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  2. What a wonderful beast! Beautiful and really well realized, lovely model indeed, but you need a very long shelf for display it!
  3. Single Blade Nipper 2.0 (ST-A) DSPIAE I'd never heard of DSPIAE until a friend of mine was muttering about the new sprue cutters he'd bought at Telford (thanks Dan), and how awesome they were. I was in the market for a set, as my old Xuron pair weren't looking too good, and I was sick of the crush-marks that were being left in parts when I removed them from their sprues. Post-Telford they were only available from the AliExpress shopping platform, so I took my life in my hands and ordered a pair. It wasn't too painful, and after I got over an initial inability to pay by card, the order was completed and I was kept apprised of progress toward delivery by email from the AliExpress platform. About a week later and a small box arrived with the DSPIAE logo on it. Inside the box was a shrink-wrapped black box with an overlapping lid made from sturdy card. Inside the lid is a card insert with a small holster for the blade visible, with cleaning cloth, plastic cover and instructions hidden inside. Removing that shows off the final layer containing the nippers and an adjustment wrench in a card-topped custom foam surround. The interior of the lid is a bright red, in keeping with the overall black/red theme that carries on a feeling of quality. Each nipper is also individually ID coded, which enables the buyer to confirm their purchase's authenticity and access product support if necessary. The adjustment wrench has a rounded Allen head that you use to change the limit of closure of the jaws, to ensure a clean cut with no stragglers, whilst maintaining the sharpness of the single blade by preventing it from mashing unfettered into the non-cutting jaw. The handles are 90mm across when open, and the length from stem to tip of blade is 110mm, so they're quite a compact set of cutters, but don't let that put you off if you have large hands. My mitts are fairly large, and I have no trouble using them, with the red foam grips making maintaining a good grip on them simple. Afterall, the last thing you want to do is drop them on a hard floor. I could show you some pictures of pieces of sprue that I have cut with the nippers, but that's not going to tell you much other than it's a clean cut. What a picture will not tell you is that the cutting process is smooth beyond all belief and almost effortless. I can honestly say that it has completely changed the way I cut parts from sprues, and has given me increased confidence that the result will be clean and require much less in the way of clean-up than previously achieved with side-cutters. Simply place the cutters close to the part, and lightly scissor the jaws closed. That's it. A beautiful, clean cut that is close to the part, and has not harmed, stressed or crushed the surrounding styrene in any way. It also applies much less pressure to the parts when cutting, so you're less likely to have any breakages as a result. For example, when cutting off fine tubular parts with multiple sprue gates, the sideways and lateral pressure of a standard cutter squeezing the gate can cause the parts to shatter as the gate widens by the thickness of the blade. This shouldn't be an issue with these nippers, and I have successfully cut a number of parts that would have otherwise been subject to this concern. With very small parts, you need to be careful to place the blades properly against the sprue gates, as the slightly wider nature of the non-cutting jaw can conceivably push the blade off course. With that in mind however, it should no-longer be an issue. That's the only caveat, and you'd only do it once! Note the comparative smoothness of the cut on the left compared with that of the right The instructions name all the components of the nippers and also give names to the accessories, such as the "nipper holster", which will be useful if you are storing your nippers in a tool box or transporting them. This will protect the blade, and also protect the world from tiny amounts of grease that are lubricating the pivot. There is also a plastic cover for the blade, which is very tight-fitting, but would protect your blade from much greater impacts than the leatherette holster, so it has a use. The little microfibre cloth is wrapped in a foil bag, and is DSPIAE branded in one of its radiused corners – very nice quality too. The instructions are a little "Chinglish" in places, but the jist is plain to see, with a final warning that you should under NO circumstances attempt to cut anything other than styrene, ABS or polyurethane resin with the blade, or it will damage it. Shortening polyurethane to PE may not have been the best idea however, as someone is bound to think that's the hobby's de-facto standard shortcut for Photo-Etch instead, with resulting damage. If you've read this however, hopefully you won't. Conclusion I wouldn't think you'd catch me enthusing about a simple sprue-cutter in such a gushing manner, but these things really are that good. Their performance when compared to other brands is like that of chalk and cheese, so they are most definitely worth the extra cost in my opinion, which when you remove the shipping cost makes them pretty good value. I have purchased two from DSPIAE now, plus a couple of pairs of their tweezers, and so far they have not been stopped by customs (presumably due to their low value), but always bear this in mind when purchasing from overseas. Oh, and before you ask. At this stage I have no idea what DSPIAE stands for - other than really good quality tools. Extremely highly recommended. This link and the one below takes you to DSPIAE's AliExpress shop, with lots of interesting tools for the modeller. Britmodeller cannot be held responsible for the amount of money you spend when you see what's available. Review sample purchased from
  4. fet_thunderdome

    Tamiya Porsche 956 Rothmans

    I use to sand them with sandpaper and usually I give a hand of flat coat over tire markings but this time I didn't. I did it on the Mercedes C9 and the Toyota Minolta 88c-v which I posted here
  5. Glad to hear that John as it's the effect I was hoping for
  6. Francis Macnaughton

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    Laurie You might be interested in this thread on SUE stores load from a while back Francis
  7. 71chally

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Some of the 89Gannet Paloustes sported stripes painted on the nose to represent the Flight that they were from, they and that 893 Sqn motif shown early would be lovely to see on the decal sheet!
  8. The fahrgestell munitionsshlepper as most German armour builders will know is the ammunition loading crane for the Karl-gerat siege mortar, I built it as part of the panzer iv group build, as its panzer iv based,
  9. My Grandfather preferd serving on destroyers than bigger ships, liked the more relaxed regime . And he swears a hammock is far superior to a bunk that cannot move with the motion of the ship
  10. keefr22

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    If it was less safe than a classic Mini already was, it must have been completely lethal! I wouldn't venture out on today's roads in our Clubbie if it didn't have a full Safety Devices cage with dash bar, seam welded shell, welded in seat mounts, Cobra rally seats and 4 point full harness belts ....!!
  11. clive_t

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    Great project, looking forward to seeing this progress!
  12. JohnT

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    Great idea and looking good To answer your question whats the monkey holding its a bigger brush - like a decorators brush. What I spotted was that there is something yellow rolled up behind the slid back canopy and I cant work out what that is. Also is the just the angle but the mirror fixing on top of the front screen looks like its been placed at an angle The old monogram kits bring back fond memories.
  13. bentwaters81tfw


  14. What a great scheme
  15. Spiny

    Revell Trabant Universal

    Thank you, and at the risk of pride going before a fall (since I haven't finished it yet), I am pleased with how this is turning out. A large part of the credit must go to Revell though - this is a beautifully designed kit and I can't think of any design flaws on it. Sure it needed quite a bit of cleaning up on the A-sprue and there are a few issues with the instructions at times, but the kit itself is a 10 out of 10 job - I definitely wouldn't hesitate it to anyone that wants to build the polar opposite of a muscle car or piece of Italian exotica.
  16. Ladies, gentlemen, other genders, please permit us a slight change of plan if you will. As you will no doubt know by now Airfix have announced a new-tool kit of our subject with a projected release date of September 2019. While this would see the kit arrive in time for this STGB recent history has shown us that, with the best wil in the world, release dates can and will slip. Therefore we're going to move this GB slightly to allow for any unseen eventuallities and delays. This will also give the international market greater time to receive copies of the kit and aftermarket manufacturers time to get those lovely goodies out To this end our Buccaneer STGB will now take place from 2nd May to 2nd August 2020
  17. jenko


    Pete, Have you tried "likes anonymous". I think you might need help. They also do patches. Dick
  18. The sculpting is a 'feature' of Warlord Games and other wargaming figures. Most tend to be on the chunky size - I suspect it is to make them more robust when moving them around the table. Cheers, Nigel
  19. keefr22

    Tamiya Porsche 956 Rothmans

    Thanks fet, they look like you did more to them than just sanding - they look really good, as does the rest of the model! Keith
  20. bigbadbadge

    Airfix 2020

    Hi all I would love to have a 1/48 Beaufort and Sea Venom , but most of all please please please could you see your way to producing a 1/24 Tiger moth. All the best Chris
  21. rob Lyttle

    Fun with an old Monogram kit

    Aircraft-wise, as you can see, I'm well down the road, but I'll go through the various bits of "fun", and tell you about it as I go. One thing I do on a fairly regular basis is make over the prop assembly so that it's removable. Ali tubes, one a neat sliding fit in the other. The small one fits permanently in the prop hub, and the bigger bore tube in the fuselage front--- dead straight. Ailerons were flexed a little, getting movement before they're glued. Flaps are supplied separate, and I managed to get the elevators free. Rudder left straight.... don't want to overdo it! Also, before any painting I covered several areas and panels with my sticky backed Ali foil. The idea is to give a bit of uneven, worn, hard life look. Evidence will reappear! I'll tell you about the painting process next time, but I'll warn everyone NOW..... It's not for the airbrush " snowflakes" If you like comparing Du Pont colour swatches against historical documents... If you daydream about your settings on your favourite airbrush and suitable mixture.... LOOK AWAY FOR THE NEXT POST
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