee Moa they look lovely, I especially like the 28 as it looks very attractive in that scheme. Fantastic work. All the best Chris
  22. Oh wow, what a cracker Moa an unusual but attractive machine and looks love in this scheme too. Great work as usual. All the best Chris
  23. C-119 was one of my guesses and the Lockheed Constellation in civilian and military configurations was another. I apologize if the way I worded my text confused you.
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