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  2. Tamiya's models are simple yet elegant (atleast from my experiencec)
  3. Hello I’m looking forward to this. I wanted to let you know that there’s a one man business that makes vac form canopies that fit the Italeri JU 86D and E. They look nice. The Kora (? LF?) masks helped me with a similar camouflage pattern on a Dornier ‘Pencil’. Not cheap; but I’m time-poor. I don’t drink or smoke, socialise, dur to health, so I thought I could treat myself on the above to save a bit of time. I bought a couple Of the vac canopies a year or so ago. I’m in hospital at the moment, so I have time on my hands to look him up for you. Also Steelworks (I think it’s them) do some nice aftermarket wheels. He does nice aftermarket for lots of Spanish Civil War subjects. Regarding paints; do you have a favourite manufacturer and or preference; acrylic/enamel/laquer etc? I can suggest a few options. Maybe by DM to avoid the this often opens. I have been quietly researching this and other Condor Legion and Spanish Civil War issues for a few decades now. Very happy to help in any way I can. Hugely passionate about Condor Legion and SCW/GCE. Best regards and good luck with the build TonyT
  4. Hi It's good to see the fuselage together. Interior looking great what with the tank and wiring too, great work. Good luck with your house move.
  5. I'll be sitting next to Cookie. Feel free to plagiarise with wild abandon. However, a small administration fee is payable in the form of beer tokens collected at Telford
  6. Thank you sir, Your Photography has been very useful for me. He had already painted the tail red to put the wrong 3 white ... of Eduard. Therefore I am going to eliminate this possibility and look for another decoration. I will remove the paint and start again. The reference of a photo is always better than a profile. On the other hand I do not see the hatch in the right fuselage for the radio ... nor the spinner (sure it is a type 24?)
  7. OK Marko. The aileron is engraved to the same wide chord on upper and lower surfaces. The actual one was a Frise design, with less chord on the upper surface, so you have to fill the line and engrave a new one. The tip shape is a little odd and there is no washout as so well represented on the Airfix Mk.I of much the same vintage. The inner wing has a kink, making a slight rise to the join with the fuselage. Thus the point of the V made at the join is too high. The Mk.Vc appears to have taken this point as a reference for the wing thickness, so is excessively thick. The aileron I'd noticed when the Mk. VB came out. Later, trying to cross kit with the Mk.I to create a Mk.Va, I found it odd that the two were not identical in construction, although It was only trying to fix the later c wing that I realised why. The tip shape oddity was pointed out by a Scandinavian modeller many years ago. Memory does not provide details but tweaks rather than anything gross. In regards to wing shape, the older Mk.I is still the best representation, although the new one has a longer engine cowling which may be more correct: I've yet to see this properly defined as with the Mk.IX.
  8. 'A Wessex for our Time'. Can't conceive of seeing better than this Alan and as per, have learned a hell of a lot along the way. Thank-you. And just in time for Burns night....!
  9. The next best thing - The Flying Boat Museum at Foynes, County Cl;are, Ireland. Ireland played a pivotal part in the development of the original trans-Atlantic flying boat services just before World War 2. https://www.flyingboatmuseum.com/
  10. A beautiful model. Everything looks spot on.
  11. Had a price from Kinetic for the nose cone, $12.67 made payable to a paypal account. That is 25% of what the kit costs, that was an expensive mistake, but it's something I need.
  12. Gentlemen, it has been forseeable that Airfix would do a Mk. V c and/or b as well - new wings and radiators - that´s it.... The Mk. Vc definitely is - for the first term the more interesting one as it was in use with the RAAF as well and - first of all - the long and extensively discussed so-called "Malta-schemes" . I am anxious to learn which theories Airfix will adopt for these in the surely upcoming varaints... Meanwhile I stay with the new AZ-models Mk. Vb and c - both IMHO excellent kits. If Airfix had done these variants with the Hurricane-kit a couple of years ago...... I´d only liek to say "tin-wing" Cheers Michael
  13. Fantastic conversion! Would have never thought of converting the PR Mk.XIX.
  14. As has been said already stunning, outstanding, superb build a pleasure to watch you overcome each and every problem that presented it's self to you and your attention to detail is second to none. Looking forward to what ever you decide to build next. Roger
  15. I've added the missing front light, after a quick mod to figure a broken glass. I'll try to add some wires later. It's primer time, and I choose a rottbraun acrylic-polyurethane from Vallejo. Perfect to make a difference with the light gray of the sprues, and the final colour of Kure arsenal gray (kind of German grey), as indicated by Tamiya. And beside, I've one bottle in my primer collection!
  16. Good morning Dennis Very good idea , please count me in.. Patrice
  17. Not really as we are just a week into the GB. And having a build in 1/144 is a first and we have now all the major scales in this GB Enjoy your build. Cheers, Peter
  18. It sounds like you have a great Sunday ahead of you, Wez. ;). All for the good, though :). It often baffles me why builds of types like F-100, F-105s, etc have the flaps dropped as they generally didnt in real life; not until the systems were energised and that then needs a build that shows that activity (in my view). Martin
  19. Good on you for joining in the fun And lets hope life issues won't stop things. I believe there is lot's of uncertainty about the snake's colour and if it was on both sides or not. So if you like it red you may find some old decals (Almarks maybe) which have the snake in red. Whatever you you come up with, I hope you enjoy your build. Cheers, Peter
  20. Should've put a shot of the underside in! The wheels and doors are the retracted kit pieces being used as masks for now. I got the RAF Dark Green on yesterday, too. Used the AML masks for the camouflage and modified it with some extra masking to allow the whole port cowl to be green, as per the photos of his aircraft. Thanks, Troy; I cut the step open and made the cover up from scrap brass sheet. Pretty happy with the result so far, even though I had to remask and repaint! Fitted the radio mast, too. Just realised I should've cut the ejector ports open - they stick out like a sore thumb now! Why Airfix didn't mould them open is beyond me. I'll give it a couple of days to cure before gloss coating, then I can get on with decaling. I pinched the Hitler/242SQN jackboot artwork from my Italeri Hurricane so I can put it on both sides as Bader was adamant his aircraft had it on both engine cowls.
  21. Its coming together nicely. What is the fit and finish like?
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