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  2. Troy Smith

    Tamiya Spitfire Vb

    Hi Steve I am assuming it's the same plane, and the roundels got reapined in May1942 when the change from A to C happened (IIRC) but I did note in the above shot there looks to be the 'shadow' or a ring of fresh paint on the underwing where the roundel was repainted. I've not seen a shot of Zumbach's plane in the A style roundels, and a quick google is not turning one up. Possibly the early scheme is based on the assumption from the evidence of overpainting shown above. HTH T
  3. Andwil

    My First Ever Build

    Excellent start, you should be well pleased with yourself with this result. Andrew
  4. rod mcq

    Meteor NF engine nacelle size

    According to John's letter to SAM the NF.14 was the same length as the NF.12 at 49ft 11 in rather than the traditional quoted length of 51 ft 4 in so the error is 17 inches.
  5. "This is how I see my future..." You could be out on the moors It could be blowing a storm Hurricanes and blizzards And you bemoan the chance to perform the miracles induced by our mutual hobby? Tsssk
  6. Rye Field RM5015 Tiger 1 Late Prod Art work released https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/Rye-Field-Model-RM5015-1:35-Tiger-1-Tank-late-Production-New-for-end-of-June-2018 ?search=rm5015
  7. Great looking model. Is it correct that such large tanks would be carried on outboard pylons? Andrew
  8. PhoenixII

    More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Suck it up! Ee, I don't know, call yer sen a Scot, why it's easy Man, multi task.. kilt over yer head and 'moon' the neighbours at the same time! Paul
  9. Hello my friends, pictures of the completed model can be found here: CIAO! Piero
  10. Roger Holden

    DH 91 colors and markings

    Can't help with the military colours, but the gear bays definitely aren't aluminium. There are some bare aluminium panels at the rear centre of the wheel well, probably stone protection, but the rest is painted some indeterminate medium shade.
  11. CedB

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    I have no experience of the new Airfix kit but I still have the scars from building the Revell Memphis Belle. Mental and physical Photobucket has destroyed the threads but, as it's in my signature, I suppose I should upload to Flickr and edit all the pictures. All 224 of them... Or take it out of my signature Good luck with the V1 carrier - a great project (which is, of course, BM speak for 'you must be mad')
  12. I still have to look through some other sources. However I must admit that is a distinct possibility in crossing the two in my aged brain.
  13. Hello, Here is my MDD/Alenia AV-8B Harrier II Plus in use with the Marina Militare Italiana (Italian Navy) as “Lupi di Mare” (Sea Wolf) Squadron based at MARISTAER Grottaglie (Italy) and deployed on board of the Garibaldi and Cavour Italian carriers. KIT The model is based on Trumpeter AV-8B Plus kit in 1/32nd scale. This kit is not so good. Details are generally basic and the specific parts of this version as the radome, FLIR and chaff&flare launchers are really off in terms of shape and size. Wing pylons are wrong and doesn’t fit the wings. Ventral pylon is wrong too. External fuel tanks are wrong in shape. The panel lines are mostly incorrected too. The decals sheet in the box doesn’t offer the choice of the Italian’s Harriers… So, it’s a long way to get a decent Harrier replica… CONSTRUCTION Most of the correction and adds steps can be found on the WIP topic of this model. To recap the detail sets I sued and the parts from scratch I made, here is a list: · Aires resin cockpit set; · Aires resin undercarriage bays set; · Eduard PE sheets for internal and external details; · North Star Models resin AGM-65 Maverick missile and rail; · Cutting Edge resin LAU AIM-9 launch rails; · Isra Decal resin Litening targeting pod; · Hasegawa plastic external fuel tanks from an A-4 kit; · AMS Resin undercarriage wheels; · Radome from scratch; · FLIR from scratch; · Chaff&flare dorsal launchers from scratch; · Air scoops, external sensors and aerial antennas from scratch; · ECM ALQ-164 pod from scratch; · Ventral pylon from scratch. COLORS & MARKINGS The Italian’s Harries has a 2-tone grey camouflage: top and side are in 36231, with underside in 36320. Paint were from the acrylics lines of Gunze and Tamiya. For the decal I went with a mix form Phoenix decal for the stencils, Tauro Models were used for the wolf-steps on the vertical tail, Navy’s anchors and roundels. Zotz decal for the wolf-head, pilot name and the MDC inside the canopy. Some RBF tags were added to finish the model. And now some pictures of the completed model. CIAO! Piero
  14. Andwil

    A-6E Intruder 1/72 Italeri

    Very, very nice indeed. You have certainly captured the patchy weathered appearance of a carrier bird very well, without going overboard. Andrew
  15. Hello Jaime ! Very nice work on your kit, I really enjoyed it Thank for showing your chipping method. Can't wait to see her finished ! Sincerely. CC
  16. Graham Boak

    Meteor NF engine nacelle size

    I remember that, but sadly didn't make note, and no longer have the shorter of the two supplied. Can you recall (or measure) how much shorter, so I can cut the existing nose?
  17. Spent a few hours detailing the tops of the ballistic skirts. Well worth the effort, IMO. A mix of 1.5 x 0.5mm strip, Tamiya poly paper, punched discs, and Meng bolts. Almost ready for paint
  18. tiking

    MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    Glad you like it Vince. Thank you.
  19. Laurent

    Mirage F.1 - new and accurate 1/72 model

    Petr, Do you plan to release a CT boxing too ? Laurent
  20. Thanks Bill and Giorgio, it gives me confidence to know that the plan is 'approved' by proper modellers Before we get there though, the front end (technical term) needs to go on: These are just the main parts... you'll remember I elected not to glue the cockpit to the floor and not to fit the internal panels. Yet. The lower nose has a nice locating 'step' in the back that locates it into the fuselage and the fit is not bad; not good, but not bad. The cockpit has 'tongues' that fit to the floor. It also has pointy bits on the front with a curved bit that goes around the gun mount. The floor has a box section that fits over the ridged box in the nose. Cunning design. If all those bits went together beautifully it would be a wonderful kit. Would it surprise you though to hear that they don't quite fit? SURPRISE! Firstly the man-spreading crew member had his feet trimmed: Then all the paint on the joints was removed. Then the tongues were sanded a bit. Then the cockpit pointy bits were scraped a little. Still the nose/fuselage join was pushed out by the cockpit. Something needs to be 'adjusted' and just before I got the hammer out I left it like this and took a break: Wanting to avoid the five handed juggling act, I fitted the cockpit internal panels and glued them, then supported the assembly in the fuselage to, hopefully, make sure it aligned: Add bits, dry fit, sand, repeat. This is how I see my future...
  21. Martian Hale

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    I suspect that this is one of those "Nobody knows" questions but I will ask it anyway. Does anyone know what the insides of the wheel wells and the retraction mechanism for the undercarriage looked like? I can see the end of boxing in the wheel wells and getting the wings together just starting to loom on the horizon and need to have some sort of plan. Martian
  22. Gonna do the canopy closed. It is a second hand kit and the single Malcolm sliding canopy is missing. So my dad will use the one-piece canopy (windshield and sliding part). WIth that you don´t really see much of the cockpit. Don´t care about the wheel wells either. Once the finished model sits on a shelf, like with the cockpit floor, you hardly see it. Will build the model as it is, only using PE seatbelts and aftermarket decals.
  23. Ex-FAAWAFU

    100 years of the RAF - Silver Linings

    Can't help with the Siskin, I'm afraid, but these are the only engine / cockpit shots in the excellent (but very hard to find; it was published 51 years ago) "Canada's Wings - The Blackburn Shark" [Karl Vincent].
  24. Vince1159

    MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    That's stunning tiking....
  25. petr@SpecialHobby

    SK-37E Stor-Viggen

    And some detail sets for the Electronic Agressor VIggen kit: http://www.specialhobby.info/2018/03/photo-etches-and-cmk-resin-sets-for.html
  26. corsaircorp

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Wow ! Another great idea Tony ! But I Wonder if those test in the U.S are made by the sailors ?? At china lake shooting range... Must find back my old reviews from the Tailhook Assoc .. Good one for Bill one and two !! Mmmmh another epic thread in the future, Raaah Lovely ! Sincerely. CC
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