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  2. Third time lucky......maybe. This time I thought I’d try applying the rib tapes a little more systematically rather than one after the other and hope it all comes out right. With 21 tapes to a side I needed the correct spacing from one tape to the next. After working that out, I cut strips of styrene for 1, 2, 3 and 4 tape spacing and used these strips to mark out the location of each tape. Every space the same on both wings. This time, rather than .010 strips, I cut the tapes from my last, hoarded, square of .005 styrene. I use Tamiya Extra Thin which dried quickly but gave me a few seconds to shift a tape if need be. I only did a couple of sections and the took a break to avoid inhaling the cement fumes. And, shame shame, I’ll not be doing underneath the wings as they won’t show once the model is on the diorama. Thanks for looking in. Dennis
  3. The cannons are in the bomb bay. The bits sticking out of the front are machine guns, if somewhat oversized. The Hispano was a long gun, placed in the nose the breaches would be in the pilot's lap, if not the navigator's. I seem to recall making models this quickly, but it is a long time ago...
  4. Thanks Matthew Thanks as always, Mike. Your energetic and enthusiast reviews are always an inspiration. Thanks Dennis. Like Mike and the rest of the gang on BM your comments mean a lot to me. Martin
  5. I can't imagine any reason why someone would want to retouch a photo and end up with something like this. However it is easy to understand why a rapid in-unit paint such as during the Dieppe preparations would appear very scruffy and rushed - RAF units did not have airbrushes. I'm sure I've seen other such photos looking even worse. A replacement wingtip would appear in a correct pattern. Unless the replacement occured before the repaint, perhaps. Possibly simply two different painters?
  6. Hi,another update or rather correcting a mistake! In my haste to get the wheels etc on I forgot to add the water jet intake grills. I got the grills into position and they are an exact fit for the recess in the hull so a bit of packing was required to get them to sit flush. Cheers mote later Ivan
  7. Gunsight installed and airbrakes "tweaked" . Replacement images posted. Martin
  8. Thanks a lot Steve. 'Morning Darryl, and thanks. Basically, my reason for adding everything and then painting afterwards is because to me it helps for the items to blend in and sit better. For instance, it would be a right royal PITA to try and add the camnets after painting seeing as they are soaked in dilute PVA glue. By doing it all before hand, the spraying allows for the nets to get a coat of paint that would be difficult off of the vehicle. Also, I would find it difficult to hold the small pioneer tools to paint, as I give the wooden parts a coat of a cream acrylic and then follow that up with a light coat of raw umber oil paint (and that takes in excess of 24 hours to dry). Then the metal parts have to be painted. The thread that I use for the tie downs is a thread that I bought many years ago from a shop in S.London which specialised in model ship items. It's use was for the rigging on sailing ships. I would think that any shops that deal with that subject would carry it. To use it though, I run it between finger and thumb after dipping it in PVA glue as it is of the hairy variety. HTH's. John.
  9. Must be my lucky week... on my way home from picking up pizza, I just saw a Mazda MX-5 RF. If you haven't seen one, do your eyes a favour and look 'em up. Shades of the Cobra Daytona, 250 GTO and all those other swoopy fastback 60's coupes. It was in the red, and it looked smashing. I'd buy one tomorrow if I didn't have a need for a hatchback and its toolbox-swallowing capabilities.
  10. There is a degree of conflict in these quotes. I wonder if the second one has discovered a painting spec for Bombays? I would be most interested to know more.
  11. It's getting close now. I will be packing the van on Friday so stock will be getting boxed up before then so if anyone else wants to make a pre-order for collection at the Show they should do it as soon as possible or no later than Thursday afternoon. Hope to see some of you there. Duncan B
  12. Stafford, but he'll be moving on shortly.
  13. As anyone who follows my builds will have realised I am not a purest when it comes to completing a model. I gave the model an overall coat of a grey primer purchased from my local hardware store, To my eye the colour is close enough to the medium grey used on the Mosquito (both upper and lower). Therefore all I have to paint is the green! This makes me even more certain this one will get into the gallery.
  14. Hi friends, here you have my last build, a big project: the King Tiger from Takom. Tanks are not my preferred subject, but this one I think turns out quite well. I like specially the interior of the model. It's been difficult to me to ensemble the tracks, since this are separated and I don't know how to calculate how much of each goes for each side. I added some rifles and an MP40 in the interior and three used munitions. I'm think in sell this model... Thanks Ricardo https://flic.kr/s/aHsmHGoht5
  15. Looking very good Keith, I will see it tonight hopefully
  16. Got these yesterday. They look brilliant. https://www.arcticdecals.com/products.html?id=21459/878828 https://www.arcticdecals.com/products.html?id=21459/878835 and got a message that there might be more to come. Br. Kusti
  17. I wouldn't bother changing the seat handles if I were you. Although I was working from a photo of a T.3 when I did mine I found photos last night of some FAW1s with the later B shaped handles so I suspect they were some sort of Mod carried out on the seats at some point in the service life of the Javelin. Seats were probably changed out at regular intervals so probably all the serviceable aircraft after a certain period would have ended up with them. Sorry to throw you a diversion you probably didn't need. **Edit** Looking again at the photo of the T.3 you posted it is an earlier serial number than the one I made so that kind of confirms to me what I have guessed at above. Duncan B
  18. Sources: https://vk.com/armatamodels?w=wall-114983756_114773 https://arma-models.ru/catalog/grazhdanskaya_aviatsiya/7031_gruzovoy_samolyet_novogo_pokoleniya_tu_204_100s/ V.P.
  19. Could it have been re-winged following accident repairs?
  20. A really polite way and politically correct description from the Unicraft products... As their resin parts are usually just like failed cookies! V.P.
  21. That's a stunning free hand camo. Looks the dogs man-vegetables
  22. Hi again Chris, If it helps here is a shot of my Xtradecal tailfin with the Hobbydecal version sat alongside: You can clearly see the difference in proportions of the white Omega kite (and it isn't as tall, so would allow an EDSG border underneath the red). I didn't use the Hobbydecals as the white in this flash (and the roundels) appears to be a bit "creamy" but that might be due to the backing paper?? I don't suppose I'm going to build another Navy Phantom, so PM me your details if you'd like me to pop the two fin decals in the post. Mike
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