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War of Intervention in Angola - Vol 1 Angolan & Cuban Forces at War 1975-76 - Helion & Company via Casemate UK


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War of Intervention in Angola

Volume 1: Angolan & Cuban Forces at War 1975-76

ISBN : 9781911628194

Helion & Company via Casemate UK




It would seem depressing that throughout the 1970s and beyond that there was some kind of war in Angola. In 1975 the decades long war seemed was still short of any conclusion This was not helped by the fact there were three rebel movements fighting for supremacy with South Africa, America, Zaire, Cuba, and the Soviet Union being involved as well.  The South African intervention in Angola, and the Cuban involvement are perhaps the most well known, however the CIA were actively trying to destabilise the country, in part to recoup some prestige following the event in Vietnam.  This book concentrates on the lesser known period of the final stages of withdrawal by the Portuguese Colonial forces, the build up of the three insurgent forces; and the initial intervention by Cuban forces in the region. 




The book looks at the forces on both sides of the conflict, some history of the region and how the main battles were fought. This volume is A4 soft back in format and 80 pages. There are black and white photographs throughout with 2 main colour maps, and 6 pages of colour profiles.





This book should provide readers with a more complete understanding of the of the early conflict in Angola. 





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